Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e07 Episode Script


Twenty years ago, this neighborhood was all deep-dish.
Now it's flatbread and kabobs.
Things change.
Yeah, I hear you.
Welcome, brothers.
- That's Akeem.
- Welcome.
America is not the land of freedom.
It is the land of inequality.
Minorities don't wear chains, but they are still slaves to a system that serves the rich.
The shiny toys of capitalism mean nothing to Allah.
This is why Islam is such a threat to America.
What they want, what they live for, can only be accomplished by our elimination.
So that the wheels of greed and capitalism can continue to turn.
Only through Allah will we deliver the equity and the sovereignty.
So we must fight at whatever cost to serve the eternal truth.
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! I got eyes on Akeem.
Why are you here? I came to talk to Akeem.
Wait, wait, wait! Give him a sec.
Kevin doesn't have a gun.
He's got this.
He's not seeing visitors.
Peace, brother.
I'm only here to help.
Understand me? Jamel.
What is it? I found Abdul walking around Abdul.
You know this part of the mosque is forbidden to you.
Brother Akeem, I'm terribly sorry, But I have to talk to you.
About what? I want to join the fight.
I can't wait anymore.
What are you talking about? The bombing.
Last week at the Army recruiting station.
Tell me, Abdul.
What is your opinion on this action? My opinion is you didn't go far enough.
A bomb is nice, but it's gotta do damage.
People have to die.
I feel your anger, Abdul.
But we had nothing to do with that bombing.
We fight with our hearts and minds.
The time is coming when much will be asked of you.
Be patient.
Be ready.
- You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
I tried to get Akeem to talk about the bombings.
- He shut me down.
- Are you sure his security guard didn't make you? Jamel just hates Americans on principle.
My cover's still good, though.
All right, so stay under.
Keep pushing.
I don't know what we're waiting for.
These guys already detonated one bomb.
Let's bring Akeem in.
We don't have any evidence he's involved.
The "Chicago Must Burn" manifesto was uploaded from a computer inside that mosque.
You ask me, that's proof enough.
Well, if you ask me, it's not.
We need solid evidence before we move on Akeem.
There's too many eyes on this.
Another bomb threat.
VA Hospital.
You and Hailey go check it out.
All right.
Be safe.
What do we got? So far, nothing.
Just like the last four bomb scares.
My dogs are gonna put in for overtime.
The witness who called it in said he saw a guy with a beard and a backpack who looked Middle Eastern.
And he got a bad feeling.
Great, so we're chasing bad feelings.
The joke is our witness is here for cataract surgery.
He's legally blind.
- Hey, are you okay? - Yeah, I'm good.
Cordon off this area, I want a one-block perimeter.
Are you guys okay? - Yeah.
- Yeah, we're good.
- I need some help over here! - Hey, hey! You're gonna be all right.
I got you, okay? - Femoral? - That's what it looks like.
- All right.
- I'm gonna get a doctor.
- Yeah! - No time.
Here, give me some pressure on this wound.
I'm gonna tie it off.
Hey, hang in there.
Stay with us, all right? - You're gonna be okay.
- Okay.
You're gonna be all right.
Hang in there.
- Come on, come on, come on! - Get her up! Get a clamp on that femoral or we're gonna lose her! You're gonna be all right! Guessing that wasn't the first fragmentation wound you've seen.
75th Rangers.
Jay Halstead.
Chicago PD now.
5th SF Group, Fort Campbell.
Jake Miller.
I know the name.
I've heard epic stories, man.
Excuse us.
What do we got? Single detonation.
We're sweeping the premises now.
Trying to sort out the damage.
All right, we need to anticipate secondary devices targeting first responders.
I want you to widen and ziplock a four-block perimeter.
- Nobody gets in or out.
- Gotcha.
Hey, Sarge.
Talked to a vet named Jake Miller.
He confirmed the initial ID.
Bearded Middle Eastern man with a backpack.
- Okay, we'll run with it.
- All right.
- Hey, you okay? - It's not mine.
This is ground zero.
- Got it.
- Some kind of shape charge.
Little structural damage, but most of the force went into the monument.
Hit a couple of these cars as well.
Bomb Squad's still collecting forensics, but it appears to be the same type of device that was used at the Army recruitment center.
All right, find surveillance video and look for more witnesses.
Lot of windows in this building.
Somebody saw something.
Will Graff.
You're a long way from D.
I'm gonna need all your intel, Hank.
We'll be taking this over.
- It's my city.
- My jurisdiction.
I'll need the files.
Before you blow this up, you should know I got a man undercover inside Akeem Dabiri's mosque.
What's his name? Forget it.
So what are you proposing? We share intel.
We'll do the legwork, you take the glory.
I want regular reports.
And, Hank, do not screw me on this.
Come on, guys.
Bomb tech Sarah Scott.
Sergeant First Class, retired.
Senior NCO.
Made it through three tours in Afghanistan for this.
Left behind a husband and two daughters.
Witnesses? Uh, just the two vets.
Both saw the same thing, a bearded man with a backpack.
And both said that he looked "Middle Eastern.
" What about surveillance video at the VA? This is all we got.
Cameras are garbage, but this is our suspect walking into the VA.
Labs came back on the explosive.
Peroxide, acetone.
It's highly unstable but it's still an ISIS fave, because get this dogs can't smell it.
The bomb was on a timer loaded with 16 penny nails and ball bearings.
Same as the bomb at the recruitment center.
Forensics is tracking it.
All right, see if anyone in the mosque is in the trades.
You know, framing, roofing, that kind of thing.
Here's CTA's footage at the time of the bombing.
Found a guy that matches our description.
Gray hoodie, beard.
Now that's him exiting the L at Taylor Street.
It's a block away from Akeem's mosque.
It was 28 minutes after the blast.
All right, enough is enough.
We know that Akeem is involved so let's go pick him up.
I agree.
Bring him in.
All right.
Look, I know these kind of cases, they can bring up bad memories.
Somebody just died.
Just follow the facts.
All right.
Where was I this morning? This sounds like a line from one of your movies.
This is not a movie.
To answer your question, I was leading prayers this morning.
And then I took my wife to the dentist.
She needed a root canal.
This man was seen in the VA this morning at the time of the bombing.
Do you recognize him? Why would I recognize him? Because he looks Muslim? No.
Because we have a photo of him 28 minutes after the bombing exiting the L station a block from your mosque.
Lots of people live near my mosque.
But I promise it wasn't me.
We didn't say it was you.
I don't know this man.
And I had nothing to do with the bombs.
I find that pretty hard to believe.
Why? Because I exercise my right to free speech? No, because I read your anti-American, hate-spewing manifesto posted the day before the first bomb went off at the Army recruiting center.
I know nothing about any manifesto.
But it came from inside your mosque.
Over your Wi-Fi.
We have the computer forensics to prove it.
Your forensics prove nothing.
I don't control the internet.
Or any other people in my community, or what they do or say.
Tell us about the Gauge Park Islamic Relief Fund.
Yeah, we ran your financials.
I assumed as much.
So what is it? A charity for displaced refugees.
Do you think we're stupid? It's a 501C3.
You can look it up yourself, please.
Now, if you're going to charge me, charge me.
If not, I'm leaving.
We should have held onto him, Sarge.
Yeah, but we have no evidence.
Yeah, but we could have kept him in a cold cell for 47 hours without evidence, right? Relax.
We kicked the hornet's nest.
Now let's see how Akeem reacts.
- Sarge? - Huh? We found another security camera near the VA, outside a 7-Eleven.
Look, this is our suspect walking towards the VA five minutes before the bombing.
This is the suspect right after the bombing, no backpack.
Did you text these pics to Kevin? Yeah, he recognizes the guy.
His name is Tariq Hassam and I just got a match on facial rec.
He works at a loading dock in Little Kabul.
Hit it.
You the foreman? - Yeah? - We're looking for one of your workers, Tariq Hassam.
Why? Because we're looking for him.
Where is he? He's loading a truck.
Tariq Hassam! Chicago PD, on the ground! Chicago PD, hands in the air! Nowhere to hide, man.
Hey, I'll get the back! The target's on the roof.
We don't have eyes.
Right here, right here.
Antonio! Antonio.
We got a problem up here.
Put the phone down! Put it down.
Show me your hands! Keep your hands where we can see them.
Come on, man.
We don't want to hurt you.
Keep your hands where we can see them! Allahu Akbar! I'll take it.
Got the phone.
Or what's left of it.
All right, get it to OCD.
Find out who he called before he jumped.
It confirms he's working with a partner.
No, it confirms he made a phone call.
That's it, that's all we got.
Sarge, these guys don't work alone.
Jay, I told you.
We're gonna take this one step at a time.
So call the bomb techs, get into Tariq's house, scrub it.
I'll loop in the Feds.
Door's safe.
No wires, no triggers.
Living room looks clear.
All right, we're good here.
We're gonna take the lead.
You guys get upstairs.
- All right.
- Crossing.
- You ready? - Go.
Go, go.
- You got me? - Yeah.
Standby possible target in the basement.
Copy that.
Chicago PD.
Let me see your hands.
Don't move.
Show us your hands now.
Everybody clear the area.
Possible offender with a bomb.
No, no, hold on, hold on, Jay, hold on.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Hailey, stop.
Hailey, what are you doing? We're not gonna hurt you.
- We're not gonna hurt you, okay? - Hailey.
Hailey, she might have a bomb.
What are you doing? Okay? We just want to see your hands.
Can you put your hands up? Hailey! Get out of the way.
Just wait.
Hold on! We're not gonna hurt you, okay? Let me just see.
Let me see.
It's a baby.
It's a baby, okay? She's just scared.
- Show us what's underneath.
- She's scared, Jay.
Hold on.
Oh, okay.
She's unarmed.
It's okay.
Aw, okay.
You okay? Yeah, I yeah.
You? Yeah.
We're not mind readers, Hailey.
We didn't know what was underneath that burqa.
I know.
Until we did.
Until we saw it was a baby.
Well, not necessarily.
She's not gonna hurt her own child.
I have seen it happen.
I know, but you're not in Afghanistan anymore.
Her name's Ara Hassam.
She's Tariq's sister.
Documents are good.
Not on any watch list.
She came from Kabul three weeks ago to visit Tariq.
Interesting timing.
Background check looks clear.
You guys, I got something.
Jay, you know what that is? Yeah, it's a NATO service medal for valor.
It belongs to Tariq.
Hold on, the guy who blew up the VA has a NATO service medal for valor? I got something else.
Application to become a U.
And look who the sponsor is.
Do you know who this is? Yeah.
Yeah, that's Tariq Hassam.
We did two tours together.
He was my translator.
You wrote him a letter of recommendation.
Yeah, I did.
Easiest letter I ever wrote.
Why is that? Tariq saved more American lives than I can count.
Okay, what's going on? What happened? We believe Tariq planted the bomb at the VA.
What? No.
That's impossible.
I-I don't believe that for a second.
The evidence is pretty solid.
Where is he now? What, did you arrest him? No, he's dead.
When we went to arrest him, Tariq killed himself.
He jumped off a building.
If you don't mind me asking, why didn't you ID Tariq at the VA? Excuse me? You were 50 feet away from him.
Like I told you.
Okay? I barely saw the guy.
I just, I caught a glimpse of the beard and the backpack.
Not to mention Tariq is, like, the last person on Earth I would ever think would do something like this.
Why, because he loved America? No.
Because he hated extremists.
When the Taliban found out that he was working for us, they raped and killed his wife.
When's the last time you saw Tariq? I don't know.
It was, uh a while ago.
We kinda lost touch.
But make no mistake.
The Tariq that I knew was a good man.
He was a patriot.
You buy his story? Miller's? Yeah, why wouldn't I? You really think he didn't recognize Tariq? A guy he did two tours with? I just think he wasn't paying attention.
Or he's covering for him.
He's got two Purple Hearts and a Silver Star for saving the lives of a couple downed Apache pilots who were under fire.
He's not covering for anybody detonating bombs.
They got a hit on Tariq's phone.
- Last call is to Akeem.
- Shocker.
Now we got to find some evidence.
All right, I'll call Atwater.
Approaching Akeem's office now.
All right.
I hope he knows what he's doing.
He'll signal if he needs us.
I'm in.
Pretty simple office.
Lots of paperwork.
Prayer books.
Got a spot for a bug.
Move and you die.
It's Homeland.
You violate our right to free speech! Our right to assemble! This is America? This ain't right! This whole city can go to hell.
We gotta get him out of there.
- No, we can't blow his cover.
- Adam Abdul, right? Tell me everything.
First of all, I don't even know why the hell I'm here.
I told you, I didn't do anything.
Yeah, we just want to talk to you.
And your brothers.
Get me a lawyer.
That's not the way it works, Abdul.
I need answers.
Slow down.
Doesn't have to go down like this.
Turn around and face the wall.
You don't know what the hell you're doing.
We're gonna find out where you and your friends planted the next bomb.
Come on, man.
Listen to me.
You have three seconds.
Listen to me! I'm an undercover cop for Chicago PD Agh! Shut the hell up and give me something! - Hey! Hey! - Hell is wrong with you? What the hell are you doing? - Who the hell are you? - Who am I? Stay calm.
Hank, relax.
Like I said, we made a mistake.
I told you I got a man under.
You don't give me a heads up? I asked who your guy was.
You told me to go to hell, remember? Look.
We're sorry.
If we'd known beforehand, it wouldn't have gone down like this.
- Okay? - Okay.
Let's move on and talk about these bombs.
So why the raid? Is there something we need to know about? We picked up some chatter this morning.
Another attack is imminent.
So we hit the mosque.
Now what? We're gonna talk to Akeem.
Do what we have to to get him to talk to us.
In the meantime, I suggest we put you back in the cell with the other suspects.
See if you can gather any more intel.
You okay with that, Kev? Yeah, I'm okay with that.
Me and you gonna sort this out one day.
Next time no zip ties, no batons.
Graff interrogated Akeem for five hours.
Didn't crack.
Claims he knows nothing about the bomb, manifesto, Tariq, none of it.
- What about the other guys? - Same thing.
Yeah, and I got nothing on Tariq.
Everybody I talked to said they thought he was off.
Nobody actually knows him.
Some people said they thought he was undercover.
Well, regardless, we have intel that another attack is in the works.
Right, Graff said that the new threat was posted online yesterday at a Chicago public library.
All right, we got people looking through surveillance but so far nothing.
Antonio and I have been scrolling through Tariq's various phones.
We found five or six photos of Tariq and another man, about the same age, same ethnicity.
That was taken three days before the first bomb went off.
- You run the photo? - Yeah.
Came back negative.
But we did get a hit on bomb fragments.
- Yes.
- Sixteen penny nails, to be exact.
All right, track down the specific batch number and find the distributor.
Already on it.
We got the lot number and delivery dates.
We're just closing in on retailers in the area.
More witness statements from Patrol.
We're wasting our time.
We know who's responsible.
Well, we might have missed something.
Kim, Adam, split them up and dig in.
Kev, I want you back at the mosque.
See what you can learn.
You two go find Miller.
Maybe he can ID the guy in the photo with Tariq.
Sherie Miller? Yeah? Detective Halstead and Detective Upton, Chicago PD.
Uh, we're here to see Jake.
Why, what's the matter? Nothing's wrong, ma'am.
We just have a few questions.
Oh, um, well, he's not here.
When does Jake usually get home? Uh, that depends.
Why what's this all about? Do you know these two men? Yeah, that's Tariq and his cousin Rafi.
And how do you know them? Jake and Tariq served together and his cousin Rafi is visiting from Kabul.
We just had dinner last week.
Oh, so they still see each other? Yeah, of course.
Those two had a pretty powerful bond.
The things that they saw, that they did? They're like brothers.
They'd die for each other.
That's a call to prayer.
Happens five times a day.
Makes Jake a little crazy.
Why is that? You come home after years at war, looking for a little peace and quiet only to learn that the very people you were fighting just moved in next door.
I get it, but it's not the same people.
Just the same religion.
It's easy for you to say, 'cause you weren't there.
Thank you so much for your time.
Will you let Jake know that we stopped by? Yeah.
So Miller's lying about still being in touch with Tariq.
We got a hit yet on that wholesaler? The one who was selling the nails used in the bomb? Antonio was on it.
Let me call him.
All right.
Like I said on the phone.
I didn't sell it to no terrorist.
I only had three sales on that batch.
Just show us your video.
Yeah, I got it queued up.
Figured you guys would be asking.
Here's the first purchase.
That don't look like no terrorist to me.
Save the commentary and scroll.
Next purchase, 4:12.
Freeze it.
Thank you.
We'll need an expedited warrant.
I'll call Voight, and have a judge lined up.
You tell the team we'll stage a block away from Miller's house.
Chicago PD, open up! - Where's Jake? - He's not home! We have a warrant, ma'am, if you could step to the side.
What the hell is this? We think Jake's involved in the bombing attacks.
- This floor is clear.
- What? - Jake? - Where is he? He was here, and then when I said that you were looking for him, he grabbed his keys - and he took off.
- Where'd he go? I-I don't know, but I could tell that something was wrong.
Something's really wrong.
What do you mean? Just in the way that he looked at me.
The way that he that he said good-bye.
I swear I don't know anything, but he he hasn't been okay since he got back.
He needs help.
I got something.
Huh? You know anything about this? It's for a storage trailer.
He rents it from our landlord.
What does he keep there? He works there.
He flips motorcycles to make extra cash.
Sit on the house.
Make sure she doesn't warn him off.
He might come back.
I'm gonna hit up Voight, fill him in.
Roger that.
Please, just promise me you're not gonna hurt him.
Are we really doing this without bomb tech? Damn right.
We don't have any time.
It's clear.
Okay, this is Scary as hell.
Acetone and hydrogen peroxide.
That's his cocktail.
He's still cooking.
What is all this? It wasn't Akeem's call to prayer that triggered Jake.
Listen to this.
"Six U.
soldiers were killed "when their patrol triggered an IED near Lashkar.
"Lone survivor was Jacob Miller.
"Sunni warlords credit funding from sympathetic parties in America.
" He underlined "funding.
" Jake must think that Akeem is funding terrorism against American soldiers.
So where's Miller now? What's the strategy here? It's an end game tactic.
You create a false retreat.
You flank, you ambush, and you take out the objective yourself.
He's going after Akeem.
We gotta call Kevin.
Come on, Kev, pick up, pick up.
5021 Henry Jake Miller's involved.
He's on his way to the mosque.
You gotta get everybody out now.
No phones in the prayer hall.
Sorry, that was my cousin.
The FBI are at my house right now and they're on their way here to round us all up all over again.
We gotta go.
We should leave right now.
We stay.
We have done nothing wrong.
Freeze! Nobody move! Everybody get down on the ground now.
- I said down! - Stop, stop.
Get down on your face! Put your hands above your head.
You! Down on your face! Now.
Please tell me someone's listening over the COH.
I got 30 people in here.
Miller has a gun and an explosive.
I am unarmed.
I need help now.
Where is he? Akeem's not here.
Homeland security, they grabbed him up.
He's in lock-up.
If you want Akeem, you need to let these people go.
Everybody crawls to the wall now.
If anybody speaks another word, I press this button, we all blow up together.
Move! - Talk to me, Trudy.
- Mobile command just landed.
Would someone who's not an We're pushing out four blocks and trying to clear all these buildings.
- Can you make it happen? - Yeah.
Atwater inside? Yeah.
We can hear him, he can't hear us.
Sounds like Miller's got the IED strapped to his body.
He's got the remote in his hand.
Kev won't be able to take him down alone.
It's too risky.
Bomb Squad's three minutes out.
- Sarge? - Yeah.
There's no line of sight into the prayer room.
I can get us elevated positions, but unless he moves to the front No, no, no.
Let me get inside.
I can talk to him.
Hang on.
Atwater convinced him to open up a line of communication.
They're sending someone out.
5021, I got a hostage coming out.
Get me an ambulance past that barricade.
Copy that, 5021.
I got a hostage coming out.
It's all right.
Come on out.
It's okay.
Don't worry.
No one's gonna shoot.
These guns are here to keep you safe.
It's okay.
It's all right.
The phone's for me.
Just keep walking.
That's right.
Come to me.
Atta kid.
It's okay.
All right, just hand me the phone.
Hand me the phone.
All right.
Now get behind me.
Stay between me and the building.
Stay between me and the building.
We're gonna be fine.
We're okay.
I'm gonna take this call.
This is Sergeant Hank Voight.
How we doing in there, Jake? I want Imam Akeem Dabiri brought to me.
Okay, we can talk about that.
But you know, you know, Akeem is in federal custody.
So it's gonna take some time.
But I'll set the wheels in motion right now but you gotta work with me, okay? No.
You have half an hour.
That's not enough time.
You have half an hour! Or I will start killing them one by one.
Go around the back.
Lock is broke.
- Miller, are you there? - It's okay, FBI.
Man, we sure as hell got this one wrong.
Yeah, and we kicked Akeem.
He's on his way.
You established contact? - I did.
- Good.
We're setting a breach plan.
We'll be ready to move in 20.
Wait a second Atwater is inside with 30 hostages.
That's why we're moving now.
We'll give your men a tactical plan.
The second you breach, he'll detonate.
Look, we got a line of contact.
We got 30 minutes to get inside.
Not enough time, Hank.
Sir, I can get to Miller.
This is our jurisdiction.
Stand down.
Sarge, let me do this.
Atwater said the rear entrance isn't secure.
- Jay.
- No, I can do this.
I get Miller.
Let me talk him out.
You know what happens if you can't.
Jake? It's Jay Halstead.
I'm unarmed, all right? Everybody face the wall! You take another step, I blow this place.
I hear I hear you, man.
We're working on Akeem.
That's why I'm here.
I gotta see proof of life, Jake.
You know how this works, right? So I'm coming out, okay? I'm unarmed.
See? No vest.
I got no gun.
Keeping my hands raised, okay? Just gotta make sure everybody's okay.
That's good.
That's good, it looks like nobody's hurt.
That means you and I got a way out of here.
'Cause I'm gonna be honest, Jake, things are gonna go bad for you really quick if you don't let me help you.
You bring me Akeem or I drop these people one combatant at a time.
Please, Jake, don't don't do this, okay? There is another solution.
You just gotta let me help you.
Just let me help.
Put the gun down.
Hand me the remote.
You and I can walk out the front door together.
I promise you I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
Okay? You gotta let me help you.
Look at look at them.
They're terrified right now, Jake.
They're not combatants, man.
They're civilians, Jake.
They're citizens.
They're people.
They're Americans.
You swore to protect them.
What are you doing? That's as far as you come.
What, you think I'm crazy? Huh? No, no, I don't.
I don't.
You think this is PTS, this is trauma from the war? You think I'm having an episode, huh? Maybe, Jake.
I don't think I'm over there.
I'm in my own backyard.
I'm standing on my soil.
Don't you get it, Halstead? You were there! You remember! These people have come to destroy us.
But nobody gets it because we're all too busy tweeting about the president.
We're posting pictures of our dogs.
You want to help me? You bring me Akeem.
Bring me Akeem.
Think of your wife right now.
Think of your wife.
You bring me Akeem now, or I kill them.
Please don't do this, Jake.
You don't think I'll do it.
You are a war hero, Miller.
Act like it.
Yeah, you're damn right I am.
And this ends now.
We got hostages coming out! Jay, we gotta go.
Thank you.
I really appreciate that.
Praise Allah.
Where the hell's your detective? You knew we had a breaching plan.
I told you to stand down.
Back off, Will.
Back off? I'm gonna have his badge.
He defused the situation.
I mean, you want to report it differently, feel free.
When you do, maybe I should have my undercover officer report the treatment he experienced.
Or the interrogation techniques used on Akeem Dabiri, an innocent man.
And he's right over there.
Maybe we should talk to him.
Just let it go.
Take the win and walk away.
Give you a ride home? I'll buy you a beer.
Thanks, I think I'm just Yeah, I know you want to be alone, but this is just part of the thing, so.
What thing? It's a thing that works between us.
Bad case.
One of us doesn't want the other one around.
The other one stays anyway.
We talk.
We feel better and we're able to go to work the next day.
It works.
I screwed up, Hailey.
It didn't even occur to me that Miller could be involved.
If it's on you, it's on me too.
No, you had a bad feeling.
I couldn't even see it.
A lot of horrible things happened when I was overseas.
And I know I can't just, like, flip a switch and turn that off.
But I do the work.
You learn to deal with the triggers and the stress.
The war was a part of my life.
It's not who I am.
Not anymore.
I just had no idea I had any anger.
Or bias.
You just saved 30 lives.
Thirty Muslim lives.
That's a good day.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Buy you a beer?