Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e08 Episode Script

Black and Blue

1 You think there's a kid in Kenny's crew that's over the age of 17? More like 15.
- [WALKIE-TALKIE BEEPS] - Yo, we got eyes on our boys on the block, if y'all are ready.
Shutting down now.
- This one mine.
- What's up, Malik? What's up, girl? Looking fine, - as usual.
- [LAUGHS] You know she's with me, right? Yeah, for now, son.
For now.
[LAUGHTER] - All right, all right.
All right, so what you all need? The usual? Actually, we need a little extra today.
We have friends up in Lakeview that had a taste of the good stuff, want a little more.
- How much extra weight we talking? - 100 grams.
I don't usually carry that much product on me, so I'ma need to do a little wheelin' and dealin'.
We talking straight packed or powder? Oh, packed up for sure.
Okay, I can make that happen.
Meet me at Division Street, One Stop parking lot, at 4:00 p.
- All right.
- We can make that happen.
And look, feel free to come solo, baby.
- [LAUGHS] - Hey, I heard that.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, it was meant for you to hear.
[LAUGHS] - Watch yourself.
We'll see you later.
All right, kid took the bait.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Downside to using child labor: inexperienced.
It's 5:00.
For a dealer, being an hour late is actually considered early.
You guys got anything? Nothing so far.
Should've had Upton do the deal alone.
Kid's got eyes for her.
[LAUGHS] Units in 21, we're getting multiple calls of shots fired at 3852 South on Wells.
Jay, did you hear that? We just got a call over the zone.
Shots fired two blocks away.
We're gonna take it.
[TENSE MUSIC] This is the site here.
How we look, Ruz? We're good.
We're good.
Hold on.
Call it in! 5021 Ida.
Roll an ambulance.
Hang on, bro.
Okay? Hang on.
Help is coming.
Malik! Malik! [SOMBER MUSIC] Ain't got a pulse.
He's gone.
Just a dumb kid, man.
Kid took two to the chest.
Found two nine-millimeter rounds right next to the body.
Signs of a struggle? No, just took two and dropped right where he stood.
- Weapon? - Nothing recovered so far.
Been doing surveillance on this block for weeks.
This is a known re-up spot for Kenny's corner boys.
DOA was actually a kid we were supposed to meet up with tonight.
All right, so the kid asks for more weight.
Kenny gets spooked that he might be snitching, so he shoots him.
We have two witnesses that saw a boy running away from the construction site moments after the shots were fired.
And the physical description matches Nathan, Malik's sidekick.
Well, maybe he's the shooter.
Or he's a friend that saw the shooter and he ran like hell.
Well, either way, he's our only lead, so let's find him fast.
Nathan Hawkins, 15 years old.
Dropped out of school a year ago to start slinging dope for Kenny Armstrong.
Yeah, he has one arrest on his record.
It's for a delivery charge three months ago.
Any idea where he might be hanging out? His last known address was his mom's apartment in Austin.
But she OD'd a year ago around the time he started dealing.
Okay, father? Uh, been behind bars for the last decade.
Who bailed him out when he got busted? That would be Sarah Washington, Nathan's aunt.
All right, so find an address.
Check it out.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Look, uh, I was hoping you could call me in a refill.
I ran out, and my shoulder's still killing me.
What? Eight days? No, no, no, no, no.
That's not gonna work.
I need more tonight.
[KNOCKING] How you doing, ma'am? I'm Officer Atwater.
This is Officer Ruzek.
Are you Sarah Washington? What y'all boys need? We're looking for your nephew, Nathan Hawkins.
Does he live here? He does, but he's not home.
When was the last time you saw him? This morning.
Okay, would you mind if we took a look around his room? [SIGHS] Y'all got five minutes.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Down the hall.
In the back.
Man, dude.
Look at this place.
No wonder kids like Nathan end up working for guys like Kenny.
Mom's dead, dad locked up.
Working those corners is probably the most stable thing in that boy's life.
Ah, there's a POD camera across the street.
Maybe something from that, yeah? Okay, there's Nathan.
All right, so that's time-stamped 5:45, 45 minutes after Malik was killed.
- Let's keep going.
- Okay.
Freeze right there.
There's Nathan right there.
Passenger side window.
Who's she? Where's she going? Okay, bro, let's see if we can get facial rec on the driver.
[POUNDING] [DOG BARKING] - Check around back? - Yeah.
Back the hell up now! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Hey, hey! - What are you doing? - Yo, we're CPD.
- We're CPD.
- Put that gun down.
Let me see your badge.
Okay, I'll show you the badge, but I need you to put that gun down.
I will when you show me your badge.
There it is right there.
You see that? We are cops, okay? Put the gun down.
Now, you leave that gun inside.
You meet us out front.
All right? Right now.
Get your hands out of your pockets and come here.
Come right here.
Keep 'em up.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What the hell is wrong with you? Pull a gun on the cops? Well, how the hell was I supposed to know? It's not like you sent a résumé ahead of time.
All I saw was two dudes walking up on my house.
Is this necessary? Yeah, you just pulled a gun on us.
All right? Is it registered? It sure is, and I can show you the permit.
Do you know anybody by the name of Nathan Hawkins? Yeah.
When was the last time you saw him? I don't know.
Two, three weeks ago.
Wrong answer.
Next wrong answer, we're gonna bring you in, and we're gonna start writing up paper.
Last chance, Laila.
Why the hell do you know my name? Because you are a suspect in a murder investigation.
- That's why we know your name.
- What the hell are you talking about? We're talking about how we have a video of you and Nathan Hawkins riding in your car this car this afternoon.
No, I think you got the wrong person.
I think we should bring her in.
Why? What'd I do? What'd you do? You helped your friend Kenny Armstrong kill Nathan Hawkins.
You think I'd kill Nathan? Then prove us wrong, Laila.
Where is he? He's right here.
- Nathan.
- You guys got it all wrong, all right? Laila's not trying to kill me, all right? She's trying to help me.
Man, I ain't saying nothing to y'all.
Not gonna say anything?ling.
Come on, man, what happened? You and Malik, you get into an argument? He steal from you? He screw your girlfriend? - What? - Man, not even close.
Okay? Malik was my boy.
All right? We were tight.
I'd never hurt him, man.
Okay, you didn't do it.
Who did, Nathan? Don't know.
Look, we all know what's going on here, okay? We know that Malik asked Kenny for some more weight.
So Kenny thought that Malik was snitching, so he killed him.
He thinks you are too.
Right? Thinks you're snitching? But I'm not.
Malik wouldn't either.
Doesn't matter, if Kenny thinks you are.
Kenny thinks you are, he's gonna kill you too.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Look, Nathan.
Look at me for a second.
That's why you went to Laila's, right? That's why you went to Laila's.
You were looking for a place to hide out.
Look, bro, we just need your help.
Okay, we don't care that you sell drugs.
We don't care, bro.
Not at all.
We just need to know if you saw who did the murder.
That's all.
- I didn't.
- Don't lie to me.
Man, I'm not.
Did Nathan see who shot Malik? No, but he knows it was Kenny.
Hell, my five-year-old niece knows it's Kenny.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
You run with Kenny Armstrong, but at the same time, you protect kids from getting shot by him? I don't run with Kenny or anybody else.
Now, we used to be a thing, but I've been out the game for nine years.
I haven't gotten as much as a parking ticket.
So don't lump me up with Kenny or any other punk-ass gangbanger I grew up with.
Why the change? I grew up.
That's why.
We all make mistakes when we're young.
Even you, Detective.
She's a tough chick.
Smart too.
Nathan's lucky to have her in his life.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Come on, Kev.
You and me.
- You and me what? - Come on.
All right, Ms.
You're free to go.
Okay, good.
Now, what about Nathan? - Can I take him home too? - [SCOFFS] We're charging him with heroin distribution.
What? Heroin distribution for slinging dime bags on the corner? Well, if he agrees to cooperate in the murder case, we might be able to cut him a break.
But he didn't see anything.
Well, that doesn't mean he can't wear a wire.
That boy has a target on his back the size of Soldier Field and you want him to wear a wire? Kenny will kill his ass in ten seconds flat.
Well, God doesn't give with both hands.
Nathan is a good boy.
He is a scared-ass little kid with no place to go, and it is your job to help him.
Listen, it's my job to arrest Malik's killer, Kenny Armstrong, your ex-boyfriend.
Right now, Nathan is my best shot at doing that.
Introduce me to Kenny.
Right? We know his crew meets at his crib.
Find a way to get me in there.
So I can plant the wire.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Okay, then you gotta promise me that you're gonna get Nathan out of Chicago fast.
I got you, man.
All right.
You ain't gonna be here too long.
Long as it takes for us to find somebody to take you in.
You got anybody we can reach out to outside the state? Anywhere you wanna go? No, I'm not interested in leaving.
Hey, come on, man.
I dig it.
Listen, man, I get it.
Moving is rough, but you might actually like a new city.
My little brother had to relocate to Texas.
He wasn't feeling it at first.
Digs it now.
My cousin.
He's older.
He lives in Atlanta.
I ain't seen him in a while, but he's always been nice to me.
Track cuz down.
- All right.
- Thanks.
Yo, you leavin'? Yeah, man, I gotta get to a birthday party.
But you're all set.
We got a police officer at the door.
They got you.
You're good.
[SOMBER MUSIC] [EXHALES DEEPLY] How you feel? - I'm cool.
- Cool? Good.
So what's this, a first date? First date? To a 60-year-old's birthday party? No, I don't think so.
Okay, a few months, then.
Make it look real, right? [GLENN JONES' "WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN" PLAYING ON STEREO] - Let me show you We've only just begun The romance is not over Gotta a lot, a lot of love to give - Surprise.
- Surprise.
- We've only just begun Laila, good to see you, baby.
So glad you're here to help me celebrate.
Look at you, girl.
Damn, just as beautiful as ever.
Hey, Kenny.
- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.
You know Mama always liked you more than me.
Hey, y'all.
This is my friend Keith.
- Passions run wild And love the night Hey, what's good, man? Nothing much.
Make sure y'all go and get some of that pork, you know? I brought it in from St.
I actually like how that cobbler looks.
Best peach cobbler in the city.
You kidding.
Better get inside before it's all gone.
Okay, I can do that.
You need anything? - Mm-mm.
- All right.
- Happy birthday, Mama.
- Thank you, baby.
- Much more that we can do [INDISTINCT CHATTER] How's it going in there? Pretty good.
Found Kenny's man cave.
Seems like a good place to do some talking.
I'll be right back.
- Cool.
- All right.
It's been a while, Laila.
Thought you were trying to avoid me.
Just been busy, you know, down at the center.
Yeah, I heard about that.
Yeah, you working with the kids, right? Mm-hmm.
You know, I got a lot of respect for that.
How 'bout I make a donation to the cause, you know? No.
No, I'm cool.
[CHUCKLES] No offense.
I just wanna keep this thing legit.
Yeah, the choice is yours.
But thanks for offering.
- Hey, yo, Marlo.
- Yo.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Yo, keep these fools out of my basement.
Yeah, all right.
Mama, I'm gonna grab a drink.
Can I get you something? - I'm good, sweetie.
- Okay.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] Okay, let me know when you got a visual.
We've got eyes.
[CELL PHONE BUZZES] Who the hell are you? Hey, uh let's not get worked up, okay? What you doing down here? - I got lost.
- You got lost? Let me get back to the party.
[GRUNTS] All right.
Come on, fellas.
There's no need to play Two, three, fwith guns, okay? I said, what you doing down here? I told you, I was looking around and I got lost, okay? Nah, bro.
You see, I just met you.
And the way I see things, man, that just don't feel right.
- We gotta get in there now.
- Okay, wait.
Give him a sec.
He still hasn't used the safe word.
I understand that, Kenny.
Okay? I should have asked your permission first.
I didn't mean no disrespect, man.
Yeah, you should've.
So I'ma ask you one more time.
Why you down here, Keith? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Laila told me about your '96 ball, man.
'96 Bulls, come on, that's my favorite team of all time.
- I had - Baby, that you? - Yeah.
- Where the hell you been? Down here talking to Kenny.
That's all.
What's going on? Why's he got a gun in his hand? We're here chatting with your new man.
Put the gun away before you hurt someone.
- Hey, listen.
It's okay, baby.
- Hey.
It was just a misunderstanding, that's all.
I should have asked for permission first.
Permission to do what? Check out his '96 ball.
You left a party to come look at that crap? You crazy? I knew I shouldn't have told you about this ball.
- Come on, let's go get - No, no, no, no, not yet.
What you mean, "not yet"? You ain't never been down here before.
And I just got that ball last week.
Which means the two of y'all are lying about something.
How you know about this, Laila? How you think? Your mama.
She always joking about how stupid you are spending all your money on this nonsense.
Go ask her.
Come on, let's go ask her.
- Let's go ruin her party - No, no.
About this crap.
Not yet.
Not yet.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
I'm sorry.
It's just a big misunderstanding, you know? Hey, go on.
Get out of here.
Go enjoy the party.
You're good to go.
Thank you, and appreciate you for helping me out back there.
It means a lot.
- Sure thing.
- No, seriously.
If that charity thing doesn't work out for you, you should think about a future here.
[LAUGHS] Let's not get carried away.
Okay, I understand.
But real quick.
We were rapping with Nathan's cousin down in Atlanta, and he's got two kids.
He's a little worried that Nathan's problems are gonna follow him down there.
So do you know of any other family that Nathan has outside of Chicago we can send that boy to? Um he's got a grandma down in New Orleans.
Grandma in New Orleans.
We will track her down.
We're gonna do everything in our power to make sure that Nathan gets out of here, okay? You got my word on that.
If you say so.
What? You don't you don't trust me? I don't trust anybody, let alone a smooth-talking cop.
Well, you obviously don't know me too well.
You're right.
I don't.
So why don't you buy me a drink and let me know who you really are? Okay, here we go.
Glass of water.
Shot of Hennessy.
I see you into that hard stuff, huh? I'm not wasting calories on that fruity crap.
- Or a Heineken.
- What? Straight up, you've been around them white boys too long.
Uh-uh, don't do that, Ms.
West Side.
That is just like a cop.
Always gotta put a label on somebody.
Well, obviously sometimes those labels fit.
Sometimes they don't.
Mm-hmm? How does a good-looking brother like you raise his hand and say, "I wanna be a cop" and in Chicago, no less? My pops got locked up early.
And I didn't wanna go out like that.
So in order to make a difference, I decided to do some good in my community.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I like that.
Yeah, that's not too corny for you? No, that's corny as hell.
[LAUGHS] But it's honest.
What's that? It's, uh, aspirin.
- These all-nighters are tough.
- Yeah.
I'm getting a headache staring at this monitor.
Guess I'm not as young as I used to be.
[CHUCKLES] Well, this isn't gonna help.
All they had left.
Decaf at 3:00 a.
? What's the point? I know, right? - Ugh.
- Finally.
Hey, anybody put eyes on Nathan? No, not yet.
Well, y'all put a tap on the wire, get it out to his peeps.
If anybody knows something or anything, you bring his ass down to the EP, all right? You get that? What'd he say, "EP"? - That's what I heard too.
- Yeah.
Let's get a warrant.
- Hey there.
Yeah, I can dig waking up to this face.
Well, look, Kevin.
I had fun and all, but But what? I'm just playing.
[LAUGHING] You play too damn rough for me.
Well, so do you.
- Mm! - Mm, I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
It's okay.
Sort of.
Listen, let's rain check round two.
See? Yeah, you have been with those white boys too long.
Well, I could come to your place a little bit later, finish what we started.
That's better.
And the answer is yes.
[LAUGHS] [TENSE MUSIC] Chicago PD! Listen up, we have a warrant to search this establishment.
Hey, hands in the air.
Get 'em where I can see you.
- Get 'em up.
- Warrant? Based on what? Based on we have a warrant.
Now, everyone get up.
Move with your hands up against that wall.
- Come on, now.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [EXHALES DEEPLY] Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well.
27 firearms, Kenny? We had to put a rush order in to ballistics to go through 'em.
Oh, if it's too much trouble[SNAPS FINGERS] Your boys can give them back to the streets.
Yeah, I'm guessing there's a good chance one of them nines is gonna come back with a body on it maybe even Malik's.
Don't know anybody named Malik.
Yeah, you do.
That's the kid you shot for snitching.
Doesn't ring a bell.
I'm sorry.
And like I said those guns are not mine.
Then how did they wind up in your bar? Not my bar, neither.
You know if you guys are gonna trump up some fake-ass charges, go ahead.
Or can I go now? You're free to go.
Just don't go too far.
- Yo, Maury.
- What? Tell me you got something good.
Oh, I do.
- On the nines, right? - No, those are clean, all of them, but I found a print on a Beretta 32 that was used in a cold-case homicide ten years ago.
The handle was wiped clean, but the magazine wasn't.
I got two partial matches and then one solid 12-point match.
12 points, nice.
You get a hit? Yeah.
[TENSE MUSIC] She's pretty for a killer, huh? [EXHALES SHARPLY] [DOOR CLOSES] - You're late.
It's almost 10:00.
Didn't think you were coming.
Did something happen? Is it Nathan? Is he okay? Uh, Nathan's fine.
Uh, we're still trying to track down his grandma in New Orleans.
All right, then what's up? You seem preoccupied.
We found a bag of guns in Kenny's bar.
One of those guns was used to kill a convenience store clerk ten years ago.
- Your prints are on it.
- I[SIGHS] I can explain.
Listen I'm a cop.
You talk to me, that's evidence.
Well, I didn't shoot nobody.
Okay? I swear to God.
Cop or not cop, I'm gonna tell you what happened, and you can do what you want.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I was in the car with Kenny.
We were just hanging out, chilling.
And then he just pulls over in front of a convenience store and says that a guy who works inside owes him some money.
So he hops out and then he runs into the store.
Two minutes later, I hear "pop, pop," and then he hops back in the car, and we drive off.
I was in the car the whole time.
I never even stepped foot in that store.
How did your prints get on the magazine? 'Cause Kenny told me to load the damn thing, so I did it.
I didn't even think about it.
Look, it sounds stupid, okay? I know.
But I was 17.
I had no idea he was gonna shoot that guy.
Doesn't matter what you think.
You were there.
You were a part of a crime that resulted in a man's death.
Thinking or not, naive or not, that's felony murder.
I've had a smile on my face all day 'cause I knew you were coming here tonight, and we're sitting here talking about murder and fingerprints and Kenny.
- It's just like - Laila I'm in a bad dream or something.
Laila, this is the last thing that I want to be talking about, okay? Trust me.
But I don't have a choice.
So now what? Are you going to arrest me? Come on.
- So it's like that, huh? - Like what? Like as soon as things get tough, you hide behind your badge? Don't do that.
Don't put this on me.
I didn't ask for this.
But it came your way, nonetheless.
So the question is, what are you gonna do about it? I'm not perfect.
I'm not.
Okay? I made mistakes.
I know that.
But for the past nine years, I have been a good person.
A very good person.
I've been at the community center every day, helping our young people make good decisions.
The way that I see it okay, me being out here is a good thing.
I'm keeping young brothers from selling drugs and joining gangs and robbing people.
I'm saving lives.
So why arrest me for something that I did stupid when I was a kid? [SOBBING] She was dating Kenny.
Doing what he told her to do.
She stayed right there in the car.
Said she had no clue he was gonna pop that dude.
We got nothing linking Kenny to Malik's murder.
We gotta use the print.
Force Laila to wear a wire, get Kenny talking about how he killed that clerk.
Felony murder? She'd have to do some time.
I know, but we gotta get Kenny off the street.
- Sarge - Let me say something.
The clerk who took two in the chest, did he get a free pass? - That was ten years ago.
- Yeah.
Ten years of hell for the victim's family.
Waking up every day thinking about what happened to their father.
Their husband.
Their son.
Is there something else I need to know about you and Laila? Yeah.
We got together the other night.
Then you gotta walk away from this, Kev.
Understand? No more communication of any kind.
Help us get Kenny to confess to murdering that clerk, agree to testify to that effect in court, and you may not do any time.
Are y'all crazy? Kenny's not stupid.
I can't just walk up to the man and say, "Hey, remember the night you murdered that clerk?" Laila, I'm trying to help you, okay? But to do that, you gotta help us.
Come on, help us get Kenny off the street once and for all.
Y'all, this is wrong.
And Mr.
Undercover too.
He knows this is wrong.
He's just too afraid to do anything about it.
Where is he anyway? Is he hiding in the bathroom like a little punk-ass bitch? Officer Atwater's been assigned to another case.
Of course he has.
'Cause there's nothing left to do, right? He got me to help.
Got me into his bed.
And then he buries me for something I didn't even do.
I saved this punk's life, and he does this.
For real? I should have let Kenny know he was a cop And let him kill his ass.
Got it? Hey, can I get a minute? Yeah, we got some equipment to load.
[CLEARS THROAT] There's really nothing I can say, other than I'm sorry.
I didn't want for this to happen.
But you didn't do anything to stop it, either.
It's not that easy, Laila.
You're right.
It required you to have some courage.
- You don't understand - No, sure, I do.
You one of those brothers that like to straddle the line.
You pick and choose when to be black and when to be blue.
What about Nathan? Hmm? You gonna screw him over too? Is that your thing? Is that what you do? You screw over your own kind? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [WHIMPERING] [KNOCK AT DOOR] Yo, Nathan.
Come on, man.
Found your grandma.
She can't wait to see you.
Let's get up out of here.
Come on.
No, man.
I ain't leaving.
We already talked about this.
Can't go.
I need to stay here.
Help my aunt.
What are you talking about? Kenny's people broke into my aunt's house last night.
Tore it apart, wrote all kinds of nasty things on the walls.
Okay, well, I'll send somebody over there to check on her, but you gotta get your ass up out of here, man.
Man, wherever I go, Kenny's gonna track me down.
Okay, so I might as well just stay here.
You're a boy.
All right? That means that you can go to another city and start all over.
I can take care of myself.
Look, dude, I'm not going nowhere.
All right? So you might as well just just lock me up or just let me go.
If that's what you want.
Hey, all right, look at me.
- The distress word is "Voight.
" - Mm-hmm.
If anything goes bad, just say the word, and we'll bust in.
I got it.
All you gotta do is get Kenny to incriminate himself, okay? Just get him talking about the robberies I said I got it.
Okay, you good? All right.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Where Kenny? Hey, girl.
Don't know.
Check the back office.
Just play it cool.
[KNOCKING] - Kenny, you in there? Oh, God.
Voight! Voight! [TENSE MUSIC] - Voight! - Laila.
Put your hands on the bar.
Don't move.
Put your hands on the bar.
[GASPING] Laila.
It's all right.
What happened? I don't know what happened.
He was like that when I walked in.
All right.
It's okay.
[SOBBING] It's okay.
He's cold.
Come on.
Yo, Laila okay? Yeah, she's all right.
Tech said Kenny's been dead for three hours.
Bartender claims he didn't see anything.
We know who did it? No, but I'm guessing there's a lot of contenders.
Any evidence? Just two nine-millimeter shell casings on the floor.
- That's about it.
- That's not our problem.
Homicide's taking the case, so pack up any loose ends.
- Let's get out of here.
- Copy that.
Hang on a sec.
What's up? Excuse me? You gotta be kidding me.
What? No.
Listen, there is always something you can do about it.
Let me tell you something, next time you need a favor, don't bother asking me.
I gotta go.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Kevin it's the ASA [NO AUDIBLE DIALOGUE] Look, with Kenny dead, there is no trial.
The ASA is not willing to be as as lenient.
What does that mean? It's gonna be three years.
Said that's the best they can do.
I'm sorry.
Kenny's dead.
He killed Malik for no reason.
And he was gonna kill me too, so so I did what I had to do.
Give me the gun.
So what, you gonna arrest me now? [WATER SPLASHES]