Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e15 Episode Script

Good Men

We've had a spate of break-ins the past few weeks.
Every robbery has taken place within five minutes of Engine 66.
Can you convince me that there's a fire fighter behind all this? We want a friendly firefighter inside 66 to help us sniff out the bad guy.
- So you're recording me? - What happened, Suggs? Gimme the phone now, Cruz! - Gimme the phone! - What are you gonna do, - You gonna take it away from me? - Give me the phone! Hey! Whoa! What are you doing, Suggs? What, you're just giving away your key for burglaries, man? - For what, for cash? - No, no, it's not like that.
Okay, all right, then tell me what it's like.
Explain it to me, please.
I can still fix it.
- Suggs, I - Please! I'll get the key back.
Just give me some time.
- Suggs, I I - I'll make it right! Last person I would've expected.
The guy's solid.
He's clearly handing his key off.
He's probably not even participating in the burglaries himself.
There's got to be a reason he's doing this.
Key's still out there.
I think Suggs is trying to get it back.
Cruz, did you get a plate on this car? - No, sorry.
- All right.
I'll run make and model, have OEMC any calls of suspicious activity in the zone of the burglaries to us.
We'll be in front of the next one.
All right, good, get an emergency ping order on Suggs' phone let's bring him in fast.
You're arresting a Chicago Firefighter for using CFD property in a string of burglaries.
Yes, and I'd like to have that firefighter in cuffs before news travels through your department.
I spent time with Suggs and he's not some hardened criminal, he's a good guy.
He just he seemed in over his head.
All right, Joe, I hear you.
Listen, as soon as we have him, I'll talk to him.
Appreciate it, Joe.
Good to have you back, Cruz.
Yeah, yeah.
Nothing I said is gonna matter, is it? Okay, roll there with Burgess, send me the ping, - and I'll meet you guys there.
- Hey, Jay! Hold up! I'm coming with you.
- No, we got it, man.
- No, no, hey, hey, listen.
You have a suspect because of me.
I I got to talk to him.
That's it, I I just got to be there.
- Joe, you know I can't.
- Please, Jay.
He's one of ours.
All right, listen to me, you stay where I tell you to stay.
What you got? It's over there somewhere.
Hey, Cruz.
Is this the place? Yeah, um, four consecutive pings, but he hasn't moved in the last half hour, so he's got to be around here somewhere.
- Maybe he ditched his phone.
- Yeah.
All right, let's fan out and search.
- Cruz, you gotta stay with the truck.
- No, no, I can help! Trust me, man, just stay here.
Okay? Hailey, Jay! It's Suggs' car.
Chicago PD! Anyone inside the vehicle? Yeah, he's in there.
Let me see your hands! I don't see a gun, but I smell the gunpowder.
5021 George.
Squad, roll the crime lab to 1900 South Canal.
I got a bonafide DOA, GSWs to the head and the chest.
Offender may still be in the area.
- Suggs, Suggs! - Hold on, hold on.
Joe, wait a second! Hold on! You can't go in there.
Oh, come on, man! I can help him! No, you can't touch him or the car.
You're going to contaminate it.
It's a crime scene.
- Please, I - Joe, he's gone.
I'm sorry.
Two 9mm, both contact wounds.
The thing happened fast.
There's no sign of struggle in the car.
You're thinking he let the offender in the car with him? Yeah, I think he knew him.
Let's let's say the guy parks in the alley, walked downstairs to meet Suggs, shot him as soon as he got in the car.
Boss, there's no cameras, no PODs outside or in.
So they were very much alone down here.
All right, cell phone or lockbox key? Doesn't look like the key's here.
The phone's on its way to OCD tech.
Okay, patrol searched the whole perimeter, they got nothing, now they're doing walk and talks a couple of blocks away, but the streets are dead.
It's a good place for a kill.
Antonio, I want you take over the scene.
Rest of us, we're gonna start digging into Suggs.
Interview his family, firefighters at 66, who was he working with? Listen, firefighter brotherhood is just as strong as ours.
The fact that we're investigating him, it is gonna move fast through Chicago Fire, and it's not sit well.
Let's get these statements before it does.
Copy that.
What are you doing here? We're here to talk to Suggs' wife, we got a couple questions for her.
That's She's over here.
CPD's chaplain detail just left.
Thank you for sending them.
Uh, of course.
66 Lieutenant's offered to take her home, but don't think she wants to bring the kids back to the house yet.
She's right through there.
- Okay, thank you.
- Yeah.
No, I don't know where my husband was going or who he was meeting, but his shift was over at 8:00.
He should've come home.
Does he usually come directly home after work? He likes to be there for the kids to go to school.
Had you noticed him spending more time with anyone in the last couple of weeks? No.
Has he had any reason to be stressed? Right? Friend or problems at work, issues with money? Money? Why are you asking me that? Oh, we're just trying to find out what happened, so I'm sorry if the question seems random.
I don't believe any of what you're asking me is random.
Why would you ask me about money? We have reason to believe that your husband's murder may have been related to a string of burglaries.
- No.
- So if we can get as many details No, my husband was a good man.
We're not implying that he wasn't.
- Get out.
- Mrs.
Suggs Get out! I want you out! I want you to get out right now! What's going on? Are you all right? I'm not gonna sit here while they accuse my husband! - I'm tired - Okay, come on! I can't deal with this right now.
Get out! Let's just step aside, Kiara.
Let's just take a deep breath.
You're okay.
I think it's time you go.
We're just trying to do our job, Joe.
Well, there never was gonna be a good version of that conversation.
She had no idea who he was meeting with? No, no, it didn't seem like she knew anything about the burglaries either.
Huh, all right, where we at with the crime scene? Oh, little from forensics.
9MMs don't pop in our system, but OCD Tech ran his cell, confirms our theory.
Suggs sent two texts after he got off the phone with Cruz.
Uh, "This is no longer okay," "You have to meet me.
" Both were sent to a burner that called Suggs back two minutes later.
Okay, so we know Suggs was born and raised in the housing project Aldrich Gardens.
He has one prior as a juvenile, he was a low-level runner for the G Park Lords, but that's when he was 15.
He's been clean ever since and then he joins the fire academy at 18.
He made a good life for himself too.
I mean, he got every commendation possible from Chicago Fire, record number of saves for 66.
The guy was a bonafide hero.
Zero on financials.
No debt, no influx.
The money from the burglaries wasn't going into his account.
The only oddity is he withdrew $3,000 from his savings account and he put it back in the next day.
Why would a guy like this get involved in burglary? I don't know.
I'd start with means, opportunity.
Motive will follow.
Hey, Hank.
I sweet-talked Trudy.
You got a second? Yeah.
My officers told me you over at 66.
- I know Commissioner Grissom.
- Huh.
He asked me to swing by 66 and asked me to come here.
Wanted to make sure that Intelligence was investigating the whole of the man.
That so? Why'd he ask you? Well, Suggs lived in my ward.
And you Weren't so cooperative with CFD.
So Grissom thought I would have better luck as a friend.
I didn't realize we were that good friends, Ray.
Oh, I think we're getting there.
The CFD and myself were hoping it was possible you clear Suggs' murder while preserving his name.
Look, Ray, I don't get to decide where my investigations go.
It's a couple of burglaries.
Now, if this man is accused of a crime, his pension's at stake, his family Boss, sorry to interrupt.
Uh, dispatch got an alarm trip.
It's, uh, 860 South Wabash.
That's the zone of the burglaries.
- Patrol's already there.
- Set it up then roll on it.
You keep digging into Suggs.
You got it.
Suggs' family doesn't deserve to lose his pension.
Ray, listen, I heard the ask.
Really, believe me, last thing I want to do is bury a good man, particularly a firefighter.
I'm doing everything I can.
We got a call that the burglary alarm was tripped.
Yeah, the thing was just installed, been tripping all week.
You guys were already here.
Patrol went up in the building? No, there was no need.
It's been silent all day.
Silent or not, we got to clear the place.
All right, it's your time to waste.
The alarm tripped first floor and penthouse.
You wanna take one and I'll take the penthouse? Yeah.
5021 George, squad, roll a couple cars to that alarm on Wabash, help us clear the building.
Advise whoever's responding - we're on premise.
- Copy that, 5021.
Yo, Po-po! 5021 George, armed burglary in progress.
Wearing dark clothing Wearing dark clothing, got white shoes on, - he's got a black mask - Son of a bitch.
He just headed down the elevator.
- Hailey, he's headed to you! - Copy that.
Police! Squad, advise my partner, I got eyes on the second offender.
Copy 5021 George.
Will notify.
Put your hands up, back away slow.
I need you to back away! Wait, wait, wait! If I back away, he's going to die! He won't, all right? I'll take over, but I need you to put your hands up and back away! No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Get up against the wall, nice and slow! Get on the damn ground! I'm sorry, we were never supposed to hurt anybody! He he he got scared and then he collapsed and he hit his head, okay? I'm sorry.
Kid, do not run.
I'm sorry! Kid, kid! 5021 George, advise my partner, second offender fleeing.
I've got a man down, cardiac arrest, roll an ambo.
Upton, are you copying? Copy, Jay, are you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
Be advised, second offender has a gun in his waistband.
Repeat, Hailey, he is armed.
Damn it.
5021 Henry, squad, we need those backup cars.
I've got two offenders in the wind, one man down, I need a perimeter lock-up on Wabash now.
- Jay, we're coming in! - All right.
The apartment's not clear yet.
- How long? - Five minutes.
Someone was administering before me.
I got reason to believe he hit his head before he went into arrest.
- All right, I got you.
- You got me? - Yep.
- The apartment's clear.
You good? - Yeah, you? - Yeah.
Both offenders are in the wind.
Security guard said he saw a green Camry flee the south entrance, no plates.
He's just a kid.
It's crazy! Clear.
Anything? We got a pulse.
Let's move.
Put a C-collar on him, keep his head steady.
You got a makeshift c-collar, that's smart.
Yeah, it was.
Wasn't me who made it.
They stole a safe from the back bedroom, no footage of them, cameras haven't been set up yet.
No witnesses, hardly anyone's moved into the building.
I have alerts out on both the offenders and the car.
Same car, same MO.
These are the guys Suggs was working with.
They had his lockbox key.
They used it to open a box outside, which gave them access to the service entrance.
I don't think they thought anyone was going to be in the apartment.
Jay, how's the victim? Just got to Med.
He's critical but stable.
This kid might have saved his life, he administered CPR.
He did it well.
And you got a good look at him? I could ID him.
All right, we'll start with that.
Get on the horn with graphics, get a sketch going.
All right.
I got nothing.
Not a single nexus so far.
I've combed through every family member Suggs had.
Uh, nephew, cousin, sibling, child.
No one matching that age range.
We're still thinking these kids are our lead suspect in Suggs' murder? Well, we've seen killers younger than 15.
They are the ones Suggs gave the key to.
Yeah, but I caught these guys in the middle of a burglary and they were panicked, they were terrified.
This one, he's armed, never reached for his gun, and I don't even he ever thought to.
Well, adrenaline and fear.
Leave a little for thought, you know? Yeah but it does leave instinct, and his instinct was to save a man's life.
He he was doing CPR.
Then he had to have learned that somewhere.
Okay, okay, okay, the Chicago Fire Department, they have a program like the Police Explorers for at risk youth.
I bet you Suggs was volunteering there.
That is going to explain their connection.
Check it out.
I asked Herrmann to meet us here, I got a vibe we could use a liaison.
Yeah, it's not easy investigating a guy everybody thinks is a saint.
Hey, Jay, Kim! - Hey.
- Hey.
Marty, Officer Burgess, Detective Halstead.
Marty Shaw.
Uh, he runs the program here.
Guy's in charge of 250 teenagers a year, and absolutely nobody envies him that.
Thanks for meeting with us.
Nice to meet you.
I'm here because Herrmann asked me to be.
Of course, um, we understand that you knew Suggs? Very well.
He's volunteered here for over a decade.
This place was his heart.
Was he close with any of the kids here? Look, that's what I'm saying, he was close with all of them.
Do you recognize this kid? Marty.
Yeah, I know him.
Aiden West, 15 years old, lives in Aldrich Gardens, same project that Suggs grew up in.
Doesn't have a ton of family, lives with his great aunt.
- He plugged in? - I mean, it looks like loosely with the G Park Lords.
He's got a couple of gang cards filled out, got one prior, he got popped slinging a nickel bad of weed.
That's a huge graduation to homicide, Sarge, but yeah, this is the kid.
I'm sure of it.
We pulled his cell records.
His cell pinged in the vicinity of the past six burglaries, and the night Suggs was killed, Aidan's phone pinged a tower within a mile of the crime scene.
Okay, bring him in, just step light.
I don't want any of you coming out of the Gardens today with a story or a scar.
What the Get up! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey! Hey, what the hell's going on? Good afternoon, Officer.
Hey, are you good? Screw off.
Are you good or no? He said he good.
You good, right? We're just joking around.
Just nonsense.
Yeah and what? You just watching? Ain't got nothing to do with me.
- Okay, I see you.
- What you doing around here? I don't need to tell you that.
What? You wanna search me? No, I want you to back up.
I ain't going nowhere.
You think I'm playing with you? Jay, we're good.
We're just passing through, but we're happy to circle back around if you don't move out of the way.
Yeah, do what your lady friend told you to do, partner.
Aiden's over there.
I got Aiden leaving the Gardens, he's wearing a navy jacket, jeans and white sneakers.
Copy, let's give him some space.
We'll take him outside the Gardens, there's too many people around here.
We'll take the West, you guys tie him in on foot.
He's still walking eastbound on Riverside.
Copy that.
I'm hopping out on foot.
He's running.
He's going south on a gangway.
Police, stop! Chicago PD! Stop where you are, put your hands up! Police, stop! Police, stop! Put your hands up! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't you raise that gun at me! Don't you raise that gun! Put it down, man.
Hey, you're Aiden, right? Your name's Aiden? I'm Jay, I'm a detective.
Listen, you saved that man's life at the burglary.
I know you don't want to shoot me.
Put it down.
Look, you don't want to be in this situation any more than I do right now, so put the gun down before this gets worse.
Put it down.
Kid, trust me, okay? You put the gun down, you and I can work this out together, okay? I promise, just put it down.
Please, please put it down.
I'm begging you.
Please, kid, put it down, man! Put it down! You got to put it down right now.
Okay, turn around.
Get against the wall.
Get against the wall, get against the wall.
All right, we're good.
Your hands okay? Take a seat.
Aiden, Sergeant Hank Voight.
You know Detective Halstead.
You understand why you're here, right? Then you know you're in some trouble.
What we want to know now is what happened to the man you were working with? Hmm? Are these real? Yeah, they're real.
What happened, Aidan? It's all my fault.
Did you kill him? 'Cause I think Suggs was handing you and the other kid a key.
You'd drive up, he'd hand it off but when you went to give it back, something went wrong.
He told you he wasn't gonna do it anymore.
You're wrong about it all.
Okay, what's right? Suggs didn't do nothing wrong, it was all me.
He never gave me a key, I stole it.
So you stole a key off of him multiple times? Aidan, I know that's not true.
- It is.
- Mm-hmm.
It is, it's what I'm saying.
I I want to write it down or sign it or whatever I have to a confession? I can do that right? - Mm-hmm.
- That's what I wanna do.
I don't want a lawyer or a phone call or whatever, I just want to write my confession down and sign it off.
I stole the key, I did the burglary, it was all me, not Suggs.
Sarge, can I talk to you in the hallway? What? What are you doing? The kid is lying.
It feels wrong he's gonna end up eating that murder.
Yeah, well, he just confessed to half of it.
He's only lying about the key.
Keep pressing him, he's gonna crack.
Well, maybe that's why we shouldn't.
The kid's protecting Suggs.
I think he's trying to be brave, noble.
Look, it doesn't matter why he wants to talk.
Yo, Sarge.
A friend of yours is downstairs.
Hmm, you guys have any of that organic non-fat soy milk? The one with the cow on it? This sludge would taste a whole lot better.
Are you good with all that? Uh, no, uh, I'd like to change it to a simple "thank you for the coffee.
" Would you please? I heard you made an arrest.
You get a confession? We got a kid who's claiming he stole the key off Suggs.
Well, that's good.
Yeah, except the kid's lying.
We got video of Suggs handing the key off willingly.
Um Can that video live off record? You know, Ray, if you're gonna come here as a friend asking me a favor I think the least you can do is tell me the real reason you're asking.
You want CFD's endorsement for mayor.
Now I'm guessing this is what Grissom is asking you in exchange.
You want to be upfront? All I need from you is a case where I can stand in front of podium and say "Suggs was a good man, "a man who's getting his full pension, "a man who has the backing of Chicago Fire, and the Chicago Police Departments.
" And that is about as upfront as I can be.
If we go back in that room, that kid's gonna incriminate himself for murder.
- Or he's gonna confess.
- Falsely.
Come on, you can't know that.
He's not a killer.
I don't think either of them are.
Okay, look, Aidan's phone puts him in the area and we recovered a 9mm on him.
I don't think he's capable of pulling a trigger.
I saw something you didn't see, you got to trust me.
What we know for sure is the kid's lying.
Suggs was willingly handing off that key.
The question is why? And who's the kid working with? Sarge, we're close to something.
We did a crosscheck of all the boys in the Garden who've been popped in the last two years, - 15 and under.
- And a Chris Howard kicks out.
He lives on the same block as Aidan, and there's a green Toyota Camry registered to his aunt's name.
That's the same make and model seen at the last burglary.
Okay, so is it just a feeling? Yeah.
Well, let's talk to this Chris.
Do it someplace quiet, off the record, no one writes anything down.
Let's hope you're right.
Let's go.
Chris? Yeah, don't worry.
Nobody snitched, okay? We found you both through police work.
Why the hell are we down here? Why are you here? 'Cause that's where Suggs was killed.
Suggs is dead? Yeah, Suggs is dead.
The other reason you're down here is 'cause there's no cameras, no recordings, no cops.
So what you say here stays here.
Look, I already told you that I would I would write it down and Yeah, I know, Aiden.
I remember what you said.
Now I don't think you get it, Okay? Listen.
Suggs was a Chicago firefighter, he dedicated his life to this city.
And believe me, this city is dedicating everything it has to clearing his murder.
And right now, you two are about to end up on the wrong end of that dedication, you understand? I'm talking about life in prison.
I'm gonna tell you what I know.
I know Suggs gave you that key.
I know you two committed those burglaries, I know Suggs wanted out, and he ended up dead.
What I don't know is why.
I've known a lot of guys like Suggs, guys who just want to help people for a living.
There's no way a man like that, a good man, is gonna give you that key, knowing what you're gonna to do with it, unless he had a damn good reason.
That's right, and we want to know what's the reason, so you force him? - What? - Did you make him do it? - Nobody forced anything - All right, then why? - Aidan, stop! - If you're lying to protect him, it means you knew he was a good man.
Of course I know he's a good man, but So why would he give you the key? It's not like we had a choice! Aidan, you're not helping us! I'm not hurting us either, bro, it's over! - What do you mean? - Okay? He's dead! That's 'cause of us.
Talk to me.
Look, Suggs tried everything else, y'all.
It was it only made it worse.
We weren't ever going to hurt anybody.
We were supposed to rob a couple of places until we could pay it off, and then that was it.
- Pay for what? - Just a couple more places, and that was it! Pay for what? Our freedom! That's it.
We just we're just buying our way out.
Vyshonne Kamen, he's an enforcer for the G Park Lords.
It's his job is to keep kids in line.
He's known for "20, no cover.
" If a kid steps out, they get 20 minutes of a beating.
South Homicide's picked up two 16-year-olds beaten to death in the past six months.
This is the guy we saw in the Gardens.
Aidan and Chris got plugged in with Kamen when they were nine.
Ran dime bags, but between 9 and 15, you gotta grow up and neither of those kids are hard.
Right, they wanted out.
Aidan said Suggs understood and he offered to help them.
So he gave them a lockbox key? At first, Suggs went to Kamen, tried to talk to him, got shut down.
Then he went back, offered him money, that's the $3,000.
Kamen told him that the price tag was 100 grand.
Then Kamen threatened Suggs, Suggs' kids, the boys.
Wrong thing for the right reasons.
Right, so we're guessing Kamen found out about the key and he saw a much bigger payday, then Suggs wanted out, Kamen killed him, took the key from the kids.
All right, well, he's got to be at the Gardens.
Yeah, but we can't pick him up.
What do you mean? All we have is a conversation that's supposed to be off record.
So put it on record.
Look, even if we got it on the record, brought Kamen in, had enough to charge murder, we still don't have proof of coercion, and the word of two 15-year-old boys with priors Who are guilty of seven burglaries is not gonna go far with the D.
Just got a message from Med.
The victim from the burglary died about a half hour ago.
Kids are looking at felony murder.
What's the move now? The truth.
We tell the kids exactly what we have.
Look, we trusted him, let's see if the kid trusts us.
Felony murder? Yeah, that's how the prosecutor will see it.
If someone dies during a crime, the perpetrators of that crime are responsible for that person's death.
So we're going to jail for life? Unless we can convince an ASA of coercion.
If we can get the truth of what happened, why you guys were doing the burglaries, why Suggs was helping you.
Yeah, but you can't prove why, can you? No, but we picked you up outside the Gardens.
No witnesses that we know of.
We're hoping Kamen doesn't know you're here yet.
He still has the key, and he still thinks you guys are gonna keep on doing work for him.
So one of you could wear a wire.
Hell no! - We're not gonna force you.
- Then no way! Okay.
Man, I'm the reason Kamen even knows about the key.
He didn't understand how we were raking in so much cash, so I mouthed off to him.
I didn't even think he even heard me.
I'll do it.
It's cool.
I'll do it.
All right, kid's moving.
What, bro? Get outta here! All right, Aidan's inside.
Now everybody, stay back.
No one gets any closer.
Kev, you good? I'm good.
The kid looks a little nervous though.
Just remember, keep your back turned.
Kamen's gonna walk in and walk right back out if he sees you're not from the neighborhood.
Copy that.
Boss, we got eyes from the sound end.
There's a silver Yukon pulling up, same vehicle we saw at Aldrich Gardens.
Got a positive, Kamen's on site.
Black jacket, jeans.
Copy that.
Okay, we're up.
Remember, we got one chance here.
Why am I hearing you're looking for me? I got a location I think that looks good hey, hey, hey.
Come on, man, don't talk like that in here.
You ain't getting nothing to eat? I'm not hungry.
Stupid place to meet me then.
Yo, I just wanna work.
You want to work, you'll work.
And then I'll be good though, right? Look, we said 100k, and then I was gonna 100k and what? You get an exit? Well, we said that that Boy.
Oh, man, Suggs really did a number on you, man.
Messed your head all up.
Guy picks out a building, gives you a plan, tells you apartment number, a time, he even has a little key, huh? It's a damn fairy tale.
And after, y'all both gonna be good, right? All good? It don't work like that, shorty.
Ain't no more outs.
Look, Suggs ain't protecting you no more, okay? - You killed him, didn't you? - Damn right, I killed him.
I take care of problems and that's what he was, shorty.
He was a problem.
You killed him? CPD, let him go! Let's move in now.
Let him go! Get out of here! Get out of here! I told you I wasn't playing with you, man! You wanna meet Suggs? You wanna meet Suggs, you wanna meet him? I told you to let him go, didn't I? Chicago PD, move! - Out of the way.
- Move! Out of the way.
Out of the way! You think I won't? Hank, Hank, I got him.
I got him.
You okay? You all right? Put your hands behind your back.
You did good, all right? Damn right I killed him! I take care of problems.
That's what he was, shorty, he was a problem.
That's a pretty ironclad confession, huh? That's the lockbox key you took from the kids.
This is one of your burners, the same one Suggs texted.
That sound right? So you got nothin' to say, huh? It won't do nothing but help.
- Stand-up guy.
- Yeah.
The boys back in holding? No, I'm gonna keep them downstairs with me until the ASA signs off on a deal.
Looks like it'll be a pretty good one.
What you asked for.
Not a bad haul.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You get anything yet? No, he knows better than to talk.
Yeah, ballistics came back on Aidan's gun not a match.
You were right to trust your instincts.
Why'd you back me? You let me talk Aidan down when, probably, it didn't make sense to.
I you looked at me.
With Aidan, you looked at me, and I got it.
I trusted you.
I've trusted you from the day I met you, and if I was gonna follow someone blind, I'd follow you.
See you later.
Ray? Well, I got a full confession of murder from Kamen on the wire.
He admits coercion.
Okay, so we can release that motive to the press, uh, it should be enough to clear Suggs' name and guarantee his pension.
Uh, no, it won't be.
I'm not staying.
The conversation also covers Suggs' involvement.
He helped the kids plan the break-ins in detail.
Are you telling me that you're doing the complete opposite of what I asked? The conversation on that wire clears those boys, it allows me to get them a good deal with the ASA.
They're good kids, they deserve the chance to become good men.
Yeah, what kind of chance are they gonna get? What's the boys' deal? Got a year or two, but, I mean, it's JISC but JISC is hard.
Even if they're by the console, they're gonna catch hell.
I'm sorry, Ray.
I'm gonna get them into Lake County Juvenile, it's better.
Probably do six, get out, get the chance.
Let's get two more of the same.
I might just be the real deal, Hank.
So Suggs was planning the burglaries with them? I think he thought he was protecting them.
He was making sure no one got hurt.
Right, but that's a detail that won't better much.
Hey, um You sure you wanna do this? I mean, Boden and I, we we got her here but She wasn't too happy to come talk to you.
I can't blame her.
She's gonna give you a hard time.
Yeah, that's okay.
I wanted to bring the collection from 21 for her and Suggs' kids and I want to tell her that he was exactly who she thought he was.