Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e16 Episode Script

The Forgotten

1 Good morning.
Ah, the man gets up early.
Price just caught up with Kelton in the polls.
So I got a lot of work to do.
Like like what? Like digging into Price a little bit more.
I need to find a contradiction that belies this Alderman's man-of-the-people narrative.
Like the good Christian George W.
Bush hiding a DUI? Something like that.
- Just bigger.
- Exactly.
Ooh! Hey, what's your take on Price? I didn't know I was part of your opposition research.
Sorry, I I'm It's all right.
It's fine.
Okay, Price, um, I don't know, he's classic, old school Chicago, right? He's a charming, deal making, self-serving hypocrite, but, like, in a good way.
- In a good way.
- Stop talking business.
Usual seat, Councilman? No, I have some business to attend to, Claire.
Thanks for coming, Hank.
Sorry I'm late.
I understand you're a busy man.
Helps this coffee's good.
Uh, everything is good in this place.
Black owned and operated since 1970.
My pops used to take me here.
Yeah? You've seen the latest poll numbers? It's a dead heat.
First time since I announced, but I'll be upfront.
Kelton's got a huge war chest.
He's got D.
political consultants digging in my backyard.
Now you know how this city works, how I get things done.
I need to fight back any way I can.
I need your help.
Look, I told you, I don't get involved in politics.
- [CELL PHONE BUZZING] - It's not my thing, Ray.
Yeah, well, maybe you should.
It's like that John Donne poem says, "No man is an island.
" Look, I got to run.
I got an operation in play.
If Kelton is elected, he'll bust up Intelligence as soon as he takes his hand off that damn bible and you know that.
I do.
Enjoy your breakfast.
All right, we got new ones.
See, you got to press this twice - and it'll start recording.
- How are we doing? They want me to lose my St.
Francis necklace, Hank.
You know that ain't gonna happen.
I was just telling her, St.
Francis, St.
Jude, people think police.
- Your CI, your call.
- It stays.
Oh, well, they're not gonna notice anyway.
They're going to be too distracted by whatever this new thing is you got going on with your hair over there, Lexie.
Ask me, maybe you should worry about your own appearance, Adam.
What are you talking about? That beard.
It's time for a shave, bro.
Lexie, you're the one that told me to go with it.
I told you to go with it, not let it take over.
Okay, enough beard talk.
You ready? I've been ready for a year to take down LeMonte.
Punk has third graders slinging dope for him.
Give us a sec.
Yeah, you got it.
See ya, Lex.
Listen, I don't want you in the room on this one.
Just play it cool, make the intro, walk away.
I got you.
You know, last time we did this was with your boy, Olinsky.
He was a good dude.
I bet you miss him.
I do.
It's a crazy, unfair world, Hank.
You got that right, Lex.
[TENSE MUSIC] Let's go get this punk.
Aye, take five real quick? I'm not gonna lie to you, man, they sound good.
All right, listen, as I was saying, now since my regular supplier got busted, I got buyers from Rogers Park to Lincoln Park just waiting in line.
So paper's not a problem, the product is.
And I'm hearing a lot of talk.
I hear ya.
All right, listen to this.
Once I start buying in bulk, I say we do 55.
Told you he was for real, LeMonte.
And what's your take in all this? You two do business, he breaks me off 10% of the first three purchases.
Hold up.
Where'd you meet this white boy again? I told you, he's a customer.
I've known him for two years.
- Two years? - He's cool, LeMonte.
Where was this bitch dancing two years ago? Seven Veils off Wabash, easy.
She gave me the best lap dance of my life.
All right, you can go.
We cool? Business time.
Finest of the fine.
Make sure it's all in there.
[CHUCKLING] Good as gold.
Chicago PD! Nuh-uh! Come on.
Everybody's under arrest.
Put your hands up.
You can go higher than that.
I'm serious, though.
That was just it was a thing of beauty.
A thing of beauty.
The look on LeMonte's face, he didn't even see that coming.
Yeah, you see how LeMonte grabbed me? - Yes, ma'am.
- Damn, I nearly punched him.
Right, but you kept cool.
But you, uh, next time an officer tells you to raise your hands you can raise them a little higher than that.
- I raised my hands.
- Yeah, I'm with Kev.
It's totally disrespectful, man.
You could've blown the whole operation.
Yeah, all right.
Hey, Lexie, nicely done yet again.
Thank you.
- Cheers.
- Lexie! Lex? - Hey.
- Good job, great job.
I put a little something extra in there.
A little going away present.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Part of me is going to miss all this craziness.
A very small part.
I can't believe you're really moving.
- My mom's pretty sick.
- I'm sorry.
Needs help.
Flying back to Ohio tomorrow morning.
Let me give you a lift to the airport.
Ah, you don't have to do that.
I'll pick up coffee.
Two sugars.
And a splash of cream, I know.
I'll see you in the morning.
See you later.
Lexie? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] 5021 squad, signs of forced entry at 6145 South Racine.
I'm inside the residence.
- Roll a couple of cars this way.
- Copy, 5021.
Lexie? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey, roll the crime lab to this address.
Got a neighbor who said she heard a scream come from Lexie's place around 5:30 this morning.
- She called it in? - Of course not.
Just got off with CPIC.
They're putting on an endangered missing report.
No, no, no.
Listen to me.
You get back to them, have 'em lodge an All-Call BOLO over all citywides on my order.
- All right, Sarge? - Yeah.
Lexie hasn't popped up in any hospitals.
They haven't seen her around the club either.
All right, listen, Lexie might've cut the offender with her scissors, scratched him with her nails.
You tell the techs we might get lucky.
Find his blood in the system.
I got it, Sarge.
You think anybody knew she set up LeMonte Washington? Oh, I'm thinking everything.
All right, anyone who ever threatened her, anyone and everyone in her life.
I'll set up a list of possibilities.
Good, I want all hands on deck.
PODS, surveillance, registered sex offenders in the area.
You check all in-service calls to this block.
We'll find her, Sarge.
Where we at? I talked to a CI close to LeMonte's crew.
Far as he knows, he didn't order a hit.
I ran Lexie's phone records.
One caller popped.
Keith Stinson, he owns Scarlet Lace, the club where Lexie dances.
He's got a prior for sexual assault, called her four times.
Last call was at 4:22am, an hour or so before the witness heard the screaming.
Techs found Stinson's prints in three places in her apartment.
Well, I'm sure he wasn't happy Lexie was moving back to Ohio.
Right, so he probably went over there; he confronted her.
All right, you and me.
Let's go scoop him up.
Sarge, why don't you let me and Hailey go? What are you saying, Jay? Just saying let's get him the right way.
[HIP-HOP MUSIC] - Keith Stinson? - Yeah.
I'm Detective Halstead.
This is Detective Upton.
This about Lexie? Uh, news travels fast.
Why don't you come down to the District? We'll talk about it.
Sorry, I can't leave the club.
Maybe Where were you earlier this morning? Whoa, hold on.
You think I had something to do with it? Just answer the question.
I was here until 6:00 a.
Ask my girls.
Besides women on your payroll, do you have surveillance to back that up? Yeah, lots of it.
Feel free to take a look.
You ever been to Lexie's apartment? Of course, we've known each other for years.
All right, when's the last time you spoke with her? Early morning, 3:00 a.
, end of her last shift.
She took off in a hurry.
Some creepy customer was looking for her.
Said he wanted to give her a big tip.
Kept calling her to make sure she was okay, but she didn't pick up.
What did this customer look like? White dude, tall.
That's about all I remember.
Didn't get a good look at him.
I'm telling you, me and Lexie are cool.
I want to help anyway I can.
Just let me know what you need.
We will.
I'll catch up with you in a sec.
I'm Hailey.
I'm with CPD.
Do you know Lexie? Yeah, I heard what happened.
Name's Devon.
Was she having problems with anyone, Devon? Boyfriend, customer? Nah, no boyfriend.
As far as customers [SCOFFS] She's pretty tough.
I mean, she can handle just about anybody that came her way.
What y'all doing here anyway? CPD usually don't do nothing when dancers disappear.
What do you mean? A few years ago, when dancers started going missing, three ended up in dumpsters and the others just they just never came home.
Still missing today.
Yeah, I've been on the job for a while.
I haven't heard about any of this.
Four strippers on the south side go missing.
Cops don't do nothing.
Rich white girl disappears, and y'all bring in the damn FBI.
When you're done working, I want you to come down to the District.
I want to take a statement.
If I come down, you got to promise to do something.
You have my word.
Wait, three murdered dancers and several others missing? That's what she said.
- Does she sound credible? - She sounded scared.
I'm going to talk to her tonight, but I think we need to start digging into this right away.
Wait a second, might not have to.
Asset Forfeiture got a hit on Lexie's debit card.
- They have an ID? - Yeah, a guy named Tony Hill.
Caught on security camera using it at a convenience store two hours ago.
He's a three-time convicted felon.
He lives around the corner from Lexie.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] - Ruz, have you got anything? - I got nothing.
Oh, looks like Tony Hill to me.
We got him.
Don't you do it.
Don't do that, Tony.
- Damn.
- I'll get the alley.
[DRIVING MUSIC] Tony! Stop, police! CPD! Stop! Tony! - I said stop! - [BRAKES SCREECHING] - Hold it right there! - Get on the hood! - You good? - Yeah, I'm good.
You got cuffs in there? Yeah, yeah.
Here you go.
- Hands behind your back, man.
- Let's go.
Hands behind your back, Tony.
Okay, man.
[GRUNTING] I'm telling you, I don't know nothing about no missing stripper.
So you ran, why? The exercise? I didn't wanna get jammed up.
I just got out of prison! Yup, I know.
You've done three stretches for burglary.
You're not a very good criminal, Tony.
This is you using her ATM card two hours after she went missing.
Cooperate, we can work out a deal.
If not It's going to be a very long night.
I was walking home from a friend's house and I heard a scream.
I turned a corner.
I saw a blue van leaving.
And I saw an apartment door open.
I went inside to see if someone was hurt.
Okay, what'd you see? Not much.
And yeah, I took a purse, some jewelry, but I didn't see anyone.
I didn't hurt anyone.
I swear on my mother.
Look, I know I should've called the police, but I don't have a job.
All right, stop talking.
Here's what's going to happen.
You're going to write a statement.
We're going to swab you for DNA.
And then what? And then we put your ass in our holding cell and we'll see if you're lying.
What do you think? I think he's a tiny little punk with no wounds to suggest he was in a struggle.
Lexie would crush him with her pinkie.
What's up? Techs ran the unknown blood you saw at Lexie's place.
Came back as a white male.
Okay, that rules out Hill.
I had them run the sample against DNA from the other murdered dancers and it was a match.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Sarge, we're chasing a serial killer.
This is Shanele Martin.
She was found in a dumpster with 18 puncture wounds to her face and torso.
She was sexually assaulted.
Her mother reported her missing, but never heard back from CPD until they found the body.
Techs also found the offender's saliva on her body.
Rachel Jones, 18 puncture wounds, also face and torso, found in a dumpster near Garfield Park.
Gina Ramirez, same ol' story.
18 puncture wounds, found near Garfield Park, dancer.
All these happened in 2016.
According to the M.
reports, he kept them alive for 24 hours then he stabbed them to death and tossed their bodies into dumpsters like they're trash.
All three victims, same M.
So Homicide knew they had a serial.
Not necessarily, they only had DNA on one of the victims.
Maybe they were still investigating.
Or maybe they just didn't give a rat's ass.
Three victims, cooling off period that's serial killer 101.
The Feds were called in, right? There are no FBI reports in any of the files that I've looked through and these girls are all still missing.
All dancers, all lived near Garfield Park.
Who was the lead on Homicide? Leo Hernandez handled all three cases.
I know Leo, he's good police.
You call him? Yeah, I called.
Got word back that he's out of state, watching a witness in protective custody.
His whereabouts are unknown.
All right.
Who was Hernandez's area commander at the time? Brian Kelton.
Okay, what else we got? Looks like the killings stopped for about three years.
No homicides, no disappearances with the same M.
or DNA until now.
But how do we know the offender kept the girls alive for 24 hours? Ligature marks and bruising patterns on the bodies.
Techs also found trace amounts of unique cement granules on their clothes, which can't be a coincidence.
It means he's keeping them in some kind of cellar.
Okay, okay, so that that means Lexie might still be alive.
I mean, she's only been missing, what? Six hours? All right, so hit the streets.
Talk to your CIs, especially your dancer Cis, and dig back into those old case files.
See if there's anything we can use.
Look, I don't need to tell you guys how much Lexie's helped us over the years.
Now's the time that we do the same for her.
And if this animal keeps to his routine, that means we got about 18 hours left to find her alive.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Let's go.
Hernandez, it's Hank Voight again.
Look, I know you're jammed.
Just call me when you can.
I just got word we have a serial.
It looks that way.
As a matter of fact, you were involved in some of the earlier homicides.
I was the area commander.
Well, we've been combing through the old files.
Anything pop in your memory? Any suspects you were chasing? As I recall, we didn't even have a lead, let alone a suspect, and that was 2016.
It was a bad year.
Over 700 homicides citywide.
Well, look, I'm trying to get in touch with Hernandez.
I want to get his take on all this, but he's with a witness in protective custody.
- I'll find him.
- Appreciate that.
Sure thing.
I'm told that you know the missing girl.
I do, yeah.
She's been a CI for years.
She's helped us put away a lot of bad people.
She deserves everything we got.
Understood, but considering how close you are, why not let Homicide handle this? Because the clock is ticking.
Just getting Homicide up to speed is gonna waste time we don't have.
I want updates regularly and loop in Donahue in Homicide.
- Officers.
- Superintendent.
What's up? Sarge, Stinson's alibi ain't holding up.
He was AWOL from his club from 5:00 to 6:00.
Techs pinged his cell phone a block away from Lexie's place at 5:15.
About the same time the neighbor heard a scream.
Yes, sir, and, boss, they also found some texts.
That whole "I like Lexie" story, that's crap.
I'm gonna read one for you.
"Bitch, this isn't over just because you're leaving town.
" Where is he? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [GIRLS LAUGHING] Hey, fellas.
What's the word on Lexie? Break's over, ladies.
Give us a little privacy.
What the hell is this? What happened to Lexie? - I have no idea.
- Stop lying.
- I'm not lying.
- You're lying.
You're lying.
We know you were outside of her apartment and we read your text messages, so we know you threatened her too.
Those weren't threats.
I was upset she was leaving.
She made a lot of money for the club.
I gave her a raise and she promised to stay through the summer.
You know what? I'm not saying another word.
You guys are looking to pin this on someone and I'm the easy target.
Why don't you have a seat? Whoa! What? [GRUNTING] [YELLING] What the hell are you [GROANING] You ready to talk? Huh? [GROANING] Yeah! - Talk.
- I swear I didn't touch her! Please! - But you were there.
- She would - [GROANING] - You were there! Huh? [GROANING] Yeah, yeah! I I went to see her but I didn't go in.
All right, what stopped you? A blue van! I recognized it from the club.
The guy the guy driving it was some freak who sat in the back of the club all night.
How do you know it was his blue van? Not the first time he's come around.
I I I watched him leave when I was out back having a smoke.
He parked the van a block away.
This is the same van that was parked outside Lexie's apartment.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! I I saw the guy get out and walk toward Lexie's door.
And you did nothing? - Wait! [GROANING] - Nothing? [CHOKING] For all I know, she had a date with the man! I thought she was working OT! What did he look like? What did he look like? White dude white dude, bald, in in his 30s.
He was he was wearing a green jacket.
- Hey, listen to me.
- [GROANING] Did you see a license plate? Any any suspicious customers, we we take down their plates.
My bouncer has it somewhere.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Well, let's go get it.
I've been trying to track down Detective Hernandez.
One thing is for damn sure.
He is not out of town on some witness protection detail.
How do you know that? I went over to his area.
The A&A sheets show he's on duty in town.
No one knows where exactly.
He's hiding.
Means he knows something.
I need you to find this guy, Trudy.
Where does he eat, sleep, drink? You got it.
I don't usually come here at lunch.
Try to avoid that.
Hey, Leo.
Can you give us a minute? Sure.
Hank, sorry I didn't call you back.
That's all right.
I know you're busy.
See, I just want to talk about some homicides you worked a while back.
You know the strippers? [SIGHS] Hank, I can't, please.
Whatever you tell me stays here, but I need to find this prick.
He took another woman, a friend of mine.
She's been missing eight hours.
That means I still have time to find her, but not much.
You understand what I'm saying? I do, but I'm in a corner here.
Leo, you know who I am.
[TENSE MUSIC] You don't want to go to war with me.
We never got a chance to truly work the cases, so I don't know too much.
Okay, why is that? Kelton shut it down.
He was up for promotion, needed to keep his violent crime stats low, and a confirmed serial killer wouldn't exactly help him Leo, Leo, I don't care about any of that.
I just need information.
Was there a person of interest you were looking at? No, I contacted the FBI, but Kelton stepped in, told the FBI to back off.
They still delivered us a profile though.
It should be in the case file.
It's not.
How did you find out we confirmed a serial killer? You get that from Detective Upton? No, I knew before she did.
And you called Kelton to give him a heads-up.
I'm sorry, Hank.
I'm sorry.
Son of a bitch.
You pulled everything that could bury him.
[INDISTINCT CHATTERING] Superintendent, I need a word.
You got an update? No, unfortunately I'm trying to get my hands on an FBI profile that was prepared a while back when the girls were murdered.
Look, I don't care why you took it.
I don't care why you buried the investigation.
I just want to find my friend.
I don't know what you're talking about, Hank.
I spoke to the review officer.
He said you checked all homicides from 2016.
We both know what you were looking for.
Brian As we speak, there is a man torturing and raping my friend.
If I'm lucky, I got about 14 hours left to find her, to find him.
I understand, Sergeant, I do.
But I am not aware of any FBI profile; I'm real sorry.
What? Tags came back on the blue van.
It was stolen from a mall in Winnetka two months ago.
NVLS caught the van parked two times at 2132 Lawrence Ave.
- When was this? - Last two days.
[ENGINE REVVING] Got a witness saw the blue van pull out of a loading dock.
I checked the records; this place has been empty for years.
Up for sale by a company in Gary.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Okay, we got a lot of ground to cover.
We move fast and quiet.
Stay in the shadows.
We sneak up on him, not the other way around.
Kim, Jay, take the back.
Antonio, you and me.
It's fresh.
We know he keeps them in the cellars.
We found blood near the basement.
We're going down.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] What the My God.
Is this Lexie's coat? Sarge, we got a body.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Chicago PD! Get on your knees! Get those hands up high! - I'm I'm I'm with Illinois Power.
- Shut up! I'm just looking for one of my workers.
- He's not armed.
- Get down! You move, you die.
It's not Lexie.
Sarge, his name is Roy Calison.
He's married, father of three.
He was inspecting lines down here for a possible renovation.
He must have crossed with the offender.
Supervisor hadn't heard from him, so he came to check.
Supervisor see anything? No, he got here about the same time as us.
All right, let's check PODs in the neighborhood.
This guy's been using this place for years.
There's got to be witnesses.
Sergeant Voight.
You need to see this.
There's at least four sets of human skeletal remains, all female.
Decomp pattern suggests they've been here for years.
Any read on cause of death? Difficult to say, but these look like sharp puncture wounds on that clavicle.
- They were stabbed.
- I'd say so.
All their clothes have multiple punctures in the fabric, same sharp instrument.
I need these bodies worked fast for trace DNA and I want every inch of this building searched.
Bring in cadaver dogs.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Sarge, Lexie's got to still be alive, right? There's no way the offender left here with a dead body.
That makes no sense.
I just heard from Patrol they found the blue van parked a mile from here.
- Tell me they didn't move in.
- No, they're waiting for us.
Kim's right.
Lexie left here alive.
That's how we're gonna find her.
Chicago PD, step away from the van.
[CLICK] [LOUD ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] All right, turn it off, roll the crime lab.
5021 squad, roll the crime lab to our location.
Copy that.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] This is Lexie's.
How do you know? 'Cause I gave it to her.
Patron saint of gratitude.
Yeah, a couple of years ago, Lexie was helping me make a bust.
Some punk came up on me with a Glock.
Lexie screamed "gun," saved my life.
All right, we know this guy he left here on foot 'cause no cab is gonna play around here.
So where's the nearest "L" station? Orange line, 18th street stop.
It's, like, a couple of blocks away.
Nearest bus is a lot further.
All right, so loop in mass transit.
Let's look at every piece of CTA security footage within a five mile radius.
Hmm, stop.
- [CLICK] - Right there, that guy.
Green jacket, bald.
Zoom in.
Okay, the time stamp is consistent with our timeline.
That's 45 minutes before we found the van.
- Okay, rewind.
- Yeah.
That's our killer.
Hang on, back it up to when he entered.
[KEYS CLACKING] He's using a Ventra card.
Right, and if he's using a credit card to pay for it, we got this son of a bitch.
Send a print out upstairs.
Sarge, got it? This is Steven Sawyer's DMV.
He's the guy from the L station who used the Ventra card.
Same height, weight, build.
We did a photo array with Keith Stinson.
He ID'd him as the creepy guy from the club.
- That's our guy, Sarge.
- Okay, we got eyes on him? Not yet.
I put in a covert call to his workplace.
They said he's out of the office all day and I called his cell provider.
They said they're gonna have his phone up within the hour for an emergency ping.
What do we know about him? A divorced commercial realtor with a nice crib in Glenview, no sheet.
He moved to Pittsburgh about three years ago right when the killings stopped.
Oh, let me guess, he moved back.
About three months ago.
Hit his house, Sarge.
No, not until we figure out where he's hiding Lexie.
He gets spooked, he might kill her.
We got a BOLO lodged for his Mercedes with a directive to contact Intelligence immediately on sight, no police action.
Guys, we got a hit.
Downtown on Erie, somewhere near the river.
All right, Burgess, Atwater, you sit on his house.
We'll hit the address.
This guy is just in here sipping wine.
You got to be kidding me.
I say we make him choke on it, boss.
I know you don't want to spook him or anything, but maybe we just go in there and give him a talking to and get this thing done right now.
We stay patient, put the tracker on the car, and follow him to Lexie.
Hailey, do your thing.
Son of a bitch.
We lost the eye.
Hailey, get out of there right now.
Excuse me, miss? Yeah? Do you live around here? No, I'm just meeting some friends for dinner.
I'm a little turned around.
Do you know the best way to get on the Eisenhower? On ramp is at the end of this street.
You're welcome.
All right, listen up.
Tracker is a no go.
We're gonna follow him old school with the long eye but we parallel.
I don't want to heat him up.
[ENGINE REVVING] - You think he made me? - One way to find out.
I got Hailey.
We'll hold the tail and stay parallel to the West.
We got eyes on Sawyer.
He just pulled up.
He's getting out of his car.
Nobody drive by.
[CHAINS CLATTERING] He's walking into a five-story building.
Address is 4511 Elston.
Everybody stand fast.
Wait for my order.
5021 squad, I need you to run an address for ownership.
4511 Elston Avenue.
5021, we show it being owned by Luna Shipping.
There's no active licenses and the building's been up for sale for a year.
Jay, what's your exact position? In the lot, southeast, at his four o'clock.
Opposite side of you.
All right, I'm sending Adam your way.
I need you to get inside the building unnoticed, try to get eyes on Lexie.
Copy that, Sarge.
Wait, hold up, hold up.
Stand down.
Homicide's on the scene.
Donahue, what the hell are you doing here? Following orders.
Just came from the station.
What's the play, boss? We're burned.
Let's take him.
You stay on the perimeter.
I need this son of a bitch alive.
All right, you got it.
Do not move.
It's over.
Get your hands up.
Okay, easy.
Where's Lexie? Who's Lexie? On your knees now! If you shoot me, you'll never find her.
Get on your knee He's heading south.
Do not - [GUNSHOTS] - No! Freeze, police! [PANTING] Where's Lexie? Where is she? Where's Lexie? Where is she? Where is she? Patrol and K-9 already swept the whole place.
There's no sign of her.
I called Sawyer's office.
They manage the building.
He was actually working here legit.
Hey, hey, I told you to hold the perimeter.
We all knew he was inside.
- But I said stand down.
- He went for a gun.
I told you do not shoot! And you don't tell me when to shoot.
Come on.
We still got options.
- Nobody's giving up.
- You're damn right we're not! Boss, I tried to go through Sawyer's phone but it's locked.
We found a nine in his front right pocket.
Now it's the same caliber of the gun used to kill the power company man.
He had these maintenance keys on him.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Wait, Sawyer abandoned his van.
That means he probably used his own car to move Lexie.
Have the Techs run the GPS on his vehicle, find out where it's been.
I want everyone on the street standing by! Let's move.
[ENGINE REVS, BRAKES SQUEAL] [GUN CLICKS] [GRUNTING] Lexie! Lexie! Police! In here! Lexie! All right, Sarge, we got these keys we found Back off! [CLANGING] Oh, God.
No pulse but she's warm.
[PANTING] 5021 Henry, emergency, we need an ambulance to 950 West 74th Street.
Got a nonresponsive female victim.
- Copy that, 5021.
- Come on, Lexie.
We did everything we could.
I'll call her mother in Ohio.
Let's reach out to all the other girls' families.
Least we can do is give them some closure.
Of course.
None of this is on you, Sarge.
Yeah, you're right.
What the hell were you doing at that warehouse? Hey, easy, Hank.
We caught chatter on the radio when the offender's car was found.
So you come in hot? Blow our one chance to find Lexie alive? Slow down, Voight.
We're working off orders from the superintendent.
- To shoot? - The offender went for a gun.
His gun was in his pocket! He made an assertive move.
We lost an hour trying to find this place.
Hey, listen, he went for his gun, all right? I'm done apologizing to you.
You understand me? Sarge, no! Sarge! Sarge, stop! [GRUNTING] Tell your friend Kelton I'm coming for him next.
Get off! Get off of me! [PANTING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Had a feeling I'd find you here.
You must really like the coffee.
I touched base with the detective who originally worked the stripper murders.
Back then, he suspected a serial killer was involved.
But to keep his district's stats low, his commander ordered him to walk away.
Do I know this commander's name? Yeah.
[FOREBODING MUSIC] There's a copy of an email Kelton sent to Hernandez in 2016.
And it proves that Kelton backed off one of the worst serial killers in Chicago history to get promoted.
A lot of women's lives could've been saved.
I thought you didn't want to get involved in politics.
You do with that what you want.
Welcome to the fight, Hank.