Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e17 Episode Script

Pain Killer

1 You left me alone in your apartment.
This feels like a new phase in our relationship.
[CHUCKLES] You were asleep and I was hungry.
Come here.
You gotta - Try this.
- What is it? It's a pork chop sandwich.
It's the true taste of Chicago.
[CHUCKLES] Kim, it's breakfast.
I I know.
It's hard to explain.
It just works.
Try it.
Just try it, okay? Uh, okay.
Mmm! - Right? - Mmm.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] Sorry, I've got to take this to go.
Kelton wants to see me.
Hey, I feel like I've earned the right to ask.
Why is a black man working so hard to make a white cop our next mayor? Uh, it's easy.
Economic reasons.
The white cop is paying me and there's still room on the bandwagon if you want to join.
Mm-mm, I'll pass.
See you tonight? Yes, but please let me pick the restaurant.
I am too young to see a cardiologist.
[CHUCKLES] You taste like grease.
Mmm, it's the taste of Chicago.
- See ya.
- All right.
[APPLAUSE] But today is just the beginning.
Future Chicago is helping open centers to serve the young people all around the city.
[APPLAUSE] I gotta hand it to Price.
I grew up around here.
This place was a hellhole.
It is my honor to introduce to you the next mayor of Chicago, my father Ray Price.
[APPLAUSE] Looks like she'll be mayor one day.
That wouldn't surprise me.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you, Jasmine.
Like my daughter said, Future Chicago is dedicated to creating positive support systems for our children and we want to make sure that every single kid in this city gets the same chance to succeed.
This ain't your neighborhood, all right? Go back where you belong! - [CROWD JEERING] - My friend, my friend, I respect your exercise of free speech, but I reject what you're saying.
Because we have to break down the barriers that have divided this city.
We are all Chicagoans.
[APPLAUSE] We all want good jobs.
We all want good schools.
A fair chance.
Now Brian Kelton wants you to look to the past, but the train is going the other direction.
Look to our children, look to the future, and let's get there together.
Thank you.
[APPLAUSE] ALL: Ray Price, Ray Price, Ray Price, Ray Price! Thank you.
- Thanks for coming out, Hank.
- Yeah.
Ray, I gave you a smoking gun against Kelton.
How come you haven't used it? Because I don't need to.
Not at this time.
I've got a 6-point lead in the polls, Hank.
I'm on an upswing.
No point wasting a bullet when your opponent is bleeding out.
Kelton ain't dead yet.
Matter of time.
Now look, I don't want to drag this campaign through the mud.
People are tired of old Chicago politics.
They want a positive message.
[GUNSHOT] Shots fired! Shots fired! Everyone down! Hang in there, Ray.
Hang in there.
- [GROANS] - It's okay, hang in there.
Anyone see where those shots came from? No! Call it in! - Daddy! Daddy! - 5021 Frank, 10-1, I repeat Come on, help me, keep pressure here.
Shots fired into a crowd.
Man down.
Roll an ambo and get some people over here.
Hey, listen! We've got to get everybody in that building! Let's go! Antonio, I've got eyes on that loud mouth.
He's right ahead of you.
Something doesn't feel right about this guy.
Kim, I've got the block to the west! Get inside! Take cover! 5021 Eddie, I got a possible offender.
Male, green hat, heading northbound on Union towards 18th street.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Against the wall, against the wall! Move against the wall! Chicago PD, let me see your hands! Put your hands out now! Now! - [SMACK] - Ah! It wasn't me, all right? I was just trying to get out of there! - Anything? Anything? - Huh? He's clean.
See? 5021 Eddie, we think this guy's a negative.
Advise all units to proceed to the scene with caution.
The shooter is still in the area.
I repeat, the shooter is still in the area.
Copy that, 5021 We run GSR on the guy? Came back negative.
Patrol's doing interviews, no weapon, nothing.
Shooter's in the wind.
Alicia, I cannot tell you how sorry I am.
I wish I could say I was surprised, but sadly, I'm not.
I promise you, we're going to find who did this to Ray.
This is Detective Halstead.
Ma'am, I'm sorry, but were you aware of any specific threats against your husband? My husband was ahead in the polls.
You know, I just I would start looking at the people who would most benefit by taking him out of the running.
It is a sad day, Sergeant.
- Yes, it is.
- Won't you, uh Would you bring me up to speed? Oh, nothing yet my team's still working the scene.
Known Ray Price for a very long time.
We were rivals, we we butted heads, but at the end of the day, we respected each other.
He was true blue Chicago.
You're talking about him in the past tense, Brian.
Price, I just wanted you to know I'm very I don't know how you keep from punching him.
Like you said, we're playing the long game.
Well, we know that Ray Price was shot from a distance.
The problem is we don't know where the trigger was pulled.
It'll be hard tracking the trajectory.
The bullet's still lodged in Price's shoulder.
No direct-eyeball witnesses, no shot spotter PODs.
We pulled all surveillance.
As for motive He's black.
There's that.
He's also ahead in the polls.
There's a lot of people that don't want him to be mayor.
You know, if this is a straight-up assassination attempt of a public official, we're stepping into FBI territory.
Look, we still don't know what it is for sure so we treat it like any other case.
Get a list of suspects, anyone who might be targeting Price.
Hospital detail just called from Med.
Ray Price is out of surgery in stable condition.
No major damage.
The guy is one tough SOB.
Well, that's great news, Trudy.
I also went through all the 911 calls pertaining to threats made against Price.
A lot of racial slurs.
Brick through his house window, his car was tagged with the N-word last year.
It's an ugly list, but nothing actionable.
But there was one incident report that stuck out.
It was a week ago.
A man was seen in Price's yard having what was described as "a violent argument" with him.
Patrol responded, but Price refused to file charges.
He said the whole thing was a misunderstanding.
Who made the 911 call? There she is.
Hey, Jasmine.
Heard the great news about your dad? Yeah, there's nobody stronger than my dad.
Nobody more particular about their food either.
Got to make sure he has something proper when he wakes.
Ah, listen, we wanted to ask you about a 911 call you made last week.
You reported a man who threatened to kill your father? Oh, yeah, that was a misunderstanding.
Really? Because the officers interviewed your neighbors.
They also reported hearing a violent argument from inside your house.
There is always people knocking at our door.
My father tries, but you can't please all the people all the time, right? Jasmine, the only reason you're going to make a call like that is 'cause you're scared.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] Why don't you tell us what happened? I don't know his name, but he's been to the house a few times.
He said he was going to kill my father.
There he is.
When I said I would take a bullet for this city, I didn't mean it literally.
It's good to see you, Ray.
Did you catch the son of a bitch? Not yet.
I need your help.
Why don't you tell me about this man who came by your house last week? Oh, that was nothing.
Well, your daughter said he threatened to kill you.
It's one of those things, Hank.
You try to do the right thing and it turns out to be the wrong way.
What's going on, Ray? I met a guy from Canaryville.
Yeah, uh, you know, a wannabe developer, lighting cigars with $50 bills, you know the type.
So I encouraged him to buy some buildings in a transitional neighborhood.
It was supposed to gentrify but the zoning didn't come through and he got screwed.
He's expecting me to make him whole.
Why didn't you reach out to the police? I was planning on dealing with the matter at a future date.
You mean after the election.
Yeah, like I said, I'm on an upswing.
There's no profit in shining light on how business is actually done in this town.
I get it.
Listen, I do need a name though, Ray.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] So, Mike, according to your file, you're the registered owner of three guns.
Last time I checked, we still had a second amendment.
And a long range rifle.
I'm a hunter.
Did you go hunting yesterday? No.
That's your car, Mike.
It was parked a block away from the Boys and Girls Center where Ray Price was shot.
So what? Okay, look, we know you went to Ray Price's house and threatened to kill him.
We have witnesses.
We also have looked through your social media.
Your hatred for Ray Price is very well documented.
My hatred is justified.
Price is a con man.
Got me to put all my money into that neighborhood, got me to donate even more money to his so-called charity.
He said a Hilton was coming.
A Hilton.
I lost my business, my wife.
Now this sleaze bag's running for mayor? Then what were you doing at the dedication? Whenever Price goes out in public, I want him to look out and see my face and remind him I ain't going nowhere, but I didn't shoot him.
I was getting a coffee when I heard it happen.
- When you heard it? - Yeah.
Clear as day, came from right behind me.
This is the third building.
Are you sure his alibi checks out? Yeah, Rankin was at the 7-11 downstairs when the shooting happened.
[SIGHS] Bingo, right there.
Shell casing.
This was his perch.
[CLATTERING] Yeah, this is perfect.
You've got no security cameras, no people, elevated position to paint his target in the crosshairs, and then after the shot, easy getaway.
Oh, yeah.
Good one.
I'll call the crime lab and get 'em up here.
Let's talk to building security.
So he came down these stairs here and then he took off running and I told him to stop.
Age, height, weight? Ah, he was black.
That's all you've got? Uh, I I didn't didn't get a good look at his face.
I mean, he had on a backpack.
I chased him down here.
He struggled, he came up, pulled away, and went over this fence.
Came down hard on the other side though.
[CLATTERING] That's as far as you went? I work for minimum wage with no benefits, bro.
I don't do fences.
Alderman Price was shot a block away from here.
You know that right? Oh, I found that out later.
Nah, I work down here where it's loud, so I didn't hear any shooting.
I just thought he was stealing.
Check it out.
He must've dropped it.
Do you know which direction he went? I don't know; he jumped into a car and drove away.
What kind of car? Green.
All right, what do we got? What we know is that our offender was an African American male.
Unknown height, weight, age but he was carrying a backpack, which suggests that he was using a collapsible, long-range rifle.
Fled in a green car.
Unknown year, make, or model.
All right, we got anything on the phone? Uh, pay-as-you-go burner.
It was activated yesterday, no incoming or outgoing calls but he did keep it on so we were able to triangulate his movements.
Right, so let's talk about what we know.
Uh, he was at Bridgeport at 7:15 a.
Went up to Uptown for an hour all the way to Berwyn.
- Next thing you know - [TAPPING MAP] Boys and Girls Center.
I talked to Price's ward office.
He was home all morning.
Those routes don't sync up to him.
Look, there's got to be something significant with these locations or was the shooter just driving around randomly? It wasn't random.
That's my house in Bridgeport.
I had breakfast in Uptown, met a C.
in Berwyn, before I went to the Boys and Girls Club.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Price wasn't the target.
You were.
We were able to cobble together footage of all the locations you traveled to before the shootings.
So this is your neighborhood, that's where you had breakfast at TJ's Diner, and that's where you met your C.
in Berwyn.
The security guard said that he saw our offender fleeing in a green car.
In each of these locations, there, there, and right there we see the same green Toyota.
So he could've shot you at any one of these places.
Why did he wait? Well, if he's shooting from a distance, he probably doesn't want to be exposed and none of those spots would've been an easy shot.
But he had plenty of time to set up at the dedication.
- He just missed.
- All right, check it out.
Car is registered to a Melvin Barnes.
He's 42 years old, no run-ins with the police.
He's employed as a prison guard out at Stateville.
Ring a bell? I don't know him.
The car comes back to a Southside address.
It's a rear garden apartment.
All right, if this guy was a correction officer, it means he's probably armed.
I want you going in heavy.
Good? Blood.
Looks like he was just bringing home breakfast.
Took one in the back of the head.
Similar to the way Price was shot.
A .
308 round fired from a distance, elevated angle.
Building on the left.
All right, check it out.
We're looking for, um Witnesses, casings, prints? Jay and Hailey are on it.
Yeah? Hey, so a neighbor saw Melvin's green Toyota pulling out of the alley at 7:00 a.
, but Melvin wasn't driving.
- All right, get a BOLO on the vehicle.
- Done.
's preliminary time of death estimated at 6:30 this morning.
Okay, so shooter kills Melvin, comes down from his perch, takes the keys from the dead man's hands, steals the car, starts following me.
Patrol's got eyes on the green Toyota.
It's parked in a garage at State Street and 43rd.
There's no sign of the driver but the engine's still warm.
It's right next to the courthouse.
The shooter's targeting people in the criminal justice system.
Prison guards, police officer.
The courthouse has got to be next and it's five minutes out from here.
Let's move.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] If he's gonna take a shot, it'll be from one of the buildings.
All right, so let's get these people inside.
Get into a building now.
Come on, come on.
Folks, we need you to clear the area, get inside.
[ALL CLAMORING] [GUNSHOTS] [ALL SHOUTING] Get inside! Head down, head down, shots fired! Get inside the building.
Come on, I got you.
[GUNSHOTS] Get inside! Man down! You got me? - I got you.
- Sir, are you all right? Sir, we're coming to you.
On three.
One, two, three.
Get inside! Get her inside! He's up there! 5021 Henry, we have the shooter on a rooftop across from the courthouse! - Come on, bro.
- Let's go.
[TIRES SCREECHING] There he is! Stop! Get away, out of the way.
Police, don't move! Offender headed northbound on the east alley of Dearborn.
Male, black, gray jacket, black backpack.
- Chicago PD! - [GUNSHOT] Keep moving! Go, go, go! Get down! Get out of the way! 5021 Davis, shots fired! Officers in pursuit! - Get down! - Everybody out! [GUNSHOT, SCREAMING] Keep going, Kev.
I'll stay with her.
Get that son of a bitch.
Go, Goo! - [GROANING] - Okay.
5021 Frank, got another one down, it's a female.
Offender's fleeing westbound from the alley.
Officers still in pursuit.
Copy that.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] 5021 David, offender fled to unknown direction on 18th street.
Alert all units, he shed his backpack and his jacket.
No eyes.
Hey, hey.
So I just talked to the patrol officers that are securing the parameter.
No one has passed through that matches the description.
The prick changed his clothes and got by.
I found a security camera facing the building.
But it is, of course, broken.
The man who was shot took one at the chest but it looks like he's going to make it.
He's a judge named Sam Anderson.
All right, I know Judge Anderson.
So there's got to be a nexus between the judge, the prison guard, and me.
Let's work that.
All right, keep combing for witnesses, Hailey.
We interrupt this shooting for a political statement.
- Isn't that your friend? - Yeah.
He may know something.
I'll meet you back at the District.
Same MO, same caliber rounds, same shooter.
His intended targets were a prison guard, a judge, and a cop.
Exactly, so we know he's going after people in the criminal justice system, but why? There's got to be some sort of personal grievance that connects all of you.
Do you have any insight, Sarge? I've gone through my records.
I've arrested 242 African American males in the last ten years that have come before Judge Anderson - and, uh - It's like a hundred 187 of them are back out on the street.
Yo, Sarge, me and Ruzek just left the crime lab, They dissembled the rifle that we found in the backpack.
It was registered to a Drew Bayless.
He did two tours in Afghanistan.
He's got a purple heart.
- Got his file right here.
- Okay.
Looks like he's had a tough reentry.
Restraining orders, D&D, resisting arrest.
Recognize that face? I do not.
Well, it's enough for a warrant.
Go pick him up.
Antonio, you hang back with me and Kim.
Let's go through these files, find a nexus.
Drew Bayless, Chicago PD.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Get back in your apartment.
That idiot isn't here.
- You know Bayless? - I'm his landlord.
When's the last time you've seen him? - Uh, a few days ago.
- [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Wouldn't surprise me if he's in trouble.
He's a prickly guy and a pain in the ass.
Drew Bayless.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just keep your hands where I can see them, Mr.
Why don't you get up against that wall over there? Well, looking at your record, Drew, you seem like a smart guy.
College education, high marks in the military.
So you got to know the dumbest thing you can possibly do is run away from a cop.
I wasn't running away.
I was choosing to avoid a conversation with Chicago police.
I'm seeing all the trouble you've been keeping up with since you left the military.
You've got a good reason to.
Thank you for your service.
Now take out the garbage.
This country don't give a damn about its soldiers.
That's why you're shooting at cops, huh? Not sure what you're talking about.
No? You're the registered owner of that rifle.
Yeah, that's right.
Well, it was used this morning to murder Melvin Barnes, a retired prison guard.
Took a shot at me too.
Look, not to sound conceited, if I had taken a shot at you, you wouldn't be sitting here right now.
Drew, your weapon was just used in three shootings including one homicide.
Superintendent of the police is looking to crucify somebody and right now you're all we got.
So if you are smart, you'll start talking.
It wasn't me.
I swear.
I just got back from Wisconsin today.
I was hunting.
Who else would have access to your guns? Nobody! Somebody must've stolen it when I was gone.
All right, thank you.
- Uh, boss? - Yeah? Drew Bayless' story checks out.
He was at the Badger Lodge for the last four days.
Looks like he's telling the truth.
I got surveillance footage from Bayless's building.
Here, can you run this? So this is from three days ago.
And then five minutes later.
Familiar to you, Sarge? I don't think so.
Ran facial rec.
I got an ID.
Darius Tatum.
Okay, I'm wrong.
I do know him.
Found him.
[SIGHS] Look at that.
I arrested this kid.
He was 17.
He was lookout on an armed robbery I mean, looking at serious time.
I flipped him.
I mean, he helped us put away some very bad people.
I got him a deal.
I mean, he was supposed to do six months in juvie, walk away with a clean slate.
That didn't happen, boss.
It looks like Darius had a really hard time getting out of the system.
He went from juvie straight to Stateville.
He was incarcerated for ten years.
He just got out last year.
Let me tell you something, Darius was a good kid.
I mean, something happened to him.
You stay inside long enough, it's going to take the good out of anybody.
[SOMBER MUSIC] Have a seat.
Sit down.
You have 30 seconds to tell me everything you know about Darius Tatum.
I don't know anything.
Hey, you already played that card.
We have you on the record visiting him at Stateville.
- That was a long time ago.
- No, that was a year ago.
We know he didn't just rob your house randomly.
He knew you had guns.
You're protecting him.
Well, somebody should have protected him! Hey, hey, easy.
Hey, it's okay.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] So talk to me.
Somebody should have protected him.
'Cause he was a good kid and you guys crushed him.
You crushed him! Tell me what happened.
I used to date Darius's sister; that's how I know him.
- Okay.
- All right? When he got out, I took him under my wing.
You taught him how to shoot a rifle? Yeah, to shoot but not to kill anybody.
[SIGHS] See, Darius always wanted to join the army, man.
That was his dream, to fight for his country.
I always thought that was ironic, seeing what his country did to him.
All right.
- Where is he? - I don't know.
I saw him two weeks ago.
He just got back from the Recruiting Office.
Of course, they rejected him On account of his felony.
He was in so much pain, man.
He lost his hope.
Check with his mother.
Sometimes he crashes there.
Get patrol to take him home.
Thank you.
Chicago PD! Mrs.
Tatum, I'm Sergeant Hank Voight.
Can you open the door, please? - Is your son Darius here? - No.
When's the last time you saw him? He's been staying with friends.
He came to visit me two days ago, but I haven't talked to him since then.
Is Darius the one who shot that judge? Did he say something about that? No, but he hated Judge Anderson.
He's the one that sent him to Stateville on his 18th birthday.
I didn't have the means to stop it from happening.
I'm sorry it went down that way.
[SIGHS] That doesn't change a damn thing.
He deserved better.
I agree.
I like Darius.
But right now, the entire police force is out there hunting for him.
Our best shot at finding him alive is you helping us.
He used my computer.
All right.
All right, I went through the search history from two days ago when Darius was here.
He googled Melvin Barnes.
He got his address.
He googled you, Hank Voight, and he did a deep dive on Judge Anderson.
Now there's one more name here.
- [CELL PHONE VIBRATING] - A Michael Willard, director of the Belmont Youth Intervention Center.
It's a, uh, trade school for at-risk kids.
All right, call the center, give them a warning.
You're too late, Sarge.
Shots fired at the Youth Intervention Center.
It's on lockdown.
It's all over city-wide.
Have the team meet us there.
Please, let me go with you.
I can talk to Darius.
- No, that is not possible.
- He'll listen to me.
My son trusted you people! He did everything you asked.
He wouldn't be in this situation if it wasn't for you.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey, move, move, move! Hey, move! Come on, come on! Get in, get in! Come on.
So I was getting out of my car, my windshield exploded.
I I dove under the car.
I saw Tatum coming and, um, yeah, he was going to kill me but the guard shot him.
Okay, how bad was he hit? Ah, he's shot in the leg but, uh, he's holed up in the Rec Room.
Won't let anyone in or out.
How many people in there with him? I don't know, five? Maybe less.
Why do you think he came after you? I was his supervisor at the Juvenile Detention Facility.
All right, this this kid, he's given me nothing but problems.
That a direct line in the Rec Room? Yeah.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [LINE TRILLING] - Darius! Darius, nobody wants to hurt you, man! We just need you to pick up the phone! [LINE TRILLING] [LINE TRILLING] Darius! [RECEIVER CLICKS] Who is it? Sergeant Hank Voight.
Hank Voight? It's been a minute.
A long, ugly minute, but I got nothing to say to you.
Hell, I tried to kill you.
Yeah, well, it's a good thing you missed because I'm the one who's going to get you out of this situation, Darius.
Ain't no getting out of this.
I know that.
Just give me Willard and I'll let these three boys go.
I can't do that.
Michael Willard isn't here.
Not here? What, he hiding like a little bitch? 'Cause that's what he is.
A weak-ass cowardly bitch who beats up scared little boys.
How 'bout you take me instead? You want me to kill you instead of him? I want you to give up those three boys and I want you to let me help you.
What, like last time? That's what got me here in the first place! Well, give me another chance.
Let me make it right.
But you got to let those kids go.
They got nothing to do with this.
Darius, come on.
Give me five minutes.
Just you and me.
You don't like what I'm saying, you do what you got to do.
Okay, five minutes, then I shoot your ass.
Deal, but you got to let those kids go.
[CLICK] Listen, I'm glad you're here.
We just started negotiation.
There aren't going to be any negotiations, Sergeant.
Take your positions.
Yes, sir.
Brian he's holding three hostages with a semiautomatic pistol.
We've tapped into the intercom so we got ears in the room, but he is staying clear of those windows.
Good to know, but we will find a way.
We always do.
Sir if this thing goes sideways, we could end up killing innocent kids.
That would not be a good look for the Chicago Police Department right about now.
So you propose? He said he'd give me five minutes.
Let me go in and talk to him.
How do you know he's not gonna shoot you? I don't.
So what's the plan? Get Darius talking, gradually get him to move toward the window so the squad can get a clean shot.
You got five minutes.
Be careful out there.
Get yourself in the clear.
Offender's a male black.
He's wearing a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Darius, it's Sergeant Hank Voight.
I'm opening the door.
I'm coming in.
I do not have a weapon.
I'm clean.
I'm unarmed.
How about you put your gun down too? No.
It stays where it is.
Okay, that's cool.
But you've got to let these kids go now, that's the deal.
Come on.
All right, you let them go, I can get you out of here safely too.
[SCOFFS] Promises.
Everybody loves making promises.
But then they break 'em, so what's the damn point? Darius, you were supposed to be protected.
In juvie? You kidding me? When they found out I was a snitch, they came after me every day.
They beat me and beat me and beat me.
They threw bottles of piss at me! Why why didn't you reach out to your supervisor? It was Willard who told them I was a snitch in the first place.
Is that true? What he said? Of course not.
The kid's a liar and a punk.
He was a cooperating witness.
You were supposed to keep him safe.
Yeah, right, we weren't running a daycare center, man.
When these kids came in, they were hardcore criminals.
My only goal was to keep them from killing each other.
All right? I was still a kid and he just turned his back and let it happen.
Listen, if that is the case, we can still buy this back.
I never wanted this.
I did what y'all said! I was supposed to get my life back and they took it all away! You could you could still get some of it back, but you got to let these kids go.
Do we have eyes? We got a partial target and a confirmed weapon.
- Shut up! - Listen, there are snipers out there! They are looking to take you out! - What the hell are you doing? - I'm trying to save your life! Do you have the kill shot? He's blocking me.
Who? Sergeant Voight.
Oh, come on! Get your ass back to the door! - Okay, okay! - Go! Darius, we are running out of time, bro.
You got to show an act of good faith now.
Who the hell showed me that? I get it, I get it, but you've got to let the hostages go.
Come on.
Let's show them we're moving in the right direction.
At least it'll buy us some time.
- It's too late.
- No, it is not too late.
Darius, I promised your mother that I would get you out of here alive.
[PANTING] - You saw my mother? - Yeah.
She loves you so much.
I know you love her.
Look, if you let them go, you can see her again.
Darius, what are you doing? Stop.
Just come on.
Let 'em go.
You two, you can go.
No, no.
Not you.
Okay, okay.
I've got to let them know that they're coming out, okay? Hey, hands up.
Real slow.
Take it easy.
Listen, I've got two hostages coming out! I need you to stand down, do you copy? - Copy, Sarge.
- All right.
Nice and easy.
- Burgess.
- Come, come out with me.
Come on.
We've got you.
We've got you.
Come on.
We've got you, we've got you, we've got you.
Hey, hey.
Take it easy.
How old are you? S-seventeen.
What's your name? Malcolm.
Come on, Darius.
He's just a kid.
He's not gonna hurt you.
Take the gun off of him.
Darius, come on.
I'm not going to hurt you.
You know I'm not going to hurt you.
Just put the gun down.
You don't want to do this.
Put the gun down.
That's good.
Darius, look at me.
We are really close now.
All right? All right, Malcolm, you're going to come first, okay? Put your hands over your head, nice and easy.
Nice and easy and just walk out real slow.
Real slow.
No! Hey, hey! Hey, he's a hostage! - No! - Stand down! No, no.
I can't! I can't go back! - Listen to me.
- No.
You and me, we're going to go to the state attorney's office.
We're going to work out some sort of deal.
You're lying! They're all lying! Just like the last time! Hey, stay away from the window.
Come on, just put the gun on the table.
Walk to me.
We're almost there.
We're there.
Come on.
Walk to me.
Come on, Darius.
Come on.
Come on, that's it.
That's it.
Tell my mom I'm sorry.
No, Darius, no! No! [GUNSHOT] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Sergeant, you got a sec? Yeah.
[SIGHS] So I got a pretty bad feeling about this director Willard.
I talked to a C.
aligned with the G-Park Lords.
He said they got this guy in their pocket.
He's been selling them info, giving them cooperating witnesses, doing it for years.
It's enough to build a case.
Good, start with a warrant, then search his financials.
Let's see how this prick does on the other side of the bars.
Can I ask you something? Um How did you know Darius wouldn't shoot you? I didn't.
I just [SIGHS] Look, I'm the one who started this ball rolling and I figured I owed it to him.
I know we do our best to help these kids, you know.
Put them on a a conveyer belt, thinking one day they'll get off, but Most of them don't.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] For the funeral.
I I'm sorry.