Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e18 Episode Script

This City

1 We're leaving this apartment tonight.
We are.
You've got, what, like, three weeks left in the city? We gotta make the most of it.
Oh, trust me, this qualifies.
Speaking of food, I tried to look this restaurant up the other day.
- Janello's.
- Mm.
Yeah, someone said it was amazing.
- Yeah.
- They don't have a website.
Website? They don't even have a menu.
They serve chicken.
What is with this city? It's like you're trapped in some time loop from 50 years ago.
I got lost yesterday for 30 minutes in some back-of-the-yards canary-sparrow-streeter-ville labyrinth.
See, and that right there is the best part of it.
That weird Chicago pride that you all have, even though y'all admit that this city is too corrupt, too violent, too cold, - it's still a great city.
- Uh-huh, yeah, yeah.
You're so gonna miss this place.
You gonna get that? [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Um, hey, come back to bed.
I swear I didn't plan that.
It's a crime scene.
What do we got? Two GSWs to the chest, one to the head.
Gang intelligence's been here from the jump.
Are we assisting them? I'm not sure.
Gangs didn't call us here.
All right, work the scene as best as they'll let you.
- Copy.
- Hey, Ray.
Appreciate you coming out.
Looking good for a man who just got shot.
Yeah, I feel good.
All healed.
Honest, Ray, I'm not sure how I can help.
I mean, the Gang Unit's already been assigned to this.
I knew him.
His name is John Winton.
He just got out of Stateville a month ago.
Was a shot-caller with the Gangster Prophets.
He get picked up in that '04 raid? Uh-huh.
That's the biggest bust we ever made.
Took down over 75 bangers in that operation.
Yeah, well, just about all of them have been getting out of prison in the past six months.
They're trying to take the neighborhood back.
The last thing we need in this neighborhood - the last thing I need - [GUNSHOTS.]
- Got fire! - Let's go! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
- 6120, shots fired.
- Body! We got him! Spread out, find him! Plainclothes officers on scenes.
Hey, back these cars up! We're too late.
He's already gone.
Block it off.
All right, everybody move back! Somebody get me some tape before we trample the scene! Back, back, back! Two generations fighting over one neighborhood.
It's not good.
Yeah, it's called a gang war.
I am not gonna have a 60-shoot weekend.
We stop this bleeding now.
We've got 20 patrol cars en route.
We'll flood the zone with uniforms.
Show of force.
CPIC and Narcotics are in the loop.
They'll offer support as well.
You know Gangs is handling the bodies.
Intelligence can jump on with CPIC.
They'll help identify potential next shooters and targets.
I want intelligence with me.
Working a peace deal.
You know, Ray, last time I checked, you were still an alderman.
That said, if you do have a valid reason for this request, I'm all ears.
It's pretty simple.
Hank is the only cop in Chicago who might actually be able to pull this off.
I want hourly reports.
Understood? - Understood.
- Good.
Sir, um, gentlemen, can I have a minute? Please? Listen.
You want me to try and broker truce, I'm happy to do that.
But I think we all know there's no clean, easy way.
I'm gonna have my hands full.
That being said, the last thing I want is to be caught in the middle of your political tug of war.
I live two blocks from here.
I'm just trying to prevent more bodies from dropping.
- As am I.
- So we agree to a truce? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Now all you gotta do, go convince the gang bangers to do the same thing.
- Start with the old-timers? - Yeah.
You know who's calling the shots over there these days? Guy by the name of Eddie Brackton.
Hey, I apologize for the noise.
Saturday mornings, my mom like to do breakfast.
What's going on, Ray? Not every day the candidate for Mayor swings through.
Those bodies last night.
Look, I just got out of prison three weeks ago.
I know.
If we weren't talking about dead men and boys, I might be impressed with your progress.
Now, we're setting a meeting tonight, and I need you to show up.
We're getting a member from the younger generation to show as well.
Like a peace summit? [LAUGHS.]
I didn't realize you were still doing those.
Don't have a choice.
You saying you need my help? I'm saying we need to put an end to the killing.
And the word is you're the de facto regent on this block.
If that's true, you'll come to this meeting, you'll sit down, you'll hear the terms.
We'll hash out a plan.
And why exactly will I do all this? It's good for business.
Okay, I'll come through.
- If it is to work, Officer - Sergeant.
If it is to work, Sergeant, you gonna have to get someone on the other side with some real power.
And older than 15.
Okay, this is the four-block section.
Controlled by a new young faction of the GPs, but to say control is really an overstatement.
Yeah, these kids are wild.
They don't observe any rules or bylaws.
Will any of these young guns stand out from the crowd, make a name for himself? No, there's a lot of arrests for possession.
All right, so follow that.
If there's kids out there dealing drugs, that means someone out there is controlling it somewhere.
I mean, talk to gangs.
Use what intel they got.
Reached out to a few of my CIs.
If we're banking on the drug angle, they should have a name.
Okay, good.
But let's move fast.
We gotta find a kid who can sit down with Eddie Brackton before this wave gets ahead of us.
Got it.
Uh, Antonio got a name.
Eric Wilson, 16 years old.
No priors and has a handle on at least three corners.
Yeah, but I don't see him on the street.
Yeah, well, that's 'cause he's smart.
It's 19 degrees out.
That's one job I don't envy.
Chicago drug runner in the dead of winter.
Blair, huh? That still going? Yeah.
It's been good.
It's easy fun.
He's leaving in three weeks.
You good with that? It's supposed to be a temporary, no-questions-asked fling.
It's nothing more.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Hey, our kid's walking up now.
- Hey, we got a positive on Eric.
Denim jacket, jeans.
Ruzek, you're up.
Hey, man.
Hey, my man.
- You're the guy, right? - For what? Matty Cumins sent me down here and told me to talk to you to come to this corner.
You're the guy, right? I don't know no Matty Cumins.
You just keep on moving.
Then maybe you can point me in the right direction.
Look, whatever you're looking to buy, ain't nobody selling.
Take that damn Stevenson.
This ain't where you come.
Look, man, I'm just trying to get well.
You know what I mean? Look, your ears don't work, man? I'm sorry.
Easy, easy, easy.
Easy, easy, easy.
All right? Put your arms up.
- I ain't got nothing on me.
- I don't care.
You're Eric Wilson, right? Word is you're the shot-caller.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You sell on three corners of this neighborhood.
Yeah, we know.
But we don't care.
Today's your lucky day.
We're not gonna bust you for that.
As long as you come to the meeting tonight with Eddie Brackton.
I ain't coming to no meeting just because a couple of old dudes just got out the joint.
Come on, kid.
Then we're just gonna have to bring you in and book you.
You can't do that, either.
I ain't got nothing on me, and you ain't got nothing - to arrest me for.
- I know my rights.
- That so? Think we can manage to come up with something, don't you? There's certainly enough to walk you to a patrol car in front of all your boys.
Let me tell you, I'm not gonna put you in cuffs.
I'm gonna walk you out there.
I'm gonna talk to you real nice like we're pals.
Like we're helping each other.
Kids around here love snitches.
Sarge, it's pretty quiet out here.
I didn't come to no peace summit holding.
All right, Eddie, meet Eric Wilson.
Let's go.
Come on.
All right, tonight, we're gonna figure out a plan to square up your territory and make sure no more bodies drop.
We didn't drop any bodies.
Yeah then who killed my boy John John? Hey, don't be accusing me, old man.
Calm down.
We're trying to make peace, not start a fight.
Look, I know what y'all are trying to do.
But that doesn't mean I have to go along with it.
Well, that's right.
You got free will to do whatever you want.
But you better understand that if you don't, boy, I'm gonna flood this neighborhood with cops.
They're gonna search your houses, stand on your corners.
I mean, you won't be able to sell lemonade, let alone drugs.
All right, all right, enough with all that yapping.
Here's the deal I propose.
I won't retaliate against y'all if I get a guarantee that none of your boys step foot on my two blocks.
- Those aren't your two blocks.
- Yes, they are.
And you won't step foot on them.
And he won't step foot on yours.
And nobody and I mean nobody opens fire.
On anyone.
I mean, you two manage to do that, you can sling all the dope you want.
I'm good with that.
Me too.
Kid! Get the kid! Get down, get down! Get down! Lay down on the ground! Get your head down! Guys, plainclothes officers in the area.
You good? Anybody hit? Yeah, no, all good.
I was pinned down.
I didn't have eyes.
Help me! Help! Help! Help me! 5021 Henry, roll in ambo to the 4400 block of South Whipple.
Female victim.
GSW to the abdomen.
I'm gonna go get something to stop the bleeding.
- Go.
- Come on, breathe, baby.
It's gonna be okay.
Police, anybody home? Stay right here.
Ma'am, I just need some towels.
- Is my sister - She's been shot.
We need to get her to a hospital.
She was walking back from the store.
Is she gonna die? We're doing everything we can.
- You got it? - Yeah.
Oh, my God.
- Sarge! - Where's that ambulance? En route.
5021 Eddie.
Give me an ETA on an ambo.
- We need it fast.
- Nikki, no, please! - They shot my baby! - Ma'am.
Let's give them some space so they can work, okay? One minute out.
Get up.
Y'all better let me the hell up out of here.
Better what? Better try that again, you wanna walk out of here alive.
Calm down, man.
I came here to work out a deal.
- Your people do the shooting? - Hell no.
You want the shooter, you better ask this little - punk ass bitch here.
- What you say to me, man? Calm down! Back up, back up! Sit down! Keep your mouth shut.
You know my boys was right outside.
Guessing those were your targets.
One of your boys do the shooting? It's possible, but I didn't order it.
I got a young woman a civilian with two kids bleeding out right now, you understand? So you're gonna get me a name.
You think you won't.
Hey! I don't get a name, I'll cut your head clean off and mail it to your mother.
Look at me.
You think I'm playing? I'll do what I can.
You're damn right you will.
You, no retaliation.
You understand? I'm supposed to stand back and let him just shoot up my neighborhood? You give me 48 hours or I'll bring you in right now.
Violate your parole.
But just 48.
Get out of here.
Both of you.
That wave just got ahead of us.
I had to cage them up in your office.
They were driving me nuts.
Good luck with that.
- Sir, Ray.
- Hank.
What in the hell just happened? You tell me you can set up a meeting.
You tell me that you can ID the shot-callers.
I did.
Well then who screwed up? No one, except some kid carrying a MAC-10 who decided to open fire on everyone.
Be that as it may, Sergeant, I now have two children with no mother and news vans circling their house trying to get interviews.
I'm doing everything I can to help, but I'm just an alderman, right? Not the police.
Watch yourself, Ray.
'Cause I am working real hard here not to blame the problem on the leaders of this crime-infested Oh, what do you know about the leaders of my neighborhood? That is enough.
Enough! We agreed we're not gonna do that, right? So here's my plan.
Well, first, we do our best to make sure no more bodies drop.
Then we focus all our attention we do whatever's necessary to find the punk who murdered this young woman.
And when we do, we just parade his ass down Michigan avenue.
All of us.
Do that.
That son of a bitch.
Chomping at the bit to throw my black ass under the bus to pick up a few votes in the process.
Okay, I'm gonna go and see that girl's family.
See if they need anything, any money.
He's chomping at the bit, huh? This is not a photo op.
This is what I do.
This is who I am.
Boss, young GPs are taking credit for the shooting.
Got a bunch of social media posts here.
Idiots rapping about shooting up the barber shop.
Definitely a retaliation hit.
There's nothing specific, though.
We can't ID the actual shooter yet.
And Eric? Uh, he's claiming he has no name and that no one's talking to him.
The shooter's probably just some wannabe banger looking for attention.
But all wannabe bangers are looking for attention.
That's the problem.
Ballistics came back.
The gun used was a MAC-10, matches an unsolved homicide.
I talked to Gangs.
They don't have any suspects.
Hey, I may have something.
POD grabbed an SUV speeding west two blocks from the barber shop about a minute after the shots were fired.
SUV's registered to an Isaiah Young.
- Gang affiliation? - Young GPs.
- Bring his ass in.
- Okay.
Here you go, Isaiah.
Sit down right there.
Uh, what the hell's going on? Why don't you tell us? Okay, I was gonna pick up my son when two cops threw me to the ground and handcuffed my ass.
And other than that, I don't know a damn thing.
You don't know a damn thing about that shooting by the barber shop yesterday? No.
Any reason why your truck was seen speeding away 100 yards from the crime scene? I took off 'cause I heard gunshots.
And the idea of dying ain't so appealing.
It's that simple.
No, when a young mother gets killed, nothing is that simple.
Man, I ain't got nothing to do with that.
What about your fellow bangers? I'm not in a gang.
That's not what the database shows.
Because that database is racist.
I never been in a gang.
I just lived in the same neighborhood.
A cop probably saw me talking to some guy I went to kindergarten with and decided to put me on that list.
Okay, let's assume you're telling the truth.
You were still right there in the middle of it.
What'd you see? Hmm? You don't wanna talk? That's fine.
We'll just hold you for 48 hours.
Hey, man, but I didn't see anything.
I was driving home listening to music, and all of a sudden I just heard [MIMICS GUNSHOTS.]
So I drove away.
- Did you see the shooter? - No.
Did you see anyone on the street? - Anything at all? - Not really.
Uh, I saw these two women, um, walking with groceries.
You saw two women? Yeah, they were they were young.
20, 25.
I already told you what I know.
I'm not so sure about that.
What's that mean? I think you lied.
I think you went with your sister to the market.
And you were walking back with her.
When that kid started shooting, you were right beside her.
I ran inside to get help.
To call 911.
I get it.
I would have done the exact same thing.
Alyssa, I need to know if you saw what happened.
If you saw the shooter.
What difference will it make? It could be the difference between finding the killer and letting him go free.
I'm not involved in any of this.
Those girls are my responsibility now.
I gotta do what's best for them.
I understand.
But I'm guessing you also wanna find the person that did this to Nikki in the first place.
Of course I do.
But you don't get to stand there and try to lecture me about what's best.
You think you understand this violence 'cause you show up when it's over? You don't.
I know this neighborhood a hell of a lot better than you ever will.
And I also know you don't find killers around here.
You just let them walk free, kill again.
You're right.
But people around here don't do a whole lot of helping either.
So, if you ask me, we're both at fault.
If you cooperate, I will do everything in my power to get justice for your sister.
Alyssa, did you see what happened? Yeah.
I saw the whole thing.
I tell you what I saw, do I have to go to court? Testify? It's possible.
Yeah, well, that's not too popular in my neighborhood.
I know.
Alyssa, this is a big decision.
And we're not gonna give you the speech about how it's your duty as a citizen to do the right thing.
Because ultimately you have to live with these consequences whether you cooperate with us or don't cooperate with us.
So, take all the time you need.
The shooter was young.
Couldn't have been more than 17.
Black jacket.
Blue skull cap.
He was alone.
I saw him get off a bus.
At first I thought I knew him.
That's why I noticed him.
Then what happened? He pulled out a gun.
Started shooting towards the barber shop at these two other guys leaning against the car.
After that, he ran away.
Like a scared little boy.
I think this is him.
It's the only bus Alyssa could have had eyes on at that hour.
But the kid never looks up.
And he paid with cash so we can't track a Ventra card.
I've been looking into the clothes he was wearing, - but they're pretty unspecific.
- Everything about him is.
He rode the bus two stops so I'm trying to track down the other passengers, but chances are they didn't notice him either.
We got a clear shot of his phone? No, but he's a young kid, so I'm guessing he's on social media.
- So run it with CPIC.
- Yeah.
Do you have a name on the plate on the car? - Yeah.
- You do? Okay, good.
- Hey.
- Blair.
What are you doing here? - Hungry? - Is that lunch? Yeah, I found this amazing new place in Logan's Square.
Beef fat friends, heirloom beets, - Berkshire Pork Shank - Let me guess.
They had a website and maybe even a menu? Oh, nice.
Yeah, funny, ha, ha.
Thank you very much.
- You're busy, aren't you? - I'm very busy, Blair.
All right, how about dinner instead? Done.
Um, I got I gotta go.
- I gotta go.
- Okay, hey, hey, hey.
Yeah? Before you go, I got offered a new assignment in Chicago so, you know, I might be sticking around for a few more months.
- Kim, come on, we gotta move.
- Yeah.
- Let's talk about it at dinner.
- Okay.
Social media might be the crux of today's violence, but it's also the way to stop it.
That's Instagram.
What faction am I looking at, again? Young GPs.
They operate four blocks in Englewood, 75th to 71st.
Guy's a kid.
They're all kids.
MAC-10 is heavy artillery.
I'm guessing he's been popped before.
At least filled out a gang card.
What bus line is that? It's the 8.
75th street, 10:18 p.
That narrows it.
These kids are getting smarter.
Now they've got multiple profiles.
This might be it.
"You piss on us, we piss on you.
" Wrote that 10:17 p.
Matches your timeline.
- Yeah.
- Lamar Cooke.
Loosely affiliated with the GPs.
That's a long-ass rap sheet for a 17-year-old.
Give me one second.
Got a camera right outside his last known address.
All right.
I'm gonna show you some photos.
When you see the boy that killed your sister, just let me know, okay? Okay, but we all realize I only saw him for a few seconds, - right? - Right.
If you don't recognize him, you don't recognize him.
Because once you make a positive ID, it's very hard to run that back.
So take your time.
Make sure you really want to do this, okay? It sounds like you're trying to talk me out of it.
Maybe I am.
Why? Straight up, uh, my little brother got involved in something like this.
It cost him.
Cost me too.
You said something earlier, about the consequences of not doing it.
If I didn't try to nail this guy, if I just hid and pretended I didn't see anything, I would never forgive myself.
Then let's nail him.
Boss, there's about 15 kids in there it looks like.
They're fairly heavily armed too.
All right, we got one shot.
We spook this kid, he's going underground.
So we go in loud and heavy.
Let's move.
Three, two, one, headache.
Everybody get down now! Get down! Everybody down! Get on the ground! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Stay down! Hands on your head! Stay down.
- Hey, look at me.
- Don't move.
Put your hands behind your head.
Behind your head.
All right, we're looking for Lamar Cooke.
You're Lamar, if you're here, just say hello.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Eric, it's good to see you again.
We're looking for your friend Lamar.
He's gone.
- You ain't never gonna find him.
- Huh.
See, I thought you didn't know who did the shooting.
I lied, dumb-ass.
Bring him in.
Bring them all in! Don't move.
Get up.
Come on.
Your boys aren't doing any talking, Eric, and you say you're the boss.
You say you lied to us.
You know Lamar's gone.
You know where he is.
So you know everything, huh? So that means we get to charge you with all of it.
Obstruction of justice and murder.
How's that sound? [CHUCKLES.]
This is where you start talking.
- The quicker you do that - I'm not about to talk to you.
None of this is my problem.
Not your problem? Yeah.
Are we done now? Can I go back? I'm done playing nice.
Let's go.
What you doing? Get your hands off me, man.
Come on.
Let's go.
I ain't getting in no cage.
Well, I didn't invite you in the cage.
Look, Eric, I understand where you live, okay? You want to survive, you better learn to be tough.
See, the thing is When the bullets started flying at that barber shop, I caught you, bro, and you were surprised.
And I think you were a little scared.
So I know you didn't order that hit.
You're no shot-caller, man.
You don't control anything.
So why the hell are you pinning this on me? Because I need Lamar.
And I think you know where he's hiding.
So where is he? [GATE SQUEAKS.]
- Shh.
Shh, shh.
Lamar! You looking for that? Turn over.
Put your hands behind your back.
Offender in custody.
Copy that.
- Hey.
- The shooter's in custody.
They're booking him into holding as we speak.
We release the arrests, hopefully that ends the shooting, at least for a while.
And this witness, you're sure she's willing to testify? Oh, yeah.
This kid's strong.
She'll see this one through.
Okay, I'll convene a grand jury right away.
The faster we indict this kid, the better.
I'm glad we were able to work on this one together, gentlemen.
It makes me proud.
There you go.
- This - [CHUCKLES.]
Alyssa, this is just us being extra cautious.
Got the Grand Jury tomorrow, and naturally the last thing we want is for anybody to know you testified.
I get it.
But I don't wanna stay at this motel for long.
Hopefully it'll only be for a night.
I don't like being away from home.
Especially now.
Alyssa all set? Yeah, she checked in 15 minutes ago.
Had a patrol car outside all night.
Sarge, you guys gotta see this.
See what? Kelton just released a statement to the press.
Thanks to the CPD, Alderman Price, and the good men and women of Ward 22, we now have a suspect in custody.
This truly was a team effort, an excellent demonstration of what kind of a city Chicago really is, as evidenced by the incredible courage of one citizen who came forward and identified the shooter.
So, after tomorrow, then what happens? Then you go about your life.
Until the actual trial starts.
Probably about a year.
But there's a good chance that that won't even happen.
The kid could get nervous and plead out to a murder two, which means that you won't have to testify in front of an open court and no one will ever know you were actually involved.
Now there are some people who love to say that the African-American community doesn't trust the CPD, doesn't respect the CPD.
But if this case is any indication, I would say that that is a gross exaggeration.
Because without the support without the cooperation of the residents of Ward 22 and our brave witness, we never could have made an arrest like this.
And that's a fact.
Son of a bitch.
He just put a target on our witness.
I don't understand what we're doing here.
I thought the Grand Jury was scheduled for 8:00 a.
Yeah, we can't have you testify.
What? It got leaked to the public that there's a witness on the case, so No no, that doesn't matter.
I can still go testify.
No, you can't.
It's not safe.
And we can't put you in that kind of danger.
Am I supposed to go get on the train now? We contacted your aunt.
Got you a ticket to Detroit.
- Some cash for when you get th - Are you kidding? I'm not leaving Chicago.
My nieces are here.
M-my sister's gone now.
I'm what they have left.
- My mother said - Alyssa, this is not an option, okay? - I'm not going! - Listen to me.
You stay here, your whole family is in danger.
If they ID you, everybody you stand next to is a target your grandmother, your nieces.
Straight up.
Yeah, it's gonna hurt like hell to leave the people you love.
But that pain is better than the alternative.
I'm sorry this is happening.
I thought we had I don't want your damn apology.
Where you been? Is there a problem? The witness isn't here yet.
She isn't coming.
She's gone? Let the witness go, which means you let the killer go.
No, you let the killer go.
We don't have a case 'cause you broke the truce.
Put a target on her back.
- Son of a bitch.
- Come on.
That was not my intention.
I was trying to celebrate all of us.
Ray, I specifically praised you.
- Joint arrest.
Joint Joint victory.
- Wow.
And Hank, I even threw you a bone.
Give me a break.
Yeah, but you held onto that microphone a little too long, didn't you? Made it about the election.
- About you.
- Oh, I don't need this.
It's all right, you couldn't help yourself! It's who you are! It's your nature! Hey! Let me make sure I understand this right.
You're telling me you can't make a case? Fell apart.
Shooter is being released from our custody.
I gave you 48 hours.
And I gave you his damn location.
That's right.
You did.
And you did nothing.
We're right back where we started! Eddie, you wanna watch your tone with me.
You know, I spent 20 years of my life on these streets in the Gang Unit.
I was probably there the night they put you away.
You can tell me all you want about the good old days.
But I was there.
I remember them.
This city it's always been violent.
Always will be.
But that doesn't mean that we can't have order.
What the hell is that? That is the details of Lamar Cooke's release from County.
You say you wanna be the boss? Shot-caller? - It's my boy.
- Mm-hmm.
What, this some sort of trap or something? Either you take care of it, or I do.
We can't have any more mothers or kids dying.
No more wars.
And no more peace summits.
We need the cops to go so we can get back to making money.
Is that what you wanted? It's what I expected.
16 years old.
Damn hard, make peace, you don't know fear yet.