Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e19 Episode Script

What Could Have Been

Get you another? Um no.
That's okay.
Hey, Blair.
It's me.
I've called you a bunch of times.
I've left you a bunch of messages tried the office and I'm gonna head home 'cause it's been a long day but if you could call me, that would be really great.
Kev, I need you to do me a favor, and I want it off the books.
Yeah, his car's here.
I'm gonna try calling him again.
I'll call you back, Kev.
Blair? Blair! Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Oh, hey, hey! Stay with me, okay? Stay with me I'm I'm calling 911.
Blair, I need you to stay with me, okay? Blair! Stay with me, stay with me.
Just breathe, okay? I'm right here.
I'm right here.
We're okay.
We're okay.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey! Burgess? Kim? - Kim! Kim, look at me.
- Yeah.
They got him.
His pulse is still steady.
You did real good.
What happened? I don't know.
I saw his car, his cell phone rang, it brought me here.
But I I it looks like two small caliber rounds, but I didn't see any shell casings, - so I don't really know.
- Hey, Kim.
You all right? By the time I got here, the street was completely empty and his car was cold.
So I say that we ping his cell phone, right? - Hank.
- Because that will let us find out exactly what time he got here.
- All right, we'll do that.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Come on.
The victim's Kelton's consultant, Blair? Yeah, two GSWs being transported to Lakeshore Memorial.
So what the hell was he doing out here? I don't have an answer to that yet.
Well, the less you tell the public, the better.
Remember, my team's got a connection to this kid.
We got the same agenda on this.
We find something ugly, we're gonna keep it private.
All right.
Well, Kelton's on campaign stops all this week If I need you, I know where to find you.
All right.
- Kim all right? - Yeah.
Okay, I ran the address through NADIS.
Pretty much what you'd expect.
Uh, area's known for trafficking.
There's two houses on the block that are both indexed.
Known suppliers in each.
All right, well we're gonna have to run both.
Question is anybody know if Blair had a problem with drugs? No.
He barely even drinks.
Sarge, I got something.
There's at least 20k in there.
All small denominations.
All right.
Well, work your CIs.
Reach out to Gangs, Narcotics, farm for witnesses, PODS.
If they haven't been shot up, we might get lucky.
Yeah, I'm gonna head to the hospital.
- Kim.
- Yeah? I just got talked to the hospital detail.
Blair coded in the ambulance.
He died en route.
I'm very sorry.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
I talked to Platt and, uh, Blair's family has been notified.
They're hopping on planes from Connecticut now.
Did you, um, speak to Voight? He really running this as a drug-related homicide? Yeah, for now.
But we'll see where the evidence takes us.
Want me to give you a ride to the airport so you could meet the family when they land? No, I cannot do that.
I was meeting him last night to break up.
So I was gonna tell him not to move to Chicago.
Not for me anyway.
So I I can't sit with his family, Kev.
I don't belong there.
I don't belong there.
No, I understand.
So what do you want to do? I want to work.
Copy that.
Let's work.
Blair Williams, 32 years old.
Born and raised in Connecticut, wealthy family.
Studied politics at Princeton, moved to DC shortly after graduating.
Spent his whole career as a political consultant.
Good reputation too.
Been in Chicago the last two months working for Kelton.
Found last night, 10:18 p.
, two GSWs.
So far, nothing on forensics or ballistics yet.
Blair got any link to drugs? Any priors? Yeah, believe it or not, he got popped for possession at 17.
He got pulled over on a traffic stop and the cops found seven grams of cocaine on him.
All right, so he didn't get charged with intent to distribute? No.
Apparently his parents had pretty good lawyers.
Ran through Blair's texts and calls.
Um mostly business, personal texts, but there is one that stands out as being a little strange.
It was a conversation with a burner phone.
Looks like Blair was trying to buy something.
Blair to the burner, "Will give you a good price.
" The burner responds, "Meet me 8 p.
The Green Lounge.
" Let me see.
Sounds like a drug deal to me.
Green Lounge, that's that bar outside Englewood, right? Yeah.
Lots of drugs, lots of fights.
- Roll on it.
- You got it, Boss.
- Kev? - Yup.
Kev, I'm going.
We're not open for another two hours.
We're not drinking.
- Need to ask you a few questions.
- You can ask all you want but I make it a point not to pay attention to our customers.
- Is that so? - Yeah.
Makes it a hell of a lot easier not to answer you.
Hey, did you see him in here last night? Nah.
Don't believe so.
Yo! What the hell? My partner asked you to look at a photo, so look.
Otherwise I see broken glass.
That's a clear code violation.
Give me the phone.
Yeah, he was here last night.
Spent about half hour at the bar.
Who was he with? Some black dude I've never seen before.
They came in, had a drink, talked, left.
- Good enough? - No.
Did you hear what they were talking about? Did you hear a name? Do you have a better description than "black dude"? They were talking about money.
If you want my opinion, it's exactly what it looked like.
Rich prick comes to the hood to slum out on some Englewood coke.
- Do you have security cameras? - Do you see any cameras? That exit go out to the parking lot? Yeah.
- You okay? - Fine.
I'm fine.
Look, I know you didn't know him for very long, but I know you, I know you feel things deeply.
That's how it was with us anyway.
I'm just trying to tell you, if you need somebody to lean on you know, I got your back.
If he left out the back, that camera might've caught him.
- There.
- Is that Blair? The clothes are a match.
- Got him.
- Yeah.
Blue Buick.
Plate is John 774089.
Well, that's different.
Car's registered to First City Fellowship in Englewood.
That's a church.
Blue Buick.
What is Blair doing hanging out with a Reverend at a bar known for rocks and blows? Yeah.
Reverend Dennis? Reverend Dennis, Chicago PD.
5021 Henry.
Male victim, GSW to the hip, GSW to the neck.
Roll an ambo to 4329 South 51st Street.
Reverend? Dennis? Dennis, can you talk? Who shot you? Help's on the way, okay? Stay with us.
Stay with us.
I think he was bleeding out for a while.
There's no witnesses, no phone.
The shooter probably snatched it.
Looks like Dennis might have known the shooter.
He was in the back making tea when it happened.
- No signs of a struggle.
- Yeah, there were four casings which means the shooter missed twice at close range.
So he was not a professional.
Hey, this guy Dennis? Are we sure that he's a legitimate reverend? Yeah, he was ordained.
Well, Blair wasn't religious.
So I have no idea why he was meeting with a reverend.
Uh, ballistics came back as a match.
9mm that killed Blair killed Dennis too.
Maybe he's a political donor.
They were meeting to maybe talk about the election.
I ran that theory up the ladder.
- Yeah? - No one from Kelton's staff recognized the name.
Did they know if Blair had any enemies? None that stood out as anything more than political divides.
I mean, all they said was Kelton is really pissed that he's way behind in the polls, that everyone was pretty much drowning in it.
Except for Blair.
He had been talking about a new opportunity he had, but no one knew what he meant by that.
Guys, listen to this: if this brother's a man of God now, that was not always the case.
He's got three drug charges.
Dennis Reed, spent a decade of his life running drugs for the G Park Lords before he found the church.
Well, well, well.
Maybe it was never a full turn.
Just faith as a front.
Church is a good place to funnel money.
He's still dealing, he meets Blair somehow, they see a chance to make some money, do some business, a new opportunity.
Then someone swoops in, kills them both to end the sale.
All right, let's just take it step by step.
First let's confirm that Dennis was still actually dealing.
And search Blair's hotel.
I mean, if these two were moving heavy product together, they were wearing damn good masks for the world.
Let's peel 'em back.
Uh, hey, Burgess, Dawson? This is Maya Williams, Blair's sister.
She was hoping to get an update on the case.
I just landed and I came here 'cause I was hoping to get some answers.
Something? Anything? Hey, you know what? Uh why don't we go talk over here? No, I got this one.
You get the boxes.
I'll meet you in the car? Okay, sure.
So are there any official suspects yet? - Yeah, we have a few leads.
- Okay.
Um, Maya? Mm-hmm.
Did your brother have an issue with drugs? Using or dealing or You're asking me that because of his arrest in high school.
The coke.
I am, but he was also found in an area known for drug trafficking, so You know, our family's always been a little, um complicated.
So the night that Blair got arrested.
My father was with him.
The drugs were his.
My father's an addict.
Blair took the rap? Yeah.
It's just what we did, you know? We all covered for my father's illness.
His intentions were good.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
- Kim.
- Yeah.
Found it in the nightstand.
It's got your name on it.
I thought you might wanna open it.
- Sarge.
- Anything? Nah, no drugs, no cash.
Found a laptop.
Let me take it to CPIC now, see if they can get into it.
- Great.
- Files, documents, binders.
Lots more in the car.
Mostly on Price.
Some on his daughter, Jasmine.
Probably looking into her to find dirt on Ray.
Looking for a weak spot.
- Boss.
- Yeah.
I think I got something on Dennis.
A few members from his church were worried he had one foot in, one foot out.
His one foot out is this girl right here.
Kasey Hartman? Yeah, she's known him since his glory days with the G Parks.
They stay in heavy contact, only she's not so clean, she's not so holy.
I'm thinking she could tell us who the real Dennis is.
You and me.
No one thought to come to me when he was found.
I hear it from those church people and now you finally come and you just want to know if he was dealing? What, since he was screwing me he had to be? I don't think that.
I think you knew him and I think that means you might be able to help us.
Well, I don't know what he was up to and I don't know anyone named Blair Williams.
Well, Kasey, we're just trying to help.
So anything you could think of would be a big help to us.
It's probably nothing.
You know, a lot of times it's the nothing that helps us most.
I met him for dinner a couple of days ago.
He was late.
He's never late.
20 minutes after we were supposed to meet, a silver Escalade drops him off.
He was upset.
Wouldn't say who it was.
I thought maybe maybe he fell off.
Okay, you said silver Escalade.
Did you see who was inside? Nah, the windows were tinted.
But it was some kind of official car.
Had a a placard and a slogan sticker.
Future Future Chicago.
Something like that Hank.
Hey, Alicia.
Is your husband Hey, baby, I told you I had the door Hank.
What's going on? You tell me, Ray.
Special Reserve.
You want a glass? Uh, no thanks.
I'm on duty.
So I'll give you a short pour.
So what's going on, Hank? Reverend Dennis Reed.
- What about him? - How do you know him? Well, he's lived in my ward all his life.
When's the last time you saw him? Hank, the questions, the tone.
Just tell me what the hell is going on.
When's the last time you talked to him, Ray? A few days ago.
And what did you and the good reverend discuss? "The good reverend"? Come on, man.
Dennis Reed is a cold coke-slinging punk.
- That right? - Yeah.
This reverend thing is just a joke.
Well, word was that he was selling product again.
- On his own.
- Huh.
So I went to him and said, "Back off.
" And, you know, find some new hustle or something that wasn't gonna get him killed.
It's three weeks away from the election.
I don't need any more bodies being dropped in my ward.
Well, it looks like Dennis didn't heed your advice.
He was found dead in his church.
Shot twice.
Son of a bitch.
He couldn't stay out of his own damn way? Any idea who might've pulled the trigger? Well, if he was really, uh, dealing.
I'm guessing the local shot-caller took him out.
Guy by the name of Nate Lewis.
Straight up, cold-blooded gangster.
He's been selling blow and killing young black men for the last ten years.
If I was a betting man, he's your shooter.
Chicago PD! Nate Lewis, open the door! Okay, okay.
you can stop with all the yelling, man.
- What the hell is this about? - Sir, we just want to talk.
- You got a warrant? - No.
Then y'all can keep stepping.
I don't talk to the police.
Well, you know, sometimes talking is a lot easier than not talking.
- Threatening me? - Of course not.
I'm just saying, if you answer a few questions, you'll save us a lot of time What he's really saying, Nate, is either we talk now or we come back in the middle of the night with a warrant - and we toss your house and car.
- Man, y'all can kiss my ass.
I see drugs on the table in plain view.
Get against the wall! Against the wall! Man, I got no drugs out here.
I'm not an idiot, man! - You know Blair Williams? - No, never heard of him.
Turn around, put your hands on the wall.
- Man, what the hell, man? - Yo, yo, yo.
I need you to not step up on me.
Turn around and put your hands on the wall.
- Resisting arrest? - No! That's enough to charge you.
Sit down.
I want you to sit down.
Hands up, man.
Hands up.
Sit down.
We got a positive.
Antonio, we're checking the garage now.
Copy that.
Like I keep saying, I don't know nothing about those murders or no damn gun.
Yeah, the problem is, bro, that damn gun is the damn murder weapon of Dennis Reed and Blair Williams.
Blair Williams? I I never met that dude! Nate, I don't care if you never met him or you knew him or you went camping together.
What matters is, you killed him.
I don't know who or what you're talking about.
But you did know Dennis? Sure, I've known him for years.
And you got angry because he started dealing again - in your territory.
- No, no, no, no.
I got upset because he started shaking my ass down - for donations to his church.
- Come on, Nate.
Nate, Nate! I never talked to him about drugs! Listen to me.
We got the murder weapon and we got motive.
You wanted to end the sale.
With your resume, that's enough to put you away for life.
You understand? So we're trying to do you a favor.
Now give us your version of the story, the ASA will take that into consideration.
Man, I'm done talking.
Lawyer or no lawyer, we got enough to charge him.
Hey, Kim, look, I know it's not a perfect result, but at least it's something.
Yeah, I guess.
I'm not a damn china doll, Adam.
You don't have to keep checking on me Talk to me.
Just talk to me.
Blair wanted to stay in Chicago, but I was gonna tell him to leave.
That, you know, I didn't see us together long-term.
I should've told him to stay.
I should've told him I was falling in love with him.
He was a good person.
He was an honest person.
There's no way in hell that he was looking into a drug deal with a half-assed reverend named Dennis.
No way.
This whole case doesn't make any sense.
It doesn't.
No one believes me, but it doesn't.
Oh, I believe you.
I believe you and if you tell Voight what you just told me, he's gonna believe you too.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, Kim.
You know? I'm sorry.
I know that I was, um That Blair and I were sleeping together.
guy on? - Mm.
- That I liked him a lot.
I'm close to this.
I'm still rational, I'm still a cop, and I know who he was and who he wasn't.
And he wasn't a drug dealer or a user.
Kim, we don't have clean evidence any of this is linked to politics.
We do have evidence credible evidence that it's linked to drugs.
Then the evidence is lying.
The premise, Nate Lewis, something's wrong here.
I know that.
I want 48 hours before you charge Nate.
If I'm wrong about Blair, then I'm wrong, but let me be sure of it.
I know what this case looks like, but it's not about drugs.
Blair's vice was politics.
He won every campaign that he ever worked on and he was gonna win this one too.
He played hard, probably dirty.
Now I'm thinking that the 20k that we found in his trunk probably had to do with something political.
Yeah, so the question is, what could Dennis know or have in his possession that was worth 20k to Blair? Probably something to do with Price.
Kim, I'm not trying to go against you here, but we dug into Dennis.
We know he and Price knew each other.
But we didn't find any questionable or illicit connections between them.
We ran Dennis through Kelton's background, his campaign through Price's.
Nothing hit.
Jasmine Price.
What about his daughter, Jasmine? Blair was looking into her.
He did a full background check.
All right, Blair was digging into Jasmine.
Why don't we do some digging of our own? See if there's anything real there.
Are you Vanessa? Can we talk to you for a sec? - About what? - About Jasmine Price.
Is this about her father becoming mayor? 'Cause I never even met him.
We're not reporters.
We're cops.
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, we can talk.
- Can you cover me? - Yeah.
So you and Jasmine, you were roommates? Yeah, for two years, but we were never best friends or anything.
We ran in different crowds.
Just sort of stayed out of each other's way, you know? Until she left school for a bit.
- Why? What's this about? - Why did she leave school? I'm not really sure.
She just never came back after fall break.
She kind of just disappeared.
I said the same thing to that other guy about a week ago.
What other guy? I'm sorry, I forgot his name.
What did he look like? He was about your age.
Black, Asian.
Dressed really nice.
- Blair.
- Yeah, that's it.
He had a lot of questions about Jasmine too.
What kind of questions? He wanted to know about some guy she was dating from the city before she took a leave of absence.
Uh, I didn't remember his name.
I'd only met him a few times and he was kind of scary.
- A little wild and - This him? Yeah, that's the guy.
Thank you.
I'll call Voight.
So I understand you knew Dennis Reed.
Yes, I knew Dennis.
We sort of hung out for a few months.
It's fair to say it wasn't Jasmine's finest hour.
- That's fair.
- Okay.
We met at a party in the neighborhood and we started dating.
And she started drinking and partying, got lost.
So we pulled her out of school for a semester so she could get her head on straight.
- Hm.
- And now? She's on track to graduate.
- With honors.
- Wow.
Just got accepted to Columbia Law School.
Good for you.
That's a hell of a thing.
Thank you, sir.
Let me ask you, when was the last time you talked to Dennis? Oh, it's been a while.
- About a year? - Okay.
When you two were together, anything unusual happen? Unusual? Something you might not want the world to find out about.
Hank, what the hell kind of question is Ray, I'm trying to be respectful.
I got two dead bodies.
One of the dead guys was in your car the day before he died and he dated your daughter.
Other than partying, no.
Nothing unusual or shameful.
All right, then? If you don't need anything else, Jasmine needs to get back to work.
- Bye, baby.
- See you, Daddy.
- Appreciate it.
- Thank you.
Man, she seems like a good kid.
Oh, yeah, she is.
I'm very proud.
You should be.
Ray, why didn't you tell me Jasmine and Dennis had dated? I was embarrassed.
I did everything I could to raise her right, get her into a good college.
And then she starts dating some punk? Made me crazy.
I tried to block it out.
Just pretend it didn't happen.
- We good, right? - Yeah.
Three more weeks, I'll be mayor.
Hell of a thing.
Me and you, we're gonna do some great things together.
- You talked to Jasmine? - I did.
She admit to dating Dennis? Yeah, they dated a few months.
Partied more than they should have, but according to her, that's about it.
So we still don't know what Blair had on Jasmine or Ray that was so valuable.
If Blair found something, he found it doing opposition research, right? - Yeah.
- Let's do the same.
Just focus on the two, three months Jasmine dated Dennis.
But listen, we soft-shoe this, okay.
Anybody asks, it's just for background.
None of this goes in the report yet.
Let's go.
Guys, September's a bust.
Let's move onto October.
October in a college town.
Gonna be a hell of a lot of police reports.
All right, Evanston, October 2016.
We got DUIs, disorderly conduct, drug possession.
Nothing connected to Jasmine or Dennis.
Well, maybe she got picked up, a cop knew who she was? Well, if that's the case, not a whole lot Blair can do without an official record.
She may have not been picked up, but she was partying.
She deleted her social media for all of October.
But her iCloud? Look at this.
She looks like a different person.
See, his iCloud, everything that doesn't match his reverend rebrand got moved or deleted.
- Why not delete everything? - That I do not know.
Wait, who is that? Do facial rec on her because I recognize her - from these photos.
- Sending.
Got it.
Anna Welk.
One prior for possession, deceased, October 17, 2016, cocaine overdose.
Yeah, I got an EMT report.
Uh, paramedics respond to a home in Evanston on the morning of October 17th.
Patient Anna Welk pronounced dead on arrival.
Oh, I think I got something.
I need a jump drive.
We got to get this to Voight right away.
Hey, yo, yo, yo! Jasmine Price, the badass bitch of Beverly.
- Hi! - Selling, taking names! We gonna be rich! Cash money! All I gotta do is keep selling to my girl, Anna.
Ah! Hey, come here, babe.
Come here.
Get over here.
Let me get some more vodka, boo.
What the hell, Anna? Aww! Aww, she down! - Anna, stop playing! - Aww, no, no.
Stop playing.
Anna! - Hey, don't no! - Anna! Oh, my God! Hey, Jasmine, call 911.
Jazzy, call 911! I need to call my dad! - Anna - I need to call my dad.
I saw the video, Ray.
It's bad.
Your daughter brags about selling cocaine to this girl then she overdoses.
Then she calls you, instead of 911.
There's also no police report.
So I'm guessing you made the problem go away.
- She's my daughter.
- Ray, what happened, Ray? Blair found out about the video or Dennis reach out to him first? Tell him he had something of value? Hank, it's not what you think.
Ray! It's time to come clean right now.
I'm so tired of the lies, the omissions.
Not knowing who you really are.
You're right.
The young man, Blair, called me.
Told me he knew about the video and that he wanted me to step down, to withdraw my candidacy.
And? I told him to go to hell.
I am not gonna walk away just because some Ivy League pimp was extorting me.
Hell no! So who did the murders? I Who did the murders, Ray? Ray, who Everything okay in here? Uh, Hank and I are just, uh, talking.
- It's best you leave us alone.
- Yeah.
I said it's best if you No.
I don't want to leave you alone.
Not with him.
Not now.
Please, Alicia, just leave.
This smooth-talking prick was gonna ruin our lives.
Alicia, I think your husband's right.
It's better you stop talking.
He didn't care about us, our family, all we had been through, all we were gonna do.
He was just trying to win some damn election.
Okay, Sergeant Voight doesn't want to hear I told him he was making a big mistake! - Alicia, shut your damn mouth! - I I will not! - Just shut up! - I re Shut your mouth! Please! I did what I did.
I had no choice.
I couldn't let him, let them ruin our dreams.
Our family.
So I I killed Blair.
And then I killed Dennis.
Hank I don't know what to say.
- Yeah.
- I don't know what to do.
She wasn't right.
She panicked.
You need to stop talking now.
Just Hank Hey.
What's up? How did it go with Price? What the hell was that? I appreciate you meeting me on such short notice.
Sure thing.
Like I said on the phone, I'm here to help.
I got a confession in the Blair Williams, Dennis Reed murder case.
Is it solid? Did you videotape it? Got it in writing too but it's off the record.
Unless we can negotiate a good deal, it goes away like it never happened.
Go right back to the old evidence and facts we have which are not perfect.
I think we both know a decent lawyer could prove reasonable doubt.
Point taken.
So what's the ask? Murder two, seven years.
The offender was highly emotional.
Acted impulsively, irrationally.
The offender addresses all that in the video? It's part of the proffer? It's all laid out in detail.
And you think it's credible? I do.
Let me watch the video.
We'll go from there.
My name is Ray Price.
I'm talking to Sergeant Hank Voight of the Chicago Police Department about the murders of Blair Williams and Dennis Reed.
When I learned that Blair Williams was attempting to purchase a video that would embarrass my family, my daughter, and possibly ruin my chances of becoming mayor, I tried to make a deal with him.
I tried to persuade him to bury the video.
We got into an argument, began to fight, and I ended up shooting him.
And then I shot Dennis Reed in a fit of rage, panic.
When I'd come to my senses, when I realized what I had done, I planted evidence on a known drug dealer by the name of Nate Lewis.
What I did was cowardly and unforgivable.
I'm deeply ashamed and filled with regret and remorse.
But what I did, I did for one simple reason.
I love my family.
They feel the same.
Drugs, politics.
Gone's just gone.
Ray Price, the candidate for mayor? Yeah.
I'm afraid it's gonna be all over the news.
I think you and your family should brace yourself.
You're going to be asked for a lot of interviews and, I mean, Chicago politics writ large.
Egos, back room deals.
- Right.
- Okay.
Um, we're gonna take him back home.
Have the funeral in Connecticut.
He'll be back with family at least.
Thank you for Thank you.
Maya? Blair and I were dating.
I mean, we were just, like, at the beginning but I think it could've been something truly amazing.
Mmm! - It's not Special Reserve.
- Yeah.
Not a headache in the bottle.
The ASA bit.
You made the deal? Seven years.
I was so close, Hank.
Really close.
Three weeks away from being the damn mayor of Chicago.
Yeah, it would have been a hell of a thing.