Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e20 Episode Script


1 - Hey.
- Hey.
- You sleep down here? You okay? - Whoooo! Yeah, um, shouldn't have had that last drink.
It kicked in my insomnia.
All right, well, I'll make us coffee.
- Okay.
- Hey, uh, my uncle messaged.
He wants to know if we wanna go to Mackinac Island next weekend.
What do you think about that? - Can we go now? - Oh, I wish.
New poll came out.
Kelton's 20 points out in front.
Well, good-bye, Intelligence.
Hello, 16th district.
Why would he send you to the 16th? Because he's gonna send the South-siders North and North-siders South.
He's gonna separate the units.
Send us to all parts of the city.
Well, Kelton wants his own people close.
It sucks but you would do the same thing.
Break up the team with the highest clear rate in the city? No, I would not.
What? You're adorable when you're stubborn.
I'm not stubborn.
I'm right.
Again, proving my point.
Units in the 9th district and units on the city-wide, we have an armed robbery in progress at 730 West on 31st.
730 West, that's a couple of blocks from here.
5021 Henry, we're gonna roll on that.
5021 Henry on the scene, call's bona fide.
We have a man down.
Chicago PD! Let's see your hands! Get your hands in the air now! Listen, pal, you back away from the van! Keep your hands where we can see them right now! I'm not asking again! Ruz! [GUNSHOTS.]
- You all right? - Yeah.
10-1, 10-1, shots fired at the police! We're pinned down! 5021 Henry, back-up's on the way.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Help's on the way, okay? - Can you hear me? - Yeah.
Okay, we've got an ambulance coming for you, okay? Just stay talking to me! Okay, what are you delivering? [GROANS.]
Pills for the pharmacies.
We're losing him! [PANTING.]
All right, where we at? When we rolled up, it was in progress.
Offenders made good their escape.
Yeah, and did some planning.
Took fast escape routes on the interstate from here.
You got the tags? Yeah, it came back hot.
Stolen from the Gold Coast a week ago.
Patrol's got a possible sighting in Humboldt Park.
- Atwater and Burgess are on it.
- Okay.
Driver's in surgery at Med.
Severe blunt-force trauma to the head.
It could go either way.
Okay, what were they after? - Pills.
- How much did they get? I checked the driver's manifest.
It looks like they got away with four boxes of bulk opioids.
Street value of about a quarter million.
Patrolman told me this is the third van heist in the area this month.
There's no working PODS on the block.
No luck with business surveillance either.
All right, let's talk to the drug manufacturer and the shipping company.
I want to know all their routes and what exactly was on those vans.
We figure out how they did it, should help us find who did it.
- Copy that.
- Let's go.
I spoke to Robbery.
All three vans were owned by Venture Shipping.
The offenders, they hit the vans early in their route while the pig was fat.
They got in and out fast.
Seems like they know what they're doing.
And nothing on the van drivers? No, all three are clean.
Nothing to suggest it was an inside job.
So All right, our best lead comes from these blowups taken from a nearby auto repair shop.
Now this? This is offender one.
This guy's got $300 sneakers on.
This is the one that beat down the driver.
The driver said he was speaking English.
He sounded like a local.
All right, boss, as far as I can tell, this is all about the opioids.
But in this whole process, there were some other meds taken.
- Other drugs? - Mm-hmm.
All right, these pills distinct enough to ID? Not really they all got the same manufacturer stamp, but that's about it.
- Hey, Sarge.
- Anything on the SUV? Yes, sir, they found it empty on a random lot in Humboldt Park, two miles away from the robbery.
Techs ran the GPS.
The SUV was parked on a Back Of The Yards neighborhood for two days, one block from a known drug den owned and operated by the Night Lords.
But you know what? I got a junkie unwitting that's actually pretty tight with some of these guys.
He grew up with them.
I could take a run at him.
- Chase it.
- Copy that.
Hey, Tommy, it's your boy, Eddy.
What's up? Sarge, now my guy couldn't say much over the phone, but it sounds like the Night Lords have a large inventory of painers at the moment.
Guy by the name of Time Bomb is selling the stuff.
That's what he goes by.
His real name is Eric Shaw.
He did two stints in Big Muddy, one for armed robbery, the other one for aggravated assault.
He beat up his PO with the handle of a shotgun.
Sounds like our offender one.
All right, find out what your guy knows about the heist and Eric Shaw.
But our priority is getting Shaw off the street.
So I want you to bring Adam with you, put him in play as a dealer, set up a buy/bust of Shaw.
It's a little early for all that, don't you think? I'm better solo with my guy.
Trust me.
No, I want all pieces in place.
I want Adam close.
If you got a problem with me around opioids, just say it.
I just did.
It comes right from the source? I can get 1,000 of those in your hand by tomorrow.
40k, nonnegotiable.
I mean, it looks legit, man, but I'm serious when I say I need a steady supply.
Not a problem.
All right, well, we got a deal then.
But at 30.
I don't negotiate.
I'm here as a favor to Tommy.
If you don't like my terms, that's fine.
All right.
Yeah, yeah, we got a deal.
Uh, you, uh, just call me when you're ready to do this.
Tommy's got my number.
See you, Tommy.
Hank, you seen this? - That's catchy.
- Where are we at? We're circling a dealer in the Night Lords.
You're circling? Kate, it takes time.
Bad guys don't run on an election cycle.
Oh, okay.
Look, I know you've got bad blood with Kelton.
I get it.
But if you want Intelligence to survive, you're gonna have to make peace with him.
Now, I do not want to bury you, Hank.
I'm a Chicagoan.
I know the good work that you guys do.
It's not that simple, Kate.
You know it.
Hey, boss.
Excuse me, Miss Deputy.
Uh, Shaw just made a phone call.
He's ready to do the deal.
Good, set it up.
Have Jay and Hailey ghost.
Anything else? Are you guys all set? - [BEEP.]
- Yeah, we got you, Adam.
All right, all right.
This is Shaw; here we go.
All right, all right.
If I remember correctly, we said no guns.
Yeah, for you and me.
My guys pack.
Is it gonna be a problem for you? Hey, where's the stuff? You first.
All right.
It's all there.
All right, hop in.
Hop in? No.
No, no, man.
You told me you were gonna bring the stuff here, man.
No, I said we had a deal.
How we do that deal is up to me.
- This is not good.
- It's Adam's call.
He hasn't used the distress signal yet.
I have a lot of cash here, man.
And it ain't like you and I go way back.
You know what I mean? You in or out, bro? Where do you want me to go? I got a house over on Webster.
No prying eyes.
Come on.
I don't like it.
5021 Henry, do you have any patrol cars near 3400 Princeton? 10-4, I show 922 coming off a traffic stop a block away.
Have them do a slow crawl down Princeton.
All right, let's go.
Hey, hold up.
What the hell? No, no, no.
It's off.
If this is on you, you're dead.
Bro, it's just a cop car, man.
Hey, yo, Shaw.
He just turned, bro.
Dude, it's just a cop.
He probably lost his donuts.
Man, come on! Come on! Hey, guys.
What the hell was that? What was that? I had the prick.
- I don't understand it.
- Had him? He wanted you to go mobile.
We weren't equipped for that.
- Had rip written all over it.
- All right, who made the call? - It doesn't matter.
- I did.
Yeah, you made the wrong call.
You made it too early.
Listen, when I'm in the middle of it and I use the distress signal, then we call it.
If I don't use the distress signal I made the call, Adam.
Move on.
- Let it go, bro.
- Hey, Trudy.
- Yeah? - This mic's a little spotty.
- I'll have tech take a look.
- Thanks.
Hailey, just give me a second.
Look, I know that it's complicated It had nothing to do with us.
It had nothing to do with us.
Are you sure? Yes.
So where we at with Shaw? Can we get this deal back on track? Well, he just texted me a bunch of emojis I never even knew existed.
So based on that, I'm guessing that the deal is off.
Well, we're keeping the pressure on.
Going from the top didn't work, so we start from the bottom.
We catch one of Shaw's crew dirty and flip him.
Narcotics know where the Night Lords are slinging these pills? There's a house in the Back Of The Yards that's getting a lot of action.
Walk ups, hands offs, stuff like that.
It's on the corner of Ashland and 54th.
It's been up for demolition for about a year.
Would you look at that? Look who it's registered to.
Shaw's uncle.
Get eyes on that house.
Let's go.
We got another hype coming in white, 30s.
Male with a beard.
Green army jacket, green ski cap.
Looks like another buyer.
Okay, let us know when you got eyes on the seller.
Oh, that's a negative.
Just another satisfied customer.
Hold on.
Who's that? He went in the house about two hours ago.
He might be a runner re-upping the spot.
We need to stay with this guy.
Okay, we think we got one of Shaw's boys exiting the house.
Looks like he's carrying a bag.
Here we go.
I think she just gave him cash.
Okay, I'm gonna stay with the buyer.
I'll let you know if we got a positive.
All right, we're going on foot.
Copy that.
Ah, he's gonna run.
Son of a bitch.
- Hey, stop right there! - Cut him off! 5021 Ida, I've got a male offender in a red jacket fleeing under the Last seen fleeing southbound on Ashland.
Let me see what's in the bag.
Give me the bag.
- No.
- Give me the bag! How are we doing? She says there's no pills in there.
Hands up.
Get your hands up.
Do you have anything sharp on you? - No.
- Turn around.
I don't know.
These look a lot like pills.
What's your name? You got an ID? Hey, hey! Slow.
Gina Reilly.
Out of the way! Out of the way! - Chicago PD! - Out of the way! Out of the way! Police! Out of the way! Move! Police! Police! Hey! Out of the way! Hey! Out of the way! Out of the way! Move! 5021 Eddie, we've got a man on the tracks.
- Advise CTA.
- Move! Move! Shut down the Red Line towards Lansing! Shut it down! [ELECTRICITY ZAPPING.]
Copy that, 5021 Eddie.
We'll notify CTA.
- Get an ID? - Joe Powell.
Nickname J-Dog.
Two busts for distro.
Three DUIs and battery to a police officer.
Born and raised in the Yards.
Been running with Shaw's crew for a couple years.
- High level guy? - Nah, just a packman.
Everything in our records shows he's a wannabe.
All right, what about the buyer she know anything? Hailey is starting to talk to her right now.
This is all a misunderstanding.
I'm not a drug addict.
I swear! - Okay.
- Hey, I need a word.
What's up? I ran the identifiers on those pills you caught her with.
They're not opioids.
What are they? Uh, it's a drug called Lumicin.
It treats a rare liver disease.
Can you get high taking them? No.
Why would someone steal them? It costs about 40 grand a month.
- 40 grand? - Yeah.
So are you saying Gina's sick? [SIGHS.]
Gina's dying.
Hey, um We made a few phone calls.
We know what's going on.
We know you're sick.
So you you know I wasn't out there on the street buying dope.
If you don't mind talking about it, those pills you take, Lumicin, what does it do for you? It replaces an enzyme my liver can't produce anymore.
It keeps me alive.
I'm assuming since you're getting them on the corner, your insurance doesn't cover the costs? What insurance? I lost it a year ago.
And, uh, my husband's insurance doesn't cover it, so [SNIFFLES.]
The guy that gave you the pills Joe Powell how do you know him? I don't, really.
I just I knew where to go.
And you knew that he would have these pills? How did you know that? Did someone tell you? Yeah, a friend.
Does this friend have a name? [SIGHS.]
Am I under arrest? We're just talking.
But you've got to level with me, okay? We've been chasing a robbery crew.
And they steal meds from vans.
We have the delivery manifests.
And all of the vans had Lumicin in them.
Three bottles were taken in the last heist and those are the three bottles I found on you.
This guy here? He almost got killed in the last attack.
He may never walk again.
If what you say is true, that someone's committing crimes to save my life Then those robberies might be my only hope to see my daughter grow up.
I help you, I die.
- This is a tough one, Sarge.
- I know.
You still got a job to do.
Jay, any more of this Lumicin coming to Chicago? I'm trying to get an answer on that.
The drug companies aren't being responsive.
A lot of privacy issues.
But, uh, I'm working on it.
I got something.
I found a nexus between Gina's husband, Robert, and our shot caller Eric Shaw.
They're cousins.
They went to the same high school.
They're in a bunch of social media pictures together.
All right, what do we know about him? Uh, full name Robert Reilly.
He's 34.
He didn't even have a sheet until about six months ago, Sarge.
Uh, he was a high school Algebra teacher.
Had to take a leave of absence when Gina got sick.
His height, weight, and build are a match for offender two.
So we're gonna dig into him.
I mean, he and Shaw are cousins how close are they? What about Gina? We hold her for 48 hours, keep her away from phones.
All right, let's get eyes on Reilly fast.
There he is.
We got eyes on our target.
He's on the move in his Toyota.
We're gonna keep a loose tail.
We're headed westbound on Ivy Street.
I thought this guy was an unemployed teacher.
What the hell is this place? 5021 George.
Squad, run an address.
Uh, 4101 South Packers.
I'm trying to get the name of the business.
4101 South Packers.
Ownership comes back to a corporation, Venture Shipping.
Do you need backup? No, we're good.
Mobile out.
You've got to be kidding me.
Reilly is the inside man.
Fox guarding the hen house.
The hen house is filled with opioids and the drug that's going to keep his wife alive.
So we know all three vans worked for Venture Shipping.
Reilly works in their dispatch unit.
He started three months ago.
He has access to all the delivery routes.
Now all the van drivers said the first guy was muscle, the second guy took the drugs.
So Shaw handles the drivers, Reilly grabs the drugs and the Lumicin for his wife.
Yeah, it's a very good theory.
How do we prove it? We get up on Gina's phone.
Gina, we appreciate your patience.
You're free to go.
You're not charging me? No.
Sorry it took so long.
I convinced our ASA to not press any charges considering everything you're going through.
I'm going to shoot you straight, okay? If it's in your power, if you know anything about these robberies You need to call the people that are doing them and make them stop.
I'm sorry, we'll send in the payment today.
Thanks for understanding.
This is your last delay - [SIGHS.]
Healthcare bills.
You get sick, they never stop.
My dad's still paying off my grandfather's cancer treatment.
He died five years ago.
All right, another call coming in.
That's Reilly's number.
- Baby, is that you? - Yeah.
How's Hannah? She's good.
Listen, sweetie, uh, I can't talk.
Just know I'm working on something big.
Bob, listen to me.
I'm begging you.
It's gone too far.
Don't do this.
We can find another way.
There is no other way.
We're gonna beat this together, okay? [SOBBING.]
I love you so much.
I love you too.
Something big? What's that? Jay talked to Venture Shipping.
He said they're going to have armored guards with every van now.
Reilly would know that.
They've got to be hitting a wholesaler or a pharmacy.
I'll call Voight.
All right, listen up.
Kim, Kevin? Get over to Shaw's house.
If he's still there, just lay low.
You wait for him to move out.
Jay, reach back out to your manufacturing contacts.
We need to know where this Lumicin is sitting.
Hey, hold up.
I got something coming from Dispatch about a pharmacy.
Squad, can you repeat that robbery call? Armed Robbery in progress.
24-hour Pharmacy.
50th and Shields.
We have cars on the way.
Let's go.
Show 5021 units responding.
Get back! Get back! - Hey, cover the back! - Copy that.
- Ready? - Ready.
Chicago PD! Let me see your hands, Reilly.
Stand up! Stand up! Put your hands on your head.
Now walk forward.
Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
Stop right there.
Down on your knees.
He's gone.
Hey, what are you doing? Oh, man, what did you just do? What did you do? It's clear that you never meant to hurt anyone, Bob.
All right? You stuck around.
You tried to save that man when I know you knew we were coming.
You could've just as well left him to die alone.
Now Bob, I-I know your story, okay? I know what's going on with your wife.
She has nothing to do with this.
I'm not saying that she does.
What I'm trying to say to you is I would very much like to help you.
But we've got to start with you telling me about the guy who just killed that man.
Now I know it's your cousin, Eric Shaw.
You're not gonna say anything? Nothing? Okay, you're staring down three counts of armed robbery and felony murder.
That's life in prison.
That's you never seeing your kid as a free man ever again.
That's your wife dying alone.
Just tell me about Shaw.
All right? Just tell me about him and then you and I, we make a deal.
- Not a chance.
- Please, Bob.
This is the best thing for your family.
I'm not lying to you here.
I'm telling you the truth.
It's not.
Trust me.
Because Shaw still has your wife's drugs, is that it? [CRYING.]
Nothing you can say, nothing you can threaten, is ever going to change my mind.
I want a lawyer.
He's not gonna flip, not while Shaw has those pills anyway.
He loves his wife too much.
He's not gonna jeopardize her health.
Did we get anything from the crime scene? Witnesses saw a masked man hop into an SUV and take off.
No license plate.
No forensics.
Uh, the pharmacy did confirm that the offender made off with a bunch of opioids and about six months' worth of Lumicin.
Which is now in the hands of Shaw.
Has he talked to his wife? No, we brought him straight here.
They've had no contact at all.
Okay, Gina.
Notify her.
Have a talk.
That man has two daughters.
They're never going to see their father again.
I can't tell you how sorry I am.
Oh, my God.
Gina, right now Bob is going to prison for felony murder.
You just said that he wasn't the shooter, that he was trying to help the pharmacist.
Doesn't matter.
He's involved.
Legally, he's held responsible.
I need you to be honest with me.
What do you know about the robberies? [SIGHS.]
Nothing specific.
Bob kept me in the dark.
But you knew they were robbing vans? He never he never told me.
But, um Once I realized that Venture Shipping vans were being robbed, I did the math.
It's not like he had some big criminal plans.
Just he just wanted to keep me alive.
We were desperate.
I know.
What about his cousin, Eric Shaw? Uh, Bob never said he was involved.
Not explicitly.
But I-I knew it was him.
Bob said if if anything ever happened to him, I should reach out to Shaw.
- Have you? - Not yet.
That's good.
We'd like you to reach out to Shaw and get him talk about the pharmacy heist.
You want me to wear a wire? Yeah.
If you help us, we might be able to help Bob.
Reduce his sentence to manslaughter.
He'll be out in three to four years.
And, um, uh, what about my medicine? Shaw's the one who controls it, so if you arrest him, I won't get it.
Gina, those pills were stolen.
They're evidence now.
Proceeds from the robbery.
But if I-I do all this, you'll help Bob.
You have my word.
I'm in.
You sure? He would do the same thing for me.
All right, we got a good signal.
- Gina's camera's up.
- Copy that.
She's making a hell of a sacrifice.
They're madly in love.
Come in.
All right, we're up.
Everyone hang tight.
Wait for her to draw him out.
On my call.
I can't believe this is happening.
Talked to Bob yet? Yeah, for, like, two minutes.
He told me to hire a lawyer and he told me to get my meds.
He said you had them.
- What else he say? - Nothing.
You talk to the police? No, he he asked for a lawyer, that's it.
- What about you? - What do you mean? Have you talked to the cops? They came by, but I didn't say anything.
'Cause I-I don't really know anything.
That's how Bob wanted it.
But I'm not stupid I know what you two have been doing.
This is all my fault.
I should've put a stop to it.
- Hey, calm down.
- Calm down? Bob's in jail for murder! It is what it is.
It was his idea to do those robberies.
He wanted to help you.
Yeah, I'm sure you're right, but I guarantee you, it wasn't his idea to shoot that pharmacist.
All right, here we go.
Here we go.
No need to talk about that.
That's over.
For you! Not for Bob, not for me.
That pharmacist got exactly what he deserved.
He reached for a gun.
I did what I had to do.
Got him.
Wait, can we give her a sec, boss? What's up? Just give her a sec to find her meds.
All right, everyone stand by.
Look, just just give my meds and I'll go, okay? You'll never hear from me again.
They're upstairs.
Come on.
No, I'm I'm not gonna go up there with you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
- Okay, I'm I'm leaving.
- You're not going anywhere.
Sunshine! That's the safe word.
Come on, let's go.
Hailey, cover me.
All right, downstairs is clear.
We're going up.
Nothing out here.
We'll hold it down.
I'm gonna blast this bitch all over the walls! Okay, you listen to me now! I will blast this bitch! You hear me? There's no way out of this! Don't mess with me, copper! Put the weapon down! Let Gina go! Too late for all of that! Talk to me, Hailey.
You guys all right? Yeah.
Yeah, we're okay.
We're okay.
He's got Gina upstairs in the front bedroom.
We're holed up in the back.
Your leg.
Your leg.
- [GASPS.]
- I got it.
You've got to tie it off.
You gotta tie it off.
- You all right? Okay.
- Yeah.
I'm okay.
You gotta pull it out.
- No, no.
We'll wait for it.
- Adam.
- We'll wait for the ambo.
- Pull it out.
- You ready? - Yeah.
- Stay here.
- Wait, Adam.
Wait, he doesn't know I'm here.
I'm gonna go in.
It's the only advantage we've got.
No, no, no, no, no.
Adam, it's the only advantage we have.
You're gonna keep him talking.
I'm gonna go.
- No, no, no.
No! - Adam, I'm good.
Just keep him talking.
Listen, Shaw, talk to me, man.
You hear those sirens? The only way out of here is with me.
Don't mess with me, copper.
Just let Gina go.
It's too late for all that.
Then you and I can figure this thing out.
Stop talking.
You don't know me! Shaw.
- Listen to me, man.
We know you were trying to help Gina.
Don't change the story.
Let her go.
That's all I care about.
Then you can figure out what you and I are gonna do.
Don't play your games with me, man! Get out of my head! If Gina dies, that's on you! Bro! [NERVOUS CHUCKLE.]
Just send her out! Stay back or I'll blow her head right off! I'm not moving! I'm not moving! [GUNSHOTS.]
Give me a reason! - Oh, my God! - Give me a reason! You're okay.
You're okay.
We got you.
We got you.
We got you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's your leg? - It's fine.
Narcotics found the opioids in the attic.
We found the Lumicin too.
All right, has it been inventoried? - Yeah.
- That's not good.
Hey, uh, I I think we need to get you to a hospital - just to be safe.
- No, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I just I've had my fill of doctors and hospitals lately.
Listen, I want to see my husband.
Look, I know this is all my fault.
If I didn't get sick, I No, hey.
Don't do that to yourself.
Everything he did, he did for me.
He was trying to save me.
I just I just I wanna see him.
Please! All right, I'm gonna take you.
- Oh, Chief.
- Hank.
May I have a word? So I talked to Kiesel in Narcotics 'cause I wanted to use some of those drugs seized at Shaw's house for an operation.
They said you took control.
You already handled the problem? I did.
I watched my mother suffer through it.
Had to sell her damn house just to pay for her meds.
Kate, you're better than Kelton.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I won't ask how your leg is 'cause you'll just tell me it's fine.
- 'Cause it's fine.
- See? How are you otherwise? You mean Adam? Yeah, I noticed a little tension.
I thought I could pull it off.
Find balance.
It's a tough one.
I'm gonna give you some advice.
Because, for a young woman, I am wise beyond my years.
And I do care what happens to both of you.
I appreciate that.
Look If Adam's the one, then make it work.
But that probably means that one of you has to get out of Intelligence.
It's a very tiny needle you're trying to thread here.
Yeah, I know.
And if neither one of us are willing to make that kind of sacrifice? Then what you have isn't worth compromising your career for.
That was a long day, huh? Yeah.
Look, I was hoping we could go back to my place and just talk about everything.
I think maybe we should just talk right now.
Adam, I want you to know I care about you a lot.
- But - I know.
I know you do.
It's hard being together and working together.
But it's more than that though.
Isn't it? [SIGHS.]
Maybe we should take a break.