Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e21 Episode Script


1 We are here because we are powerless.
I know I am.
I just started the Fourth Step.
"A fearless moral inventory of all of my actions.
" Man, I'm here to tell you, that one's a bitch.
All the crap I'm hiding from the world.
All the lies.
All the guilt.
If I don't come clean, I'll start using again.
It's like the Big Book says, it's your secrets that'll kill you.
[CELL PHONE BUZZING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] What's with the face-to-face? IRT supervisor called me this morning.
All right, tell me exactly what he said.
Do not leave out one detail.
He said he wants to talk about the officer involved death from a few months ago.
He said there's certain parts of my statement that aren't adding up.
I thought the investigation was cleared and closed two months ago.
It was.
All right, Hank, enough's enough.
All right, this thing is on me.
- Antonio - I need to tell the truth.
You know you can't do that, Antonio.
I'm the one that killed the guy.
Yeah, I know, we're the ones that covered it up for you.
- I didn't ask you to do that.
- Bro, you didn't have to.
We weren't gonna let you go down so we rolled the dice.
Now we just we've got to see it through.
All right, listen to me.
The only reason IRT is going to reopen the investigation is by direct order of Superintendent Kelton.
[CHUCKLES] So when do they want to see you? Within the week.
All right, just keep your heads down.
Stay the course.
Don't talk to anybody.
I know how to get in front of this.
All right.
All right.
Kev reached out.
He needs some eyes.
What's he rolling on? Uh, dry meet with a CI in Englewood.
All right, you two head over there.
Cover his ass.
- What's up, man? - What's up? Uh, that's Hugo.
Hugo, this is Kevin.
The one I was telling you about.
What you got.
Hugo? Heroin.
You didn't bring a taste? Nah, man.
This stuff's pure.
You'll see.
Who you fronting for? Nobody.
Just, uh, trying to start my own game.
I got a straight Mexican connection.
No strings attached.
Yeah, so uh, what? Y'all interested or what? It depends on what the price is.
Talk to me.
I can go 50.
No, man.
Come on.
Look, I know this stuff's worth 60.
Come on.
50 or I'm gonna have to walk, Hugo.
All right.
Let's do 50 then.
That's love.
So, uh, how do y'all want to do this? Or what's what's what's next? Oh, I like this spot.
Let's meet right here tomorrow.
I'll bring my bread, you bring my brick.
- [PHONE BUZZING] - All right, cool.
Well, uh, yeah.
I'll see y'all tomorrow.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
[SNIFFS] Talk to me about where you found this fool again.
He just walked up on my corner, said he had weight.
Figured it was my chance to work off my thing with you.
Doesn't sit right.
I say we tail him, put him down at a house, figure out who he's fronting for.
[GUNSHOTS] Hey, run! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] One down! I got one down! Cover me! Cover me! I got you.
5021 Ida, emergency.
We got a gunshot victim down.
We need an ambulance now.
We need help.
- Can you hear me, huh? - Copy that, 5021 Ida.
Hugo, stay with me.
Okay? Stay with me.
Hugo? Hugo, what was that? What happened? Hugo, are you okay? Stay with me, Hugo.
- Stay with me.
- Baby, are you okay? Come on stay with me.
- What happened? - Keep right here.
Hugo! Hugo Campos, 17 years old.
Moved to Pilsen a year ago with his mother.
Clean sheet.
No disciplinary issues.
Gang affiliation? Uh, we're not sure.
Talked to a few CI's, but nobody knew him.
All right, who runs the tip where the kid got gunned down? His name is Derrick Winslow.
He calls the shots in that area.
He's real slick, low key, doesn't touch his product at all.
His cousin also got lit up last month.
Word on the street is a Mexican gang had something to do with it.
So maybe this was retaliation.
Kevin, you got an idea where to find this shot-caller? I can put some pressure on my CI.
Do it.
[ENGINE REVS] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [TIRES SQUEAL] Chicago PD! Put your hands up! Keep them right there, Winslow! Nice and easy, man.
We just want to see hands.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
Get out of the car.
Get up against the car.
Oh, whoa! You coming at me kind of tough, ain't ya? What's this all about? You drove through a stop sign.
Hello, Derrick.
"Hello, Derrick"? Come on, man.
Why are you doing this to me? Because someone did that Latino boy, the one who got lit up on your turf this morning.
I had nothing to do with that.
Derrick, nothing goes down in this neighborhood without your okay.
You need to tell us who did it.
Y'all just fishing.
You can't hang that shooting on me.
We can hang this on you.
Found it in your ashtray.
That's medicinal.
- I get migraines.
- That's great.
We're gonna need to see your card.
If not, we're confiscating your car.
- For a blunt? - Mm-hmm.
Y'all wouldn't do that.
Try us.
Who shot the boy? All right, I swear it wasn't nobody from my set.
One of my corner boys says he saw a black van screaming down 59th right after the shooting.
Okay, and whoever was driving it wasn't one of us.
So if I may? If y'all are done sweating me, can I keep my wheels? If your story checks out, sure.
Go have a seat in the car.
Hugo wanted to be an artist.
- It's beautiful.
- He was my only child.
All we had was each other.
I'm sorry.
I know this is difficult.
Was Hugo in any trouble? No.
He was either at school or at his job.
Okay, and where was he working? [SNIFFLES] La Casera.
- Okay.
- He worked as a busboy.
Was he involved in any gangs? I know that he wasn't.
They tried to force him and bully him where we used to live.
That's why we moved here.
It's supposed to be safer.
Do you have any idea how Hugo might've gotten ahold of heroin? Hugo was not involved with drugs.
[SIGHS] Kim.
What is that? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Found it in Hugo's closet.
It's a kilo of heroin, ma'am.
You're wrong.
It's not possible.
That is not who my son is.
Hey, Trudy.
Listen, I need a favor.
Yeah, what's going on? I remember you telling me your father kind of rubbed elbows with a lot of big shots in the publishing world.
Elbows, knees, other body parts possibly.
Why? I need an introduction.
It's got to be someone with power who I can trust.
Hank, you've enjoyed a long career by avoiding the press like the plague.
Yeah, well, I don't have a choice and I can't get into details.
But I need someone who doesn't answer to anybody.
Got to be their own man.
Well, the man you need is a woman.
Katherine Bradley.
You've got to be kidding me.
You know Katherine Bradley? Yeah, one of the perks of being my father's daughter.
I can set it up.
- Thanks, Trudy.
- Yeah.
Appreciate you meeting me, Mrs.
Please, it's Katherine.
Formality makes me feel old.
Trudy tells me you got a story that might be newsworthy.
I do.
Do you remember that serial killer that we caught a few weeks ago? Yes, we already published the story.
Yeah, well, not this story.
That same serial killer was active a few years ago.
And that email from Detective Leo Hernandez proves that the CPD knew about it and covered it up under orders of Brian Kelton.
As in the next mayor of Chicago Brian Kelton.
Four women were killed after that email was sent.
They'd still be alive today.
Those bodies are on Kelton.
I will have to interview this Detective Leo Hernandez and corroborate these accusations.
It has to be published before the election.
It has to be bulletproof.
I've been doing this a long time.
You're gonna take a shot at the king? You better not miss.
What'd you get? Uh, shooting happened at 9:02 a.
Derrick said his boy saw a black van fleeing right there.
We have surveillance on it until Pilsen and then we lose it.
- [CLICKING] - Looks like two guys inside.
Anything you can run through facial rec? Nah.
I got a hit on a plate though.
Car was reported stolen this morning.
It's registered to Carlos Martinez.
He's got one prior, aggravated battery.
Got into a street fight, beat the guy to a pulp.
Address? Uh, 23rd Street in Pilsen.
It's a restaurant.
La Casera.
That's where Hugo Campos worked.
Let's hit it.
Carlos Martinez? That's right.
Detective Dawson and Officer Burgess.
Are you the owner? I'm the manager.
Oh, I hear this place is great.
You heard right.
It's thanks to my brother.
He's the chef.
He's been to cooking school.
He's an artist with the food.
He paints with pig.
You guys hungry? Some other time.
So, Carlos, you reported your van stolen, is that right? Yeah, it happened this morning.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Do you know this guy? Hugo Campos.
Yeah, he worked as a busboy here.
Why are you talking about him in the past tense? Because he quit a week ago.
Did he give a reason? Restaurant business.
People come and go.
The reason we're asking is because Hugo Campos was gunned down from your vehicle this morning at 9:00 a.
, which was an hour before you reported your van stolen.
Can you explain that to us, Carlos? I don't know exactly when the van was stolen.
Okay, well, where were you at 9:00 a.
? I was here with my brother.
- Can anybody else verify that? - No.
We were alone setting up, like we do every morning.
Now, if you don't mind, we're about to get busy.
Oh, well, excuse us.
We'll be in touch.
Think we rattled his cage hard enough? We'll see.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
That's Alex Del Toro.
Do you know him? Yeah, he's a major drug supplier.
He killed one of my CI's nine years ago, but I couldn't prove it.
So we went fishing for minnows and we hooked a whale.
Alex Del Toro.
He's a major player in Pilsen.
He's got direct connections to Mexican cartels.
He's been a source of supply for heroin and coke for years.
But he doesn't call attention.
He stays off the radar.
Narcotics has tried, but they could've put a glove on him.
I worked this guy.
Let me tell you something, there is nothing about him that's good.
[TAPPING] Mike Flores.
He was my CI.
He was a low-level player.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATES] Del Toro thought he was stealing products when he killed him, but we couldn't prove it.
All right, so what's the connection between Hugo and Del Toro? The restaurant.
I pulled the business license for La Casera.
Now Carlos Martinez is the manager.
But the owner, that's Alex Del Toro.
He owns a bunch of cash businesses.
That's how he launders his drug proceeds.
That was Todd Harris from Auto Theft Robbery.
They got Martinez's stolen van at a chop shop in Pilsen.
Okay, Jay.
You, me, Kevin, Adam, let's roll on it.
This place is notorious.
All five of these vehicles are hot.
There's your van.
All right, Kevin.
You and Adam, glove up.
- Check it out.
- Copy that.
And that guy took possession of the keys when the van came in.
Fernando Diaz, illegal immigrant.
- What else did he give up? - Oh, when we found out Intelligence was chasing the van, we stopped asking questions.
Thought we'd give you first crack.
I'll go talk to him.
Hablas ingles, Fernando? - Yeah.
- Okay.
You here when they brought that van in? How many people? Two.
Can you describe them to me? No.
It was dark.
It was 10:00 a.
I couldn't see them.
- Yeah? - Found shell casings.
Same caliber as recovered at the shooting.
- Bag them.
- Copy that.
You got working papers? No.
Look, usually we don't care about immigration status.
The problem is you have information that could help us solve a murder.
So if you're not willing to help, then I'm gonna be forced to hand you over to ICE.
It's your call.
And if I help you? You'll keep doing what you're doing.
Nobody will know.
Can you describe their faces to me? Yes.
We believe Alex Del Toro was the triggerman this morning.
- Alex Del Toro? - Yup.
We got an eyewitness who puts Del Toro and one accomplice in the van right after the shooting.
That's gonna be hard to build a case on.
I know.
But it'll be a lot harder if Del Toro leaves the country.
So we want to grab him before he knows we're onto him.
We use the 48 hours to build a case.
I'll call the ASA.
Get the clock ticking.
Thanks, Kate.
Hank, there's something else.
Katherine Bradley contacted my office.
She asked for clarifications about the serial killer your team pinched.
I assume you're the one behind it.
You are making a mistake.
You come after Kelton like this, somebody is gonna get hurt, and it won't be Kelton.
He'll win, Hank.
He always wins.
Kate why are you protecting him? Brian Kelton is going to be mayor of Chicago in one week.
That is a fact.
You need to come to peace with it, Hank.
If Kelton gets elected, his first order of business will be to disband Intelligence.
That is not peace.
That is war.
[SCOFFS] Alex Del Toro.
You know, I can't believe you've never been in this room before.
I haven't been here because I don't belong here.
You've obviously made some kind of mistake.
If that's the case, maybe you can help us clear this up.
Hugo Campos.
He was killed this morning in a drive-by.
Hmm, that's too bad.
You know him? No.
Works as a busboy at your restaurant? - Hmm.
- La Casera.
I'm only a silent partner.
I let Carlos do what he wants.
That's not what Carlos said.
He's in the next room.
He's scared as hell.
He said Hugo stole your drugs.
You found him and you lit him up.
You got an alibi for this morning at 9:00? - Oh, yes.
- Hmm.
I was with my wife, Claire.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Yeah? Sorry, Hank, I walked as slowly as I could.
My client's done talking.
All right, relax.
Carlos, you seem like a pretty solid guy.
Why go into business with Alex Del Toro? He's just an investor in the restaurant.
Why is he so nice to you? My father died when we were little.
Alex stepped in and took care of us.
Me and my brother.
He's family.
He's also a source of supply for heroin coming into Chicago.
I don't know anything about that.
People in your neighborhood say they see you driving Del Toro around a lot.
That's not against the law.
No, it's not.
But this is.
Were you driving Del Toro this morning? Nope.
He's right next door, giving his version of events.
This is your one chance to tell us what really happened before he throws you under the bus.
Give us Del Toro.
Come clean.
And we will help you.
Like I said, somebody stole my van.
Now remember what I said, you've got nothing to worry about.
'Cause they can't see your face, all right? [TAPPING] All right, take a look.
All right, recognize the man who brought the van? I'm pretty sure it's number three.
You just take your time, all right? You don't have to rush.
- He gave you his answer.
- Okay, please be quiet.
It's all right.
Take another look.
It's number three.
I'm positive.
Let the record reflect that the person your witness ID'd is not my client.
I want him released.
You have nothing.
I got 36 hours.
We'll see.
The hell are you doing? You know that's not the man you saw.
[TEXT ALERT CHIMES] What's on your phone? Who's texting you? Who's in the photo? My children in Mexico.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Fernando Diaz isn't being charged.
He's on his way back to Mexico.
All right, what do we know about the kids? Platt's trying to reach out to the Mexican police.
We're doing what we can, but we can't do much.
Do you know if Del Toro got to him? Well, like I said, Del Toro's got reach all the way to Mexico.
He's smart.
Well, we've got to be smarter and we're on the clock.
Let's come at this a different way.
All right, Del Toro is a known supplier and Hugo Campos was found with a kilo in his bedroom.
We got the restaurant as a nexus.
It's a licensed premises, so we don't need a warrant.
We could just walk right in.
All right, let's do a city license check and go for maximum disruption.
Shake the tree.
See what falls out.
Kitchen looks clean.
Of course it's clean.
We're going to see all your licenses.
Hey, you got a key for this lock? No, it's Carlos' office.
Not the restaurant.
Hey look, just so you know, your brother's in a lot of trouble.
He didn't kill Hugo.
He's out of that life.
I don't think he pulled the trigger.
But he's not helping himself out.
I know he cares a lot about you.
So maybe you can talk sense into him.
My brother can take care of himself.
He's taking care of Alex Del Toro.
Now I know you both feel loyalty for him.
But unless your brother comes clean, he's going to be the one that winds up in jail.
[SIGHS] Like I said, Carlos can take care of himself.
[WHISTLES] I found that under the floorboard along with six other bricks.
Same stamp as the brick in Hugo's room.
I don't know a lot about Mexican cuisine, but I don't think heroin is one of the main ingredients.
That's not mine.
It was in the false floor of the office and your name is on the lease.
You're looking at possession with intent to distribute.
Eight years minimum.
Or there's another option.
You tell us what happened this morning.
I already told you Del Toro's gonna walk and you're going to jail for eight years.
Eight years ain't nothing.
I'll eat whatever you got.
- No, that's not what you want.
- Antonio.
We need you.
We got a problem.
What's going on? All right, look, the "Tribune" is ready to publish an article about Kelton covering up the serial killings.
But the detective we need to verify the accusations, Leo Hernandez, he's in the wind.
Do you think Kelton got to him? Look, all I know, Leo took a leave of absence.
He's not in his apartment.
He's ducking his calls.
We need to find him.
Okay, wait.
What if we don't? We will.
But if we don't and Kelton gets elected, we can't stop the investigation.
Antonio, hey, hey.
We're gonna find him.
Yeah, and we've got to move fast, okay? The election's in a week.
So dig into Leo's financials.
Start tracking his movements.
[SIGHS] Hey.
- Hey.
- [CHUCKLES] Oh, what's up, baby? It's so good to see you.
Thanks for taking the time, Dom.
A man can take only so much Netflix.
- [CHUCKLES] - What's on your mind? It's kind of a hypothetical situation.
I wanted to get an FOP lawyer's perspective on it.
Off the record.
Won't go farther than this table.
Say a police officer is in the act of arresting a non-compliant offender, and he accidentally kills that offender.
That would be an unfortunate outcome, but it happens.
IRT and COPA would do their investigations and clear the officer.
But you already knew this.
What if the officer involved was taking medication? Were these medicines prescribed? No.
- So he was high.
- Yeah.
Was he tested at the scene? Uh, he left the scene and his fellow officers covered for him.
[SIGHS] Would it be possible for this officer to take full responsibility for his actions after the fact? Why would he do that? So he could live with himself and get his fellow officers off the hook.
Is there any way? No.
All three of these officers involved in the incident would be fired.
And the officer who killed the offender while he was impaired would get jail time.
Antonio, there's no hypothetical happy ending.
Hey, Boss? I've been digging into Leo Hernandez.
Okay, hold on.
So he shut his phone off.
Made me think he might try and skip town.
I talked to the transportation team.
Sure enough, he's booked on a Southwest flight.
Leaves in a few hours.
Why didn't we get this from Asset Forfeiture? He didn't buy the ticket.
It was purchased by a woman named Gloria Mitchell.
I ran her through Lexus Nexus.
Mitchell is her married name.
She was born Hernandez.
- His sister.
- Uh-huh.
She lives at 4217 Racine.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hank, I was gonna call ya.
Yeah, you kind of disappeared on me.
Just taking some time off.
[CHUCKLES] Kelton get to ya? - No.
- Then why you running away? I can't do it, Hank.
I can't blow the whistle on Kelton.
You got to do what's right here, Leo.
You know what happens to a cop that rats out another cop.
I've got to protect my family.
You know who didn't get protected? Lexie Wright, my friend.
Shanele Martin, Gina Martinez, Rachel Jones.
And four other Jane Does whose bones we can't even identify.
Listen, if Kelton hadn't covered up the existence of that serial killer, those women would still be alive.
I mean, that's on Kelton.
If you don't do what's right here then it's on you.
I know you, Leo.
I know this is haunting you like it's haunting me.
I'm calling Katherine Bradley.
And you're going to tell her the truth.
Bradley, it's Sergeant Hank Voight.
I've got Detective Leo Hernandez here.
He wants to talk to you.
You're doing the right thing, Leo.
We'll see.
Trudy, what the hell happened? I thought we still had time.
ASA said to kick him.
It is what it is.
There's no evidence, no case, and no point in wasting anybody's time.
Let's go.
Listen to me, you son of a bitch.
You might be walking out now, but I'll be the one walking you back.
I remember you.
You took a shot at me years ago and you missed.
I won't miss this time.
Oh, I love your passion.
I will get you.
I promise.
Don't make promises you can't keep.
Excuse me, Señora.
Who was that man? That's Alex Del Toro.
Do you know him? No.
Does he have something to do with my son's killing? Come here.
We think he does.
Then why are you letting him go? What are you doing? Because we can't prove it.
But you know? We don't have evidence.
We don't have a confession.
I'm so sorry.
What bring you here? You told me to come to you if I had anything that might help.
A man came to my house right after you did.
Hugo's boss.
He said it was to pay for the funeral.
He said the neighborhood was very sorry for what happened.
Is this who you're speaking of? That's him.
You gave her blood money.
What are you talking about? Lucia Campos, the mother of the boy who was gunned down.
Take a seat.
You gave her $3,000.
That's what you do when something bad happens to your neighbors.
No, it's what you do when you can't live with something you've done.
You saw that boy get murdered and you let it happen.
Now the guilt is killing you.
That crucifix? That's your salvation or your noose.
I can't.
The only way to save your soul is to confess and you know that.
If I tell the truth no matter how good that's gonna make me feel, Alex Del Toro will kill my brother.
You've been protecting your brother all along.
[SCOFFS] Would you save your soul if it meant hurting the people you love? [SIGHS] We will protect your brother.
Just say what happened.
Del Toro came to me.
He thought that Hugo stole his drugs.
A brick of heroin from the office.
I didn't even know that was there, I swear.
Del Toro uses that room.
We were just going to lean on Hugo, find out what happened, teach him a lesson.
I didn't even know Del Toro had a gun.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] He never said anything about killing anybody.
Hear from the ASA? She's on her way to take his statement.
Well, we can't wait.
Any word on Del Toro? Not yet.
Patrol units in the area just hit his house.
His wife said he packed a bag, he left two hours ago.
All right, put out a statewide BOLO on Del Toro.
He's a flight risk.
He's got a head start.
I want his photo in every bus station and airport.
What do you want to do about Beto? Let's scoop him up.
Just stash him someplace safe till we find Del Toro.
Let's go.
Hey, kid.
Where's Beto? - Uh, he's not here.
- When did he leave? I don't know.
About an hour ago? Beto's still not answering his phone.
All right, listen up.
If he comes back in, he needs to call us.
Yeah, sure.
Yo, when he left, did he leave alone? Uh, no, Mr.
Del Toro came and picked him up.
Oh, jeez.
Kim, get an emergency order and ping Beto's phone.
On it.
What kind of car were they driving? - Um, a white BMW.
- 5021 Frank, this is Detective Dawson of Intelligence.
Put out a Flash Message and lodge an All Call Alert on Alex Del Toro driving a white BMW sedan.
This is a life and death priority matter.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Last consecutive ping from Beto's phone came from this area 20 minutes ago.
Looks like Del Toro's gonna smuggle himself out of town.
Hey, uh I got something.
Hey, two o'clock.
White BMW.
Chicago PD! Clear.
It's Beto.
He's gone.
Looks like Del Toro's a man of his word.
All right, we've got to fan out.
Hailey, tell the port supervisor - don't let anything out.
- On it.
Let's go! Hey! Chicago PD.
You see this guy? Nah, I haven't seen him.
Red flannel.
Alex Del Toro! Chicago PD! [ACTION MUSIC] Hold up! Hold up! Go! [PANTING] [GUNSHOTS] 5021 Ida.
Shots fired at the police.
Copy that, 5021 Ida.
[GUNSHOTS] [GUN CLATTERS] [BOTH PANTING] There's nowhere to run! Go ahead.
Arrest me.
[FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] You killed his brother, you son of a bitch.
You really thought you'd get away with it? [CHUCKLES] Whoa, whoa.
Hey! Antonio! Whoa, Antonio! Yo, just put the cuffs on him, brother.
Antonio! Hey, listen, man, he's not worth it! [GRUNTING] You don't deserve this.
When we sent out the patrol units to grab Del Toro, his wife tipped him off.
That's how he knew Carlos flipped.
Hey, man, if Carlos had confessed when we had Del Toro in custody, his brother would still be alive.
This is not on you.
You know that, right? Yeah, I know.
Hey, listen.
Look, look.
I've got some good news for you.
I just got off the phone with Voight.
"The Tribune's" gonna publish the story exposing Kelton.
You're kidding.
It's over.
[CHUCKLES] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Congrats on the Del Toro bust.
Must feel good finally getting him off the street.
Yeah, it does.
- Hey, Kim.
- Yeah? That press conference has started.
Oh, yeah? Kelton really dropping out? - It's what they say.
- Good.
Good evening.
Thank you all for coming.
I'm Deputy Superintendent Kate Brennan.
I'm sure you've all heard the disturbing rumors floating around the city about how a serial killer was allowed to commit additional murders due to mishandling by the CPD.
There was indeed a cover-up.
But Superintendent Kelton had nothing to do with it.
I am the one responsible.
What's she doing? She's taking a bullet for Kelton.
I made an ill-advised decision and I will live with that mistake for the rest of my life.
I am deeply sorry and I take full responsibility.
I've handed in my resignation to Superintendent Kelton.
Effective immediately.
Thank you.
All this time, I thought I had so many friends, and yet you are the only person who comes to see me.
What happened? I got outflanked.
All this time I was helping Kelton, crossing lines to protect him, he was keeping evidence against me.
[CHUCKLES] I was playing checkers.
He was playing chess.
Why not take him down with you? He offered me a deal.
I confess my sins.
I pretend that I was the one who wrote the email and he won't bring official charges against me.
Kate, I'm worried about you.
Don't worry about me, Hank.
Worry about yourself.
Kelton is coming for you.
He's coming.