Chicago P.D. (2014) s06e22 Episode Script


1 [GRUNTING] [CELL PHONE BUZZING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Okay, I just talked to my contact at IR and it's as bad as you think it is.
Kelton is leading the charge to find out exactly what happened in that building the day Rizzo died.
When's the last time IR reached out to you? Uh, a few days ago? They requested a blood sample, I gave it, I haven't heard anything sense.
That's because IRT's no longer involved.
Internal Affairs has officially taken over the investigation.
Means they found something.
Something actionable.
Thanks, Trudy.
What do we do now? We fight back.
[TENSE MUSIC] [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] - Whiskey? - If you're having one.
I've already had two.
Well, you were right about Kelton.
He's coming after us.
Let me guess, he's pressing the IAD to dig deeper into the death of that guy on Sullivan street.
He's been sniffing around that since it happened.
Well, he's doing a lot more than sniffing.
He's moving.
I need to do the same.
Well, the election's in 36 hours.
That's why I'm here.
I need a weak link, like a friend, ex-partner.
How about a gangbanger? All right, listen up.
We got a new target.
His name is Wilson Young, he's a high level dealer for the South Side Hustlers.
Got multiple priors for possession, distribution, and assault.
The guy's been a player for a while now, but no charges have been brought against him for four years 'cause nothing will stick.
Because he's got a protector.
Brian Kelton.
Bottom line, Wilson Is Kelton's "fix it" man.
So you want to catch Wilson dirty.
Yeah, but it has got to be real dirty.
Gotta be a big ticket charge.
Something he can't wiggle out of.
Something big enough to force him to flip on Kelton.
I got an angle.
CI Maya Shelly.
She hangs out with the Southside Hustlers.
- Great with intros.
- Okay, good.
Persuade her to set up a drug deal.
And let's get eyes and ears on Wilson.
We got to move fast.
He good people, Wilson.
All about his business.
Renting two corners from the Black Knights.
Yeah, I got three corners, actually.
My supplier can't keep up with that demand.
That's why I'm right here.
I need a new partner.
Not my problem, bro.
It ain't.
It's your opportunity, man.
Opportunity, huh? Yeah, I'm trying to do you a good deal.
35 for a half a book.
Now you know that's good, I know you good for it.
I Just can't flip a whole bird right now.
Wilson's in play.
Copy that.
Am I clear? Yep, good to go.
It's scary how fast you just did that.
How you know this brother, again? Man, you know.
Hangin' out.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, like that? With all due respect, tapping ass is one thing.
Doing business is another.
Valid point, and Shelly will tell you I do business - better than I tap ass anyway.
- He okay on that ass, too.
More info than I needed, but like I said, I'm good.
Not looking to expand right now.
Better move fast, Jay.
Atwater's rap isn't working.
What if I mark it up 10%? Then I say you're desperate.
And that would make me even more nervous.
Jay, you close? Another minute.
Dre, Tanya, time to go.
Yo, get your hands off me, homey.
Hey, I'm just trying to say thank you, dawg.
Hey, there's kids around here.
No need for guns, man.
Back up.
Had enough of your phony-ass salesmanship.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry! - Are you okay? - The hell you doing? There's all these kids out here, lady.
My brakes weren't working.
I'm so sorry.
[STAMMERS] I couldn't stop.
I-I'm really sorry.
I-I tried.
You're okay, Tanya.
Come on.
- Let's go, Dre.
- Do you guys need anything? Are you guys okay? We're good.
Wire and trackers are up.
Let's see where he takes us.
Hey, yo, D! [SHUTTER SNAPPING] What's up, yo? You good? You following directions this time? We got Wilson dropping anchor at seven one and Pulaski.
No movement yet.
You think we can pull this off? I think we don't have a choice.
- You're right.
- Yo.
Make sure you drop off today.
Yeah, yeah, I drop it off.
Cash drop.
Gotta be.
Well, I say we follow the runner.
Hopefully he leads us right back to Wilson, yeah? Yeah, cash, dope, Wilson all in one place.
That's all we need.
Look man, I got to jump.
- Internal Affairs.
- Hey I know you can't give me all the details, and this goes without saying, but if you need something, anything, you know I'm down.
So, reason I called the blood sample we found in the building, - on the railing please.
- Thanks.
Didn't match the offender, Jason Rizzo.
- Okay.
- Or you.
Your DNA sample wasn't a match.
All right, well, I mean, that makes sense.
I mean, as I said at the scene, I didn't believe I was injured.
Right, um, you did say "To the best of my knowledge I was not injured in the altercation.
" All right, yeah.
So I'm confused.
What's the issue? The issue, Adam, is that the unidentified sample from the railing did match the DNA we found under Rizzo's fingernails and on Rizzo's knuckles.
And on Rizzo's clothing.
No doubt, Rizzo got into an altercation with someone that day.
He fought that person hard, got some punches in, caused that someone to bleed, but that someone isn't you.
So you got something to say, or you want to amend your original statement, Now would be a good time.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] I got nothing to say.
That's all he said? The DNA on Rizzo wasn't yours? Yeah, and you know, he put on this little show, tried to make me nervous.
And he never mentioned me or Antonio? No, no, no, just yours truly, and then this new DNA they just tested.
- Who's running the case? - David Heller.
- I don't know him.
- I do.
A little bit.
He's partners with a friend of mine, Chris Boyd.
All right, dig into him.
Find something we can use to neutralize him in case something escalates.
You got a problem with that? No, I'll reach out to Chris.
Kelton's here.
He's on his way up to the bullpen.
Gotta say, I'm surprised to see you here today.
Polls open tomorrow.
Well, we're feeling pretty good about where we are, Hank.
We're way ahead of all our opponents and of course, Ray Price going down for that double homicide certainly didn't hurt the odds.
What can I do for you, Brian? I need Intelligence to jump on the Kedzie double murder.
Robbery/homicide's stalled on it.
Case needs new eyes.
Jump on it as soon as we can.
Right now we're in the middle of a drug op with narcotics.
- It's a gang thing.
- That so? Yeah, they asked for some help off book.
Heavy surveillance.
It's open market crew.
But, you're the boss.
Hell, you're about to be mayor.
We can switch gears, focus on the double homicide.
That'd be outstanding.
[TENSE MUSIC] - Gentlemen.
- BOTH: Sir.
- Are we really jumping on - No.
Just the opposite.
The fact he came here means he's nervous.
He's trying to divert our attention.
Tells me we're on the right track.
Burgess and Atwater have a lead.
Tell 'em we're on our way.
Wilson's runner led me right here.
Kid did a car switch in the parking lot, dusted off for 20 minutes, pulled into that garage.
He stayed in there for 15 minutes, drove out, returned the car to the same lot.
That's Wilson's stash house.
Kid dropped off cash, picked up packs and jabs.
We ran the address through narcotics.
They confirmed it as a stash house but we don't have anything to tie it to Wilson.
It's not enough for an arrest.
Wilson's smart.
He's probably never even stepped foot near this place.
We don't have time to flip up the chain.
Or tickle the wire.
So we gut it.
- Gut what? - The stash house.
Have Halstead and Upton pull gear from the roll-up on the quiet.
Not the M-4s, just pistols and my Remington, and any blackout gear doesn't announce our office.
I'm on it.
One, two, three.
- Get on the ground.
[GUNSHOTS] [COCKING] - You feel me? - Uh-huh.
All right! Chill.
I ain't killed nobody all day.
- Where the work at? - Kiss my ass! Finna blow the back of your neck off! - Where the work at! - Where are they! - You're all dead.
- Look out.
Out of the way.
Out of the way.
Ah! It's over there in the vent by the door! Grab some bags, fill 'em up.
Let's go.
Come on.
We're a minute out.
We got to move! [TIRES SQUEAL] [TIRES SQUEALING] That was a $500,000 rip that we can't tell anyone about.
And if this whole thing doesn't work, we're going to go back to writing traffic tickets.
Your sergeant at organized crime take you back? [CHUCKLES] No.
He holds grudges.
He was so pissed when I left.
Besides, I'm going where you go.
Yeah? Yeah, it's hard to find a good partner.
That sounds good to me.
We both know Kelton won't let any of us stay together.
Hell of a load, Sarge.
Yeah, well if this doesn't get Wilson's attention, nothing will.
All right, we man the trackers, his wire, COH, everything we got.
Wilson moves, we move.
- Boss? - Yeah? IAD Detective Heller says he's got something.
He wants me to come in.
Right now.
- All right, hit it.
- Yeah.
[HUMMING] Some new evidence has come to light since we last talked, and I thought we should talk again.
Okay, 10:00 p.
at night? I'm trying to do you a favor.
- All right, how's that? - I want you to see what we got before you throw your life away.
This was taken by a bus about two minutes before cops arrived on scene.
You're staring directly at the man in that shot.
Now I'm guessing that's the same guy whose DNA was found on the offender who threw him out the window.
So You really want to tell me you didn't see him? That you don't know who he is? - I didn't and I don't.
- [SCOFFS] I don't need your cooperation.
Adam, I am trying to help you.
Yeah? How are you trying to do that? I am a couple of pieces away from proving there were four people in that building, and not three, and that the fourth person, the man in this photograph, is a detective in the Intelligence unit.
A detective who took a ten day furlough the next day to what I'm guessing was rehab.
Well, that is a very elaborate theory, but I already told you what happened.
Look, I get it.
You and Detective Dawson, you're good friends.
Right? You're trying to help him, you're trying to protect him.
I respect that.
I really do.
Come clean with me and I will grant you full immunity - Look man, listen to me.
- No official misconduct I already told you what happened.
No obstruction.
You have 24 hours to decide.
I were you, I would think long and hard.
We are not gonna go away.
The superintendent won't let us.
Or or should I say, the mayor.
- Well, he hasn't won yet.
- Yeah, that's true.
The polls don't open till the morning, but we both know this election is in the bag, and by this time tomorrow, your worst enemy will be the mayor of Chicago.
Yeah, I know Heller.
Guy's a prick.
He's the kind of guy that would carry around those flossers in his pocket.
Use 'em while he drove.
Hey, uh look.
A guy in my unit's mixed up in an IAD case.
Heller's the lead.
Oh, is this what I think it is? The moral and virtuous Antonio Dawson asking for leverage to jam up an IAD cop? - Come on.
- Ooh.
I'm in a bad place.
I really don't have a choice.
Yeah, okay.
I'll check him out.
Far as I can tell you, he's a self righteous ass.
Perfect cop, a big family, perfect life.
Means he's got to be dirty.
Thanks for helping out.
It's true, isn't it? Hang around criminals long enough, you start to act like one.
He gave you 24 hours to decide? - Yeah.
- That's why they didn't bring me in for questioning.
Take my blood.
They only have you on video, Adam.
They're gonna prove you lied.
They want me to flip, give up you and Antonio.
Sarge, we got something on the wire.
Wilson visited a stash house an hour ago, picked up two of his runners.
Safe to say he's pissed.
Should have just let them blow your damn head off! Nobody comes in here, rips me off like that.
So it goes on like that, he reams them out, but they can't ID the rip crew so He makes a phone call.
I'm short on supply for the full house.
I need to restock right away.
Got it.
I'll deliver to the worksite.
He reached out to his supplier? Yup, he's re-upping.
He has a big deal to make and doesn't have any product to do it with.
The phone call goes back to Trey Guerreo, Supplies Mexican tan heroin to the Southside Hustlers.
Someone please tell me they set a meet.
West End garage, 2:00 p.
This is it.
I mean, he's about to buy $1/2 million worth of dope.
We get him on this, he'll have no choice but to flip on Kelton.
All right, let's move.
Call it out.
We got an anchor down on the east-end.
Yeah, I'm holding down the back.
Solid eye on the front.
[FOOT TAPS] Okay, Wilson is pulling up to the party.
Headed your way, Ruz.
All right, I got him.
He's going on foot.
I'm gonna lose the eye.
I need to move positions.
All right, heads on a swivel.
As soon as we get a positive on Trey, see drugs exchange hands, we roll in, but wait for my [MACHINE GUN FIRE] Move! Go! 50-21, 10-1.
Shots fired at the police.
[GROANS] I repeat, 10-1, my officers are under heavy fire.
- Copy that.
- Jay, Hailey, you good? We're good, we're good! Do not exit till we get the all clear.
- Who's got eyes? - 50-21 IDA, I got him.
I'm in pursuit, Wilson is down, suspect is fleeing through the garages.
Male, black, blue jeans, gray jacket.
50-21 David, we're en route.
We're gonna block him off from the north and south.
50-21 Frank, on the scene of the 10-1.
Got a man down.
I need an ambo right now.
- Copy that.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
50-21, IDA, we lost him.
Offender last seen in the area of 10-1.
Damn it! Hey, what are you doing here? Hit the streets.
Start knocking on doors.
How's this scene supposed to be secure? We let patrol trample all over it.
- Anything? - No eyes on the shooter.
- A getaway car? - Didn't see one.
Sarge, this guy shot at Wilson.
He shot at us.
He knew we were there.
Don't you have a better place to be on election day? I thought I told your team to dedicate their energy - to that homicide case.
- Yeah, well, we caught a hard lead in the bulk narcotics deal.
It looks like it didn't turn out so good.
- Excuse me? - You got one DOA, no dope, no money, and no one in custody.
On what planet exactly, Sergeant, is that a hot lead? You want to try that again? Start with asking if my officers are okay? What I want is for you and your team to head to Kedzie.
We took bullets.
We're gonna work the scene we just caught.
Dig up another hot lead? Well, the victim is a well known banger named Wilson Young.
- You know him? - Heard the name.
'Cause the word is he's got some high placed affiliations.
Gangs, drug trade.
Some even say the Ivory Tower.
Well, he's damn sure dead now, Sergeant.
You let homicide know, will ya? So if there is nothing else, I suggest that you and your team go and work the assignment that I gave you.
- Hey.
- Shooter got away.
I lost eyes.
Yeah, I heard.
Why were you even chasing him? What are you talking about? Shooter was fleeing, he shot at the police.
Wilson was straight ahead of you.
You should have rendered aid, you could have stopped the bleeding.
Wilson was shot and he was dying or dead already.
You don't know that.
What are you doing right now, Antonio.
What are you doing? If I'm you, I say thank you.
- Or I keep my stupid mouth shut.
- Thank you? For what? I wanted to fix this - Calm down! - You're the one that - jammed us up! - Hey! You two really doing this here? Move! Hey.
All right, is everybody good? Huh? Anybody got something to say? Huh? Okay.
Somebody knew Wilson was gonna be there.
And knew our van was police.
I got something.
Recovered a burner on Wilson's body.
- Anything useful on it? - Yeah, five calls, three text messages to an unregistered number.
Last text read, "Like I said yesterday, the cops are onto me, need your help, you owe me.
" Burner replied, "We'll look into it.
" [SCOFFS] So Wilson knew we were hunting him down, and he reached out to Kelton's burner.
Which means Kelton knew our plan.
So he orchestrates Wilson's murder to cut us off at the legs.
Let's say Kelton is that cold blooded.
- Then how did he do it? - Who cares? Look.
We catch the shooter, convince him to flip on Kelton, we are back in business with a bullet.
So let's keep our boots on the ground and figure out what the hell just happened.
All right, shooter had to flee on foot, right? We set up that perimeter within 60 seconds of the shooting.
Somebody around here had to see something.
Or, somebody around here hid his ass until the heat died.
All right, I'm going to work the apartments till the end of the block.
You hit that side.
Kasswith, why don't you work the west side? Copy that.
No need to knock on that door with the flag.
We talked to the owner after the shooting.
Guy argued with us about warrants for 20 minutes.
So, did he ever let you in? Yeah, but he was a pain in the ass, kept saying no, and then out of nowhere he just invites us inside.
- What? - When people resist that hard and then change their mind, there's usually a good reason.
- Wilson is dead? - Pronounced at the scene.
[SIGHS] That is unfortunate.
Kelton had something to do with it? He knew we were moving against Wilson, that he was the weak link, now he's dead.
Listen do you know Kelton's driver? Yeah, I got his idiot son into the academy.
I need you to reach out, find out where he took Kelton yesterday, 'cause I'm guessing he paid one of Wilson's partners a visit somewhere deep in the South Side.
If it was me I'd persuade someone close to Wilson to pull that trigger.
I'll make the call.
All right, our hunch about Kelton is no longer just a hunch.
I got word he was on the South Side yesterday, corner of 70th and Calumet from 4:00 to 4:15.
Wilson's supplier, Trey Guerreo, he lives on that block.
I'm not sure what they discussed, but I guarantee you it had something to do with Wilson.
That's why Trey didn't show up for the meet.
It was a setup.
- We picking him up? - His phone's off, not at home.
Lodge a BOLO.
Hey, I got something.
So that house with a flag that didn't let patrol in, it's owned by a Phil Sturgeon.
Phil Sturgeon is clean, but his nephew, Deon, is not.
Deon's a low level runner for Trey.
Deon's parole officer said that his last known address - was Uncle Phil's.
- That fits.
Kelton goes to see the supplier, Trey.
Tells him that Wilson's working with the police.
And then Trey order's Deon to do the hit, tie off the problem.
What are we waiting for? Let's grab him.
- [SCREAMING] - Freeze, Deon.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] We got him! Back up.
- Back it up.
- Uh-huh.
Against the wall.
- You're making them too tight.
- How's that? - That better? - Wha what's going on? - What do you want? - Shut up! What do we want? We want you for the murder of Wilson Young and the attempted murder of me and my partner.
[GRUNTS] Who told you to kill Wilson Young? I don't know what you're talking about.
[GRUNTING] Get up.
Get up.
I need a name, Deon.
I don't have time for this.
So who was it? Who told you Wilson was working with the police? - Was it your boy, Trey? - I ain't a snitch.
Ahh! [WHIMPERS] Deon.
We know you did the murder, Deon.
Trey told you he was working with us so you went to that meet, you saw our van, and you pulled that trigger.
Ain't that right.
Huh? Listen to me.
Now is your chance to come clean.
You give me the information I want, you'll be home with your cute little girlfriend in the next hour.
[WHIMPERING] You don't, I'll go back, I'll pick up your Uncle Phil, and I'll arrest him for harboring a fugitive.
Uncle Phil's clean.
You can't put that on him.
I ain't no snitch.
You don't want to give up one of your own.
You know what? I can respect that.
I can.
But a white cop? Man, you don't owe him a damn thing.
Brian Kelton, you know that name? No.
You ever seen that man before? - Hell, no.
- Look again.
Look, I don't know him, and I'm done talking.
I want a lawyer.
This son of a bitch is useless.
Sarge, any luck with Deon? No.
He's smart.
He knows we don't have a case.
And it's pretty clear he's never met or saw Kelton.
So, we got anything else? Anything at all? Something that connects Kelton to this? We don't have anything.
No ties.
Trey's in the wind.
What's our next move? [OMINOUS MUSIC] I don't know.
But I will do everything I can to make sure he does not ruin your careers, or disband Intelligence.
So we keep moving keep digging.
Antonio might still find something on Heller.
- What's up, Ton? - Hey.
So, what are we doing down here? See that girl right there? The blonde? Yeah.
She comes here about twice a week.
Does some business, makes some money.
Spends it all on dope.
So tell me something I don't know.
Her father is Internal Affairs Detective David Heller.
Hey, I didn't ask for this.
Brother, you asked for dirt.
On Heller, not his kid.
Look, man Heller's clean as whistle.
You're never gonna find dirt on him.
His daughter she's not so clean.
Not into this.
You ask me, that's a hell of a chit.
Whether you use it or not, well, that's up to you.
You get a connection on Kelton? No.
[SIGHS] Why are you doing this? You and I, we're not close.
You don't even like me that much.
Yeah Yeah, well, most of my family, I don't like them all the time either.
[SCOFFS] Look, Antonio, it's not only about you.
You know when Rizzo went out the window and the cops were rolling in, I just knew I had a choice to make and there was only one choice that I could live with.
There's only one choice that let me stay me.
It's as simple as that.
I don't expect everyone to get it.
It's just that I don't know, man.
Without that compass I don't know that I know who I really am.
Everything okay? Uh Just We get anything new on this kid, Deon? All right, listen, head upstairs.
- I'm gonna - Hank.
4 Chicago News now feels confident in predicting that Brian Kelton will win the 2019 mayoral election.
And you got nothing on this IAD Detective Heller? No.
All right, let's let's get the case on record.
Start by putting Deon's arrest on paper.
- Listen to me - Sarge.
I'm good.
I can handle this.
- Come here.
- Boss.
Get in there! Listen to me Wanna know something? - I can handle - No, you can't.
You won't.
Adam, you're not out.
- This is not happening.
- It's not your choice to make.
- Kid - Boss Listen to me.
[TENSE MUSIC] - Sergeant.
- Not now, Jay.
- No, no, we got to talk.
- Not now! [QUIETLY] Hey, calm down! Just calm down.
Stop, stop, stop it.
- What is going on? - Nothing.
- I need you to go upstairs.
- I'm not going upstairs.
- I need you to - I'm not going upstairs.
If there is something that I need to know, then you have to tell me so I can help you.
I'm going to see Kelton.
Do what needs to be done.
This unit is gonna be yours one day.
- Sarge.
- Shh listen.
Do it the right way.
Expected at a rally in just a few hours at the Thompson Center.
A campaign run on the promise of transparency and reform.
Thanks for the update, Robert.
That was Robert Jameson live at the Thompson Center where excitement builds as supporters await mayoral front runner, Brian Kelton.
What's going on? I have no idea.
Voight just left and he said something about About me running the unit.
We lost.
Kelton is who he is.
His time for reckoning is coming.
[SCOFFS] Not in time for this unit.
For us.
We've only been partners a couple years.
You'll forget about me just fine.
Hailey [SOFT DRAMATIC MUSIC] We'll be all right.
IAD is here to arrest you.
I told them they couldn't come up.
That I'd take you down.
Save you the scene.
- All right.
- No, no, no.
- This isn't happening.
- Hell nah, bro.
You don't got to go down there.
Misconduct? And obstruction.
- Right.
- We'll come down.
I appreciate that, but I'd kinda rather you didn't.
Hold up.
I'm gonna call your FOP lawyer and Voight.
Anything we can do, you know we're going to do.
But I need you to listen to me.
You're gonna have to do more than keep your head down in there.
If they book you into general, if they try to deny you bail, you I'll be all right.
[SOMBER MUSIC] Today we have made history.
Together we have elected change.
Change for our city, our children, our communities, our neighborhoods.
For ourselves.
Because of your hard work and determination, today we have brought promise back to Chicago.
[APPLAUSE] A promise of transparency, justice, and reform.
A promise of order.
A promise that if you're of moral heart, and work hard, that this city will provide you with every opportunity to succeed.
Because today, Chicago, your voices have been heard.
- [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] - [CAMERA FLASHES] Today we have brought change to Chicago.
Today is the start of a new beginning.
- [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] - Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
That was mayor elect, Brian Kelton, giving his acceptance speech just a short time ago.
- What the hell is going on? - I don't know.
I just got the call.