Chicago P.D. (2014) s07e01 Episode Script


1 Then was the last time you used? Today.
What the hell are we gonna do? We had one chance to make this right, and you blew it.
This is my unit.
I take the heat.
I take the bullet.
Don't worry about me, Hank.
Worry about yourself.
Kelton is coming for you.
I will do everything I can to make sure he does not disband Intelligence.
You're playing a dangerous game here.
So are you.
Why are you doing this? There was only one choice that I could live with.
Today, we have made history.
Today is the start of a new beginning.
If there is something that I need to know, then you have to tell me.
I'm going to see Kelton.
Do what needs to be done.
All right, I want a joint op between Homicide and Intelligence.
Every eye on the city is on us, so you go hard, but you make sure you do it right.
- Understood.
- Yes, sir.
Can we get the news helicopters out of here? Tell them to show some respect.
Sergeant Voight on scene? I just spoke to him.
He's on his way.
Detective, how'd it go with Kelton's driver? - We get anything helpful? - Not really, sir.
He said he said he dropped Kelton off around 10:00, then he went to get the mayor-elect cigarettes and Advil.
When he got back 25 minutes later is when he found the body.
Updates on the hour.
I'll handle the progress reports.
You hit me with your IPRs.
- Sound good? - Absolutely.
Detective Terkla.
You got a sec? So Voight's on his way? I don't know.
I was just covering.
Covering? Why? What are you talking about? Earlier today, Voight said he was going to see Kelton to do what needs to be done.
Thanks, man.
All right, what do we got? Acting Superintendent Crawford wants us running it with Homicide.
We got a lot of eyes on this.
Makes sense.
Hank, I need a word.
In private.
You can talk in front of Halstead.
We just found a witness.
Saw a black SUV driving near Kelton's house around the time of the murder.
The SUV was driving slow, suspiciously.
- Okay.
- I had CPIC run traffic cams on any black SUVs in the vicinity.
Got three hits.
75-year-old grandfather, soccer mom and your SUV.
You're asking if I killed Kelton? [TENSE MUSIC.]
No sign of forced entry.
Nothing suggesting robbery or home invasion, so it looks a whole hell of a lot like whoever did it, they knew Kelton.
All right, shell casings recovered? No.
They policed their brass.
How about his phone? A lot of congratulatory texts, but, um, all the calls are either personal or campaign-related.
Also looks like you called him.
Around noon.
- Hey, Kate.
- I just got here.
What the hell happened? Just started working it.
- Any suspects? - Not yet.
There's gonna be a long list.
You talk to him since he resigned? I haven't.
So I don't know too much.
Poor bastard.
Finally got what he wanted.
Had to go out like this.
A hell of a thing.
Call me if you need me.
Despite the political differences, I did love the man.
Hey, you talk to Antonio this morning? No, not today.
All right, what do we got? No one's heard from him since last night, and he's not responding to texts.
That's not like him.
I'll reach out to him in a bit.
All right, so a burner phone was recovered from Kelton's personal vehicle.
OCD ran muds and tolls.
Lot of cryptic texts going back and forth with other burners.
Someone named Slo-Mo texted Kelton three times yesterday.
9:00 a.
he writes, "Not cool.
Need to talk.
"Hit me back for a meet.
" An hour later, "I ain't playin'.
" Then at 6:00 p.
, he goes all caps, "Watch your back, bitch.
" Four hours later, Kelton's dead.
We get a hit on this Slo-Mo's phone? The phone was shut off today, but all the prior texts pinged off a cell tower in Englewood on a block known to be a Southside hustler stronghold.
No hits on a Slo-Mo in the database.
All right, well, we need a name.
I want boots on the ground now.
- I'll get the warrant going.
- I said now.
Move in.
Chicago PD! Nobody move! [CONFUSED CHATTER.]
Hey, get the runner.
Get the runner.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
- Put your hands up! - Get your hands up! - Over here.
- Hands up.
Get your ass to the white line.
Stop playing.
Gun! Hey, yo.
I got a permit for that.
Shut up.
Put your hands behind your back.
I got him.
I got him.
We are just looking for Slo-Mo.
Is that one of you? Just give us the Slo-Mo info, and we'll bounce.
Hands up.
What is this? That's a free ride to the station.
Unless you want to give me a name.
No? All right, put your hands behind your back.
Let's go.
Slo-Mo's name is Curtis.
Does Curtis have a last name? Yeah, I think it's Monroe.
Like the street.
All right, play this off.
We'll let you go.
Get in the car.
Slo-Mo's real name is Curtis Monroe.
Mid-level player, self-admitted Southside hustler.
He's got an extensive sheet.
He did two stints inside.
All right, known gang associates? Yeah, hold on a sec.
Here we go.
Look at this.
Wilson Young.
Wilson Young? The same one? Yeah, it's the same one Kelton had killed so he could win the election.
It also happens to be Monroe's cousin.
Cousin looking for revenge.
All right, so where's this Monroe hang his hat? Uh, did six months in Dixon, then he spent three weeks in a halfway house.
He does dry after that the kid that ID'd Monroe, he doesn't know where he lives either.
All right, well, let's find him.
Start digging.
I need you to do a pickup for me.
You made bail.
Sergeant Voight posted it this morning.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
It's your lucky day, Poe-Poe.
Next time, you're gonna leave in a box.
Get your ass in the cell.
Hope you like being alone.
Protective custody cells down in Stateville are twice as small as these.
And the inmates are twice as nasty.
Good to know.
Thanks for the advice.
Just saying.
You want to survive prison, get used to being alone.
My boy.
You my Uber? I usually don't pick up two-star passengers, but, yeah.
How you feel? Good, yeah.
Yo, the guard just told me about Kelton.
- Crazy, right? - We got any suspects? Uh, South Side hustler named Monroe.
There's no real evidence.
You think Voight had something to do with it? All right.
Thanks, bro.
No doubt.
Listen, you all right? Hey.
You been pretty quiet the whole ride.
I gotta be honest with you, dog.
I can't believe you didn't tell me about what was going down with IAD.
I wanted to talk to you about it.
I just didn't want to drag you into it.
That's all.
I just wish I knew.
Kev, there's nothing you could've done.
Trust me.
So what happens next? I wait for trial.
What about work? You on desk duty? As of today, I am stripped of all my police powers.
Kev, you copy? Yeah.
Go, Jay.
We flipped a friend of Monroe's.
Looks like word got out we're after him.
Monroe's holed up in a stash house.
Pre-raid meet with Homicide in 20 minutes.
Addison and Whitney.
Copy that.
I'm on my way.
Hey, don't trip, dog.
You'll be back shotgun no time.
Yeah, I hope so.
All right, be careful.
You call me later, all right? No doubt.
It's a two-bedroom apartment.
There's two Rottweilers for security.
Can't wait to meet them.
All right, Intelligence is gonna do the breach.
- We got the front.
- Copy that.
There he is.
Right there.
- Curtis Monroe! - I'll cover the back.
Am I good? Am I good? Okay, okay! Go, go, go, go! [INTENSE MUSIC.]
- Gun! - Sir, get down.
Kids, flat.
Behind me.
To the door, to the door.
Behind me.
- You got him? - Yeah.
Got him going in the back near the first door in the corner.
Stop! Police! Police! Freeze! [DOG BARKING.]
Drop the gun! On your knees! Drop it, Monroe! Drop the gun! Ya'll gonna kill me right here.
I know it.
Drop it! I got this! Hey.
You want to live? Huh? Answer me.
Do you want to live? - Yeah! - Okay.
Then come in with me.
You'll get a fair shake.
Just drop the gun.
You got three seconds to put it down.
- One.
- Stand down! What the hell are you doing? It's not going down like that today.
- Drop it, Monroe! - Stand down.
- Drop it now! - Stand down! - Okay? - Two! Don't do it! Listen to me.
Drop the gun, bro.
Just drop the gun.
Don't look at them.
Look at me.
Just come in with me.
You'll get a fair shake.
- Just drop the gun.
- Do it now.
Come on.
Just ease it down.
Lower it down.
There you go.
Just put it on the ground.
Put the gun on the ground.
There it is.
Take him.
- Get down.
Like I keep telling you, I was hanging out in Ogden Park.
Couldn't be in two places at once.
Who you hanging out with? No one.
Do you know Brian Kelton? Heard of him.
You ever call him? Text him? The next mayor? You kidding? So you're telling me you didn't send these texts? Curtis.
You want to think before you answer.
Did you lie to me? You're not gonna like how this ends.
Yeah, I sent them.
Don't mean I gave him the smoke.
Not that I'm crying for his punk ass either.
Look, he killed my cousin Wilson.
Kelton deserve what he get.
So you're saying you know something about it? I ain't saying nothing of that sort.
But you admit to sending Kelton the texts.
Yeah, I admit that.
Dude wouldn't pay up.
- For what? - Come on, bro.
You really saying you ain't know Kelton was working with us? Pretend I don't.
We helped get his white ass the election.
We pressed lots of blocks, and sent lots of votes his way.
But he never paid up.
How much? Ten G's.
Wasn't just us, though.
Dude had dead money all over the streets.
Word was he was hemmed up with the Latin players too.
Your alibi checks out, Curtis.
We got you on surveillance in Ogden Park.
Smoking a big, fat blunt.
So can I go now? You pulled a gun on the police.
What do you think? You're welcome, by the way.
Excuse me? You and your boy came pretty damn close to shooting a black man that didn't have anything to do with that murder.
Way I see it, I saved your career.
Antonio, it's me again.
Hit me back when you get this.
Hey, have you heard from Antonio? - No.
- Something's not right.
All right, Monroe's cleared, so we're back to square one.
So here's what we know.
Kelton opened the door for the assailant.
That suggests it was personal, right? So dead cousins, gangbangers, debts not paid, whatever.
We keep digging.
Hit the streets.
Talk to your CIs.
Let's go.
What do you think? I think we keep digging like he said.
If he did it, he wouldn't have us out there risking our lives.
Voight's a lot of things, but selfish isn't one of them.
What's up? Techs got a lead on the gun.
Here's the bullet that ME pulled from Kelton's rib cage, and this bullet was recovered three years ago from a liquor store robbery.
And the bullets have identical striations.
So the gun used in the robbery is the same gun that was used to kill Kelton.
Yeah, a .
I'll go print you a report.
Looks like the nine was never recovered.
Case was dropped due to lack of evidence, but they had a suspect.
Franco Chavaro.
Latin player.
Got pinched twice for drug trafficking.
Yeah, I recognize him, and we know Kelton was in business with Latin players.
So maybe Kelton owed this guy money too.
- Let's go pick him up.
- Yeah.
All right, we stay in the shadows till Chavaro's alone.
Stand by.
All right, take him.
Franco Chavaro, Chicago PD.
Yep, there you go.
Yo, what the hell is this about, man? What the hell is this about, man? Brian Kelton.
What, you think I had something to do with that? - Did you? - Hell, no, man.
I never even yo, I never even met the guy, man! - Ya'll crazy.
- Settle down.
No, don't tell me to settle down.
I ain't done nothing.
Where were you last night, Franco? I was in Detroit visiting my sister.
I got home this morning.
Yo, I'm not carrying anything, bro.
No drugs, no gun.
So you're not carrying that 9-mil you like to rob liquor stores with? I don't know what you're talking about.
You're taking a ride with us.
Well, Chavaro's sticking to his story.
Asking for a lawyer.
You search his place? No guns.
No drugs.
- What about his phone? - Nothing useful.
No communication with Kelton, and the cell tower ping puts it in South Detroit time of the murder.
I don't think this is the guy, Sarge.
You want to kick him? No.
His gun was used to kill Kelton.
Maybe he ordered somebody to do it.
Either way, I am telling you, he knows something.
All right, well, Hailey said she's got a CI that knows Chavaro.
So maybe she can find some leverage.
Look, I've been calling Antonio.
His phone's off.
Have you heard from him? No.
No one else has either.
I gotta be honest, the last time I saw him, he wasn't in good shape.
You and Hailey keep working this case.
Chase down this CI.
What about Antonio? Call Adam.
Have him check it out.
It's better he stays busy.
Thank you, sir.
I got it from here.
Sarge, it's Adam.
Look, I'm leaving Antonio's place.
He's not here, it's a complete mess, and he left his badge behind.
Something's definitely wrong.
Did you try his cell? It's off.
Look, I don't want to set off alarms, but I need you to run GPS on his vehicle, okay? Yeah, I'll call you as soon as I get a location.
Hey, by the way, I'm really glad you're out.
So stay safe, okay? Thanks, Sarge.
Come on, Antonio.
Hey, what the hell you doing? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where's Antonio Dawson? Who the hell are you? I work with him.
Who the hell are you? You his dealer? No.
I'm his sponsor.
- His sponsor? - Yeah.
Sorry, man.
My bad.
It's all good, man.
He showed up late last night.
Said he checked into a hospital, but couldn't take it drove here, wanted to talk.
Is he here with you? Nah, he took off.
You know where he went? I don't know.
I mean, we were up late last night just talking.
He was in bad shape, so I did what I could to help out.
So we went to a good place.
Once I figured that out, I went to bed, around 4:00, 4:30.
But when I woke up, the man was gone.
I mean, his car's still here.
I don't know what else to tell you, man.
Thank you.
You sure? Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
All right.
Thanks for checking in, Adam.
Antonio missing? Since 4:00 a.
He using? Yeah, it looks like it.
Here's my CI.
What's up, Jorge? Thanks for meeting.
Don't really have a choice, huh? Look, man, Hailey says you're tight with Franco Chavaro.
Yeah, why? What do you want with him? He's a good dude.
Good dude or not, we need to know where he keeps his product.
Come on, Hailey, you putting me in a bad situation.
No, you put yourself in a bad situation when you got hooked on dope and started doing robberies.
Look, it's simple, man.
You can help us and stay on the outside, or not, and go to jail, it's up to you.
Slow down.
Ain't no need to write paper.
I'll help.
I can't guarantee nothing.
That's okay.
Just tell us everything you know about Chavaro.
We want to know about his business, his life, his family, and then we're cool.
Chicago PD.
You got the saw? Follow me to the back.
All right, ladies, stay calm.
Hands where we can see them, all right? What the hell is going on? - Is this your place? - Yes.
We have a warrant to search the premises.
Search for what? - Weapons of mass destruction.
- What? Just kidding.
Drugs and guns.
We're gonna go in here.
Got it.
Hit it.
Come on.
Wait, where you taking him? I got this, Jay.
There's a lot of eyes on this, Sarge.
I said I got this.
Hey, Elena.
They raided my salon.
Yeah, found a kilo of cocaine, three unregistered firearms.
Since the lease is in Elena's name come on.
Yo, why are you doing this, man? I told you I didn't kill the mayor.
Because you refuse to cooperate.
Because I don't know anything, bro! Yeah, well, then I'm gonna have to charge your wife with felony distribution and possession Okay, okay, all right.
You win.
I'll tell you what I know, but you gotta let her go.
No charges.
No nothing.
Franco, you cooperate, she'll be back painting nails in an hour.
Come on.
So if I talk, you're not gonna charge me with that crime, is that what you're saying? That's correct.
It's now or never, Franco.
Where's your gun? The one you used in the liquor store robbery in 2016.
I don't got it no more.
You sell it? No, it was stolen from me about a month after I hit that liquor store.
It was a Sig Sauer, man.
Sweet-ass gun.
You know who took it? A cop.
Excuse me? Do you remember that big bust about three years ago in Pilsen? Y'all arrested about 60 bangers? - Hit everyone's crib? - So? Yeah, well, I got rolled up in all that.
And when I got out on bond, my Sig was gone.
I had it in a good hiding spot too.
And the only person that could've taken it that was in my crib after that arrest was a cop.
So if y'all are telling the truth, and that gun was used to kill the mayor, then dude who pulled the trigger wears blue.
You believe him? I don't know.
I mean, truth is, doesn't really matter.
He's not pointing at anyone specific.
Just throwing out general accusations.
All the same It's probably best we don't download Homicide.
If a cop really is involved, the fewer police know, the better.
You don't have a problem with that, do you? No, all good.
- Okay, so do you think - Wait, hold on a second.
Do you think Chavaro's telling the truth? He was definitely arrested in that raid in 2016, so he's telling the truth about that.
That doesn't mean a cop stole his gun.
So what are you talking about? I'm not saying Voight's involved.
But the dots are starting to connect, and not in a good way.
Jay, just say what you want to say.
Voight was one of the cops involved in that raid in 2016.
Given his relationship Kelton and what we know he's capable of I understand, but I also just don't think there's enough evidence to reach that conclusion.
I hope you're right.
But But what? But I don't think we can just look the other way either.
What is it? That Homicide cop Terkla, he wants to meet.
He says it's important.
Thanks for meeting me.
Yeah, sure thing.
So what's up? Look, I'm gonna shoot you straight, 'cause I hear you're a solid cop and a solid person.
The evidence is starting to point in a certain uncomfortable direction.
I don't know what that means.
It means your boss Voight is our lead suspect.
We did the math, same as you.
I got wind you had Chavaro in custody, which you didn't share.
I know the gun used in the murder connects back to a raid Voight was involved with.
Means he had access to the murder weapon.
Seriously? That's your evidence? A lot of cops are involved in raids, man.
Yeah, but none of those other cops were engaged in a holy war with the dead guy, or had their fingerprints on a scotch glass in his living room.
Look, I'm just giving you a heads-up, Jay.
That's it.
Out of respect.
Respect? You're calling this respect? You're telling me my boss is a murderer? Every powerful eye in the city's watching this case.
One way or another, we're gonna find the killer.
We just are.
And when we do, we will have probable cause to charge every one of yous with obstruction.
Are you threatening me? You call me here to threaten me? I'm giving you a way out.
Work with me.
Help me build a case.
All right, you can go to hell.
You really want to throw away your career, you life, to protect Voight? He's innocent.
If you really believe that, you got nothing to worry about.
Look, sometimes, you gotta look out for you, no one but you.
- All right, have a nice day.
- This is one of those times! [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I'm not saying Terkel was right or wrong.
I'm just telling you what he said.
So he said Voight's good for Kelton's murder? He said Voight is his lead suspect.
Again, those are his words, not mine.
But all of the evidence, it's all accurate.
So you think Voight could be involved? Could be.
I guess so, I Okay, let's say that he is.
What's our play? Look, guys Terkel also said that if Voight is good for this, we're all gonna get investigated and charged with obstruction.
He's just threatening.
Trying to get you to cooperate.
I know, I'm just telling you what he said, so we all know where we're at, what the risks are.
So what exactly did you tell him, Jay? I told him to go to hell.
Now you have all the info.
Doesn't matter to me how much info I got.
Ain't no way in hell I'm siding with Homicide over Voight, guilty or not.
Yeah, neither am I.
Me too.
I'm with you guys.
So it's unanimous.
What's the next move? What's going on? M-my head is swimming right now.
Okay, what are you talking about? Look, I just want to know what's going on with you, with Kelton, for real.
Jay Are you involved? Watch yourself.
You don't want to say something you can't walk back.
Sarge, your prints are at his house.
That's because I was at Kelton's the day before the murder.
I went there to try and talk him down.
Well, what about last night? What were you doing there? Why wouldn't you just say what you were doing? Because if I said what I was doing Antonio will lose his job.
You were with Antonio.
He called me when I was heading over to Kelton's.
I turned around, picked him up He was in bad shape.
I took him to an off-the-books clinic.
You should've said something.
It was between me and Antonio.
They're circling you.
And they're building a case.
Listen, Jay Jay, on my son I didn't kill Kelton.
I had to ask you.
No, you didn't.
Okay, so I've been digging through the paperwork regarding the 2016 Latin Player raid, like you asked.
One unit's report was missing from the pack, so I followed up.
Found three more names of cops who were involved in the operation.
Two of the three checked out as solid citizens, but the third, detective named David Baker, was kicked off the force last year for stealing from offenders' homes.
Drugs, guns, TVs.
You name it, he stole it.
You saying Baker stole the Sig Sauer? I'm saying a cop who liked to steal from homes was involved in a raid where a very expensive gun was allegedly stolen.
Nothing more.
But it sure as hell makes sense to me.
- Thanks, Trudy.
- Yeah.
David Baker.
He doesn't live here anymore.
You know where he moved? He didn't move.
He died.
Two weeks ago.
Heart attack.
Anyone else live in the apartment? Wife, girlfriend? No, he was all alone.
I tried to find family to clean it out, but I came up empty.
He had some nice things too.
He had a flat-screen TV, espresso machine, and lots of guns.
Mind if we go inside, take a look? There's nothing in there.
I finally found someone to take the stuff.
Who? Lady who's been paying his rent the last few months.
What's her name? I don't know.
I think she was a cop.
Thin, blonde hair, not too bad looking.
She said she used to work with Baker.
Hold on a second.
Yeah, that's her.
I just talked to Platt.
She dug a little deeper into Baker.
She confirmed that he and Brennan, they worked together, they got close.
They even dated for a while.
She looks really good for it, Sarge.
All right, I'll take it from here.
What does that mean? It means I'll take it from here.
Everything okay? I was hoping we could talk.
About what? You mind? Can I get you a drink? Uh, I'm good, thanks.
Okay, so what is it? Why are you here? [MUSIC STOPS.]
Came to talk about Kelton.
Not much to say, is there? He's dead.
You have a key to his house? Excuse me? A key.
To his backdoor.
Hank, are you suggesting that I I'm asking if you have a key.
Well, if you've come here to accuse me of killing Look, I came here as a friend.
I was at a dinner party last night in Lincoln Park.
You're welcome to call the host, Ron Schwartz.
I already did.
He said you left around 8:15 that you seemed preoccupied.
Oh, um maybe he meant drunk.
I had been out all day, so I didn't get a chance to eat much.
Kate Just tell me why you did it.
- Kelton renege on his deal? - Don't do this, Hank.
When he threw you under the bus for that serial killer thing, I imagine he offered you some kind of arrangement.
Job, cash payment.
What happened? Stop by one of his victory parties to remind him that you sacrificed yourself in front of this entire city so he could be mayor? For God's sake.
He laughed at you, didn't he? Told you to get the hell out.
Stay away from him.
Your Irish blood, it started to boil.
Had a few drinks and you grabbed Baker's gun and you popped him.
If you're gonna take me down for murder, you better have more than a theory.
We've gone over the footage three times.
No sign of Brennan's SUV.
Maybe she took the L or grabbed a taxi.
But a car would be a safer bet if you know where to park, where to walk.
And what to drive.
Grab Baker's file.
So if she cleaned out his apartment, maybe she took his car too.
Oh, that's a good idea.
Uh gray Honda Accord, 2014.
There it is, it's two blocks from Kelton's house.
Gray Honda Accord.
Plates are a match.
We have evidence, Kate.
That's you in your friend's car.
Two blocks from the crime scene, five minutes after the murder.
This is preposterous.
We also know you used Baker's gun.
Sig Sauer P210.
We both know this city's better without that two-faced son of a bitch.
There's no doubt about that.
He was gonna ruin Chicago.
I did what I had to do.
What happens now, Hank? He's leaving.
And he's alone.
He saw the photo of Baker's car.
He knows that Brennan was in it and that she had control of the murder weapon.
- Why isn't he arresting her? What do you think he's up to? Maybe he's helping her get rid of evidence, get out of the country.
Look, I don't know, but Voight told you to stand down and that he's gonna handle it.
This is ridiculous.
I'm going in there.
Do you want to cover the front? I'm gonna go around back.
Backdoor's open.
I'm going in.
Ma'am, put the gun down.
- Get out.
- Stop! Kate, stop, stop, stop.
Please put it down.
Please, please, put it down.
Kate, Kate, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Don't do this, don't do this.
Just put it down.
It's over.
Just come in with me, you tell your side of the story.
She's under arrest for the murder of Brian Kelton.
Let's get her processed.
Kate, Kate you need me to call you a lawyer? You said you'd wait an hour.
You lied to me, Hank.
How dare you? You went behind my back? Sarge, I didn't know what you were doing.
I thought maybe Yeah, I know I know what you thought.
You thought wrong, didn't you? I gave her a chance to get her affairs in order, to do what she needed to do.
I was setting up a containment.
Well, how was I supposed to know that? You didn't know because you didn't ask! I didn't ask you? - You didn't - I didn't I said I would handle it, didn't I? Me! Not you! It was her choice, Jay.
You understand? Hers, not yours.
She wants to put a bullet under her chin in full blues, that's her right.
It's her call.
If you don't trust me, Jay the way I do business concerns you then get the hell out.