Chicago P.D. (2014) s09e18 Episode Script

New Guard

Let's go.
Move your ass! Let's go.
Use your strength! Come on! Go, go! Hustle, hustle.
- Come on! - Use your upper body.
Chief on deck! Williams, Lee, Song: Narcotics.
They don't look like typical recruits.
The world is changing before our eyes, boyo.
Old guard's retiring, everyone hates cops, and this is what you get: babies.
They relaxed hiring standards, so no more credit checks, score requirements, all they gotta be is 21.
Torres: OCD Intelligence.
This is your blind date.
Let's go.
- Uh, you want a breath mint? - Oh, I brought my own.
PPO Dante Torres, Detective Jay Halstead.
- How you doin'? - You've met Sergeant Platt.
Let's start with a ride-along Get his ears wet in the real world.
He'll shadow you after that for a few days.
Yes, sir.
Okay, change into plain clothes.
No bright colors.
Get rid of this duty belt.
Do you have a covert pancake? Okay.
These kids think they're gonna be pushing the squad car for the next 20 years.
I'm trying to open their minds Give 'em a taste of specialized units.
I get it, Intelligence ain't used to PPOs, so thank you for doing this.
- I appreciate it.
- Hey, Sarge asks, I'm here.
Anything I should know about this kid? That's the thing we don't know anything about him.
You got 400 recruits.
Torres could've been valedictorian, easily best skills, instincts, but he chose to hide, back of the room, so he's either gonna be a great cop Or we're hiring up a psycho.
You from Chicago? Yeah, north side? South? All around.
My family's old Chicago, Canaryville.
I was in the army, and then joined the academy.
I did a short stint in Organized Crime, and been with Intelligence for about a decade.
You know where you wanna end up? - No.
- Right.
You got time.
I gave you a call sign.
So in Intelligence, we're all 50-21.
I'm 50-21 George.
For our ride-along, you're gonna be Ocean, okay? 50-21 Ocean.
So why do you wanna be a cop? Shots fired.
Possible armed robbery in progress, Hugo's, 4700 block Pulaski.
More tickets coming in.
Right on time.
We're gonna take that.
Radio back, okay? 50-21 Ocean, George, hold us down responding.
Plain-clothes officers responding.
50-21 Ocean, plain-clothes officers responding to Pulaski.
Copy, Ocean.
Officers in plain-clothes.
Police! Hands, hands, hands! - Shooter? - Whoa, whoa, inside, inside! 50-21 George.
The call's bona fide.
- Stack on the door.
- Copy.
All right, get the door.
You ready? Go.
50-21 George, I got a man down here multiple GSWs.
Secure that weapon.
Stay with him.
Police! Hands.
Show me your hands.
Are you hurt? Who did this? I don't know.
Some guy tried to rob the store.
What did he look like? What was he wearing? Tall, short? Anything.
Red cap.
He's hurt, I think.
Get up, get up.
Back up.
Get out of the store.
He's dead.
Yo, Halstead.
Come on.
Red hat.
He's hurt.
There he is.
50-21 George, I got an armed offender in the alley, 4800 block of Pulaski Male Hispanic, red hat.
He's limping.
I got civilians everywhere.
Copy, 50-21 George.
Back up en route.
Gun! - Stay back! Stay back! - Get behind me! Stay back! Back! 10-1, 10-1! Shots fired at the police.
Stay back, stay covered.
Get behind me! Get behind me! Police, police.
Stay down.
Stay down, stay down.
Get back.
Stay behind your car.
Hey! Police! Drop it, drop it! Ah! Don't move.
Do not fight me.
What the hell were you thinkin'? I told you to stay where you were.
We got him.
- The kid did okay.
- Yeah.
Victim's name is Hector Gutierrez.
He was mannin' the register.
He tried to defend the shop.
It's his family's place.
The offender is Alex Sanchez.
He's a low-level banger with the Villita Boyz, clique in Little Village.
One GSW in the leg went through and through.
He's in Med getting patched up already.
Then this is open and shut.
Robbery gone wrong, news at 10.
So why am I here? Because of this.
Murder weapon is a high-end center-fire, gas-piston carbine.
Big time gun.
Serial number popped.
Weapon's part of a big batch of guns that was stolen three weeks ago, smash and grab in Indiana.
CPD's been searching hard for him.
Compstat says these weapons are fueling a spike in homicides.
Four so far.
Okay, we'll take it.
Dig in.
- I like your buddy.
- Oh, yeah, he's somethin'.
Kid doesn't say much.
I'm sure you were an open book when you started.
- I was.
- Mm-hmm.
You know this isn't a democracy, right? I told you to stay where you were.
That wasn't a suggestion.
That was an order.
Understood? All right, this is the rip of the guns three weeks ago.
This is a firearms dealer just south of Gary.
2:14 a.
, this four-door pulls up.
Inside is Jeremy Watson.
Watson works security for the gun store.
He's working alone that night.
He's sitting in his car, probably to stay warm.
It was cold as hell.
This guy walks up.
He knocks on the window.
The power goes out on impact.
We lose the surveillance feed.
These guys made off with 90 of these carbines and 12,000 Teflon-coated armored piercing rounds.
Same brass we found at Pulaski and the other four homicides linked to these weapons.
These guns, they retail for about 3,100 bucks a pop.
Heavy machinery, lightning-fast They shoot 30 rounds in less than three seconds.
Plate's visible on the truck.
Yeah, we ran it Stolen in South Holland.
But NVLS then tracked the truck back to Chicago.
So these guys are here and so are the guns.
The kid from the busted robbery just go out of Med.
Ruzek's getting him in the box.
He's our only lead.
All right, get him talking.
Hey, all right, look.
We got Sanchez dead to rights on the Pulaski job.
We're way past that.
What we need now is who he got the gun from.
- Okay.
- Forget good cop, bad cop.
That's just in the movies.
The rules are, in there, we can lie our asses off.
We just can't make a promise we can't keep.
When we get in there, it helps to talk in full sentences.
- Okay.
- Okay.
No, that's all I care about Is where you bought your gun.
I'm asking you one question here.
And I ain't answering, bro.
- I'm not your bro.
- Exactly! You sending me downstate anyway.
So why the hell would I say anything about my gun? Listen to me.
You have been pinched six times in the last two years.
Work with me, I will work with you.
Foot soldier.
Not anymore.
What the hell you talking about? First five arrests, all possession, all the same block.
Putting in the work But not retail theft.
Different hood And now this? Rib's busted up.
You got jumped out of your gang, and now you're going downstate solo without your people.
You're gonna end up in a pine box.
You said we can't make any promises we can't keep.
But we can protect him inside, yeah? Yeah.
So we'll do that.
But first you gotta tell us who you got the gun from.
Alex Sanchez bought his gun two and a half weeks ago from a Hispanic man in his 40s known around Little Village for selling guns on the street.
This guy's not a match for our surveillance video robber, so he's some kind of middle man.
Sanchez knows him by nickname only, and that's Payaso.
But we got him.
Six Payasos in the database, only one we liked.
Meet Frank Olguin, 44 years old.
Yeah, Frankie's been arrested for unlawful sale of a weapon and falsifying firearm documents.
He's definitely a straw-buyer.
We get this guy, get him to flip on the big man, - we got our guns.
- But how we gonna get him? I don't want the rats scattering.
He fought the police the last time he was arrested.
All right, that's enough for a covert extraction.
You run it, Jay.
Stash your badge.
No patches, no tin.
Just put it away.
Your boss, he trusts you, huh? Voight? Yeah.
Always lets you go solo? For the most part.
We've worked together a long time.
We know each other.
Secret to being good police: trust the people you work with.
All right, let's move.
Yo, what the hell, bro? What the hell? Where did you get this gun? So this is what you do now, huh? You kidnap people? You sold that gun to a man named Alex Sanchez.
Alex used it to rob a corner store on Pulaski.
It didn't go so well.
He killed the man working the register With your gun.
With my gun? You're on the hook for every crime committed with every weapon you sell starting with that one.
We executed a search warrant at your house, and we found five of those carbines.
What I'm trying to find out is, where are the rest? Wh what? what rest? I bought six.
I sold one.
- There's 90 of them.
- I work in sales, man.
Things like this These are not your average street guns.
Work in a junkyard, hard to sell a Porsche? Yes.
All right, so give me a name.
Who sold you the six? Frank I need a name here.
We both know how this game is played.
I don't know his name, okay? I've never seen his face.
- Huh.
It's a miracle.
- I swear.
Every time I buy from this guy, I get the same instructions: park under the Loomis Street bridge.
Put the cash under my seat, keys in the visor.
Go around the corner store.
Kay, get a pop.
And by the time I come back, cash is gone and keys are where I left 'em.
And there's guns in your trunk? Yeah.
All right, this is the parking lot.
Payaso walked to the liquor store.
He buys a pop.
He walks back.
That takes two minutes.
There's only two options in that time radius.
One is this mattress warehouse.
The other are these storage units.
Right, we ran both of them.
The storage unit popped.
One of them is rented out by a fictitious name, and that account is paid in cash.
- That's where the guns are.
- That's our best bet.
All right, well, let's confirm the guns are there first, okay? Let's do a sneak and peek.
If they are, just camp out.
Wait to see who shows to pick 'em up.
You got something better going on? No.
What's up? Department's beating me up Parking tickets.
You can't be in debt to the city and be a cop, so.
Happy Tower's got their priorities straight.
Um, we're not gonna roll out for a couple of hours.
Go take care of it and meet us at station.
- All right, let's move.
- No Torres? No, the Ivory Tower's putting him through the ringer.
They're making him come in to pay his unpaid parking tickets.
Wait, tell him he's got a whole year to take care of that.
Yeah, you used every day of it, didn't you? Damn right I was the worst parking scofflaw in the city before I got this gig.
What the hell? It was cleared out? Two hours before we ever got there.
Yo, we got two men in hoodies clearing the whole place out.
Looks like the same crew from the Indiana smash and grab.
Yeah, more stolen plates on the truck out front, but it's clearly the same vehicle Same mark from where a bumper sticker used to be, and you can see the hitching rods for the plow they used to crash inside.
These guys knew we were coming.
Yeah, we don't know how.
Alex Sanchez and Payaso were both in custody this whole time.
They were on lockdown.
Hank, Jay, someone here to see you.
I just wanna know what the hell happened over there.
- Over where? - At the storage facility.
How'd the guns disappear right before you got there? - You're reading our reports? - My job.
Well, I'm pretty sure I've never seen you - up here once talking reports.
- Did your kid know the location of that storage facility? Bull you said we were just looking at a ride-along.
What the hell's going on? Two weeks ago, we got good intel.
Hispanic gang managed to get a man into the academy.
We're looking at 15 rookies as possibles.
Torres, he's from Pilsen.
He could fit.
He's working a case with you right now that's hooked into Pilsen.
So if he is working for the gangs in his hood, we just handed him the perfect case.
Wait, let me get this straight.
You put Halstead out there with an armed PPO who might be working for a gang, - and no heads up? - This is Title 3 intel, Hank.
I don't compromise federal warrants.
Now, did Torres know the location of that storage facility or not? Yeah, we found it together.
Okay, so if he's my man, I'm gonna need you to tell me sooner rather than later.
Ugh, I had no idea.
I know that, Trudy.
I know.
So what the hell is this? Now I gotta be IAD all of a sudden? I'm investigating this kid based on where he grew up? The chief's not wrong.
Torres knows the location of the guns.
Yeah, but there's plenty of other options for a leak.
He burned off his tattoos.
Gang ink? How long does a PPO have before they gotta pay their parking tickets? A year.
Why? I don't have a read on this kid yet at all, okay? He's hard, doesn't mean he's a gangbanger, and it doesn't mean he deserves to have his career kicked in at the knees.
Well, let me tell you one thing.
The chief is gonna want to have a trophy he can parade in front of the media.
You can believe that.
Yeah, I know.
What the hell are we doing? If I didn't know you, I'd think you were luring me out here to put a bullet in my head.
I'm hoping you'd do me a favor.
Where's Voight? Need a chaperone? You ain't my handler.
Plus, I'm kind of in the middle of something with mine right now.
He knows I'm here talking to you.
What do you need? This kid, Dante Torres, he grew up in Pilsen.
He went to juvie for a stretch.
And now he's a cop? You know your way around Pilsen.
Can you find out why he went away? Yeah, I can try.
Why are you looking at your own people? Believe me, I wish I wasn't.
It would be a lot more fun than what Voight has me doing right now, so.
You doing okay? What your handler's got you doing? Just running cash.
Should be easy.
Doesn't mean it is.
Thank you.
- NVLS got a hit? - Pinned our gun robber's truck three times, tracked it to 21st and Wolcott.
That's where it disappears each time.
It's gotta be one of those underground parking garages.
There's a ton of them because of the university.
Right, so we're gonna move on it, do a grid search, and work it out on the way.
All right.
Structure on 84th Street, clear.
Nothing yet at Kostner and Keeler.
Aver's clear, headed to Mohawk.
You know, there's people who'll remove 'em for you.
Hurts a lot less than burning them off.
So what were they of? That bad? They weren't good.
You always like this, or is it just with me? The one word answers.
This is squad banter.
I'm just trying to get to know you.
- I'm answering you.
- Are you? Look, man, anybody can kick in a door and shoot a gun.
That's not really the job, okay? I'm not trying to climb into your head.
But I do have the right to know whether or not I can trust you.
That's gives me the best chance of making it home at night.
You get it? Yo, Major Tom, are you getting any of this? - There it is.
- What? The truck.
Hitching rods.
Yeah, this is it.
Quiet door.
Take pictures of the plate, the VIN, send the location to the team, okay? Hey, hey, hey.
Police, don't move! We don't stop moving forward.
I want you on my hip.
Slice that pie.
Slice that pie.
Push, push, push, push.
Stay off the wall.
It's not your friend.
Move! Stop! Slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.
- Ready? - Ready.
I got a door here.
Cover stairs.
- You got me? - Go.
Hold us down.
Police! Slow, slow.
- You ready? - Ready.
Police! Cover.
Move up.
It's clear.
- It's clear.
- Clear.
Where the hell is this guy? Where the hell did he go? You feel that? What? A breeze.
Shots fired at the police.
- Are you good? - I'm good! - Are you hit? - No.
Nate to responding unit.
Please repeat.
- Stay low.
- Cover this.
Cover this.
Engine 21.
Offender fleeing an apartment building on Racine and Throop.
Send me some cars.
And you were right here at the mirror? Huh.
That's a hell of a first few days.
He's in the wind.
The apartment's registered to an Edgar Bautista.
He's a career criminal.
We didn't stand a chance.
There's an entire unfinished apartment back there.
I'm guessing he had his cash in here.
He ran in to grab it and then he fled through there.
Bautista's utility bill recovered from the truck downstairs.
And the casings on the other side of the wall, - dead match for our carbines.
- Okay.
This is our guy.
All right.
Do we know where he'd run? Not yet he's got no documented affiliation with any sort of gang, and the only family he has A sister in Cicero Kev talked to her.
They're estranged and haven't spoken in years.
But this guy's still got a quarter million dollars' worth of guns.
He's not leaving that money on the table.
- No, he's gonna dump 'em all.
- Right.
So let's process the scene and let's find Bautista.
How'd you know about the mirror? They do it to cut corners.
Lots of old CHA towers had them.
We used them to run when we were kids.
Run from what? The police.
You want real answers? I'll give 'em.
Your kid almost killed a dude.
- What? - Torres.
That's what he was in for.
Put a guy in a wheelchair.
Dude was never the same.
Who was it? I don't know.
I couldn't find out.
I didn't wanna ask too many questions.
- And this was gang related? - Maybe.
I don't know.
It didn't sound good, okay? It didn't sound like something a cop should be allowed to do.
It's not the answer you were looking for.
If you had to know who he really was, how would you do it? - You're a detective.
- Yeah.
But he comes from where you come from.
I'm asking you.
The other day, I was at Carabo, and I thought I was alone.
I was cleaning the dishwashers, humming a song.
It's a song that I sing to my kid.
And Escano walked right in.
It was like, I thought I was made.
I was just being me.
You can only keep your guard up for so long.
Find Torres when he thinks he's alone.
You're in early.
What's going on? What do you mean? You gave me a whole speech about trust and then you follow me home? - You clocked my follow? - Your stakeout.
Well, that's humbling.
What's going on? That apartment isn't the address you got - on your intake forms.
- Yeah.
I had a patrol buddy's place listed.
I was crashing there for a while and now I'm not.
All right.
Did you tip off Bautista that we found his storage unit? What did you say? - There's a leak.
- Yeah.
Why the hell would I be the leak? Back up.
You're the only new factor in this whole thing.
I don't know you.
You made it damn clear you don't want me to.
- It's a fair question.
- No, it's not.
You wanna hit me? Do it.
Do it.
I didn't tip off anybody.
I live where I grew up with my ma.
And I like it there.
And I didn't put it on the forms 'cause I thought it wouldn't sit well with my fellow police.
Imagine that.
I would never tip off anything.
Go home.
Take the rest of the day.
Get yourself together.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So we've been digging into the sale like Voight asked, if Bautista was gonna dump the weapons.
We got a hit with ATF.
There's chatter about a fire sale.
Twenty weapons.
40 grand.
Seller sounds a hell of a lot like Bautista.
Now get over to ATF.
Get everything they got.
All right, listen.
Feds are gonna let us take this.
Picked up a buyer 20 minutes ago.
Kid's in his 20s.
Spanish speaker.
Said he spoke to Bautista twice.
So we need a Latino undercover.
Torres is the obvious choice.
Under normal circumstances.
What's your take on the kid? I still don't know.
And Anna said he tried to put a guy in the ground.
And he lied to me.
Well, if we don't use him, the chief is gonna read it in our report.
Be as good as making your decision for you.
It'll be the end of the kid's career.
It's your call.
I got it, Ma.
Just keep stirring.
It's still too thin.
You're gonna go undercover and do a buy for us.
You're a PPO.
I'm your FTO.
This is an order.
It's the last time I explain that.
I'm taking a huge leap of faith here.
You are? Yeah.
This ain't no democracy, right? Yeah, well, just so we're clear, the way I see it you see them? They got my back ten times more than you do.
Go tell your ma.
I'll wait.
Turn around.
Stay sharp.
Here we go.
Be advised we have a positive on Bautista.
That's four bands of ten Gs.
Count it if you need it, boss.
All good.
Be a real suicide mission there, walk in here and try to short me.
Kid's not bad.
Product's in the van.
We'll help you get it into your car, and then, uh I know you? No.
I do know you.
You're Berto's kid.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
What's this? Who the hell's Berto? Is he made? Ran into Berto just the other day.
Still in the wheelchair.
You messed him up good.
Jay, this feels bad, man.
He's unarmed.
Be ready, but let it play.
I didn't think you'd remember me.
I do remember you.
Berto says you was a real uppity-ass ungrateful prick.
Berto is a prick.
- Is that right? - That's right.
What is this? I said what the hell is this? Gun.
Move! Who are you, boy? I told you.
You know my name.
Calm down.
I didn't ask what your name was.
I said who the hell are you? Chicago PD! Let me see your hands! Police! Are you good? Are you hit? I'm good.
No! Absolutely not.
You knew him? What the hell was I supposed to do? You stay here.
That's an order.
50-21 Henry.
Shots fired at the police.
Offender fleeing southbound through the warehouse.
We are in pursuit.
Copy 50-21 Henry.
Backup en route.
We need help here.
We're pinned down.
I'm moving.
I'm moving.
Bautista! Hey.
That piece looks real good on you, homes.
Drop your weapon and get on the ground.
You ain't one of them.
I know you're not.
Last chance, homey.
On the ground now.
You ain't got it in you.
50-21, Henry.
Offender down.
Put your stepfather in a wheelchair? Nah.
I put him in a coma.
Then he moved to the wheelchair.
He was beating up my mom, and I did what a man needs to do.
At 14.
You ever hurt anybody else? Yeah.
No one who didn't deserve it.
Why do you wanna be a cop? I know you weren't paying off your parking tickets.
You lied to me about that.
You lied to us about where you lived.
You knew Bautista, and you didn't say.
And I know you're burning off gang tats.
You know, I got this tat when I was 14.
I burned it off in juvie.
And my ma? She runs the store.
And the fools that claim the block They charge her protection tax.
And she needed the cash.
That's where I was.
And yes, I knew Bautista, but cops ain't supposed to know fools like that, or live where I live.
Why wouldn't you tell me any of that? Tell you? And and trust you? Like you're showing me right now? My world ain't black and white, and I get you can't understand that.
Try me.
I'm not an idiot.
I know who you are.
There's a reason you're asking me these questions.
So you do what you gotta do.
Before I beat my stepdad I called the police six times.
And they didn't help.
That's why I wanna be a cop.
And I'd be damn good at this job.

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