Chicago P.D. (2014) s09e19 Episode Script

Fool's Gold

Love this.
Came here with my work friend too.
She's somewhere around.
So, what do you and your buddy Ruz do? - We're police.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
- That's amazing.
Yeah? Yeah.
I wanna hear all about it.
After I go pee.
Do not move.
I'll be right back.
Nice try.
Thought your job would run her off? At least quiet her down a little bit.
- Not in here.
- The bluer the better.
Who knew? - My shift's over.
- I'm about to walk on home.
You ready to close out? Or I can open a new tab for you and your friend.
- Mm-mm.
I'll closing out.
- I should be leaving anyway.
- I can walk you home though.
- If that's okay.
Oh, the tax dollars at work? You payin' 'em.
A'ight, well, I'ma let my old friend know, and then I'll meet you right here.
All right.
My cousin was CPD up until last month.
He moved down to the Sunshine State.
- Mm.
He retired? - He's 26.
You see the billboards along 290 begging cops to come work in Florida? - Mmm! Cuz made that move? - Mm-hmm.
- How does he feel about it.
- He like it? He likes not apologizing for what he does.
Well, uh this is me.
You up for a nightcap? Right.
Okay, I get it.
- Naw - Good night.
Listen, uh, you caught me off guard I'm still catchin' up.
I know when a dude's still hung up on someone else.
Thank you for the walk home, Kevin.
Have a good night.
Good night.
Hey, Celeste, it's Kevin.
Just giving my weekly call, trying to see if you're ready to talk.
And, you know, whenever you are, I'm right here.
Miss you.
You guys good? CPD Intelligence.
What's going on? Neighbor called it in.
Heard screaming and what sounded like a gunshot coming from inside the residence.
2662 on the scene of shots fired.
Got no sign of forced entry.
- I see signs of a struggle.
- Something happened in there.
2662, signs of struggle, possible burglary in progress.
We are conducting a forced entry.
- Let's go.
- Copy that, 2662.
It's open.
- We got blood.
- Let's go up.
To my left, to my left, to my left go! Body! Clear on the second floor.
Bathroom's clear.
I need you to call in the crime lab.
We got a homicide.
Roll the crime lab.
Hey, hey, hey, hey I'm police.
Okay? You're okay.
You see that, you see my badge? I'm Officer Atwater.
I came up here to help you out, all right? Can you look at me? Can you look at me? Okay.
Listen, I promise you you're safe, all right? You did a very good job.
You're safe right now.
All right? I just need you to stay in this moment with me.
All right? Just stay in this moment with me right now.
Can you look at me? Look at me.
There you go.
Just take my hand.
Gonna get you out.
One thing at a time.
Just one thing at a time.
Come on.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
I got you, I got you, I got you.
Now, we'll put that there.
It's almost over.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
Okay, good.
There we go.
I'm gonna wait right there with you.
I'm not going anywhere.
Okay? We gonna wait together.
All right? I got you.
- Kev picked this one up? - Yeah.
Victim's name is Brent Landry.
His wife Raquel was also here.
It looks like a home invasion gone wrong.
The intruders forced their way in the back door.
They ransacked the whole place.
They got into a safe and a jewelry box.
They took off quick, but first they went after the wife, shot at her three times.
Two misses, one hit, none lethal.
The husband's body's upstairs.
That's a hell of a beat down.
- Wasn't light work.
- Feels personal.
- Mm-hmm.
- The wife, she's on her way to Med right now.
She's still in shock.
All I could get out of her was "two offenders, masked up.
" Then how did she make it out alive? I don't know.
She ran and hid and got lucky.
Sirens could've scared the offenders off.
Patrol got here real quick.
Well, that's one good thing.
All right, dig in.
PODs, door-cams, get with forensics.
Kev, head over to Med, talk to the wife.
It happened so fast.
I feel like I made it up.
- It happens.
- Yeah.
They offered me a sedative, the doctors did, but I just I don't want it.
Okay, that's okay.
So he's dead isn't he? My husband.
I'm so sorry, Raquel.
Yes, he is.
Now, this is gonna feel a little cruel, but I do have to ask you some questions now and the quicker, the better.
Are you okay to tell me what happened? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- I was in the bathroom.
- Bathroom, okay.
I heard a crash.
They ran upstairs.
And they must have made Brent turn off the alarm and open the safe.
Um, then I ran after him.
Hey, stay with me.
All right? Tell me what you saw.
What did you see? Two men.
They they were beating him.
And he he shouted at me to get out.
And then they shot him.
And I ran.
Then they shot after me.
All right.
Why why did I run? I just hid.
I love him.
I love him, and I just I hid.
You did exactly what Brent wanted you to do.
Okay? Raquel, hey.
Can you think of anyone who would want to hurt you or your husband? No.
But we're wealthy.
And people will do so much for that.
Wealthy is an understatement.
Brent Landry, founder of Ridgehelm Capital, top real estate developer.
Net worth only 60 million.
- And the wife? - From Lakeview.
Owns Landry Interiors.
It's a boutique interior design firm.
Okay, so they knew they were hitting a big score.
- We got footage? - Yeah, two offenders.
All clad in black, moved camera-conscious, like pros.
Hey, we are not the only ones working in the Gold Coast.
I just talked to Robbery/Homicide.
They have a two-man robbery crew.
- Okay.
- Check it out.
This is North-Side two days ago.
Two offenders, same build, and same shoes on one of them.
Black Chucks, high-tops, white trim.
- Who'd they hit that time? - Family named the Baylors.
They weren't home during the burglary, but there is a nexus between the Baylors and the Landrys.
They both belong to a private club name The Donovan.
Okay good, see if any of the employees I already ran 'em.
So this is Joey Peterson, he's 22, he works the bar, he's got two priors for robbery.
All right, you and Atwater.
Let's go.
What do you need, Officers? Well, what if we just wanted a drink, Joe? - Ha.
You all stick out here.
- What do you need? That's fine.
Where were you three days ago between 4:00 and 9:00 p.
- and last night at 8:00 p.
? - Here, both times.
- That was pretty quick.
- You sure about that? - Always work that shift.
- Ask my manager.
Certainly will.
What do you know about the Baylors and the Landrys? - They belong here.
- Come on, man.
I just answered you.
You're gonna have to answer some more questions before we leave, so do you know anyone that would target the Baylors and the Landrys for burglary? Something funny? You want to see the fakest, hungriest people in the world? - You come here.
- Hmm.
All right fine, how about some names? Take your pick.
Half the staff here would love to steal one of these lives.
So would half the rich pricks who can't actually pay their bar bills.
Did the Baylors and the Landrys hang out with people like that? Hm? What? She Miss Landry, uh, Rocky - Rocky? - That's what she goes by, all right? I don't know her well.
She's nice.
Might actually have a soul.
She sits at the bar, talks to everybody, buys the valets, the waiters drinks.
She's nice.
So, yeah, someone probably took advantage.
Do you have footage of the bar? Damn.
It's like a month's worth of security footage.
You really think everybody's in there's pretending? Man, everybody's pretending about something.
Hey, Jay, Kev, you got your ears in? Yo, we got ears.
What's going on Hail? We got a burglary in progress.
Gold Coast, seven blocks from you.
Two armed men, masked, entering a row house at 1817 Belden.
Neighbor says the family's out of town.
We're on it.
- I'll go around back.
- Copy that.
Front door's locked.
Kev, I got a body inside.
I'm moving in.
Got movement upstairs.
Offenders are still in the house.
Copy that.
I'm the police.
I got you.
- Don't move, police! - I'm unarmed don't shoot! Don't shoot! Kev, they're headed toward you! - Chicago PD! - Whoa! Whoa! Don't shoot! - Don't shoot! I'm unarmed! - Get down! - Get on your knees right now! - Don't shoot, don't shoot! Get down! Drop the weapon! Jay! - Jay! - You good? - Are you good? - I'm good! I got him, go, go! Stop! Stop! 5021 George, I got shots fired at the police.
Damn! 5021 David, I got an offender fleeing in a blue SUV northbound on Belden going towards Cambridge.
Partial Ida 9 Boy 9.
He just went eastbound on Cambridge.
I need ambos and cars right now on Belden.
Damn! Hey.
You okay? I'm doing my best, Sarge.
Four squads landed in three minutes.
Not one of them got eyes on the offender.
And whose house is this? Family is the Hendersons.
They're in Turks and Caicos right now.
They had a cleaning lady in there.
They pistol-whipped her, bound her, but she's still alive.
We found a wallet on this one.
Matt Wilson, 24, born and bred criminal.
His sheet reads like he's muscle for hire; armed robbery, B&E, carjacking you name it.
If you had a job in Chicago you need help with, this guy will be anything you want him to be.
- What's this? - That'd be the Hendersons' access code.
Offenders knew the alarm system code to disable it.
Don't think the code came from Matty Wilson.
- Dumped his phone, came up empty.
- Huh.
Nothing from the alarm company.
Nothing from The Donovan to indicate anyone there had access to our victims' home security codes.
Ran cleaning staff, nannies on all three families.
Nothing popped.
Still working The Donovan's footage we got nothing yet.
There's nothing useful, no nexus.
This might be something.
Both the Baylors and the Hendersons had work done on their house this past year.
Okay, that's good.
Contractor? No, contractors were different but they both used the same interior designer.
- Landry? - Yeah.
Landry Interiors, Raquel's company.
Design company could easily have access to alarm codes.
Okay, good, let's run through their employees.
and gentlemen, at this time we'd like to pre-board flight 1020 to New York.
Passengers with children and our first-class passengers are invited.
I'm sorry, um I should have called, I just Just what? I just keep going back there.
To the crawl space.
In my head, you know, thinking I was gonna die, and not helping Brent.
I thought maybe if I left, it would just stop.
Um was I not supposed to leave? Well, Ms.
Landry, we found a suspect.
Really? We'd like for you to take a look at a lineup with us.
Well, I told you they were wearing masks.
You might recognize a build or voice, and I promise you this will go very fast.
I'll be there with you the whole time.
Yeah, they won't be able to see you, and if you don't recognize anyone, that's fine too.
How did you know I was here? Your cell phone.
Landry, you can do this all right? You should do this for your husband.
So, come on.
Just this one little thing, and I'll bring you right back here as soon as we're done.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
What's going on? Does it always take this long to look at a lineup? No, no, we just wanted to buy a little time, get you here real quick.
What? I lied.
We didn't find you by your cell phone.
We found you by the Town Car you booked under the name Denise Murphy.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Raquel Landry? Interior designer? Married in 2016? Is this you, yes or no? Yeah.
Of course it's me.
2011 to 2015, Denise lived in Detroit selling luxury cars.
Until she decided to disappear without a trace one night.
I like Stella James.
Stella worked at a strip club outside of Milwaukee from 2008 to 2011.
All of these are three different women, three different names, yet they're all you.
And they're all fake.
Who the hell are you? I know exactly what it looks like and it ain't looking good.
I know you're not leaving here tonight.
You're a con woman.
And we know that you know the man who's doing these home invasions because we have evidence of you speaking with him.
You handed him your clients, then you handed them their access codes, and then you handed him your husband, right? Right? Cause that's what the hell it looks like based off all these damn IDs.
I mean, if I'm the one that's looking at the facts, you about as good as gone unless you tell me otherwise.
Who is he? Who's the man doing all these damn robberies with you? Hmm? Gimme a name.
I have nothing to say.
I completely missed this.
I believed every word that came out of her mouth, from the grief to the shock It all felt real.
Yeah, well, she's good.
All right, what else do we have? Looks like a con artist.
Picks a mark, spins her yarn, scores and leaves town.
Denise Murphy.
November, 2015, Denise's surgeon boyfriend files a report with Detroit PD.
Denise made off in his $180,000 Mercedes.
Her and the car were never recovered.
Must be a trail of broken hearts in her past, empty wallets.
And Brent was big game, I mean, 60 mil.
- She did sign a prenup.
- She signed a prenup? Brent comes from family money, prenup is likely par for the course.
This would've been a long-game con.
Okay, so maybe she gets annoyed, she doesn't want to be with Brent anymore, she wants out, so she hooks up with a robbery crew for fast cash.
Something goes wrong, the crew gets greedy, they see her as a mark.
All possible if we find proof.
Look, who the hell is the offender? He's gonna be in her life In one of 'em.
So dig through her IDs and find him.
I mean, they all look damn good, these passports, licenses, state IDs.
They look real, but they're real fake.
That we know.
Do you have a birth name? No.
But I found something Ah.
Now, they all look real, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Printing's exquisite but they tried too hard on the photos.
- See? - Assume we don't.
The backgrounds.
Those are legitimate backgrounds used in passport photos, but the problem is that company bellied up a few years ago, and they're not used anymore.
Products were sold off.
Sold off? To individuals? - Exactly.
- Huh.
I found who's been making her fakes.
That's what I like to hear.
Tell me we got an address.
Oh, yeah.
Do what you gotta do.
Chicago PD, open on up! Hey, hey, hey! Stop.
I already got a warrant.
Why don't you just invite me inside, huh? - Anybody else here? - No.
Walk backwards.
You face me.
Back up.
Kev, we're moving toward you.
I'm in the house.
Copy that.
Sit down.
Are you serious? Right there.
Come on.
Axel, what up? Were you expecting us? Do you still go by Axel? Or is it Andrew Caren like it says on your lease? I don't know what you're talking about.
Listen man.
We can inventory this whole place.
You're already going away It's just a matter of how long, so you might as well talk to us.
- Look at that.
- Axel, look at that.
That's why we're here.
Her right there You made her three IDs.
You remember that? What's her name? Huh? Looks like you know her.
I can tell you know her.
I want her real name.
- Why? What happened to her? - She's in trouble.
- What? - Yeah.
Oh, God.
Yeah, I need you to talk to me Axel look at me.
She needs you to talk to me.
That's the only way that we're gonna help her.
Did he find her? I told her Chicago was too close.
I-I told her he would find her here.
Who? Who would find her? Who is she? Let me see those.
I saw it.
When I pulled you out the crawlspace and I asked you to be in the moment with me, you did.
You came out.
I saw it.
I didn't realize what it was, but you have been in situations like this before.
Around violence.
A couple.
No money, addicts trying to raise a kid.
A girl.
By the time she's 15, has to drop out of school to work, help keep the lights on.
She meets an older guy.
She's pretty.
And it's hard to say what that older guy wants to do with a 15-year-old, but by the time she's 18, she's tough.
That girl Lily Ann Mitchell.
You didn't grift men or leave town make a big score, did you? No, you couldn't.
Axel said you could barely afford your fake IDs.
I don't even believe that you meant to leave in that man's Mercedes.
You were running.
That sounds like a story.
- It does.
- But I know how it ends.
With me in prison.
I gave them those security codes, and I know how this looks.
Yeah, but it doesn't matter how it looks.
All I care about it is the truth.
I can't.
You can.
I get it.
I get lying, I've lied about myself before too.
About who I am.
But just because you lie about the details of yourself doesn't mean you're lying about who you are.
I saw you in that crawlspace.
I saw a person trying to survive.
I saw a good person.
So what's the truth? She meets Sam Olin at the age of 15.
By 2006, when she turns 18, Sam gets very abusive and violent.
We got one incident report from 2007.
Lily Mitchell checks into East St.
Louis Memorial with severe bruises and a fractured rib, but she didn't want to press charges.
That was Sam.
She wanted out.
She gets connected with Axel, Axel sends her an ID, and she escapes to Milwaukee.
But Sam finds her? Right, Sam finds her and she runs again.
To Detroit, where she became Denise.
And then Sam finds her again, and she becomes Raquel.
This guy gets off on torturing her, tells her if she tells anybody, he's gonna kill her and everybody she loves.
Okay, what happened in Chicago? Sam finds her again, but this time he wants a piece of her life.
He threatens her, threatens her husband's life, makes her give up those security codes.
And her husband's murder? He went over there to kill that man.
He figured he was a problem.
She tries to save him, he shoots at her.
Problem is, she has no idea how to find Sam right now.
She says she has no clue where he is.
I think I know how Sam found her.
The passport felon Axel He's got an email he uses for clients.
She emailed him, Sam shows up in Chicago a week later.
He's got Axel's email cloned.
Okay, so let's use that to lure Sam out.
See if Raquel is willing.
You email Axel.
You tell him you don't want to do this anymore.
You can't decide if you want to go to the police or run and that you want to meet up.
And then I wait for Sam to kill me? Right? Because that's what he's gonna do.
We're not gonna let him hurt you.
- So I'm bait.
- Yeah.
He ain't even gonna get close to you.
We'll all have eyes on you.
I'm going to give you covert ears so you can hear me.
And it'll all be over.
He's going to the penitentiary.
You can stop running.
And no more lies.
We're all quiet here, we're good.
There's nothing on level one.
Just a waiting game now.
Wabash and Monroe are clear, no sign.
Are your people really here? We're all set.
Just breathe.
- I'm right here and I got you.
- Okay.
He's here.
He's upstairs.
He's moving.
Okay, that's good.
Don't say another word.
Just stay calm we're fine.
Does everybody copy? Sam's been here the whole time.
He's one level above us.
I'm going to get eyes.
All right, I'm at the elevators.
I'll go to level three, work my way down.
I'll cover the stairwell.
I'll keep eyes at the front.
I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
All right, I got him I got Sam.
He just got off the elevator, level one.
I lost eyes on Raquel.
She moved.
Stop! Police! - What is happening? - Stop fighting.
Chicago PD.
You're under arrest, pal.
What? - Raquel.
- We got him, you're okay.
- You're okay, let's go.
- Get up.
What did she tell you? What did she tell you? Why am I the only one in cuffs? - Walk out.
- You believed her? I only did what she wanted.
Let's go, man.
Oh, God, she got you, too.
Come on, man.
Come on.
It's okay.
Come on.
I don't know what else you want from me.
I'm telling you everything.
She planned these robberies, she gave me the codes, she planned her husband's death.
But that doesn't make any sense.
Why? Because it doesn't match what she told you? I've known her since she was 15, all right? This is what she does She makes people believe her and then she ruins them.
- Let's say we believe you - okay? She planned the whole thing, she's evil, she's a con.
And yet you've been following her since she was 15? I'm the one I was the one person in her life that she was ever real with.
Okay, what about the money? - What? - The cash.
She's conning people, so there's gotta be money.
But there's no evidence of that in any of her accounts.
She doesn't keep it in accounts.
She has PO boxes in every place she's ever lived.
Why the robberies? She could have just stolen from Brent She was married to him.
No, she couldn't.
She didn't have access to his money.
He made her use a credit card.
Besides, she wanted out quick.
She thought he was gonna leave her.
So you killed him? I didn't know that's what she wanted until I got there.
I thought she just wanted to scare him.
Look, she told me all these stories about how he controlled her, hit her.
But then you shot her.
What? No, no.
My partner, Matty, he freaked out, he shot at her.
Of course I didn't shoot her.
I'm an idiot.
I love her.
Sam has an answer for all of it.
Claims Raquel was the mastermind.
Sam's lying.
I mean, he's going to prison anyway.
Lying about it wouldn't change that.
He says that the cloned emails were her idea too.
Her husband read her texts, she might have to get away at a moment's notice, wanted Sam to have a way to find her.
That doesn't sound insane? All right, did we find evidence of the PO boxes? Yeah.
She had one under every name in every city she lived in.
And Sam's apartment, his car? He gave us access to both.
We checked there's no gun recovered in either.
I checked her financials again.
Sam was right She had no access to her husband's accounts.
Brent kept the money separate.
And we checked Sam's financials too.
He's got two payments just under the $10,000 threshold paid out of Landry Interiors.
She was paying him as a vendor.
Or he was extorting her.
I mean, I get it.
But we're also talking about the same man who put her in the hospital.
- She didn't press charges.
- Right.
Just like half of the abused women that we know of.
We can't possibly believe this man.
It doesn't matter what we believe.
Right now, all of it's a story.
I mean, he's got one, she's got one, Axel's got one We can't prove any of 'em.
Kev, she looks guilty.
I mean, she's been lying about who she is for decades.
We put this in front of any ASA, they're gonna charge both of them.
One of them is lying, right? So find out who.
Talk to her again.
We need proof, not stories.
I got it.
Did you not get everything you needed? You sent Sam money.
Almost $20,000 from your company, why? - Yeah, because he told me to.
- You didn't tell me.
I didn't think about it.
What is he telling you? He's saying that you told him to rob your neighbors, kill your husband, and that you planned the whole thing.
Okay, he's lying.
Did you save money in your PO boxes? You know what, you told me I could trust you.
I also told you to tell me the damn truth.
You said you understood, that you had lied before and that you were gonna help me! That's exactly what I'm trying to do.
- Answer the question! - Yes.
I kept money in my PO boxes.
So I could run.
So you could run.
Well, if this man - was actually chasing you - There's no if! - We need proof.
- I knew this was gonna happen.
I don't care about you being mad.
You gotta give me something.
Do you understand that? Because I believe you.
I don't have anything to give you.
There has to be something.
Did you tell anybody? - Did you tell some friends? - No.
Some family, did you keep anything, any text messages, tell the police? No, I don't have anything, I didn't keep anything.
I have my phones.
- Phones.
- I kept all my old phones.
I know I should've thrown them away every time I ran, but they also had all the good people that I met in my life on them.
I kept them in a lockbox.
Sam used to send me threats on them.
She said the lockbox was hidden in a drawer somewhere.
Okay Lockbox.
We didn't recover any phones from Sam's house? No, not at his place or his accomplice Matty's.
They must have had time.
They probably already pawned them off What do you think? Possible.
Also possible Sam already destroyed them.
Yeah, or they were never here.
Just keep searching for phones.
Nothing from the pawn shop on 31st.
No phones were brought in at all this week.
Yeah, I'm through the Gold Coast.
- Nothing in Lakeview.
- I checked every spot near the Landrys', every single place near Sam and Matty's.
Nothing on the trash pulls near either offender's crash pad.
No cell phones recovered at Sam's.
Did we re-check inventory? Yeah, we've re-checked everything.
There was no stolen goods - recovered at Matty's at all.
- Damn.
He was likely being cut in by Sam.
Well, how much time do we have until we have to charge? - Ten hours.
- Okay, okay.
We got to run it again.
I'm gonna double back on Matty's because I don't know a sidekick that doesn't keep his own gun.
We did check.
It's possible the easiest option is true here.
She's lying to you.
Buddy, if she's a con woman, she's clearly a good one.
She's gonna give you what you want to see.
I believe her.
I'm goin' to Matty's.
That's 300 pages.
Thousands of texts.
16 years' worth of manipulation, exploitation, and threats.
You probably didn't even know that those phones were there.
Your partner Matty found 'em.
He took 'em.
Guess he didn't trust you so much, but all the data's in there.
And that's everything I need to prove that everything you said was a lie.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You do.
You're done.
So would you like to have a real conversation with me now? Lawyer.
ASA says it's solid and he should be away for a long time.
Do you know where you want him to take you? - What you gonna do? - Uh I'm gonna bury Brent.
And then I'm gonna go somewhere new.
And start over.
Sam's gone.
But I lied to everyone.
All my friends, Brent's family.
Just tell them why you lied.
It's not going to change anything.
It's the lie people see, it's unforgivable.
You believe that? You don't? Who did you lie to? 'Cause you said earlier that you lied.
Did they forgive you? - I'm an undercover cop.
- I lie all the time.
Thank you, Kevin.
Be good.
You too.
- I'll get that.
- Thank you.
Hey, it's me again.
Um, you don't have to call back, it's okay.
It's, uh, just me calling to say that I'm sorry.
Sorry for everything.
All of it.
I'm not going to call again.

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