Chicago P.D. (2014) s09e21 Episode Script

House of Cards

1 Her name is Anna Avalos.
She's been an active CI for the DEA for six months.
And she's well placed within Los Temidos.
A cop/CI relationship is all about trust.
Javier Escano, aka El León.
This is the guy running Los Temidos.
He's responsible for at least ten homicides that we know of.
You find some way to get close to him.
You have one son named Rafa.
There's not a person that works for me that I don't know.
I protect my CIs.
I'll make sure no one makes you.
You find something real so that when Escano needs for Los Temidos, you're the person he wants.
Los Temidos does initiations.
They raped me.
I can get them.
I will get them.
Got your text.
You good? - I'm here.
- Huh.
Latest tapes.
It's really exciting stuff.
Carabo's ensaimadas are going gluten-free next month.
This is what the long game looks like.
Time equals trust.
- So that's it? - Uh, no.
Escano sent me an address of a house in Barrington.
Gave me 150 grand.
He told me to go over there tonight and put it in a safe.
I I don't get it.
- What's not to get? - Uh, it's the suburbs.
I normally do deliveries all around the city.
- It just it feels weird.
- Anna, this is good.
Means he trusts you.
Anna, this could be the money house.
We've been looking for that place for months.
You followed? No, I don't think so.
I just I can't stop looking over my shoulder even at home.
- Escano acting different? - Yeah, he's stressed.
- Really? - I can feel it.
He's getting paranoid.
He's been taking out his competitors one by one with better product.
I'd be paranoid too.
It is driving me crazy.
Just stay focused, okay? Stay angry.
Look, I'm here.
I'm standing right next to you, one step back in the shadows till the end, okay? You and me.
Anna sleep this week? Not looking like it.
All right, what else do we know about this house? It's a rental owned by an LLC out of St.
Nothing with Escano's name on it.
- Guy's way too careful.
- Hmm.
Boss, you seeing this? Welcome to Los Temidos Bank and Trust.
Is this enough to move on? Not illegal to keep cash.
No, we got nothing tying him to the dope.
We don't move.
Wait, wait, Sarge, we got Escano coming your way on foot.
How the hell did he get here? - Hey.
- You weren't followed? No.
Did you help yourself to anything inside there? Take a look.
I don't need to, do I? Do you want to check my pockets? No, I believe you.
You know, for some reason I trust you.
That's why I let you come here.
You trust me, right? - Yeah.
- Good.
I think I'm gonna have something big coming up in the next few days.
Need your help.
With what? Small truck coming up 35.
Just need you to get it and bring it to me.
And I'll give you some cash, you bring it so some friends.
That's it, just you and me.
You and me.
Can you do it? - Yeah.
- Good.
That really just happen? We're gonna have this son of a bitch.
All right, I want us on every avenue of this buy.
- So where are we? - So far, so good.
The 35 Escano mentioned to Anna is Highway I-35.
It begins in Laredo, Texas, right across the border.
The 35 is the beginning of the cartels' pipeline to Chicago, so we looped in Homeland Security and ICE.
Their interdiction agents have eyes all over the place.
They got eyes on anything we like? They sure as hell do.
45 minutes ago, this commercial truck crossed the border.
One male, Hispanic driver.
He's a smuggler for three cartels.
The truck has the same plates as two prior Chicago runs, and Anna confirmed it's the same tags - Escano had her memorize.
- This is the one, Sarge.
They'll track it along every stretch of the highway.
We'll know exactly when it's entering - city limits.
- All right.
So what's our ETA? If they stick to pattern, two days out.
What else? I solved Escano's little magic act in Barrington.
He didn't exactly appear out of thin air.
Had some help.
Meet Mateo Vega.
Turns out this kid dropped Escano off at a 7-Eleven three blocks away from the money house.
We checked the 7-Eleven.
Mateo got a Slurpee while he waited for Escano.
We got him on the security cams and then got a hit on facial rec.
Yeah, the kid's got, uh, two priors for car theft.
Works at a suspected chop shop as a mechanic.
Looks like a new Temidos recruit.
He's earning his stripes supplying stolen cars for Escano's meets and deals.
I got a tracker on Escano's personal vehicle, Sarge.
He only goes home and to the bakery in that ride.
- Rinse and repeat.
- Well done.
All right, Jay, Hailey, why don't you get eyes on Mateo's chop shop? See if we can ID that buy car.
Try to get a tracker on it.
- Will do.
- All right, let's go.
Okay, the last plate is Jerry Colburn, 71 years old.
He is a retired postal clerk.
Sounds like a real up-and-comer.
Okay, so Mateo's doing legit work too.
He's smart.
I'm gonna get a closer look, see what we got going on in there.
Whoa, wait, hold on.
That's Mateo.
I don't recognize anyone else, you? No.
Really? You're gonna party at the old garage? That's the best we got? Maybe they're picking up a ride.
Maybe not.
This beat is killing me.
It's the same damn song.
They're clubbin', Jay.
The music doesn't stop.
When's the last time you were in a club? Okay, yeah.
Here we go, people.
Let's clear it on out, come on.
- You hear that? - Hear what? - Sounded like a scream.
- You sure? - I'm gonna check it out.
- I'll cover you.
Be careful.
Don't get burned.
Stop! Please! No, stop.
Please, don't.
Please help me! Help me, please! Someone's in trouble.
Call for backup.
You cover the front.
I got the back.
Please stop! - No, stop, please! - Shut up.
- Hey! - Please, help me! Chicago PD! Get your hands up! - Please! - I said, get off of her! Stay down! Jay, I got two running your way.
Police! 50-21 George, I got a male offender fleeing northbound on State.
Brown shirt, blue jeans, Hispanic.
Jay, roll an ambo.
I got a woman here.
I got you.
I got you.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna let him near you, okay? I'm not gonna let him hurt you.
I'm Hailey.
I'm a police officer, all right? Isabel? Help is on the way.
Okay? You're gonna be all right.
I got you.
I won't let him hurt you, okay? It's okay.
I got you.
Couple of patrol guys grabbed the third offender.
They're bringing him to the district now.
All documented Los Temidos? They're all new recruits.
- Sarge.
- How is she? She's on her way to Med.
She's still pretty out of it.
They drugged her found a packet of roofies in Mateo's pocket.
- She knew them? - Just Mateo.
She thought she was coming here for a small party.
But the drugs, the cuffs they recorded it.
This was a planned rape.
She a Temidos recruit? We know how they like to initiate women.
Yeah, Anna.
I know.
Isabel's a student.
She has no sheet.
She's not from the neighborhood.
She didn't even know Mateo was in a gang.
It might have been an initiation, but she was a victim, plain and simple.
All right, we're taking this.
But keep us off paper.
I don't want Escano thinking we're anywhere near this.
Just make it look like a neighbor called 911.
Yeah, copy that.
All right, I got Mateo.
Yo, that bitch is psycho.
She wanted to get crazy.
Okay, that is a bad start.
I mean, you front all you want, but I am charging you with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated criminal sexual assault, battery.
That's life.
Let me tell you something, you go to the joint with those convictions I mean, you better get used to company in the shower.
That is, until a shank finds you.
Talk now.
I ain't do nothing.
You did everything.
We got you on video raping that poor girl.
I mean, you're not leaving this room until you talk.
You understand me, Mateo? Talk.
Talk! - It wasn't my idea.
- Whose idea was it? Huh? Who? Look.
You a new recruit with Los Temidos, hmm? Kid I've seen and I've heard about these initiations.
That's what happen here? Who ordered it? Please, man, I don't want to die.
He can't touch you here.
He can't help you, either.
But I can.
I choose if you get protective custody or not.
You understand? Me.
But I need a name.
Kay? Who ordered it? El León.
This man? Yeah.
- Javier Escano? - Yeah.
- He he told me to film it.
- Oh, yeah? Did the others know you were filming? - No.
- No? So Escano could own them.
Own you.
We know Escano ordered Isabela's rape.
We got eyewitnesses that'll testify.
Why don't we just take that to the ASA and get his ass off the streets right now? Because he's a convicted criminal who would say anything to get those charges off his back.
I mean, we can prove Escano ordered it.
Only by the kid's word, and Escano looks like a respectable citizen.
That's gonna go bad a hundred different ways.
ASA's not gonna bite.
No, he's right.
We're sticking to the plan.
The intercept of money exchanged for the dope.
- We stay on course.
- What about Anna? What about it Ana was raped by Los Temidos Escano probably ordered that too.
He could have been there while she was being raped.
For all we know, he participated.
Anna deserves to know that.
Look, I agree, but not when she's in the middle of this.
If it were me, I'd want to know.
Hailey, Anna is unraveling at the edges.
she is been undercover 24/7 for months.
She doesn't know who she is right now.
I'm her handler.
I'm not putting her through this.
Look, one more day, she'll have taken down Escano herself.
- Do you want that for her? - Yeah.
Good, me too.
So end of discussion.
We don't tell her.
Look, this buy just got a lot more complicated.
Escano's gonna find out three of his recruits were busted.
So where is he right now? Yeah, I heard.
No, nothing changes for now.
I'll call if there's a problem.
W What's going on? Come on.
Kev, you on a monitor? Yeah, go for me, Sarge.
All right, pull up the tracker on Escano.
He's on the move.
He's on Damen, going southbound.
All right, copy that.
I need your eyes.
We're staying four blocks back.
All right, got you.
I want you to help me search.
- What? - Help me search.
What are we looking for? Cameras, trackers, bugs.
Anything the police might use.
All right, um I want you to take a look under there.
Is fine, there is nothing there - You already checked - Under.
Show him the tracker, Anna.
This could be a test.
Come on.
What is that? It's a goddamn problem.
So just make sure no one's following you, okay? - Okay, but I - Go home.
Hey, Maria.
Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
I'm good.
Okay, thanks so much, girl.
I owe you.
Yeah, just, um just tell him Mom loves him, okay? Okay, yeah.
I'll see you guys real soon.
What the hell was that? I didn't know what to do.
I don't know what the hell that was.
Anna, you did the right thing.
- You did good.
- It's 'cause of me, right? I'm the reason he's all suspicious? - No, no, Anna - He's looking at me weird.
It is not about you, Anna.
Okay? Have you heard of a kid named Mateo Vega? Uh, no? No, who is that? He's nobody.
He's a car thief, okay? Escano's been using him to steal rides for his meets.
We think he was gonna supply the car for the buy.
And he just got scooped up? Area North busted him for auto theft.
It just went down.
So Escano thinks that was all about him? I mean, could be.
He probably thinks his arrest was about product not cars.
Made him paranoid.
Okay, so then we're done.
- Buy's off, right? - No.
Anna, the wheels are still in motion.
Escano's responsible for that load.
I mean, by the sound of that, that is bulk cartel product.
He needs that to keep expanding his territory.
I don't no, I um look, I can't even see straight anymore, okay? I don't Look, I don't feel like I know what's even real.
Um, I want out.
No, no.
No, you don't.
You don't want to out of it You don't.
This is all gonna be worth it.
Listen, you're gonna put that man in jail.
You are.
And you're gonna get 10% of everything we seize.
And you and Rafa are gonna have a good life.
The one you deserve.
And it's all gonna be because of you.
What we're doing here, together, this is real.
You know, you two sound just the same sometimes.
You can do this.
I know you can.
Hey, trust me.
I got you.
Where are we at on the cartel truck? Headed straight to us.
Well, no matter what Escano's thinking, he still hasn't called off the buy.
Sarge, you good? Yeah.
Hold down the fort, Jay.
I'll be back in a few.
I believe this is yours.
Remember when we met? - Your bakery was robbed.
- Yeah.
Then you worked a shooting outside my store.
- That was Joshua.
- Mm-hmm.
It's terrible, the violence.
When you take a closer look, and you look at places that groups like Los Temidos operate, you see safety in the streets, respect for small business, no drive-bys, no innocents killed.
You see order.
Homicide stats are lower in Temidos pockets.
It's good for Chicago.
You know, I know the history of the police here the racism, corruption.
And it's shameful.
But I don't think people understand the kind of pressure that someone like you is under.
The violence that you see.
The risks that you take.
The lines that you have to cross.
Now, what did you go to jail for? I think you already know if you looked me up.
I like to hear from the source.
I didn't play by the good cop rules.
You don't like rules.
- No.
- Well, neither do I.
There's no surviving in rules.
You know, the cops have always circled Los Temidos, and they've always come up empty.
And it will remain that way.
- For Chicago's sake.
- Hmm.
For survival.
I just had a face to face with Escano.
He thinks he owns a dirty cop.
All right, contact IAD.
Tell them we made a covert money seizure.
Let them know I'm cracking off the sup right now.
Cartel truck? It's due to arrive in Chicago tomorrow morning.
I heard from Anna.
Escano wants to meet her at the bakery before it opens.
This deal's on.
All right, we need to play this precise.
No mistakes or this whole thing could go up in smoke.
Assume Escano is paranoid.
We switch out our cars.
Assume he's got eyes on us.
From here on out, we do heat runs.
All right, Hailey? Cartel truck carrying the suspect load - is an hour out.
- Okay, good.
You and Jay coordinate with ICE.
- Get eyes on it and follow.
- Copy that.
Okay, the driver's gonna park somewhere.
When he gets out, I want him followed.
- Adam? That's you.
- You got it.
Kim, Kev, you're with me from the start - on Anna and Escano.
- We got you.
The goal for all of us, follow them to the drop site.
That's where they're gonna exchange the money for the dope.
That's when we move in.
Let's do it.
This is Kelly with ICE, you guys monitoring? Go with your traffic, Kelly.
This is Halstead.
Target vehicle is northbound on the 3600 block of Addison.
We anticipated you.
We're two blocks out in front.
There it is.
Kelly, we got the guy in pocket.
We'll take it from here, thanks.
After this goes down, drinks are on us.
Copy that.
Kick some ass, Chicago.
Roger that.
Sarge, we got the target truck pulling into the bargain store parking lot on West Addison and California.
Okay, good.
Bed down.
Get as close as you can without raising any flags.
Copy that, Sarge.
Adam, what's your 20? I got eyes on the truck from the north entrance.
It's parked in the northeast corner of the lot.
Driver just got out.
He left keys on the rear driver's side tire.
Yeah, I see him.
He's coming my way.
All right, copy.
Remember, Escano's got eyes everywhere.
- Keep your distance.
- Will do.
Okay, I got Escano.
He's pulling in right now.
Our driver just checked into a small motel off of Addison.
Sarge, he's out of his SUV.
He's carrying two duffel bags.
Yeah, that's our money.
He's not gonna let that out of his sight.
Take a break.
I need this room.
Turn around.
- What? - Turn around.
What? You're not gonna search me.
'Cause some kid got arrested for stealing a car? - That ain't on me.
- How'd you know that? 'Cause I know everybody in Temidos.
Look, that's why you got a tracker put under your car.
I've had your back since my first delivery.
I don't deserve to have you put your hands on me.
Sarge, you seeing this? Stand down, she's got it.
Why are you here, hmm? Doing this.
- I want more than what I got.
- Exactly.
You want something more.
You want to be something bigger than you are.
You want more meaning than just a girl without a family, right? A kid without a daddy? Your crappy one-bedroom apartment that feels like a prison, and who gives you more? - You.
- Yes.
This kid wasn't busted for stealing cars.
He was busted for an initiation, and a girl was hurt, so no, they're not after me because some dumb kid was stealing cars.
We're not playing a game here.
What do you mean, a girl got hurt? Look, I'm trusting you.
I'm letting you stay here to get more, and I'm telling you that this is not a game.
So when I ask you to be searched, when I ask you to do anything, you say yes.
Is that understood? - Yeah.
- Now, turn around.
There's a big box store.
1224 Addison.
You're gonna go there.
Make sure you're not followed.
One of our trucks is gonna be there.
Keys are gonna be on the tires.
You're gonna drive it to me on the South Side.
I'll text you the address when we're clear.
We'll meet.
I'll check the product.
You take the cash, and you drive it back.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Are we done here? Can I go? Trudy, you got ears? Yeah, I'm here.
You got the tracker on Anna? Yeah, she's going north on Ogden.
All right, she stays on Ogden, what's the first viaduct she'll hit? Uh, looks like Waveland, three miles ahead.
Copy, thanks.
- You knew? - Anna A woman was hurt in an initiation.
It was a gang rape, right? That's why they took Mateo in.
So you lied.
You stood in front of me, and you told me, "You and me.
" And then you lied to me.
Anna, I did it so you could keep going.
- That's my choice.
- No, it's mine.
You're my responsibility.
- It's my job to protect you.
- Protect me? What, do you think I'm a child? He ordered my rape, right? - W was he there? - I don't know.
- Come on.
- I don't.
Why should I believe you? Look, Anna, I let you in my life.
I gave you everything I have, which is this, the job.
Look, I'm being as real as I can.
Escano didn't spot your pin cam.
If you want to do this, if you still want to get him, then we will.
Go to hell.
I'm gonna do this for me.
And then I don't ever want to see you again.
Move your damn car now.
All right, Escano is on foot exiting the bakery.
He's got those two duffel bags glued to his side.
He's getting into his SUV with the bags.
Looks like we're going mobile.
Escano's driving his personal car? Yes, sir.
He's turning left on Fullerton going eastbound.
Just stay loose, Kev.
Keep a lot of buffers between you.
He starts looking over his shoulder, eyeballing his mirrors, you pull back.
Copy you, Sarge.
- You see this guy? - Yeah.
Sarge, I got a male Hispanic who just grabbed the keys to our cartel truck.
Okay, he just opened the back door, and he climbed inside.
All right, keep sharp eyes.
Something's off.
Stay with that truck.
Wait, what is he doing? Nah, Sarge, something ain't right.
He just hit the I-90 on-ramp.
He's going north.
Headed back toward the money house.
Come on, pick up.
- What? - Something's wrong.
- Pull it.
- What are you talking about? He's on the highway heading toward the suburbs with the money.
That's not what he told you was gonna happen.
Now, pull it.
He's probably just doing heat runs.
Look, I am not letting this be for nothing, okay? Anna, listen to me.
Listen! We will get him another day.
Look, right now it's over.
Just call Escano, tell him you got a tail.
End it.
Yo, boss, I got movement here too.
Uh, male, Hispanic, 20s.
He's checking out our cartel driver's room.
This guy's head's on a swivel.
Copy that.
Jay, what about your man? He's still inside.
He hasn't driven off.
I don't know what the hell he's doing back there.
All right, I want everybody listening.
We move on it all now.
Adam, Jay, Hailey, move! Police, let me see your hands.
Chicago PD, drop the weapon! Get your hands out of your pockets now.
Don't do it.
Take your hand out of your pocket.
10-1, 10-1, shots fired at the police.
Take your hand out of your pocket! Hailey!
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