Chicago P.D. (2014) s09e22 Episode Script

You and Me

1 Anna is unraveling at the edges.
She has been undercover 24-7 for months.
I'm standing right next to you until the end.
You and me.
I'm gonna have something big coming up in the next few days.
I need your help.
Anna was raped in a Temidos initiation.
Escano probably ordered that, too.
Anna deserves to know that.
Not when she's in the middle of this.
He ordered my rape, right? - I don't know.
- Why should I believe you? You lied to me.
Escano's heading toward the suburbs with the money.
Drop the weapon! Something's off.
Stay with that truck.
Let me see your hands.
Take your hand out of your pocket! [CAR ALARM BLARING.]
Stay where you are.
Stay where you are.
You okay? Can you hear me? Are you hurt? No, just stay where you are.
Don't try to get up.
♪ Don't try to move.
Don't try to move.
It's okay.
I got you.
I got you.
Sarge, Hailey got hit by the explosion.
Offender's in the wind.
No, don't try to move.
Don't try to move.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just stay where you are.
Tell me we got Escano.
Come on, pal, just keep breathing.
Ambo's on the way.
♪ Okay.
Driver didn't make it.
This was coordinated, boss.
Escano's going scorched earth.
We need to get on Anna.
♪ Kevin, where's Escano? He's in the money house.
He hasn't moved.
I still got eyes, Sarge.
- What? - Pull over.
Pull over right now.
What? Why? What's going on? I will be right there.
Just stay low and pull over.
Wait, I see you.
I'm heading your way.
♪ Open your door.
Open your door! Open your door now! Get in my car! Now! Stay low! Get down! - Get down! - What are you doing? - What is happening? - Get down! - Stay beneath the windows.
- Okay, okay.
I got Anna en route to 21.
Jay, is Hailey okay? Jay! What the hell is going on, Voight? - What is going on? - Escano got ahead of us.
You're burnt.
This whole thing is burnt.
Is she all right, Jay? Can she hear yet? Come on, stay with me.
Coming back slow, but she's okay.
In the ambo now, on the way to Rush.
Copy you.
Kev, give me a 20 on Escano.
Come on, stay with me.
Anna, let's go.
- Kev! - Hasn't moved.
All right, you hold and anchor.
- Do not lose him.
- Voight Let's go.
Where is my kid? Rafa, w-where's Rafa? I got patrol cars going to him right now.
- Where is he? - Hey, hey, look at me.
Anna, look at me.
- Look - My kid.
He's safe, okay? Remember, he's with your sitter, Maria.
I got three patrol cars going to him right now.
Anna, he is safe.
What what is happening? Why am I burnt? I did everything right.
- I did everything you asked.
- You did.
You did.
You did.
Look, I don't know what happened.
Maybe Escano found your pin-cam.
- Maybe he clocked your reaction.
- No.
Look, maybe he clocked me.
I don't know.
Could've saw right through me.
Anna, Anna, we have got to keep moving.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on, Anna.
♪ Trudy, stay in touch with Jay.
He's with Hailey.
They're on their way to the hospital.
- You got it.
- Come on.
You're letting me be seen.
Talk to me, Kim.
Where the hell are we? Techs and Bomb and Arson are on their way there now.
Truck's a shell, but if there's any heroin residue or DNA, they'll find it.
All right, and the man who planted the explosives? Patrol lost sight of him.
He's in the wind.
- Motel? - Crime lab's there.
Driver and shooter both had no ID, no phone.
Best guess is Escano hired the triggerman out.
Yeah, there's no way Escano was gonna let that courier in the interrogation room with us.
- And Escano Kev still with him? - Oh, yeah.
Oh, he's still at the money house.
He's stashing the buy money.
Trying to come up with an exit strategy.
Which is why we need to move a hell of a lot faster than him.
All right, get the full team back here now.
This man is not gonna run.
He's gonna ghost instead.
He's gonna go about his life, quietly destroying everything he's got.
That's why we need to move now.
And I want an ASA in my pocket.
What's the name of that new one, that the young one, the the the new head of Complex Prosecutions? - Chapman.
- Her.
- You call her.
- Okay.
You let her know I'm coming.
You get her on board.
She's ambitious.
She's gonna want to stake a claim.
You get me everything you can get on her.
- Right.
- All right.
- Start boxing up our evidence.
- Copy you, boss.
- Let's get it over there now.
- Yeah, guys ♪ Anna? Anna, we need to talk about what comes next.
I die.
For nothing, right? Escano finds me, and he kills me, and I die.
♪ - No.
- I'm no different than any of these men, right? I mean, actually, I'm worse.
He trusted me.
Yeah, he did.
- And it didn't mean anything.
- No, it did.
It does.
Anna [SIGHS.]
It's not over.
I am getting Escano off the streets.
It was never enough without somebody close, without me, because that's why you were using me.
You needed me.
Anna I won't let anything happen to you.
We're getting Escano.
♪ Come on, Anna, you know me.
- When I say - I don't know you! You lied to me.
I did.
♪ I'm not lying now.
We are getting Escano.
♪ I need you to stay here at the district.
An ASA is gonna come talk to you, question you.
Then Witness Protection is gonna escort you to a safe house.
Rafa can meet you there once it's clear.
Anna it's only temporary.
I will come find you as soon as Escano's in custody.
- Anna.
- I hear you.
♪ We're not done yet.
♪ And, uh, so I understand when Escano told you this address this morning and you said it was, uh, 1224 Ashland - Addison.
It was Addison.
- Addison.
When he told you this address, did he tell you that you were picking up narcotics? Did he use those words? He didn't use the word "narcotics.
" But you knew what he meant? Phillips, Hartman, I want you guys over here.
Yeah, I knew what he meant.
He didn't have to say the words But has he ever spoken of narcotics with you, of heroin, of cocaine, of marijuana? Wait, are we really gonna sit here and list off If she's never heard him speak of drugs, that's something ASA Chapman and I need to know.
♪ No, he never mentioned narcotics, but that doesn't mean it wasn't clear.
He had cash.
He was gonna buy dope.
Have you ever seen him in possession of narcotics? ♪ No.
Have you ever seen him in possession of a firearm? ♪ No.
Absolutely, we can do that.
And have you ever heard Escano order the sale of narcotics using words? ♪ No.
♪ Did you hear Escano order the rape of Isabel Otero? [SCOFFS.]
♪ And did Escano ever mention in specifics what those young men did to Isabel Otero? ♪ No.
Did you ever hear Escano mention outright the ordering of initiation rapes? No.
Did you hear Escano order the suicide of Adrian Silva? No, but he did.
And did you ever hear Escano mention the homicides of Miguel Vincente, Pedro Vincente, Blanca Consuela, or Paco Gutiérrez? No.
Anna It's Anna, right? ♪ Have you ever heard Javier Escano order any homicide? No.
Have you ever, with your own eyes, seen Javier Escano conduct any illegal activity? ♪ No.
And have you ever, with your own ears, heard Javier Escano speak of any illegal activity in which he takes part? No, I haven't.
♪ Officers are here for Anna's witness protection.
The house is all set up.
Is she ready? Yeah.
Yeah, I think they're all done with her.
♪ You don't have it.
It's not enough.
Your CI never made the connect between Escano and the drugs.
You never found the stash house.
Escano didn't make the buy.
It isn't transactional.
- Dry conspiracy.
- It's still not there.
I have his money house.
I can't make the wash with that house.
This is all indicative behavior.
Escano bribed me.
He blew up a truck full of dope.
Which you can't prove.
He almost killed my officers, and he is cleaning house right now.
This man is gonna have an escape plan.
I mean, he's already moving.
TACT has eyes on him as we speak.
He's at the bakery.
He is gonna be dumping evidence.
Any files, any ledgers that exist, they are all gonna be gone if we don't move now.
But we can't move.
You don't have it.
This is not enough for an arrest warrant.
He's gonna kill my CI! Then protect her, but I'm not jumping on this case.
Yes, you are.
Excuse me? You're the youngest head of Complex Prosecution.
I'm handing you your career.
The biggest cartel-affiliated DTO in Chicago.
We move now, I will hand you Escano.
I'll find you ledgers.
I'll find you the stash house.
I'll find you more smack than you can fit in a press photo.
And I'll get you cartel heads.
I will make Escano sing to me.
Or if you don't I promise you I will find a fed.
I'll bribe him.
I'll squeeze him.
I will force him until I'm moving.
And when I get Escano, I'll make sure the ivory tower knows that you passed, that you wasted every dollar of city money and didn't recover a cent.
I will humiliate you.
Six months into your sad, little career, you'll be out looking for a job.
- I've heard of you.
- Yeah? Then you know I'm good for it.
I'm not magic.
I can't get you an arrest warrant no one can.
But I'll get you documentary search warrants on every property linked to Escano.
Thank you.
♪ Chicago PD! We have a warrant to search the premises! ♪ - Anybody in here? - Police! Search warrant! I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving.
♪ Back room's clear.
Got tech.
♪ - Bag it and tag it.
- Got it.
All right, everybody, listen up! I want you to hold back until we escort Escano out! - Copy.
- Let's go.
Chicago PD! Open up! [KNOCK AT DOOR.]
Open up, Escano! We know you're in there! Come on! ♪ Escano? It's Sergeant Voight! Come on out.
We got a warrant.
♪ Escano? ♪ Escano? ♪ Voight? Voight, you clear? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
What the hell happened? 5021 George, roll me an ambo to Cárabo on Racine.
I got a male, stab wound.
Copy, 5021 George.
Ambo en route.
♪ - Sarge, good? - Get back.
No one steps inside.
- Yes, sir.
- Go! Go.
Go clear the block.
Everybody, back.
Set up a four-block perimeter.
♪ Trudy, I need you to call Anna's protection detail at the safe house right now.
You have them check on her, then you call me right back.
Only use a landline.
- Talk to me, Jay! - Ambo's five minutes out.
Stop, stop.
Lie still.
Just be still.
You're losing too much blood.
Anna stabbed me.
Anna stabbed me.
Anna's gone, Hank.
Officers said she went to take a shower.
She said she needed some time.
The water was still running.
They just went and checked, and she's gone.
She must have left through the window.
- Yikes.
- Yeah.
♪ I got it.
I got it.
Oh, God.
Come on, no.
You're not dying like this.
Hang on! Where the hell's that ambo? 5021 George, where's my ambo at? 5021 George, three minutes out.
That's too much time! Come on, hang on! Come on, hang on.
Hang on.
You hang on.
You're not gonna die like this.
Stay with me.
Stay with me! Stay with me.
Come on.
Come on, stay with me.
Come on! Fight! ♪ - Clear to search? - No.
No one goes inside but my team.
It's a crime scene.
Put the tape up.
- Copy that.
- Let's go.
What happened? We heard the radio call.
Escano was stabbed.
Happened before we got there.
Look, just work the scene with Jay.
Listen to me.
No one else goes inside that place.
We do this in-house, off the books.
- Why off the books? - Off the books.
Just keep it off.
♪ Anna? ♪ Anna? ♪ Oh, man.
Anna, are you here? Anna? ♪ Hi, Maria.
This is Sergeant Hank Voight with the Chicago Police.
Is Anna there? Okay, look, I know you're watching her son, Rafa.
If you see Anna, you hear from her, I want you to call me back immediately at this number, and only me, not the cops outside.
Do you understand? No, no, no, no, she no, no.
She's okay.
It's just, uh, she could be in danger.
That's why I need to talk to her.
So w-whatever she says to you, I want you to call me and only me.
You understand? Great.
Thank you.
♪ Where's Anna? Hold on.
You're gonna talk to me.
We can either talk here, or we can talk inside with the others, but either way, we're talking.
Escano gave us a dying declaration, and we both heard it.
So this moment right here, this is what we talked about, months ago.
When you're about to go off the deep end and when you're about to cross lines that jeopardize every single person on this team, you come to me.
Let me help.
And how exactly are you going to help? We bring Anna in on her own.
We claim self-defense.
She tried to castrate him.
She stabbed him six times, and now she's running and not well.
There is no shiny fix for this, Jay.
Then what are you gonna do? Just tell me.
I'm standing here.
I'm offering you help.
So tell me.
I am gonna save her.
You know she can't just walk from this.
I put her here so I'm saving her.
Clean what I can.
Find her first.
Control it as best I can.
♪ Look, you want to help me, Jay? Then help me save her.
♪ All right, what are we waiting for? Where are we? Uh, no murder weapon was recovered at the scene, but it was messy.
Forensics is confident they'll pull fingerprints, DNA.
Also, there was no sign of forced entry, so whoever murdered Escano had access to the bakery.
They also knew where the TACT officers were.
Killer avoided them.
Pulled PODs from the back.
We got this.
It's a Chevy, no plates.
Pulls into the next-door storefront 20 minutes before you and Jay arrive.
- Hmm.
- 20 minutes that's plenty of time, Sarge.
Whoever's inside did not get caught on camera, so we're thinking that the killer accessed Cárabo through the shared stairwell at the storefront next door.
TACT wasn't looking for anyone entering next door.
They only had eyes for Escano, so they didn't see a thing.
It's all possible, right? We keep digging.
Escano's got hundreds of enemies.
What about Anna? Her protection officers are asking if we put a BOLO out on her.
They lost eyes on her hours ago, and if she's not with them, then she's a suspect.
I will take care of Anna.
And what the hell are we doing now, Sergeant Voight? I quite get that Escano was butchered before you got there.
The man just blew up $2 million worth of the cartel's dope.
Clearly the cartel is striking back.
Exactly, so you're telling me you have what, dozens of suspects? I got more than that.
Well, that's a problem, isn't it? My searches, Voight why the hell do you think I'm here? You promised me Los Temidos, all of it, not just a dead man on the floor of a bakery.
And I am going to get you all of it.
Yes, you are, so you're gonna drop Escano's murder down to Homicide detectives - right the hell now.
- No.
The fact that I have to come here and explain to you that you're not working a street murder after promising me my career - Let me tell you something - With a threat and a smile.
I am not dropping anything.
This is my case, all of it.
- I'm sure this can wait.
- We got a hit on the Chevy.
We followed it on PODs.
We're moving on it now.
No, no, no, no, no.
You stay on Los Temidos.
You stay on our searches.
Listen to me everything we recovered, you inventory, you dissect, you find something we can move on.
Ledgers, nicknames, coded addresses.
Break into any cell phones we recovered.
You don't need a warrant for a dead man's phone.
Ain't that right, ASA? Look, Chapman will stay here with you to monitor.
The second you find that evidence, you move on it.
Don't wait on me.
All right.
♪ Ah, Hailey you check that side lot.
Jay and I got inside.
Let's go.
♪ All right, you see or hear anything, you call out.
Take that side.
I'm in here.
♪ Anna? ♪ What the hell are you doing? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
Go back out front, Hailey! - We're not doing this again.
- Again? I won't.
I'm not lying to the team.
I'm not hiding evidence.
I'm not burying another murder.
This is not that.
This is that.
She murdered him.
Premeditated, in cold blood, she killed him.
She also gave her life for this case, for this unit for me.
We all care about her, Sarge, but she just slaughtered somebody.
She's clearly terrified.
She hasn't slept in 48 hours.
She's not okay.
I know that.
Then you also know that there's gonna be more evidence than you can bury.
- You can't save this.
- Hey.
Someone is gonna hear you.
Then let them hear me.
What the hell are you doing? Are you gonna help him commit a felony? ♪ [TIRES SCREECHING.]
♪ Voight, Intelligence.
♪ The cops outside won't tell me anything.
Okay, what did Anna say? I don't get it.
She's clearly in trouble.
Maria, Maria, you called me here.
What did Anna say? She called me about 20 minutes ago.
- Okay, from what phone? - I don't know.
- It was a different number.
- What did she tell you? She wanted me to meet her with Rafa.
She wanted her son.
She she talked with Rafa on the phone.
Then she was crying to me, screaming at me, how I needed to meet her right now.
She sounded wrong.
- It all felt wrong.
- Okay.
Where did she want to meet you? She told me not to say anything.
I know, but you said it felt wrong.
Maria, it was wrong.
Hey, Rafa.
Everything's okay.
Go back with Lara.
I'll come meet you in a second, okay? Maria, listen to me I promise you I'm gonna help Anna.
I'm gonna make sure she's okay.
Now, please, where is she? For her.
Yeah, can you spell that for me? E-L-L-A.
Yeah, okay.
Thank you.
Hey, the VIN number on the Chevy belongs to a Lupa Garciella.
It's Anna's next-door neighbor.
She reported the car missing along with her wallet and her cell phone, so that's gonna be what Anna's using.
Hailey, hold on.
Hold on.
Hailey, stop.
Hold on.
- What? - Just slow down.
- Why? - Just for a second.
Because ASA Chapman's upstairs.
If you bring this up or you start searching Anna at your desk, and And what? Jay, what are you doing? Anna murdered somebody.
The evidence is piling up.
Yeah, I get that.
Voight just wants to give her a chance.
- At what? - At not spending the rest of her life in a jail cell.
She's got a kid.
She committed a murder on our time because of us, because of him.
"Because of us"? Who asked her to kill him? Nobody wanted that.
We can't do this again.
- You and me, we we can't do it.
- No, we can't, and we won't.
That's why I'm gonna find Voight and find Anna and find a way out of this a right way.
You can't save him from himself, Jay.
You can't find a way out for him.
- Maybe I can.
- No, you can't.
We did for you.
And look at what that cost us.
♪ There y'all go.
Where the hell y'all been? Voight's not answering his phone.
- You know where he is? - No.
What's going on? We got it we found ledgers indicating our top seven cartel chiefs, price, weight, bank account, and we think we ID'd the stash house.
ASA wants us to move on this right now before Temidos finds out about Escano.
- Where's Voight? - I got him.
You guys run it.
I'll find Voight.
All right.
♪ Hailey.
Coming? ♪ What are you doing? Where you go, I go.
Come on.
No, no.
Oh, no.
♪ Hey, what the hell are you doing? How'd you not see me? Are you insane? What are you doing? No, no! Stop! You're gonna drive away? Really? Are you kidding me? - Get out of the car! - Hey, Chicago PD! - Did you see that? - Relax.
She's drunk or high.
She ran the red light.
Sir, I saw.
Okay, listen, are you hurt? - No.
- Okay, that's good.
All right, I need you to step aside.
Just move to the corner so I can help her out.
No, I'm not stepping anywhere.
- Sir.
- She was gonna drive away.
Sir, I've got her.
Just move to the corner now.
- I'm calling 911.
- Sir, I am the police.
There's no need to call.
Anna, get out of the car.
You need to get out of the car right now.
You're okay, but you got to get out.
You need to get out now.
Get out.
♪ Okay, okay.
Anna, Anna, okay.
Anna, you're okay.
I need you to take a look at what's happening.
Just take a look around you.
We're on a public street.
There's windows, witnesses, you understand? So I need you to put the gun away real slow so I can take care of this.
I k I killed him.
I-I know.
I need to leave.
That's not the right thing now.
I want to leave Chicago.
I want my son.
I want Rafa.
You're gonna get Rafa.
I need to go now.
You need to move.
Anna, you can't go now.
You know that.
Take a look around you.
There are too many people right now.
Okay? So I need you to put the gun away.
You're gonna come in with me.
Me and you.
- I'm gonna take care of this.
- No, no, you're not.
- I told you I want out.
- Yes, I am.
I know - I can't do this anymore! - Okay! Okay! Hey, I'll stay right here.
- Take it easy.
- You got to let me go.
Take a right at the stop sign.
We should be getting right on top of her.
I want out.
I didn't want to be near him anymore.
I couldn't.
I-I didn't want to be scared.
I didn't want somebody else to get hurt by him.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Please just let me go.
Anna, I can't.
You got to trust me.
I'm gonna help you.
- Jay.
♪ Please, just lower the gun.
Look, you're right here with me, okay? I'm going to help you.
Remember what I told you? You and me until the end I meant that.
I'm gonna get you out of this.
♪ - It's all gonna be okay.
Hey, no, no, Anna, Anna, listen to me.
That's just 'cause that man called 911.
I can fix that.
Anna, it's okay.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Just look at me! Anna! That's it.
Just keep your eyes on me.
Everything is gonna be okay.
- You're gonna come in with me.
- No.
I can't.
Yes, it's okay.
♪ 5021 George! 10-1, 10-1, I got an officer down! I need an ambo at 2684 Ashland now! I'm right here with you.
Get off of me! - Stop! Lie still.
- Get off of me! - Anna.
- I got her.
Chicago PD! Search warrant! ♪ Aah! - Get off of me! - Lie still! - Lie still! - I'm okay! I need an officer-down detail now.
- Anna, you stay with me.
- Get me an ambo! - I got you.
- You're okay.
- You stay.
No, you're okay.
I'm right here with you.
You and me.
You and me.
You and me.
♪ Let's go.
♪ Turn around.
♪ - Come get this gun.
- I got it.
- Don't shoot! - Keep your hands up! You walk towards me! Walk towards me! - Come here.
- Okay.
- Get him.
Yeah, go, go.
- All right.
Hold on, Anna.
You're gonna be just fine.
I'm staying right here with you.
I'm not going anywhere.
It's just you and me, Anna.
Sir, I'm gonna need you to sit back.
You and me.
- You and me.
I'm sorry.
No, Anna, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Go, go, go.
♪ You're gonna be okay.
It's okay.
You'll be okay.
You and me.
It's gonna be okay.
You and me.
- She's coding! - You and me.
- Charging.
- You and me.
- You're okay.
- Clear.
♪ Clear! ♪ Clear.
♪ Ready? both: Yeah.
♪ Oh, my goodness.
There's got to be 400 kilos in here.
It's got to be the biggest seize in the city's history.
♪ Female victim two GSWs to her chest, pulse weakened, one shock of defib got her back up.
I'm okay.
Her name is Anna.
Help her.
One male, CPD GSW right chest.
Hey, can you hear me? Do you know where you are right now? ♪ Here we go.
On my count.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
♪ Sir, we need to get you treated.
- I'm not leaving.
- Sir! I'm not leaving her! Get me a milligram of epi.
Sat's dropping.
♪ She's coding! Move, move! ♪ [MONITOR FLATLINING.]

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