Chicago P.D. (2014) s11e01 Episode Script




OK, let the record show
I'm tracking you down.
I'm trying here.
Hank, it's been six months.
Why am I having to fight for
a parking spot in my own lot?
Are you kidding me? It's pilot day.
I told you this.
Brass is having a shadow,
13 new pilot programs today.
It's called "New Possibilities
in Policing."
We talked about this.
I'm taking your team for the day.
I didn't forget.
I'm on my way there now.
It's been six months, Hank.
I know.
Your team can't go with
a vacancy for this long.
You've already got Torres
out on his furlough
helping with his ma.
I get that you don't want
to fill Adam's spot.
Um, what program am I shadowing?
You see what my day is.
You see why all my sympathy is gone.
Excuse me.
The chief needs to know
that your team is moving on.
I know.

You're gonna have to give me a name.
What was it?
- What was the time?
- 14:51.
Damn it.
- It's all right.
- How your lungs feel?
- I'm fine.
- I just rehab cleared me.
It's my ego that's hurting.
I fail the power test again
tomorrow, I'm not
Voight will find a way
to hold your spot.
You got shot, doc. We'll figure it out.
When you're at the test, your
adrenaline will be pumping,
and you will pass this time, OK?
Kev, we got to go.
If we're late today, Platt will kill us.
Mm-hmm. All right.
- Be safe.
- Yep.
Program's called "CPU."
Basically, think of it as a new approach
to handling mental health-related calls.
Crisis intervention team.
The way we operate is simple.
Van here allows us to
respond to calls as a team.
Team always includes
a mental health clinician.
Today, that's me.
Uh, paramedic, that's Tinny over there,
and a crisis-trained police officer.
- Hey, nice meeting you.
- Nice to meet you.
Now, instead of solo police
with little mental health awareness
arriving to a
mental health incident alone,
an entire team arrives.
Our team's trained 70 hours in psych
and specialized de-escalation tactics,
which allows for a lessened
likelihood of violence
and less police killings
of the mentally ill.
Sounds simple.
How do you determine lead on scene?
By whoever connects best.
Attempted burglary in
progress, 5535 South Leavitt.
Caller states a male white,
20s, gray hoodie, jeans,
incoherent, nonresponsive, angry.
He's attempting to break
into an apartment building.
Hey, that sounds good.
- I'm in.
- Let's take it.
Oh, we decide our calls by
an all-hands-on-deck vote.
You're with us today,
so I guess you get a vote.
What do you say?
- Sure.
- Let's do it.
Hey, Mo, what do you got?
OK, so we just got here
a minute ago, right?
Now, this man doesn't look armed.
He hasn't really been responding to us.
Don't really know if he's able to.
Also, don't know if
he lives here either.
We got it.
Morning, sir. How you doing?
Got to get inside.
Got to get inside to check.
You got to get inside?
I can help you with that.
Well, my name's Mitchell.
I'm a doctor.
A couple of neighbors
across the street called.
They wanted to make sure
you got help getting
wherever it is you need to go.
Can you tell me if you live here?
They don't understand.
They don't understand,
but I got to get inside.
What I don't understand yet,
but I'd like to.
Don't worry, sir.
Everyone here is gonna
stay back while you and I talk.
They don't understand, but I
What do I need to understand?
- I might need to get inside
so that I can check
to make sure that he's OK
because it might not be done!
It might not be done!
- Hailey, we're good.
- Go on and step back for me.
- Don't let them, I can't let
- Hey, look at me.
Hailey, let's remember,
you're a shadow here today.
You're observing.
- Hey.
- Don't let
- Don't let them in.
- Detective Upton.
- Don't let them inside.
- Don't let them inside.
- Detective Upton.
- Can't let them inside.
- Hey. It's OK.
- Turn around and look at me.
- Let me in!
- Detective!
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey!
Keep your hands up
and look at me. It's OK.
- Turn around.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's OK. Put your hands
behind your back.
What are you doing?
- It's OK. It's OK.
- No, please.
- Stay back!
- Officer, get in here.
- No, no, no, no!
- You got him?
- Yeah, I got him.
It's gonna be OK.
Stop resisting.
You're gonna be OK.
- It's OK.

5021 Henry, emergency.
I need additional units and CFD.
I got a strong gas smell
at 5535 South Leavitt.
- Copy, 5021 Henry.
- Backup en route.

5021, I've got two bodies,
heavy blunt trauma, one still breathing.
I've got an active fire.
I need CFD to evacuate the building.
- Copy, 5021 Henry.
- CFD en route.
- I got you.
She was conscious for
at least a minute inside.
One, two, three.
- I had to move her.
- I had no choice.
It's OK.
We got her. You're all right.
- All right.
- I got the door.
What the hell happened?
- You OK?
- Yeah.
Got one DOA, one critical.
Scene looked like one offender.
It looked personal.
Both victims were beaten
with a baseball bat.
Offender beat them so hard,
they broke the bat.
Fire was set to destroy evidence.
Yeah, that's my guess too.
Got one in custody at the scene.
Looked like he was having
some sort of mental break.
He was trying to get back inside.
I should be able to take you inside soon
as long as you wear safety equipment.
- We'll follow you.
- You good?
- You all right?
- Yeah, go. I'm good. I'm good.
Yeah, go.
I told you to check him out at the curb.
- He's got to be gone by now.
- He's got to be gone.
Dr. Mitchell said to route
him to a nearby hospital.
No, this man is being
arrested for murder.
Intelligence is taking it.
Is he medically cleared?
There's no physical injuries.
- Yes or no.
- Is he medically cleared?
Yes, he's clear.
OK, grab him.
Come on.
You. You.
You didn't let me in.
Is he gone?
He's got to be gone now, right?
Gone he's
he's gone.
He's got to be gone right now.
He's got to be.
- He's got to be gone.
- Stand up.
So I did good.
Get up.
Move to the wall.
It's OK, I'm here.
Face forward, toes on the line.
- It's OK
Jacket off.

Put these on.
After this, get close-ups
of the injuries.
- Turn to the right.
- Arms up.
Turn to the left.
Arms up.
Face forward.
Eyes up.

He's beaten up.
Matches with the victims fighting back.
He's got blood inside
and outside his shoes.
I'm gonna ask forensics
to rush the testing on that.
His clothes?
He's clean, but he showered recently.
His hair is wet.
He's got soap residue all over his skin.
He beat them, and then he went home
to shower, change his clothes.
He just didn't clean
his shoes very well.
Afterward, he had some
sort of mental break,
returned to the scene to make
sure all the evidence was gone.
I ran the ID you sent me.
Suspect's name is Cam Boyd,
23, has a juvie record
and a couple of stays
at level 4 treatments
for behavioral and mental issues.
He's got an older brother named Derrick.
It's his only family.
And Cam lives alone.
He's local.
Yeah, lives five blocks
from where you found him.
Could have walked there.
I just I don't have any
cameras to confirm any of it,
and I don't have PODs
to confirm timeline.
- All right.
- And our victims?
The victims are Aaron and Jess Turner.
Aaron actually lived at that apartment,
had a few priors for possession.
His sister is Jess.
She's clean as a whistle,
worked at a school in Indiana.
Just here visiting for the weekend.
Wrong place, real wrong time.
We've got evidence that
Cam knew both of them.
He went to grade school with Aaron.
I'm still digging into
Cam's social media,
but I already found beef between them.
OK, so Aaron calls Cam "bitch boy."
Cam responds, "Keep on talking,
bitch, you'll pay.
I'll make sure you're gonna pay."
We have enough to press him.
- Yeah.
- Go take him.
You got to talk to me.
It's OK.
It's OK.
You don't have to tell her. It's OK.
It's not OK, and you do have to tell me.
What happened to Aaron and Jess?
She doesn't understand, but he's gone.
Yeah, Aaron's dead,
and Jess is barely hanging on.
You have to tell me what happened, Cam.

Aaron's not
He's not nice, you understand?
I'm not sorry he's dead.
I hate Aaron.
I I'm I'm glad he's gone.
You're glad that he's dead, hmm?
Are you glad that you killed him,
that you beat both of them with a bat
until they couldn't move?
- Are you proud?
- No.
OK, so tell me why you're glad.
No, you don't understand.
- Then make me understand.
- What happened?
- He's gone.
- I know he's gone.
Why did you go to that apartment, huh?
- He's gone.
- She doesn't understand.
- She's not listening.
- I am listening. I am.
What, Jess was there too, huh?
And then what? They they got angry?
- I did good.
- And they fought back?
And then, what, you chased them?
- I did good.
- He's gone.
- He's safe.
- Dead is not safe.
No, I handled it.
You handled it by beating them?
- I could see her brain.
- Stop. Stop.
I'm not gonna stop until
you tell me what happened.
- No, no. No, no.
- What happened?
- Hey.
- I'm glad.
Just tell me what happened.
- He's gone. He's gone.
- I'm glad he's gone.
- OK, so I know you're glad.
- I'm glad he's gone!
I just need a few more minutes.
You can't have them.
- Sarge
- I'm not repeating myself.
- I have him.
- He's gonna break.
Whoa. He didn't ask for a lawyer.
I offered, he declined.
Dr. Mitchell called Cam a lawyer.
Cam's exhibiting every symptom
of an undiagnosed mental illness.
He's being placed on a medical
hold for his own protection.
That man in there is gloating,
and he's about to confess
you're not doing that.
I am.
Look, you're allowed
to take over this case,
but I don't answer to you
neither does his lawyer.
You're done.
It's completely within my
purview to call Cam a lawyer
and to recommend a psychiatric
hold for his protection.
- Protection from what?
- From me?
What do you think I'm gonna do?
I'm following police procedure protocol.
And that protocol is a threat
to him in his mental state.
My client's protection is crucial
What about the protection
of Aaron and Jess,
the ones whose skulls were
bashed in with a baseball bat?
- Protecting them?
- No.
It's my job to protect the man
having a mental crisis,
to protect him when police
passions overtake his safety.
Would you like me to list
the mentally-ill suspects
who have died in police custody?
OK, you made your point
real loud and clear.
This is absurd.
Is there anything we can do?
Short answer, no.
Look, you don't actually
have any evidence.
It's all circumstantial.
Judge is not gonna sign
a search warrant on this.
There's no loopholes
in his little program?
Program's new,
but psychiatric hold isn't.
He had a right to call
the lawyer to place the hold,
and you know the rest.
It could take up to 72 hours.
Police can't talk to him.
He's gonna walk when the hold's up.
- I'm sorry.
- It is what it is.
Wait, not you.
Close the door.
I don't need to close the door.
And I don't need you to
tell me to calm down.
I had their blood on my hands,
and Cam is good for it.
Jay signed the divorce papers?
Hailey, you left them on
your desk out in the open.
So now, I got to ask, are you OK?
Look, you need time off?
No, I don't need time off.
Jay's been gone for a year.
The papers are signed.
I just need to mail them.
One thing doesn't
equate to the other, OK?
I can be upset when a case is screwed.
Go find some evidence then.

Tell me you have something.
They put Cam in a hold?
Yep, for up to 72 hours.
Well, the DNA and blood comparisons
came back from Cam's shoes and socks.
Turns out, it was Cam's own blood.
Wait, what?
- Not the victims?
- No.
I mean, there was victim DNA on there.
It wasn't blood.
But Aaron's DNA was on them.
Samples must have been corrupted then.
- Maybe.
- I'm having them retest,
but the judge says it's not enough.
What about the social media threats?
- Too vague.
- Too circumstantial.
Fire and water destroyed
any DNA in that apartment.
Now, I'm having the phone provider
send Cam's phone logs because
his cell wasn't on him.
Here we go. We got something
new on Aaron's social media.
He posted a video 24 hours ago
and then deleted it
20 minutes after that.
Dumbass must have realized
it was a dumb post.
OCD was able to recover it,
and this ain't nothing nice.
Is that Cam?
Yeah, that's Cam.
This was shot on Aaron's phone.
I'm pretty sure he was
the one holding the camera.
What, little bitch boy,
you want to say something?
- Aaron, no, I
Go ahead.
Your crazy ass can't even talk, can you?
What you want to say? Say it.
- That ain't vague.
- That's motive.
That's retribution.
Aaron beat the hell out of Cam.
Cam returned to repay the favor.
There's enough there for a warrant.
- Chicago PD!
- Search warrant!

I got blood.
I'll check the basement.
Clear here.

I've got more blood here.
Looks like he was pacing.
I'm gonna go check the backyard.
Copy that.
- He's got a gun!
Chicago PD! Stop!
- Ah!
5021 David, shots fired at the police.
Offender fleeing eastbound
from the alley off Bronson.
- White male, 30's.
- Help!
Somebody help!
White t-shirt, light jeans.
I need cars, please!
- Help!
- Oh, please.
- Chicago PD!
- Help!
Help me. Help.
- I'm here to help.
- Are you OK?
- Help him!
Help him, please.
I need you to grab a towel.
I need to apply pressure right now.
- I don't know what happened.
- Up here.
- I can't even
Hold that right there, ma'am.
Hold that right there ma'am!
Hold that right there, ma'am.
- 5021 David, rolling in
The back alley off Bronson.
I got a GSW to the neck
of a victim down.
On my way, Kev.

That was Cam's brother.
What? What?
Cam's brother, he was here.
He he had blood splatter
all over him.
The clothes inside.
This is his car.
He's our offender.
I think I got it wrong.
What do we got?
- Uh
Offender is Derrick Boyd, Cam's brother.
Derrick was in the garage.
He, um, was looking for Cam, I think.
He fled after he jumped me.
Fired three shots at Atwater,
and one of the bullets
hit the homeowner next door.
Homeowner is on his way
to Med right now, but, um
OK, and Derrick?
He's in the wind.
Got BOLOs out,
mile radius closed down
um, patrol searching,
but got nothing so far.
All the blood's consolidated
to the driver's seat.
I don't think Derrick
had a passenger with him.
Derrick had blood all over him.
T-shirt and sweatshirt
inside had blood on them
and wood splinters.
Think it was wood from the the bat.
Recovered Cam's phone from his house.
It was open.
An hour before
the Garfield Park incident,
he called his brother three
times and then texted him,
"Don't do this. Please don't do this."
OK, any evidence Cam might
have been at the scene with him?
I mean, there's no blood on his clothes,
no blood in his bedroom
we can luminol the shower,
but there's no visible signs of blood.
That's because Cam was
never in that apartment.
I got it wrong.
We all got it wrong, Hailey.
Cam's bruises,
the blood inside of his shoes,
that was all from his earlier
beatdown with Aaron.
Cam kept telling me that he was safe.
He was gone. He was glad he was gone.
He was talking about his brother.
He was glad that he was safe.
Derrick must have found out
about the beatdown
with Aaron, snapped.
Cam then figured out
what his brother was gonna do.
He was trying to stop him.
He probably showed up
at that apartment minutes
after his brother left.
It was all right there, and I missed it.
And I don't know how, but I missed it.
Well, it doesn't matter right now.
All that matters
is that we find Derrick.
OK, we got an LKA?
Tact's en route.
They're gonna sit on it now.
OK, hit it with them.
Hailey, you go back to 21,
man the digital search.
Let's find Derrick now.
No, not a single hit on
Derrick's credit cards.
That man's not using those.
Nothing on previous addresses.
He's got no other vehicles
registered in his name.
Uh, what about CTA? What about the bus?
Nothing yet.
Transit teams are up.
Guy is laying low.
Derrick's house is clear.
I have UCs sitting on it
in case he comes home, but
we've checked all known associates.
Yes, we have.
He does not have many associates.
He's got a strong history of violence,
and he did time for assault twice.
Doesn't have many friends.
He never kept up with his cellies.
The only family that he has is Cam.
Derrick's finances are like
a love letter to his brother.
He paid for his credit cards, his loans.
He's paid for programming,
meds, schooling.
He spent his whole life
taking care of his brother.
Probably not the first
beating Cam endured.
Probably couldn't take it.
Homeowner just bled out.
Hey, talk to my contact at Birchfield.
Cam's psych hold is up.
They're letting him go.
What? Already?
Yeah, so if you want to talk to him
- Cam's cleared?
- It's only been 12 hours.
Well, the hospital is in overflow.
Pushed him out fast.
Deemed him no longer a danger
to himself or others.
So he's mentally fit.
I can't give you any of
his medical information.
But I also can't stop you
from talking to him now.
He fired his lawyer, refused
any additional care, so
Is he still a suspect?
No, he's not.
I'm not a bad cop.
I never once said you were.
Would be real simple
if the problem was bad cops.
It ain't.

No, I'm not talking to you.
- I just have a few questions.
- No, I'm
I told them that
I'm done with treatments.
I'm done with hospitals.
I fired that lawyer. I'm done.
All right? I'm going home.
I get that.
You get to go home.
Yeah, I know I get to go home.
But Cam, your brother won't be there.
I know it was Derrick
who beat Aaron and Jess.
He found out what Aaron did to you.
No, no, no.
I'm not I'm not listening to this.
And he went there to pay Aaron back,
but he lost control of his anger.
He killed Aaron.
He beat Jess, an innocent person.
I'm going home.
And then he shot at the police.
He killed an innocent bystander,
and now, he's running.
We are gonna find him, Cam.
And what do you think's gonna happen
if he shoots at the police again?
I know I got it wrong.
Cam, I see that now.
I know you were trying to stop him,
and he was just trying to protect you.
Because he always protects me.
He always does, so leave, please.
He killed two people, Cam.
And he's running.
This is not gonna end well.
So then what the hell
do you want from me?

I want you to protect him now.
I want you to help me find him
so no one else gets hurt,
and we fix this.
The brothers have always had a plan.
If either of them were
to ever get into trouble,
they meet at Humboldt Park.
It was their favorite place
to go as kids.
Derrick used to repeat it
to Cam like a refrain.
If there's trouble, meet at the lagoon.
But Cam doesn't even
have a way to contact him
or confirm the location, does he?
No, but he doesn't think his brother
would ever leave town without him.
He'll be there at the park hiding,
waiting for Cam to show up.
That park's 200 acres.
That's a lot of space
to shut down clean.
Not necessarily, not if we put Cam in.
We bring Cam with us.
We put him at the lagoon.
We secure the area with undercovers.
When Derrick shows up,
we take him quickly
nice and quiet, no chaos.
And Cam is fit to do this?
He agreed.
That's not what I asked.
He's medically cleared,
and he wants to do this.
He wants to make it right.
All right, put him in play.
But I want Tact teams around the corner
ready to crash if it flips.

Possible eyes on Derrick.
West side, ground level,
near the boathouse.
- Derrick, run!
- Police!
Got eyes on the target moving eastbound
toward the boathouse,
black jacket, jeans.
All units move in.
Derrick! Drop your weapon!
Get your hands up
and drop your weapon now.
The whole place is surrounded here.
Cam, stop!
Derrick, every inch of this
place is surrounded by police.
The only path through is coming
out with your hands held high.
You and your brother both know that.
We don't want to hurt you.
Cam, please talk to me.
I'm gonna need one of you to talk to me.
Tell me what you need
to walk out of here.
They're barricaded in.
They're not responding.
I can hear them talking, but I
can't make out what they're saying.
And I don't think
anybody else is in there.
We got every exit locked up,
and there ain't no way out.
We could create a diversion,
make some noise at the slips,
crash through the back.
We crash now, one of them's
gonna end up dead.
They're not responding.
Look, the only other option
is call in a negotiator,
hope to hell they connect,
but that'll draw this thing way out.
I think I may know
somebody that'll connect,
somebody he'll talk to.
This is just a precaution.
I'll be right beside you the whole time
and will be covered.
But you don't move
unless I tell you to, OK?
Goal is to get Derrick and Cam talking.
Keep them calm, connect,
empathize, and talk them out.
Cam trusted you, I think.
Hopefully, Derrick will too.
Are you OK? You good?
- Yeah.
- Just tell me where to go.
Let's go.
Derrick Boyd?
My name is Dr. Mitchell.
I'm here to help you.
Derrick, I'm gonna
need a response from you
so I know that you can hear me,
that you're safe.
Can you hear me, Derrick?
How about you, Cam?
I'm the same doctor you met
outside those apartments.
We spoke at the hospital.
I know you remember me.
And, uh, I know this isn't
where either of you want to be.
You don't want to talk to me.
But let me be clear, I'm not police.
I'm here for your physical and
mental well-being, nothing else.
Look, I need to know
you're both safe in there.
Can you tell me that you're safe?
- Cam?
- We're fine.
We just want to be alone.
So we don't need any help.
Hey, hey, Cam.
Good. Good. I'm glad that you're good.
Tell me what you need, Cam.
I I I don't need anything.
I just I I want everyone to leave.
Man. [CHUCKLES] I get that.
And I wish the police could leave too,
but that one, I can't do for you.
Here's what I can do.
I know that if you and Derrick
walk out of there
with your hands raised,
the police here are gonna let you leave
- this boathouse safely.
- No, no, no, no! No!
We need we need to go home!
Make them make them let us go home.
Ah, I wish I could guarantee
you that, but I can't.
I can't control what the
police do and neither can you.
But we can control what you and I do.
And I know I can protect you
and your brother's safety
right now and once you
leave this boathouse.
I will help you.
I will help you get care.
I will help you get well.
I promise you that.

We're coming out now.
OK, Cam.
Come out with your hands first, OK?
Nice and slow.
That's great.
That's great. Let me see your hands.
That's great.
OK. Step out.
Step out towards me.
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK. Just come towards me.
OK. It's OK.
Come on.
It's OK.
Derrick, let me see your hands.
Derrick, hands first.
Let's see your hands. Derrick.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Derrick, put the gun down.
- No! Derrick!
He said he said he said
it was the only way.
He said it was. He said it was.
He said he couldn't protect,
that he can't help me.
Please, he said that you'd help me.
He said you'd help me.
Just got word from Med.
Jess is still holding on.
Dr. Mitchell got Cam to admit
himself as an inpatient,
so he's gonna get the
help that he needs.
That's good. For how long?
It's actually hard to say
because the hospital
is overcrowded,
Cam doesn't have insurance.
But Dr. Mitchell said
he's gonna do his best.
I think his best is pretty good.
Also, Burge and I are
down to stay and help you
with that paperwork.
I mean, maybe we can get
some drinks afterwards,
unwind a little bit.
Uh, I got it. It's OK. Thanks.
- I won't take that long.
- I know.
But you know, we got you.
We down to stay.
That's all right.
Thank you though.
Have a good night.
You too.
Long day.
How about you stay one more
minute and give me a name?
- Look
It's just to show
we're moving on for now.
I need a name, Hank.
It's the only name you're
gonna get from me, Trudy.
It's Adam's spot.

Yeah. One sec.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
Sorry, were you trying to call me?
Oh, uh it's OK, I got that.
No, it's fine.
- Here we go.
- I got it. I got it.
You're not cleaning up my apartment.
I got it.
You've been here six months?
Um, I'll get you something to drink.
I think I I only have
whatever this thing is, but
I don't need one.
What happened to the lamp?
We don't have to do all this.
Yeah, I know we don't.
I know.
I'm I'm good.
I'll be good. Just had a moment.
I'm always the calmest
person in the room.
I'll get that back.
We all miss things.
I don't.
Not like that.
I wasn't calm with Cam.
It was all right there in front of me.
He was telling me in the interview room,
and I missed it.
And it might have ended the same.
Or it might not have.
I was angry at him.
He seemed proud, and I got angry.
And lately, I
I don't know if I'm not shutting down.
I'm angry, and I don't know why.
I'm not mad at Jay.
[CHUCKLES] I'm really not.
I just I should be good.
I don't should be moving on by now.
We all should be moving on, right?
But I'm not, and I don't know why.
And I pff.
I wasn't paying attention with Cam.
And I can't be a good cop if I'm angry.
I don't know what to do.
Tell me what to do.
That's why you're here, right?
I'm serious.
Tell me what to do, and I'll do it.
How do I fix it?

I don't know.
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