Chicago P.D. (2014) s11e02 Episode Script


Morning, my little retreads.
Good news, bad news.
Good news, you all passed
the power and range test,
so you're one step
away from reinstatement
in Chicago's finest.
Bad news, you need to requalify
in all current laws, rules, and regs.
You pass this test,
and you're back to full duty.
Am I boring you?
No, Officer. No.
Now, where were you assigned
when you had your little misstep?
Well, let's hope you've got some.
Good luck.


- Did she get him?
- Mm-mm.
Well, she turns to me, and she goes,
"Kim, there's a scary dog
in the backyard.
We have to find another way."
So I go and I look.
Guess what kind of dog it was.
- A pit bull?
- A chihuahua.
It was the size of a football.
I mean, it was growling,
but it was making a little
Police aren't releasing names,
but we can confirm
two have been arrested
and two offenders are wanted.
Chicago Police are on site.

Hey, sorry.
Hold'em with the boys again?
[SIGHS] Last minute game at the cop bar.
It's all good.
Just remember, no river, no fish.
You got it.
- Get some sleep.
- Okay.

Tick, tock, AJ.
Two Gs to you.
I heard you the first five times, Wes.
Yeah, come on.
Let the man think, all right?
On you. Can you grab me another beer?
You know what, boys?
I'm all in.

Lotta money on the table.
Oh, it just got real.
Here we go.
All right.
Oh, God.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
All in? Dude.
Two-eight off suit.
You're crazy, AJ.
I'm not crazy. I'm just alive, Zaco.
Now, give me a snowman, baby. Come on.
All right. Put down that eight.
Ask and you shall receive.
All right. All right. Hey. [RUZEK CLAPS]
All right. 1 in 42 odds.
1 in 42. You're a dead man walking.
All right, just put the card down.
- I'll try.

Come on, bro.
- Is that a full house?
- Yep. Yep.
Is that a full house?
Winner, winner, chicken dinner,
baby. Oh!
You wanna tell me the odds against that?
- Come on.
- You lucky prick.
- Boys, I'm sorry
All right! Everybody get on the ground!
Everybody get down on the ground!
Hands on the table!
Put your hands on the table!
Nice and slow!
Do it or I will fill you with holes.
Now! Hands!
Where's the cash?
Do you know who I am?
Shut up!
Let's have it.
- Now!
- All right.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.

Zaco, you dial 911.

Boss, I'm at a poker game
that just got ripped.
Two people shot, one dead.
Offenders are in the wind.
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine, yeah.
Okay, where are you?
[CLEARS THROAT] Oasis Bar on Sumac.
I know it.
It's been raided
a couple times for dope.
[STAMMERS] Vice and Narcotics
got that place
all over their radar, Adam.
Yeah, I know.
I know I shouldn't be here.
All right. Do they know you're police?
No, I'm under.
Ex-CI invited me.
I was just playing poker,
grabbing intel, that sort of thing.
I'm just going crazy sitting at home.
Did you return fire?
Two rounds from my UC gun. Missed.
Boss, my CI Zaco, he called 911.
Ambos and Patrol are arriving right now.
Adam, if you stay there,
the only thing you're doing
is ending your career. You understand?
Now just stand down.
Get the hell out of there now.

Alexandria Cook, arrested a
couple times for prostitution.
No other priors.
Med called. Male victim didn't make it.
Uh, looks like we're
looking at a double now.
- Who was he?
- Mark Gargano. Long sheet.
Agg assault. Two armed robberies.
All right. Any witnesses talk?
Most took off, but Patrol grabbed
two of the poker players.
They're outside in the alley.
We got a Wes Arben. He owns the joint.
Did two years in Danville on distro.
Word is he runs half the coke
between here and Bridgeport.
The other guy is Zachary Munn.
Goes by Zaco.
Just did a six-month stint
in Sheridan for burglary.
Why we taking this, Sarge?
Rip of an illegal poker game?
Feels like Robbery/Homicide.
Hailey, get Arben's statement.
Kev, pods and cam.
Kim, come on, you and me,
we'll take the burglar.
Let's go.
Where do you keep the cash?
In a red duffel bag.
I know the law. The game was legit.
We got two dead bodies, and one's 19.
It's not legit.
But we don't give
a rat's ass about poker.
What did you see?
Whole lot of nothing.
A couple of pricks in masks with guns.
What'd they look like?
I don't know.
I was busy grabbing
my hands on the floor.
How many people were at the table?
Six, maybe.
Okay, great. We're gonna need names.
Oh, I don't know names.
Look, I'm the new guy, all right?
It's my cousin's game.
You sat at the table for hours,
you didn't get anybody's name?
Real quiet bunch.
You sticking with that story?
I might, yeah.
- Come.
- Excuse me.
- Hello, who are you?
- The dumbo's sister.
Let her in.
Were you at the bar tonight?
Hell no. I got a three-month-old.
Are you through with him?
'Cause he's got work early.
I gotta get up early for work.
Oh, yeah? Where do you work?
He's a carpenter.
Yeah, he's got a repair job in Cicero.
Yeah, a carpenter.
Are you done with him?
Yeah, you're good.
Just leave your contact info
with that officer over there.
All right.
- Thanks.
- Thanks, guys.
All right. What do we got?
Techs found fresh blood
leading out the rear door,
and Arvin said one of the offenders
got winged in the shoulder,
so it could be his. They're running it.
The Chevy Malibu was
caught five minutes away
on a red light cam
two blocks from the robbery
going 70 miles an hour.
Wisconsin plates came back hot.
I have a BOLO out. No hits yet.
And our owner, Arben,
what do we know about him?
Really just old school, Sarge.
Lives big, likes to flash his
drug money and throw parties.
It's a big cash game.
Honestly sounds like an inside job.
Agreed. Let's chase that.
Who knew about the poker game?
Who knew it was so fat?
Let's dig into Arben's crew,
see if he was beefing with anyone.
Let's move quick.
Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt.
Sergeant Voight.
David Frume, IAD.
Do you have a minute?
- Sure. We're good?
- We're on it, Sarge.
Come on in.

It's not my place, but IAD.
If there's something I should
know, you can let me know.
I was just about to call Adam.
How bad is it?

You all right?
Yeah. Are you?
I was there. I was at the game.
I know.
I thought I recognized Zaco.
You pinched him, right?
Yeah, two years ago.
I-99, confidential to me.
He is a good CI.
Been staying on the up and up.
Is he okay?
Practically saved my life
He's fine, he covered for you.
Adam, IAD talked to Voight.
They found your slugs
in the wall at the poker room.
He's gonna backdate
a stolen weapons report.
You gotta get rid of your UC gun,
and he's not gonna loop in anybody else.
- I gotta call him.
- Adam. Adam.
I think I should be working off book
- on this thing with you guys.
- Honey, just stop.
This is exactly
what you should not be doing.
I do not like this.
I cannot have everybody protecting me.
You can, because that is what you need.
You've got the team.
They will find the offenders fast
and will keep you out of it.
So this is your weekly poker game.
It's not with the old timers
at the cop bar.
Zaco invited me.
I was covert.
I was you know, I was
listening for information.
I just miss it, Kim.
Chasing defenders
into yards with crazy dogs
and split second decisions and the,
you know, adrenaline, feeling alive.
The poker game, it just
gave me that for a second.
These are the things
we tell each other now, right?
When you're in it, you tell me.
And I know that it's hard
because you nearly died.
But I get that.
I get it, too,
because I've been through it.
But you have to tell me
so I can help you.
Look at me.
I've got you.
Of course.

- All right, what do we got?
- These are our offenders.
Techs just reached out.
Blood trail DNA from the poker rip
came back to this guy, Troy Bala.
That's his brother Clay Bala.
They live around the corner.
Kev's taking a peek right now.
- Okay.
- The Bala brothers like to rob banks.
Modern Frank and Jesse James.
No cowboy boots,
but they like their guns.
A year ago, they hit
Beacon Bank and Trust.
Killed a security guard.
Case was dropped when
the only eyewitness recanted.
How did they know about the poker game?
We figure Arben sold them the score.
Definite inside job.
The brothers grew up with Arben.
They're tight.
We got a hold of Clay's cell phone.
He made three calls to Arben
the night of the rip.
The last one was
ten minutes before the rip.
No way that was a coincidence.
Go ahead, Kev.
The house is quiet right now.
Got a black Camaro sitting out front.
Illinois tag. Nora Tom Zebra 3581.
Camaro's registered to Clay Bala.
We got paper on the house?
Signed and ready to go.
Let's hit it.


No, I don't have your test results.
That's not what I'm calling about.
- Okay, what's up?
- I have a small favor to ask.
Intelligence was out chasing a lead.
They back yet?
Could we maybe elaborate
on that just a little bit?
According to the log, an arrest warrant
was served on Troy
and Clay Bala minutes ago
- Kay.
- But their place was empty.
- They're in the wind.
- All right.
Well, when they get back,
if they need anything
Not gonna happen.
Adam, just ride the bench.
I'll see you soon.

Hey, Marla. How are you doing?
Zaco home?
He's done his time.
He's paid his debts to you.
Leave him alone.
Look, I'm not trying
to drag him into anything.
I just need to talk to him. Zaco.
He's not home, so
You got a second, bro?
Yeah. Of course.
All right.
Come on.
Thanks, Marla.
I didn't tell them anything.
Yeah, no, I never thought you would, Z.
But thank you.
Gotta put the stickup guys away fast.
You seen Troy Bala or his brother?
I can't get involved.
You know that.
My sister's letting me
stay here for free.
I'm not gonna throw that away.
I mean, all she's
having me do is watch the kid.
Yeah, I know.
I'm not jamming you up here, all right?
It's just me asking.
Shouldn't you be staying low?
Not if I wanna fix this thing.
Fix what?
We got ambushed.
Zaco, I swear to you,
I'm not trying to pull you in,
I promise you.
I'm just trying
to make this thing right.
I gotta make it right.
Do you know where Troy
and Clay would hide?
I'm begging you here.
Yeah. Uh
Troy, his girl's Gigi.
- Okay.
- Gigi Balducci.
She's over on South Laurel.
Good man. Thank you.

I got eyes on the Bala brothers.
What? Where?
Troy Bala's girlfriend's house.
Gigi Balducci, 6100 Laurel.
I'm parked down the street.
- Adam.
- Zaco told me off record.
I'm not gonna hit it.
Just hold anchor here
until the team arrives,
then I'll pull away, I promise.
Boss, they're right here.
Just come take 'em.
All right, we'll be en route.
ETA five minutes.
- Hold on. Sarge?
- Yeah?
I got a car in Gigi's alley.
Someone's approaching the house.
Anyone we know?
No, it's too dark. I can't tell.
Walking up to the door now.
He's knocking.
All right.
They let him inside. Should be a friend.
I got shots fired. I'm going in.
Adam, Adam! Wait!

You just hold on.
I'm gonna be with you in two seconds,
all right? You just hold on.
Why don't you tell me your name?
What's your name?
Clay Bala. Yeah?
All right, Clay Bala, I'm police.
I want you to tell me
who did this to you.
Can you do that for me?
- Wes Arben.
- Wes Arben.
Okay, good.
I can hear that. I can hear that.
Now you hold on.
The ambulance is on the way.
They're gonna be here any minute.
Tell me that again.
Tell me who did this to you, Clay.
Can you tell me?
Who did this to you, Clay?
Clay. Clay.
Clay. Come on, man.
Who did this to you?
God damn it!

Come on, let's go!
I got bodies.
I'll clear the house.
House is clear.
Yeah, they're all dead.
All right, 50-21, roll the
crime lab to 6100 South Laurel.
Got a triple homicide.
Right, call the team.

Techs recovered five
9-mil shell casings.
Recovered this from a ceiling tile.
Matches the bag from the poker rip.
It's gotta be the Bala brothers' cut.
Right, so Arben gets nervous.
No one's supposed to die at the rip.
Covers his tracks.
Yo, so I got one guy to talk.
Witness said that he heard
the gunshots, looks outside,
and he saw a bearded
white male, about 6'1",
run into the house.
Wait, after the shots?
Yeah. That's what the man said.
All right, so stay on PODs and camp.
Dig up more witnesses.
Got a real good idea
who wanted these men dead.
Let's go.
It was Arben.
Clay Bala gave me a dying confession.
All right, so we can say
I was driving by.
- I heard the shots, I went in
- No. No.
Boss, if we say that, we can use this
We can't.
Adam, look, we bring you into this,
Arben'll put you at the poker game.
Look, what is this?
You go crazy at home, you need
a poker game for a buzz.
Yeah, I get that.
But this, this I don't get.
Whatever's going on in your
head 'cause you got shot
- No, my head is fine, sir.
- It's clearly not.
No, no. It is. I don't have PTSD.
I'm not traumatized.
I just miss the job.
I need the job.
I can't keep sitting at home,
what, becoming my father?
This is what happened to him, boss.
He took disability leave
because he tripped
down some pimp's fire escape.
He got back on the job,
but he was never the same.
You're not him.
You're gonna be back
in a couple of days.
What if I'm not?
You still won't be.
All right? You need to back off.
Back off, you understand?

Evidence at the house
suggests a lone shooter.
All the slugs, all the shell casings,
they come back to one stolen gun.
Also, Sarge, a new witness
came forward and said
that they saw the same
bearded white male
running away from the house
five minutes after the gunshots.
And hopped into a gray Jeep.
I saw that Jeep leaving the scene
when we showed up, Sarge.
Okay, you get the tags?
No, it was dark,
but I'm pretty sure
it was a Jeep Wrangler.
We all saw Clay's gunshot wound, right?
The towel.
Somebody was trying to save his life.
Somebody who knew exactly what to do.
Someone like a cop.
You got something to say, say it.
Adam drives a Jeep Wrangler.
He fits the description.
You don't have to protect us.
You can just loop us in.
I already handled it.
Adam found the Bala brothers.
How? And what else does he know?
Nothing that can help.
Look, anybody has a problem
working this case,
they can walk.
No repercussions.
So find some evidence
or some leverage on Arben.
Let's bury this prick.

So Wes Arben, this guy's real smart.
Everything's in his wife's name
and she's clean as a whistle.
Properties, cars.
Even got a 40-foot yacht
docked at Burnham Harbor,
so business must be real good.
Oh, hey. I got something too.
- Yeah?
- Yep.
Zaco from the poker game?
Been pinched for coke possession
on the corner of Polk and Kilpatrick
three different times.
He ain't that smart.
Every time, Arben posted bond.
Okay, so these guys are obviously tight.
That's our leverage
right there, Burgess.
What's the problem?
You're right.
Zaco's all we've got. Let's go get him.

Okay, that's him.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
- Chicago PD.
Come on, bro. I didn't do nothing.
- You didn't do nothing?
- I didn't do nothing.
- Oh, really?
- That's our guy.
- I didn't do nothing.
- I'm just gonna check this.
- Just in case.
- Then that's on us.
Come on. That's nothing.
That coke buy was a parole violation.
Don't you guys got bigger fish to fry?
Yeah. We do, actually.
- The hell is this?
Phone records between
Wes Arben and Troy Bala
the night of the poker rip.
Arben orchestrated the robbery.
Were you tipped off?
Was I tipped off?
- No.
- Hmm.
I almost got shot.
Then let's talk about the Bala brothers.
Why are you showing me that?
You you think I whacked 'em?
No, you were home.
We talked to your neighbors.
We think Arben's good for it.
We don't have enough evidence, though.
So this is what
Ruzek's promises look like.
What promises?
Yeah, that I wasn't gonna be
dragged into this.
That he'd protect me.
That's why I'm in this cage
right now, right?
It's 'cause of him?
It's 'cause you're protecting him.
That's why we're here.
That's why none of this
is being recorded.
I know he wasn't supposed
to be at that game.
He wasn't supposed to be begging me
to take him, either.
All right, that comes out,
and his ass is fired.
I know that.

If I protect Adam, means
I'm also protecting you, Zaco.
Tell me about Arben.
You're lying again.
Okay, you don't want me
to tell you about him.
You want me to give him to you.
You want me to work for you.
I know what that looks like.
Zaco, you don't talk,
you get five years
in prison for the drugs.
I don't know what else to tell you.
If you want me, there's a price.
I want the drug charges dropped.
I wanna get paid good CI money.
And I want you to help my sister.
Your sister?
Yeah, she's in line
for the new public housing
unit in Hyde Park.
Okay, she goes to the front
of that line,
or you can kiss my ass goodbye,
and I'll expose Ruzek for all of this.
- CPD has nothing to do with
- It's Chicago.
Bribe someone.

Goal is to get Arben talking.
We need a confession on tape.
I got it. This ain't my first barbecue.
All right, I know
how to get him tripping.
And try and stay face to face
with him so we can see him.
Don't switch locations.
- Don't fiddle with the camera.
- Look, I got it. I got it.
How we doing on Marla's housing?
All it took was 10 grand, but she's in.
About the 10 grand?
No, come on.
But she's in.
Top floor view of the lake.
You know, I take zero pleasure
in using them like this, really.
Is he doing okay?
You don't need to worry about that.
You just worry about Arben, all right?
We're set. Let's go.
You see anything, Kim?
Nothing yet.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Just checking in.
All is good over here with Mr. Fixit.
It's a thrill a minute.
Adam, you know it's all
gonna be okay, right?
I've been trying to be positive
because I know that you're gonna pass,
and I know you're gonna be back.
But if you don't, it's gonna be okay.
- No, it won't.
- Yes, it will.
Kim, it
- Kim?
- Yeah?
It won't, okay?
I'm no good without
the job, you know that.
I'll find something
to fill this thing in me.
It'll probably be something wrong.
You know, I'll lose you, lose Mak.
I have to go, I'm sorry.
Why, what's going on?
We're going after Arben.
Using Zaco.
No, wait, I promised him I wouldn't
I didn't have another way,
and Zaco compromised himself.
That is on him.
I have to go.
Son of a bitch, man.

What's up, hotshot?
What's up? You wanna grab a bite?
No, first some errands. Let's go.
Man, you sure?
Let's go.
They got a killer chili burger here.
I'm starving. I haven't eaten all day.
Just shut up and get in the car.
Don't get in, Zaco.
Come on.
All right.
No, no, no, no.

He's mobile.
I got him.
Where are we where are we going?
You'll see.
Headed for the Hellcat, Sarge.
I'll catch up.
Copy, Kev. Head over to 22nd.
Kim, run parallel on 13.
Copy you, Sarge.
After all we been through,
you'd think I'd get a taste.
- Taste of what?
- The rip.
Troy told me you ordered it.
Is that why you took care of him?
He's talking too much?
Son of a bitch.
We lost eyes.
We think they're headed south on Wabash.
Copy. I'll head that way.

Where were you yesterday, Z?
I was at home.
[VOICE CUTTING OUT] In the garage, uh
I got these new clips
and cylinders for the Harley.
That's weird, 'cause I swung by twice.
You weren't there.
Oh, yeah.
I was in the garage.
Yeah, I checked the garage.
Why are you lying?
Yo, I'm
I lost him.
Kim, you still got your feed?
I'm dark. They must be out of range.
Just ping Zaco's phone.
This is Detective Hailey
Upton, badge number 55055.
Requesting an emergency ping.
I'm sorry, I was in and out all day.
I don't know when you were
when you were there.
So it was just bad timing.
Yo, why are we at the old place?

Hey, what the hell is going on?
Zaco just dialed me. Is he driving?
Yeah, we lost his signal.
We're trying to get a ping on his phone.
Why'd he go mobile?
Arben made him get in his car.
We lost him going south on Wabash.
All right, okay, so they're
headed right towards me.
He must have known he was out of range.
So I'm gonna see if I can tap in here.

- Okay, I got a signal.
- Is he okay?
I don't know. Give me a second.
Take off your jacket.
Do it.
All right, dude.
Did I tell you, I got I got
I got two tickets
to the Bears game on Sunday.
Tickets, Adam.
Tickets, that is his safe word.
Old place. Uh
He mentioned the old place.
The poker game, it used to be held
at an old abandoned furniture
factory his dad owns.
- He knew I'd know that.
- Where is it?
It's, like, right by us.
Like, 44th and Wallace.
I'm heading there.
No, Adam, you have to wait for us.
You can't be there. Arben can't see you.
You can't be on record.
Well, I'm not letting Zaco die, so
All right. I'll loop in Voight.
We'll roll your way.

Stop lying to me, you rat bitch!
Chicago PD!
You point that at him again,
I'll put you down.
Drop the gun, Arben.
Mm-mm. Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm.
Hold on, Zaco.
Arben shot Zaco.
He fled out the back of the building.
I need an ambo right now.
On it.
All right.
Just hold on, man.
Hold on. I got you.
Where you been, bro?
I'm right here, man.
I'm right here, okay? You just hold on.
The ambulance is on the way.
Just hold on.
I got you.

Chicago PD! Arben, stop!
Sarge, I've got Arben
running into a gangway.
Red and yellow brick building,
corner of Wallace.
No address.


Hold on to me.
Hold on!
Hold on!

BP's strong. Bleeding stopped.
It was a through and through.
Looks like nothing major was hit.
All right.
Hear that, Ruze?
I'm gonna be okay.
She's not she's not lying?
No, see, you got lucky.
Full blow, man.
- Come on.
Hey, that was fun as hell.
Hey, we should do that again, huh?
You're crazy, Z.
Hey, dude, look, uh
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I jammed you.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'm just glad you're okay.

Techs ran Arben's gun.
Matches the weapon used
in the Bala murders.
EMTs didn't put you in the report.
- Case is closed.
- Okay.
Voight says IAD is backing off.
Stolen weapons report went through.
So I'm in the clear.
All right.
Ms. Munn.
I'm sorry, there was
complications during surgery.
Zachary died on the table.
We weren't able to revive him.
Hold on, no, I was just talking to him.
He was fine. He was completely coherent.
I'm sorry, bullet fragments
lodged in his heart.
There was nothing we could do.
Hold on, though.
That doesn't make any sense.
This is on you.
It's on you.

What? What is it?
I passed the test. I'm back on the job.

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