Chicago P.D. (2014) s11e03 Episode Script

Safe Harbor

OK. I'm headed out.
With all you've been working,
I can't believe you're
picking up extra shifts.
Oh, they need Spanish speakers.
Plus, it's important.
I know, I know.
I'm actually right behind you.
I got to pick up Mack from hockey.
You know, I think her skates
are getting tight again.
I keep telling her to stop growing.
- Bag?
- Yeah.
I've been, uh, trying to pick up
extra carpool and stuff
- since you've been back at work.
- Oh, stop, stop, stop.
We're in this together.
Rising boats, all that.
Where the hell are my keys?
- Thanks.
- Rising tides.
- What?
- Rising tides, that's what
never mind.
Um, yeah,
Mack can have this for lunch tomorrow.
I think she left her lunch box
at school.
Oh, you know what?
I found my old one in the basement.
What is it?
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?
Yeah, it's cool, like me.
It's vintage, like you.
Oh, her permission slip.
She lost the few ones.
- It's due tomorrow, so
- OK.
Third time's a charm.
What else you got for me?
At some point,
we got kind of good at this.
Indeed we did.
See you tomorrow morning.
Yes ma'am. Be safe.

- Hola.
- Hola.
Burgess, 21st District.
Trudy Platt still drinking
rookies' tears down there?
Good to the last drop.
Appreciate you putting in for
this detail.
These illegals what a mess.
City's going to hell.
You might be thinking of Venezuela.
What are you, the woke police, too?
Yes, sir?
There's three of you
on this detail tonight.
Winlock, on loan from the Marine unit,
- Burgess, intelligence.
- Hey.
Danny Alvarado is one of ours
here at the 13th.
Yeah, for better or for worse.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'll show you the drill.
Between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.,
it's just women and children
in the lobby.
Men, got to stay out here.
Over here is numb nut alley.
You got your weed dealers,
your gang recruiters,
a couple of vatos
who will sell you a green card
if you got the cash.
You're just here to keep the peace.
There's no yelling, no fighting.
They use drugs or alcohol
on our property, they're gone.
Relieve themselves
in our lovely shrubbery, gone.
Most of this job tonight
is what you don't do.
If somebody's cold? Not your job.
Porta-potties stink? Not your job.
Immigration stuff?
Definitely not your job.
That's it.
Welcome to Chicago, a sanctuary city.
Winlock, you're with me.
Vast majority of
these people are decent.
They're law abiding.
They've just been through hell
Venezuela, I mean,
they're running out of food.
And I can tell you, he gets
more charming over time.
But there isn't enough time
left on this Earth.
- You know?
- OK.
- Buenos dias.
- Whoa.
Hey, you know what?
Let's let's try this, guys.
Here you go.
- I can take that.
- Oh.
Gracias, señor.
Hey, I'm gonna
I'm gonna 10-100.
Yeah, I got it.

Get down!
1300, 10-1, 10-1,
shots fired at the police,
civilians, and the station.
2600 Bishop, we're taking fire.
50-21-80 in pursuit of
a black Ford Explorer,
Illinois plates, Zebra, 126, Tom 50,
turning eastbound on Bishop.
Get me cars to this area now!
Copy, 50-21-80. Black Ford Explorer.
- Back up en route.
- I need ambulance to the 13th.
- Is he hit?
- No, he fell. He's OK.
- Who's hit? Who's hit?
- I don't know.
No, no.
Move out of the way,
out of the way, out of the way.
Out of the way.


She's gone.

Gabriela Baez.
How did you know Raquel?
We came here together.
We were going to live together
when all
when all this was over.
You were outside when it happened?
- Yes.
- OK.
Did you maybe see the shooter's face,
hear him say anything?
Maybe you saw somebody else
inside the car.
I was only trying to live.
I can't get anyone to talk to me either.
Where these people came from,
the police are not their friends.
No. Voight's here.
OK, yeah, uh-huh.
Deceased is Raquel Bolivar, 24.
She was carrying her Venezuelan ID.
She caught three bullets.
One cut her femoral, she died on scene.
Three others were wounded.
Med says they're probably gonna make it.
Shooter's vehicle?
Stolen last night in Tinley Park.
Kev's on his way there now
to see if any cameras caught the theft.
Everybody is looking for it;
Sheriff's, ISP, the whole crew.
Victims all Venezuelan nationals?
A lot of people in this town
are unhappy about this,
this whole situation.
This feels like a hate crime.
Yeah, there's gonna be
a lot of eyes on this.
Well, let's work it fast and clean.
Sergeant Voight,
uh, Danny Alvarado.
I was on the overnight
with Officer Burgess.
- Yeah?
- Uh
Look, this is my assigned district, sir.
And this thing, it's
it's hit me pretty hard.
I'm just I'm wondering if
I could join your team on it.
My sergeant's already signed off,
and it would mean the world to me.
Yeah, well,
Burgess will be running point,
take her wing.
Thank you, sir. I'll do you right.
Let's go, Danny.
OK. What's the story?
Well, the story is,
we struck out, Sarge.
The only camera we had was
on a doorbell down the block.
So we never caught the
actual theft of the SUV.
Ballistics ran the groove
pattern from a slug recovered
in one of the victims, and it's a match
to a weapon from a gas
station robbery two years ago.
And the robbery hooks in with this?
Uh-huh. CPD had a person of interest.
Can somebody grab that picture?
- Gotcha.
- Thanks.
Um, CPD had a person of interest,
but they couldn't get
the charges to stick.
They didn't have enough evidence.
This is our guy.
Here, James Pleasant,
pride of Rogers Park.
Guy's a real peach.
These are his socials here.
- "Mass deportation of vermin."
- Wow.
"You're not welcome
if you're not white."
"What's the correct way
to stare at a Venezuelan?
Down the barrel of a gun."
Well, just one problem.
It's not against the law
to be a jackass.
We got no reason
to kick this guy's door.
What do you have, Danny?
Uh, I mean, maybe it's weak,
but this guy, Pleasant,
lives with his sister.
She's got an outstanding
serviceable warrant
for shoplifting.
Sounds like an invitation to me.
Front door secure.
Chicago PD, open up.
What do you want?
Brenda Pleasant, we have
a warrant for her arrest.
She ain't here.
Just open the door, man,
or we're gonna open it for you,
and your day does not improve.
I'm telling you, my sister ain't here.
We can't take your word for that.
OK. See for yourself.
What the hell are they doing back there?
Oh, no, don't worry about them, brother.
- Worry about us.
- Where is she? Where's your sister?
My sister is a middle-aged
woman who sometimes walks out
of CVS with a new curling iron.
Wasn't my turn to keep tabs on her.
What's this?
Hey, man, that's legal.
About up to 30 grams, right?
This is over.
- Got an eye for it.
- Pretty good at it, too.
It's like one of those
Stupid Human Tricks.
What is this?
You can't come in here
looking for my sister
- and then search my house.
- It was in plain view.
Where were you this morning, James?
I thought this was about weed?
Where were you this morning, James?
At my cabin, bitch.
Uh-uh. Call her bitch again
Let's go.
Did you see anyone
when you were at your cabin?
Can anyone vouch for you?
two deer and a wild turkey.
Yeah, that's what I thought
because the evidence
is irrefutable, James.
The gun used to kill
Raquel Bolivar this morning,
same gun used
in the gas station robbery.
I pawned that gun years ago.
You got a receipt for that?
You got a receipt for the tux
you rented for prom?
That many years ago.
Love how you think
there's only one guy in town
who hates these people
enough to do this.
Sure, I'm guilty
guilty of defending our nation
from these parasites.
Tollbooth cameras caught Pleasant going
to and from his cabin.
He also used a credit card in New Troy
20 minutes before the shooting.
So his alibi's good.
Told you I didn't do it.
Wish I did.
Those people deserve what they got.
- Your people.
- Say it again.
- Say it again.
- Danny
Say it again.
Say "you people" again, say it.
- Danny, listen to me.
- Say it.
- Danny!
- Say it. Say it.
- Listen to me!
- Hey, get him out of here.
- Out!
- Jesus, out.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
What the hell?
I'm not
I'm not normally like that, OK?
I'm never in the box like that.
I just wasn't expecting him to
you know?
Look, it's just this
this whole goddamn thing, OK?
And I am I'm sorry.

I know. I get it.
What we saw is ugly,
and the world feels
real ugly after that.
I wanted it to be that guy, too.
It is not.
Now we go find who it is.
That's it.
Yeah, OK.
Yeah, yeah.
You been home?
Did you sleep?
Uh, a few hours ago,
patrol found the SUV
used in the shooting abandoned
in the Dan Ryan Woods,
fully engulfed in flames.
- So no DNA?
- No.
It was torched by the time
they could get trucks in there.
But our subpoena with
the vehicle's LoJack data
came through.
An hour before the shooting,
the SUV was at a documented
open air drug market in Riverdale.
It's thin.
It's where we are.
All right, so go shake the trees.
Take Alvarado with you.
He hanging in?
Yeah, he's doing fine.
Yo, we got to skate.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Bad idea, gentlemen.
Whose car is this?
Never seen it.
That's not the answer
that I'm looking for.
Oh, look at this, Danny, plain view.
That ain't ours.
We ain't into that stuff.
See, we sent some of my guys
to buy dope for me last night.
Yeah, this is it. This is our bill.
It's a Hamilton, should be a Lincoln.
- I don't think that's right.
- Yo, man.
Lincoln's on the five.
This chick's crazy.
We just met, really.
- So we're getting arrested?
- Depends.
This car was here night before last.
I know that, so do you.
Who was driving it?
Do you know the guy or not?

You, look at me.
Give me a name right now.

Aaron Marshall, 28.
We have every reason to believe
this guy's our shooter.
He's got a sheet,
but it's all low level stuff.
These dealers, they recognized Marshall.
He's a regular.
So when he pulls up in an SUV
right before the shooting,
they know it's not his usual ride.
They said he bought some dope,
and he was amped.
All right, so scoop his ass up.
Thing is, Sergeant, Kim and I already
checked his LKA on the way back.
He cleared out the apartment, moved
out a few weeks ago, no forwarding.
Landlord says he's like a
couch-surfer type, like he's a nomad.
It just it feels like a brick wall.
I got Marshall's finsta,
just sent over the link.
Uh, I got a post on January 2nd.
You see this?
There can be only so many
Maseratis busted up
around here in January.
There's exactly one.
I'm sending you the police report.
2017 Maserati Levante
towed to Wood Dale Salvage
on Green Street.
It's gotta be where Marshall works.
Good, do it. Move.
Oh, sorry.
How long you been a cop?
Oh, God, since I was born.
How's that work?
- Dad's a cop.
- OK.
You know any cop families?
I know one, yeah.
Let's go.
Aaron's somewhere on
the east side of the yard.
Is he in some kind of trouble?
How many ways you got out of here, man?
The back door is on the
south end on Carter,
locked from the inside.
All right. I'm gonna post up there.
How many workers you got today?
Five. Me, Aaron, three more.
We gotta get the others
out of here safely
without making a lot of noise.
Yeah, we're spread pretty thin.
All right.
Walk out that way through the front.
Don't come back until we tell you.
- Let's go.
- Be sure to get out.
All right,
we fan out, we clear the place.
If you find one of the workers,
you bring him out safe,
come back, do it again.
No radio traffic until we find Marshall.
- Copy that.
- Let's do it.

OK going left?


[QUIETLY] Hey. Hey, sir.
You all good. Chicago PD.
I just need you to get out the yard, OK?
There you go.
Hurry up, hurry up.

I got eyes on Marshall.
Northeast corner, near Elizabeth Court.
Chicago PD, stop!
He's running, headed north.
10-1, 10-1, shots fired,
Wood Dale Salvage,
800 block of Green.
I'm not hit, but I lost eyes.
I got to be right on top of him.

Marshall, stop!

Drop your weapon, Marshall!
Get on the ground!
No, no, no, no, no way, no.
Marshall, get on the ground!
Do not wave that weapon.
No, this is
Marshall, focus on me.
Marshall, I will shoot you.
Drop your weapon!
- On your six.
- Yeah.
- I need you to drop it, OK?
Thank God.
1313 King, shots fired by
the police, offender down.
Wood Dale Salvage,
we need an ambo on 20.
What was that?
- What was that?
- What was what?
I just saved your life. You're welcome.
Danny, I had him. He was done.
Burgess, the guy took shots at us.
He refused to put his gun down.
He was waving it at you.
Are you all right?
Yeah, we're good. We're good.
Just make sure the squads find us, OK?
All right.
Danny, do you know that guy?
It felt like maybe he knew you or
The hell are you talking about? No.

You gave your statement to IRT?
OK, case is clear and closed.
Let's crack off the closing supps,
make sure the paper's tight.
Something's not right.

I had Marshall.
Yes, he still had a gun in his hand.
He wasn't obeying my commands,
but he wasn't gonna hurt me.
You know that feeling, right?
- He was done.
- OK. And then?
And then
and then Alvarado shows up,
and everything changes.
Marshall's whole body language changes.
And Alvarado denied it, but it felt
it felt like they knew each other.
If I didn't know any better, I would say
Alvarado was looking for
a reason to take Marshall out.
Now, if Alvarado knew
the shooter at the 13th
Kim, stop talking.
You understand
you cannot be wrong about this?
All right, dig in at 21,
just you and Adam.

Well, what do you got?
Alvarado lied to me.
He and Marshall, they knew each other.
At the very least, they crossed paths.
So two years ago,
Alvarado busted Marshall,
some trap house on Edison.
Here's the 13th arrest book.
Here's Alvarado.
Here's Marshall, 6 grams of heroin,
and then nothing, no record of
Marshall ever hitting lockup.
- No 99 confidential?
- No, no, no.
Marshall just walked out the back door.
I looked into complaints at the 13th.
Alvarado, he's pretty clean.
He did catch one beef a few months back.
- Good. Anything to it?
- There's no way of knowing.
The complaint was retracted,
so the narrative was sealed.
Huh, so the only way we're gonna see it
is with a court order,
which takes a lot of time,
makes a lot of noise.
All right, now all we got is the
complainant's name, Gabriela Baez.
You know it?
Gabriela Baez.
She's a Venezuelan,
a migrant at the 13th.
Gabriela was friends with
our victim, Raquel Bolivar.
OK, so find out why this Gabriela
lodged a complaint against Alvarado.
Let's go.
Where is everybody? What happened?
Bus pulled up last night,
took a bunch of them to shelters.
- Where?
- Beats me.
There's, like, 60 shelters now
for these people.
All I know is, I'm damn happy
to have my lobby back.
I need to find a Gabriela Baez.
Gabriela Baez.
She lived here for, like, two months.
There's got to be some sort of
list, a manifest, something.
I tried telling you. This is chaos.
Nobody knows anything.
Somebody's got to know something.
Look, I just need to know
if Gabriela was on that bus,
where she was going.
I can't help you.
Did Gabriela and Raquel speak
to you before the shooting?
- Talk to me.
- No.
I don't talk to cops
any more than I have to.
If these people see me talking to you,
they're gonna think that I'm one of you.
They'll stop talking to me,
and that's not good for their health.
You got a albuterol in there?
Yeah, it's for asthma.
Most of these kids have it
when they get here.
- Abilify?
- It treats depression.
And those are both
schedule II narcotics.
So on paper, you're a
drug dealer, not a medic.
I'm doing this for free.
You're really gonna
do that to me, to them?
Try me.
Was Gabriela Baez on that bus?
- Yeah.
- OK.
She was the first one on the bus.
I tried to figure out where
it was going, and I couldn't,
but Gabriela didn't care.
It was gonna be better than here.
This place has been hell
for her and Raquel.
What does that mean?
Here's what I know.
I know Gabriela filed a
complaint against the police
but then retracted it.
What am I missing?
Raquel came to me for these.
OK, pain relievers.
I think she had been raped.
And the wounds
that she told me that she had,
the way that she and Gabriela talked,
I think she was raped.
And I think Gabriela was there
and saw the whole thing happen.
And she insisted it was consensual.
But I told her, you need real care,
more than I can provide.
And Gabriela tried to report
it and then retracted it.
Yeah, they were scared.
They don't have any legal status.
They have no power. They have no rights.
I suspect whoever raped Raquel
was still at the police station.
Because he works there.

Look, I was going to get to her,
but we're all jammed up.
Not sure if you noticed,
but this is a tough town right now.
- We get a lot of clients.
- Not like this.
Exactly like this, Kim.
No real mystery why Raquel Bolivar died
after being shot three times.
Oh, my God, just tell me
what you know, Petey.
I can't confirm sexual assault.
There's some faint traces
of perineal tearing.
But with two months healing,
it's not there.
But she was pregnant.
Can you tell who the father is?
No, I tried. Too early.
If she'd lived maybe
one more week, we could do it.
Stop. What is that?
Somebody put a tourniquet on her.
I know somebody put a tourniquet on her.
- It's it's in the wrong place.
- Yeah.
That tourniquet goes above the wound,
Raquel might have survived.
We see it all the time;
bystanders try to help out,
only make things worse.
It wasn't a bystander.
What? Who was it?
It was a cop.
This was always about Raquel.
She wasn't a random victim.
She was a target.
Alvarado raped her.
She got pregnant.
That was a real problem for him.
So he hires Aaron Marshall to kill her.
And when it looks like
she'll survive the shooting,
Alvarado made sure that didn't happen.
Alvarado's an Army vet.
He's got more field medicine
training than any of us.
There's no way he puts a tourniquet
on the wrong side of a GSW.
Oh, sure. Let's talk evidence, though.
Well, we got no eyewitness to the rape.
Don't know where it happened, when, how.
We have no hard evidence
Alvarado and Raquel
were in the same room.
We have no hard evidence
they ever even met.
Find Gabriela Baez, get her to talk.
We don't
well, we don't, Alvarado walks.
Struck out in Portage Park.
En route to Belmont Cragin right now.
No sign of Gabriela at the
shelter in Archer Heights.
Headed to West Beverly.

If you see Gabriela,
tell her to call me, please.

How you doing, Kim?
What are you doing here?
Oh, I'm just dropping off
some hot chocolate
at the shelter.
You know how important
those migrants are to me.
Hey, so I understand, your team pulled
every beef logged against every copper
at the 13th in the last six months.
You know, just covering our bases.
I'm just I'm curious
the strategy there.
Like, what was that about?
You had to know you were
ruffling some feathers on that.
You seem to think that would bother me.
Honestly, I'm just looking to learn.
I'll see you around, Danny.
Hey, 'cause, Kim,
you know we found the bad guy, right?
Justice was served. The case is closed.

Last I saw, she was back there.
Thank you.

Gabriela, it's OK.
I need to talk to you about Raquel
and Danny Alvarado.
Look at me.
I will protect you.
Your English is really good.
Did you learn that in school?
Um, when I was a kid,
my parents didn't really want us around
too much on weekends.
So they sent me and my sister
home with our nanny Silvia,
and she was Colombian.
And do you still speak with her?
Sometimes, yeah, Christmas and stuff.
She has this great family,
super close, all I ever wanted.
Anyway, um,
I wouldn't speak a word of English
till I got to school on Monday.
Silvia was also undocumented,
always looking over her shoulder,
afraid they'd come for her
and deport her.
Gabriela, I have never
understood the idea
of an illegal human being.


Kim, there are 11,000
Venezuelans in Chicago
right now, all stuck in limbo,
all seeking asylum,
all trying to get work permits.
- OK.
- Every case is an emergency.
- Call me in three months.


Vale. Vamos.

I'm not here as a cop.
How does that work?
I'm here as a customer, OK?
I need a Social Security card,
and I need a work permit,
and I need it to look good.

No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.
- Hey, what is this? What is this?
- Step away, ma'am.
I'm CPD. That's my witness
- I said step away.
- My witness is on that bus.
My witness is on that bus.
I don't care if she's
your witness or your sister.
You got no jurisdiction here,
not anymore.
Can you tell me what happened?
The shelter found narcotics on
some of the illegals in the church.
City's got zero tolerance
in the shelters.
Where are you taking them?

There is no way that Gabriela
was using dope in that church.
It was obviously planted
as a way to get rid of her.
Alvarado's still covering his tracks.
OK. You got proof?
On paper, our only witness
is an accused drug user
in federal custody
on her way back to Venezuela.
We have no confirmation
Raquel was sexually assaulted.
- What about the tourniquet?
- "Fog of war."
State's attorney could
never hinge a case on that.
Look, Kim.
I know you want it, so do I.
But right now, everything
we have is circumstantial.
And we just don't have it.

Wait, so you never actually
saw the drugs at your church?
OK. So you didn't call ICE? Who did?
I know it's an anonymous tip.
I'm not asking for the name.
I need the number that was used
to call into the tip line.
No, I can't call back tomor
Hey, brought you some coffee.
You know, maybe it's time
to take a little break.
You had a buddy
that was detailed to ICE.
- Yeah, Paulie Marino.
- Yes.
- You want to call him?
- Yes.
Yeah, of course we never talked.
You're the best, Paulie.
All right.
All right. I'll get the tower pings.
- That one.
- Yeah.
Oh, my God.
Alvarado's house in Mount Greenwood.
- Sent a copy to TACT?
- Already done.
All right, tell me something good.
The tip that came into ICE
that the migrants
were using dope at the church,
it came from a burner.
That burner pinged to the 13th District.
Alvarado thought he was solving
a problem by tipping off ICE.
He actually managed to create
another problem.
We traced that burner back to a diner.
This is footage from the diner.
Here's two days before
the shooting on 13th.
Here's Danny Alvarado.
And there's his hit man, Aaron Marshall.
We're on. Nice work.
Let's go.
Your wife said I could come back.
She's lovely.
You raped Raquel Bolivar.
Jesus. OK. Look.
I had a relationship
with Raquel Bolivar, OK?
Look, I liked her.
It was nice, all right?
But I couldn't tell anyone,
for obvious reasons.
She wanted to have a baby, OK?
She wanted to have an anchor baby.
And look, honestly,
she broke my heart in the process.
And then she died in my arms.
You raped Raquel Bolivar,
and when she told you
she was gonna keep the baby,
that wasn't gonna be her
decision either, was it?
You think of these people as
different from you, separate.
I I do?
Burgess, do you you think I
haven't done my homework, too?
I know who you are.
White savior, you you
found your Black daughter
on the streets.
You checked that box, good for you.
Now you're just over here
looking for a new field to plow, man.
So this migrant thing
was just the best thing
that could have happened to you, right?
Come on.
We know everything, Danny.
What is it that you think that you know?
Would you like to see the footage
of you and Aaron Marshall
at the diner on Dearborn?
Stools at the counter, black coffee
looked good.
Or the footage of
Aaron Marshall 20 minutes later
opening an envelope of cash
that you gave him,
his payday for murdering Raquel.
How many people do you have outside?
Got TACT in the alley, too.
You got two ways to play it, Danny.
You can confess, plead out.
Maybe see your grandkids
one day before you're done.
But if you make me work for it,
that's solitary with
maybe one hour of yard a day
till you die.
Oh, man.
there is another way.

That for me?
It's for me.
Burgess, give me five minutes alone.
OK? Give me five minutes
alone with my family.
Let a man hug his wife
and his children goodbye,
and I promise you
I'll save you a bunch of headaches.

You thought I'd let you
take the easy way out?

Just sleep.
No, no. I want to hear everything.
Just let me put her to bed.
All right, Bumblebee, come over here.
All right.
So did you find Gabriela?
Yeah, I got her out of federal custody.
- All right.
- And she's gonna testify.
I'm trying to get somebody
at the church to sponsor her
so she'll have a place
to stay at least, you know?
[CHUCKLES] Kim, you are
kind of a walking miracle.
Adam, I used my own money, our money,
to buy Gabriela
fake immigration papers today.
I don't even know what I was thinking.
- I just
- Kim.
It was never gonna work. I just
Some cases, you'll do whatever it takes.
But these women
Adam, these women
Gabriela, Raquel, it's just
They're just fighting for the same thing
that everybody is fighting for,
you know, a home,
a family.
What we have now.
And I know that
we fought like hell for it.
- Oh, we bled for it, Kim.
- No, I know, I know, I know,
but it's still it's just
it doesn't seem fair.
No, I suppose not.
Promise me we'll keep fighting for this
because I need us, Adam.
I need this family.

Well, you know I will.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I'll keep fighting for it
for the rest of my life.
That's nice.

I was gonna do a whole thing here,
but, um
this seems better.

Let's get married.
Let's make it forever.

Third time's a charm, huh?

That fit OK?
It's perfect.


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