Chicago P.D. (2014) s11e04 Episode Script


What's up, dog?
Buenos días, Miss Torres.
It's good to see you on your feet.
Looking good.
Everything okay?
Bye, Ma.
First day back and
my transmission goes out again.
Oh, you were off? Nobody even noticed.
How do you feel getting back to it?
Good. It's a reset.
I can start over again, do it right.
Speaking of resets,
Ruzek popped the question again.
- What? Did he?
- Patrol requesting an assist.
Black Fusion just took off
on them during a traffic stop.
Vehicle last seen in the vicinity
of Franklin and Washington.
We're right on top of that.
Yeah, take it.
What was that?
Okay, okay. Black Fusion.
I got them. I got them.
5021 Ocean, we got eyes on the Fusion
heading eastbound on Lake
at a high rate of speed.
We're joining the chase.

Offenders now eastbound on Lower Wacker.
10-4, 50-21 Ocean. Keep calling it out.
Okay, this guy's going really fast.
We need units.
Still on Lower Wacker
maintaining eastbound.
Ocean, be advised.
The 11th and 10th Districts
have been notified of the chase.
People are heading your way.

He took a turn on South Water.
- We got a blind up ahead.
- Chicago Police!
- Chicago Police, hands up!
Chicago PD!
Everybody, let me know you're okay!
Stay in the truck!
- Chicago PD!
- Stay in the truck!
Hey, get out, get low,
and get behind my car.
Hurry up, hurry up!

Ocean, scratch that ambo.
We got a DOA on impact.
We need Major Accidents.
Copy, 50-21 Ocean.
- Ocean.
- Yo.
Now we know why he was running.
Died for a couple bricks of heroin, huh?
All right, what do we know about him?
License says he's
Trey Rivera, 22, no priors.
Patrol went to his last
known address to verify.
Grandmother was home.
Hey, how's your mom? She okay?
She's okay.
- Said he was a good kid.
- Huh.
The vehicle's registered to who?
No one linked
to a non-existent address.
Car's filled with high-grade heroin.
There's a clavo behind the gas tank.
There's two more kilos
on the right side.
That's gotta be a quarter mil.
He's working for a major DTO.
Any idea who?
No, not yet.
You know they disabled the GPS.
All we got is PODs and traffic cams.
All right, so let's run
everything we can about this kid.
Find out who he ran for,
who he died for.
Welcome back.
Rafael Perez, 59,
known head of an operating DTO
out of Little Village.
Our kid was working for Rafael Perez?
Yes, sir. PODs show Trey's
vehicle all over Perez's territory.
OCD also confirmed that he's
a known associate of Perez.
Perez has been a known target
for, what, six years?
Narcotics worked him
for mass trafficking
and three suspected homicides.
Never been close to making a case.
They can't build their way up to him.
Guy works alone or in person.
Always uses a burner.
He has a very tight, loyal crew.
Looks like they're
all younger or family.
No one's ever flipped on him.
The man also keeps a low profile.
He's got no socials,
nothing in his name,
rents a modest home through
a shell corp with his wife.
Gloria Perez, 39, no priors.
She's Señora Perez number three.
They got no kids. The man's on lock.
But we might have an in on Trey.
According to his credit report,
Trey worked at Ultra Motors,
a garage run by Perez's nephew,
Eric Medina.
Perez is selling his dope from there.
And he just lost a runner.
I can get under.
Tough play.
I know.
But I know these guys.
Hell, I am these guys.
I can get under.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks.
Give you seven grand, cash.
Oh, no, I'm not I'm not selling.
I was hoping to lend one of your lifts
so I can fix my transmission.
I only let employees use my lifts.
Hey, look, I'm good in garages.
You can ask my boy, Trey. He works here.
You know Trey?
Yeah, since kindergarten.
You didn't hear?
He died yesterday.
Bad car wreck.
What the hell happened? Was he
Was he running?
We used to run together, bro.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Who are you running for now?
No one. [SCOFFS]
Why do you think I'm fixing my own ride?
Are you looking for someone?
Sorry to be the one
to break the news, man.
Yeah. Hey, thanks.
Yo, wait.
What the hell? Give me your license.
If it checks out, you can use the lift,
but you're paying by the hour,
only using when we're closed.


- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I think this is our guy.
Pretty sure this dude just got high.
Wouldn't be surprised.
Yo, Fuentes.
- Yo
- Let's go for a ride.
- Where are we going?
- Don't matter.
Come on, let's go.
All right, let me just
get the car down first, yeah?

I think we're on. Let's go.
Get out.
What is this place?

Yo, seriously, what are we doing here?
Yo, come on.
We're going that way.
So you from Chicago, Eddie?
South Chicago.
Who ran there when you were a shorty?
Las Pirañas.
- Names.
- Bobby Cruz.
He's doing good.
What was your elementary school?
Sacred Heart.

That's the one with
that big-ass mural, right?
What was that?
That answer right?
I don't know.
Wasn't in his portfolio
unless he researched it.
Get in.

What's your Zodiac sign, Ed?
Are you kidding me? Aries.
Now close your eyes.
I'm not closing my eyes.
Son of a bitch.
Close your eyes.

Open up.
Yo, come on.

Follow me. This way.

I'm sorry.
You okay?
Come on.

Wait here.
Don't worry. It's not two-way.
They can't see in.
A dance is more than enough.
I don't dance.

Wait. Just slow down.
This is my job.
That's what Eric pays me for.
And if you were a cop,
you wouldn't let me have
my way with you.
You lose your job if you touch me.
Just stop. Just stop.
I'm not with women who don't want it.
- I want this.
- No. Don't lie to me, okay?
Look, you can tell Eric
whatever you want.
I don't use women like this.


What's up, baby?
Yo, boss, I'm gonna have
you meet my guy, Eddie Fuentes.
He's our new Trey.

You wanted me here at 9:00.
[CHUCKLING] It's 9:00.
Yeah. Gold star.
Just don't yell, bro.
Since police got Trey's stash,
we got no good dope.
Dude lost six bricks.
We're running stepped-on skag
till our next shipment comes in.
- When's that?
Mm, couple days. [SIGHS]
Skunk's wack, but we
gotta move it the same.
Am I gonna be moving the new shipment?
Hell, no. You're starting small.
Just moving what we got now.
Oh, Jesus.
Ugh, it's so bright.
All right, so first up is a car switch.
Car plates and address
are in the glove box.
Leave this car at the address,
pick up the other car.
Should be real easy.
Spring coils sound shot again.
Hey. Don't you ever touch my car.
How many times do
I have to tell you that?
Yo, I'm just here helping.
Well, I don't need your help.
Some pens and printing ink and cleaner
so this place doesn't
smell like a urinal.
You get me pineapple for my hangover?
Take a shower.
Yeah, yeah, I'm a screw-up,
everyone hates me,
I smell so bad.
Love you, Tía.
You don't talk now?
You always babysit?
Oh, he does talk.
Yes, I babysit when it's a baby
Eric barely vetted.
Oh, okay.
So Eric ain't as in charge
as he fronts, huh?
Okay, there's the car.
Up ahead to the right.
What? It's wrong?

- I know you're in there.
I thought we were just switching cars.
What's up?
What do you want?
- You can't just come in
- Your cash is light.
Hell it is.
Is short. By 20.
Police got the primo. I know that.
I ain't paying full
for no stepped-on sham.
Yeah, you are.
Give me the 20.
Get out.
- I said
- Get out my house, bitch.
Not until you pay.

You heard her. Pay.
[GROANS] Mattress.
Kid's bed.
Let him up, bro.

Okay. What?
She didn't put the money in the trap.
- No.
- He caught that, right?

- What the hell was that?
She is clearly more involved
in the trafficking than we thought.
Stop staring at me. Eat.
Why are we here?
I told you I'm hungry,
and my husband's not expecting
me home for another hour.
You Mexican?
Well, eat, 'cause you're gonna
wish you were Mexican.
- Mm?
- I forgot napkins.
No. Sit. I'm gonna get them.
Just eat, please.
You're right. Food's really good.
- Right?
- Mm-hmm.
The owner is from the
same town that I grew up in.
I thought you were from Chicago.
You're letting
my husband's money fool you.
He likes me to look like
a rich American bitch.
Can I ask you a question?
What was that in there?
The job.
No. Not that part.
Why didn't you put the 20 in the trap?
Are you accusing me of skimming?
Are you?

I don't need you fat.
When I went by the shop,
Eric said you were still out.
Yeah, I was checking out Eric's new guy.
We did a car switch.
Turned out well.
You're the new guy? Is that right?
Todo bien?
Todo bien.
Come on, let's go.

We can use her.
It'll let us
skip all the way up to Perez.
Gloria's not just
some cartel trophy wife.
She's in real deep.
Torres managed to get Gloria's
burner number. We pinged it.
Every day, her phone pings
at multiple drug corners
across Perez's territory
and at Ultra Motors daily.
Best guess, she's keeping
the dealers in line.
Perez is using her like a shield.
He's controlling her and
hurting her, and she hates it.
She wants out.
How do you know that?
I saw it, and
I know what it looks like.
- We dug into Perez's ex-wives.
- Mm.
Wife number one
did three stays at a hospital
for falling, then fell off the
radar right after he left her.
No credit. No LKAs.
- The woman just disappeared.
- Mm.
Wife number two allegedly
committed suicide
after 15 years with him.
In each case, the next wife
was waiting in the wings.
- Huh.
- Gloria must know her time's up.
She knows he's moving on from her.
I think it's already happened.
She wants out, Sarge.
She's the perfect CI waiting
to happen, and I can flip her.
She can get us into
that shipment in two nights.
Hand us Perez.
What are you doing here?
- I came to check in on you.
- Why?
After yesterday, I wanted
to make sure you're okay.
- [SCOFFING] I'm fine.
- Good.
Then we can finish talking
about the 20k you stole.
I can talk about it with you
or with someone else.
Are you kidding me?
Come on, let's walk.

Where are we going?
I don't know who you think you are.
Sure, you do.
That's why you rode with me
yesterday, right?
Thought I was a chump,
I wouldn't notice you stealing?

Ruz, we're gonna have
to break into the Rover.
How we looking?
I wanna help you.
Torres is still working her. Go ahead.
- Go for it.
- All right.
Yeah, you guys are good.
We got no reaction out here.

I saw the way your husband
treated you yesterday.
Oh, is that so?
Same way my stepdad treated my ma.
You don't know me.
No, but I could.
Is that what you're gonna do?
You're gonna get to know me
and help me get out of this place?

Hmm. Okay.
- What's that?
- Can you hold this?
You're skimming
so you can get out, right?
An escape fund?
You're gonna need muscle,
and I can be that for you.
Get you what you need faster.
Why would you do that?
For a cut.

- Got cash.
- [EXHALES] Okay.
Did you help your ma get out?
- How did you get her out?
- It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does.
Is is your stepdad still around?
What? What's going on?
Gloria Perez, Chicago PD.
You're under arrest.
I need you to back up, turn around,
hands behind your back right now.
I need you to back up, turn around,
hands behind your back right now.

We have you on trafficking
from the car switch.
You're going to jail.
And this bag guarantees
that once word gets out,
your husband will find you
And kill you.
You know what happened
to his other wives?
Then you should be scared.
Is this how you helped your ma?
It's prison, get killed,
or you work with us.
Is this how?
By becoming a cop?
This came after.
After what?
Gloria, this offer won't stand forever.
- This isn't a real offer.
- Yes, it is.
You wanted an escape,
and I'm handing you one.
By helping the police.
By risking my life.
You already were.
He controls what you eat,
what you wear, where you go,
how you spend your time
how much of the bag you're left
holding, which is all of it.
I don't need you
describing my life to me.
He's got your life in his fist.
Get out.
I don't want it this way.
The way doesn't matter.
No, it matters.
To me.
I don't trust you.
I know.
I didn't know you were a cop,
and I'm really good at reading people.

It'll be worth it.
I promise.
When it's over, you'll be free.

What would I have to do?

We'll be outside, able
to see and hear everything.
Are you hearing this?
You can do this.
I was 14 when I met Rafael.
Me and my family
my family was poor and hungry.
So I made him notice me,
and he did, and
he was hungry for my youth,
and I let him take it.
What did you do to save your ma?
You keep asking me that.
Why won't you answer me?
- Everything looks good.
- Answer me.
What are you doing?
You're messing with me?
I didn't realize you were a cop.
Yeah, 'cause I didn't want you to.
Uh, no, because it didn't fit.
You're not like them.
You seem like something different.
Like what?

Is he ever gonna come down?
He ain't said two words to her
all night.

Here we go.
You're cooking?
I picked up some steaks on the way home.
Where were you all day?
Why the steaks?
What's with all the questions?
I just wanted to do
something nice for my husband.
Why are you so tense?
Is everything okay
for the shipment tomorrow?
You know, I was thinking
that maybe I could go.
I've never been. I could help.
You think I need your help? Huh?
Of course not.
Do you think I need you there?
I think I love you.
I think I learn from you.
I think I wanna be close
to you because I'm your wife.
She got a safe word.
She's not gonna use it.
You taught me everything I know.

You can test the product.
Pick up a clean car from Ultra.
Meet at the recycling center by Midway.
Can you do that?
- Eh?
- Yes.

Hey. We got this.
My uncle's driving.
Says the bus will be here soon.
Where's the boss?
He's coming.
Kev, how we looking?
We're just five minutes out.
I got eyes on Perez and we on the way.
All right, copy.
Don't let him feel any heat.
Yo, Sarge, Perez just turned south.
I don't know what's up, but he
must be taking a longer route.
- He dusting himself?
- Mm-mm-mm.

Hey, are we waiting on the
boss or we good to strip?
We can't stand here.
Strip it.

Sarge, we got a problem.
Perez just turned into
a grocery store lot.
What what do you mean
we got a problem?
He's parking?
Yes, he's parking.
And he's not getting out.
He's just sitting there.
What the hell is he doing?
He's not coming.
Maybe Gloria tipped him off?
I don't know what happened, Sarge,
but I know he didn't make me.
I was far back.
Something else must have gone wrong.
Voight, you want us to move in anyway?
Look, we move now, we don't get Perez.
And if Gloria didn't tip him off,
we're signing her death warrant
by moving.
That's a lot of dope to let walk.

No amount of dope is worth a life.
We're not moving.
We are not moving.
Just follow the drug cars,
ID the stash houses,
and find out why the hell
Perez didn't show.
- We need Perez's word or what?
No. Move. Roll out.


What the hell is going on?
Answer me.
Where the hell were your guys?
What's going on?
We're doing a heat run.

Answer me.
Talk to me!
Talk to me!

What happened?
Take a breath! Take a breath.
Look, I don't know what happened.
We don't know why Perez didn't show.
That's why we're here.
We're in the clear.
Copy that. We'll stay here
till I hear your word.

Who were you texting back there?
- Why?
- Who were you texting back there?
What my husband!
Give me your phone.
- Give me your phone.
- Why?
You think I tipped him off.

What happened after we left last night?
I don't know, I
I ate and I went to bed.
And Perez?
I don't know.
- Try.
- I um
he got a phone call, something about
About idiot Eric,
and then he went to bed.
Was Eric supposed to be there tonight?
I don't know. Yeah, probably. Maybe.
Why does that matter?
Eric Medina was supposed
to be at the shipment.
All right, well,
we're right on top of him.
His phone's pinging right here.

I understand.
What? What happened?
We found Eric dead.
- His tongue was cut out.
That's what they do to snitches.
Last night at the club when
was that what the call was about, Eric?
[STAMMERS] Eric's run
his mouth off before about
about shipments and locations.
When he gets high, he
is that what it was about?
[PANTING] Rafael just let me go
because he thought
Eric talked about the shipment.
He just he just let me go.
It's gonna be okay.
No way.
You don't have my husband.
You don't have my husband.
You have nothing on him.
And you put me out here for nothing.
For nothing!
We're gonna keep the case open.
- We'll keep trying.
- He's gonna kill me.
He's gonna kill me. He's gonna kill me.
He's gonna kill me.
We're not gonna let that happen.
Hey, hey. Stop. Hey.
Stop, stop!
Yeah, stop!

Right there. That.
You try to hide it, but you can't.
You're just like me.


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