Chicago P.D. (2014) s11e10 Episode Script

Buried Pieces

- Pool Patrol?
- Mm-hmm.
Just typing up some paperwork.
What you doing?
I was on a run. Voight called.
CODIS lead popped on a
decade-old body in Detroit.
John Doe with tearing around his eyes.
He thinks it's our serie?
He thinks the tearing could be staples.
Doesn't seem likely, though.
Guy died of a gunshot wound.
Yeah, it's a stretch.
I think he's just getting desperate.
Just wants a lead. Something.
You know?
Anyway, he'll be out for a few days,
so I figured I'd get caught up
on any reports he owes.
How's the running going?
Is it helping?
Helping with what?
No, I don't think it is.
I need sugar.
Do you need sugar?
- Sure.
- Okay, great.
Are you lost?
Are you looking for someone?
Your parents?
Are you okay? Do you need help?

Yeah, we're police officers.
I'm just not wearing my uniform.
This is Trudy and I'm Hailey.
We're police officers.
You're in a police district.
Do you need help?

Ruthie Zamora was reported
missing nine years ago
by her single mother.
She was 14 at the time
of her disappearance,
and she was pregnant.
Her child would be
eight years old today.
Hope's the right age.
She looks like Ruthie.
SVU took the case.
The lead detective
believed Ruthie ran away
because of an argument with her mother
about her pregnancy.
She got pregnant
by her teenage boyfriend,
her mother was upset, and detectives
never found any signs of foul play,
so they ruled her a runaway.
Her clothes look clean.
They're too small, though.
She walked into our district.
She knew we were here, but yet
she escaped from somewhere.
Voight's out, so it's your call.
You wanna take it or hand it to SVU?
She came to us.
It's ours.
Let's take her to Med.
Let's try and trace where she came from,
and let's loop in the detectives
that worked on Ruthie's case.
Who were they?
Lead Detective Markle is deceased,
but the Cold Case detective
was Josephine Petrovic.
Hey, Petrovic. It's Upton.
Yeah, we just caught a case.
A girl claiming to be
Ruthie Zamora's daughter
just walked into 21.
You worked the original missing.
Ruthie Zamora?
Her da-daughter? What do you mean?
Her-her daughter was found?
Yeah, I mean, we haven't
confirmed it yet.
She's on her way to Med now.
We're gonna run a DNA test.
Where is she?
She's on her way to Med.
Where did you find her?
21. She walked into 21.
Okay, I'm I'll
I'll head to 21 now.
- I'll meet you there.
- No, no, no.
- I'll update you in the morning.
- No, I'm c I'm coming.
I'll be there in 15.
- I just gotta grab my keys
- Jo, don't get in your car.
I'm on my way. I'll see you at 21.
Jo, listen to me. Jo!
Don't drive, you're drunk!
This is Jo. Leave a message.
Come on.
This is Jo. Leave a message.

Hey, Kev. Take the lead at Med.
Stay with Hope. I'll meet you there.
Copy that.

Jo? Jo?
- Hey.
- Hailey?
- You okay?
- What are
Hold on. Hold on.
Let me look at you. Hey. Stop.
Jo, stop. Stop moving. Hold on.
Slow down. Slow down.
Jo! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay. Okay. All right. I got you.
You okay?
Let me see your head.
Do you feel hurt anywhere else?
Are you okay? Hold on.
No, no, no. Stop, stop, stop.
Just sit. Sit down. Sit.
Just sit right there. Okay?
Just stay there.


Come on.
She didn't run.
I don't do you need to go?
I'd always said so.
And everyone

Oh, no, no. No. No.

So, um, you didn't find Ruthie?
The child found us.
Is it is it really her child?
I don't know yet.
It's a girl?
I need to go to Med.
I'll drive you.
You can sober up while I'm inside.
And then you work this with us.
Are you kidding me?
You have two choices.
You go to detox or I report you.
You can't you can't
trick someone into rehab.
Those are your choices.
Which one do you want?
I'm fine.
You crashed your
police vehicle into a wall.
I'm off duty, and it was a bad night.
It was a bad night?
- You could have killed somebody.
- Oh, come on.
If that really is Ruthie's daughter,
then I need to work on this case.
- No, I got her.
- No.
You don't know this case like I do.
I got it.
What else do you have?
Come on.
Let's hear it.
If I put my name on record
in this rehab,
I lose my job. You know that.
You lose your job if you don't.
- Let's go.
- What?
I I can't fill this out as police.
You can.
It'll be okay.
Tara will make sure it's okay.
She'll protect you.
And why would she do that, Hailey?
Because she knows me.
My dad tried to get sober here
six times.
- It'll be all right.
You can't leave Hailey!
DNA is a familial match.
Hope is Ruthie's daughter.
And Hope's father?
Ruthie's teenage boyfriend, Coby Davis,
died young in a car wreck.
We're looking for more family now.
- Is she hurt?
- Nah.
No physical injuries,
no signs of binding,
no signs of sexual assault.
Where is Petrovic?
She can't come.
What you mean? Ain't you talk to her?
She just fell asleep.
She say anything?
She said the lights were too loud
and she can't tell
who the monsters are out here.

It's a lot, isn't it? This place.
The noise, the lights, all the doctors.
It's all just a part of
making sure you're okay,
making sure you're safe.
Did your mom write this?
I think she did.
I think she really
wanted you to find us.
I think she knew the police
could help you and her.
So it'd probably be okay
to talk to me then, right?
If your mom wanted you to find me,
that means she probably
thinks I'm safe, right?
Okay, good.
'Cause I'm curious about a few things.
How did you find us?
I ran.
Really? Wow.
Where'd you run from?
The mall.
Hmm. Okay.
Do you know the name of the mall?
Was your mom at the mall with you?
He only takes me.
We go every year to buy new clothes.
Where's your mom?
Hope, do you only leave the
house when you go to the mall?
Does your mom ever leave the house?
He doesn't let her.
Who's he?
The monster.

And that's the only name
she's ever known.
Based on her description, the
man sounds Latino, tall, old.
She said the man likes to be called sir,
but her mom wants her to
remember that he's not a nice man.
He's a monster, and that
not all monsters look scary.
She wants her to remember that
for when she's older.
Ruthie is clearly being
held against her will.
Hope says they live in a house.
She's been there her whole life,
but she doesn't know where it is.
She says there's two floors,
lots of bolts and locks on the doors.
What about windows?
They're covered, nailed shut.
She can't see outside.
Spends most of her time
in the basement with her mom
except for when her mom
is under the bed.
What does that mean?
The monster has a box under the bed
that he locks her mom into
for punishment.
Ruthie never leaves.
Hope only leaves once a year
when they go to the mall,
and he makes her cover her eyes
so she can't see where they're going.
CPIC sent over
all the footage from Westgate.
Kevin's got it in the tech room.
He took Hope
to the same mall every year.
Once Ruthie taught her to read,
she discovered they were going
to Westgate Mall.
Ruthie, a year later, got her hands
on a map, found our district.
They planned it.
Hope was supposed to run
from the monster, hide,
and when the coast was clear,
she would come to us.
Why come all the way to us?
Why not stop a stranger?
Apparently they tried that.
The monster talked his way out of it.
She says he's a very good liar.
You can't tell he's pretending.
I have her.

There we go.
Do we have that angle?
No, she disappears.
She's hiding.
He's searching for her.
Searching for hours.
Yeah, but he's not calling her name.
He's not asking for help.
Do we have him leaving?
Go to a car.
Please go to a car.

Got it.
Victor 749 John 52.
Okay, car's registered to a Jose Lopez.
It's no, this isn't him.
It's a fake address.
He's using a fake name.
None of this is right.
We have to track his car,
follow him home.

Chicago PD!
Bedroom's clear.
Backyard's clear.
First floor is clear.

All right, we only got
what we already know.
House and all the utilities
are registered
to that same fictitious name.
- What about CPIC?
- They called.
No hits on facial rec
from the mall footage.
Whoever this guy is,
he's never been arrested.
He has no social media,
nothing that would hit
in CPIC's systems.
But he had to leave here with Ruthie.
He knew we were coming.
He took Ruthie and fled.
Sure, but PODs didn't catch him leaving.
He's got no other vehicles
registered to his alias.
This man had to leave in a car.
He had to have gotten
on a street that had
a camera eventually, right?
So let's run PODs as far out as we can.
- We can do a cell tower dump.
- Good.
And let's get his photo
in front of Ruthie's mom.
Maybe she can ID him.
Ruthie was five minutes away
from the house she grew up in.
How'd they miss that?
Detectives thought she ran.
They weren't looking
in the right places.
Someone was.
We found where Ruthie was being held.
It's a place in Hegewisch.
She's not there anymore.
The offender already moved her.
Do you recognize him?
Who is he?
We don't know.
Ruthie's daughter just
refers to him as the monster.
He really doesn't ring any bells?
Do you smell my vomit? Do you see me?
You think I can think like this?
Enough to answer two questions?
- Yeah.
- No.
My head is splitting in two.
I can't stop shaking.
You blackmail me into being
here and now you want my help?
Did you keep your own street file?
I can help if I get a drink.
Where is it?
It's at home, where I should be.
If I go home, if I get a drink,
I can help.
- I'll get your keys from Tara.
- No. No!
You need my help.
Ruthie needs my help.
And I just need alcohol to do my job.
I'm not your dad.
I'm not the same thing.
This place, you bringing
me here, this isn't about me.
- It's about you.
- And how's that?
Oh, it doesn't take a profiler to see
that you're a goddamn mess.
You think you're messed up
because of your little divorce?
Your husband left, stopped trying?
It's not that.
All of that is just a trigger
for your screwed-up beginnings,
just like I clearly am to you.
You know I shouldn't be here.
You know I'm right. This is about you!

Hey. What are you doing?
You okay?
Why don't you take a real
minute before you drive off?
Shouldn't you quit that?
I did.
Couple times.
How's your dad?
I don't know.
Haven't talked to him in a decade.
Your brothers doing okay?
Think so.
They left Chicago as soon as they could.
Good for them.
You know, Hailey
When people stop trying,
it's not about you.
It doesn't mean
you're not worth trying for.

Something wrong.
The couch?
Yeah, none of these look right.
Ruthie's mom really
didn't recognize him?
No. She said she couldn't ID him.
She's in there with Hope now.
All right. What else we got?
Forensics got nothing from the house
and Ruthie's DNA is everywhere.
Whoever he is,
he didn't hit in our system.
And there's nothing new on PODs.
Adam's still working 'em.
All right, well,
what else did Petrovic say?
I just grabbed her files,
but she did write this.
"Something is wrong. The couch?"
What does that mean?
I have no idea.
Well, doesn't Petrovic remember?
Okay, let's run the rest
of Petrovic's file.
Maybe there's something else
buried there.
And let's run Ruthie's case
back from the beginning.
There's gotta be a lead.
I'll take another run at Ruthie's mom,
see if I can jog her memory.
Let me know.
Where's your grandma?
Must be strange, having
a grandma all of the sudden.
Getting all this attention
and all this love.
I'm sure she was happy to see you.
[WHISPERING] She's pretending.
- What?
Oh, hi.
I'm sorry. I just needed a coffee.
Is everything okay?
Do you have an update on my Ruthie?
No, ma'am. No update.
Just wanted to go over the
security stills with you again.
The same ones?
Memory does come back with time.
It's worth another try.

No, I wish I did.
I really wish I knew, but that
man doesn't look familiar.
I didn't allow Ruthie to be around men
that much older than her.
She looks so much like my Ruthie.
Doesn't she?
I'm sorry.
This all just so overwhelming.
I really wish I could help,
but I don't know that man.
Ruthie didn't know that man.

So she didn't say anything else,
- just that she was pretending?
- Yeah.
I think she was talking
about her grandma.
Yeah, ran the grandma again.
There's really nothing there, no priors.
She had Ruthie young.
Ruthie's father died of cancer,
worked her ass off as a single mom.
No calls from DCFS.
Not even a violent background.
Anything new?
I mean, sure, if clearing
more suspects counts as new.
Cleared four of the other men
that Petrovic looked into.
Ruthie lived a small life
before she was taken.
Her circle was tiny.
There's just not that many
new leads to chase.
There's something off about Sonja.
She bought a new couch.
A month after Ruthie's disappearance,
Sonja Zamora bought a new couch.
It felt wrong.
Not the kind of thing you do
when you're missing your child.
Could have been grief.
She believed that
her daughter was a runaway.
Yes, but Ruthie was an innocent girl.
Sonja raised her to be.
She wouldn't have done well on her own.
Sonja knew that.
And yet, she still
redecorated her living room.
All right, let's keep digging
into her and anybody else
we might have missed
over the last nine years.
Can I talk to you?
You're here.
And you're not shaking.
So you left and you had a drink.
Let me help on this one.
Use my brain.
Use my memories of this case.
I told you I'll report you, and I will.
I know.
But let me help find Ruthie
first, then report me.
I won't fight you.
You're good at this job,
and you clearly care.
Is it worth losing all that?
Sonja's financials are strange.
A year after Ruthie's disappearance,
she stopped spending,
even on essentials.
Groceries, car payments, everything.
- Sign of depression?
- I don't know.
Or she wasn't using money
in her bank account.
Yeah, she could have been using cash.
Found something. Marty Williams.
Lived down the block from the Zamoras.
Was cleared from the original search.
I remember him. He worked in tech.
He didn't just work in it.
Williams was arrested last year
for selling stolen tech,
mostly air-gapped computers
and burner laptops.
Police raided his house
and found dozens of computers
with Tor browsers installed
to access the dark web.
Sonja knew him?
Socially they were friendly.
More than that.
Before and after Ruthie's disappearance,
they were in contact.
Half a dozen calls.
Is Williams in prison?
CPD raided his house?

Here it is.
Got 12 laptops seized from
Marty Williams's residence.
Files say these two were never accessed.
I got two wiped clean.
Yeah, another wiped clean.
Tor browser accessed the dark
web for narcotics on this one.
Wait, I think I got it.
Tor browser accessed the dark web.
Site flagged by the FBI.
Site indexed in three ongoing cases.
Young Seed.
Portal to link sexual predators
with sex trafficking.
Sonja sold her child.

I was thinking you and me
could go down to the cafeteria
and get a little snack.
Would that be okay?
Why? What's going on?
Me and Hope are just
gonna go for a little walk,
and they're gonna ask you
a few more questions.
All routine.
No. I don't want you taking her.
Don't you move.
Hope, it's gonna be okay.
Let's just go for a little walk.
What's happening?
Tell me what's happening.
Is there some sort of lead?
Did you find my Ruthie?
We'll be right back.
I told you, I don't want you taking her.
You should be listening to me.
I'm her grandmother.
Hope, it's okay. Come on.
Let's go. Come on.
Hope, let's go.
[YELLS] Get off of me!
- Get her.
- What the hell are you doing?
Get your hands off of me!
- You're okay.
- This is assault!
Stop! Stop fighting!
Do you have anything that can hurt us?
Get the hell off of me!
Get your hands off of me!
This is assault!
- I'll have you
- I want pictures right away.
- Where's her CB number?
- This is assault!
I have it. Where's my evidence check?
Is she even officially charged?
I haven't heard anything
from your desk sergeant.
- Yes, we have enough.
- Then I need the paperwork.
Where is your sergeant? Where's Voight?
This woman sold her
14-year-old daughter online.
She's not getting out of it
because she's accusing police
of assault.
Do you have an ET?
- Yes, of course I do.
- Okay, great.
Then let's take some pictures.
I didn't do anything.
This is illegal, all of it.
Where is Ruthie?
Who did you sell her to?
My lawyer is going to
rip your lives apart.
This is all assault!
We have the site you accessed.
- It's over.
- Assault!
This is not the way to do this.
- Where's Ruthie?
- Get off me!
How could you do that
to your own daughter?
Why? Because she got pregnant
young, just like you did?
This is not the way.
We got it on our own.
They dragged me in here!
Adam spoke to Williams at Menard.
As soon as he heard
the charges, he flipped.
Admitted Sonja used the burner laptop
and helped us get through
the remaining firewall.
Sonja contacted the man on Young Seed.
His IP address led us straight to him.
- Yeah, that's him.
- Name's Daniel Benitez.
Benitez owns one property in West Lawn.
West Lawn is off the beaten path.
Perfect place to take Ruthie and hide.
All right. Let's go.

- Gun!
Second floor is clear.
We got one down.
It's a positive for Daniel Benitez.
He's dead.
- First floor's clear.
- Basement's clear.
We're all clear.
Where's Ruthie? She has to be here.
Where is she?
If he wanted to kill her,
he would have done it in Hegewisch.
But he didn't.
He likes to keep her in enclosed spaces.
She's here.
- She has to be here.
- Okay.
We call in the dogs,
we do a grid search.
- Tear this house apart.
- All right.

Oh, my God.
Hey, I need help on the
west side of the building.
Copy. On my way.

Ruthie? Ruthie!
Oh, good.
Hey, we're the police. It's okay.
We have Hope.
She's okay. She's safe.
We're gonna get you out.
Kev, give me a hand.
It's okay. We got you. We got you.
Okay, we're gonna get you out of here.
It's okay.
Did Ruthie know about her mother?
Just that at 14, she believed
her mother didn't love her.
Why did you become a cop?
- To help.
- No.
No. The real reason.
My first memory is my mom
trying to drown me in a bathtub.
I thought this job could teach me why.
I think I just wanted
to be bigger than my dad.
You were right.
It always comes back to that.
Can you drive me back?


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