Chicago P.D. (2014) s11e11 Episode Script

The Water Line

I saw you had a choice.
You could have gotten to Corey,
but you went for the other man.
Mom, is everything okay?
Everything's fine, baby.
If I would have got to him
sooner, would he have survived?
You save who you can save.
Let it be done now.
I just feel like
I made the wrong choice.
Your regret, it'll swallow you whole.

What's up, Sarge?
Copy that.
No, I'm close.
I'll start it up.
- Is Intelligence taking this?
- Mm-hmm. What we got?
Oh, it feels the same as
the other three burglaries
we've had this month.
Three-man crew, masked up, in
and out in under five minutes.
Neighbor's security cam caught it.
Only difference is,
this one comes with a body.
That's your homeowner right there.
- What's the homeowner's name?
- Phoebe Thompson.
Appreciate that.
Ms. Thompson, how we doing?
I'm Officer Atwater.
Is it okay if I ask you a few questions?
All right.
This is your residence, right?
With my husband. He's on his way.
Okay, well, do you mind
telling me what happened?
My work is close, so I
ran home to let the dog out.
He's a puppy, so we crate him
during the day and
found Marcela.
And I think I screamed.
I backed out, and I ran out.
Who is she?
Is she a friend of yours?
She's our cleaning lady.
I told her she could come by.
Oh, God, if I had
told her not to, she
Ms. Thompson, Ms. Thompson, it's okay.
All right? Breathe.
There you go.
There's no way you could have known.
All right?
You sit here as tight as you can.
I'm gonna go take a look inside.
And I'll come back and check
on you in a little bit, okay?
Can you make sure Ms. Thompson is okay?
Appreciate you.
Hey, we cleared the house?
We cleared the house on arrival.
They got no security cameras or system.
Neighbors are watching the dog.
Body's down there.

- Hey.
- Hey, how was Detroit?
Had nothing to do with our serial,
just another violent man,
another violent city.
How was it here?
I read the closing supp.
Yeah, case was cleared, closed.
And Petrovic took a leave?
She's figuring some things
out for herself.
You're good?
Work in progress.
Our DOA is Marcela Del Toro.
She's the family cleaning lady.
She wasn't even supposed
to be here today.
She texted the family 2:12 p.m.
to let them know that
she'd be swinging by to pick up
an umbrella she left yesterday.
She had a key?
She let herself in through the front.
Must have surprised
the offenders who came in,
because they attacked through the back,
just like the other three
West Loop burglaries.
Powder burns and contact
wounds suggest Marcela
was shot at close range twice.
No defensive wounds. She was executed.
All right, grab Patrol. Run the canvass.
Hailey, compile a list
of all the stolen property
from the other burglaries.
You stay here with the techs.
Kev, I spotted a CTA cam at
the bus stop around the corner.
Why don't you see what it caught?
Okay, I'm on it.
That's correct.
The bus stop on the 1500 block
of North Benton.
If you can pull all of that
footage, that would mean a lot.
- What the hell, man?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's me. It's me.
Come on. Drive, Kevin.
- Butchie?
- Drive.
The hell you hopping in my
car for like I ain't the police?
You lost your damn mind?
No, I ain't lost my mind.
I'm here to help you.
What are you talking about, Butchie?
I got some info on these robberies.
Bro, drive.
I can't be seen in your car, man.

- Get your ass out there, man.
- Okay, I heard you.
- Damn!
- All right, I get it.
I get it, I get it, all right?
I won't get in your car like that again.
You want the info or not?
Last time I talked to you,
what you tell me?
"I'm never selling
another tip again, Kevin."
- Yeah, I know.
- So what we doing here?
Look, I know there's
a crew here in the West loop.
Three guys, right?
Covered head to toe,
in and out in under five.
What? You know where they are?
No, but I think I know they fence.
How's that?
The usual way.
Guy's got a big mouth.
I got big ears.
So give me a name, then.
Nah, I'm not doing it for free.
I wanna be on the case.
Look, I'd do the whole thing.
I wanna be the paid CI on the file.
I don't know, Butch.
Look, I'm serious this time, Kev.
It's a good tip, I promise you.
This fence, he sell
a little bit of everything.
But I heard him.
He's the one moving the goods
from the West Loop grabs.
It's a good get.
And a manifest of the property stolen.
The crew doesn't have a specialty.
They'll grab anything
they can sell on the streets
medication, high-end sneakers,
heirloom silverware, tech.
- We got any witnesses?
- No.
Latest burglary was
the same as the others
middle of the afternoon, work day.
Streets were empty.
And techs didn't find
any trace evidence.
This crew, they're smart.
Besides the doorbell
cameras that caught the crew
from a distance, we don't have much.
- CTA caught a partial.
- Okay.
Check this out.
Oh, okay.
Two offenders fleeing
with their hands full.
Third offender keeps the engine running.
Peels out, and they're gone.
Plates came back stolen from Gage Park.
Already got the BOLO out.
Well, if I were them, I'd have dumped it
in a garage by now.
All right, let's see
if we can get the stats.
I might have something else too.
Old CI of mine from my
Patrol days, George Tyson III,
goes by Butchie from the Low End.
Thinks he knows the crew's fence.
How long's Butchie's sheet?
Hmm, doesn't really have a sheet.
Tried his hand at burglary once.
I busted him. He flipped.
Well, you don't wanna work with him?
Uh, look.
First, Butchie was a pretty solid CI.
- He's a good listener.
- And then?
Then he started getting
cold feet, backpedaling.
You know, he'll send me
a tip on Friday night.
By Saturday, he's doing his best
to make sure that everything
he told me was wrong.
But he's a good guy.
So why does he wanna sell now?
I ran him. He's in heavy debt.
I think money's the motivation.
Look, it's your CI. It's your call.
Could be nothing. Could be everything.
It's up to you if it's
worth the headache.
That's him. Terrence Hayes.
He's an odd dude, but he a good fence.
Trusted. Keeps his mouth shut.
But he didn't this time.
He hangs out at Covie's.
He had one too many and started rapping
about his new payday,
this new crew that's
hitting the West Loop.
He's your in.
He's gotta know the names of those guys.
So he's got no current LKA,
no longer on parole.
- He's gonna need a squeeze.
- Mm-hmm.
Y'all got a social relationship?
Okay, we make the intro.
We can set it up like a buy bust.
Lure him in with the goods,
then get him on the buy,
squeeze him up.
Wait, what?
You want me to make the intro?
Can't you get him to cough up
the IDs by yourself?
He's not gonna do that
without a little pressure, Butchie.
You the police. Put on the pressure.
You put on the pressure after the intro.
You got a problem with that?
You wanna get paid
by the police, you gotta work.
Let's ride.
Let's go.

Hey, you okay?
Settle down.
You'll be a'ight.
Hyde Park.
Since when you start
living in Hyde Park?
I don't.
Then why are you getting
alerted to the neighborhood?
Why you looking at my phone, Butchie?
Dang. It's an old case.
Victims I still check on.
Just trying to make sure
everything is everything.
We up. Here we go.
Hey, Terrence.
How you been, man?
Absolutely not.
Keep walking.
Ah, come on, man.
I just came over here to say what's up?
Plus, look, I got somebody
that you should meet.
Did I stutter?
Hmm? Did I?
I want you to walk away
from me before bad things
- happen to you.
- What the hell is this?
Well, it would have
been nice for Butchie
to let us know that the man hates him.
This dude is legit.
Plus, he can make you some real money.
Butchie, I don't give a damn.
Go away from me.
Come on, bro.
Hey. Let me introduce myself.

Hey, I'm I heard you nice.
Trying to move something with you.
This man told me he can make an intro.
- If he can't, then
- Well, he can't.
So he lied.
Surprise, surprise.
My advice?
Don't trust the village idiot,
because he's an idiot.
Big dawg. Big dawg. Big dawg.
Listen to me.
I got some decent pieces on me
I'm trying to move for a loan.
A'ight? I'm talking about real Rolexes.
Pawn them off to somebody else.
I'm just trying to be
a resource for you.
You can wipe the serial
numbers off if you want.
Everything I got can sell fast and good.
Hey, I already learned my lesson, man.
I'm just trying to network.

You got them on you right now?
All right, come on.
Come on where?
My place, upstairs.
I'm a professional.
I don't do business in public.
Let's go.

All right, family. Let's see it.
Okay, yeah.
You can check them out.
Tell me how you feel
and how much you think per piece.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, that depends
on if they real or not.
If they're real or not.
[LAUGHS] Who you think
you're talking to?
Go sit over there.
Cool, cool.

You good?
Relax, relax, relax.
Hey, um,
hey, you got papers for these?
No, I ain't never
needed no papers before.
No, absolutely not.
- Can't do it.
- Wait, what?
I don't play with new pieces
that ain't got no papers.
Unless you both wanna come with me
to get them authenticated by a dealer?
- Come on.
- Hmm?
Exactly what I thought.
What if you just move them fast?
- Hurry up, get them out there.
- They're too hot, bro.
All right, y'all gotta go.
You moved stuff hotter than this before.
The two of you raising
your voices, you better
- take that bass out your voice.
- Naw, man.
You selling the crews
that are killing people.
What's your problem?
Get off me, bro.
Everybody relax, okay?
Calm down.
Just chill. We don't even need Butchie.
Let's get him out the equation.
Butchie, you can go.
You feel me?
This is between me and you, big dawg.
Like, I'm looking at this stuff.
I need you to come back over here, bro.
I'm the one trying to make the deal.
That's our go word.
Well, we can do it
with all kinds of stuff.
I need you to come back over here.
One on one, me and you can just
have a private conversation.
I need you to come back over here.
- You hear me?
- Listen, man.
Close the door.
You're moving all around my vicinity.
- Chicago PD!
- Stop fighting.
Give me your hands.
- Behind your back.
- All right!
I got him. Hands behind your back.
I got a gun.
- Take it easy.
- Up.

[SIGHS] Thank you.
Terrence really gone?
You mind explaining to me
what the hell just happened?
- What?
- What?
You got Terrence Hayes, didn't you?
You got all this stolen property?
That man obviously got
a beef with you, dawg.
Why didn't you tell me that?
Because he don't.
Did that seem friendly to you?
He obviously got a problem.
He said you been talking
about his business.
What? Naw. Come on, man.
He talking about the night that he was
running his mouth at Covie's.
Look, I was trying to get
the names of the crew,
and he got angry.
It didn't occur to you to tell me that?
I thought that if I got the
names, I could get paid more.
That's all it was.
I mean, wait, we good, though, right?
I did my part.
You did your part,
and you're gonna get paid.
No, come
no, you know that's not
what I mean, man.
I didn't mean to screw it up.
I'm okay.
I really need this one to work out, man.
I'm sorry.
We good?
Yeah, all right.
Let's get you home, man.
All right.
Chanel handbag, stolen on North Bishop,
found in your apartment.
2 1/2 carat diamond brooch.
Townhouse on Herbert.
Travis Scott Jordan Retro 6s.
I can keep going.
Okay, 3 Waterford Crystal.
I'm a salesman.
I sell goods.
I don't steal them.
I have nothing for you.
I understand.
You just make money
off stealing, off murder.
What are you talking about?

I need you to look at that.
That woman was murdered
from the last burglary
you bought from.
So this ain't about handbags
or gym shoes no more.
I wanna know who pulled the trigger.
Don't do that. Don't do that.
I wasn't even there.
- I sell goods.
- Somebody's gotta be
held accountable, Terrence.
Right now, you the best I got.
Unless you give me a name.
I have nothing for you.
Oh, yes, you do.
'Cause somebody sold you
those goods, didn't they?
Am I right?
Would I be wrong for pressing
your ass into the ground
with all those charges?
Give me a name.
All right.
The only name I know is Mark Young.
Mark Young, who's that?
He's he's a kid.
He sells me the goods.
He likes to tell me where they're from.
But as far as I know,
he's just a middleman.
Mark Young, 22.
Guy's not old enough to rent a car,
but he's been popped
three times for petty theft
and once for possession
of stolen property.
He's 5'11", 180.
Height and weight aren't a bad
match for our first offender.
It's close.
Terrence could be right.
Kid could just be a cutout.
Well, look, this kid is
either part of this crew
or he can lead us to them.
We have enough?
No, none of his prints pop
on any of the stolen merch.
Terrence can't actually
put him at the scene.
I mean, if we went
and grabbed him up right now,
he'll just act dumb.
All right, so let's get more.
Kim, enhance all the footage.
Try to firm up Mark Young's ID.
Kev, set up on Young's house.
Maybe we get lucky.
Yo, Aubrey, what's the word?
Hey, Jonathan Westbrooke?
He got in a fight.
He's about to be expelled.
Man, that kid just lost his father.
Aubrey, you know, it's all kind
of stuff going on with that boy.
Man, my hands are tied.
You want more, you gonna have
to get down here.
I can't get down there.
I'm in the middle of a case.
I'll do what I can, but I can't do much.
Hey, you got movement at Young's?
Nope, not yet. I'm not there.
Uh, I gotta handle something
real quick, Burgess.
Can you cover me at Young's?
Uh, yeah. I mean, I can.
But, Kev, I'm, like, 15 minutes out.
What's going on? Everything okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I just gotta take care of something.
Just get there as quick
as you can for me.
Yeah, okay. I'm leaving now.
A precursor to further violence?
How could you possibly know that, sir?
You said it yourself.
They were on the court.
They were playing hard.
Things got out of hand, right?
He's grieving.
You need to be offering him
help, not expelling him.
- What is this?
- We have a policy.
Two strikes and you're out.
Well, write this down.
Can you write this down?
Can you give me something
to write on, Aubrey?
Thank you.
That's my badge number, sir.
Let the record show minimum punishment
was recommended from Officer
Atwater from Chicago PD.
Put it on me.
If anybody has
Come right in, Mrs. Westbrooke.
If anybody starts
hollering about the policy,
then it's my fault.
Does that make sense?
Are we good?

Kev, you got ears in?
Yeah, I was just
calling you back, Burgess.
- What's up?
- We have a problem.
I just pulled up to Mark Young's house
and got an in-service call.
West Loop, burglary,
North Paulina and Ashland.
Okay, okay. I'm close to that.
Good, because I'm not.
Mark Young could be hitting
a house right now, Kev.

- Stop, police!
- Get out the way.
Chicago PD!
Please, stop it!
Help me!
Let her go!
- I'll shoot this bitch!
- No!
- Get the lady!
- I got her!
50-21 David. Shots fired by the police.
I got an offender down. Roll an ambo.
Copy, 50-21 David. Ambo en route.

Squad lost the car. They're in the wind.
Was he coming from home?
I think so, yeah.
Plate readers picked
up the Nissan, like,
two blocks from his house.
Hey, I said I'd cover for you.
I will cover.
No, it's on me. I got it.
Where were you?
I had to make a stop.
What stop is more important than getting
eyes on our offender?
I was at Davis Magnet School
with Jonathan Westbrooke.
You know how his father was killed.
- Remember the kid?
- Yeah, I remember.
He had his second fight.
They considered that his last offense.
They were about to expel that boy.
I had to go up there to try
to talk them down real quick.
I can step off the case.
No, I want you to do your job.
Just find the lead. Make it right.

All right.

Hey, I'm sorry.
I just seen your text five minutes ago.
What's going on?
I need you to take a look
at this picture right quick.
You know that guy?
This guy is part of the crew?
You sure?
Yes, I'm sure. I just killed him
on the scene of a home invasion.
He's definitely part of the crew.
His name is Mark Young.
You ain't never seen him around?
He's actually the cat that was
selling the goods to Terrence,
so he probably came into the Covie.
I got authorization.
I could double your pay.
I just need you to give me a solid lead.
I don't know him, for real.
Same pattern again no one was home,
crew was covered, no DNA at all.
And the stolen property
was the same random collection.
And nothing on the getaway car yet.
Oh, and I spoke to Ballistics.
The gun recovered
with Mark Young's body
the one he fired at Kev
was not the weapon used
to murder Marcela Del Toro.
All right, so odds are, whoever shot her
is still out there running free.
And we got nothing else?
No, I got nothing.
Hey, it's not much,
but in the hours before each
of the West Loop robberies,
Mark Young used
his credit card at the same bar
on 8th Street, Bob O'Malley's.
I know that place.
Kevin and I used to hit it on patrol.
It's got no cameras, off the books.
I mean, if you're in the game,
that's the place to be.
According to Young's
credit card statement,
he's buying the rounds,
three of everything.
So you think he was with the crew?
It's a long shot, but could be.
Right now, all we got is long shots.
Let's stake out O'Malley.

Whiskey, neat.
Mark Young.
You know him.
We see him in here all the time.
Look, he's a young kid.
I just need to know who
he's been coming in with.
- I don't know.
- Yes, you do.
Look, I seen you talking to Young.
Come on, man. Don't play dumb with me.
I know you know who I'm talking about.
Screw you, man.
Butchie! What's going on, man?
I didn't know I was gonna
see you up in here.
I hope you don't mind.
Man, come over here. Holler at me.
What the hell you got going on?
- What you doing, Butchie?
- Get off me. Get off me!
What you wanna do?
You remember looking me dead in my face,
telling me you didn't know
who Mark Young was?
So how come you were in the bar
asking about Mark Young?
What are you doing?
I ain't ask you that
to hear myself talk.
You lied to me. What you lie to me for?

All right.
At this point, I'm about ready
to turn your ass around
and slap these cuffs on you, fam.
Man, I lied because I wanted the names.
But why would you want the names?
That's all I'm trying to ask you.
I don't I don't understand that.
What am I missing, Butchie?
Hmm? Why would you possibly
need the names before me?
Because they killed my cousin.

Well, tell me everything, Butch.
Talk to me. Don't leave nothing out,
because I can't
get my ass handed to me again.
Okay, all right.
My little cousin Marcus,
he was working for them.
Your little cousin Marcus
was working for the crew?
Before they was hitting the West Loop,
they was hitting Wilmette.
You know, gas stations,
convenience stores.
I I never knew any of their names.
I swear to God, I didn't.
But Marcus was a good kid, man.
He was real good, Kevin,
until he met these guys.
All right? Now and I could tell.
You know, I could see that he
was really getting into it,
so, you know, I cut him off.
You know, I told him,
I said, it's me or them.
And I thought that would work.
I thought he'd be done with it.
He was he was like a little
brother to me, all right?
He was all I got.
I thought he'd listen.
I didn't answer
his phone calls, his texts.
Two weeks later,
he was dead.
Those men,
they left him behind at a job.
So he boosted a car and crashed
it running from the police.
So why did you want the names before me?
I never really lied to you
about anything else.
- My cousin's
- The names, Butch.
What were you gonna do with the names?
- I'm not answering that.
- 'Cause you ain't no killer.
They left him!
Then let them go to the penitentiary!
The penitentiary ain't enough!
An eye for an eye.
They took him.
They took him, and I let them.
I failed him.
Well, I gotta drive you home now.
There ain't gonna be no deal.
Ain't no money for you.
- Let it go.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- That's what you'd do?
I see you blink anywhere
near this case again,
I swear to God, I will personally
take you to the penitentiary
for obstruction.
You understand that, don't you?
Butchie's cousin's name is
Marcus Fuller, 19 years old.
Died three months ago.
Crashed a stolen vehicle
running away from the police
after a robbery.
Wilmette PD did believe that
there were three other crew members.
They were unable to identify
those crew members,
and that crew stopped hitting Wilmette
right after Marcus died.
And that didn't pop in our system?
No, for whatever reason,
Wilmette PD didn't log into statewide.
We were able to
cross-reference Marcus Fuller
and Mark Young's contacts.
We found one common associate,
Kurt Hudson.
Hudson was Young's cellie in juvie.
Met Marcus at an old job.
Hudson's got a long sheet
robberies, AgBats.
He's 6 foot.
He's a match to our second offender,
and his car was ID'd at Bob
O'Malley's at the same time
that Mark Young was there.
All right. We know his address?
We have no LK.
We also have no ID on the driver yet.
We got nothing else at the bar?
- Zero, Sarge.
- Kevin.
Visitor downstairs.

- Ms. Westbrooke, how you doing?
- Uh-uh. Uh-uh.
You know, I've been
wondering how we suddenly
got that granite headstone in.
'Cause the monument company had said
it would take another six
months before it showed up,
but then suddenly,
there it was one morning.
The company said that someone
had paid to have it rushed in.
We can speak in private, Ms. Westbrooke.
Oh, no. I am comfortable right here.
Then when you
showed up at my son's school,
it all made sense.
It all came together
the funeral concierge service
that I didn't pay for,
the meals and groceries that
just showed up on my front door
with no notes, the headstone.
Ma'am, ma'am.
- You're gonna take it!
- No.
I don't want your charity.
Ma'am, I am so sorry
that you are grieving,
but this is not an appropriate way.
I am not the one being inappropriate.
This man right here is trying
to buy a clear conscience.
You aren't getting absolution from me,
and you will not get it
from my son, either.
If you ever come near my family again,
I will file a restraining order,
and I will make sure you lose your job.
I promise that.


Catch me up, Burgess.
Patrol was driving by
a little while ago,
and they spotted our vehicle.
The car from the Marcela Del Toro scene?
Yeah. Patrol responded to our BOLO.
They radioed in to confirm.
They sat on it.
That's when they heard the gunshots.
- We're going up here.
- Let's go.
So Patrol crashed through here.
They saw an offender matching
Hudson's description to a
run out the front. That's Demar Warner.
He's 22. He has a sheet.
He's hooked in with Hudson.
Our best guess, he's the getaway driver.
Hudson's covering his tracks.
Patrol lost Hudson running south.
He's on foot, so he can't be far.
50-21, carjacking just occurred
six blocks from your incident.
Offender matches
your wanted, Kurt Hudson.
He took off in a red Ford Mustang
plate 186 Charlie 77,
last seen southbound,
high rate of speed.
Squad, send a flash message
out on the citywide.
We're gonna track him in real time.
Kev, you copy?
Yeah, I copy. Go, Hailey.
We got telematics on the Mustang.
Hudson just turned off onto Hegewisch.
Looks like he's moving
towards Meadowview Estates.
Could be his residence.
We got no address in our file out there.
Meadowview Estates?
I'm only four minutes out.

There's no cameras in the trailer park.
Hailey's got the Mustang
within a quarter mile.
Hudson's here somewhere.
Burgess will be here in a few.
Let's split up.
You go west. I'll go east.
If you need anything, use the DC.
- Otherwise, go dark.
- Copy.


[SIGHS] Damn.
I got eyes on Hudson,
southeast corner of the park.
Number 461.

Don't do it, Butchie.
Drop the gun.
Hey, you look at that gun,
I'm gonna drop your ass.
All right? Butchie, put the gun down.
Just go on and get up out of here, Kev.
You know I can't do that, Butchie.
- What the hell is this?
- Shut up!
This ain't got nothing to do
with the police no more.
I don't think that's your
decision to make, Butchie.
Hey, put the gun down.
Butchie, you wanna die today?
Is that what you're trying to do?
I can't let you do this.
This ain't gonna take the pain away.
Yes, it will.
Yes, it will.
It's not. It's just gonna
ruin your life, man.
Hey, I'm okay! Stand down.
Post up outside. I got it. I got it.
Butchie, just let me arrest this man.
He killed two people.
I didn't kill nobody.
Shut up!
He killed three people, Kev.
He killed Marcus too.
- Him and me.
- No.
We killed him.
Don't let this make you into
something you ain't, okay?
All right? This ain't you.
You good, just like Marcus.
He wouldn't want you
to do this, Butchie.
Just drop the gun, man.
There you go. There you go.
Yeah, yeah.
We're gonna be good.
Now I'm gonna grab his gun.
Everybody's gonna
walk out of here, okay?
Hey, you good?
Yeah, I'm good.
Go check him.

50-21 David.
Shots fired at Meadow Valley Estates.
I got two offenders down.
I need you to bring in some cars.
- He's gone.
- One DOA.

How'd he find you out here?
He heard Hudson's name on the streets.
What are you doing here?
Voight asked me to talk to you.
You gonna carry this one too?
That man made his bed.
It's not on you.
Why do we say that so damn much,
like none of this is on us?
you can't see the Westbrookes anymore.
It is not good for them,
and it is not good for you.
It's eating you up.
As it should.
It should.
How am I supposed to not care, Trudy?
Who is telling you not to care?
You're a good cop because you care.
Sometimes, I think you carry
so much water
your life, your job, your family.
And then you think
if I'm gonna stay afloat,
there is no margin for error.
But let me tell you something.
You're not a machine.
There are two things
you can do with guilt.
You can let it drown you
or let it give you purpose.
I need to figure out how to do that.
I'm not gonna let you drown.
No one here is.
So come on, Kev.
Come on.


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