Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman

1 [BATS FLUTTERING] [THUNDER CRASHES] [CROWS CAWING] [LIGHTNING SIZZLES] [BATS SCREECHING] [DARK LORD SNARLS] [DARK LORD] You dare summon me, Lilith? You charged me with caring for Sabrina, but most recently, three of your kings came to attack her.
Who did? Not to worry, they've been sent back to the Pit.
But they rather cryptically asserted that "The half-breed must not ascend.
" How can I protect Sabrina if I don't know what your plans for her are? [DARK LORD] The Gates of Hell will be thrown open.
Sabrina will be my herald.
My prophet on Earth.
She will? [DARK LORD] Are you jealous, Lilith? You'll still be first amongst women.
But, Dark Lord, the girl is not worthy.
[DARK LORD] Were you worthy, when I found you? W what I mean is that there are limits to how far the half-breed will go for you.
- She'll balk, for instance, at doing evil.
- [DARK LORD] Evil? That word means nothing to our kind.
Ah, but it does to her kind.
Remember, she's half-mortal.
I know what she is, Lilith.
More than you.
Her essential nature, it tends towards the Light.
To discover the true nature of Sabrina's soul.
Good, as the mortals say, or evil? And if I'm right, I will be your prophet, as well as your queen.
[DARK LORD] And when I am proven right, you'll resume your service to me and never question my will again.
[HISSES, GROWLS] [GROWLS] [DARK LORD] It is time for you to make your dark devotions to me.
I won't do it.
Won't do what? - Whatever you ask me to do.
- [DARK LORD GROWLS] I did warn you when you signed my book.
You cannot deny me.
What do you want me to do? [SNARLS] Steal a pack of gum.
Huh? [DARK LORD] That is all.
Oh, love, you've let your breakfast go cold.
- Sorry, Aunt Hilda.
- Aww.
But the Dark Lord visited me last night.
Called on me to do His bidding.
The Dark Lord was in our house? And I slept through His visit? What He must think of us.
I thought I could smell brimstone from under the floorboards.
What did He want? It was strange.
He asked me to No, never mind.
Whatever devotion He asked you to perform, it is a sacred covenant between you and the Dark Lord.
I shall not be the reason you break it.
Did He come to you guys? After you signed the Book of the Beast? And ask you to do things? - Not really.
- Still waiting.
These tasks that He asks some of His followers to perform from time to time, they are gestures that demonstrate, that prove one's dedication to the Path of Night.
What if I don't wanna do what He's asked of me? You'll be shocked to hear it doesn't work that way, Sabrina.
You've been tasked.
Nothing to do but perform the dark devotion.
Preferably with a smile.
Unless He's charged you with committing a murder? Even then, you must do as He asks or suffer the consequences.
What consequences? Those who resist Him risk bad things happening to them and those around them.
The evil has a way of spreading very quickly.
Deny the Dark Lord at your peril, Sabrina.
["DEVIL'S GOTTEN INTO MY BABY" PLAYING] - [BELL JINGLES] - Devil's gotten into my baby [MS.
WARDWELL] Sabrina? You weren't thinking of stealing that gum, were you? It's not like you, Sabrina.
Oh, no, of course not, I Do you need some money to pay for it? [LOW GROWLING] Actually, I changed my mind.
I don't really want the gum, at all.
Will you excuse me, Ms.
Wardwell? Certainly.
- And of course it would be you.
His ice-cold pet.
What was that all about? Well, as you know, Zelda, the Academy's presenting a morality play for the coven's edification and diversion.
- As always, it's the - The Passion of Lucifer Morningstar.
Yes, I played Eve, back in my day.
Quite scandalously, if memory serves.
This year, however, we'll be using a new adaptation.
A new adaptation? I've always known you to be a staunch traditionalist, Faustus.
I wrote the adaptation, Zelda.
I'm very proud of it.
Sister Jackson, on the other hand, felt the constant need to share her dramaturgical notes.
So I've asked her to relinquish her duties as co-director and elocution coach to the production.
- I see.
- Your nephew is playing the False God.
Your niece is understudying the role of Lilith.
Would you take over for Shirley? Otherwise, Zelda, these novice students, they'll butcher my language.
And no one has better diction than you.
Well, that's true.
Welcome aboard, Zelda.
[SIGHS SOFTLY] [SCHOOL BELL RINGS] The play we'll be working on this week is William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Find a partner and pick a scene.
One that speaks to you.
Discuss it, rehearse it, understand it, then you'll present it to the rest of the class.
Yes, Mr.
Marlin, I'm afraid you'll have to memorize the scene.
[LAUGHTER] [HARVEY] Wanna be the Juliet to my Romeo? Thought we could do the scene where they first meet.
Uh, would that be the kissing scene? I think so.
Is that weird? [BURST OF ROMANTIC MUSIC] [MUSIC STOPS] No, not at all.
Just, you know, wondering if you've talked to Sabrina? No, not in a while.
We, um we're still figuring things out.
[QUIETLY] Well, aren't we all? Huh? Nothing, Harvey.
Yes, I'll be the Juliet to your Romeo.
I'm psyched.
Me, too.
[SIGHS] Oh, no [BIRDSONG] [ZELDA] We'll try to get it now You're jealous, aren't you? [PRUDENCE] That Dorcas is playing the romantic lead opposite Nick.
Last year, I played Kim in Bye Bye Birdie at Baxter High, Prudence.
I'm fine.
Didn't you break up with the mortal so you could be with Nick? No, I broke up with Harvey because None of your business.
- As for Nick, he's he's - A friend.
Yes, yes, we've all heard that refrain.
But come on, Sabrina.
In the dark, late at night, between the sheets of your virgin's bed, are you telling me you've never had the odd, stray thought about Nick? Imagined him slipping through the window? - Between your legs? - Eww! You're like one of my Aunt Hilda's bad Harlequin romance novels.
Lust isn't a sin, Sabrina, it's an emotion.
I can't memorize my lines with you whispering in my ear, like Like [SIGHS] [DORCAS CLEARS THROAT] Why, Lord, did you exile me from your Kingdom? Lilith, you look to the False God for answers and understanding, but none are coming.
You are forsaken in his eyes.
He cast me out, Lucifer, as he did you, when I did nothing more than ask for equality.
[QUIETLY] Dorcas is a terrible actress.
[DARK LORD WHISPERS] That role should be yours.
- [WIND WHISTLING] - Dark Lord.
I'm the understudy, Dorcas is the lead.
That's Look to your left.
There is a pin there.
Pull it and the role will be yours.
[ZELDA GASPS] I won't! I won't do it! - Sabrina? - [WHISPERS] Seriously? Who are you talking to? No one, Aunt Zelda.
And that's lunch, everyone.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [WHISPERING] What is your problem now? First you wanna be on our basketball team.
Now you wanna start usin' our locker room? [SCOFFS] There something you wanna tell us, Susie? - It's Theo now.
- [BILLY] Oh, that's right.
Well, "Theo", don't mind us.
We're just waitin' for the show to start.
What show? Um, I'm pretty sure you know what show, "Theo.
" So go on.
Go ahead.
Take it off.
Take it all off.
[LAUGHTER] [CHATTERING, CHUCKLING] Sabrina, can I run lines with you? Mm! Sure.
But shouldn't you be doing that with Dorcas? [NICK] Dorcas, yeah.
Um I'm not really feelin' it with her.
I mean, don't get me wrong, she's a nice girl and all, but, um truthfully, I was kind of hoping you'd be cast as Lilith.
I'm not sure I could handle playing such a subservient character.
It's not really my style.
No, it isn't.
You like to be in charge, right? What scenes did you wanna go over, Nick? How about Lilith and Lucifer's first night together? Oh, uh Lilith, why do you lie so far away from me? Come closer.
I will not lie beneath you, but only by your side.
Is that what you said to your husband, Adam? - Aren't you cold, woman? - Yes.
I've been cold since the Garden.
Come closer, then.
And I'll keep you warm.
I'm curious about your adaptation, Father Blackwood.
There are some departures from our sacred Satanic texts.
Lilith for instance.
I don't recall her wandering helplessly in the wilderness.
She provided for herself, like a survivalist.
You're beginning to sound like Sister Jackson, Zelda.
Are you presuming, too, that I need dramaturgical support? Hm? Not at all.
But if you will excuse me, I believe I'll take some air before we resume rehearsals.
[RUMBLING] [GROWLING] [CRACKING] [CRASHING] [LAUGHTER] [SHIRLEY] There must have been a crack in the marble.
[NICK] You're shivering.
What are you so frightened of? You should really be doing this with Dorcas.
[CHUCKLES] Sabrina Sorry, Nick, but I should go.
[GAGS] Sabrina, are you okay? [GASPS] Sabrina? [WHEEZING] [CHOKING] [SCREAMS] Sabrina, you're choking.
Let me help.
[HEARTBEAT THUMPING] [SOFTLY] Darling? There's my good girl.
I've got a nice, soothing tea here, for your little throat.
There you are.
Aunt Hilda, what happened? You started choking on an apple is what happened.
And then that warlock Nicholas Scratch teleported you home, Praise Satan, and I I performed the Heimlich maneuver on you.
What happened, my love? Didn't go down the wrong pipe, did it? - It was the Dark Lord, Auntie.
- Hm? But He keeps hounding me.
Because you haven't done what He asked, is that it? You're in a pickle, then.
I didn't tell you this, but He tasked me, once.
One day, after my baptism, He gave me a wooden box with a button on top, a button to push.
And did you? Mm-hmm.
What happened? Nothing.
It tormented me for days.
I thought something must have happened, something awful.
And so I smashed the box to see what was inside.
And? Empty.
Empty wooden box.
No mechanisms inside it at all.
I don't understand.
It was all for nothing? I think the Dark Lord wanted to know that I would do it.
That I would be willing to do what He asked.
Maybe I shouldn't be resisting Him, then.
Why are you? If I say yes to this one thing, it'll be harder to say no to the next.
I can't tell you what to do.
[CHUCKLES] But you know, chances are the Dark Lord's influence is much stronger at the Academy and the desecrated church.
Maybe it will be easier to resist Him, if that's what you're choosing to do, if you went back to Baxter High.
I mean, surround yourself by your mortal friends.
By Harvey and Rosalind and Theo.
- Theo? Who's Theo? - Oh, do catch up.
Susie goes by Theo now.
You've missed so much.
You've been so strong for your friends.
You've protected them and held them up.
Let them do the same for you now.
Maybe you're right, Aunt Hilda.
[SIGHS] Maybe I need to get back to my non-Satanic friends.
- 'Brina? - [RINGING TONE SOUNDS] - Harvey.
- Sabrina, you're back? I am.
- I'm back.
- [LAUGHS] So, how are things at your other school? The What's it called again? The Academy of Unseen Arts.
We're doing a play.
The Crucible? Harvey, was that a joke? Kind of.
But not really.
Anyway, no, uh, it's more like Bible stories.
We're doing, no surprise, Romeo and Juliet in drama class.
Again? Is that the only play that Mrs.
Curtis teaches? Right? Roz and I are scene partners.
We're playing Romeo and Juliet.
But I'm sure we could find a scene with three people if you wanna join.
Maybe with the nurse.
Oh, no.
If you guys are already working on a scene together, don't worry about me.
I'm sure Mrs.
Curtis can pair me up with someone.
Billy Marlin needs a partner.
[BOY] That only leaves [GIRL] The rhythms of it? [SOFT LAUGHTER] A crutch, a crutch, - why call you for a sword? - [LAUGHTER] - What? Probably.
- No way.
[GIRL] Yeah.
[DARK LORD] The mortal belongs to you, Sabrina.
[GROWLING] Sabrina.
I Theo.
It's okay, it takes some getting used to.
I've missed you.
I've missed you guys.
Roz and Harvey say you're on the boys' basketball team.
Congratulations, that's amazing.
Yeah, except for the fact that I'm still changing in the girls' locker room.
Is that because of Billy and his goons? Yeah.
I gave the boys' locker room a try, and it's like they were just standing around, waiting for me to take my shirt off to make fun of me.
[SIGHS] 'Brina isn't there some witchy way we could take care of Billy? The next time you guys are practicing, tie a new knot on this cord.
Billy'll keep tripping over his feet.
- [GIGGLES] - That'll bruise his ego.
Thanks, 'Brina, you're the best.
Of course! After missing your try-outs, it's the least I can do.
Oh, my God.
Sabrina, your back.
What the hell? All right, I've seen enough.
It's called the Devil's Claw, Sabrina.
It's a physical manifestation of His grip on your soul.
So, does every witch have one? Well, not as inflamed as yours, which indicates Are you defying Him in some way? I am, Ms.
He asked me to steal a pack of gum, which is totally not a big deal.
Oh, but it is.
It is a big deal.
Every avalanche begins with a snowflake.
Trust me, the path to consummate evil is cumulative, not singular.
Today, it's gum, tomorrow, He'll be asking you to poison Greendale's reservoir.
So, are you saying I should defy Him? But you took me into the woods to sign the Book of the Beast.
I did, yes, as a last resort, but forcing you to steal a pack of gum is just petty and malicious.
And now, as before, I believe we should all have free will.
Well, what are my options? He's always [SIGHS] lurking nearby, but [LOW GROWLING SOUND] Is there a way to trick Him? You mean deceive the Great Deceiver? [CHUCKLES] No, you're locked in a battle of wills, I'm afraid.
And nerves.
That claw will be a barometer of how you're doing.
Can I at least, I don't know, shrink it? Follow the Path of Light.
Think clean thoughts.
Do, and be, good, Sabrina.
Then perhaps that will shrink the Devil's stain.
[SIGHS] [GROWLING] Ad fidem tibi domino obscuro.
- Am I saying it right? - Not remotely.
Do you even know what it means? Um It means, "I curse the False God! And submit my fealty to you, Dark Lord.
" Coram me suscipies damnationem aeternam.
Very good, Nicholas.
But I'd put the emphasis on the [CROAKS] [CHOKING] [GAGGING] [GASPS] [CONTINUES CROAKING AND GAGGING] [STUDENTS GASP] Which one of you did this? Not us.
That familiar belongs to a colleague of yours.
[CROAKS] The tears have got small victory by that For it was bad enough without their spite.
Thou wrong'st it, more than tears, with that report.
That is no slander, sir, which is truth.
Hey, isn't that your boyfriend? He's not my boyfriend.
But he used to be, right? And now he's with that girl you used to be friends with.
Roz and I are still friends, Billy.
We're best friends.
Same with Theo and me.
So you better stop picking on him in the locker room.
Must be hard, huh? Watching your ex-boyfriend and your best friend getting together.
Must really burn you.
Not at all.
I'm happy for them.
Really? 'Cause I'd be pretty pissed.
[RATTLING] [RATTLING INTENSIFIES] You kiss by the book dear saint, is hateful to myself Because it is an enemy to [WIND GUSTS] [WHISPERS] Do it.
It would be so easy.
I'm not doing it! Not doing what? [CHUCKLES] What are you talking about? I have to go.
- [SHOP BELL JINGLES] - [BUBBLING] - [CROAKS] - [HILDA] You cooking dinner? I am.
How do you feel about frog's legs? Depends on the frog.
Sister Jackson has decided to pick on me, Hilda.
As if we were common schoolgirls.
I turned the other cheek when she tried to kill me with a gargoyle, but then she teleported her familiar down my throat to humiliate me in front of all the students, and that I cannot abide.
Oh, the poor little familiar's innocent.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Is anyone truly innocent? Aunties, is Ambrose home? In his room.
And we missed you at rehearsals today, Sabrina.
I already have all of Lilith's lines memorized, Aunt Zee.
And frankly, hearing Dorcas say them makes my ears bleed.
Can't argue with that.
What would you say to frog's legs for dinner? Can't we just have pizza? [SIGHS] Ohh, yummy! Bit of pizza? It's better than frog's legs.
I have to send Shirley a message, Hilda, or else I'll never find my footing at the Academy.
Punish the guilty, sister, not the innocent.
Like our friend Little Pizza.
There's a good boy.
I love you.
[SOFT JAZZ PLAYING] I need Him to give me some space, Ambrose.
I see.
In other words, you're looking for talismans to ward off the Dark Lord.
Until I find a way out of this moral quandary.
Eat raw onions.
He doesn't like raw onions.
Me, too, but why is that? They make Him cry.
He doesn't like to cry.
The last time the Dark Lord cried, was, according to the passion plays, when He fell from grace.
Okay, got it.
And nail horseshoes above your doors and windows.
Horseshoes, done.
What did He ask you to do? What did He ask you to do? He did, didn't he? He asked me to send a letter.
One short, innocent letter, to to an old classmate of mine from Oxford.
A boy who had a crush on me, though he never acted on it.
Anyway, erm we graduate, and one day, years after Oxford, years after my baptism, the Dark Lord asked me to write a letter to the boy who was now a man with a wife and two children.
What was in the letter? If it's all the same to you, cousin, I'd rather not say.
[HAMMERING] [BIRDSONG] [MEOWING] [PURRING] [SABRINA SCREAMS] Looks like it's gotten even bigger.
But how can that be, Ms.
Wardwell? I haven't done anything wrong.
In fact, I even sequestered myself last night so that I wouldn't do anything wrong accidentally, to myself or to others.
Well, let me think.
Do you have any lingering or outstanding spells? No.
Oh, my gosh.
I do.
[LAUGHTER] Where is he? Where's Billy? - Billy! - Whoa! [YELLS] - [YELPS] - [CRACK] - [MURMURING] - [BILLY SCREAMS] [SCREAMING, GASPING] [SCREAMS CONTINUE] Billy, you okay? Just stay cool.
Give him some room.
Somebody get the nurse or something.
[SCREAMS IN PAIN] I was just so angry at Billy.
Angrier than I'd ever been before.
And I was I was holding the rope I shouldn't have given it to you, Theo.
That was irresponsible.
I I'd never felt this way before.
I wanted to hurt him, Sabrina, I wanted him to suffer.
It's like there was this voice in my head telling me to just do it.
- It would be - [BOTH] So easy.
[ZELDA] All right, then.
The bitch's head is unstitched.
Now what? Now you get one of these lovely little earworms and sew it right into Sister Jackson's poppet head.
Now the song.
The worms crawl in The worms crawl out The worms play pinochle on your snout They eat your eyes They eat your nose They eat the jelly between your toes Sabrina.
Thank you for coming in to meet me.
You'll be partners for the rest of this assignment.
Because of Billy's accident? What happened to Roz? Ms.
Walker has come down with a case of the chickenpox.
- What? - She was fine yesterday.
Yes, and today, she has the chickenpox.
Now get to work.
Don't keep the Bard waiting.
Look, 'Brina.
I totally get it if you don't wanna be in the scene with me.
Huh? Why would you say that? [SIGHS] You You seem uncomfortable.
[SIGHS] Preoccupied is all.
But you know what? Maybe a little Romeo and Juliet is exactly what I need.
I'm game if you are.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
If I profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this.
My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth the rough touch with a tender kiss.
Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hands too much Which mannerly devotion shows in this For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch.
And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.
Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too? Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer.
O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do.
Harvey? Sabrina.
Take me back Because I crave it I can't fight back but I can take it Take me back Baby, I'm prayin' You'll hold my hand - I have missed you so much, Harvey.
- I missed you too, Sabrina.
Ah, won't you hold my hand? Won't you hold my hand? Oh And gently break it Hold my hand Hold my hand What? What is it? Harvey.
What's on your chest? [HARVEY GASPS] What? - Uh - What's wrong? Let's slow down.
Slow down? I'm only going as fast as you are.
Oh, this was a mistake.
- What was? Coming here? - Forgetting, for even a second, what I am.
I don't care what you are.
And I don't want you to pull away from me again.
If I don't, Harvey, you'll get poisoned.
Poisoned? What? What the hell are you talking about? - Either I'm doing it or He's doing it.
- Doing what? I gave Theo the rope.
He whispered in his ear.
For all I know, I'm the reason Roz has chickenpox.
What? Why, did did you put a spell on her? Oh, no, but it's contagious.
- What is? - Uh Evil! I [SIGHS] I have to go.
Sabrina, if you go You can't.
You can't keep doing this, messing with my head.
I'm trying to get over you.
I'm doing my best to get over you and then - and then this happens.
- It won't.
It won't ever happen again, Harvey.
I promise.
I'll What, you'll protect me? Man, I am so done with your protection.
You're right, Sabrina this won't ever happen again.
[LAUGHING] [WHISPERS] There she is.
Looking for the High Priest, Sister Zelda? As it happens, I am, Sister Jackson.
Have you seen him? Don't you usually meet the High Priest in the confessional? On your knees? Oh, Shirley, why don't you make your way up to the balcony and throw yourself off it? [CHUCKLES] The worms crawl in The worms crawl out The worms play pinochle on your snout [VOICE ECHOES] They'll eat your eyes They'll eat your nose They'll eat the jelly Between your toes [HUMMING] [GASPING] [ZELDA HUMMING] [CREAKING] That's quite enough, Shirley.
You can come down now.
Next time she crosses me, I won't stop her.
And that goes for you also-rans, too.
Oh! See you on opening night.
[FROGS CROAKING] Salem? Salem? What's wrong? Salem! No.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
[GROWLING] Why? Why are you doing this, punishing Salem? Are you making Roz sick, too? And putting that claw on Harvey? [GROWLS] Why? [WHISPERS] You denied me.
That gum? If you want it so badly, fine, I'll do it, I'll steal it.
No, it's too late for that.
I need something more.
A greater devotion.
What What do you want? I want you to burn a building.
- What? - An empty building.
And Salem won't die? [GROWLS] And Roz will get better? And And that claw will stop growing on Harvey? Yes.
All those things.
Your own claw will disappear, as well.
And no one will get hurt or die in the fire? Not a soul.
What building? The false temple of goodness you ran to for protection.
So you may never run to it again.
- Wait.
- Baxter High.
My school? You want me to burn down my school? The time for talk is over now.
Burn down Baxter High, Sabrina, or the next devotion I ask of you will be even greater.
Remember, you swore you would be willing to do what I asked.
[SLOSHING] She won't do it.
She'll never do it.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You've proven your heart.
You're done.
For now.
[MEOWING] Oh, Salem.
[MEOWS] Oh, there she is! A star, about to be born.
[CHUCKLES] I hope you're not prone to stage-fright, Cousin.
Sabrina, I've just had a call from Father Blackwood.
[DARK LORD] That role should be yours.
Dorcas, it seems, has come down with a sudden case of Let me guess, chickenpox.
Yes, in fact.
Which means you will play Lilith in front of the entire coven this evening.
Isn't that marvelous? [HILDA CHUCKLES] [APPLAUSE] What kind of God denies his followers pleasure? [AMBROSE] The one God.
The true God.
All knowing, all powerful.
But if God is unable to prevent evil, then he is not all-powerful.
- Heresy! - [YELLS] [MURMURING] If God is unwilling to prevent evil, then he is not all good.
- Heresy.
- [GRUNTS] You are a false God.
I cast you out of Heaven for all eternity, Morningstar.
I shall go happily.
The sheep will follow you, but I will lead the Children of Night to freedom.
[APPLAUSE] [AGATHA] Mistress Lilith, wait.
Oh, Stolas, the Garden was my rightful home, but I've been cast out for refusing to lie beneath Adam and kneel before the False God.
Two things I will never do.
There is no need to wander the wasteland, no need to starve and die.
Who are you? I am Lucifer.
Once, I was called Morningstar.
We have a common enemy.
He's a man, as are you.
No, I am the angel who will help you get your revenge.
Kneel before me, acknowledge that I am your Dark Lord, and I will give you power, eternal life, and eventually, if you serve me well, a throne by my side in Hell.
[SABRINA] What do you think, Stolas? It seems a small price to pay, to bend the knee.
He offers you so much.
Do not answer me yet.
Follow me to my home in the fires of Gehenna, and you will taste how sweet your new life could be.
[APPLAUSE] Life is untroubled in this cave with you here, Lucifer Morningstar.
Your wisdom amazes me.
You see mysteries and know secret things.
But my heart and thoughts drift back to the Garden and Adam.
Why shouldn't we stay here? Where we're free of the False God's petty tests? Together, we can bring the Truth of the Morningstar to the masses, and you'll rule beside me, as my queen.
I wish I were worthy of such a station.
Oh, Lilith.
Give yourself to me, and I will make you worthy.
[SNIFFLING] Maledictus vir Dei et falsa iugo prebeo.
Ad fidem tibi domino obscuro eo.
Coram me suscipies damnationem aeternam.
[CHEERING] Oh, bravo! - Bravo! - Bravo! - Bravo! - Bravo! [CHEERING CONTINUES] You were very believable as the False God in the play.
Did I make you want to convert? [CHUCKLES] Do I make you want to convert? [AMBROSE] No need.
- Always been a polytheist.
- Hm.
Well, how, uh convenient for us.
You were amazing tonight, Sabrina.
Thank you, Nick.
Typically, this is where you say something along the lines of, - "You were amazing, too.
" - Sorry, I'm just thinking.
Was that really what it was like between Lilith and the Dark Lord? Or was it just Father Blackwood's sick wish fulfillment, you mean? I guess I'm wondering what does the Dark Lord ask her to do? [SABRINA] Whatever it is, I hope it's worth it.
Has the Dark Lord ever asked you to do anything? I mean, personally.
He has.
And did you do it? I didn't.
He stopped me right before I pulled the trigger.
But you would've done it, right? Spellman, are you playing chicken with the Dark Lord? My Aunt Hilda told me she thought the Dark Lord was more interested in her willingness to do something than in her actually doing the thing, so I took the chance.
But if push came to shove, you would've done it, right? I guess we'll never know, will we? Either way, it got rid of the Devil's Claw on my skin.
But not the one on your soul.
We all have a Devil's Claw.
Every single one of us in this room.
Hell, mine's a painting.
[CHUCKLES] The true reflection of my soul.
Your skin may be alabaster perfection, but that's only because the claw's inside you now.
We didn't order those drinks, Dorian.
No, these are compliments of the Dark Lord.
He wanted me to tell you that He very much enjoyed the performance tonight.
Especially your chemistry together.
I'm not sure how I'm supposed to be feeling right now.
If you had done what He asked, all it would've meant is that you were a little further down the Path of Night, like the rest of us.
Would that be so bad? [DARK LORD] Are you humbled now, Lilith? Lest you forget, I always win.
You are the one and only divine ruler.
You know all.
Poor Lilith.
You're so lonely.
[GROWLING SOFTLY] Perhaps a consolation prize for how well you played the game.
[CROW CAWING] Stolas? [CAWING] [WIND WHISTLES] [GASPS] Ah, the game continues, then.
And I'll be damned, Stolas, before Sabrina becomes His herald.
Where are you going with all that food? I'm taking some lunch over to Roz's.
Is she still sick? - Yeah, but she's feeling a lot better.
- Oh.
I'm glad.
Will you tell her I say hi? Sure.
- Harvey - I'll see you around, Sabrina.
[BELL JINGLES] Heaven with you Now that I'm in Heaven Now that I'm in Heaven with you [MAN] Greg, move your head!