Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus's House of Horror

1 [THUNDERCLAP] Is it thunder? Thunder Or is it just the beat of my heart? - It's either raindrops - Whew! - Raindrops - Or is it just the tears that Oh, we're doomed, Dr.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, we won't get many customers out and about on a gloomy day like today.
[CHUCKLES] - Might just be you and me.
Oh! - And would that be so bad? [BOTH GIGGLE] - [THUNDERCLAP] - [BELL JINGLES] [BOTH] Oops.
Hello! Welcome to Cer Uh - Okay - [DR.
CEE] Oh [DOOR SLAMS MENACINGLY] [THUNDER RUMBLING] - Where were we? - Don't know.
Somewhere around [WOMAN] Hello, there.
[LAUGHING] Oh, I'm sorry to startle you.
But, uh I got caught without my umbrella.
Oh, you're welcome to sit out the rain for a spell.
- Oh.
- Yeah, and sample some of our fine wares! Oh, I'm sorry, I have no money.
But perhaps I have something else to offer.
I don't know if you believe in such things, but I have practiced the art of Tarot for years.
Many have found delight and wisdom in my fateful readings.
Uh, would you allow me? - To do a reading in the store? - [CHUCKLES] Yes, we would love to! [LAUGHS] Okay, right, I'm gonna, erm I'm gonna set you up somewhere.
Maybe down here? - [WOMAN] Oh, how kind.
- [THUNDER RUMBLES] Ooh! [CHUCKLES] Coat's very wet.
- By the way, I'm Mrs.
- Oh! Well, you take a seat, Mrs.
With a bit of luck, we might even get one or two customers, even on a day like this.
- Aah.
- [SHOP BELL JINGLES] I said I loved the movie, Nick.
You know I love a horror double feature.
Why are you so upset, then? Because I was five minutes late? I don't like missing the trailers.
- I - Hello, doves! I didn't expect you in here today.
We were at the movies, and Nick's never been inside Dr.
Ooh! Look, an occult section.
[CHUCKLES] - Is everything all right? - Uh - I don't know, Aunt Hilda.
- Hm? Things have been weird between me and Nick ever since the Lupercalia.
Are you on the rock Are you on the rocks? Oh.
At least, I don't think so.
Well, if there's a chance, then, er, you know what'd help? A little Tarot reading! Yeah? For clarity? - What? - There.
[THUNDERCLAP] - I don't know, Aunt Hilda.
- Shh.
[BELL RINGS] So, you have questions about your young suitor.
I do.
He very recently lied to me.
About not doing something.
One lie? That's it? [SIGHS] It's not just that.
It's also he's a bit more of a "bad boy" than I'm used to.
Ever since we started dating, I've felt like I've been walking down this darker path, let's say.
One I resisted for a long time, but then, with him, I've begun to think, "Maybe it's not so bad, if I get to walk it with him beside me, holding my hand.
" But this lie happened, and [SIGHS] made me question everything.
Like should I trust him? Can I trust him? [THUNDER CRASHES] The cards tell me he's a handsome trickster, which few women can resist.
That sounds like Nick, yeah.
And three swords pierce his heart.
[LAUGHTER] - [NICK] Yeah, a little bit.
- [GIRL] I know.
- [NICK] Whoa! - [LAUGHTER] [NICK] Okay, yeah.
No, no, stop.
- [GIRL MUTTERS] - [LAUGHTER] [NICK] Agatha! - That was good.
I liked it.
- It was.
- Guys, what's so funny? - Uh Nothin'.
Erm We were just, uh Reminiscing.
Having a laugh over old times.
- Weren't we, Nick? - Relax, Agatha.
[GIGGLES] So, are you two lovebirds doing an act together? - [NICK] Prudence.
- An act? For what? The Academy talent show.
I mean, Nicholas always pulls something out of his hat for it.
Or has he not told you about it? - No, he hasn't.
- I was just about to.
Uh We put it on every year to blow off steam.
I was thinkin' of doin' some good, old-fashioned stage magic.
And I was hoping you'd be my glamorous magician's assistant.
- Uh - I can lend you some fishnet stockings.
I mean, it's the least you can do, Sabrina.
- After Lupercalia.
- What does that mean? - Prudence, can you shut the hell up? - Hey, don't get mad at me.
I'm not the one who stabbed your familiar to death, then left you crippled with blue balls.
[CHUCKLES] Nick, did you tell people about what happened during Lupercalia? - Specifically the Weird Sisters? - About what happened with Amalia? And about what didn't happen with us.
No, I didn't tell them.
They are telepathic, remember.
How long did you actually date the Weird Sisters? A few months? I don't know, why? Well, and are you still seeing them, like, on the side? Witches are into free love and multiple partners.
No, Sabrina.
I'm seeing you and you alone.
What's goin' on here? I guess I'm wondering, if you lied to me about Amalia, what else are you maybe lying about? Not that you'd tell me, if you were lying.
[SCOFFS] Wow, Sabrina.
I did not figure you for the jealous type.
Oh, I'm not.
- Sabrina.
- Talk to Prudence.
Flirt with Prudence.
Heaven, flirt with all the Weird Sisters.
Or with the entire Academy, which you do, by the way, witches and warlocks alike.
You're an equal opportunity flirt.
And that's fine, Nick, but I'm going home.
- Sabrina, come on.
- Oh.
And sorry, but I don't think I can be your magician's assistant.
Being arm candy? It's not really my style.
See you at the show, though.
[WHISPERING AND LAUGHTER] [GIRL] Sh! Good evening, ladies and Ah.
Just ladies tonight.
Lucky me.
[LAUGHTER] For my first trick, I'll need the help of a brave, young [ALL] Oh! Oh! Agatha.
And the lovely Dorcas.
If you beautiful ladies wouldn't mind joining me on the stage.
Now I must ask one of you ladies to lay down in this box, so that we may proceed to saw your body in half.
Behold the astounding [GASPING AND SHRIEKING] [SCREAMING] Fooled you, didn't I? [APPLAUSE] For my next trick, I'll need the help of an even braver young lady.
[ALL] Oh! Oh! The incomparable Prudence Night, everybody! My dear Ms.
Night, have you ever traveled beyond the Astral Realm? I'm speaking of a dark and terrifying dimension, a shadowland even demons fear to tread, known to all witches as the Other Realm.
[GASPING] Will you dare to venture there? [CHUCKLES] Sure, why not? Sounds like a gas.
Nunc dissipati peribunt.
[SNAPS FINGERS] [APPLAUSE] Are you still with us, Prudence? Can you hear me? And tell us what you see beyond space and time? [PRUDENCE, ECHOING] Nick? Can Can you hear me? I can't I don't like this.
Bring me back now, please.
[AUDIENCE WHISPERING] [CLOSING DOORS] - Peribunt dissipati nunc.
- [SNAPS FINGERS] Uh [CHUCKLES] I'm sure she's just taking her time, sightseeing in the beautiful shadowland.
[PRUDENCE, ECHOING] Nick! I mean it! I don't like it here.
There's There's something in here with me! Nicky! Nicky, help me, please! Nicky! - Help me! - Somebody do something! Uh, call for Father Blackwood! Nick! Nick, do something.
Oh, calm down, Sabrina.
Have you never bi-located before? [LAUGHTER] Basic, much? A round of applause for Prudence Night, everybody.
All right, now.
For my last and final act, I'll need the help of the bravest lady - in the room.
- [ALL GASPING] [SIGHS] I'll do it.
Ah! Sabrina Spellman.
Spellman, have you ever felt true weightlessness? Have you ever fallen upwards, - into the clouds? - I [CHUCKLES] - I - It's all right.
You're gonna be fine.
You just need to trust me.
You do know that I would never do anything to hurt you, Sabrina? Ever.
You do believe that, don't you? Radices interficiam te de terra.
Behold the airy spirit, the enchantress, - the beautiful Sabrina Spellman! - [SABRINA LAUGHS] Oh! [ECHOING BREATH] Okay! Okay, Nick.
You can, uh You can bring me back down now.
[CLEARS THROAT] Uh, don't don't panic.
Give me a minute.
Nick! Nick, it's them! It's the Weird Sisters.
- They're doing this.
- [NICK] Uh - Just Just You hang on.
- Nick? - Uh You're gonna be fine, I promise.
- Nick, I'm still falling.
I know I've got the reversing spell somewhere.
- Nick! - Just hang on.
I - Nick! - Don't panic.
You're gonna be fine.
- I'm still falling! - Keep calm.
I've got this.
Hang on.
- [LAUGHTER] - I can fix this.
Just trust me.
You keep saying that.
Bring me down now.
And And And hold your breath.
Nick, hurry up! - Prudence, Dorcas, Agatha, why? - Nick, bring me down! - Why are you doing this? - [SABRINA] Why? - Prudence, stop! - You realize what altitude will do to her? That's not actually gonna happen, is it? I'm not gonna freeze to death in outer space.
We don't read the cards, child, the cards read us.
They whisper secret truths.
In this case, it's not the boy you need to fear.
Believe your trickster.
And him alone.
- Are you sure? - Oh, yes, you must.
You need not fear the dark path, as long as you trust the boy who walks it with you.
[THUNDERCLAP] Sabrina, I found the coolest thing, you have to come see it.
What, Nick? It's this book of Houdini's stage tricks.
Come on, trust me, you'll love it.
[CHUCKLES] [THUNDERCLAP] [BELL RINGS] What a curious young man.
Excuse me? You look like a boy with a burning question.
One that my Tarot cards can answer better than any book.
[THUNDER CRASHING] [THEO] So, how does this work? As you look into the cards, they look into you.
- - Like all brave young knights you're on a quest to find yourself.
To seek the grail that is just out of reach.
Uh Will I get there? [THUNDER ROLLING] I can change my name, I can buzz my hair, but I'll always look like this.
Better get used to it, Theo.
[WOMAN, ECHOING] Putnams don't settle, boy.
Aunt Dorothea.
But there's no doctor in Greendale who can help me, and even if there was, it's not like my dad and I could afford doing it.
But you know secrets.
You know there are witches, boy, who can help change things.
You mean the Spellmans? But what if I ask and and they say no? Then don't ask 'em.
Just take what you need.
[FROGS CROAKING] [DOOR OPENS] [GASPS] "Gendered spells of metamorphosis.
" Okay, I mixed all the ingredients together like the spell said.
Now what? [AUNT DOROTHEA] Now it's time, Theo.
Are you ready to become? How will I know if the spell worked? What if the Spellmans find out that I Sleep, Theo, and dream of the boy you'll become.
[ALARM CLOCK RINGS] [GASPING] [DEEP VOICE] Theo Putnam, you son of a bitch.
It worked! [LAUGHS] It really worked! [LAUGHING] Oh, wow.
Ah Ow! Theo! My man! You killed it out there.
[LAUGHS] Did you see those Bulldog clowns try to block Theo's three-pointers? Oh, unstoppable.
Dude's a beast.
C'mon, Theo, let's go grab some chow with the rest of the team.
Yeah, sounds good.
I'll, uh I'll catch up.
All right.
Spellman, are you home? I might have done something really dumb.
Oh, sweet Satan.
I broke in and stole one of your spells and tried to make a potion - to help me transition, and now I'm - Ohh Petrifying into wood.
Like poor little Pinocchio in reverse.
[THEO] Ow.
Ow! It can happen with plant-based spells.
Botanicals are tricky.
- Is there any way to stop it? - Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Well, yes and no.
[CHUCKLES] It's mostly no.
Well, it's just it's about choice, my love.
I mean, I can reverse the spell entirely, wiping out all the effects on the body.
[CHUCKLES] - [WHIMPERS] All of them? - Oh, okay.
Or, uh I can keep the spell's effects.
And, um and we'll just cut off your little infected arm.
What? It's It's Sophie's Choice.
[CHUCKLES] Um I I can't give up this body.
I won't give up this body.
[SIGHS] Are you sure about this? [HILDA] Okay.
So, have a nice little bite down on that.
Good boy.
And I'm gonna hold your hand, there we go, and we will have that arm off in no time! Chop-chop, as they say.
[CHUCKLES] Now Hold still for me, boy.
Hold it.
[GASPING] - [WHIMPERING] - Nice and still for me now.
There you go.
Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Give it a few days, you'll be up and about, good as new.
And best of all I'm still me.
- Yay! - [BOTH CHUCKLE] Okay.
Have little nap-naps.
Ooh! [TAPPING] [SCREAMS] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [GASPING] Is that my - Is that my future? - No, a warning.
My advice, don't steal.
And seek help early from others that can help you reach the prize you covet.
Well, erm, thanks, I guess.
Good hunting, my young friend.
[BELL RINGS] [SHOP BELL JINGLES] Just a bit further, Rosalind.
Watch your step.
You worry too much, Dad.
I can pretty much remember where everything is.
- Right.
- Mm-hm.
Hopefully, at this hour, there won't be a line at the bank.
I'll be five, ten minutes at the most, okay? they would be together [CLEARS THROAT] [SHOP BELL JINGLES] [HEAVY RAINFALL] [FOOTSTEPS] Hel Hello? [THUNDER ROLLING] Ms.
Spellman? [LAUGHS] No, she's in the back, I believe.
I'm Mrs.
McGarvey, passing through town.
May I join you? - Actually, my dad is - I'm reading Tarot cards today.
Would you like me to read yours? Er [CHUCKLES] I feel a bit foolish offering.
Since you already see so much yourself.
Not so much, not anymore.
Oh, but you do.
You are a very cunning young woman.
The cards tell me that you feel guilty about something.
Something that has not yet happened, but is about to.
McGarvey, I have a decision to make.
About an operation.
And it comes at a price.
And you are not sure it's worth the cost.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] [MAN] As I said before, Reverend Walker, the operation is difficult and expensive, and it's not always entirely successful.
It's okay if we can't afford it, Daddy.
Don't you worry about that, Rosalind.
All you need to do is say the word, and we'll make it happen.
But it needs to be your decision.
Well in that case, I would like to try it.
I can see all of you.
It worked.
It worked! [SIGHS] [SOBS] - You didn't all have to be here.
- Of course we did, Roz.
- [ALL LAUGHING] - [SIGHS] We wouldn't have missed it for anything.
Is everything okay? Everything's incredible.
I just, um It's dumb, but I just wanna look at you.
- I'm so happy for you, Roz.
- [LAUGHS] You deserve this.
And that doctor is a miracle worker.
There's only one miracle worker, and that's God Almighty, son.
Uh Yeah, yeah.
Of course, yeah.
And if you're gonna be thanking anyone, Rosalind, it should be our congregation.
For their prayers and donations they gave to us for your operation.
Don't forget about them.
I'm sorry about my dad.
About the way that he acted last night.
That's okay.
I mean, hey, it's me.
If anyone knows about awkward dad moments [BOTH LAUGH] Hey.
What's up? Talk to me.
[SIGHS] It's just I've struggled with my faith for a long time.
Not because I don't believe in God or the higher power, I do, I just - What? - I don't believe in my dad.
He got the church to pay for my operation.
Yeah, they raised money to help pay for it.
No, they just gave him the money because he asked for it.
Just the same way he asked for it when he needed a new car.
Or when he wanted to pay off our house.
He just asks for money for himself.
Only, this time, it was for me.
And I let him do it.
I took it.
It doesn't sound like you had a choice.
Of course I did.
I could've said no to the operation.
Even if that's true, I mean, you can see again.
That's a gift you can't give back.
So, maybe you try to pay it forward? I could maybe volunteer? [KNOCKING] [ROZ] Like, at a home for the blind.
Are you Audrey? [GIRL] Mm-hm.
Hey, Audrey, I am Rosalind Walker.
Did they tell you I'd be coming by to work with you today? They did.
Come in.
I'm just here to to get to know you, uh, and keep you company.
Or Or I could, um read to you, or we can just talk.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry, uh, I'm a little nervous.
It's my first time doing this.
It's my first time, too.
Are you new here? - They didn't tell me how long - Just a couple of weeks.
I'm so sorry.
Can I ask did it happen suddenly? Yes.
Very suddenly.
I I hope you don't mind me talking about this, but how did you go blind, Audrey? Well, don't you already know? [DISTORTED] You stole my eyes.
What? You stole my eyes.
What are you talking about? I I only just met you.
- Liar.
- I'm not lying.
[HISSES] Thief.
Look at me, Rosalind.
Look with your new eyes and see what you did to me.
Your father paid my father with the church's money and then they took them.
They took my eyes.
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
No! I'm sorry! - You give me back my eyes! [GASPING] That's That's not true, that's not that's not how it would happen.
The Tarot is just a mirror.
Calm yourself.
[CHUCKLES] Our fates are not fixed.
- You still have a choice to make.
- [THUNDER RUMBLES] [SHOP BELL JINGLES] Dad, I I've thought about it, and I don't want to take any money from the church to pay for my operation.
It's expensive.
- Without the church's help - I know.
But it's okay, it's okay.
And patience is a virtue, right? I can wait, Dad.
If that's what you really want.
It is.
[SIGHS] Okay.
[CHUCKLES] - [THUNDER ROLLING] - [SHOP BELL JINGLES] [DOOR CLOSES] [BELL RINGS] Zelda! Fancy seeing you here Spare me your curdled charm, Dr.
Where is my sister? [CHUCKLES] I'm here, Zelds.
Of course, you are, because you most certainly were not at home where Father Blackwood was waiting to taste the seven wedding cakes - you offered to bake.
- Okay, bugger, I've goofed.
[SIGHS] I swear, Hilda, it's like you're trying to sabotage my wedding.
[SIGHS] A little bit nervous, are we? - Hm.
- You know what I think would help? [SCOFFS] A new maid of dishonor? No, a little bit of fun, to unwind.
Now, lookit.
McGarvey here, she's doing Tarot card readings.
- That would be a little lark.
- You've got to be joking.
I sense a very powerful woman with a great and momentous event ahead of her.
You literally just heard me mention I was getting married.
[CHUCKLES] How very fitting.
Do go on.
Something stands between you and the altar.
An obstacle.
What kind of obstacle? Besides my sister's absent-mindedness.
A secret.
[THUNDER ROLLING] [HILDA LAUGHS] Holy Sis, you look gorge! Oh, my! I have goosebumps.
[GIGGLES] You are gonna be the Bride of Darkness.
Oh, if only Mum and Dad could see you now.
- No.
- Hm? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- This is all wrong.
- Oh, my [GASPS] - Blazes.
- Oh! Just Oh.
I'm glad I sewed that from scratch.
What is it, then? Is it your hem? - Is it your neckline? - The baby.
Wh-What? I can't marry Faustus, Hilda.
[SIGHS] Not until I've admitted the truth about what I did with baby Leticia.
That I spirited her away to be raised by Dezmelda.
I don't think it's a good idea to tell a groom you stole his baby.
[CHUCKLES] - It may enrage him.
- Mm.
But I can make him understand, I'm sure I can.
And after we're married, we'll we'll all be together.
A family, with no secrets between us.
Father, Mother, and twin babes.
- Sorry, I don't think it's a good idea.
- No, no, it's been decided.
I'll just go and fetch the babe.
Dezmelda! Leticia? It's Zelda Spellman.
Who the Heaven are you? I need to speak to Dezmelda at once! - Dezmelda.
- [CHUCKLES] 'Tis I, Zelda.
How could you possibly be Dezmelda? She's over four centuries old.
The Goddess of Youth blessed me.
After I consumed the sacred marrow of an infant witch.
You Wait.
[WOLF HOWLS] You ate the baby? You were supposed to take care of her.
And I did.
I ingested the babe and absorbed her youth.
Tell me, have you come to invite me to your wedding? What? Are you daft? After what you've done, are you suggesting I I wish to rejoin witch society, Zelda Spellman, and what better way than by attending a Black Wedding? Invite me, and I'll keep your treachery a secret.
Deny me, and I'll tell the High Priest what you did.
[CHAMBER MUSIC PLAYING] [IN UNISON] Congratulations, Sister Zelda.
Have either of you seen the High Priest? [IN UNISON] Not since the ceremony.
Excuse me.
Do enjoy yourselves.
Ambrose, I'm looking for my husband.
Have you seen him? Uh, try the office, Auntie Zee.
Faustus! No.
Stop! Stop! Zelda, dearest, where have you been? It's quite a party, isn't it? You can't do this, n not with her.
Certainly I can.
It's Satanic Law that on the day of his wedding, a warlock groom can snog as many women as he pleases.
- Yeah, fine, but not her! She's your [SHUDDERS] What you're doing is an abomination.
Oh, Daddy Blackwood, looks like your old hag of a wife is jealous.
[GUFFAWS] [BOTH LAUGHING] Please, Faustus, stop.
I beg you.
Give me one good reason I should.
[ECHOING LAUGHTER] [HEARTBEAT] What a filthy trick to play on a bride-to-be.
A filthy trick? [LAUGHS] But you got your answer, didn't you? Some secrets should remain secret.
Yes, perhaps that's true.
Uh You tell fortunes? [SCOFFS] Great.
Yeah, looks like me.
You hang between two futures.
One here at home, and one further away.
[RAIN PATTERING] Rhode Island.
Let's see what waits for you beyond the town of Greendale.
- Tell you what? - Don't even try it, Kinkle.
Roz saw.
Like, saw, saw.
Like, with her - With her cunning.
- You got a letter.
You got accepted to something.
[SIGHS] Look, I was gonna tell you.
I got into an arts colony - for the summer.
- Oh! - But if I go - You're going.
You are going.
I can't.
I don't wanna leave you.
Harvey, this is your dream.
And it's only for the summer.
Besides, Providence is only a train ride away.
[GASPS] Whoa.
Welcome to the Arkham Colony for the Arts, Harvey.
You must be Howard.
Is this all your art, man? It's unbelievable.
I, uh I like to draw horror stuff, too, actually.
I've been working non-stop for six, seven days.
I hope you don't mind, but I keep strange hours.
No, not at all.
I'm just gonna unpack now.
- [SCRIBBLING] And I serve.
The world will kneel before you.
- [GROWLING] - Enough of them wouldn't survive now - Howard? - And she wouldn't Who are you talking to? Shh! Go back to sleep, Harvey.
[WHOOSHING] What What is that? [CRUNCHING] My muses.
[GROWLING] They only come out at night.
[CREAKING] [ECHOING] Go back to sleep now.
[WHISPERING VOICES] [SCRIBBLING] [SIGHS] [GROWLING] Who said you could look at my work? Where did you see this? See it? I imagined it.
You didn't imagine it.
I know, because I've seen it, too.
What What are all these things? I I don't know.
They They come at night, they appear to me.
I can't sleep, so I paint them.
- Who comes to you? - Harbingers of the Void.
Old ones.
Demons, Gods.
So many of them whispering.
Ah And the colors they show me.
Uh, the the closet, it's some kind of window.
Uh, it's it's just one of many different hidden, uh, portals, pits, or, uh tunnels - that that that all lead to - Tunnels? Tunnels like like mines? Yeah, yeah.
There are mines where I'm from.
Where I've I've I've se I've seen things.
They're getting ready to do something.
To emerge, perhaps.
And And I thought that by painting them, that I - that I could trap them or - Or bind them.
Slow them down, at least.
You will dig deep to unearth your true calling.
- - [THUNDERCLAP] Here in Greendale.
Yeah, that that that makes sense.
Thank Thank you.
Many questions hang over you, my handsome friend.
Uh Not really.
I have exactly what I want.
Talent, good looks, a hot boyfriend.
He's gone.
He's away on important business.
- He's very well connected.
- But you're not.
Not yet, at least.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] All right, then, I will bite.
What do your cards see for Luke and I? The Hierophant.
[THUNDER ROLLING] Now, that is more like it.
MCGARVEY LAUGHS] [THUNDERCLAP] You may be aware of a private Brotherhood within the ranks of the Church of Night.
The Judas Society.
A select group of warlocks who serve me, who believe in the old ways.
Young Lucas is one of my finest boys, and he's long made a case for you, Ambrose.
But I demand absolute loyalty.
I can be trusted, Father.
Can you? Time will tell.
First, though, I require some assistance in the desecrated church.
Tonight, we forge your future, Ambrose.
With sacred and arcane metallurgy and alchemy, we shall craft a tool of immense power, one that will reveal your fundamental nature, even as it unlocks your fullest potential.
Come, Brother, let the great work begin.
Good, my boy.
Well done.
There are things you must understand.
If you are to stand with me and the Society, you must know the truth, and know it presently.
Tell me, Father.
I believe the damage Edward Spellman wrought to the Church of Night has been incalculable.
[THUNDERCLAP] [FATHER BLACKWOOD, ECHOING] You're weak, Brother! [ECHO] You're weak, Brother! For 75 years, you were imprisoned.
[ECHOING] Made soft by women.
Until I, and I alone, freed you.
[GRUNTS] Thank you, Father.
You must be a rock.
I can make you that way.
I can mold you in the Dark Lord's image.
What What are we making? But first, you must correct your family.
Correct my aunties? Mmm.
And especially your cousin Sabrina.
Until that happens, you will always be their prisoner.
But all is not lost.
For I am giving you the key to your cell.
[THUNDERCLAP] Has it told you what to do? Then put your house in order, my son.
[THUNDER CRASHING] [GROWLS] [THUNDER ROLLING] [CREAKING] [ZELDA] Ambr Ambrose, what What What on earth are you doing? - [SCREAMS] - [YOWLS] [CREAKING] [HILDA GASPING] What? [GASPS] Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Z Ambrose? - [THUNDERCLAP] - No! [SCREAMING] [THUNDERCLAP] [THUNDERCLAP] [SIGHS] Ambrose? Are you Are you okay? - [YELLS] - [SCREAMS] [CREAKING] Has the situation been corrected? [GASPS] [SHAKILY] Yes, Father.
You've proven your worth as a Son of Night.
Welcome, Ambrose Spellman, to the Judas Society.
[THUNDERCLAP] What did any of that have to do with Luke and I? Yes He wasn't even in any [GASPS] What is that card? I think in this case, perhaps not knowing the truth is better.
Show me that card.
Give it to me.
Thank you both so very much.
- Are you going? So soon? - Well, it it's stopped raining.
[LAUGHS] And I'm expected home.
Oh, well I haven't had my reading yet.
Next time.
- I'll start with you.
- Thank you.
[LAUGHS] Bless you.
What a lovely couple you make.
Warms an old woman's heart.
[SHOP BELL JINGLES] [INSECTS CHIRPING] What's on your mind, Spellman? Nick, are you my boyfriend? Well, I hope so.
In that case, I want you to do something for me.
I need you to stay away from the Weird Sisters.
Don't you trust me? I do trust you, Nick.
But I don't trust them.
So, will you do that? For me? Oh.
Do come in.
Forgive me, your Excellency, I didn't mean to You what? Spit it out, Brother.
You would never harm the Spellmans, would you? Or ask me to hurt them? Hurt them? Huh.
My boy, I'm marrying your Aunt Zelda.
I liberated you from house arrest.
Of course, you did.
Forgive this intrusion.
I Not at all.
In fact, there's some news I need to share with you.
It's about young Lucas.
We've lost him, I'm afraid.
Lost him? He died in service to the Dark Lord.
In service to me.
Luke was a true warlock.
A loyal soldier in an unholy war.
Will you honor him, his memory, by taking his place in the Judas Society? [DOOR OPENS] - [CAWS] - [SIGHING] - [CAWING] - Shut up, Stolas.
You've never been fooled by a glamour before.
[CAWING] Well, I have had a glorious day.
And productive, let me tell you.
I plumbed the depths of their tiny minds, plucking all sorts of juicy tidbits.
[CAWING] No, not only Sabrina's friends.
Her family, too.
Never hurts to have a sharpened blade handy.
In case someone makes a nuisance of themselves.
[INHALES DEEPLY] In the coming war, Stolas, no one can be trusted.
Well, the Dark Lord taught me that Himself.
And who knows? If the Apocalypse is upon us, even His plans might go awry.
In which case all Hell would break loose and it would be every woman for herself.
[CAWS] [FIRE ROARS] [MAN] Greg, move your head!