Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood

What's the meaning of this? Forgive us, Father, but we three shared a dream you must hear.
So you barge into my bedchamber? With the Anti-Pope's visit and your marriage to Zelda Spellman upon us, I feared delaying even a moment.
Speak, then.
What did you dream of? [SCREECHING SOUND.]
We saw an altar, a coffin, and much bloodshed.
Beware the Spellmans, Father.
The Spellmans will be the undoing of the Blackwoods.
Have no fear, girls.
The Spellmans are in my thrall and at my mercy.
Now go to bed.
And dream no more of blood.
Hm? Father.
After the wedding, will Zelda Spellman take your name? [SIGHS.]
Not this again.
Of course she will, Prudence.
And will Sabrina be a Blackwood? Never.
She has as little claim to the name as well, you.
Now go to bed.
Indeed, Stolas.
It is time to push our little half-breed further towards the Dark Lord's prophecy.
Quite right.
Just as Sabrina performed an exorcism and a resurrection in perversion of the Nazarene's miracle, she must now bring down the temple.
Why, the Church of Night, of course.
And I have got just the thing to set the bricks a-tumbling.
Oh, Stolas.
I do so love stirring the cauldron.
Mary? Oh, I thought I heard you talking to someone.
No, Adam, dearest.
It's just me.
Go back to bed.
I'll be in shortly.
This wedding will be the re-making of the Spellman family.
The Anti-Pope, the Unholy Papal himself, is traveling from Rome, the Vatican Necropolis, to marry Faustus and I.
What an honor the Dark Lord has bestowed on us.
In two days, I shall, forever more, be Mrs.
Zelda Spellman-Blackwood.
I only wish I could be there, see you down the aisle.
Oh, stop bleating, Hilda.
I told you, I'm going to speak to Faustus about lifting your excommunication.
After all, you have your duties as my maid of dishonor to carry out.
Otherwise, they fall to Sabrina, who's been unusually quiet these last few days.
- If you can't say anything nice - [HILDA.]
Hm? I mean, putting aside the fact that you clearly don't love Father Blackwood Love? [SCOFFS.]
You're 16, what do you know about love? But you don't even trust him.
Sabrina, in less than 48 hours, I will be the wife of the High Priest, whether you approve or not.
- You better run, you little prick.
- Ambrose! - Leave Salem alone.
- How many times - I will, as soon as he regurgitates Leviathan.
Salem didn't eat your familiar, Ambrose.
- Yeah, then where is he? - Probably in the walls with the other mice.
Don't you think you're really upset about Luke? It's normal, my love, to grieve for those you've lost.
I didn't get to say goodbye to him, Auntie.
And now, it's as if Luke simply ceased to exist.
Enough talk of death.
I'm getting married.
Only smiles this week.
I only said what we were all thinking.
Still, it's pretty cool that your aunt is getting married by the Anti-Pope.
I mean, most witches never even get to meet the Anti-Pope.
I'm afraid to even ask, but Okay, so, every coven has a High Priest, right? Well, above all of them is the Anti-Pope, who presides over the Witches' Council, deciding witch laws and witches' policy Oh, so he decides the rules I'm always breaking.
Essentially, yes, but the current Anti-Pope, Enoch, he was a big fan of your [NICK.]
Uh Sabrina? Nick.
Up there, look.
Who Who is that? I think that's the ghost of my father.
That's your - That's Edward Spellman? - Stay here, okay? Dad? How are you here? [ECHOING.]
I came to warn you.
About what? Faustus Blackwood.
He brought down the plane that killed your mother and I.
He murdered us, Sabrina.
You must stop Zelda from marrying him, or he'll do the same to her.
- Dad, wait.
- Protect my sister and avenge my death.
Finish the work that I started.
Before it's too late.
What do you mean, Dad, what work? My manifesto.
Wardwell And bring down the temple she shall.
Constance? [PRUDENCE.]
Sister Spellman? I came to ask a favor of you, Sister.
Oh, I've got so much to do before the wedding, Prudence.
I am the High Priest's daughter by blood, yet he denies me the Blackwood name.
I'm not sure what you expect me to do.
Entreat the High Priest on my behalf.
Ask him to give me what is mine by right of birth.
Sister, please.
When you needed help to spirit away Father Blackwood's newborn daughter, did I not give it readily? And have I not kept your secret faithfully? [SABRINA.]
Auntie? I'll speak to the High Priest, but no promises.
Hey, Prudence.
- What was she doing here? - Never you mind.
And I can tell from your expression.
What unnecessary drama are you cooking up now? As a matter of fact, Auntie, we do need to have a family meeting.
And then he told me that Father Blackwood was responsible for his and my mother's murder.
Edward told you this? My brother, who's been dead for 16 years.
- His ghost.
- Oh, spirits do love a witch wedding.
There is an awful lot of hauntings when someone's getting married.
There was an independent inquiry conducted by the Council when your parents died.
They concluded that the plane crash was the result of mechanical engine failure.
Nothing more than that.
It was a horrible, tragic accident.
Your ghost is ill-informed.
My father also told me that I was to finish his work.
He mentioned a manifesto.
Oh, yeah, Edward did have one of those, do you remember? I read an early draft.
Romantic musings about mortal-witch intermingling, nothing more.
Why are you dismissing everything I say, Aunt Zelda? I don't know, something to do with the fact you were sitting in a bar drinking absinthe in the middle of the day when you had this visitation.
Now, this conversation is closed.
And consider your bridesmaid's duties rescinded.
Zelda, stop it.
As for ghosts, the only specter I'm worried about is Constance Blackwood.
What do you mean? I saw her in the cemetery, wandering amongst the gravestones - with malicious intent, no doubt.
- Ooh.
Much like Sabrina.
Hilda, as my maid of dishonor, would you please handle it? Yes! [CHUCKLES.]
Ooh! Constance Blackwood, eh? I have not trapped a ghost for ages! So, no one is worried about what my dad's ghost told me? Not until I hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
Do send Edward my way if he appears to you again, won't you? And feel free to invite him to the wedding.
Sabrina, I think you might be right about Father Blackwood.
I had a horrible Tarot reading in which he ordered me to murder all of you.
- What? - And there's more.
Blackwood inducted me into a a club.
A secret society.
We meet tonight, ahead of the Anti-Pope's arrival.
Well, what kind of club? Warlocks only.
An elite group.
I don't really know.
Well, you have to find out.
We have to find out everything.
It's It's like the High Priest is preying on our family.
I mean, first, my mom and dad, if my father's ghost is to be believed, then you.
And now he wants to marry my Aunt Zelda? Too much is constellating around this wedding to be a coincidence.
What piece does the Anti-Pope play? [SIGHS.]
But I know someone who can help me put the pieces together.
I see.
And your father's ghost told you all of this? That Father Blackwood murdered him and your mother? Yes.
And he also mentioned a manifesto of some kind.
Well, I'll be damned.
Wardwell, you were his secretary, what do you remember about that time? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, I There was an inquiry immediately after the crash, the very definition of a whitewash.
You know who ordered it and reviewed its findings, of course? Father Blackwood.
But why would he kill my parents? Was it just so he could ascend to the office of High Priest? And what work did my father leave behind, unfinished? Your mother and father were bound for Rome.
More accurately, the Vatican Necropolis beneath Rome.
He was to meet with the Anti-Pope and deliver his manifesto.
A bold doctrine to reform the Church of Night.
But they never made it there.
They were killed.
Because of the manifesto? A traditionalist like Blackwood would do anything to stop Edward from presenting it to the Anti-Pope.
What was in the manifesto? You must have kept a copy.
No, there was only one.
And now, it's somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.
Where? I mean, uh where did the plane go down? Somewhere over the Devil's Triangle.
Wardwell, what if I could retrieve my father's manifesto, and get it in front of the Anti-Pope? Well, then your parents would not have died in vain.
Okay, well, I might not be able to stop my Aunt Zelda from marrying Father Blackwood, but maybe I can at least finish my father's life's work.
Brother Madchen next to Brother Lovecraft.
- And Brother Barker? - Ah.
Table ten.
Away from Brother Bierce.
And, um Sister Shirley Jackson? She seems to have ah, fallen Yes, it would appear so, wouldn't it? Quite right.
Shirley's a nag.
Faustus, I have a request.
My sister was, as you know, excommunicated.
She witnessed a Catholic baptism.
But Hilda has been atoning these last few months, and I believe she is ready to return to the Church of Night's embrace.
For your sake, Zelda, I will reverse your sister's excommunication.
I assume she'll be keeping you company the night before the wedding, as is customary? Should you be visited.
Ah At the risk of straining your mercy and generosity, I wonder if you would allow me one more appeal.
On behalf of your daughter, Prudence.
Who was that earlier? Hm? Oh, uh I was just helping one of my students.
Sabrina Spellman.
You've always been dedicated to your students, Mary.
It's one of the many, many things I love about you.
Let's do it.
Let's finally set a date and get married.
Married? [SIGHING.]
No, the water pressure won't crush him, Salem.
Nick says he can hold his breath for four minutes.
That's That's longer than Houdini, even.
Yes, I am well aware of how vast the ocean is, thank you.
- [MEOWS.]
- Twelve seconds to spare.
- Nick! - Hey, babe.
- Are you okay? Is that the manifesto? It is.
Had to fight off a giant squid for it, but anything for you.
Sabri Oh! Hm.
Erm Er It's just it's after dark, my love.
Er If you could just come and be bait for Lady Constance.
And you can put a shirt on! [INSECTS CHIRPING.]
Lavender blue, dilly-dilly Lavender green If I were queen, dilly-dilly I'd need a king [ECHOING.]
Zelda Spellman, the shame of you.
If you go through with this wedding, I will haunt you and your loved ones until the end of days.
No more threats, Lady Blackwood.
Poor spirits.
You're like moths, aren't you? Can't resist a lit candle and a bit of black lace, can you? Now, then.
I have this lovely tin box and it's filled with sanctified grave dirt.
That will hold you nice and tightly for all of eternity, Lady Blackwood.
Although, it shall not be comfortable.
Or you can tell us why you are so Hell-bent on hurting my sister.
Zelda Spellman killed me, stole my babies, and now she means to steal my husband.
That's simply not true.
Zelda did everything she could to try to save you.
Ask Prudence Night, she was there.
What put such nasty thoughts in your head? You and Zelda always got on.
Sister Jackson.
She loosened my grave and told me so.
Oh, Shirley.
She had it in for Zelda since day one.
Now she's gettin' a ghost to do her dirty work.
Never mind her now.
You must be exhausted, Lady Blackwood.
I I am so very tired.
Come on, then.
Sit yourself down.
It's time that you slept, my darling.
For good.
Somnum sempiternum.
And RIP.
We meet tonight in this place he loved so dearly, to pay tribute to our fallen brother Lucas Chalfant.
Hail Satan! Hail Lucas! Hail Satan! Hail Lucas! Tomorrow, upon the Anti-Pope's arrival, I will present His Most Unholiness with our New Testament, the tenets of which you already know - the Five Facets of Judas.
The Sons of Satan are the heirs of the Earth.
Take what thou wilt, as is your right, by fire, blood, or deceit.
Hail Satan! Two.
Mortals are the swine of the Earth.
We must not lay with them.
Hail Satan! Three.
The Sons of Satan are the swineherds of man.
Hail Satan! Four.
As Lilith served Satan, so must witches serve warlocks.
Hail Satan! And five.
Warlocks shall claim dominion in the Church of Night just as their Father rules over Hell.
Hail Satan! [SIGHS.]
Prepare yourselves for the morrow, boys.
And fear nothing.
- Dismissed.
Brother Ambrose, a word.
As you know, the Anti-Pope is journeying to Greendale, and will spend the night before my wedding at the Academy, in the residence.
I want you, personally, to guard His Unholiness during his visit.
Me, guard the Anti-Pope? Only the most loyal can be trusted.
That would have been Lucas.
Now, in his place, it is you.
I won't let you down, Your Excellency.
I've arranged it with Faustus, Hilda.
- Hm? - You're back in the Church of Night.
- [GASPS.]
- Just in time to fulfill your duties as maid of dishonor.
Oh! Ooh, I've already begun! Yeah.
I've sent Lady Blackwood's ghost back to whence it came.
Oh? Have you dispatched with her so quickly? [CHUCKLES.]
I did.
It turns out, she's not the real villain.
No, that is Sister Jackson.
Shirley? Again? Yeah.
I swear, I should've let her jump to her death when I had the chance.
No, don't you fret about it, because she and I are gonna have us some tea and biscuits and sort our differences once and for all.
I appreciate that, Hilda, but there's one more duty that falls to you.
The most important responsibility as maid of dishonor.
Tomorrow evening, before Faustus and I are wed, will you attend me? At least until the Dark Lord arrives? If He arrives? As you wish.
Do you Do you really think the Dark Lord's gonna visit? [CHUCKLES.]
I wouldn't presume to second-guess Him, but I must be ready for the possibility.
After all, it is our Dark Lord's divine right to visit any bride-to-be the night before her witch wedding and claim her for Himself.
I I will be there.
Whatever you need, sister.
It's my father's manifesto, Ambrose.
In it, he lists his five basic laws.
Prepare yourself, they're shocking.
As mortals are the God-spawn of the Earth, so witches are the Hell-spawn.
They share a common home and destiny.
" "Second.
Not only may witch-kind lay with, love with, and live amongst the mortals, it is their sacred prerogative.
" "Third.
As Lilith was the mother of demons, so all witches must be revered as the matriarchs of the Church of Night.
" "Fourth.
Magic is the Dark Lord's gift to witches.
It can and should be used for pleasure, for gain, and to satiate the senses.
" "And fifth.
Only the true union of mortals and their witch brethren will bring the Era of the Morningstar.
" Huh.
Bloody hell.
My parents were flying to meet with the Anti-Pope to present these tenets in the hopes of reforming the Church of Night.
We think Father Blackwood murdered them before they could do that.
Please say you believe me, Ambrose.
Uh I do.
And, Cousin, we're in the middle of an uncanny confluence.
Earlier tonight, at a meeting with the Judas Society, I heard, for the first time, Blackwood's tenets.
His is a a regressive and misogynistic reformation.
Back to the old, old ways.
And tomorrow, in a private audience with the Anti-Pope, he plans to present his manifesto to Our Unholiness.
Ambrose, we need to stop Blackwood.
As luck would have it, I will be stationed outside of Blackwood's office during the meeting.
Part of my duties as an official guard.
If I can get in there and present my father's doctrine as an alternative to Blackwood's, we could derail the High Priest's efforts to regress the Church of Night, and, Satan willing, the wedding itself! [WHISPERING.]
Your Most Unholy, you honor us.
Yes, I know.
Faustus, this must be your betrothed, Zelda.
Welcome, Father of Fathers.
Oh, my, she is sumptuous.
My, my, my.
Well, rise, Sister.
You please both Satan and myself.
Do take me inside.
This way, Pater.
Sister Zelda, did you speak with my father? I did.
Not good news.
He won't budge.
I'm sorry, Prudence.
I tried.
Thank you, Father.
And this is Nicholas Scratch, Your Eminence.
A very fine and promising warlock.
It pleases me, Faustus, to see such firm and potent youths among our dark ranks.
And who is this little bird? - Perhaps we should - Sabrina Spellman, Your Disgrace.
Spellman? Oh.
Your father was a great, learned High Priest and a terrifyingly skilled warlock.
Thank you, Your Unholiness.
Sadly, he perished before we could meet and discuss his philosophies.
But I've often wondered where they might have led us.
Hm? With your permission, Father of Fathers, my boys and I would like to give you a tour of the Academy.
This way.
Aren't you going to introduce me, Father? Yes, Faustus.
Who is this fine, supple witch? Oh, this is Prudence Night.
One of the gutter orphans the Academy fosters.
Come, Your Unholiness, let me show you the rest of our school.
Now then, Sister Jackson.
I wanted to talk about Zelda.
Oh, please help yourself to a biscuit or two.
What about your sister? Why did you conjure the ghost of Lady Blackwood to haunt her? Oh! - She's been haunted, has she? - Hm.
These are delicious.
What are they, almond? Mm.
Why do you hate her so? It's not only Zelda, it's your brother, Edward.
Well What What's he done? When we were all in the Academy together, he threw me over for that mortal tramp, Diana.
Then they died, which was right and just.
And I rose in the Church of Night's ranks.
But then Zelda comes in, she starts to teach, she catches the eye of the High Priest.
No, I won't have a Spellman ascend over me, sorry.
So, in actuality, you're a [CHUCKLES.]
selfish and petty and jealous bitch.
Poor Hilda.
Always standing in her sister's shadow, being put down by her, being killed by her.
Why don't we work together and make all her hair fall out? [BOTH GIGGLE.]
Oh, Shirley, Shirley So So, folks folks tend to get the wrong impression of me.
- They always think I'm meek and mild.
- Hm.
You know, always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
Story of my life.
And, oh, for sure, I mean, here I am, you know, playing Zelda's maid of dishonor.
But I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you a little tiny secret about me.
I love my sister.
But, yes, she slays me.
What are you gonna do? That's just family, you know? But as Satan is my witness if you hurt my family, there will be Heaven to pay.
Threatening me, Hilda? Oh! You should know.
Ever since Zelda put that earworm in my head, I've been wearing a protection that guards me against all magical attacks.
I I would assume nothing less, my love.
That's why you're eating those almond cookies.
'Cause almond hides the taste of cyanide, you know.
- [THUMP.]
- Oops.
That'll bruise.
Let me understand you, Faustus.
You're suggesting a summit.
A gathering of all the Churches of Darkness to review our universal laws? There hasn't been a referendum for over a century, Father of Fathers.
Though your predecessor, Edward Spellman, made the same request of me.
- Hm.
- There is wisdom in this notion.
But who, in your mind, would lead this summit? [FATHER BLACKWOOD.]
In addition to hosting the conference, I'd present my Judas Society's five tenets, outlined here, which would return all of the Churches of Darkness to our former glory.
Father Blackwood.
Father of Fathers.
Forgive me, Father Blackwood, there was no stopping her.
So, young Ms.
Spellman! It's wonderful that we should meet again.
With your face so fresh and pure.
It pleases me greatly.
What can we do for you, Sabrina? As I was getting ready for your visit, Your Unholiness, I was going through my late father's belongings and I found a copy of his manifesto that he was planning to give you.
Why would that be impossible, Father Blackwood? As you look toward the future of the Churches of Darkness, I thought you would appreciate my father's ideas and ideologies, given how fond you were of him.
Your Unholy Eminence, - forgive this girl's insolence.
- Please, Your Unholiness.
Will you read my father's words? I will retire to my chambers and consider both doctrines.
The Dark Lord will reveal which one, if any, will be worthy enough to put before the Council.
We don't have to discuss it, of course, but I thought you wanted us to get married.
I'm sure that was true, once, but you've been gone so long, and Well, I've I've changed inside.
I'm not the same woman anymore.
And have you really, ever, really thought, about what a marriage is? Oh, it's two people declaring their love for each other, for the world to celebrate.
It's a blessing.
For the man, perhaps, but if it really were a blessing, truly a desirable state, would we need to dress it up with lace, silk, and frill? Litter the bride's path with rose petals? No, but we do, because marriage is a walk down the primrose path towards a woman's destruction.
It's nothing less than the complete obliteration of a woman's personhood.
It takes everything from her.
Her body, her independence, even her soul, and gives nothing in return.
Nothing she'd want, at any rate.
Those are my true feelings about marriage.
So you see, it's quite impossible for me to imagine a scenario in which we're ever married, Adam.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm not.
The truth is, marriage doesn't matter to me.
The only thing that matters is you.
And if someone has hurt you Mary, in the past, or while I was gone, and that's why you're having these feelings, I promise, I'll never hurt you.
He was He He was cruel to me, Adam.
He was only ever cruel.
Spellman, you've gotta calm down.
My father charged me with putting a stop to Father Blackwood, Nick, and I'm failing him.
Look, you've done all you can.
Okay? We retrieved your father's manifesto from the bottom of the ocean and you delivered it right into the hands of the Anti-Pope himself.
He's probably reading it right now.
And by the morning, who knows? There might be some good news.
Are you sure about that? The one thing I am sure about, Sabrina, is that, for the next few hours at least, all we can do is sit tight.
I'm too wired to sleep.
Who said anything about sleeping? I mean, your aunts and Ambrose are at the Academy.
We're home alone, in this big house, - just the two of us.
Oh, you think you're so smooth, Nicholas Scratch.
Yeah? And what do you think? I think you're all right.
Just all right? Huh? [BOTH LAUGHING.]
No, my son, the Spellmans will not prove our undoing, as the Weird Sisters dreamt.
To that end, we cannot risk that His Unholiness might choose Edward's manifesto over our own.
Providentially, I have planned ahead, and contingencies are in place.
So sleep calmly, Judas, for tonight - [COOING.]
- there will be blood.
And tomorrow, there shall be glory.
Hail Satan.
Hail Judas.
I'll be right back, my love.
The Dark Lord.
The temple has yet to fall.
The mortal is a distraction.
Get rid of him, Lilith.
Of course.
You belong to me, and only me.
What the Heaven was that? That was my stomach.
It's been rumbling all night, sorry.
Any louder and you'll wake the Anti-Pope.
It's our funeral if that pervert does wake up.
- Huh? Uh - [GURGLING.]
Why, oh, why am I suddenly craving a cheese sandwich? What time is it, Hilda? Surely the Dark Lord would've come by now if He were coming.
There is nothing to be scared about tonight.
- I'm not scared in the least.
- I know! It is the greatest honor to be visited by the Dark Lord.
He only picks the most devout brides to christen on their wedding eve.
Then there's no more devout a witch than you, Zelda Spellman.
And He may not visit.
And that's okay, too.
Perhaps you're right, Hilda.
Perhaps the Dark Lord won't come.
He hath come for me.
I I'll just slip on out, then.
Zelda? Who's that screaming to wake the dead? - [SCREAMING.]
Dorcas? Dorcas? Dorcas? What's the meaning of this? He's dead! - Faustus? - Ambrose! Oh! Villains! You assassinated His Unholy Eminence! - No! No! Father, please! - Faustus! [ZELDA.]
Faustus! - No! Let him speak first! - Faustus! [GASPS.]
Lanucae magicae! Find the traitor! [ALL MUTTERING.]
I don't want to have to wait Just meet me at the gate - [GROANS.]
- [GASPS.]
Ambrose? What happened? - He's dead.
- Who's dead? I was guarding his chambers and there was blood.
Oh, dear Lucifer, the Anti-Pope is dead, and I don't remember how or why or who! [GASPS.]
It was It wasn't me.
You have to believe me.
No, no, no, of course.
You're not capable of such a thing.
Find the traitor! - [MAN.]
Find the traitor! - They're coming for me.
Blackwood and the Judas boys will murder me.
Nick, get Ambrose someplace safe.
Go, go now.
I'll stall as long as I can.
Where is he? Where is the murderer, Ambrose Spellman? Murderer? What are you talking about? - Sabrina, is he here? - What? No, I haven't seen him.
- Aunties, what's happened? - Search the house! Turn it upside down! Bring me the head of Ambrose Spellman! Where's the traitor? [INDISTINCT YELLING.]
You don't really think Ambrose killed the Anti-Pope, do you, Aunt Zee? He was covered in blood, dagger in hand, and when confronted, he spirited himself away.
Yes, because he thought Father Blackwood was gonna slaughter him.
Like he had the other boys.
Aunt Zelda, this is Ambrose.
Cousin Ambrose.
Our Ambrose.
The very same Ambrose who plotted to blow up the Vatican.
There is no trace of him.
Come, Zelda, we must return to the Academy.
Tomorrow will be all the more challenging.
Wait, you're not going through with the wedding, are you? The Church of Night needs strong leadership right now.
The hunt for Ambrose Spellman will continue and so, too, will our wedding.
But surely the circumstances It is Our Dark Lord's will, Zelda.
We shall wed, following the funeral of His Most Unholy Eminence.
A joint wedding and funeral? Hail Satan! Hail Judas! [ALL.]
Hail Satan! Hail Judas! Come back as often as you like, boys.
I adore men in uniforms.
But I told you before, Ambrose Spellman is not here.
Come on.
Let's go.
Search it.
You can come out now.
They're gone.
That is a nifty trick.
Hiding in your own portrait.
It's hell in there.
But Nick's a friend, so [CHUCKLES.]
Ambrose, you don't look well.
- I don't feel so - [GASPS.]
There, there.
- I - You're all right.
You're all right.
- I'll get you a drink.
You're all right, Ambrose.
Leviathan? Oh, dear Satan.
The damn mouse was never missing, he climbed inside me.
Why? To control you, perhaps.
Not all puppets wear their strings on the outside.
Leviathan was a gift from Father Blackwood.
Then I believe it was he who killed the Anti-Pope.
You, I'm surmising, were merely his instrument.
He loves his boys, Blackwood, until he doesn't.
What do you mean? Every warlock I've known to get close to Blackwood winds up dead.
- Luke.
- Luke? You think Father Blackwood murdered Luke? I think it's quite possible.
And now, you.
Except I'm not dead yet, Gray.
And I'm not about to roll over, either.
In fact I'm going to kill Father Blackwood.
For Luke.
For all that is unholy.
Nick, where's Ambrose? Someplace safe.
It's probably best if you don't know where.
Did Blackwood call off the wedding? No.
He's forcing it to happen.
Combining it with the Anti-Pope's funeral.
I'm so sorry, Sabrina.
You did everything you could.
Oh, I'm not giving up now.
There's no way I'm letting my parents' death go unavenged.
And I won't let my Aunt Zelda get caught up or crushed by that man either.
What's the plan? Hamlet.
Are we resurrecting him? In the play, Hamlet's uncle Claudius kills his father to marry his mother Gertrude.
To reveal Claudius as the villain, Hamlet puts on a play in front of Claudius that re-enacts the murder.
Did it work? No.
But Hamlet wasn't a warlock, and he didn't know about glamour spells.
- I think I'm following you.
- It's our last chance, Nick.
A Hail Malphas pass to expose the High Priest, clear Ambrose's name, and stop my Aunt Zelda's wedding.
Patricide, Prudence? Patricide! For why, child? If I don't get to be a Blackwood, then neither should you be one.
Last night, I realized you'd stop at nothing to claim what you think is yours.
Your ambition knows no bounds.
And that is how I know you are, at heart, a Blackwood.
Go and dress for the ceremony and look your best.
I'll need family by my side at the Unholy Altar today.
Henceforth, you shall be known to all as Prudence Blackwood.
Witches, warlocks, let us mourn Enoch of Antioch, our Father of Fathers.
I loved His Eminence, but I love the Church of Night more.
And so, we must turn our thoughts to gladder subjects.
As His Unholy Eminence is no longer able to perform the marriage rite, I shall conduct my own marriage to Sister Zelda Spellman.
In the name of Satan, I call forth the demons who rule marriage and lust.
Astaroth, Furfur, Hathor, and Ishtar.
Saleous, Uvall, and Vassage.
Be here and forge this union like fire forges the blade.
Demons of the deep, accept this gift of blood.
My bride and I will fortify our physical bodies with the blood of this sacrificed being.
The hand of my bride will now be sheathed with mine under the skin of a mortal.
Now, Sister Zelda, in the name of Satan, you shall respect me, obey me, and submit to me.
As Lilith served Satan, so will you serve me.
You will forsake all others, lift me up, and exalt me for all eternity.
And now, by the unholy power invested in me [EDWARD.]
Murderer! - Edward? - Impossible.
It is I, Edward Spellman, returned.
And I, Diana Spellman, returned.
I accuse Faustus Blackwood, who brought down the plane that took our lives.
- [DIANA.]
Murderer! - [EDWARD.]
I accuse Faustus Blackwood, who killed the Anti-Pope while he slept under the very same roof.
Murderer! Confess, Blackwood, or face my wrath! [CONGREGATION MURMURING.]
Your wrath Indeed.
You forget, girl, I knew your father.
And whatever the circumstances, Edward Spellman would never disrespect our ceremonies and traditions as you do.
And so, this petty trickery comes to an end.
Detegant istos ostenderet falsa! - [WHOOSHING.]
- [GASPS.]
Seize them! Not a step closer, boys.
I am Sabrina Spellman.
I shall speak, and I shall be heard.
You, Faustus Blackwood, are a fraud.
Sabrina, what are you saying? I'm sorry, Auntie, but it's true.
He killed my father and mother, and I believe he killed the Anti-Pope too.
- And why would I have done that? Because you were afraid His Eminence wouldn't approve your repugnant, misogynistic reformations.
Which you haven't even read, have you? Hm? Let it be known there is no proof to any of this.
Yet your very own cousin was covered in His Eminence's blood.
Ambrose Spellman is innocent! Die, Blackwood! Die! Prohibere! - [GASPS.]
- [YELLS.]
Blackwood! [YELLING.]
Adam diaboli muniat oculos.
But if I don't protect the mortal, Stolas, I won't get to play with him any longer.
- And I have grown rather fond of him.
- [CAWS.]
Oh, relax.
What the Dark Lord doesn't know won't hurt Him.
- Oh.
It's getting rather brisk out there tonight.
What is it, Mary? I'd like you to wear this ring.
But you must never, ever take it off.
Of course.
But, Mary, what does this mean? It means we're setting a date.
- But only if you swear to me - [RINGING SOUND.]
you'll never take it off.
- I won't.
- If you do - Not ever.
- [GASPS.]
- I love you, Mary.
- You ruined my wedding day, Sabrina.
- Aunt Zelda A day of greatness for the Spellman family shall now, instead, go down in infamy.
Where's Ambrose, Aunt Zee? Your cousin has been thrown in the Witch's Cell for his treasonous crimes.
- No.
- What about Sabrina? She and Nicholas have been expelled from the Academy of Unseen Arts.
And they deserve it.
It was all I could do to persuade Faustus not to lock you in the dungeon, too.
- Well, at least I stopped your wedding.
- Oh! [SCOFFS.]
Stopped it? [LAUGHS.]
Sabrina, Faustus and I were just married in his office.
Lady Blackwood and I will convey the Anti-Pope's body to its final resting place in the Necropolis beneath the Vatican, and thereafter honeymoon in Rome.
Prudence, I trust you will uphold the highest standards of this Academy, and our family name, in my absence.
You can rely on me, Father.
You forget yourself, my dear.
A wife walks behind her husband.
Greg, move your head!