Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where did I come from?" - "Why am I here?" - Please, I'm begging you.
Let me go.
You don't have to do this.
Tell me, Brother Chalfant.
Do you know how your namesake Luke the Apostle died? - No.
- Luke the Evangelist? He was martyred.
- He was hung upside down - No! - from an olive tree.
- No, please.
Please - Please, no.
- To be clear, I don't wanna hurt you.
I wanna save you.
Well your soul, at least.
I don't know anything about the witches in Greendale.
I don't.
That is a lie.
Ah Your coven is the Church of Night.
Your High Priest is Faustus Blackwood.
You've been on a mission for him, and we, the Order of the Innocents, have been following you, Luke.
So no more lies.
Give me the names of your fellow witches, tell me where they gather, and I will save your soul.
All right, all right, all right! There is a coven, yes.
They meet in the woods.
At a school.
An academy.
Other places.
You'll provide me a list, of course.
Imagine, an entire academy of witches to evangelize.
You'll You'll never get in there, though.
Only the hand of an initiated coven member can open the school's doors.
How fortunate, then, that you've brought me two.
No! No! No, no! Aaah! Ow! Ugh.
Silly Sabrina.
Did you burn your hand? As long as you're expelled, there's no getting through these doors for you.
Uh, Prudence, it's been days since Father Blackwood threw Ambrose in jail and left on his honeymoon.
I demand to see my cousin.
You demand.
No, no.
You're in no position to demand anything.
Your traitorous cousin assassinated the Anti-Pope.
That's bull, and you know it.
And then he nearly murdered my father in front of the entire coven.
Ambrose isn't a murderer.
And if I could just talk to him, even for a few minutes, I'm sure he could explain.
My father gave me strict orders.
Prudence, please, I'm begging you.
I mean, we're friends.
Friends? Is that what you think that we are? The only occasions you deign to speak to me or my sisters is when you need something from us.
Except for the time I saved your life.
Oh, during the Feast of Feasts? You did that for you, not for me.
The truth is, we were never friends, Sabrina.
We tolerated each other because decorum and the Dark Lord required it.
So run along.
And trust that my sisters and I are taking extremely good care of the prisoner.
Excuse me, Miss? Quentin! I heard you talking about Master Ambrose.
Have you seen him? He's in the Witch's Cell.
And, Miss, I heard the Weird Sisters plotting.
They're going to torture him.
Imprisonment's bad enough, but torture? - Aunt Hilda, we have to do something.
- Yeah, um God, Zelda normally knows what to do in these situations, and I have been trying to get ahold of her for a few days.
But reception's spotty in the Necropolis.
What about using a witch-board? I was using a witch-board.
What'd you think I meant, a cell phone? Oh.
Well, then, it's up to us.
I'd like to lodge a formal complaint.
With whom? Uh Who's the witch equivalent - of Amnesty International? - The Council? Well, they need to know that while the High Priest is on vacation, the witches he left in charge of the Academy are torturing other witches.
All right, yes.
Oh, this is breaking witch protocol six ways to Sunday.
But we will do it.
Where do we go to see the Council? We have to summon them here.
The Well, the Trivium, they're the gatekeepers.
Oh, Satan below, what those three monstresses must be doing to that sweet boy.
Dear Ambrose, prison life agrees with you.
If I'm going to die here, I might as well leave a good-looking corpse.
Gruel? Again? Might I not put in a request for something a little more succulent? Get away from my sister, you treacherous scum.
And Dorcas, desperation isn't a good look for you.
Even Melvin's better than this Spellman.
This Spellman was good enough for you not too long ago, Prudence.
We all make mistakes, don't we? But I'm a Blackwood now.
And you're a traitor.
I have never betrayed a witch in my life.
I've been charged with obtaining a signed confession from you.
And you'll rot in this cell until you give it to me.
I was under house arrest for 75 years.
It will take more than the gibbering ghosts and skittering ghouls of this Witch's Cell to break me, Prudence.
He's all yours.
You'll make friends, won't you? We raise our pleas to Lucifer.
The wheels of justice grind too slowly.
Our judge, jury, executioner Convene the Trivium Unholy! You dare summon us? We apologize, your Dishonors, but we had no choice.
My cousin is being incarcerated at the Academy without trial, and we wanted to appeal to the Council on his behalf.
After consultation with the Right Reverend Blackwood, we have determined that there will be no trial.
What? Father Blackwood can't just decree these things.
Ambrose Spellman will be executed like the scoundrel that he is on the day Father Blackwood returns home from the Necropolis.
No, my cousin is innocent! False! His acts were witnessed by the entire coven.
Do not summon us again, or you will be held in contempt.
You look like the cat who ate the canary.
Call in sick, Mary.
Spend the day with me.
I have responsibilities as principal, Adam, so You're underappreciated at that school of yours.
Well, that's more true than you know.
I have been giving that girl that school my all for some time now.
And the rewards have been less than I expected.
Then take something for yourself, Mary, for us, just this once.
It's a day.
All right.
But I'll have to make arrangements at Baxter High, and then I'll be all yours for the rest of the day.
Where's Nick through all of this? Drowning his sorrows at Dorian's.
When the going gets tough Aunt Zelda should be here.
Ambrose should be here, not rotting in a cell, - waiting for his death day.
- No one is laying a finger on that boy.
We will break him out of there before that happens.
Well, I can't even get into the Academy because I'm expelled.
And even if I could, it's not like Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha would let me anywhere near Ambrose.
I am not expelled.
I'm no longer excommunicated.
And I know what food in the Academy tastes like.
I bet with this, er, roast chicken, I could bribe my way in to visit Ambrose.
- If anyone can, it's you, Aunt Hilda.
- So, what about you, my love? I don't like to think of you here on your own, twiddling your thumbs.
I am going to Baxter High to talk to Ms.
Maybe she knows a loophole that can help with Ambrose.
It'll be good to see your mortal friends again, my love.
No matter what happens in the witch world, I can always rely on them.
She's going to see little Harvey.
In 13th-century Europe, thousands of children set out on a holy crusade to win hearts and minds, and reclaim their holy city.
As the children paraded through Europe, they offered each soul the same choice.
Pledge your faith and and join the mission, or burn in the fires of Hell.
Hey, Theo.
- Sabrina.
- It's been a while.
I know.
I've missed you guys.
Hey, where's Roz? Is she sick? Or I gotta get to gym class.
See you guys later.
Theo, what's, uh what's goin' on? It It's been hard.
Roz has just been going through a brutal time.
Roz, I'm so sorry.
Theo just told me.
I I had no idea.
Why didn't you tell me? Honestly, you weren't here.
It's as simple as that.
Why are they keeping you in the library, alone? - It's just easier this way.
- No.
I won't accept that.
- I'm gonna go talk to Ms.
- No.
'Brina, wait.
'Brina! Ms.
Wardwell, we need to talk.
Oh, Sabrina, shouldn't you be at the Academy? I'm not really welcome there anymore.
Well, I'm sure it'll work itself out.
In the meantime, I'm on my way to take a personal day.
Oh, wait, Ms.
What about Roz? Oh, poor Roz.
She's so angry at the world, at the unfairness of it all.
- But can you blame her? - Maybe she's angry because she's in the library, by herself, isolated.
She ought to be allowed in normal classes.
Studying in the library was Ms.
Walker's choice.
I just wanna help Roz.
Why don't you make and give her a comfort charm? You know, if you really wanna help her, why don't you restore her sight? I think there is a spell in here.
Circa page 70, I believe.
I must be off.
- Sabrina, what is that? - It's a comfort charm for Roz.
I just made it.
You can keep it in your bag or in your pocket Is that supposed to comfort me or comfort you? Why don't you want - to be with everyone else? - Why? So that when I spontaneously burst into tears or scream, everyone thinks, "Oh, great, now the blind girl's going crazy"? Is that Is that really what's been happening? You've been gone for a while, Sabrina.
It's been challenging.
Not all of us can just leave whenever we want and come back whenever we want.
No, I know.
I know.
I can't even imagine.
There's something else I could do.
There's a spell.
No way.
I can fix this.
I can make you see again.
Here we go again.
You're gonna fix Roz? Like you fixed my brother, maybe? This spell isn't as complicated, and I'm more in control now.
Sabrina, no.
Harvey, this isn't your decision.
It's Roz's.
I'm with Harvey.
Witches don't cure people.
- They curse people.
- Roz? My Nana said not all witches are evil.
She's right.
I'm not evil, Roz.
But witches cursed the Walker women with blindness.
That's evil.
That's only evil.
And why is it that right after I kiss your ex-boyfriend, I go blind all at once? Roz, I know you're upset, but if you think for a second that I did this to you Sabrina, did you? How could you think that? How could either of you think that? I'm afraid you've wasted your time, Sister Spellman.
- Oh? - I can't let you in to see Ambrose, not even to give him a chicken as delicious-smelling as that one.
Thank you.
Erm, but actually, Prudence, my love, I I didn't cook this plump chicken for Ambrose.
I cooked it for you and your lovely sisters, who I'm sure are around here somewhere, in exchange for visiting Ambrose.
My father forbids it.
I'm the only mum the boy's ever known.
You know what, Prudence? You wanna torment him? I have a tip.
Go and eat the chicken while I visit him, and then, I don't know lick the bones clean and toss 'em at him, I, er That'll break his spirit.
So, what do you say? Please, Prudence? Guys, should we sneak off campus for lunch? - And, uh where's Sabrina? - She left.
- Again.
- What? Why? We couldn't trust her, Theo.
Theo, witches cursed my family, and what if she made me blind? Guys, she's our friend, our good friend.
And she's a good person.
- Name one good thing she's done.
- She saved the town! - From witches! - She got me on the basketball team.
I couldn't make a single shot before, but During try-outs, I saw her, in the bleachers, muttering spells.
And I made every single shot.
But how about the fact that she fixed it so your father would stop drinking? Even though you were broken up.
I I mean, how is that not a good thing? - Here you are, Sister Spellman.
- Ambrose? Ten minutes, Spellmans, and I'll be right outside this door.
Let's sit down.
Oh! Oh, Ambrose.
How are you doing, dearest? I've seen better days.
But they are treating me well.
- Justly.
- Okay.
Especially considering the horrible things I have done.
There you are, Sister Spellman.
Oh, Ambrose.
Aunt Hilda.
Is that really you? Ten minutes, Spellmans, and I'll be right outside this door.
You, poor, poor thing.
You look dreadful.
I think death would be much better than this living Hell.
Tell them the truth.
Tell them you're guilty.
Tell them what you did.
When Aunt Zelda and the High Priest return - Yes? - I will admit my guilt and beg for their mercy.
In the meantime, do not give me or my plight another thought.
Ambrose, they have no mercy to give, and you you have no guilt to admit.
Well, that's not the case, Auntie.
You see, I did murder the Anti-Pope.
You must put this right.
You must admit you killed the Anti-Pope.
I I didn't.
I didn't! Sign the confession.
Put this nightmare at an end.
You know, er last winter, when we threw that party to celebrate - the passing of dear old Vinegar Tom? - Mm.
- I think of it often.
- Oh.
That's funny.
'Cause Vinegar Tom died in 1989.
The day the Berlin Wall fell.
So, who are you? Because I know as sure as Heaven, you ain't Ambrose.
A glamour, Agatha? What kind of a fool do you think I am? I will confess, if that's what you truly advise, Auntie Hilda.
- Yes.
- But might I ask something? Of course.
What's your favorite episode of Fawlty Towers? Well uh Well, I love them all.
Trick question! Hm? You hate Fawlty Towers.
So, now who are you? Because sure as Heaven, you are not my auntie.
You're gonna die in this cell, Spellman.
Hope it was worth it.
Nicky, darling.
You're looking a little worse for the wear.
Do you know how much bourbon it takes to get me drunk? A little early for it, Nick, wouldn't you say? It's the witching hour somewhere.
And I'm allowed to grieve, Sabrina, I was expelled.
I thought we could commiserate together.
It's not the same for you.
I only had the Academy.
It was my home.
But you you can always run back to your mortal friends at your mortal school, into the arms of your mortal boyfriend.
Not anymore.
But you tried to, didn't you? If I had a mother, she might've warned me.
"That's what you get, Nicholas, - falling for a " - A half-breed? I should go home.
We can talk more once you've dried up.
It's so good to be away from that dreary little town.
You've always been devoted to Greendale, Mary.
Have I? Well, perhaps I've grown beyond it.
If that's true, maybe you'd consider coming to Tibet with me.
What? I said I'm done traveling, yes, but Physicians Without Frontiers called.
There's a posting in Tibet, if I want it.
But I wouldn't consider taking it if if you don't come with me.
- Adam.
- Mary.
I wanna show you the world.
I will consider it and have an answer for you tonight.
Make a wish.
Your aunt is an amazing chef, Spellman.
What was that, you gorgons? Roast chicken.
With rosemary and thyme.
You can suck on the bones while you contemplate your fate in the abyss should you not make your confession.
Hi! How are you today? - Fine.
Can I help you? - I'm a missionary for my church.
I go door to door preaching the teachings of Our Lord and how they can bless our lives.
- Would you be interested in hearing more? - Uh - We already have a faith.
- Okay.
Fair enough.
Any chance for a glass of water before I go? Sure.
Do you really get many, um converts, going door to door? Uh, you'd be surprised.
The Word of the Almighty can hold a lot of appeal to people.
As long as they're open to it.
- I'm Jerry, by the way.
- Oh, Sabrina.
Thank you.
It's a thirsty business, doing the Lord's work.
What religion do you practice, if you don't mind me asking? Um It's more spiritual, really.
Personal to my family.
Does it comfort you? To be honest sometimes it scares me.
What about it? That at its core, it's - What's at the heart of your religion? - Forgiveness and salvation.
Who couldn't use more of those things in their lives? But aren't some people beyond saving? Not in my book.
No matter what choices they've made.
The Crusades of 1212 were said to have begun in two different countries.
The Hold on, I have to change the tape.
I can do it.
No, no, it's okay, I should practice.
Roz? Roz, are you okay? What's going on? Harvey, get me the phone.
But if you dedicate your entire life to something most people think is wrong or evil you can't just wash that away.
A hundred percent, you can.
You just have to ask for forgiveness.
If only it were that easy.
Sabrina, that is exactly what I am saying.
It is.
Just a sec.
- Spellman Sisters Mortuary.
- Sabrina.
Is someone in the house with you? Like, a missionary? Uh, yeah, why? The cunning showed me he wants to kill you! You need to get out of your house right now! Wait! Evanescet.
This is a travesty of justice.
We pray to Satan that the Weird Sisters are as malicious as I think they are.
I'm confused.
You want them to throw the bones at your nephew? Well, how else is he gonna make a skeleton key and escape? You're brilliant, Hilda.
Thank you very much.
Welcome to Cerberus, how can I help you? - Hilda Spellman? - Yes? What can I do for you, my love? Repent.
And beg the Almighty for His forgiveness.
Oh, we don't accept solicitations.
Then you and the rest of your witch-kind can burn in Hell.
Hilda, what are you No! What are you doing? - Setting your incubus free.
- Hm! Be a good little demon and go deal with the witch-hunter.
Another one.
Are you sure, Nicky? You're too young to be a sad old drunk.
I'll drink myself to death if I want to.
What have I got to live for, anyways? Dorian? Dorian? Normally, I like to give your kind a chance to repent, but Dorian Gray's far too dangerous a warlock for that.
You, on the other hand, here's your chance.
Ianuae magicae.
Too drunk to teleport? That makes my job easier.
You can't hide from God.
Come out and repent.
You shot me.
You bitch.
- I put an arrow through your neck.
- Yes, this one.
You see I have a very peculiar invulnerability which makes me insanely difficult to harm.
Well done, Dorian.
Ah, but don't kill him.
At least not until he tells us everything.
Oh, no.
Aunt Hilda? Aunt Hilda? - Yeah.
- Auntie, you're okay? Yeah.
Absolutely fine.
Just cleaning up some spilled milk from a surprise visit from a witch-hunter, - would you believe? - Oh, I can.
Did you kill him? Er, her.
And nope.
Oh, but we did chase her out the store.
Well, he did.
- Uh, how? - Well, your Aunt Hilda kissed me and then, uh she took off the steel that keeps my incubus in check.
- Then I went berserk.
- Mm.
He's like the Incredible Hulk without that chain on.
Scared her right off, didn't you? A witch-hunter attacked me, too.
A male hunter, which means that there are two of them.
Well, there were three.
- They call themselves the Innocents.
- Oh, Nick.
The one who stormed Dorian's is now trapped in one of his paintings.
Sorry, Sabrina.
I was a dick before, but believe me, I'm sobering up fast.
What do they want, do you know? To kill all the witches in Greendale.
According to the hunter we subdued, their plan was to start with the outliers.
You, your aunt, the crew at Dorian's.
And then converge at the Academy.
They'll all be sitting ducks.
We have to warn them.
We're expelled.
We're not getting into that school, not without a Hand of Glory.
Ooh, you can take your pick at the botanical room at home.
I mean, I have half a dozen, at least.
Okay? You are a man of many talents, Adam.
This roast is delicious.
I promised you deliciousness, once upon a time.
I can't wait to see what's for dessert.
Dessert is your reward for saying yes to Tibet.
I haven't said yes yet.
But you are going to.
I am.
How did that get in there? Did you really think you could deceive me, Lilith? Our bond is eternal.
Our bond is unbreakable.
There is no escape to Tibet or anywhere else.
Now, clean your plate of the mortal.
Tonight, class, we are collecting our energies to enact a spell of compulsion.
Ambrose Spellman is a murderer.
- He needs to confess.
- And we're going to help him.
Join hands.
Close your eyes, and concentrate with us.
- Confess.
- I, Ambrose Spellman, - am a traitor to the Church of Night.
- Confess.
- I did willingly and knowingly - Confess.
take up arms against the Anti-Pope, - and murdered him in his bed.
- Confess.
- Confess.
- Thank you, Aunt Hilda.
Confess Confess.
Where are you goin', friend? Witch-hunters! - That was our prisoner.
- Prudence, what do we do? My father charged me with protecting this Academy, that's what we're going to do.
Scatter and hide, all of you! Where are they? Nearby.
Witches! Warlocks! Come out of the shadows.
Come, that you may stand and be judged for your sins.
No need to yell.
We're here.
And you should not have come to this place, hunters.
Ardrelamastro, martarastar, frocus! That pain in your head is your brain atomizing into sand.
The heaviness in your chest is your lungs hardening.
And your hearts turning to stone.
I want you to remember who did this to you.
We are no ordinary witches.
We are the daughters of the Church of Night.
We are the Weird Sisters.
The Three-in-One.
And this school is under our protection.
Ardrelamastro, martarastar, frocus! Heavenly choir of the Nine Principalities, govern us in soul and body.
Give us strength in battle to command dominion over the heretic witches.
We are no ordinary witch-hunters.
We are divine.
We are angels.
Ah! There we go! All right.
Ooooh, that's pungent, isn't it? Wow.
Give me that.
That should open the door and get us into the Academy.
Okay, great, let's go.
Sabrina! Sabrina! - Sabrina! - Harvey.
Oh! You're okay.
Well, yeah, I'm fine, but what are you doing here? Sabrina, someone was trying to kill you.
How could I not come? How'd you know? I was with Roz when she had her vision.
I rushed over to make sure you were okay.
I'm so sorry for what I said and how I acted.
Roz and I both are.
It was shitty.
It's just Roz has been hurting, and I don't how to help her.
It's fine, Harvey, truly, but we have to go.
Witch-hunters are attacking the Academy.
Witch-hunters are attacking your other school? Yeah, we better hurry.
- I wanna come too, to help.
- Oh No way, witch-hunter.
No, uh Nick's right, Harvey.
It's too dangerous.
And we don't need any more witch-hunters.
I told you the night of the Greendale Thirteen.
I'm done being a coward.
- If there are people - Witches Whatever, in trouble, you're gonna need as much help as possible.
Oh, for Satan's sake, let him help.
He just wants to put things right.
We don't know how many witch-hunters there are, do we? So the more the merrier.
Come on, sweet Harvey.
Let's go.
I'll catch you up on the way, my love.
Oh Oh, I don't understand.
I don't understand how How did this How did the Dark Lord How did the Dark Lord discover us? The ring The ring must The ring should've hidden Adam.
I don't under It was you, wasn't it, Stolas? You ungrateful stool pigeon.
You've been reporting back to the Dark Lord ever since He brought you back to life.
Haven't you? No! But the Dark Lord doesn't know all.
He's not omniscient and He's not omnipotent.
Which means He won't see what's coming next.
He took away the one thing I loved.
Now I'll do the same to Him.
Baphomet! What unspeakable thing could have done this? Are we too late? Prudence? Agatha? Dorcas? Where is everyone? Ambrose! Ambrose! Ambrose! - Oh! - Thanks for the chicken - Aun - Okay - Auntie - He's losing a lot of blood.
Oh, yeah.
This is gonna hurt a tiny bit.
Okay? Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Rivers must flow that blood may not Blood be bound, and blood be clot Ambrose, where is everyone? Two angels took them.
Angels? Aren't angels supposed to be nice? Have you ever actually read the Bible, mortal? Angels are the ones with fiery swords.
Took them where, Ambrose, do you know? I do, Miss.
Oh! Quentin, what happened? The angels, they tried to take me and the other ghost children to Heaven, but we ran and hid.
Did he say ghost children? So where did the angels take the witches, darling? 'Cause we need to help them.
Okay, okay, sorry.
Our desecrated church.
Our desecr Why would they go there? To convert them, probably.
That's what they do.
Convert and then kill.
They call it cleansing.
- Let's go, then.
- No, you can't, Miss.
They found the church from us.
Sealed it with holy water and reconsecrated it.
No witches can get in or out.
Well, Quentin, it's not safe for you and the other ghost children here.
Go back to your graveyard and hide, okay? Yes, Miss.
Did he just disappear? Sabrina, I'm gonna have to tend to Ambrose's wounds, so He's losing buckets of blood.
- Do that, Auntie.
- Where's the church? I'm not a witch, so I I can get in, right? A mortal against avenging angels? You can't look at them without your heart exploding.
I can go in there.
I was baptized with holy water, remember? I can enter a church even if it's been reconsecrated.
It's the only play we have here.
You're not seriously gonna let her go alone, are you? It's a suicide mission.
You don't seriously think I tell her what to do, do you? Nick, Harvey.
Whatever happens in there, help my Aunt Hilda with Ambrose.
You were born of the darkest sin against God! The stain of Lucifer blackens your soul.
I am talking about evil.
But take heart.
God will forgive your original sin, as long as you vow to accept Him as your one true savior.
And your bodies are then consumed and purified by the fire of righteousness.
Search your heart, witch.
Who is your true savior? The Dark Lord.
Recite with me and be reborn in God's love.
No, never.
As you wish.
It's your turn, warlock.
Say it.
"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High " I'll I I'll try.
He that dwelleth That's a good boy.
"In the secret place of the Most High.
" In the secr Se Work through the pain.
God's grace will heal you.
"He is my refuge and my fortress " I I can't.
I can't.
You are not worthy of His love.
No! Stop! Sabrina Spellman! You have entered a house of the Divine God! Kneel before the Lord.
I kneel before no one! Hear me, fire! Hear me, air! No spell casting in a house of the Lord.
That crown ensures that.
Let them go.
Pray with us.
Then, like Saint Sebastian, you will die, shot through with arrows.
Where were we? Yes.
We were praying.
Say it with me.
"Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, nor the arrow that flieth by day!" No.
- Like Sabrina - No! Melvin! I choose death over your False God.
Your turn, witches! Hah! To burn.
That's enough.
I offer you a chance to survive the night.
Convert, Hunters.
Take Lucifer Morningstar into your hearts, and I promise you mercy.
But you must say His prayer.
"O, Mighty Dark Lord, by whom all things are set afire " Never.
Say the prayer! It's your one chance.
Come on! Say it with me, or you'll burn in Hellfire.
- O, Mighty Dark Lord - O, Mighty Dark Lord by whom all things are set afire by whom all is set afire - Thy power be thy path.
- Thy power be thy path.
- Thy will be my desire.
- Thy will be my desire.
- In Hell as it is on Earth.
- In Hell as it is on Earth.
- Praise Satan! - Praise Satan.
Well done.
But my, how quickly you turn on your False God.
You're not a witch.
What are you? I am the Dark Lord's sword! Arise, Sister.
Arise, Brother.
'Brina? Greg, move your head!