Chuck s02e09 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Sensei

[MEN GRUNTING] [PANTING] I yield, sensei.
You are unfocused.
[GRUNTING] -I yield.
-Too slow.
[SIGHS] Your center is filled with conflict, John.
Until you find your calm center, you will never beat me.
Ha, ha.
You can't beat a winning smile, John.
Not in retail sales.
You need to show your customers those pearly whites.
Soon-to-be pearly whites, you need bleach them.
Just show them you got a pulse, Casey.
Give them a "hey, how you doing," or a "put them there, partner.
" Or "You bet.
" Then you walk on back to the back, and you look at all the big boxes.
Thanks for the tips, Emmett.
[SIGHS] Yup, John Casey scares me.
Well, that's what happens when you bottle up your feelings like that.
You wake up one day and you're a seething mass of pain.
Hey, what's going on with you and Jill? Oh, yeah, my pain.
Let's talk about that.
-Where is she? -The big house.
Hmm? Bought a big house, bought a real big house up the river.
That sounds really pretty.
You guys are, uh, "done" done? Yeah.
I figured out hanging with Jill was more about closing a door than opening one.
I get it.
I get it.
Listen, the old flame can burn, right? But I bet you it made you even more sure who the right girl is for you.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] Ah, speaking of the smoking-hot angel.
-I'll get out of here.
-Hey, Sarah.
-Chuck, does the Global Launch Agency mean anything to you? Yeah, GLA? Sure, they've sent probes to every planet except Pluto.
Although Pluto's not officially a planet anymore which really bums me out.
-That's true.
Space camp is where all the cool kids go.
GLA also conducts top-secret research for the NSA.
Most of our surveillance and weapons tracking technology is developed there.
We picked up intel someone might try to penetrate one of the lab's secure facilities.
You and the Intersect surveil the facility.
See if there's anyone who you flash on.
-Another mission already? -Is there a problem, Mr.
Bartowski? No, no.
No, I was just, you know-- I was kind of hoping for some downtime.
Uh, we'll take it from here, ma'am.
-You need a little break, Bartowski? -Yeah, that'd be nice.
I mean, finding out Jill was Fulcrum was a bit of a shock to the system, you know.
I guess I wouldn't mind some time to sort out my feelings.
CASEY: Sure thing, Chuck.
I'll call all the criminals and rogue spies, let them know to hold on a sec because Chuck Bartowski needs some time to sort out his lady feelings.
SARAH: Ease up, Casey.
Look, Chuck, we know how hard this has been for you.
But maybe a new mission is exactly what you need right now.
[SIGHS] Great, new mission in the surveillance van.
Very exciting.
SARAH: You're on an open mike.
-Am I? That's good to know.
[OVER RADIO] Thanks for telling me that.
I have all the entrances and exits covered.
-It looks pretty quiet.
SARAH: You're not seeing anything? CHUCK: Nothing.
No flashes, nothing.
I'm all clear here.
All clear.
Security's tight.
[THUD] [GRUNTS] [ALARM RINGING] -Close the west lab doors, Chuck.
-I'm in.
It's just gonna take a second.
-Do it! Do it! -Almost got it.
Almost there.
Now, Chuck, close it.
Lock it down.
I don't know one person who responds positively to being yelled at.
CASEY: He's getting away, Chuck.
Door closed.
Got it.
See? Ha-ha-ha.
You said you knew how to work that system.
CHUCK: Oh, hang in there.
-Come on, Chuck.
-Almost got it.
Almost got it.
Got it.
No problem.
Ye of little faith.
Hey, did you get a good look at him? -Didn't have to.
I know him.
-What? Guys, hey.
I flashed on that dude and it is crazy.
It's actually kind of a small-world, funny story.
Save it.
His name's Ty Bennett.
He was my sensei.
He taught me everything I know.
MAN: You okay? BENNETT: Hmm.
Feeling better now.
Chuck, you gotta help me.
It's an emergency.
What, what? Ellie, Ellie? -Ellie, are you okay? -No.
Devon's parents decided to take the redeye in from Connecticut to surprise us.
You scared the heck out of me.
I thought this was life or death.
It is.
These are two perfect parents that raised perfect boys in a perfect house.
-This place is a pigsty.
-Don't worry, we have time.
If they flew all night, they're gonna sleep all morning.
You kidding? The Awesome apple doesn't fall far from the Awesome tree.
I'm just gonna-- I'll be right there.
WOODY: Great way to start the morning.
DEVON: Awesome.
There's the man.
Wow, welcome.
You guys are very muscular and awake.
Chuck, this is Devon's mom and dad.
Doctors Woodcomb.
So nice to finally meet you.
Oh, no handshakes in this family.
You just call me Honey.
-Okay, Honey.
-I'm Woody.
Woody, Yeah? Yeah, my father always said a terrible nickname builds character.
Of course, Devon wasn't into nicknames.
I just can't wait to start planning your dream wedding.
Wow, it looks like you already have.
[ALL CHUCKLE] Oh, and, Chuck, the caterer is bringing over a sample menu tonight for Devon and Ellie to decide what they like.
We hope you and your girlfriend can join us.
Yes, of course.
Of course, Sarah loves food.
-That she does.
So, yeah, we'll be there.
-Good, good.
So nice of you guys to help us plan the wedding, right, El? ELLIE: Oh, absolutely.
Your mom's been busy with these lists of guests, locations, color palettes? She's been so excited ever since Devon asked you to marry him.
I can't tell you how happy we are to welcome you into our family.
[CHUCKLES] And now you're stuck with us too, Chuck.
[ALL LAUGH] -Very strong, and have fists.
-Thank you, Dr.
-Ah, Woody.
-Dad, let's go do our abs.
-Ooh, yeah.
You guys do abs.
I'm just gonna go kill myself.
Karate master.
Kung fu expert.
Master strategist.
A former instructor at our training facility and today, one of our most-wanted rogue agents.
-Dude, your sensei is a badass.
-He's not my sensei, he's a traitor.
I've heard of Bennett, but I've never met anyone who trained with him.
-I can't talk about it.
It's classified.
-We're opening Bennett's file.
Any personal knowledge you have could be vital to the success of this mission.
-Come on, Casey.
Share with us.
-In hell.
General, if I may, why wasn't I told Bennett went rogue? Ty Bennett has been recruiting his former students.
He's turning agents? With the team he's assembled, Bennett has been effective at stealing weapons and reselling them on the black market.
What did he steal from the GLA? -An advanced inertial guidance system.
-Well, that's not a weapon.
It looks like one when it's put in a missile, moron.
-When you call me moron, that hurts.
-Bennett got away because you couldn't open a door.
Lucky your feelings are the only thing that got hurt.
Technically, I only have to sit in the van and flash.
Gentlemen, we have intel pinpointing the location where Bennett plans to transfer the GLA technology to his buyer.
It's a construction site in Simi Valley.
Stop the deal -and recover the guidance system.
-We're on it.
I wonder if it's safe for Chuck to go on this mission.
Too many unforeseeable variables.
In situations like this, he has proven himself a liability.
I think you're right, Casey.
Chuck, you will be sitting this one out.
Wait a minute.
You might need me to flash on something.
This country's gotten by for 200 years without an Intersect.
I'm sure we'll be just fine.
What, did I hurt your feelings? EMMETT: I've tried to spare your feelings.
But gloves are coming off, people.
I've decided to reinstitute a time-honored Buy More tradition.
-Commando Wednesdays? -That tradition never stopped.
From this day on, this branch will hold-- Wait for it.
--an Employee of the Month contest.
[EMMETT GASPS] -Isn’t that exciting? -I can barely contain myself, sir.
I assume you're all aware of our customer comment cards.
Each month, we will tally your score and select a winner.
He or she or whomever will not only get an 8-by-10 glossy photo right beside Moses Finkelstein the CEO and founder of Buy More but there will be a bonus prize.
[CHUCKLING] May the best employee win.
Okay, so how are we feeling about this Employee-of-the-Month thing? Ah.
Um, you know what? Whatever, Morgan.
I don't really care.
We don't care.
Roger that.
I thought you guys would be gone.
Admit it, you need me.
I came to make sure you're okay.
Well, isn't that what all the surveillance cameras are for? Listen, I don't agree with Casey that you would be a liability on this mission.
-He was out of line.
-Don't worry, I get it.
He thinks I let my feelings for Jill get in the way.
But he's wrong.
I would never do that.
[CHUCKLES] -Again.
-Chuck, this isn't about you.
It's Casey.
Casey trained with Bennett for a long time.
And when you have a mentor like that, a real trust develops between you and Casey feels betrayed.
I know it's hard, but maybe you could cut him some slack.
Yeah, I guess I know how that feels.
Just to be clear, our position on Employee of the Month is we don't care.
-Are you guys with me? -Yup, not caring.
Not a rat's ass.
Not a fat and/or hairy one.
Wait, why don't we care again? Because Employee of the Month is a scam.
And working hard is for suckers.
So you work hard, sales go up, sales go up, share holders get richer, holders get rich -and we get what exactly? -He said something about a prize.
MORGAN: Your face next to Moses Finkelstein? No, thank you.
-Keep your stupid stooge prize.
-So we get nothing? Emmett's gonna get all the credit.
He may even get a promotion.
And then guess what.
One day, he's gonna be the boss.
Then what? Then Emmett turns Buy More into a nightmare of pain and suffering.
-There is a solution.
LESTER: Tell it.
Tell it.
We have our own contest, a side bet.
We'll see who get the lowest score on their comment cards.
-So we beat Emmett at his own game.
-Pure genius.
From now on, the customers can go service themselves.
In the retail sense, Jeffrey, don't get any ideas.
[CRASHES] CASEY: Bennett will never show.
SARAH: Why? CASEY: He's too smart for this.
-Get a read on the plates? -Look, Casey, just call Chuck.
He'll flash on it and we'll know who we're dealing with.
I think I'll take my chances without him.
All right.
[CAMERA CLICKS] [PUFFS] -Hello? CASEY: We sent you an image of a van.
-Look at the plates, see if you flash on it.
-Yeah, of course, absolutely.
Whatever I can do to help.
I don't have it yet.
It's a high-resolution photo.
My 3G connection gets interference in here sometimes.
Spare me the Nerd Herd crap.
Get on it.
If there's intel, we need it, now.
I thought the U.
government got by fine for 200 years without the Intersect.
Listen, you insignificant little puke, you-- [LINE HANGS UP] [CHUCKLES] You're on a mission, maybe surrounded by Bennett's men.
[CELL PHONE DIALING] Pick up, pick up, pick up.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] Did you hang up on me? No, that's crazy.
I would never do that.
It's a bad connection I had-- Hold it, just let me look at the picture real quick.
I got nothing, sorry, no flash.
CASEY: Thanks for wasting my time.
Hello? -Hey, that's the buyer.
We're out of time.
-Look like we do this the old-fashioned way.
-Get out of the car! -Just take the car, man.
-I won't call the cops.
-Hands on the car.
Put them on the car.
-Who are you? MAN: I'm a driver.
I'm here to pick up a passenger, give them that.
[BEEPING] Bennett.
Run! Go, go! BENNETT: Excuse me.
Can you tell me where I can find John Casey? I have something that belongs to him.
Uh, John Casey, you say? John Casey? You know, I'm gonna go to the back and-- And check on that for you.
So I'll just do that quick.
[LINE RINGING] Pick up your phone, John.
Pick up the phone, Casey.
CASEY: This is Casey.
Code red.
Code red.
Redder than red.
It is the reddest.
It is the reddest of all hues.
We are at DEFCON 1 or 5, whichever means hurry.
Right now, Bennett is at the Buy More.
Oh, no.
[GASPS] I'm looking for John Casey.
Can you tell me where to find him? What do I look like, an information desk? -Excuse me? -Yes, fine.
You're excused.
Oh, don't forget to fill out a customer comment card on your way out.
A wise man always treats a stranger with respect.
For he could be gazing on the face of an enemy.
Hi, sorry.
Sorry I just checked it, sir.
And John Casey is unfortunately not working today.
I don't know when he's gonna be back in, but you could try next week.
Uh, maybe-- Maybe Tuesday-ish? -Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[SIGHS] That guy was awesome.
Did you see what he did with this can with his hands? He went: crrshh! Could you imagine what he could do to a guy's face? [CHUCK SIGHS] Ow.
[CELL PHONE RINGS] -Not feeling chatty right now.
CHUCK: Hold on.
Don't hang up.
-I'm looking at your sensei.
-Bennett's at the Buy More? -What? How is that possible? -Was.
Was at the Buy More.
Now he's in the Large Mart parking garage.
-I'm tailing him.
Stop, imbecile.
You're no match for him.
You're only reacting like this because your own feelings were hurt.
Please don't lash out at me.
Where'd he go? -Oh, God.
-Chuck? Chuck? -If Bennett's got him, he's dead now.
-Shut up and drive.
I'm a little tall for something like this.
Is there another seating option perhaps? Oh.
El, you sure you're okay registering for our wedding here at the Buy More? Whatever your parents want.
You think you may not need a vacuum sealer but suddenly the chief of surgery is coming over with her husband for salmon kebabs and voilà Saturday's party turns into Sunday's picnic.
Why not? It can't hurt.
Ooh, camcorder.
Ah, first for the honeymoon, then the grandkids.
Crossing the line.
Before you say anything, I know they're coming on strong.
They're just excited.
They know your parents aren't around.
It's fine, I know that they're just trying to help.
And, you know, they're awesome.
So is he around? Uh, could be.
-Can you find him for me? -Yeah, sure.
I could.
But, uh, wouldn't it be more fulfilling for you if you did it yourself? I'm so sorry.
It's this stupid store contest.
I can help you, but do me a solid, and do not mention it on this card.
Yes? Thank you, buddy.
The signal from the watch is getting stronger.
Chuck's close.
[TIRES SCREECHING] [ENGINES REVVING] -Casey, what are you doing? -The Vic can take the hit.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Not good, not good.
Wait, I've got Chuck.
It says the signal is.
The signal is right in front of us.
[TIRES SCREECHING] No, Casey, stop! Chuck's in the car.
You're gonna kill Chuck.
Fast driving.
Very, very fast.
Casey! [SCREAMS] It's more spacious in here than you think.
Hey! Freeze! -John.
It's good to see you.
-Get your hands on your head.
You survived my trap.
Very good.
-Get on your knees.
-I've followed your career, John.
You survived torture at the hands of Baath separatists you did two years undercover in Afghanistan.
Could you have done any of that without me? -No.
-Of course not.
My training saved you.
I came here to ask you something.
Be my student again.
Take your training to the next level.
That's it? That's all you got? That's how you're turning the others? Save your breath.
I'm not a traitor.
Obviously, I made a mistake.
You aren't good enough for my team.
[GRUMBLES] So Bennett got away again.
If you don't mind me asking -where was the Intersect during all this? -Technically, I was in Bennett's trunk.
So I didn't see anything but it sounded very exciting.
So while you were playing your game of chicken, Chuck was in Bennett's trunk? As soon as we ascertained the Intersect's location, Major Casey disengaged.
Sounds like Bennett has decided to make this personal and so have you.
-I'm pulling you off the case.
-With all due-- This is why I didn't tell you.
I knew you'd turn it into a vendetta.
I'm bringing in another team to clean up your mess.
But I know Bennett.
I know how he operates.
You're forgetting your primary objective is protecting the Intersect.
You will remain in Castle until the mission is completed.
Consider it a cooling-off period.
You little.
I didn't know this was gonna happen.
Tell him I didn't know.
If my primary objective wasn't to protect you [GASPS] I'd kill you.
[GROWLS] [CHUCKLES] I can't believe it.
Beckman was out of line pulling me off this mission.
I agree with her.
You're too emotionally involved.
[SCOFFS] From the agent that can't keep her chocolate out of Bartowski's peanut butter.
Whatever my feelings may be for Chuck, I never knowingly endangered the asset.
You let your anger toward Bennett cloud your judgment.
Oh, you finally admit that you do have feelings for the nerd.
No, all I will admit to is having feelings.
If 20 years in the business has taught me one sure thing it's that people let you down in the end.
Well, it's nice to know where we stand.
[DOOR OPENS] Did you talk to Casey? Is he mad? I feel horrible.
Casey is always mad.
That's his baseline.
I never should have said that stuff in front of the general.
Your assessment was accurate, the facts are the facts.
But the guy's going through a lot.
If I were a friend, I'd look past what he's saying, remember how he's feeling.
I should know better than anybody what he's going through.
Chuck, you're so sweet.
But, you know, an apology is not gonna work because Casey is combat-ready at all times which means his feelings are liabilities.
Well, aren't you supposed to be combat-ready at all times? I'll meet you at your sister's wedding tasting after your Buy More shift.
And, please don't go downstairs.
Leave Casey alone.
If it isn't Tweedledee, Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.
-Congratulations goes out to you.
-What, did we win a prize, or something? [ALL LAUGHING] Oh.
Well, of all the incompetent employees in this backwater branch you three distinguished yourselves with the lowest customer evaluation scores in recorded history.
Really? What--? How low exactly? -Like, are we talking, like, truly abysmal? -Combined, your highest score is a one.
-Dare to dream, baby.
-All right.
Since none of you take this Employee of the Month contest seriously I must abandon the carrot, and use my stick.
You sure that's legal? From now on, the employee with the lowest scores will close up every Saturday night for an entire month.
You can't do this to us, okay? -I'm sorry, I can't? -Saturdays are sacred.
-I can't work on Shabbas.
It's date night.
Laundry night? -It's two-for-one night.
EMMETT: You're wasting time.
You have one night to raise your scores.
You better get cracking.
[LESTER CHUCKLES] This is my employee discount card.
It's good for 20 percent off.
Go nuts.
Just put in a good word for me on your way out.
[MORGAN GRUNTS] No, mind? Why would I mind? Just let me just get this puppy loaded up and I'll come right back for your subwoofer.
Four stars?! I just kissed your ass for four lousy stars?! What do you people want from me? Just spit in my face next time! MORGAN: Hey, Jeff.
How's it going, man? You all right? I think I'm getting the hang of this customer service thing.
Hey, how you doing? CASEY: Get down here.
Um, I'm glad you called because I was gonna call you to say sorry but-- I don't care if it's your time of the month.
Get down here.
I don't think I can.
Sarah said not to.
[SIGHS] Listen, buddy.
I started training under Ty Bennett when I was 23 years old.
I was an idiot back then, hmm? I wasn't good enough to qualify for his program but he took me on anyway.
He taught me everything I know.
I don't know what to think here, pal.
I'm feeling kind of exposed.
I feel like my whole foundation's been undermined here.
You know, he was like a-- I can't talk about this over the phone.
CHUCK: No, no, I'm glad you're finally opening up to me.
Be right there.
Thanks, buddy.
Hey, buddy.
Hey, sorry.
Got here as fast I could.
I wanted to tell you what I was saying on the phone earlier I am sorry, I know this is your sensei from the past, and it's very personal-- Hey, what's go--? What are you doing? CASEY: This.
-What--? -Oh, oh, gentle.
-Now, Intersect, flash.
This is surveillance footage from the crash.
It doesn't work like that, okay? I can't just flash on cue-- also a cover for Bennett's illegal activity.
Good work, Intersect.
[PANTING] You know, I think you should reconsider this whole cooling-off period.
General Beckman was onto something when she-- Come on, I need that eyeball.
[CHUCK GRUNTS] Casey, what has gotten into you? This is uncharacteristic-- I've never seen you disobey an order.
You nuts, or crazy? You out of your mind? Okay, that's it.
I'm calling Sarah.
You know what, Chuck? I think I might owe you an apology now.
That's very nice of you, huh? What's it for? The lying, the name-calling, the emotional manipulation? Nope.
For this.
No, Casey.
No, no, no.
Wait, you don't understand.
I have a dinner with Ellie.
We're tasting food, I can't miss it.
You know, when I was Bennett's student, I struggled with my calm.
He said I held too much anger, and that made me weak.
Sometimes when I see your face, Bartowski, my calm center just wants to.
[CASEY SIGHS] You tell anyone where I'm going, and this is yours.
What? Hey.
[GRUNTS] Use the force.
Use the force, Chuck.
So you're sure it's all right to start without Chuck? Yeah, he has a tendency to run late.
It's like the kid's in his own world half the time.
-Must drive you crazy, Sarah.
-Oh, uh, I'm pretty used to it, actually.
And Chuck always has a good excuse.
So we are all in agreement, then? Yes to the trout.
No to the beef au jus.
What was your favorite cake, Ellie? Mm.
HONEY: It doesn't matter.
Let's agree on the red velvet.
WOODY: I love sorbet between courses.
HONEY: Great idea, Woody.
-Are you gonna wear your hair up? -Wait a second.
I had a brilliant idea.
White ties.
HONEY: Woody looks so handsome in a white tie.
-That's not too formal, is it? ELLIE: I don't know.
WOODY: You're not in contact with your dad.
So I would be honored, really to walk you down the aisle on your wedding day.
[ELLIE & WOODY CHUCKLE] Maybe we should just table the wedding talk.
No, I, uh, have something I'd like to say actually.
Um, I said yes to the big wedding and I said yes to the burgundy organza bridesmaids dresses and I just can't say yes anymore.
And I'm sorry.
I know that you're trying to help, but the answer is no.
I'm sor-- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Babe? I'm sorry.
Sweetie? Sweetheart? Sweetheart? [HONEY GASPS] [DOOR SLAMS] [WOODY AND HONEY CLEAR THROATS] Uh, Sarah, uh.
-So you're in the yogurt game? -Yeah.
Yeah, yogurt.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
Here we go.
[PANTING] -Woody.
-Yeah? I think we should go for a walk and give the kids some time to themselves.
It's Ellie's phone.
Oh, it's Chuck.
-Should I answer it? -Oh, I'll take it.
Thank you.
-Hey, Chuck, where are you? -Sarah.
Sarah, thank God.
Casey threatened my life, so technically, I can't tell you.
-What? -Well, you could guess, though.
-Yeah, you could guess.
-I don't have time for games.
Just guess.
I'll tell you if you're hot or cold.
And FYI, this place is very cold.
It's practically frozen.
-You're at Orange Orange? -Bingo.
Yes, you're amazing.
You went into Castle, Casey used you to get out, locked you in the Orange Orange.
-And now he's going after Bennett.
That's impressive.
How did you--? -Okay, where did he go? -Didn't hear this from me.
-1919 Mulholland Drive.
-Can you get out? No.
Not until you get down here and get me out of handcuffs.
Stay there.
What? No, no, wait, wait, Sarah.
No, no.
Wait! [LINE HANGS UP] [BOTH GRUNT] Those seven years of MacGyver finally paid off.
You shouldn't be here.
You wanna stop me, gonna have to kill me.
I'm your partner and I'm not letting you go in alone.
Come on.
[KNOCKING ON WINDOW] Um computer emergency? Heh.
[BEEPING] Let's do it.
I was waiting in the car.
I swear.
Hello, John.
And friends.
This is unfortunate.
No matter where you run, where you hide, I'm gonna be there waiting.
-Casey, careful.
-Always so proud, so righteous, John.
But I have business to attend to.
-I can't have you interfering.
-I thought you were a man of honor.
If I'm not good enough to make your team, surely you can defeat me without the gun.
-With honor.
-You're right.
My students this is a special lesson: How to kill a man with honor.
It will happen very quickly.
-Eye of the tiger, buddy.
-Shut up, Chuck.
[SIGHS] [BOTH GRUNTING] [BENNETT CHUCKLES] We're in trouble, aren't we? Just, like, use the snake on him.
Get around him.
Come on, Casey, hit him! -He's outmatched.
[BOTH GRUNTING] You lost your calm, John.
Your center is filled with conflict.
[CASEY PANTS] That's it.
BENNETT: Show my students something, John.
Casey? Casey, you gotta get up.
-Get up.
-Run for it, Chuck.
BENNETT: It's too bad, really.
I was hoping my men would see better skills from a former student of mine.
Look, I get how you're feeling, man.
I get your feeling.
You're feeling betrayed by someone you care about.
You are damaging my calm, Chuck.
You've spent so much of your life pushing people away.
Lashing out with hurtful words and punches but I know why you do it.
You do it because you're scared.
-What? -Scared.
Scared to be known.
Scared if we see who you really are, we'd actually care about you.
-You shut up.
-Yeah, shut up.
You're making him mad.
[CHUCK GRUMBLES] CHUCK: Underneath that extremely terrifying exterior lies a man who deeply, deeply feels.
You care.
You care about us.
You care about me.
Admit it, you feel all warm and mushy about me.
Go ahead, say it.
You love me, John Casey.
-I'm gonna kill you.
-Wait, wait, wait! Hold on! No, not me.
CASEY: Huh? [BOTH GRUNTING] Nice work, sensei.
Yeah, well, the thing is, Casey doesn't really have a calm center.
It's more of an angry center.
There's your sensei.
Take a good look at him.
[PANTING] Who's next? [CHEERS] AGENT 1: Drop your weapons.
-Drop! AGENT 2: Hands on your head.
-Hands on your head! AGENT 1: Do it now! -Who called Beckman? -What? It's not my fault.
She guessed.
[SIGHS] And now it's time to announce this month's Employee of the Month.
And for what it's worth, you all tried your best.
[FANFARE PLAYING OVER SPEAKERS] The employee with the highest level of customer service is.
Skip Johnson! [EMMETT LAUGHS] -It is not my fault.
I tried to be a jerk.
-Oh, congratulations.
Clearly, there is no prize I could give you that would compare to the satisfaction of having your name and photo immortalized on a Buy More plaque.
-What did I tell you? So lame.
However, please accept this one-time-only bonus gift.
SKIP: Whoa! A 65-inch flat-screen TV.
-You said the prize would be a dud.
MAN 1: What a genius.
MAN 2: What a loser.
MAN 3: Sweet, Morgan, nice.
[AS CASEY] Well, thanks for saving my life today, Chuck.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] Anytime, Casey.
You're my friend.
[AS CASEY] Yeah, you're my friend too.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] That's really kind of you, Casey.
Have a good night.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
You said something, didn't you? You said something.
You said something.
I heard that.
I heard that.
Hey, sorry I missed tonight.
-I got stuck at work.
-It's okay.
Sarah told me.
Um, where are Awesome's parents? Mm.
He is, um-- He's taking them to the airport.
I really am sorry about missing the dinner, El.
I mean, I know it's important for you to let your future in-laws meet your family-- You know, I, um-- I've never been one of those girls that dreamed about what their wedding day would be like.
What I would wear, or even the person that I would marry.
It was all kind of, um-- Kind of hazy.
[SIGHS] Except one thing was clear.
That Dad would walk me down the aisle.
Hey, Ellie.
I know it's not gonna happen.
It's just-- It's just really hard to let go of that.
[CHUCK SIGHS] [LINE RINGING] [LINE BEEPS] OPERATOR: The number you have reached is not in service at this-- [SIGHS] What is it? Dad's gonna walk you down the aisle.
You can't say that, Chuck.
I know that you want that for me but we haven't heard from him in a really long time.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna find him.
I'm a smart guy, I can do that.
And when he hears about the wedding, he'll be here for you.
Come on, you really think he's gonna make it? I guarantee it.