Chuck s03e13 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Other Guy

I'm Chuck.
Here's a few things you might need to know.
You're not the same guy I fell for.
- How am I not? - You killed somebody.
- He didn't kill the mole.
- What? I did.
It's time you learnt the truth about your wife's murder.
- No! If The Ring played him this.
- Oh, God, general, where is Sarah now? - We believe she's with Agent Shaw.
Where are you taking us? To settle an old score.
Okay, just give me 20 seconds.
Are you sure about this? NSA picked up the Director's signal.
This is his broadcast point.
If they're right, The Ring's most senior operative is behind that door.
Cover me.
Hey, buddy.
- Hey, where's Casey? Haven't seen him.
I've been thinking about Operation Bartowski.
- I'd like to make it official.
- I'm in the middle of something Spyish? Let me help.
I wanna be part of the team.
Find Casey and you're a part of the team.
Operation Bartowski? I could actually? - Shh! Not so loud.
- Not so loud.
I could be your second in command-slash-personal assistant.
Batman needs Alfred, Bond needs Q.
Chuck Hey, hey, hey.
You need me.
- I need Casey right now.
- Per my excellent peripheral vision which is a valuable spy skill I can tell you that one John Casey is now exiting the restroom.
- Oh, thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, hey.
- So I'm a spy? Official? - Yes, you're a spy.
I am a spy.
Shaw? - Walker killed Shaw's wife? - Five years ago.
It was her Red Test.
Sarah didn't know, Beckman didn't know, but Shaw knows.
He and Sarah have disappeared.
They're off the grid.
They're gone.
- You shouldn't be telling me any of this.
- But you know what to do, Casey.
Beckman told me to sit tight.
You know I can't.
Sarah activated her locator.
She's in trouble.
Come on, man.
You know how I feel about her.
Call this number.
Request tactical support.
You'll be forwarded to a Colonel Sanders.
Don't make fun of his name.
You want air, armor, everything.
I love you.
Hi, baby.
Happy birthday.
Okay, my turn.
Give me the camera.
Stop it.
I got it for your birthday.
I had no idea you were gonna use my present against me.
Happy birthday.
I love you.
Oh, my God.
I love you.
One more time, just so we're clear.
We have to reacquire Agent Walker.
Nothing can happen to her.
- Do I make myself clear? - Yes, sir.
This is Team Leader.
Is everything set? Air is go.
Mechanized is go.
Tactical is go.
Airborne is go.
All right, let's do this.
I'm going first.
Shaw, what is going on? What is this? This is my Red Test.
Why would they have my surveillance footage from my first kill? Just take a breath.
This is the worst moment of my life up there on that monitor.
I love you.
- Mine too.
- What? Why? Who is she? Evelyn Shaw.
I killed your wife? They used you, they manipulated you.
The Ring was behind this.
- I killed your wife.
- This isn't your fault.
- I thought I was a good spy.
- This isn't your fault.
It's okay.
Is it secure? Chuck? Hi.
Don't move! Go.
Get on the ground! Hold it.
Around the perimeter.
Perimeter covered.
Got eyes on target.
Hold your position.
What's happening? Is the target secure? We're here.
This is Team Leader.
Cancel air support.
Cancel tactical.
Stand down.
Stand down.
And the tank.
The tank.
Cancel the tank.
Who on earth gave you the authority to call in a full tactical assault? I don't know what to do, but you're not ready for Rome.
But, general, it was Sarah.
Come on, I had to Do you wanna see the bill for your rescue mission? It's longer than my copy of Atlas Shrugged.
You and I both thought the worst.
That Shaw had gone rogue.
- That he was going to Kill Sarah? Shaw.
- Listen - You thought I'd betray my country? General, Chuck's actions were those of a true spy.
He was looking out for his partner and the agency.
I would have done the same myself.
Maybe without the stealth bombers, but perhaps that's just me.
- You doing okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Thank you for saving me.
I appreciated the tank.
General, did you check Sarah's records? Any clues as to who ordered her Red Test? I'm afraid, Sarah, Langston Graham took that secret to his grave.
Okay, general, then what are we supposed to do now? We disband the team.
You can't operate as an effective unit with this history.
General, if I may, this isn't the first time they've used one of our own against us.
I wanna make sure it's the last.
You're saying you can work with Walker? I can.
We both want the same thing.
To capture the Director and take down The Ring.
Are you with me? Can we still be a team? Yes.
Everyone's back together again.
What is it, boy? My demo station don't cook by itself.
I, uh.
Spit it out, son.
- I don't know.
- Is it your mama? It's Chuck.
Is he okay? Jeff and Lester, I could give a damn about them.
Go ahead and fire them.
It's okay.
Someone else.
Who's the issue? Me.
Me, I'm the issue.
This is tough.
I'm quitting.
I found a job.
A real job.
You can feel proud about it? You're not selling your body? You gotta go.
- Boy, I can't show emotions like this.
- Mm-hm.
Those animals out there, they'll.
They'll get me if I do.
I think Morgan is dying.
I call dibs on his locker.
Its location is far more prestigious than my own.
No, man.
Those are tears of joy.
Morgan's leaving.
- Don't worry, John.
- You will always have us.
And now, sans Morgan, we have room.
- For what? - For you.
In our crew, buddy.
Come on.
Hands in.
You can let go of my hand now.
- What is it, Bartowski? - If I could speak freely? That's not a good idea.
As the titular member of Team Bartowski I think it's crazy to put Shaw back in the field so soon.
He just found out Sarah killed his wife.
The guy's gotta be emotional right now.
Nobody can control their feelings that well.
Chuck, what you are seeing in Shaw is an absolute professional.
Something you are not.
That's why I'm moving them out of Burbank.
Moving who out of Burbank? Sarah and Shaw.
I'm proceeding with my original plan.
They'll head up our Ring task force in Washington.
And what about me? You'll stay in Burbank until I know what to do with you.
- Where you going, sport? New job? - It's a secret.
You're going to work for Chuck.
I'm not a moron.
All right.
Isn’t it awesome? Can you believe it? Me, a spy.
When General Beckman lets you come back, me and you will be spies together.
Beckman doesn't forget a small thing like "treason.
" And, uh I'm really learning to enjoy my new life here.
Are you kidding me? John, your old life was so exciting.
The adventures, the missions, weaponry, women.
- Please stop.
- Right.
Got it.
Learn to lock it down.
Well, I tell you what.
I'm glad you're okay here, you know? Won't be the same without you, but, uh.
Enjoy my old life.
You too.
Hey, hey, hey.
Got some very exciting news for you.
Hold onto your hat.
I did it.
What the heck is going on here? Oh.
Are you mixing gaming with whiskey? She's leaving, man.
Leaving with the other guy.
No, this cannot happen.
This cannot happen.
- I thought I stood a chance, you know? - Yeah, well, you just Mm-mm.
- Okay.
Okay, buddy.
Hand it over.
- Mm-mm.
- Let go.
- No.
- You are on a precipice of emotional ruin.
- I'm already over the edge.
You're gonna start quoting the works of John Hughes.
Then things are gonna go really dark, and I'm not gonna let that happen.
- Hand over the bottle.
- Never! Unh! - Yes, you will.
- Make me.
I hope you're happy.
She said she couldn't be with someone who didn't believe in her.
Well, I believed in her.
I just didn't believe in me.
Dude, you are misquoting the line.
You are ruining Pretty in Pink for me.
Just stop it.
Put the cap back on the bottle, and let's forget this night ever happened.
I'm really good at that, dude.
I've forgotten entire years, man.
- What is happening? Hey, Sarah.
Chuck's in a bit of a low spot.
Yeah, yeah, I see that.
He found out you're leaving with Shaw.
He's also eaten an entire carton of sugar-free mint ice cream which is concerning when you factor in the large consumption of whiskey.
- Thank you.
Morgan, can you leave us? I forgive you.
Great, now I hate this song.
Look, I, uh.
I know what I look like.
The mint ice cream sobered me up pretty good.
- Chuck, it's okay.
- No, it isn't.
I thought I could save you.
I thought Shaw was bad and I was gonna save you and we were gonna be together, but that didn't happen.
Shaw's a good spy.
I get it, okay? I think everybody gets that Shaw is amazing.
And you two are gonna run off together and save the world.
And that's great news for the world.
But earlier on in my drunken haze I realized that I hadn't asked you a question.
A really important question that I'd like to ask you now, if that's okay.
Just once, for the record.
Sarah, do you love me? Wow, I'm, uh I'm in my underwear.
I'm sitting in my underwear holding a plastic guitar.
There's a very good chance I'm making a complete fool of myself, isn't there? - Yes.
- I should probably put some pants on.
No, Chuck.
Wha ? Uh, what? Chuck, I fell for you a long, long time ago.
After you fixed my phone and before you started diffusing bombs with computer viruses.
So, yes.
- What about my Red Test? - Casey told me he killed the mole and you couldn't do it, and it was the best news ever.
Because it means that you haven't changed, you're still Chuck.
You're still my Chuck.
I, uh.
I will be totally cleaned up by tomorrow.
You don't have time because we have a mission.
Shaw found the Ring headquarters.
It's a three-man op and you're our third.
Mission? - No problem.
- Morgan, what are you doing? Right, where are my manners? We haven't even met professionally.
Morgan Grimes, agent of the CIA and an assistant to one Charles Irving Bartowski.
Now, let's get to work here.
You heard the lady, there is a mission and you are needed.
Let's get you some coffee.
- You okay, Chuck? - Huh? Me? Yeah, good.
Totally cool.
Yeah, ready to go.
Everything is totally normal.
All right.
The Director has his own private elevator.
You two are gonna rappel down to it.
When the Director leaves, grab him, I'll pull you back up.
Cool, great.
- Think he knows about us? - Shh.
I don't wanna upset him over anything.
Okay, ready? Don't worry about the warehouse or Beckman, Chuck.
- I trust you completely.
- Yeah.
Okay, Shaw, we're in.
Hey, hey.
Your comm.
What's the matter? I have a concern about Shaw.
While he, yes, is a very great spy emotionally, the guy is Swiss cheese, okay? Chuck, Shaw is one step closer to capturing the Director.
I'm sure that is all he is thinking about.
So don't even worry.
All right, Sarah, I'm accessing the elevator's controls.
- See? See? He knows.
- Shaw, are you okay? He's having a mental break.
We're fish in a barrel.
Sorry about that, guys.
A little Ring company.
See, I told you he wasn't trying to kill us.
All right.
I'm opening the hatch.
- Don't worry, it's a tranq gun.
- Fine.
Just sell that as real.
Right, of course.
Ruthless spy.
You're gonna take care of most of that, right? The system is detecting something moving toward the elevator.
- Looks like the Director's coming in early.
- Time to meet our bad guy.
- One word and you're dead.
- Now, this is brazen.
- That That was four words.
- Kidnapping me in my own lift.
But there's absolutely no chance you'll get the cipher.
- Did he just say "cipher"? - Yeah.
- What do you mean? - Don't play dumb.
We've been building our own Intersect for a year, you know that.
The cipher is the Intersect's core processor.
So it's here.
Where exactly is it? You won't get 5 feet from this door.
Security will be on you in seconds.
That's tough, because either we get the cipher, or Pull out your Ring phone.
What Ring phone? You mean this Ring phone? Yeah, that Ring phone there.
Call your assistant.
- What? - You know, your secretary.
Whoever you have, have them bring the cipher to you here.
And put it on speakerphone.
You give her one warning and I'm gonna Please.
I know the drill.
You asked for this.
I spoke with Operative 6 they'll proceed with the coup.
The Spanish ambassador also called with the ransom offer.
- He wants to close by tomorrow.
- Thank you, Denise.
And please text me when the plane lands in Barcelona.
- Barcelona.
It's a code.
- "Barcelona" is a code? That's good.
- What are we supposed to do with her? - Personally, I'd shoot her.
Decisions, decisions.
- What's going on? Need a few seconds.
We don't have seconds.
One of our guys heard something strange in the elevator shaft.
Welcome to the party.
This is ridiculous.
Got it.
Here we go.
You know it's over, right? What? This was a trap.
For you.
Okay, nobody move.
We can all die here today.
You can all die today, I have dinner reservations.
Look at me.
- Do I look like an amateur? - No, you don't.
But your partner here is a very different story.
Not much of a spy, I hear.
I am a spy.
Really? With a tranq pistol? Real gun too dangerous for you? Put it down.
I'm sorry, Chuck.
Daniel, still upset about your wife? You should learn to get over that, or take it out on Agent Walker.
She pulled the trigger.
Take the service elevator to the fifth floor.
Then the north stairwell.
I'll get the cipher.
I'll meet you back at Castle.
- Shaw, we're not gonna leave you here.
- Sarah, go.
Did he? I think you're right.
I think we should probably wait to tell him about us.
Good work, Daniel.
I think they bought it.
Of course they did.
You weren't supposed to eliminate the Director, Shaw.
This wasn't a Red Op.
I did what I had to, to get my team out.
Oh! That was a huge kick.
Where did you get this? Where did we get this footage? I tapped into the building's security feed.
That's a hell of a roundhouse, buddy.
General, I do think it's worth noting that we would all be dead if it were not for Shaw, so.
Very well.
General, there is also the issue of the cipher.
The Director said that The Ring was making a new Intersect.
My team analyzed their cipher and found problems in the design.
The Ring isn't as far along as they thought.
Looks like the cipher's components were fabricated in France.
That's right.
I need you and Sarah to follow this trail to Paris.
We believe The Ring's design facility is there.
We can be in the air in 30 minutes.
Excuse me, general.
Uh, what about me? Sorry, Chuck.
You're not ready.
We are never gonna get our chance, are we? Once I get back, it's all gonna happen.
You and me.
Don't worry.
Just one more mission.
Hey, look at you.
I take it you and Sarah are official.
Now, the other guy, he's out of the way? Well, actually, Sarah and Shaw are on their way to Paris.
Beckman doesn't think I'm ready to be out in the field.
- But other than that, everything's fine.
- How is everything fine? Chuck, I quit my job so I could join you in the field.
- You did what? - You said I was a part of your team.
That you were gonna speak to Beckman about me.
Did you speak to Beckman? Of course you didn't.
No, why would you? I'm not a spy, I'm an idiot.
- No, you're not an idiot.
- I gave up a management position - in a down economy.
- I'm sorry.
I'm gonna talk to Beckman.
Sarah's gonna come back, and I will prove we are both field ready.
Are you kidding? None of that is gonna happen.
Shaw's gonna get Sarah, okay? You're gonna go willy-nilly tie me up again, and drink yourself into Guitar Hero oblivion.
I may have said some unfortunate things about Shaw.
But the fact is, the guy's exactly what he seems.
He's a hero.
That's nice.
Good for him.
You know what else he is, dude? A stud, okay? And 99 times out of 10, that guy gets the girl, okay? - We're done here.
- Buddy Morgan.
Look, I'm not supposed to show you this but it was so awesome, I made a copy of it.
It will help prove my point.
Here we go.
This is from the mission.
That is Shaw saving our butts right there.
Wait for it.
Wait for the roundhouse.
- God, that's gotta hurt.
- We have a problem.
- What? - Chuck, look at this.
He pulls that punch.
And that roundhouse, it doesn't even land.
But he shot people, Morgan.
Bad people.
Did you see blood, viscera, brain matter? Chuck, did you see brain matter? Okay, listen to me.
I have seen every Hong Kong fight film ever made, all right? I direct your attention to my Sonny Chiba poster.
I am the man when it comes to this.
I could spot a fake action sequence from a mile away.
And that's what we have here.
But if the fight was staged that means that Shaw is working with The Ring.
And Sarah is with him.
I'm uploading the fight footage to Beckman's home computer now.
Report, Chuck.
Uh, general, I'm so sorry about the hour, but we just figured something out.
Agent Shaw is working with The Ring.
Chuck, how many times do we have to do this? Before, I was right for the wrong reasons.
But this time I'm right for the right reasons, and I have proof.
Hi, there.
What is he doing there? Well, first of all, sir Or ma'am.
Is it sir? What am I doing? - Just talk.
- Uh, I thank you for this opportunity.
What are you doing there? Me? I'm with him.
I'm on Chuck's team.
Oh, no.
No, you're not, because Chuck's not on his own team anymore.
I want both of you out of Castle in five minutes.
Chuck, you are suspended.
No, general.
Come on.
She's blocking my call.
Well, okay, my time as a spy was pretty exciting, albeit a bit brief, but - You're still a spy.
- Hmm? How's that? Because I need a team, and you're all I've got, buddy.
CIA or no CIA, we need to save Sarah.
Just the two of us.
There is another.
So now they're in Paris.
Sarah and Shaw.
And Shaw this time, for real, he is working for The Ring.
I know you can't help me anymore, I know that.
But Sarah's gonna die without us.
I can't do this alone.
And I can't help you anymore.
I'm not a spy.
But you are a spy.
You're the ultimate spy.
Was, Chuck.
But the man's been Buy More'd.
That's right.
You've deluded yourself into thinking Buy More's your life.
Well, wake up, John, okay? Because we need you to get on this plane.
Chuck needs you to get on this plane.
And if not, well, that's cool.
Find yourself on Friday night in Jeff and Lester's crew, hanging out in Woodland Hills.
I know this, because I was that guy.
But Chuck and Sarah and you, Casey you showed me I could be so much more, that I'm meant for something.
To be a spy.
What about you? What do you have left in the tank? What do you wanna be when you grow? Morgan, go to my closet and get me my suit.
The black one.
- Is this all of it? - It's everything I could find on Shaw.
I can't believe this is happening.
She could be dead, Casey.
Focus on the mission, will you? - What is it? You flashed.
- Mission from 10 years ago.
Nothing to do with Sarah.
I could flash on everything here, we'd still have nothing.
I'm stuck in the air and there's nothing I can do.
Forget about the Intersect.
Forget about being a spy.
Before all of that, you were smart.
We're gonna take this intel and you're gonna figure out where Sarah is.
It's what you have to do.
Where are you, Sarah? Something is off.
What is it? - Why did you bring me here? - What do you mean? You led me here.
Come on, this is where I shot her.
Is this some kind of a trap? Sarah you killed my wife.
Did you really think that I'd be okay with that? But you said that I told you a lot of things to get you here.
Gun's getting heavy, isn't it? You know, you could hurt someone with this.
There's a little café around the corner.
Let's sit down and discuss the details.
Just relax.
It's all over now.
The drug is a special toxin.
It won't kill you, simply immobilizes your nervous system.
I want you to see what's gonna happen next.
I need you to understand why I'm doing this.
So, Sarah, I see you've met my newest Ring agent.
Why? I offered Daniel the chance to not only avenge his wife's death but to destroy the very institution that ordered her murder.
Your CIA.
The CIA believed that Eve had been turned by us.
Your boss, Langston Graham, assigned you to kill her.
You did what you were told.
I'm going to send a message to the CIA, they betrayed the wrong man.
Very well put, Daniel.
They need to know what they did to me.
They need to feel the pain that I felt.
And that is why I have to kill you.
On that note, do you have it with you? The technical data should help your scientists complete the new Intersect.
Thank you, Daniel.
We'll be in touch.
- Do you need us to, uh? No.
I wanna show her the river, it's beautiful at night.
Good night, then.
Goodbye, Sarah.
Almost time to go.
How'd you find me? I read your file, your wife's.
Every mission you've been on every paper you wrote at West Point, every travel report.
You come here once a year in memory of your wife's death.
It made morbid sense that you'd want Sarah to see it too.
Very smart.
You're under arrest.
Now stand up.
Less smart, Chuck.
You should pull the trigger, now.
Kill me.
I wouldn't do that.
Bravo Team! - I see you brought Casey.
Oh, yes, I did.
And he's currently taking care of your new Director.
And you've got me? Stand up.
I guess the gun was his idea.
- Shaw, don't do this.
- You can't flash, can you? Those emotions get you into trouble.
Now just stay here.
I don't wanna hurt you.
None of this was your fault.
I haven't told them your secret.
But if you follow me, I will kill you.
Sarah! The drug will dull the pain.
You won't feel a thing.
Stop! I warned you.
Please, it doesn't have to be like this.
This isn't you, Shaw.
You can't do this.
Happy birthday.
I love you.
No, Chuck.
I can.
You can't.
Sarah! Hold on, Sarah.
We've been over this.
You no longer work for me, John.
Unless there's a sale at Buy More we have nothing to talk about.
Well, I guess you don't wanna talk about my little friend here, hmm? The Ring Director.
What do you want for him? Well, full reinstatement.
My old rank back and a new Crown Victoria.
And a request you're probably not gonna like.
It seemed like a good job, but I just.
I couldn't cut it.
What I came here to ask of you is: Can I come back to the store, sir? Maybe? Just.
- I'll see my way out.
- Not yet.
I couldn't bear to put the offer out there.
It's been here waiting for you.
Don't worry, son.
- You can always come home.
- Thanks a lot, Big Mike.
- Yeah.
Thanks, Big Mike.
- Poppy.
Let's go with "Dad.
" Thanks, Dad.
I like that one.
Morgan Grimes? Yeah, who this? This is General Beckman of the NSA.
I'm calling to say that you are officially a member of Operation Bartowski.
You're not kidding me, are you? This isn't some sort of mean prank or anything, is it? No, we don't do pranks.
You can thank Colonel Casey.
- Okay, I gotta go quit my job.
Hold on.
- Don't do that.
Your cover is the Buy More.
That's perfect.
That's perfect.
I'm good at that.
Aye, aye, captain.
It's "general.
” - Of course.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
I will not let you down.
Are you ? Hello? Hello? Hey.
How you feeling? Unh.
What happened? Everything's okay now.
What about Shaw? He's dead.
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
There was, um.
There was a café, and.
And a bridge.
And he tried to kill me and.
Oh, my God, you shot him.
I couldn't let him hurt you, Sarah.
Trust me, I did what I had to do.
But I'm still the same guy.
I'm still Chuck.
I promise.
You saved me.
Chuck, Sarah, excellent work.
I've consulted with Colonel Casey and he brought me up to speed.
I'll expect a full report when you get back to Burbank.
Actually, I think we're gonna need a few more days in Paris.
No, I want you back ASAP.
We have a new mission.
Last night, a team of Peruvian assassins broke into the Agent Bartowski? Agent Walker.
I've lost contact.
Get them back.
- I don't know - Shut up and kiss me.