Chuck s03e19 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Ring (2)

Get back here.
Mom is gonna be so mad.
- Dad! Dad, help! I'm working, Charles.
Please come out.
What's going on here? I'm trying to work.
Chuck broke Mom's favorite necklace.
Is that true, Charles? I didn't mean to.
He admitted it.
Let me see it.
There's nothing broken in this whole world that the two of you can't fix.
If you work together.
Charles go into your sister's room and get some of her art supplies.
Ellie, you're gonna help him.
I know it's hard, El.
But your Your brother does have a knack for getting into trouble.
But you You're gonna have to protect Chuck.
Be there for him no matter what.
Because you're his big sister.
Can you do that for me? Devon, I lost them.
I lost the truck.
Call me as soon as you can see them, okay? Chuck, where are you? I know how much you're hurting, Chuck but you have to know there's nothing you could've done, okay? It's not your fault.
Yes, it is.
I'm the one who downloaded the Intersect 2.
I'm the one who chose to be a spy.
And it's him who paid the price.
Who's gonna get us out of this one? Who even knows we're here? - Okay, babe.
We found them.
- Devon, these people killed my father.
They're gonna do the same to Chuck.
You have to stop them.
I know.
I know.
We're on it.
What are we gonna do? We don't have a plan.
No plan? Never stopped me before.
Everybody good? Comfy? Uncuff yourselves.
Should look like you were trying to escape when I kill you.
Gee, Morgan.
When one is facing a group of murderers, one should have a plan.
Okay, I agree with you in principle, but we're here now, all right? What? Open up the glove box, pull out the spy manual.
Maybe This is Casey's car.
- Glove box.
- Glove box.
- Get to it.
- I'm a doctor.
- I can't use this.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy.
Well, I'm I'm a lapsed vegetarian.
Dude, there's a button.
- Whoa.
- What did you just do? - I hit a button.
- Well, un-hit it.
- What are you doing? You're gonna get - How many missions you been on? - How many have you? Chuck, are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I think so.
Everyone okay? We're here to save you.
You used my missile.
Pretty cool, huh? Yeah.
Yell at me later.
Let's go.
Come on.
Get in the car.
Come on.
Get in the car.
Let's go! Let's go! Move it! Move it! You're gonna have to protect Chuck.
Be there for him no matter what.
Because you're his big sister.
Can you do that for me? Yeah.
Okay, Dad.
I promise.
By now Shaw has alerted The Ring of our escape.
They'll be looking for us.
- What do we do now? - I learned from my dad we have to be smart.
Do what he would've done.
Give up our old lives.
- Drop off the grid.
- So we're in agreement.
That's the plan.
I'm sorry.
That's the plan? - Give up our lives? - The best for all of us.
Devon, what are you talking about? This is not us.
We don't live off grids, okay? We are regular people.
We live on planet Earth and my father was murdered today.
Our father, Chuck.
- I'm calling the police.
It's what people do.
- Oh, hey, no calls.
They'll track them.
- This is insane.
I'm going.
- Sis, wait.
- Get out of the car.
- Can we talk about this? - What's happening? - Is my husband safe with you? Um.
- Yeah, why? Because Chuck and I need to talk.
Two Bartowskis.
Double the fun.
Hello, egg white omelet on English muffin with my favorite banana peppers to boot.
One hundred sixty calories of deliciousness.
I do know how to build a better breakfast.
Talk to me, Moses.
Anyone seen Morgan? Chuck? Tell me John is in the john.
- Can we help you, sir? - I need my assistant managers.
And Chuck.
What we lack, profoundly and proudly, in on-the-job competence we more than make up for with listening skills.
Actually, I'm deaf in my left ear.
Except for a faint ringing.
It's big news, boys.
The store's numbers are down.
My main man Moses, founder of the Buy More himself, called.
Said if we don't see a spike in numbers and fast, they're gonna close the store.
- What? - Factoring Jeffrey out for a minute may I propose something that I rarely do in life myself? - Tell the truth.
- What you talking about, Lester? If in fact we're going out of business, why not just tell that - to our most loyal customers? - Have a going-out-of-business sale.
Slash prices, sell everything to juice the books? - That's crazy.
- Crazy good? There may be a brain under that mop after all.
- Hello? - The phone did not ring, Jeffrey.
Stupid left ear.
I don't understand how you can know all this how you can have all these secrets and I'm the last person to know.
I thought that I knew you better than anyone.
Not telling was the best way to keep you safe.
There's no one I wanted to tell more.
I mean, you raised me, you know? When I broke Mom's necklace and she left a couple days later, I thought that's why she disappeared.
That it was my fault.
I hated her for leaving.
For making you feel that way.
And the way you were with Dad? No 12-year-old should ever have to worry about handling the family's bank account.
I can't believe that he's gone.
- Our crazy dad.
- He wasn't crazy.
Our dad was a hero.
He was a great man who did amazing things.
He was not perfect, not as a dad.
But he was great.
That's the secret I most wanted you to know.
What are we gonna do? We're gonna go and get them.
Take them down.
The Ring, Shaw.
For what they did to Dad.
They are not gonna get away.
- And then you're done.
- What? As a spy.
This This life, this job.
Chuck, I made a promise to protect you and I can't do it.
Not from this.
So you finish it and then you're done.
- Ellie, I can't - We are all that we have left, Chuck.
I'm not gonna lose you too.
I'll get Shaw and I quit.
I promise.
All right, Devon is in the car, Sarah is making sure it's not bugged.
You leave the city.
Don't tell me where.
I don't wanna know.
Use only cash and payphones.
I will call you when it's safe.
Got that? Got it.
What about Morgan? Should I take him with me? Funny thing about Morgan.
He's actually a part of my spy team.
- He's helping Casey's daughter go off-grid.
- Casey has a daughter? I know.
It's a lot to process.
There's not enough time.
You have to go.
Stay safe.
Don't forget about your promise.
I won't.
Time to take down The Ring.
The perimeter is set.
What are you doing? When Shaw grabbed me, I noticed the cells were equipped for remote interrogation.
If I can crack into their system, we can Wait.
Right there.
There she is.
It's Beckman.
I'm gonna open a channel.
General? - General.
- Who's there? - Is that you, Shaw? - General, it's Chuck.
Chuck? Thank God.
Where are you? What are you doing? We're gonna take down Shaw and The Ring.
But we honestly have no idea how to do it.
Listen fast.
I came to Los Angeles for the Joint Security Summit.
It's a public conference of security experts, but it's really a secret meeting of spies.
Shaw's plan was to discredit me and take my place at the conference.
- A coup d'├ętat.
- The Ring is taking over the CIA and NSA.
So if we had a plan, that plan would be? The conference is happening tonight at the Grande Ambassador.
Damn it.
The five Elders will be there.
Hey, are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
Yeah, I'm Just a A lot of data.
MORGAN; Listen, who are the Elders? They sound scary.
Like "World of Warcraft" scary.
The Elders, Morgan, are the leaders of The Ring.
Makes sense.
Ring operatives are hidden in all major agencies.
We break into the convention, expose Shaw, capture the Elders.
The conference, surrounded by an army of security agents and filled with spies.
- Suicide mission.
- Ones to pull it off - would have to be the best spies.
- Chuck, you're embarrassing me.
- We can do it.
- Well, we better.
It's Shaw.
- We don't have a choice.
- Let's get some payback.
That's what I was gonna say.
Definitely get some payback time.
Okay, Chuck.
We're going in undercover as members of the Russian delegation.
This means we need disguises.
You think you can handle that? Sarah, I played Perchik in Fiddler.
It's true.
He was great.
Thanks, buddy.
It's him.
Excuse me.
Once we ID Shaw, Casey, you and Morgan will take over.
We're in the server room.
Why did I get Morgan for this? Hey Hey.
I'm right here.
Just call me after you've cracked into the database.
There's the conduit right there.
So I just need a hand getting up there.
- You ready? - I was born ready Well No, actually, no.
I wasn't born ready.
But I am ready now.
Remember, Chuck, in order for this plan to work you need to fully convince Shaw.
Make eye contact.
Shake his hand and act as if you were strangers.
Excuse me.
I don't believe we've met.
Daniel Shaw.
Yuri Shushenko.
- It is great pleasure to meet you, Mr.
- Well, thank you.
If you'll excuse me.
Good job.
Well, you can thank - my very convincing facial hair.
- Come on.
Oh, good.
Good, good.
Chuck, number 752.
Get that? Seven-five-two.
Hold on a second.
Let me get this thing off.
Hold on one second.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa.
A little help.
Why do you have my daughter's phone number? I don't know.
Hi, Chuck.
Shaw says your accent could use a little work.
You're the one who manipulated my sister? That's right.
Well, I think this is gonna hurt a little bit.
Chuck? Are you okay? I'm sorry.
I didn't wanna tell you.
Just tell me what's going on.
The Intersect.
The flashes are getting worse.
We have to abort.
Shaw is not worth this.
If I can get the Governor back, I'll be fine.
You help Morgan and Casey.
- I I can't leave you like this.
- I'm okay, really.
You have to go.
We have to stop him.
You're not gonna believe it.
Yes? There's a line around the store of stay-at-home moms ready for the sale tomorrow.
Big Mike, we Jefferson and myself were hoping to screen this tomorrow.
You know, since you're a manager and all, we thought it'd be a good idea.
- What is it? - Our music video.
- We spent two weekends on it.
- Two weekends.
Great idea.
But let's do it late in the day.
Wouldn't wanna scare anyone away too early.
- Right.
The CIA believes that international terrorism is a growth industry.
The demand for the security we offer is even greater than it was a year ago.
Which brings me to my next point.
Excuse me.
Did you know that Nerd Herd offers a wide variety of helpful hints for making your presentations better? Chuck.
Where are you? I'm in Room 752, which I believe is your room.
Also, we are well aware that your bosses, The Ring Elders, are in the audience now and they have got to be asking themselves: "Who is Daniel talking to?" Ladies and gentlemen, please remain seated.
The presentation will begin again shortly.
Casey, Morgan.
Shaw has left the stage.
Tell me.
Why do you have my daughter's phone number? Hold on a second.
Alex gave that to me on her own free will.
But as friends.
- Friends? - Yeah.
Or something more? Your heart's racing, pupils dilated, skin's flush.
- You like her.
- Or you're choking me.
- Hey.
- Oh, just in time.
- What for? Come on, let's go.
Not a toy, Morgan.
Ready? - Yeah.
This discussion is not over.
- Muzzle down.
- Muzzle down.
No gun.
Very brave, Chuck.
So, what's happening? You're under arrest.
What are you doing here? What's your plan? I'm sorry.
Are you asking me to make the classic villain mistake of explaining my dastardly plot to you? Know what? I'd love to.
I confess we had no idea who the Elders were or how to ID them.
So we let you do that for us when you warned them to leave the theater.
So on behalf of the NSA, the CIA and of course your local Buy More I'd just like to say thanks.
Going somewhere? Reach for the sky, dirtbags.
You people are the disease and I'm the cure.
Back off there, Cobra.
I didn't give you any bullets.
Are you kidding me? I knew this felt too light.
Chuck? We've got them.
I'm on my way up to you.
Do not give Shaw an inch.
Ring captured.
That's another check on my to-do list.
Do you see what you did wrong? You and your team are fugitives.
On who's authority would anyone arrest me? What about my father? Yes.
I killed your father.
Yes, I work for The Ring and I'm going to destroy the CIA.
And still I'm gonna walk out of here a hero.
How does that make you feel? You know, your Nerd Herd associate can also help you with video conferencing.
Smile, Daniel.
You're on TV.
What do I say to that? Mwa-ha-ha.
Now give me the Governor.
Don't make me take it from you.
I'd like to see you try.
I knew you didn't have it in you.
So clever.
So smart.
There's no way out of this one.
Shaw, drop him.
Help me.
Going out of business? What the? What the hell is going on here? I've only been gone for two days.
These numbers are amazing.
Boys, you know what time it is? - Please say Jeffster time.
Say it.
Say it.
- Say it.
Play your video.
Play it loud.
What the hell is going on here? Who authorized this sale? This store is supposed to be closed.
These people are stealing from us.
This is not good.
Old man Moses couldn't protect us anymore.
They up and closed the store.
All of this was supposed to be shipped to Beverly Hills.
Where is Mike? Go, go, go.
- Where is everyone? - Casey's getting Ellie, Awesome.
And Morgan's checking in to the Buy More.
I promised her I'd leave that I wouldn't be a spy anymore.
- What? - Ellie.
- She's gonna be so mad at me if I die.
- Hey, we're gonna get that Governor, okay? I'm gonna find Shaw, I'm gonna get it back no matter where he is.
- Hello? This isn't about you.
- Shaw.
- I'm in the store.
I've wired it with explosives.
It'll take 10 minutes for the CIA back-up team to arrive.
I only need seconds.
I want you to send me Chuck.
We're on our way.
Help me.
Anybody! Come on.
Come on.
Come Oh, no.
What the hell is going on? Walker just pulled the silent alarm.
Yeah, it's Shaw.
He's here.
He planted bombs all over the store, he'll blow the whole place up.
Where is Chuck? You gotta get everyone out.
Are you near a fire alarm? Yes, it's outside the cage, but I'm tied up inside the cage.
- My hands are cuffed to a chair.
- You gotta break your thumbs.
- I'm sorry, can you say that again? - Your thumbs.
To get free, you gotta break them.
Do it.
Break your thumbs.
Yes, sir.
- You don't wanna kill all these people.
- You're right.
I don't wanna kill all these people.
However, I would like to kill Chuck.
And I wouldn't mind killing you too.
Have you seen Big Mike? We're gonna need a diversion to get out of here.
What are you thinking? Pineapple.
Get out of here.
Go, go.
- Well done.
Come on.
Shaw, stop.
You don't understand.
- Where is he? - He's not coming.
He can't.
A gun fight? Is that what you really want? Do you have one good flash left? I saved the best for last.
I'm waiting, Chuck.
Wake up in the mornin' And I raise my weary head I got an old coat for a pillow And the earth was last night's bed I don't know where I'm going Only God knows where I've been I'm a devil on the run A six-gun lover.
A candle in the wind.
Shot down in a blaze of glory.
Take me now But know the truth I'm going down in a blaze of glory.
Please stop it, Shaw.
But Lord I'm no one's son.
Call me young gun Chuck? Chuck.
Chuck, please wake up.
Hey, Dad.
Charles, I'll be back in a second.
Chuck, are you all right? Are you all right? Did you ? Did you? It was a complete transfer.
Empty files.
The whole system went into you Your You processed an incredible amount of data.
But you're okay.
What does that mean? Hang on.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
You're gonna be okay.
You're special, son.
It means you're special.
You're special.
You're special, son.
It means you're special.
Please, Chuck.
Come on.
Shaw, stop it.
Chuck? - Chuck? - Sorry just had to reboot.
You have to do it.
You have to kill me.
No, thanks.
I've already done that once before.
That's what makes you weak.
No, that's what makes you great.
Your dad wanted you to have this.
This is not good.
I am definitely gonna be fired tomorrow.
Big Mike, sir.
What if I told you there was another way? A way we could save our jobs.
Be heroes.
Do tell, Barnes.
Do tell.
We burn the Buy More.
Burn it down to the ground.
Burn down what? It'd be my honor to do that for you.
That's it.
I have had it with you two.
You have brought me nothing but pain and misery.
You, answering phones that ain't ringing.
And you, your singing voice is a vocal felony.
With that, good night, good riddance, and goodbye.
None of these firemen are real? CIA cleaners.
They're looking for Shaw's detonator.
Good work today.
Takes something special to break your thumbs.
It's nothing.
They're just thumbs.
What any good partner would do.
- Will you tell Beckman of my exploits? - Depends.
Why did you have my daughter's phone number? Oh.
Ah, ah.
Sarah, I told Ellie that I'd quit after we stopped The Ring.
And I meant it.
I can't lie to her.
You think you could love a regular guy? Well, I fell in love with a regular guy.
Found the detonator.
Found the detonator.
Am I on some hero streak? - Man, when you're hot you're hot.
- Careful with that.
Tell Beckman of my exploits.
How I broke my thumbs, how I found the detonator? - Dude is gonna drop it.
- And how I Dropped it.
I can't believe I just did that.
Bombs are armed, everybody.
Run! I'm sorry, everybody.
Sorry, it was an accident.
Come on.
Get out! Go.
Get back.
Get back.
- Did we do that? - I don't know.
- Start the van.
It was an accident.
All in an orderly fashion.
We need everyone to get out of the store right now.
Sir, ma'am, this way.
Sweet Lord, they did it.
They actually did it.
Those crazy nerds blew up the freaking Buy More.
In our top story tonight it's been 24 hours since the Burbank Buy More burned to the ground.
And police have had no luck in apprehending the two lead suspects.
These two men are on the run and considered extremely dangerous.
If you encounter these fugitives please call your local authorities immediately.
And in other - Thanks, buddy.
- Of course, touch-up.
Um, ahem.
We didn't always think he was the greatest family man.
But we know that there was nothing more important to him than family.
To a great man.
Stephen J.
To Dad.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I hope I didn't miss dinner.
No, come in, please.
Welcome to la casa de Bartowski.
- Alex, this is my sister, Ellie.
- Hi.
And that's Devon, her husband back there.
I'm just so glad you came.
Me too.
Well, he's not much of a hugger, but baby steps, right? Glad to see you, Alex.
I too am glad that you came Step aside before I break the rest of your fingers.
Or you blow up the apartment.
That's low, Casey.
Okay, it was an accident.
- Chuck, it was an accident.
- I know.
That was an accident.
So, Chuck, are you done? For real? I told Beckman that I'm out.
I mean, after all, I did get her her job back and saved multiple branches of the United States government so she accepted.
I'm a civilian.
Just like you.
Really? You were right, sis.
There's nothing more important than family.
- Love you.
- I love you too.
Oh, boy.
Hello, Chuck.
If you're seeing this that means I wasn't able to stop this message from sending.
Which also means I'm dead.
What do I say about that? Um.
I'm sorry and.
Well, I hope you and your sister know how much I love you.
Loved you.
Now I need you to do something for me, Charles.
Something secret.
You better get a pen.
I never wanted you to be a spy.
I knew how dangerous this world is, what it does to the people in it.
Boy, do I know that.
That's why I kept something from you.
Something about me.
About Orion.
Charles, I'll be back in a second.
Hey, Dad.
I've been a spy for the last 20 years.
Working for myself doing things governments are afraid to do.
Maybe being a spy is Is in our blood.
And maybe I should have told you all of this long ago.
But, Chuck your story, it's only just beginning.
It's time you know the truth about my work and about the people who tried to destroy me, because if I'm gone then you're not safe from them anymore.
And neither is Ellie.
These people, they are ruthless, cunning and Chuck, it's time you learned about your family.
Because I did it all for her.
Yes? We're going to have to move you.