Chuck s05e03 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips

Hi, I'm Chuck and here's what's been going on in my life lately.
- This is not a real attack, is it? - No, this is our competition.
- Verbanski Corp.
took all of our clients.
- Told you.
You put me out there, you don't have to worry.
- Morgan needs a handler.
- What? Who? Me? You be my handler.
Just because you have the Intersect doesn't mean you don't have to learn.
I have something I can offer you no one else can.
Okay, target acquired.
Distance to intercept, 100 meters.
This is it.
You ready, Casey? Readiness, like life, begins at the point of conception.
Where am I headed? Other side.
You should be hitting a one-way.
- Head south to initiate intercept.
- Roger that.
You okay? Your blood pressure just went through the roof.
I'm fine.
How much time till intercept? - Steady.
In five, four three, two, one.
- Gertrude, hey.
- What are the chances? Okay, her favorite restaurant is a block away.
A raw bar called Cerulean.
I was just, uh, going around the corner to that little oyster bar.
That-- That is my favorite restaurant, heh.
What are the chances? Wow.
You know, I could really go for some Blue Points right about now.
Hear that? The target is yours.
Ask her out.
- She practically just asked you out.
- Blue Points are delicious.
Especially with mignonette sauce.
Boy, that's, heh, the best thing the damn French ever gave us.
- Come on, Casey.
- Ahem.
Well, it was, uh, great talking to you.
Just give her a kiss on the cheek.
Just let her know you're interested.
Guess I'll, uh, see you around? Come on.
- You froze.
It happens to the best of us.
- No, I didn't freeze.
- Then what do you call that? - Reconnaissance.
You planted a bug on Verbanski? Mm-hm.
Piggybacks off her cell phone's Wi-Fi.
That's why people go on dates.
To gel to know one another.
Just do me a favor.
Don't tell Chuck and Morgan, hmm? Lips are sealed.
How many triple words are you gonna leave open, Jeff? - My God, he's dumb.
- Morgan.
Boom, 87 points, huh? It's good to be the Intersect.
- Please, buddy, we're on a mission.
- Oh, Right, sorry.
I thought we were just sitting in some Burbank parking garage.
Sorry, you got somewhere you need to be? I had a hot date.
No biggie.
This is how you choose to use the world's greatest supercomputer.
Okay, okay, this is actually what I needed to talk to you about.
Um The attitude.
- Am I not--? - Being the Intersect doesn't mean -you talk about being the Intersect.
- You did it your way, I'll do it my way.
- Morgan.
- Chuck.
I hate to say it, but you're starting to remind me of seventh-grade Morgan and I think we both know what happened to him.
Stay here.
Got it, boss.
It's good to see you again.
- I trust you and your team are well.
- Hanging in there, yeah.
Tums out working in the private sector is- Look, I think it's better if we keep this brief.
No offense.
You've heard of Mats Zorn? - Guy with the whistleblower website.
- Makes WikiLeaks look like child's play.
A number of classified CIA memos have fallen into Zorn's hands.
- So you want us to grab Zom.
- And the documents.
The drive contains his itinerary.
Zorn doesn't stay in one place any longer than it takes to refuel -but we have him passing through L.
- This a paying gig? There's a size-able bounty" on Zorn.
I'm outsourcing to circumvent the leak.
My only condition is no one breathes my name in relation to the mission.
Yo, Becky! What up, baby girl? I told you to come alone.
You're doing Pilates, huh? Don't say you're not.
You are.
What the hell is wrong with him? - So many things.
- Becky, your core is really tight.
Alex? - Oh, hey.
I thought you were Morgan.
- I just dropped him off at the Buy More.
- What? - I guess he forgot about our plans.
- I wouldn't say that.
- He did mention having a hot date, so - Well, clearly it's with someone else.
Is there something going on between you two? You would tell me if Morgan is seeing someone else, right? Yes.
And no, he is not.
He's had a lot on his mind lately, that's all, Let me track him down, talk sense into him.
- Chin up.
- Thanks.
- Oh, hey.
How did it go with the general? - Piece of cake.
Data drive with the mission is locked up in Castle.
- So, what's the problem? - Morgan.
Tried to have a heart-to-heart about his-- Overblown ego.
Anyway, he went AWOL.
Casey, can you help with a surveillance detail? - Casey, what you looking at? - Nothing.
Ooh, you got a wire up on someone, huh? Who is it? - Verbanski.
- Corporate espionage.
- He's just sizing up the competition.
- Perving out on Gertrude.
- Weird move, Casey.
- I told you.
So have you considered my offer? Gertrude, do me a favor.
- What is he doing in her office? - That's a good question.
Next time you make me an offer like that to me”.
why don’t you go and spit in my face instead? - Thank you, Morgan.
- Heh.
Bubeleh, I offer you the services of the world's greatest spy and you don't have the decency, the common courtesy to offer me my own personal assistant? - Bush league.
- You drive a hard bargain, Mr.
Eh, I try.
I try.
Welcome to Verbanski Corp.
- You little-- - Traitor.
I'm gonna like it here.
Hey, what are you doing? It's so early.
I couldn't really sleep, so I figured I'd head into the office early.
Well, why didn't you wake me? I mean, ugh, we could've talked about it.
I know what Morgan did hurt you.
I'm not, uh, hurt.
I'm just angry.
The Intersect is an integral part of our business and Morgan just sold it to our number one rival.
Morgan is also your best friend.
I'm trying not to think about that right now.
Okay, her bottle is on the counter.
There's two more that need to be warmed up.
Clara eats every two hours, and lets you know she's full by spitting up.
- Oh, that's my girl.
- Are you ready for this? It's great you took paternity leave-- It's just feeding, burping and wiping.
I think I got it, babe.
Your daddy climbed Matterhorn.
- Was the only one who didn't lose a toe.
- You're tough, Being with a baby is a different kind of tough.
- So you pace yourself.
- Heh, yeah.
You're on Clara time now.
Bye, sweetie.
Say bye to Mommy.
Say, "You got it.
" Okay, it's 9 a.
What do you wanna do first? Well, we should probably clean up before Mommy gets home, huh? Nine forty-five? In the a.
? It's only been 45 minutes? What are we gonna do with the rest of the day? Oh.
Don't scuff it, all right, Cabbage Patch? What's up, bro? You wanna talk to me? - Morgan, did you dye your hair? - No.
I frosted my tips.
I think it makes my eyes pop.
Are you wearing lifts? Boy, they're orthotics, okay? They're for my posture.
It's cool.
Cruise wears them.
What is--? What is going on with you? You smell like the Glendale Galleria.
It's Ed Hardy, I'll send you a bottle.
- What is this? - My three-week notice.
- What? You backdated it three weeks.
- Oh, yeah? Well, I've been busy, Chuck.
- Working for Verbanski Corp.
? - Ah, you heard.
Monster deal.
I was gonna tell-- - No, no, no, I get it.
You're busy.
- God.
I knew you were gonna do this.
- Do what? - Just take this whole thing and make it all personal.
Personal? How is this personal? Do you understand? Our business needs you.
We need the Intersect.
Carmichael Industries is just starting to get off the ground right now.
Yeah, Yeah.
I came for stuff out of my office I would've sent my decorator but she's all busy with Mark Wahlberg's place.
Think it through, moron.
You walk out on us, you never walk back.
Save it, all right, everybody.
You had the greatest weapon on the planet and chose not to use me.
Thais on you.
So you told Verbanski about the Intersect? We were trying to protect you.
Don't do this.
It's already done, okay, Chuck? It's too late.
I don't need any of this crap.
Eh, eh, eh, eh! You sure you wanna do that, Johnny? Fine, Leave.
But there's no way I'm letting a traitor date my daughter.
Right, right, right.
Your daughter, sure.
Excuse me.
I'll take care of that right now.
Sweet little Allie.
- Alex.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure, whatever.
There you go.
All right? You text-message break up with my girl? Yeah, well, ahem I can do better.
- You-- - Just let him go.
What do you want? Want me to kill him'? Because I'll kill him, Better yet, let's keep him alive, You can work him over for a while.
No, Dad, I don't want you to hurt Morgan.
I love him.
I just-- I just don't understand how he could be so awful, you know? - Just tell me what in do - I just- I just don't understand.
I just want the old Morgan back, you know? I know it hurts, honey.
We Caseys don't like to open up make ourselves vulnerable.
When someone does rip our heart out and stomp on it in front of our eyes it could be like the worst tenure of all.
I just want you to know that I'm always here for you.
Always will be.
Charity Hospital will return after these messages.
Sorry if I'm interrupting but we have something important to discuss.
Who's that handsome devil? Heh.
If you're in a pickle, come to Buy More where a green shin can help you find your way.
You know, he's right.
We should head to the Buy More.
That backup juicer is probably on its last leg.
Should kill a couple hours.
We just gotta make it to dinner, right? - Something is wrong.
This isn't like him.
- Oh, sure it is.
His new powers, they've pushed him to the dark side.
He doesn't have a dark side.
It's like middle school all over again.
Like when Morgan grew his first mustache, Full, thick, manly.
Like a miniature Tom Selleck.
Thought he was cock of the walk.
All cool, sarcastic, mean.
Made our lives a living hell for a few weeks.
Till Meredith Lester showed up.
And she grew a mustache too? No, she did not, no.
One day, Meredith snuck up behind Morgan and pantsed him in front of everyone.
Exposed him for who he really was.
He went back to being uncool and we went back to being friends by the end of the day.
- That's it.
- You're gonna drop Morgan's pants.
Metaphorically, yes.
We finish Beckman's mission.
We show Verbanski Morgan is not as cool as he thinks he is-- - You'll be friends by the end of the day? - Exactly.
- No.
No, no, no.
- What? What is it? Oh, my God, what is that smell? Ed Hardy cologne.
It's gone.
The zip drive is gone.
Little bearded bastard stole it.
Stole our mission.
He probably took it with him to Verbanski Corp.
I can't beli-- Morgan just pantsed us! What are you two doing? We're taking down our competition.
Anybody work here anymore? Clara, I'm gonna find someone to look after you.
Lester, come here.
- Guard this child with your life.
- Oh.
The Chosen One.
Hey, there, miss.
Come on, I got you, man.
- Hey.
Get up, Jeff.
- Use your legs.
- I am gonna take a knife and fork and just eat those chubby little cheeks.
- Yes, Uncle Lester is.
- What are you doing? - You're scaring her.
- No.
What are you doing? Trying to kill yourself? I'm just taking off the exhaust pipe, trying to squeeze a few more horses -out of the beast.
- Hear of carbon monoxide, hmm, guys? - Can't leave your engine running.
- He has to or he can't start it up again.
And the engine noise helps me sleep.
Hold up.
Are you telling me you sleep in your van with the engine running? I'm sorry.
What was the question? Jeff, you need to see a doctor, man.
You might have damaged your brain.
Aw, Jeffrey doesn't have a brain, silly pants.
- Give me a call.
I'll give a quick consult.
- Really? Caught me on a slow week.
Okay, Clara, let's go, honey.
- Yeah.
Come on.
Thanks, though.
- No.
- Five more minutes.
- Come on, yeah.
Thank you.
Filly biological clock is tick-tacking.
This is breaking and entering.
Verbanski can shoot us with impunity.
Well, her little goon Grimes stole our mission.
- We're gonna steal it back.
- So this has nothing to do with revenge? If we don't get that bounty on Zorn, Carmichael Industries goes belly up.
If we don't stop Zorn, no telling how many agents are gonna get burned.
Where are we going? Zip drive is in your girlfriend's office.
The only problem is the door.
Roger that.
I can infiltrate, you two take down security.
- You sure that's a good idea? - Huh? Ah! - I mean, you know, you and Verbanski.
- There is no me and Verbanski.
Coming from the guy who put a bug on her.
That was before she poached one of my team.
That woman is dead to me.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? Come on, let's grab their uniforms.
Casey, Verbanski's office is on your right.
Don't touch the handle.
- Two guards coming.
- What's the holdup? Just accessing the system.
Okay, go.
- What is he doing? - I have no idea.
Casey, we are on a bit of a schedule here.
Casey, is everything okay in there? Yeah, a-okay.
Casey, you've got incoming.
Bingo! Let's start with the Zorn mission briefing.
- What is this? - A soy latte with two Splendas.
Soy? Who said soy'? What do you want me to do? - Start lactating for you? - I'm not sure what you mean.
I asked for almond milk.
Almond milk.
- Okay, say it with me.
- You megalomaniacal little bastard.
- Okay? Please fix it.
- Yes, sir.
This is the best that Harvard has to offer? Casey, watch out, it's Verbanski.
Got it.
Let's move.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Blue team, please report to the east training field.
- Blue team to the east training field.
- I got to boogie.
That's my class.
Okay, I suppose our mission briefing can wait.
Hey, what are you doing here? They just called us.
Hurry up.
Blue team, right? Go.
I hear the new instructor is a real monster.
Right, yeah, ahem.
Is that a zip drive in your pocket or are you just excited to see me? I'm here because you stole our mission and our moron.
Oh, so you weren't following me downtown working up the nerve to ask me out? I don't date thieves.
Sarah, what is the holdup? Well, well, well.
Look at this sorry bunch.
Verbanski wants me to whip you into shape.
Ah, tell you what.
We're gonna play a little game.
I'm gonna point to one of you and you're gonna step up using whatever technique to try and take me down.
You all seem so excited.
Ah, na-na-na-na-na-na.
You, come here.
Too slow.
It was just too slow.
My software is just way too fast for you.
You, you, you.
I'll take that.
Thank you.
Enough foreplay? Get over yourself, Gertrude.
I like you here, you, this guy over here, the big guy.
See if you can hold me-- Oh.
What are you waiting for, princess? Come on.
Come on.
I'll be gentle.
Master has taught you well.
I am the master.
What are you doing here? I'm here to take back what you stole from us.
No, no.
The Intersect is mine.
I want the zip drive, okay? You can keep the Intersect, Gollum.
Since you started zooming, you're acting a bit big for your britches.
No, my britches fit just fine, thank you.
You're just jealous.
- Jealous? - That's right.
I was a better spy than you ever were.
I take the Intersect to a whole new level.
We're friends, so I'm gonna give you a chance.
That's the thing, Chuck.
We are not friends.
I can't believe you just said that.
Well, things come out sometimes in the heat of the-- No.
No, forget that.
I stand by it.
We are not friends.
We got the drive.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Grimes, there's been a breach.
We need you to secure the zip drive.
You heard my boss.
Hand it over.
Do not make me do this, John.
You know what I'm capable of.
Just hand it over before someone gets hurt.
God, I love the Intersect.
Oh, really? That's what we're gonna do here? I mean, you're gonna-- Unh.
Zorn arrives in L.
Business meeting downtown.
Just enough time for him to switch planes and disappear.
Let me see that last tail number.
We can pull up satellite on the address.
Looks like a helipad.
That's where we'll grab.
Carmichael Industries will be seven figures.
Won'! be long till we're next.
I think we should talk about Morgan and Gertrude.
I told you, Walker.
she's dead to me.
Well, then how do you explain whatever that was in her office? Clearly you still have feelings for her.
I know what Morgan did hurt you, but you saw the way he was behaving.
It's time to admit this is more than just an ego problem.
- Seventh-grade Morgan.
- What if it's not? - What if Morgan needs help? - He said we're not friends anymore so how am I supposed to help him now? So, Jeff, when's the last time you saw a doctor? Um When was the last time I got something stuck up in me? Okay, I'm just gonna ask you a few questions.
All right, Jeff.
Have any trouble focusing? Whoa! Yeah.
- That's a yes.
- Heh.
Any problems with your short-term memory, Jeff? Hey, doc.
Do you know I'm cha-cha under here? All right, keep the gown down.
Do you have any trouble performing at work? Got that one.
We're gonna mark that as a yes as well.
All right, I'm just gonna write you a script here, buddy.
Get you on your way.
Should take care of all your problems.
Stop sleeping in your van, Jeff.
Okay? Doctor's orders.
What are you saying? Is there something wrong with Morgan? I just- I feel like he's lo-sing himself.
Why would the Intersect act so differently in Morgan's head -versus Chuck's? - It's a different program.
Somebody modified Dad's original.
If there's something wrong.
have CIA remove it.
I don't think he's gonna go for that.
Morgan is not acting like Morgan at all.
- You need to try to get through to him.
- How? Well, you could try to appeal to his memory.
I've had temporal lobe patients who've responded to stories about who they were before the injury.
It doesn't return them to normal but it helps them cut through the fog.
In this case, the Intersect.
Gives them a glimpse of who they used to be.
Agent Walker, is the target in custody? No.
It's about the Intersect.
It's malfunctioning in Morgan.
Morgan Grimes has the Intersect? It was a mistake.
Remember the glasses that you sent to us -after we took down Volkoff? - Listen to me, Walker.
I never sent you Intersect glasses.
Well, then, who did? Ready, Casey? Let's go.
Where you been? Zorn is not gonna wait.
Talked to Beckman about Morgan.
The Intersect he uploaded wasn't from her.
- What? Then who? - Decker or somebody else in the CIA.
- She doesn't know.
- Why would anyone wanna hurt Morgan? You.
It was meant for you.
I spoke to your sister.
Morgan's behavior is not his fault.
It's the Intersect.
Whatever was added to the program is destroying him.
He's forgetting who he is.
Little Allie.
E can do better.
- Wow, good job, Indy.
- Who? He didn't remember Indiana Jones.
So Star Wars or Die Hard? Ah, you pick, man.
That's more your thing.
Or Trilogy Night.
Oh, my God.
This isn't just seventh-grade Morgan.
I can'! believe I didn't see earlier.
He was my best friend.
Is my best friend.
Sarah, we gotta find him.
He's on his way downtown to the Marriott - Tracking Zom? - Must've copied that drive, little snake.
Right, it's not his fault.
Guys, let's save Morgan.
If we must.
No sign of Zorn.
Must be holed up in one of the rooms.
His helicopter should be landing soon.
We won't have any trouble subduing his crew.
Or security detail.
Usually travels with four former operatives.
Guys, Morgan should be here by now.
His team had a head start on us.
Well, maybe something came up.
Maybe he betrayed them too.
He left Alex.
Maybe his brain is breaking down so fast that the Morgan we knew is already gone.
Down, down, down! What the--? - Morgan and Verbanski stole our plan.
They're gonna grab Zom.
- Zorn is traveling with four guards.
- That's it, huh? After neutralizing them, load Zorn into the aircraft, return to headquarters.
Hey, listen.
I'm not paying you to play games.
If we land Zorn, there's no telling what kind of business.
" -Beckman is gonna send us.
- Okay.
Gertrude's gonna put us out of business, This isn't about business.
Chuck, what are you doing? I'm going to talk to my friend.
Don't shoot.
- Take him before he spooks the target.
- I wouldn't if I were you.
What did you think? You were gonna swoop in here and snatch up Zorn? - Not happening.
- This isn't about Zorn.
I'm here to help.
Oh, right, right.
Like before when you pulled my pants down and you tranq'd me? Stop shooting! What do you want? - Mats Zorn, you're under arrest.
- Mats Zorn, you're under arrest.
I knew it.
You came here to make me look like a loser.
The Intersect you uploaded, there's something wrong with it.
I bet there is.
It's not in your head.
There was some kind of Trojan horse hidden.
Come on, please.
Please, come on.
Just admit it.
Just admit that you cannot handle the fact that I'm the badass operative with the badass tips and you're the dorky sidekick.
Ladies, please stop fighting! Shut up! Can'! you feel the Intersect changing you? That's why you're not acting like yourself.
Why would I wanna act like myself, huh? - Do you remember who I was before? - Yes, Morgan! Do you? Holy hell.
Is that real? Tum off the engine, Zom.
Stop the engine or I will blow us all to hell.
- Morgan, you're not a killer.
- Shut up, Chuck.
How would you know? Because you got pantsed by Meredith Lester in seventh grade.
- Gotta unlock his memory.
- What is--7 I don't even remember seventh grade.
Sure you do.
Put the gun down, Morgan.
Try to remember what she did to you.
Even if I did remember, Chuck, why? Why would I wanna remember being humiliated by some stupid girl? - You'd remember we got back at her.
- What do you mean we? Yeah, we.
I'm your best friend.
Always have been.
Who else would've helped you stand up to the queen of eighth grade? What did we do exactly? We stole Meredith's ham sandwich during homeroom, and then-- We did something to it.
We, uh - We spiced it up somehow.
- Yes.
You're right, Morgan.
But what did we put in it? It was something really, really awful.
I can see it in my head, I can, I just-- it's like a, hm, gnarly, curly-- Like a cockroach leg or-- - My mustache.
- Yes.
We shaved off my first mustache and sprinkled it on her sandwich.
I remember now.
Chuck, I remember.
Thais who you are, buddy.
Thais who I am.
Please, lake me lo jail.
You're all a bunch of maniacs.
- You cuff him, I'll grab the case.
- Does that mean we split the bounty? I'm sure we can work something out.
Can I have a minute? Oh.
I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity.
But I don't think it's gonna work out.
Ah, poor kid, man.
That's tough.
Morgan! The auxiliary tank is gonna blow the whole roof.
Wait, Chuck! - I knew you were into me, John.
- Shut up, Gertrude.
Thank God you're okay.
Still friends? - No, heh.
- Heh.
Of course.
Thanks for pantsing me.
Anytime, buddy.
- You're gonna be late.
- If I take the Smith & Wesson show her that I'm rugged and dependable.
Maybe the Sig.
She'll think I'm cool and sophisticated.
I'll just take them both.
So you're taking Verbanski to the gun range on your first date? - Weird move? - No, I think she's gonna love it.
Well, good luck.
Sure you don't wanna tag along, follow in the van? I am wired for sound.
I think this is a solo mission.
Thanks, Walker.
- Is Casey wearing Morgan's cologne? - Unfortunately.
What's this? Courtesy of General Beckman and the government.
- Our bounty money for Zorn.
- Wow, that's a lot of zeroes.
Just the beginning.
Carmichael Industries has a new lease on life.
- Wonderful.
- Mwah.
Dude, quick, give me 5 bucks.
Why do you need $5? Fernando says if we give him 20 he's gonna let me Taser his nads.
Ooh-hoo-hoo! Is that a good idea? What do you care? Could I have the money? It just sounds really dangerous.
Yeah, what if we kill him? That's totally worth 20 bucks.
I will not be party to the reckless endangerment of a coworker.
And, if I might add, a friend.
What is going on with you? Dude, are you high? - What did you take? - Far from it, Lester.
In fact, I'm seeing things clearly for the first time in a long time.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go put my quinoa salad in the fridge.
Quin-? Good news.
Your vitals look fine.
I don't feel fine though, I certainly haven't been acting fine.
Don't worry, Morgan.
I know a very good brain doctor, heh.
Almost lost myself to this thing in my head, so I want it out, you know? But, uh, to be honest, I don't know.
Part of me thinks I'll kind of miss it, The Intersect made me this, like, super cool superspy, you know? Now I go back to being some schmuck who works at Buy More.
I know how you feel.
- You do? - Yeah, You know, when I first became a stay-at-home dad, I lost my identity.
- Mind if I give you a word of advice? - Of course, yeah.
Please, fire away.
Don't confuse a job with your life.
- How did that date with my ex-boss go? - What do you want? Uh, to apologize.
The Intersect made me a jerk.
Not that it was the Intersect's fault.
It just kind of brought out my inner jerk.
Who knew? Heh, Anyway, my point is I'm my You know? I'm sorry I ever left the team, that I took the zip drive but most importantly, I am really son's for what I did to Alex.
I was just a bozo.
So, what do you say, roomie, huh? Another chance? You know, I'll just, uh All right.
On the couch maybe or--? - Morgan.
- Hi.
Sorry, uh, Casey kicked me out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
Let me talk to him.
No, no, no.
I kind of had it coming, heh, so Okay, where are you gonna live? I don't know, but that's cool.
Jeff said that I could, uh, crash in his van.
You know, that he's not using it now, so Yeah, I'll be all right.
You know, just till I get on my feet.
Absolutely not, Morgan.
You're gonna stay with us.
Guys, I mean, after everything that's-- I don't know what to say.
- Say you're gonna lose the frosted tips.
- Okay, fine.
Look who's back.
Beckman must've been so impressed with how we handled Zorn, she's got a nice, big contract waiting for us.
Fantastic, man.
- Can I take Scotty back on? - Mm-mm.
I'm kidding.
He's- I don't even“ But he's kind of- Did you meet him? He was kind of a- He's a good kid.
We have another problem, Chuck.
There's something I thought you should see.
This is a kill order.
It's gotta be a mistake.
Morgan told anyone who wanted to hear he had Intersect.
- The CIA does not like that.
- It was a mistake.
Can't you call it off? This goes way above my head.
He wants Morgan dead.
Get Morgan off the street.
Protect him.
Protect your friend, Chuck.
Come on, Morgan, pick up.