Chuck s05e11 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Bullet Train

I'm Chuck.
Here are things you need to know.
I've had a suspicion that something's happening behind the scenes here.
I knew it.
We were right.
X-13 gas.
Short-term memory eraser.
They'll forget the last 24 hours.
Lester, something really weird is up.
I remember something going on underneath the Buy More.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Nicholas Quinn.
I'm about to become the Intersect.
I have your husband.
Bring the Intersect 'to the San Pedro docks, Pier 23.
- It was a trap.
- We gotta get out of here.
Walker, no! Don't do it.
So we're taking the bullet train, huh? You nailed it, genius.
The Tokaido Shinkansen will be departing in 10 minutes.
So Nagoya, Osaka or Kyoto, Quinn? What's the lucky city? The location's a secret.
I still don't know what you expect from me.
I told you--- You didn't know how to fix the Intersect.
Yes, you mentioned that.
Maybe you failed in the past because you didn't have my sewers or my technicians or maybe you weren't properly incentivized.
What's that supposed to mean? You didn't have a gun to your head.
But you will this time.
Without the Intersect, I have nothing to fix.
Walker and Casey just delivered the Intersect glasses to my men.
They're en route to my base.
You've had your time, Bartowski.
Now it's my time.
And don't think that you're gonna get rescued.
There's a second part to that communication.
It's bad news.
Your friends are dead.
Train rolls out in seven minutes.
We are right on time.
Everything goes smooth when you've got the Intersect.
To a point.
We took out Quinn's henchman in a snap.
And I flashed on the computer and sent out those phony communiques.
It is useful.
You're awfully good at it.
Thought how Chuck's gonna take the news? I will find the right time.
When we get off this train Name, rank and serial number.
Oh, come on, I've had this in my head for three days.
It took Morgan a month to start losing his memory.
I think I have some time.
Now, let's move, Frank.
Relax, Casey.
I'm kidding.
It also took Morgan a month to be a jerk.
I don't mean to be a jerk, but I should be in Tokyo with Sarah and Casey, not stuck here like some lab rat.
Sarah has the same version of the Intersect that made you deteriorate socially.
As in, breaking up with me via text message.
- Which made us stronger.
- So we're trying to be proactive.
Determine the cause.
We gotta poke around in your prefrontal and temporal lobes.
I should be out there in the action.
I got this mission, man.
Just By helping me, you are helping the mission, okay? If we figure this out, we can help save Sarah from the deleterious side effects.
That's a good point.
Okay, you're right.
What does "deleterious" mean? Could be worse than we thought.
Morgan's vocabulary never expanded beyond cereal boxes and comic books.
I'll have you know there are puzzles on them that can be challenging.
Morgan, you're gonna get through this.
I know.
It's just, I'm a trained spy now.
I should be out there with my team.
- Hold still, Morgan.
- I'm a weapon.
Hey, now! Oh, that hurts.
- That's hurt-y.
- My hero.
The train will be departing in two minutes.
Hey, guys- It was stuffy in here, you know, so I thought I'd open the window and then thought maybe I'd escape.
Your tricky little ring? Say goodbye to it.
You don't wanna do that.
Sarah, thank God.
I knew you weren't dead.
How'd you get here? I'll tell you as soon as we're safe.
That was some major ass whupping, honey.
- What? Have you been taking Strip Kick? - I did upgrade my technique.
We'll talk about that later.
Gotta get out of here.
Let's go.
The train is now departing.
How you doing with the door? First stop, Yamashiro Station.
- It's sealed.
I'm working on an override.
We may have missed our window though.
Don't worry, when I gel there I'll just have to, uh, figure something out.
We'll figure it out.
We always do.
We're out of luck on the door.
It won't let me override, Let me take a stab at it.
Well, it looks like somebody sent me false messages.
I don't know how you did it, but, uh, I'll applaud later.
Meanwhile, nobody moves.
You don't wanna do that.
I know more than you think.
You got out, can he? We put digital locks in.
He'll never figure out the combo.
There's a coupling under the train that connects to an exhaust intake.
I remember that from a schematic that I flashed on, - If we get down, maybe we can jump up.
- Easy for you to say, Walker.
Looks like Bartowski and I are stuck on this bucket till Yamashiro Station.
I'm sorry, did you just say "flashed"? - As in? - Shh.
Uh, Chuck, honey I, uh I have the Intersect.
So, Sarah, explain to me please uh, when, how and why you downloaded the you-know-what? Okay, we'll talk about it in a minute, I promise.
Train lands at Yamashiro in about an hour and a half.
- Until then, we're stuck, - I'll have Beckman meet us with CIA and Japanese Intelligence to take control of Quinn.
I'll ask her to bring the suppression device.
Chuck, does Quinn have any other men with him on this train? Wait, you wouldn't have downloaded the same version .
of the that Morgan had, would you? Okay, I did, yes, but we will talk about it in two seconds, okay'? We'll need to lay low.
Keep guard.
I'll take first watch.
You two pretend to be gaijin tourists.
Let's go.
Now that we have that covered, there's a few bullet points regarding what the hell is going on.
That computer erased Morgan's memory.
Morgan, you're helping the mission.
Just keep telling yourself that.
Yeah, I know.
I just-- I don't know, man.
No matter how much they poke around in my skull and look around in there, they're not gonna find anything.
- Okay, ha, ha.
- Come on.
Yeah, I know.
- Looks pretty normal.
There's no evident long-term effects from having the Intersect.
I don't know what caused the memory loss and why it triggered after a month? Between him getting the Intersect and his amnesia, what happened? Castle was renovated, retooled.
Carmichael Industries was formed.
- They started going on missions.
- Anything different on missions? Uh, I started wearing tight slacks.
Any head trauma, concussions? No.
Nobody would even get close to me.
I would flash and then, bam I dropped those baddies like they were hot.
- Were you flashing before missions? - Didn't have to.
In the field, I was busting out the Intersect.
- That's when you became a douche.
- Would you say “douche"? Seems like Maybe there's a correlation between number of flashes- - And brain deterioration.
- Brilliant.
Can I go to Japan? No, no, no.
This is just a hypothesis.
We have more work to do.
Course you do.
- ; gonna make you feel better? Pizza? - Well, I don't know.
- Combos? You know me so well.
Pizza Combos.
That's my favorite growing up.
Pizza Combos.
We were surrounded.
And so there really was no choice.
No, no, of course.
I get it.
It's just, with what Morgan went through- Ellie's working to head off complications.
And this will be gone in an hour and a half.
I promise.
Okay, I guess we'll just chill then, huh? - It's the coolest thing, isn't it? - The coolest.
- Do any parkour? - Off a bridge, onto a moving truck onto a car going the opposite direction.
- Oh, awesome.
- I've been a spy for so long and I've never felt this powerful in my entire life.
It's incredible.
Are you ready to say goodbye to all of it? The guns, the bullets, the parkour? I don't wanna live my life in danger anymore.
I'm ready to retire and start a family.
Our future is exciting enough.
You know, uh, we still have a good bit of time before we get to Yamashiro, And starting a family's not something you can just, you know, jump right into.
Yeah, no, uh, we need some practice.
Lots and lots of practice.
Allow me to set the mood, my lady.
We I have no idea what any of this means.
Is that a chicken? Does a chicken come out when you hit the button? Mm.
Well done.
Domo arigato, Mrs.
- Who the hell are you? - Hey, great.
We're with the Flu Bus.
- Did you get your flu shot? - I do not believe in shots.
- Who authorized this? - Morgan Grimes.
Nobody tells nobody nothing.
Aw, hell, no.
This place will not fall to seed on my watch.
We have a lot of expensive new inventory here.
You will not destroy it.
It's for selling microwaves.
Not for exploding eggs, avocados, Christmas ornaments fluorescent light tubes, bars of oatmeal soap, or a football.
- Fine.
Be lame.
- Son, have you considered maybe it's time for you to grow up, like Jeffrey? Thank you.
Is it really your destiny to be a complete moron? - Ah! Oh, Lord.
- I overheard what Big Mike said.
- And I hope it sank in.
- It did not.
Leave me be.
Jeffrey, stop it.
I do not want to discuss this topic again.
What are you so afraid of, Lester? Maybe this is our destiny.
But they're just dreams, man.
How can they be dreams if we're both having the same dream? The fallen snow, a different Buy More? It's like someone wiped our memories.
I know.
It's true.
It's just - It scares me.
- We can't be scared.
We have to figure out who would wanna scour our minds and why.
I think better when I'm blowing up avocados.
There are mysterious happenings around here.
We can't ignore them anymore.
- Had your flu shot? - Uh, yeah.
How about you get another or I will kill you right here? Don't make a sound.
- Did you see that? - In my previous state of impairment I wouldn't have cared or noticed that Grimes' woman-- Forgive me, not PC.
Grimes' significant other was just taken at gunpoint.
The newly unimpaired you is a master of the obvious.
This is the call.
We'll find the truth, even if we have to face mortal danger.
Cherry blossoms.
Colonel, would you mind opening the lid for a moment? I'd like to discuss something with you.
Not interested.
You can keep your gun on me.
I won't try to escape.
In fact, there won't be any need to.
Your daughter's name is Alex McHugh, correct? If you want her to live, do exactly as I say.
Dad? I'm okay, but they have guns.
And now the picket fence.
See, I haven't forgotten anything.
And perhaps this little man.
- Or woman.
- Heh.
It's a text from Casey.
He needs a break.
This is gonna be so good.
Hey, Casey, what is going on? Where's Quinn? His men have Alex.
I'm gonna need you to follow me.
I have no choice.
I'm gonna need you two to follow me now, Come on.
Do what I say and no one gets hurt.
Do what I say and nobody gets hurt.
If you fight or try to run, my sweet little daughter gets her head blown off.
And really sell that one, colonel.
If you fight, or try to run, Alex gets her head blown off.
Now move to the control panel and shut down the dining car.
I want some privacy.
Go to the control panel, Chuck.
Open it.
- Move.
- Okay.
Shut down the dining car.
Upper left.
Hit it.
The dining car is closed until further notice.
ls Quinn on comms? Inn-quay s-ai on-way um-scay.
Enough of the Kabuki.
- Move il out.
- Let's go.
Text Morgan.
Tell him to get Alex to safety.
Do it.
"Alex in danger.
Get her to Castle, ASAP.
" What is--? No.
She's all good, guys.
She's with us.
No, she's not.
She went up to Buy More for Pizza Combos.
She should be back.
Wait a minute.
Hold on a second.
What are you--? She's not in the Buy More.
Okay, we got a situation here.
- I don't know what you want from me.
- I want you to shut up.
- Ron, what the hell is the holdup? - I don't know.
lt just won't start.
We can't exactly call for a tow.
So we'll wait for instructions.
If the order comes to kill her, we do it here.
I'm not walking across this parking lot with a gun in her ribs.
- Exactly what did you do? - Sugared their gas tank.
It's an oldie, but a goodie.
Man, I haven't sugged a tank in days.
Anyway, now that they are incapacitated in a mobile sense, we need a plan.
It should be keen and clever.
Utilizing our unique talents.
Do we have any of those? I think you are uniquely wasteful and destructive.
- Let's build on that.
- Yeah.
- Think Casey has a plan? - He's not letting on.
We don't know what's around that corner.
- But we can handle it, right? - Of course.
It's just The end is so near, you can taste it? I want that house and dog and baby, Sarah.
Me too.
Okay, let's wrap this up, take out Quinn and save Alex.
Save the day.
Quinn says stop whispering like fourth graders.
Uh, lea? No? I'll get to the point.
I want my Intersect technology and someone has stolen it.
Release Casey's daughter and we'll give you the glasses.
You mean these? I had the colonel fetch them.
But then again, you know that, because one of you has the Intersect.
Then you know you're outmanned.
Casey's not gonna fire at us.
He may.
If I don't call my men on the half-hour his little girl gets sprayed with bullets.
That half-hour's up in two minutes, Quinn.
I brought them here, Make the call.
I have something I wanna say first.
You're gonna help me.
A pristine version of the Intersect is available.
It's in a government facility.
You're gonna find it and download it onto these glasses.
Time's up, Quinn.
Call your men off my daughter.
Do it.
Hey, it's Quinn.
Uh, yeah, the little lady gets another half-hour.
That's all I need.
Half hour's an eternity.
I'll come up with some way to save her.
Walker, pull up.
Sarah, we might need to trade him for Alex.
No! Maybe he hit the station you were talking about.
I don't know what happened.
I couldn't stop.
om God! Sarah.
Sarah, get up.
I didn't know what happened.
I wanted it to stop and I couldn't.
I just kept flashing.
God, I screwed up so bad.
No, no, no.
Hey, this is not your fault, okay? Look, Casey is working on a plan with Morgan as we speak.
Ellie's working on the Intersect.
I didn't wanna flash a second time, Chuck.
I Ugh.
I don'! have control of it anymore.
- Sis, talk to me.
- The amount that Sarah's been flashing is compromising her motor control, causing the migraine which could be cranial pressure, so we don't want it exacerbated.
- That caused Morgan's memory loss? - I'm pretty certain.
He flashed for a month.
When he started going on missions, the numbers jumped.
How many times before he started feeling effects? Well, he didn't have a specific amount.
A few times a day.
What about Sarah? Baby, how many times have you flashed? Forty times.
In two days? That intensity level in such a short period has to be the cause.
Okay, okay, the fix for now, until she can stop flashing she has to get to me or Beckman suppress the Intersect, get her an MRI.
Listen, Ellie, Sarah said that she can't control when she flashes.
Okay, that's a problem.
We have to think.
Think, Morgan.
Can you sneak up on the Flu Bus without being seen? Casey, listen.
We're coming at this blind.
We don't know what they got weapon-wise.
You sure you don't wanna call in the CIA? There's no time.
I have an idea.
Devon's gonna be the magnet.
Morgan, you're gonna pick a fight.
A firefight.
A firefight? First thing you have to do is blindfold Sarah.
She can't react to what she can't see.
Chuck, I think that there might be a way for you to build a suppression device.
It's a long shot.
I'm in the mood for a long shot.
Beckman delivered the suppressor.
Maybe I can download it, e-mail it lo you.
If I did, could you build something and deliver it to Sarah? Not exactly.
Well, what if one last time I just flashed-- No way.
Absolutely not.
What if that's the one that kills you? All I need is a laptop, a PSP and some virtual reality glasses.
If I was in a Buy More, I'd have it all in 10 seconds.
We have something better.
We have a train full of Japanese people.
Quinn's thugs are expecting a call in 19 minutes.
It doesn't come, they're gonna kill Alex.
You are not gonna let that happen.
Clear? Crystal.
I will not let my last words to Alex,.
be a demand for Pizza Combos.
Go to my Crown Vic.
Dev-- Wow.
Casey rolls strong, Like, raring-for-the-Apocalypse strong.
The case in front of you, open it.
Put in the comm device, sync it to my phone.
Do it.
- We're hot.
- I'm gonna talk you through this.
Grab a rifle, the Sig and a survival knife.
Leave the heavy stuff.
You'll just blow yourself up.
Just a few more minutes and everything's gonna be good.
Hang in there.
All right, Chuck -.
I'm gonna start sending the file as scan as it's complete put the glasses on Sarah.
It should run right away.
It's coming in strong, El.
You're gonna be all right, Sarah.
Chuck, I didn't wanna say anything before but this whole time we've been talking about Alex and how she's in danger? Yeah? Why? I don't, um I don't remember anybody named Alex.
But you remember this? Yeah.
I wouldn't forget that.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay? Of course it is.
It's gonna be fine, Sarah.
You're gonna be fine.
Casey, we are ready to roll.
Okay, Morgan, listen up.
You find cover I see a Civic that might serve our purpose.
Which is what, exactly? Devon's gonna call them out.
You're gonna do some sniper work.
Some wet work.
Got it? Just so you know, I've never sniped in my life, wet or dry.
Remember, you're sniping for Alex.
For Alex.
I'll snipe for Alex.
Yeah, you got it.
- You ready? - Hell, yeah.
Sensing some wind kicking up here.
Probably have to overcompensate.
Probably about 30 degree--- Don't nudge a guy when he's sniping.
- Oh, man.
- I can't believe we're this terrible.
- Yeah, you are.
Hand over the rifle.
- Morgan? - Let's go.
- Morgan? I'm not your little sister.
Morgan? Morgan, what the hell's happening? 1 gang - Morgan? - Hello? Who the hell is this? I might ask you the same question, little earling.
Lester? Lester Patel? Maybe? Morgan was taken.
Jeff and Lester are my only option.
This sounds crazy but I've worked with those guys for years.
They may seem like botulism victims but they're loyal.
They can do it.
Lester, I'm gonna tell you something I never dreamed I'd tell you.
Never dreamed I'd have to tell you.
But the situation is extreme.
This is Colonel John Casey of the National Security Agency.
That is funny.
There's a John Casey who works at Buy More.
That's me, you idiot.
I'm NSA.
Sarah Walker, Chuck, they're CIA.
They are so not.
They are "so" so, you colossal dope.
Now, I need you, my daughter needs you, and your country needs you.
Canada? Patel, listen up.
You do what I tell you, I'll make you a hero.
It's the call.
Go to my Crown Vic.
Each of you grab a pistol.
Leave the big stuff.
Hang in there, okay? - The call never came from Quinn.
- We'll kill them all and leave the bus.
- Her first.
- Don't you touch her.
Or what? Attention, Flu Bus.
We have tapped into your internal public address.
We are armed and dangerous and suggest you surrender immediately.
- Over.
- Who the hell is that? I have no idea.
But somebody's getting ready to lose a limb.
We appreciate that you, too, are armed but we have heat-vision infrared' scopes".
laser guidance system, and armor-piercing bullets.
- Over.
- I think this is where we should get down.
Nobody has all that.
It's a bluff.
You're outgunned, outmanned, outside.
And it's a lovely day.
So throw down your gun and nobody gets hurt.
You should be worried about getting hurt.
Behold the flames of destiny.
Ha, ha.
What he said.
Boys, we cannot thank you enough.
- How do we begin to even repay you? - There is a way.
We know that there is something going on.
Something spy-ish.
We need the truth at this point.
Come on.
Yeah, you do.
Gentlemen, follow me.
Dad, don't worry.
I'm fine.
I promise.
Morgan and Devon were great but This is so cool.
those guys you talk about, the ones that give you nightmares? - Jeff and Lester? - Eh.
Yeah, they were the real heroes.
- It's a miracle.
- Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey.
- No, but look.
I got the whole thing on.
When are you coming back? We're on our way.
Alex, I'm gonna call you back.
So glad you're safe.
Internet went down.
If there's one thing I know, it's how to fix an Internet connection.
The control panel is between the last passenger car and the dining car.
I remember that from my prep flash.
Easy peasy.
Keep your guard up- It's been tampered with.
This is not good.
No, hey, uh, hey.
I'm Burbank Buy More, so I know-- A little warning, the only thing I can't beat down is the Intersect itself, but I've studied the program obsessively.
I've done a little training myself, so let's rumble.
I can hear you pacing.
Bartowski's really taking his time.
What are you thinking? Nothing.
He's probably just goofing off.
You check on him or I will.
I'm going.
Freeze! Now! Put it down, Quinn.
Two on one? That's not fair.
How do I even things out'? - You move, he dies.
- Aah.
Just let him go, okay? It's over, You're on a train.
- Where are you gonna run to? - I'll figure something out.
It was never meant to be like this, Bartowski, You weren't meant to get involved.
And until that Intersect is mine, this is never going to end.
- Come on.
- What's happening? We're searching the train for Quinn.
He's heading towards the baggage car.
Sarah, stay put.
Step away from the console, Quinn.
Focus on your fighting abilities, okay? Keep your emotions even.
Do not flash.
I'll try, Chuck.
You won't survive this one, Quinn.
This is over.
For good.
Sarah! Is it? No! No! Unh! Maybe not over quite yet.
Open the door, baby.
See if you can open the door.
No! Sarah! Sarah! No! No! Stop! No! Sarah! Sarah.
You're up.
Let's get started.
- Quinn, this isn't just gonna end-- - Shh, Don't.
This is going my way from now on.
No more screw-ups, no more left turns.
The Intersect in your head is rotten.
We're going to remove it with a suppression device.
Then I'm sending you on a mission to retrieve a pristine version of the program.
- I'm not working for you.
- You are.
Until I get what I want, you're my soldier.
Now I know you lose memories when you flash.
These, for want of a better term, are flash cards.
They may look like random images to someone who doesn't have the Intersect, but to you they're stimulants.
What are you saying? Until I get what I want you're mine.
Hey, bro, please, please try to eat something, okay? I'll eat when I know Sarah's all right.
Quinn said he needed Sarah to steal Intersect technology from a government facility.
I need to figure out which one.
I get it.
I know.
Hey, it's gonna happen, Chuck.
All of it.
I promise.
So close I can taste it.
She set off her emergency beacon.
She's close.
What'd I tell you? See? Almost there, Chuck.
Hang in there, Sarah.
Okay, guys.
We got a lock on Sarah.
And the signal is strong.
We'll find her.
We'll find her.
Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.
Easy, girl.
- Who are you? - Nicholas Quinn, your handler.
We've only known each other for the past five years.
I guess you're not all back yet, huh? What do you mean? Well, you took a nasty blow lo the head.
A week in the hospital.
Any of that ring a bell? Japan? The bullet train? No? Well, doesn't matter.
I'll fill you in on the details if you're fit for duty.
- I am.
- Good.
Orders are in.
- You recognize this face? - Never seen him before.
He's the reason your last mission went south.
- What are my orders? - Your orders are to kill Chuck Bartowski.