Chuck s05e12 Episode Script

Chuck Versus Sarah

I'm Chuck.
Here's what's been going on lately.
You wouldn't have downloaded the same version Morgan had would you? I know you lose memories when you flash.
- Ooh, Sarah.
- Who are you? Your handler.
Orders are in.
Kill Chuck Bartowski.
Okay, Sarah's out there.
She's out there.
We need to find her.
Quinn said he's after the Intersect.
If we find it, we will probably find Quinn.
and with him-- - Sarah.
- Exactly.
Which is why I hacked into the CIA's database.
Stay with me.
I found something interesting.
- These are the blueprints to DARPA.
That's an acronym.
I can figure it out.
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Morgan, if the CIA had a Q working for them, he'd be working right there.
I've seen enough Intersect white rooms to know that they have one.
Guys, I know this is a long shot, but I have to do something to find her.
I cannot continue to sit idly by and wait.
Are you with me? - Let's go.
- One hundred percent.
Sarah? I'm sorry it took me so long to come home.
Baby? Baby, what happened to you? I know you've forgotten a lot, Sarah, but you've been undercover for the past five years monitoring a rogue spy.
His name is Chuck Bartowski.
Everything's in here.
Strengths, weaknesses, profiles of the people closest to him.
Memorize it.
Any questions? Yeah.
Yeah, just one, um Why the hell should I believe you'? I'm on your side, Agent Walker.
I don't wanna have to hurt you.
And then I threw him out the window.
And that's how I escaped.
What? I can't believe that.
That's nuts, amazing.
- Quinn? - He's dead.
And the Intersect is out of my head, so it's all over.
Well, thankfully these cuts look pretty minor, We should let you get some rest.
- Goes by Ellie.
- Thank you, Ellie.
- You remember her husband's name.
- And thank you, Devon.
Thank you, all of you.
I'm really glad to be home.
- Glad you're safe.
- Me loo.
I don't remember you any more than I remember this Bartowski guy.
So you tell me what happened to me.
Walker, give me a chance.
There's something you need to see.
This is Agent Sarah Walker.
Today is September 24, 2007, Day One.
Today I made contact with the Intersect, Charles Irving Bartowski or rather, Chuck.
My mission is simple.
Find out what he knows, gain his trust and monitor actions until the Agency can decide what to do with him.
Well, the Agency has made a decision, Agent Walker.
Chuck Bartowski has proven to be a major threat to.
" national security.
Well, then put Director Graham on the phone.
He gives me my orders.
He's dead, Sarah.
Well, what about my partner, Bryce? Where is he? I'm sorry, Sarah.
He's dead too.
That's not possible.
We believe that Bartowski and his team are responsible for both of their deaths.
And I wish I could just let you forget everything horrible that this man has done but Chuck.
Bartowski needs to be stopped.
He's a traitor.
- And you want me to kill him.
- Yes.
But first, I need you to retrieve something that he's stolen from us.
A pair of Intersect glasses.
We believe that Chuck wants to use them to upload a pristine version of the Intersect, Sarah? If you want your life back the life he stole from you return to Burbank, retrieve the glasses and put Chuck Bartowski to rest once and for all.
I'm so glad you're okay.
I love you.
I love you loo.
Wow, you are You are really going to town on that thing.
I'm just cutting the chicken up.
You're just getting it-- I'm gonna make a quick phone call, okay? Love you.
Be right back.
- I'm alone.
- Good, Find the glasses.
Look for a hidden safe or vault.
Be careful, Walker.
Do no! underestimate him.
He has proven time and again that he-'s more dangerous than he looks and remember, the rest of his team is only a few feet away.
Different how? - I don't know.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
Sarah just seems different.
Look, of course she's not herself.
She was kidnapped by some maniac on a Japanese bullet train and to escape, she had to kill the dude, and walk home from his base barefoot.
- Wow, she really is incredible, huh? - Yeah, yeah, maybe you're right.
Maybe I just need to try and make her feel a little more relaxed.
Yes, yes, un-tense the tense girl.
Loosen up that leggy blonde.
I can do that.
Hey, uh Hey, honey.
You wanna meet me in the bedroom? - I have a surprise for you.
- Okay.
Think he's up to something.
Stay alert.
It could be a trap.
Welcome to the Bartowski Inn and Spa Resort.
" where all of your worries melt away.
You have to use imagination, but picture, if you will outside those windows the gorgeous Ojai Valley.
And what may look like a normal, five-year-old mattress is, in actuality, a luxurious massage table.
A sheet has been provided for your discretion.
Walker, what's going on? He claims he wants to give me a massage, but I think he's onto me.
You almost ready? - Just a second.
Calm down.
You should use this as an opportunity.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable with him.
It'll convince him that there's nothing wrong.
I'm ready.
All right.
Here we go.
Starting with the application of the oil.
Ah, yes.
Relax, relax.
This would actually go a lot smoother if you just brought these down to your side Just down to your side.
There we go.
There we go, See? Yes, better already.
Baby, your muscles are so tight they're hurting my hands.
A lot of lactic acid buildup, huh? Why don't? - Uh, why don't I crack your neck? - No.
What? What did I-? What did I do? What did I say? - You love it when I crack your neck.
- Don't blow your cover.
Talk to him.
Uh, I'm sorry, Chuck.
I really appreciate everything that you are trying to do.
It's just it's been a long couple days, and, uh You know, maybe it's just best if we go to bed.
Yeah, sure, sure, sure.
Whatever you need.
It's all ending, huh? What are you babbling about? Just getting nostalgic, you know? Quinn's dead, Sarah's home safe, so we're done, man.
- No more missions.
- No more gunplay.
Think about it, Casey.
Five years.
I went from pip-squeaky sidekick to this.
And you were the most cold-blooded sniper in the whole world -and now you're scrubbing our floors.
- Well, if you would use a plate when you're eating taquitos, I wouldn't have to scrub the floors.
Do you really think I've changed? I'm so glad that Sarah's back.
Social event.
Me too.
I don't know what Chuck would do without her.
- For you.
- For you.
- Babe.
- I got a letter from- - Carlos Shuman Medical Center'? - In Chicago offering me a position.
They want me to head up their division.
They must know we're a couple.
Babe, I think we're being wooed.
By Midwesterners.
I know, I know.
We could buy a house.
We could buy a big house.
Are we--? Are we really considering this? We've lived our whole lives in California.
And we've always said a change would be nice.
I just always assumed I would live close to Chuck.
Yeah, yeah.
But Sarah's back now.
He's okay, right? - Quinn, I found the glasses.
- Good.
Then it's time to finish your mission.
Take out Bartowski.
Sarah? Chuck just left.
I'm following.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Sorry, did I wake you up? - No, uh.
I couldn't sleep.
How's Sarah? Um You'd better come inside.
I don't know.
I guess it's, uh, the little things that are different, you know? Like, her feet get cold at night so I always put mine on top of hers to keep them warm.
And I know it sounds stupid, but tonight she pulled her feet away from mine.
She never pulls them away.
Where are you? Ellie's apartment.
They're talking.
Chuck, it's her first night back.
Can't imagine what Sarah's been through.
She's involved in this too.
What are they talking about? - About me.
- I almost lost my best friend.
And now, my wife, and always for the same reason which is the Intersect, Ellie.
Which is why I keep thinking that I need to destroy it for good this time.
What do you mean? Quinn is dead, yes, but there will always be someone who wants it and we will never be able to move on with our lives until it is gone.
Quinn, are you hearing this? He doesn't wanna download the Intersect onto the glasses.
He wants to destroy it completely.
I know where the latest version of the Intersect is.
All I need to do is sneak in and plant the virus.
What do you want me to do? You have to go with Chuck and download the Intersect onto the glasses yourself.
It's up to you to keep it safe.
Then you can kill him.
First I just wanted to get a little sisterly advice.
I think if you can be safe, then you should do it.
It's what Dad always wanted.
Love you.
Get some sleep.
- Oh, no.
Chuck? - Yeah? - I'm cold.
Babe? Hey.
So that's how I figure we'll infiltrate headquarters.
Once we're in, I'll boot up their system.
Sarah, you'll plant the virus using this and we'll destroy the Intersect, once and for all.
- That seems a little drastic.
- Yeah, it is drastic.
Think of all the Intersect is responsible for.
My father's death.
Volkoff's very existence.
Morgan's brain melting.
Let's just say it's been more bad than good.
When my dad found out I had it, he told me to destroy it and I wish I had.
We'd all be better off.
I'm not gonna miss that opportunity again.
If this is what you want, Chuck, I'm in.
- I'm in.
- I'm on board.
Wanna say I'm glad we're having this mission seeing as how I wasn't a part of the other two.
Great, we leave in 20.
Buddy, you have any extra tranq darts? I used all mine up at tranq-dart practice.
Uh, actually, Sarah normally keeps an extra clip for me in her bag, so No dice, buddy, She must have forgotten.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, Casey, Chuck says you gotta let me use your tranq darts.
What is she doing with these? What the? Three, two, one.
I think we're okay.
Let's find the Intersect room.
We don't have long before they wake up.
Look at this place.
It's incredible.
What's under here? It's like a big silver ghost.
Bit creepy.
A cloak of invisibility.
You're a wizard, Harry.
Grimes, you on a diet? What? You started to disappear in front of my eyes.
Get it? Oh.
Hey, Intersect room is down this hall.
Let's go.
What? Couldn't hear you.
I'm the headless Grimesman.
- Headless Grimesman.
- Would you? It wasn't me.
It was the one-armed man.
Find this man.
- Go.
- You never saw The Fugitive? Five guards.
All right, team, what's the plan? Let's use same sort of distraction.
I think if, you threw, like, a rock Sarah? Let's go.
Quite a woman you've got on your hands, huh, buddy? Yeah.
All right.
Just give me a few minutes to get the system up and running.
All right, got it.
Sarah, you're on.
But I'm not sure for how long, though, so upload the virus now.
Should've gone through by now.
ls there something wrong? Just a second.
Walker? - Drop the gun.
Sarah? Sarah, what are you doing? Drop the gun.
Now I have the Intersect, and you can't destroy it.
- You can't hurt anybody else with it.
- Baby, what are you talking about? - Quinn told me the truth.
- Quinn's not dead'? I know about you.
I know what you've done, all of you.
I know everything.
I don't know what's happening right now but whatever he told you is a lie.
The Intersect is-- It's damaged your memory or something because the Sarah that I know would never do something like this.
Baby, please, It's me.
It's your Chuck.
Get the hell out of there, Walker.
This can't be happening.
Doesn't make any sense.
She attached an explosive to the door.
She could detonate it at any second.
- No.
No, she wouldn't.
- Chuck, take cover.
She wouldn't.
Quinn, maybe we don't have to do this.
They're inside.
They'll be arrested.
Thais not your call.
We gotta get out before guards come.
What just happened? Sarah, she just-- Quinn must've turned her, convinced her that she's working for him.
Now she has exactly what he's been looking for -the last version of the Intersect.
- No, she doesn't.
- I switched them out.
- What the hell? How'd you do that? I saw the glasses in her bag.
I didn't wanna say anything because I didn't wanna believe it.
But deep down, I knew it was true.
My wife never came home.
That was a government facility you just blew up.
And that was a man who deserved to die.
Did you get the glasses? These are empty.
- They're fake.
- That's not possible.
- I had them on me the whole time.
- No one got close to you? Chuck.
Chuck did, I guess.
As I was leaving, he tried to grab me and convince me that our relationship was real.
I guess he must've switched them out.
This is exactly what I warned you about, Agent Walker.
That's why I pushed the detonator button.
This man is a liar.
He is a manipulator.
He's still alive? I made a mistake.
I promise I will not make the same mistake again.
I will get those glasses back no matter what it takes, - She's not picking up.
- Yeah, of course she's not.
She's evil.
That's unfair.
It's the faulty Intersect talking.
It's kind of like what happened with me, only worse.
Quinn turned her.
We have to consider the fact that she's gone.
How can you say that? She's your friend.
She's not gone.
Not completely, anyway.
Did his memory come back after the Intersect? It didn't.
All I have to do is remind her of who she really is.
Look, I have the glasses.
If she doesn't remember me, she wanted these.
She tried to kill us, Chuck.
Can't pretend that everything is as it was.
Otherwise, she's gonna succeed next time.
And I'm not gonna lose you both.
- You don't think that.
- She's a trained assassin.
She knows where we live, she knows our families.
God, he's right, Chuck.
He's right.
Okay, what about Ellie and Awesome? She wouldn't.
Come on, come on, come on.
I was trying to get Clara down.
What's up? - Are you okay? ls everyone all right? - Yeah, of course.
Thank God.
Everyone's at the apartment? Well, no.
Ellie just went to grab a cup of coffee with Sarah.
Why? I'm glad we're doing this.
You've been through so much lately.
- How are you holding up? - Oh, I'm fine, thank you.
We were all really worried about you.
- Chuck was a wreck.
- I can imagine.
Oh, hmm, speak of the devil.
Do you mind? I have to talk to him.
Hey, sweetie.
So I see you that you switched out the Intersect glasses.
That was a nice move.
Should've known I couldn't trust you.
I have some moves of my own.
We're at the Bergamot Cafe off Gower.
Bring the glasses.
Come alone.
You have 15 minutes.
This is crazy.
Sarah, please Oh, Bartowski, if you try anything-- What are you doing? --I'm gonna put a bullet between your sister's eyes.
- Oh, my God.
- I've heard enough.
You were right to contact me.
Go to that cafe.
But convince Sarah that you've hidden the Intersect glasses somewhere else.
I'm moving men into place at Regal Plaza.
- Get Sarah there.
- Then what? Have a sniper take her out? We will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of your sister while bringing in Agent Walker peacefully.
But Chuck, you know what happens in that plaza depends entirely on Sarah.
Sarah, I think that the intersect may have damaged-- Stop talking.
I know you're involved.
You Okay? Have you got the glasses? I don't have them with me.
Wait, wait, wail.
Just wait a second, okay? Whatever you think I've done she didn't do anything.
She's innocent.
So I will lead you to the glasses, but just you and me, okay? Please just let her go.
I'll follow you in a separate car.
She'll come with me.
If I see anything suspicious, then Well, you better hope I don't.
Okay, okay.
Follow me.
You drive.
All right, Bartowski, we have eyes on the plaza.
Okay, she's following me, but Casey, she brought Ellie with her.
Don't worry, Chuck.
I'll make sure Ellie comes out of this without a scratch.
Sarah you don't have to do this.
Casey, what if she resists? Hey, this isn't the Sarah you know.
You were in my wedding.
You were at the hospital.
We're family.
No, we're not.
This was always a mission for me, and today I'm gonna finish it.
Chuck, you listen to me.
She's not in there anymore.
Sarah's gone.
No, she's not.
My wife is not gone.
Bartowski? Chuck! Where are you going? So once you get the glasses, what then? Hmm, what happens to Chuck? Just stay close.
He's right up there ahead.
If you could remember if you were still you, you would want me to do anything I could to save Chuck.
- You would want this.
- Want what? Sorry, Sarah.
Ellie, no! Oh, my God.
Ellie? Ellie.
- Oh, God, are you okay? - I'm okay.
- What were you thinking? - I was thinking about protecting you.
Chuck, Sarah's trying to kill you.
There's something seriously wrong with her, Chuck.
That's why I'm taking her somewhere that'll help her remember.
Agent Walker, whats happening? Walker? Where are gnu? What if she doesn't remember? She's further gone than Morgan ever was, Chuck.
You need to call the CIA.
You need to turn her in.
Listen, everyone keeps telling me Sarah's gone.
She's not.
She's here.
What if it was Devon? - Hey, where are you? You okay? - I'm fine, but Chuck isn't.
He just took off with Sarah.
Damn it, Bartowski.
John, I know my little brother, and I know where he would take her.
Look, I know you don't remember me.
I thought maybe you'd remember this, our dream home.
The one you always told me that you wanted.
Our relationship was a cover, Bartowski.
It always has been.
You were just an assignment.
No, I was an assignment, and then you fell in love with me.
And I know that sounds crazy, and if I didn't know better, I'd say it's crazy too.
But the fact remains, you fell for me, Sarah, you did.
My job is to make you think that I feel something.
That's what I do best, I lie.
Actually, you're not as good of a liar as you think you are.
It's true, okay? Our first kiss.
Not our first sever kiss but our first real kiss was when we were trying to defuse a bomb and we thought we were gonna die, and I closed my eyes and I felt you grab me and kiss me.
You kissed me.
And then there was a lot of pretending that it didn't happen and awkward back-and-forth and dating other people but one day one day when I was sure that you could never love a nerd like me.
" you came over and I asked you if you loved me.
Sarah, do you love me? And you Sarah Walker said yes.
And when I asked you to marry me you didn't have to say yes, because we both knew.
We both knew that we'd spend the rest of our lives together.
So please remember this house, and the red door.
" and the white-picket fence, and the family that we were going to raise.
And remember me.
Because if you remember me then you'll remember that a nerdy guy like me who works at a Buy More could make you happy.
So I'm gonna give you a choice.
Right here, right now.
It's up to you.
You can either take a chance on me and we can start over or you can take these glasses that you came for and never see me again.
This is real? You really love me? With all of my heart.
I'm sorry I did my job too well.
I have a mission to finish.
And I need those glasses.
No, you can't! Give them to me! - Why won't you fight back? - I'm not gonna fight you.
I'm never gonna hurt you.
Sarah, you're my wife! You can kill me.
I will never hurt you.
I wrote that.
Yeah, you did.
- Honey, we don't own this home.
- I know.
But we will.
One day this will all be ours.
And when it is, I would like to always remember this moment.
Very good work, Agent Walker.
The glasses.
You lied to her.
You used her.
You're right.
He's right.
I'm not CIA.
And I suppose I could explain it all to you, but honestly you're not worth the time.
Goodbye, Sarah.
No! Oh, my God, are you okay? I'm wearing a vest.
They're coming for you, Sarah.
- Run.
- But-- Run.
He's here.
- Hey.
- Where's Sarah? She's gone.
Sarah's gone.
You're lucky the bullet only hit your vest, bro.
Yeah, it's the best news I've heard all day.
I'll get you something for the pain.
Thank you.
I lost her, Ellie.
For a split second, it felt like she was starting to remember, but she's gone.
Why don't you get some sleep? I'll be right here when you wake up.
Come on.
Don't ever leave me.
Figured I'd find you here.
You can put the knife down, I'm not here to fight.
- What do you remember about me? - Your reputation mostly.
Unfriendly, unforgiving and unquestioning about your orders.
That's funny.
When we met, people said the same thing about you, Probably why we never got along.
Well, if we didn't get along, then why are you here? Guess Bartowski's made us bath a little soft.
Beckman's got a new job for me but these past five years, we changed, you know? We became friends.
Take care of yourself, Walker.
Day One.
My mission is simple.
Find out what he knows, gain trust, and monitor actions until the Agency can decide what to do with him.
Day 21.
Chuck came over to my hotel room today and brought me a pizza.
Vegetarian, no olives.
I think he's making it his mission to gel to know me.
It's sweet.
Day 49.
Chuck broke up with me today.
Well, fake.
Fake broke up with me, technically.
Day 56.
Chuck and I were defusing a bomb today and there was a moment where we were sure we were going to die.
He closed his eyes and I kissed him.
I kissed him.
Day 564.
Things are calm for once.
No missions, nothing.
Nothing really to report except I still find myself sitting here talking to myself because Because I love him.
I love Chuck Bartowski, and I don'! know what to do about it.
Are you sure you don't wanna spend the night? You're more than welcome.
I'm gonna have to go home eventually.
Tonight's as good a night as any, I suppose.
Well, I'm coming over bright and early, and I'm making you pancakes.
Thanks, sis.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
Chuck? Sarah? I just wanted to tell you that I believe you.
I believe everything that you told me about us.
But the truth is, Chuck, I don't feel it.
Everything that you told me about us and our story, I just I don't feel it.
Right, of course, I, uh I don't know what I was expecting, you know? So, what are you doing here, then? Well, I wanted to say sorry for everything that happened today.
But most of all, I wanted to say goodbye.
Where are you going? Quinn took away my life, and I have to Well, I have to go find him.