Chuck s05e13 Episode Script

Chuck Versus the Goodbye

Quinn I understand you are interested in purchasing The Key.
Ted Roark gave this to me.
I worked at Fulcrum for 10 years and this is all I have to show for it.
Of course, the only person who can use it is someone with an Intersect.
I have one of my very own, but the damn thing's glitchy.
Either it cooks your brain or it steals your memories.
- And I need The Key to fix it.
- Interesting.
Edgar, keep that to yourself.
I have a few enemies.
You do realize that's only one pan of The Key? - There are two other pieces.
- I do.
Sources tell me a former member of The Ring acquired one from Volkoff a few years back.
The Ring.
What amateurs.
Edgar, do you still carry that Walther under your jacket? Of course.
Why do you ask? Sarah.
You're upset, I can tell.
You stole my memories and you mined my life.
Sarah, I'm still alive.
Come on.
Go for the gun.
You're so close.
Go for the gun.
No! - Good morning.
- Morgan You're feeling down and miss Sarah but it's time to get out of bed.
She's gone, man.
Sarah's gone.
Out of bed, Chuck.
You are getting Sarah back today.
What? What? She doesn't remember me, okay? Or you or us or any of it.
How many people are in my room right now? Dude, you can do this.
You can get Sarah back.
- Even Clara agrees.
- Hi, Clara.
Think about it.
Every impossible mission starts with what? James Bond taking that giant step and getting out of bed, First, you're mixing spy metaphors.
Second, if you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly James Bond.
I'm actually no longer a spy and I lost my wife, I'm back where I was before, alone in Burbank.
You are not alone.
You have us.
You are not the person you were five years ago.
You are much more.
Yeah, there you go.
One sit-up closer to getting the girl back.
This is crazy.
I tried to gel her to remember me and it didn't work.
but emotions, feelings, those are powerful things.
And if you can find Sarah, maybe you can spark some of these memories.
- Really? - She fell in love with you before, Chuck.
You can do it again.
She'll remember.
Do you really think it could work? That she could just snap out of it? Yeah, you know what? You're right.
I can do this.
I took down The Ring, Fulcrum.
I'm a very impressive spy for hire.
We fell in love once, we can do it again.
She'll remember.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's the spirit.
Wow, I just said that.
I mean, she may be the best spy in the world, but I'm Chuck Bartowski.
It's not like she's out of my league.
I can do it.
I can get Sarah Walker back.
Your target is Nicholas Quinn.
- I take it you don't want him alive.
- No, I want him very dead.
- Done.
I'm ready to go.
- Are you? Carmichael Industries dropped the ball on this already.
Five years in Burbank; could tum a man into butter.
But for this job, I need you ruthless.
Anything less and you'll get killed.
I need old Casey, my best agent.
I need the colonel.
I can do it.
It's not just about finding Sarah .
',it's having a plan for what to do next.
Chuck, this is your mission, okay? Find Sarah, be yourself.
Be myself? Be myself? Okay, well, what version of myself? Lord of the Nerd Herd or charming Charles Carmichael? - No, the guy that she fell for.
- Yeah, I agree with that.
Also, I have another notion.
I think that you should kiss her.
- Did you I'm sorry, what? - Kiss her.
Grab this woman and kiss her.
- Just kiss her.
That's the whole plan? - Yeah.
Yes, I've been watching a ton of Disney princess movies with baby Clara but I firmly believe one magical kiss from you could unlock all of Sarah's memories.
I do.
Enough with the crazy.
We're wagging the dog.
We gotta find Sarah first.
But how do you find a woman who doesn't wanna be found? Can we find women? Can we find women? Are you kidding me? We can find a woman off the remnants of an Outback Bloomin' Onion.
Unleash the perverts.
Stalk, it's Gawk, I got your specs.
Gawker, it's Stalker.
We need a bead on a big blonde bird, please.
- Sounds like a job for the DirtDog.
- Up and hot.
I'll get a bead on your bird.
- Good Twinkie.
- Good Twinkie.
- My Twitter feed shows multiple - Helicopter just spotted a Lotus doing 60.
- A Van Hays gas station.
- Puts her at Burbank.
- Use the breadcrumbs, nab that Gretel.
- Sniff it out.
You got it.
- Use your sniffers.
- Tall blonde with amazing legs -and a TEC-9.
- ID'd as Uma Thurman - Follow that birdie.
- Thank you.
- Okay, Lester.
- Jeffery.
What's happening here? She landed at LAX at 9:34 last night.
She's en route to Burbank.
In tight blue jeans and a cleavage-enhancing top, meow.
- How do you know that? --at an Internet cafe.
Web history shows search for a Carmichael Industries.
Positive ID on one Sarah Walker in this Buy More at the Nerd Herd desk.
I'm sorry, no nip-slips nor pokey peaks.
What--? I'm sorry, wait, what? She-'s here now'? No nip-slips.
- Hi, Sarah.
- Hi.
I didn't know whether I should ring the bell.
What are you doing here? I'm sorry, let me try that one again.
It is really great to see you.
It really, really, really is.
You look fantastic.
Of course, you always look fantastic.
That's kind of your thing.
So with that, what are you doing here? Your spy base.
- Castle? Yeah? - I need it.
We lost track of Quinn but I know what he wants.
A device called The Key.
An ex-Fulcrum agent had the first piece.
And a former Ring operative, Renny Deutch, has the second.
I read your profile, and you're good with computers? Yeah, I can hack with the best of them.
Back in the day, they used to call me Doesn't really matter.
Not important.
You need me to find Renny? Done, Great.
Thank you.
Hey, there, stranger, I-- Hi, Sarah.
I'm sorry about that.
No, no, it's actually, it's my fault.
We've danced that dance before and I should know.
I should know better than to sneak up on you.
Can I help you? No, no, I just wanted to tell you that there was a time I was Chuck's number one go-to best friend, And then you came along and things changed.
If I was to hand the title off to anyone, I was always really happy it was you.
I just wanted you to know that.
Found him.
Renny Deutch.
German arms dealer, sets up shop in Berlin.
He's there now.
So we find him, we find Quinn.
Looks like I need a ticket to Berlin.
You gotta be on this mission.
Uh, Sarah? Hey, quick question before you go.
What's your plan once you find Quinn? I kill him.
And then I disappear forever.
Really? Really? Wow.
- Okay, well, then, my second question-- - I can't be here.
I don'! know how to be the woman you remember.
All I remember is being a spy.
A good one.
It's all I know how to do.
I understand that.
I get that.
But I can help.
If you go to Berlin, you're gonna get killed but me and my team, we can Yes, I'm small but I'm worth three spies on a mission -and I'm a very good listener.
- With us you stand a chance.
You don't have the Intersect and you haven't been trained.
I am trained.
You trained me.
You were my handler.
Do you know how to use this? Um Yeah, I can handle a Desert Eagle because I'm a stone-cold spy.
- That's me.
I'm lethal.
- You'll need to be.
Let's go.
- What if I have to use this thing? - Don't do that.
Sarah fell in love with you in part for not shooting people.
Please remember that.
Okay, Renny just arrived.
We follow him until he makes contact then take them both out.
Sounds like a plan.
Okay, let's go.
- Was that okay? - Do me a favor.
Don't worry about anything.
Be yourself, okay? Under no circumstances do you shoot anybody no matter how dangerous it gets.
- El Com padre.
- What? This place looks just like El Compadre.
It's a Mexican restaurant in L.
We went there when we first met.
Perfect, Chuck.
This is fate.
See'? Maybe Sarah will remember something.
Just use the old Chuck charm.
We just follow these schmucks around? That's how we find Quinn? Don't you sell Chuck and Sarah short.
They're damn fine operatives.
Yes, sir.
This has gotta be some sign.
I mean, think about it.
El Compadre was sort of our first date.
Not for you so much.
You were still just being a spy back then but for me, yeah, totally.
I mean I somehow thought I stumbled on a date “with the most beautiful woman in the world.
I was so nervous.
And you were so amazing.
We talked and laughed and had such a great time.
We went dancing afterwards, and you were doing these crazy -sexy dance moves.
- Chuck, stop.
- It's our story.
Don't you want to hear it? - Chuck, we're on a mission, okay'? The focus is Renny.
That's okay.
If Sarah doesn't wanna hear the story, focus on tonight.
You make this mish as romantic as you can' You make that girl fall in love with you all over again.
You're right.
No more stories.
Let's focus on the op.
The buyer's changing location.
Cancel my enchiladas rancheros.
- We're leaving.
- The target's on the move.
Morgan, track where he's going.
We may need a wardrobe change.
- You look beautiful, by the way.
- Thank you.
Your tie just needs a little fixing.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
Oh, Chuck, this is great.
Russian Consulate mission, right? There'll be music and dancing and sexy outfits.
Now listen to me.
You grab her, and you look in each other's eyes, and you kiss.
She'll remember the last five years, okay? I promise you.
You can do this.
Okay, I need to find somebody to dance with.
- I'm gonna get close to Renny- - Sarah, please.
You taught me how to dance.
Get me close, To Renny.
- Close to Renny.
- Right.
Our buyer's paranoid.
He's changing the location again.
We have to go.
- New location.
- Morgan, we're on the move again.
This place is disgusting.
- What? What is it? - Nothing.
Nothing at all.
Attaboy, Chuck.
Play it cool.
Quinn must be running late.
We have to do some waiting around.
- Sarah, what are you doing? - They're in the wrong order.
- What? - Well, that's not how it should be.
You know this place? Uh - No.
No, I don't.
- No, Sarah, it's okay.
It's important.
You used to work here.
I mean, not here in Berlin but the Wienerlicious in Burbank.
It was your first cover job.
Come on, you can remember.
Please try.
- Mr.
Deutch, did you bring The Key? - I did.
- But it's gonna cost you, Quinn.
- Oh.
The Ring spent a lot of money acquiring this.
I never liked The Ring.
One more to go.
I got more targets inside the Wienerlicious.
Quinn's made his move.
Let's get down there.
This one was in a spy van across the street.
Spy van? Really? It's that obvious? Drop your guns.
It's Morgan.
Oh, Sarah, you really don't remember, do you? Relax, boys, these two are mine.
Your husband is one of the world's greatest- What's the word? - Pussies.
Chuck, stop him! Stop! Stop, Quinn, stop! - Don't.
I will shoot you! - Chuck? Chuck? Take your shot.
I don't have a clean shot.
Chuck! Shoot him.
Slop! Hey, we're hit! Gel us down! Brace! Brace! Hey.
Is that my Desert Eagle? You shot down my helicopter with my own damn gun.
It was more of a warning shot than anything else.
Dude, uncuff me.
I want you to tell Alex something for me.
Tell her I'm going away for a while.
- What the hell is going on here? - Bartowski and Walker screwed up.
- So you arrest your own team? - Old team.
You had him in your sights.
All you had to do was pull the trigger.
- What do you want me to say? - That your mistake cost us this mission.
You let Quinn get one step closer to assembling The Key.
I'll lake the hit.
But in my defense, killing was never my thing.
You're a spy, aren't you? It's actually one of the things you liked about me the fact that I wouldn't pull the trigger.
Tell me why you're not returning Alex's calls.
She is worried sick.
All she knows is you're running covert missions.
They call them covert, numb nuts, because you don't tell anyone.
- She's your daughter.
- She's a liability.
I don't mean that.
Just, I have to be ruthless.
Well, at first, you thought I was weak or scared, and maybe I was.
But you taught me how to be a spy, Sarah.
And after we, you know After we fell in love, you stood up for me.
You didn't want me to be any other spy.
You didn't want me to change.
What about Chuck and Sarah? Liability too, right? Good.
Lock them up, throw away the key, lock away your feelings.
Forget everything that we've been through and you be ruthless.
You just don't understand, do you? I got soft.
I lost my edge.
Your team was your edge, you giant jackass.
What is wrong with you? Wanna find Quinn, you know who to call.
Don't you try to blame this on us because you're afraid.
You're afraid that, with us, that's when you're the best and that's the truth, man.
That's it? No response or anything? - Screw it.
- Screw what, John? The court-martial.
I'm in.
- What are you--? I'm free? - Yep, You, your wife, and my little roommate are gonna help me track down Quinn.
Walker'? You're escaping without me'? Look, I heard your pep talk.
I think I'm better off hunting Quinn on my own.
- No, we're doing this together.
- I'm leaving.
- No, no, you're not.
- Why? - Because of my mother.
- What? She's a spy.
- So? And she's standing right behind you with a gun.
I asked Mom to come- Mom, why is there a gun out? Sorry, dear, old habits.
It's good to see you again, Sarah.
My name is Mary.
Grandma, what did we say about Baby Clara seeing firearms? It's a no-no.
I am sorry.
Your mimi loves you.
Chuck, I have intel on The Key.
You staying, Sarah? Your father originally developed the Intersect as a teaching tool.
The Key was the matrix for programming the system.
So it can do anything.
Roark, Hartley and Stephen split the pieces so that no one could alter the Intersect without their agreement.
Your father gave his piece to someone in the government.
There's one upload left.
If Quinn puts all three pieces together he could fix the bug that blitzed Sarah and Morgan's memories -and then upload it into himself.
- He could also add new skills new information.
Chuck, we need to talk.
What Mom is talking about is an Intersect that can create a new identity or restore an old one.
We could load Sarah's memories onto The Key.
This could work.
We create a file on Sarah, okay? Your wedding album, her dossier, everything.
All you have to do is get the Intersect glasses back from Quinn.
It's gonna take a few days but I can reprogram them for Sarah.
- Just convince her it's the right thing.
- You're amazing.
This is fantastic.
- Hey.
- Chuck.
Quinn was entering the Pacific Concert Hall.
Beckman's to meet her Chinese counterpart.
Your mother says Stephen gave The Key to someone in government.
She's the target.
Beckman has The Key.
We found Quinn.
He's at the Pacific Concert Hall.
We gotta go.
Pacific Concert Hall.
They need us.
Let's go.
Please sit still, general.
The bomb is pressure sensitive.
And if you don't mind, Diane the badge of the person in charge of the Intersect Project.
The designers gave it to you? What an honor.
And all these years, you never knew it was the third part of The Key.
Hey, general, it's Chuck.
We think you might be in danger.
She's in more danger than you know, Chuck.
It's over.
I win.
- General, what have we got here? - There is a bomb under my chair.
I can't stand up.
Get the Chinese delegation out of here.
Yeah, yeah.
Pull up the blueprints to the hall.
We need to evacuate.
Guys, it looks like a sonic trigger, probably tied to the performance.
- When the music stops, it goes? - Exactly.
Get everybody out of here.
No, no, no.
We disrupt the performance, it'll blow up.
That is an order.
General, with all due respect, shut up.
We're saving you, I got something.
If that's the bomb, these are the brains, It's locked.
- Any ideas? - No, not yet.
Chuck, I just picked up Quinn on the internal security feed.
- He's heading to the roof.
- I'll get Quinn, - Chuck, he has the Intersect glasses.
- No, Sarah.
- No, let her go.
We don't have time.
- Well, get me more time, okay? I need Quinn to stop this bomb and I need those glasses for Sarah.
Go, go.
I'm ready for extraction.
We're on our way, sir.
Three minutes.
- Morgan? - Yeah.
Gotta keep the music going, Can't let it stop.
What are we gonna do? Casey, Morgan.
Okay, we're here.
Who do we shoot first? What are they doing here? Hold on a second, hold on a second, Casey.
I got a plan.
You're not going to like it but I got a plan.
Quinn! Sarah! Wait, wait, wait.
Don't kill him.
We need him to disarm the bomb.
The bomb? It can't be stopped.
And it's wired to explode when the music ends.
Which is right about now.
What's happening? Jeffster.
Talking away I don't know what to say We're doomed.
I'll say it anyway Today is not my day to find you I've been doing this for too long now.
But not tonight, not again.
Take on me Take on me Take me on Take on me I'll be gone You're done, Quinn.
- Then we die together.
Oh, God.
What are you doing? I had a plan, Sarah, a really good plan.
There's one upload left.
Ellie and I were gonna use these glasses to help save your memories.
- Will it work? - Yeah.
There's not enough time and I don't know how to disarm the bomb without the Intersect.
- There's only one upload left.
- Sarah, I'm sorry.
I can't help you get your memories back.
I can't get you back.
I have to save them.
Let's go.
Take on me Take on me Take me on Take on me I'll be gone In a day or two All right, let me at it.
Oh, it's been a while since I've done that.
So needless to say - What's the matter? - This laptop is an old Prism Express.
Configuration could be tricky.
You're all the things I've got to remember Okay, what about Irene Demova? Sarah, that's brilliant.
That's brilliant.
The virus could circumvent the system and disarm the bomb.
That was five years ago.
You remembered.
Take on me Take me on Chuck.
Chuck, find the porn virus, find it now.
Right, right, right, okay, okay.
I'll be gone Five-year-old porn virus, mere seconds until certain death.
- Can I do it? - Am I sexy? Who is sexy? Am I sexy? Am I sexy? Sexy? Sexy? Good work, team.
On behalf of the United States government and the great people we serve, thank you.
Just happy to be doing good works, ma'am.
I understand this is the end.
- Yes, it is, general.
I think we-- -it's me.
I, um I need to go find myself.
We all do.
If you ever wanna save the world again, you know where I am, So here we are.
The original band.
- Gotta go.
- No.
What? Wait, really? Really? I can smell it.
You're gonna get weepy and emotional.
I'll just skip that part.
I'll see you when I see you, Bartowski, huh? Good-bye, Casey.
There's one thing Russians do well.
It's give good hugs.
- Walker.
- Colonel.
So Irene Demova.
I'm I'm not really sure what it meant.
Or maybe it's a fresh start, a new beginning.
I need some time to think.
To be alone.
m s 0")' You know, Morgan had this idea.
It's nutty, really.
That if we You have to go, I understand.
So the moment the music stopped, the bomb would blow up.
- So Chuck calls us.
- So we could save the day.
So Jeffster could rock again.
So what you're saying is, Chuck Bartowski is a spy who runs a spy company underneath the store.
The exciting part is we saved the day.
You didn't get that? We'll go again.
I got it.
But do I believe it? Not a word, boys.
Not a word.
Things, though, are a-changing.
New owners moving in.
Looking fresh.
I'm gonna be eating fresh.
- We gotta get back to work.
- Excuse me.
Are you Jeffster? I saw your performance last night at the Pacific Concert Hall.
I'm a very important record executive from Germany.
You're gonna be stars there.
Women and men will adore you.
- Women and men? - Wait.
Wait a minute now.
- You want us to leave this store? - Yes.
Right now.
Come with me.
Are you ready? Let's rock.
Wunderbar, Come on.
- You two moving in together? - We're moving in together.
- It's not fun with you.
- It was a surprise.
How did you know? Hello? SPY- And you're? Happy; that we're finally taking this nice, giant step and -it's okay.
- Or you're gonna shoot me? - Heads up.
The place all is yours.
- We're all gonna live together? No, just the two of you.
I have someplace I need to be.
You're going after Gertrude.
- I was gonna ask you-- - Dad, you don't have to ask.
You deserve to be happy.
- Run to her.
- Run to her.
I'm a Casey.
I don't run.
I stalk my prey.
Oh, my precious Clara.
You are gonna love Chicago.
And Mimi is gonna come and see you all the time.
I don'! know how I'm supposed to leave you like this.
Ellie, you have to.
You've taken care of me for far too long.
You have Clara and Devon.
I'm fine.
I'm all grown up now.
My little brother.
Aces, Charles.
You're aces.
What about Sarah, Chuck? I don't know.
- Morgan, she could be anywhere.
- Okay, you know where she is.
You once told me to listen to our hearts because our brains only screw us up.
- I was in love then.
- You're still in love.
I want you to imagine something for me, okay'? Where is she right now? Don't think.
Use your heart.
Where is she? I was hoping you'd be here.
This place is important, isn't it? Yeah, yeah, very much.
This is actually where you told me I was gonna be okay.
That I could trust you.
And that's exactly what I'm doing now.
I'm asking you to trust me.
Sarah, I don't want anything from you.
I I just need you to know that wherever you go I'll always be there to help you.
Someone you can call.
Trust me, Sarah.
I'm here for you always.
Chuck? Tell me our story.
Yeah, yeah.
Where to begin? Well, it started with a guy who worked at Buy More.
And one day, an old college friend of his sent him an e-mail.
" that was filled with secrets.
And then, the next day, his life really changed when he met a spy named Sarah.
And he fell in love.
You know, Morgan has this crazy idea.
What is it? He thinks that with one kiss, you'll remember everything.
- Ha.
One magical kiss? - Yeah.
Ha, ha.
- I know it's-- - Chuck? - Yeah? - Kiss me.