Chucky (2021) s03e01 Episode Script

Murder at 1600

Henry, what are you doing?
- Mom, I saw him.
- Hey, it's okay.
I saw him move, and I heard his voice.
He whispered to me in the dark.
What did he say?
He said we're all going to die.
Henry, sweetheart, come out of there.
Let's get back to bed.
Now, listen to me.
No one is going to die.
And we talked about
this, didn't we, Henry?
There's no such thing as ghosts.
But when Nana died, you
said she left her body
and went to heaven.
That's a ghost.
That's different.
What about Jesus? He's
a ghost, the Holy Ghost.
It says so in the Bible.
Henry, I know moving into a new house
can be a little scary,
especially a house as
big and old as this,
but you'll get used to it.
I promise.
Well, at least there's one good thing.
And what's that?
At least Joseph is here.
To protect me from the ghost.
you go.
Joseph says that sometimes a ghost
might be hiding in the last
place you'd ever suspect.
Well, Joseph is wrong.
There's no such thing as ghosts,
just like there's no such
thing as talking dolls.
They're all just a part
of our imagination, right?
Miss Cunningham says I have
a very active imagination.
A little too active.
Can we come in and sleep with
you and Dad again tonight?
- Henry.
- Just for tonight?
Henry, we talked about this.
You're a big boy now.
You got this, okay?
Good night, sweetheart.
Don't forget Joseph.
Good night, Joseph.
Leave it on.
We've got this, Joseph.
We sure do.
Where's the backup?
Should have kicked in immediately.
Anything like this ever happened before?
Once in '15, Obama was in the Oval.
1:00 in the afternoon, didn't
even realize what happened
till we came and got him.
So it's not that big a deal, then?
It's a power outage in the most
secure house in the world, Simms.
- It's a big deal. Get the kids.
- Roger that, right.
Coop, what's going on?
Potomac Power says no one
else in D. C. is affected.
It's just us, Mr. President.
So we need to get you and your
family downstairs right now.
Downstairs downstairs?
Yeah, it's just a
precaution, strictly protocol.
We'll take the elevator down, sir.
It's on a backup generator.
This ever happened before?
Mommy, Joseph's gone. They took him.
- Who who took him?
- The ghosts.
- They're plural now.
- Ma'am, I'll get the doll.
Why don't you guys go with Agent Simms?
And I'll meet you at the elevator.
- Thank you.
- Be careful Teddy.
- This way, ma'am.
- I'll be right there.
Grant, it's me.
- Yeah.
- Come on, we have to go.
All right, come in.
What the hell are you doing?
Give me that.
What's it look like? I'm
sticking it to the man.
We're going to talk about
this later. Now we have to go.
Where are we going?
- Basement.
- The basement, why?
Here, just have a
breath mint you stink.
Call Spence, then Melanie.
Tell them, uh, I'll
call them on a hard line
once I get downstairs.
Tell Melanie to prep a statement.
I don't know. Tell her
to make something up.
Tell her I'll fill in the blanks
once I know what the hell is going on.
All right.
- What do you say, Henry?
- Thank you, Teddy.
Oh, you're very welcome, sir.
We're heading down.
Great. No Wi-Fi.
So how far down is it?
Five stories underground.
We, like, under attack or something?
Of course not. This
is just a precaution.
- Strictly routine.
- How do you know that?
- Coop told me.
- I'm sure it's nothing, ma'am.
It's the ghost. This house is haunted.
Sorry, he's a little anxious.
- Mommy!
- I'm right here, honey.
Everybody stay calm.
Bad boy.
Roger that.
- Going back upstairs?
- Yes, sir. Power's back on.
Everything's fine. You
can all go back to bed.
Hey, it's Jake.
I want to thank you
guys for your support,
your messages, your prayers.
They really mean a lot
to me, Devon, and Lexy.
We're doing better.
We're all finding our own ways to cope.
Mine's been to focus on my art.
I've always been the kind of boy
who likes to play with dolls,
but I'm not a kid anymore.
Time to put away childish things.
This is going to be my
final piece in this genre,
my last word on the subject
an exposé on the darkness
behind the innocent facades
of the most popular mass-marketed dolls
of the last 100 years.
The horror that is Kewpie,
Barbie, Raggedy Ann and Andy,
Chatty Cathy, Baby Nancy,
Cabbage Patch, American Girl.
But as you can see,
the last doll I really
need to finish this
and, well, to finally
move on with my life,
you guessed it Good Guy.
Problem is there doesn't
seem to be any left.
I haven't been able
to find one anywhere.
No one has for over a year.
But I heard a rumor there still
might be one more out there.
And I'd be willing to pay.
So, if anyone sees this Good Guy doll
or even hears about
it, please get in touch.
I really need to get
my hands on that doll.
- Good morning, everyone.
- Good morning.
The White House experienced a
brief power outage last night
from 11:48 p. m. until 12:05 a. m.
The problem was apparently
a mechanical malfunction,
but the power has been fully restored,
and the president's schedule
has not been affected.
Now, moving on to the crime bill.
- Speaker, question.
- Gretchen?
Has Homeland Security
ruled out the possibility
of criminal or terrorist-related
activity or espionage?
We're still looking into the
exact nature of the malfunction.
So you don't really
know what went wrong?
Not yet, but the
president and his family
were never in any serious danger.
But isn't it true the situation
was considered serious enough
to move the First Family down
to the bunker?
- Uh
- The president's son did a TikTok on it.
Yeah, of course.
Um, I'd characterize the incident
as a serious inconvenience
and annoyance to the family,
but, yes, as a matter of protocol,
steps were taken to escort them
to the Presidential
Emergency Operations Center.
But the power was restored
before that became necessary.
Would you say that this
incident could point
to larger concerns about
security in the White House
and, by extension,
the nation as a whole?
James Collins was elected on a platform
of unprecedented transparency.
The American people have seen
every tax form, phone record,
every report card dating back
to the president's halcyon
days in kindergarten
at PS 22 in Jersey City.
As this nation's first duly elected
independent commander in chief,
he's beholden to no political
party or corporate agenda.
President Collins has
vowed to heal this nation
and bring us together after
years of division and partisanship.
So if there are ever any
concerns about security
or anything else, I assure you,
you and everyone else in this room
will be the first to know about it.
Okay, let's get back to that crime bill.
No more TikTok.
You can't censor me, Mom,
not when you're married
to President Transparency.
Stop calling your father that.
This isn't the same as
exposing my hideous taste
- in drapes in the East Room.
- Hmm.
Well, "Architectural Digest"
must have agreed with me,
because they reposted that.
Grant, we're speaking here about matters
of national security.
Mom, the drapes aren't that bad, okay?
I just think that if you're
going to brand yourself
as President Transparency
and you basically sell off
the family's privacy to win an election,
you got to take the bad with the good.
And I'm sure Dad would agree
with me on that, right, Dad?
You don't leave me
with much of a choice.
Oh, and let me remind you,
um, I will be old enough
- to vote in the next election.
- Yeah, I'll alert the media.
- Hey, listen to this.
- Hmm?
William Henry Harrison
was the first president
to die in the White House.
His ghost is said to haunt the attic.
And Dolley Madison supposedly haunts
the Rose Garden in springtime,
protecting the buds
from an early frost."
Henry, where did you get that book?
From the gift shop on
the tour downstairs.
"The most notorious
ghosts in the White House
involve President Abraham
Lincoln and his family.
Mary Lincoln believed
the White House was haunted
by the ghost of her son Willie,
who died tragically of typhoid in 1862."
What's typhoid?
A disease people got here in D. C.
from all the contaminated water.
How old was he
the president's son,
when he died?
Um, gosh, I'm late.
I have a meeting with the decorator.
Henry, give me that book.
Thank you.
Daddy, Joseph doesn't want to
come to school with me today.
He wants to go to work with you.
He wants to see the Oval Office.
Have fun.
We were hacked.
North Korea?
We don't know yet. It could be domestic.
It could be some resentful
loner with rage issues
working out of his parents' basement.
- Did they get anything?
- So far, it looks like the breach didn't get
beyond the power grid.
- What did they want?
- Possibly just to see if they could do it.
Or possibly to get a
peek behind the curtain,
see how everything works,
plan future attacks.
- How does this happen here?
- We need to check our seals.
- We may have a leak.
- In the White House?
- How are we going to message this?
- We can't message this.
No, we can't let this get
out. We keep it between us.
Spence, that's not very
vice presidential of you.
We are not going to bury this.
We're certainly not
going to message this.
We're going to tell people the truth.
We were hacked.
The United States government was hacked?
It's not exactly unprecedented.
Our numbers will survive.
So, Mr. President, who
is your new bodyguard?
That's Henry's.
He asked me to bring it to work today.
Guess what his name is.
What's your name?
Hi, I'm Joseph, and I'm
your friend till the end.
Hidey-Ho! Ha ha ha.
It's just it's a weird coincidence,
Henry finding a doll with that name.
Mr. President, your 11:00
is waiting in the East Room.
Thank you, Samantha.
Can't keep the governor
of Rhode Island waiting.
Thank you.
You asked for it.
So here it is.
If I have to stoop to
thirst-trap TikToks twice a day
'Cause you know that I can ♪
If this is what it's going to take
for me to find my sister
Congratulations, everyone.
You fucking win.
So, now that I got your attention,
last year on Christmas Eve
My mother was murdered in cold blood.
My sister Caroline was kidnapped.
I miss them both more than I can say.
This is the most recent picture of her.
So, if anyone has any
intel on her whereabouts,
please contact me.
And, Caroline, if you're watching,
I love you.
I'm going to find you, and
I'm going to bring you home.
And the most important thing
be very, very careful with that doll.
Hey, Henry, where's your doll?
Bradley, this is Teddy.
He's my Secret Service agent.
He's basically my bodyguard.
So, you know, don't even
think of pulling any crap.
You think that's a good idea?
Don't you want to make friends?
- I have you. You're my friend.
- Yeah, I am.
But, Henry, you need
friends that you can talk to
and play with, go to when
you're feeling sad and scared.
Like I do with you and Joseph.
Yeah, but someone your own age
You remind me of my son Malcolm.
Does Malcolm have a Good Guy doll?
Well, he's more of a sports guy,
but he's a good kid, smart
kid, big heart, just like you.
Joseph's got a big heart, too.
At night, when I listen really close,
I can hear it beating.
Sam, who's my next victim?
Your wife.
You're going over color swatches
up in the residence.
- Remember?
- Yes, okay.
You're already late.
Yeah, I just, uh, need a minute.
Henry come by the office?
Uh, no, sir.
He's en route home
from school as we speak.
Who was in there?
Um, Spence came back for his briefcase.
Melanie was with him.
Coop did his sweep.
And me.
Who's the comedian?
Excuse me?
Never mind.
Coop, let's go.
Yes, sir.
Can we get a smoothie?
Henry, what's wrong?
I don't want to go in. I'm scared.
you have to cut this shit out, okay?
You're freaking out Mom and Dad.
Teddy believes me.
Don't you, Teddy?
You shouldn't encourage him.
No, it's not blue. It's seafoam.
I like it.
N-no, they're they're too dark.
We've been here for months.
If you don't make a decision,
you could miss your
window of opportunity.
Don't be so pessimistic.
"The Post" said just the other day,
you're going to be a two-termer.
That's what "The Post" said?
- Well, then no rush.
- You don't understand.
Jackie and Betty and Michelle
all set a very high bar.
I mean, everybody is watching me.
Our son is watching me. I
just need to get it right.
Hey, come here.
I just don't want you to put too
much pressure on yourself, okay?
Give yourself a break.
I need to keep busy,
James, just like you.
I know.
Dad, where's Joseph?
He's in your room.
And I think he found the
Oval Office very interesting.
Teddy, will you sweep my room first?
Happy to, sir.
A lot of you have posted questions
about what really
happened here in Hackensack
and at the School of the Incarnate Lord.
Like at the now-infamous town
rally a couple of years ago,
how exactly did Junior
Wheeler sneak backstage,
decapitate our principal
And sneak back
into the audience
without anyone noticing?
Some of you have also noticed a figure
from a lot of the footage
and pics from that time
a Good Guy doll.
We all know the connection
that Good Guy dolls
have with Hackensack,
going all the way back to
the '60s and Charles Lee Ray,
one of the most vicious serial killers
of the late 20th century,
who was gunned down in a
Chicago toy store in '88
and went on to become an
even more bizarre urban legend
than I bet he himself could
have originally imagined,
even in the darkest
corners of his twisted mind.
Some of you have also
asked the unthinkable.
Is there really a
connection between that doll
and all the murders?
What exactly are we talking about here?
Look, I know you can't
just take my word for it.
I know you're all
asking, where's the proof?
Where's the incontestable evidence?
Well, I-I hear you. I get it.
Rest assured, I'm still on that case.
Right now I have a date with
the hottest guy in Hackensack.
So, until next time, everyone
keep your eyes peeled.
Our suspect is two feet
tall, has red hair, blue eyes,
and should be considered
armed and extremely dangerous.
I'll make a short statement
before answering your questions.
This afternoon at 4:12
p.m. Eastern Standard Time
in a bedroom of the
White House residence,
a Secret Service agent
discharged his weapon.
The agent in question was alone
at the time of the incident,
and he fired a single shot,
mortally wounding
himself in the process.
The First Family was
elsewhere in the residence
at the time of the shooting.
They are all safe and request
that you respect their privacy
in this time of grief.
- I'll now take your questions.
- Ms. Spiegel, Ms. Spiegel.
Uh, yes, gentleman in the back.
This agent committed suicide?
Metropolitan Police are investigating
if it could be an accident.
But, yes, it appears this
tragedy was self-inflicted.
President Collins has
positioned this administration
as one of utmost transparency.
But given this scandal
forgive me, this tragedy
will the president honor
his promise to be completely
and totally forthcoming?
The president feels that
difficult times such as these
are exactly when openness
and honesty are needed most.
Next question.
Teddy left me.
Teddy would have done anything for you.
He just
he got sick,
and we didn't know about it.
None of us knew. Or we
would have helped him.
Is Teddy going to come
back and haunt me, too?
What about Joseph? When
can I have him back?
Oh, not yet, sweetheart.
They need to do their job first.
And we'll get your doll.
Okay, listen to me.
You've got to be
brave, all right, buddy?
We're going to get through this.
All right?
Where am I going to sleep?
Your brother is going
to bunk with you tonight.
That's okay. I don't mind.
I think we both could use the company.
And what if I asked
how you were holding up?
Ah, come on, Hicks.
Don't start worrying about me now.
Oh, believe me, I wouldn't,
but it's technically my job,
- and I have a condo to pay off.
- Right.
Yeah, that condo.
Speaking of, were you
trying to get me fired the other night?
Yeah, thanks for not ratting me out.
It's very, like,
cool-substitute-teacher vibes
This isn't a joking matter, Grant.
I'm serious. You're putting
me in a really tough spot.
But I guess, uh
you're in a tough spot, too, right?
Can you imagine if my
parents knew I smoked weed
here in these venerated
halls of American history?
- Heads up.
- I'd rather not.
Maybe it's a little undignified,
but at least there's
still something secret,
intimate between us,
even when nothing else in our
lives is private, not even our grief.
I just keep thinking
about his wife, his kids,
what they're going through.
James, I can't imagine what
this is going to do to Henry.
We're here for Henry.
We're here for each other.
- What about that doll?
- Mm.
Are we doing the right thing
letting him get so attached to it?
Henry lost his brother.
And he lost Teddy.
Nothing we can do to fix that.
I mean, it's it's
never going to heal.
So, if some doll
gives him any sort of comfort, then
who are we to take that from him?
You're stoned, aren't you?
Elio, Elio, Elio.
Oliver, Oliver, Oliver.
Are you nervous?
You don't feel it now ♪
Oh, are we doing "Titanic" now?
Well, Jack, I'm a bit worried
about that iceberg up ahead.
Don't worry.
I made room for you on my floating door.
No, but, seriously, are you nervous?
- Terrified.
- Me too.
Thank God.
Do you want to stop?
Fuck it. We're ready.
Fuck, I love you.
Not now.
For a moment ♪
Devon, check your phone.
I think it's Chucky.
"Still looking for a Good Guy doll?
I know where you can find one.
Amazingly lifelike."
"Looking for your sister?
Maybe I can help. I'm
great with little kids."
Mine just says "fuck you, Devon."
You know, Jake
you have a beautiful telephone voice.
You bitches miss me?
Yeah, we missed you.
Tell us where you are, and
we'll come visit right now.
Nah, you know me.
I'm more of a
hide-and-seek kind of a guy.
Besides, my new place
is pretty strict about visitors.
Okay, Chucky, you want to play?
Let's play, but give us a clue.
I just did.
Okay, I wrote this test last night.
Covers English, history,
geometry, biology.
I-I even threw in a
little bit of driver's ed.
You're saying this
like it's a good thing.
Come on, guys, we are two
months into the school year.
We've barely cracked a book.
I need to know where you're
at, educationally speaking.
With everything that happened,
all of the classes
you've missed, I just
I don't want you to end up
Falling behind?
Now, eyes on your own papers.
Call me when you're done.
You think we should
tell her Chucky's back?
So she can add it to the test?
We can't.
It's too dangerous.
I mean, she's done
everything she can to help us.
The least we can do
is try to protect her.
Hey, I can hear you whispering in there.
Less chatty, more testy.
None of us face the pain of loss alone.
We are lifted up by community.
We lean on our loved ones.
And we let Him carry us
during times of unease.
As we celebrate the
life of Theodore Brooks,
we can take comfort in Psalm 23.
Yea, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil.
Good men,
men of honor like Teddy,
need never fear evil.
For he shall dwell in the
House of the Lord forever.
aim, fire.
aim, fire.
Ready, aim, fire.
Pulled those bank
statements you asked for.
Just wondering if you wanted
to broadcast that any louder?
Your Secret Service friend up there
totally clean, no red flags.
How about large cash withdrawals?
- Maybe he had a habit.
- Ah, he's a Boy Scout.
He was always a Boy Scout.
What what do you expect?
Any big purchases at all?
Something besides milk and preschool?
Yeah, kind of.
A couple of days before he died,
he put a down payment
on a cruise line
trip to Alaska with his wife.
You're on a government
salary, two young kids,
would you put money
down on an expensive trip
if you already had your bags
packed for the great beyond?
You know what? The
less I know, the better.
Okay, so what do we have on Chucky?
Honestly, nothing.
We've scoured the Internet
and all of Hackensack
for almost a year and found
literally no sign of him.
If Chucky hadn't called us,
we'd have nothing at all.
The phone call is the
one clue we do have.
You saw the number
right? It was all zeros.
- Yeah.
- I did some digging.
Let's say you want to
block your number, easy.
But what if you're so
private, so important
Wait. How important?
Like Zendaya?
So important that you can make it
like your number doesn't
even exist at all?
So who are we talking
about like, the government?
I looked it up. And the only
people with that kind of power
are, like, the Pentagon and the CIA.
So, um, would you say
we did pretty good?
Pretty well.
We did?
God, no, I was just
correcting your grammar.
Unfortunately, you guys
are way behind your peers.
We have a lot of catching up to do.
But fret not.
I am going to mold those
squishy little minds
into founts of knowledge.
Sounds a little painful.
I'm going to go start
on a lesson plan
and a glass of wine.
Holy shit.
since Joseph Collins'
tragic death last winter
and the first-ever apparent suicide.
A sadly historic situation, indeed.
The First Family now
returning to the White House
from the departed
agent's memorial service.
White House.
Chucky in the White House?
How did he even get in there?
- What does he want?
- What does he always want?
Okay, so
so we'll go there.
We'll go to D. C., and we'll stop him.
We can't get in there.
It's the White House.
I don't care if it's the fucking moon.
He knows where my sister is.
Lexy's right.
We need to find Caroline.
And if Chucky can weasel
his way in there, so can we.
We're going to kill Chucky, guys
once and for all.
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