Chucky (2021) s03e02 Episode Script

Let the Right One In

Previously on fucking "Chucky"
Last year, my sister
Caroline was kidnapped.
I'm going to find you, and
I'm going to bring you home.
Joseph doesn't want to come
to school with me today.
He wants to go to work with you.
He wants to see the Oval Office.
President Collins has
vowed to heal this nation
and bring us together after
years of division and partisanship.
- What about that doll?
- Henry lost his brother.
So, if some doll gives
him any sort of comfort,
who are we to take that from him?

But, seriously, are you nervous?
- Terrified.
- Oh, me too.
The First Family now
returning to the White House
from the departed
agent's memorial service.

Chucky's in the White House.
How are we supposed to get
in the most secure house in the world?
Wait, don't they do tours?
Yeah, but it it takes weeks,
and you need to email a representative.
What about a personal invite?
This is the president's very cute,
very obsessed with socials son, Grant.
- He is cute.
- Well, he's not as cute you.
- Doesn't even compare.
Anyway, he's our in.
He has two million followers.
He must get thousands of DMs a day.
Killer dolls are hard.
Fuckboys are easy.
Dev, do a deep dive.
Find out everything you can about him.
Jake, get train tickets for the morning.
- We're going to D. C.
- Holy shit!
- Okay, we promise, no telling.
- Lips sealed.
Oh, my God, you guys,
have you seen the news?
I-is that Chucky in the White House?
And I'm late to the party, aren't I?
Oh, you are not actually thinking
of going after him, are you?
No. No way. It is too dangerous.
I am responsible for you now.
And we're responsible for Chucky.
I mean, we let him
get away from us twice.
You are not responsible for the actions
of a supernaturally
possessed killer doll.
We can't just stand back
and let more innocent people get killed.
Yeah, he killed our parents.
We have to do something.
Miss F, if you could just
please give us your blessing.
No, I'm sorry.
I-I can't let you do this.

Not alone.
I'm going with you.

Me and Joseph can't sleep.
You thinking about Teddy?
It's okay to talk about it.
Grant, are you going to die, too?
In life
we're going to lose people.
And it'll never be easy.
But remember what we talked about?
Sort of.
We'll always have our memories
the way they laughed,
how much they loved Fruity Pebbles,
that that they annoyed
the crap out of us.
next time you're missing Teddy
or Joseph
just remember this, okay?
I don't miss Joseph.
Joseph is here.
Yeah, but, uh
Henry, you know this isn't

Never mind.

Let's get some sleep, buddy. I love you.


I am so stuffed, I could
not eat another thing.
Oh, watch me.
I knew you would have
a little room for more.
You are like the
bottomless pit for bacon.
Joseph would like Swedish meatballs.
For breakfast?
Maybe Joseph would like
some pancakes instead
- with extra syrup?
- Yeah.
That's the face of a pancake guy.
Joseph doesn't like fucking pancakes.
- Henry.
- Whoa, hey.
What did we say about
saying words like that?
I didn't say it. Joseph did.
Yeah. Hey, Mom, Dad,
we should talk about
- Hold that thought, kiddo.
Your mother and I have a
very important meeting today.
[SIGHS] Aren't they all important?
We'll talk about your
choice of words later.
Joseph wants to go to
the Oval Office again.
He had so much fun the first time.
I love Joseph's enthusiasm on politics,
but I think he should
go to school today.
You can't run a nation
without basic math.
But he wants to be close to you.

I don't see the harm
in Joseph missing one
more day of school.
Shall we, Joseph?

wait to go to your office.
He doesn't talk like that.
We're so glad you could come
on such short notice, Warren.
We know you're in high
demand in this town.
Yes, Warren, thank you.
Pleasure to finally meet you.
Your reputation certainly precedes you.
Sorry. Would would you prefer decaf?

I never ingest foreign liquids.
I-I'm not usually on coffee detail.
But since you requested no staff,
here we are, all alone
First of all, call me Pryce.
Or as a matter of fact,
don't call me anything
if you can help it.
Better I'm a ghost around here,
that my comings and
goings remain unmolested
by any personal affinities
and/or bureaucracy.
Well, we'll see what we can do
about snipping up all the red tape.
Which reminds me, I'll be
needing carte-blanche access
to all White House facilities.
- Can we do that?
- Well, I think
[CLEARS THROAT] The protocol, it's
I already spoke with my
associate at the Pentagon.
He's handling the details.
Just keeping you abreast.
Is there anything about Agent Brooks
that's keeping you up at night?
Anything about his mood in
the days prior to his death?
Any untoward associations,
debts, enemies?
To be perfectly candid, Mr. Pryce,
I think this meeting is ghoulish.
- I didn't want to have it.
- Charlotte
I'm sorry, but Teddy's
death was a tragedy.
Can't we just let him rest in peace
instead of impugning his reputation?
Ma'am, I'm not here to
make any moral judgments
about what's in a man's heart
in the days prior to his death.
I'm here to take out the garbage.
Now, wait a second.
Teddy Brooks was a fine man.
No man is purely garbage.
But can a man keep the wrong company,
become entangled, and endanger
the entire nation as a result?
Are you suggesting my son's
Secret Service agent was a spy?
I'm saying his death
isn't without suspicion.

What is that?
Our son Henry has taken to this doll
in a way that we find perhaps a bit odd,
but it seems to be therapeutic.
The doll's name is Joseph.
Like your deceased son.
Your mail, Mr. President.
- Thank you. Uh, Sam?
- Mm-hmm.
Have you seen my letter opener?
Oh. I, uh, haven't, sir.

It's a rare Eleanor
Roosevelt letter opener.
- I got it from Barack as a gift.
Barack still owes me ten bucks
- An ill-advised NBA wager.
- Never bet on the Knicks.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm going to check out the crime scene
while Henry's still in school.
So it turns out Grant is more
than your average fuckboy.
- Oh?
- Yep.
I mean, he still is a
fuckboy, but he follows a lot
of weird, offbeat accounts
about conspiracy theories
and obscure historical facts.
Sounds like you want to
slide into his DMs, Dev.
Are you sure he doesn't
do that for show?
I mean, he posts in
the White House a lot,
more than my mother,
rest her soul, ever did.
He also follows a lot
of accounts about grief.
We thought you should
tackle this two ways.
One, you look hot.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
Two, instead of full-blown sexpot,
what if you focus on,
like, your feelings?
Try to connect to Grant over his grief
about his dead brother.

I like that.


My name is Lexy.
I'm reaching out to Grant Collins
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because
I need help.
My sister Caroline is still missing.


What's good, everyone?
A lot of you have been asking
to see inside the exclusive
Fisher Friends School,
so I figured,
why not give 'em a little
vibe check on my student body?
Hey, Lyle. Say hey to my followers.

My name is Lexy.
I'm reaching out to Grant Collins
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue because
I need help.
My sister Caroline is still missing.

To bring her home, we
need to keep her name
in people's mouths, in their minds.
You can help me, Grant Collins.
Please help me.

"Hey, girl"?
[SCOFFS] Really? That's his opener?
He probably sent that
to 25 other girls today.
Those girls aren't me.
Now, can the master
please work in silence?
Seems like it's going good.
Going well.
I'm pulling the trigger.
"I really like your energy.
We should meet in person
you, me, and my friends.
Tomorrow maybe"?

"Come to Balzac's coffee shop
at DuPont Circle, 3:00 p. m."
Evening, Mr. President.
Here is the afternoon mail.
Did you ever find the letter opener?
I did not.
I also managed to lose track
of Henry's doll somehow.
It's, um it's been
a stressful day, sir.
Has anyone else been in there today?
- Absolutely not.
- Okay.
- Well, uh, good night, Samantha.
- Good night, sir.
Night, Coop.



Holy shit.
That is awesome.

Hey, do I look upside
down to you right now?

That's two down,
four to go.
But who's fucking counting?

Semper Fi.

Where are you right now?
You've been furrowing your
brow for the last 15 minutes.
I was thinking about
Teddy and his family.
Everything you said
this morning to Pryce
I agree with you, we need to
protect the American people,
but I can't get Teddy's
family out of my mind
Everything they're going through
that pain.
- We know it.
- Yeah, we do.

I'm going to go check on Henry.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God,
what are we going to do?
We we we need to call the police.
- Ma'am.
- We need the FBI in here.
- We need Coop. Where's
- Ma'am.
- I will go get him right now.
- Ma'am!
Mrs. Collins, I need you
to get a hold of yourself.
There is a killer in the White House.
We know that now.
It's safe to assume that the killer
is also responsible for
Agent Brooks's death.
That's exactly why we need to
Think about what's at stake here,
the first independent
president in U. S. history,
your husband's promise
to heal this nation,
his legacy and our country's future
hanging in the balance, Mrs. Collins.
We can't let this get out.

Evening, Sergeant.

Spencer. Hi.
Um, he's already gone up.
What are you doing here so late?
I-I was looking for Henry's doll.
- Have you s-seen it?
- Uh, no.
But, luckily, that's the
least of our problems.
How's he doing?
Henry? Oh, uh
know, it's been hard.
- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
Well, get some sleep.
Let's connect first thing tomorrow?
Absolutely. Good night.

Sorry about your antique.





- Still no Samantha?
- I'm afraid not, sir.
Don't get me wrong, Lucy.
We're grateful to have you here.
It's just it's not like Samantha
to be out this long without checking in.
You've got Sam. Leave a message.
Would you send someone to check on her,
- see if she needs anything?
- Of course.
Thank you, Lucy.

Yep, that's him.
Okay, remember, guys, this hangout
is key to getting to Chucky,
so don't say anything about Chucky.
Fine by me.
I hate how much breath
we waste on that asshole.
Okay, so great Grant
topics include television,
viral videos, Grant,
and girls, aka Lexy.
Okay, let's go. We got shit to do.

Oh, oh.
Okay, listen, I will be right outside
if anything goes sideways.
And in the event it
goes really sideways,
we're going to meet back at home base
Watergate Hotel, room 1105.
Here's 20 bucks. Be safe.

Sorry, we're closed.
- How are you? Thanks for coming.
- Good.
- So good to see you.
- Yeah.
- Oh, I'm Grant.
- Devon.
How's it going? What's up?
- Hey.
- Grant.
They're with me.
They're just my friends.
Calm down, okay?
Here they are, IRL.
Go ahead.
I didn't know what you guys wanted,
so I figured, why not get it all?
'Cause I can.
My bistro is your bistro.
you guys ever been to D. C. before?
It's, like, the best city in the world.
- First time.
- Same.
I mean, we're all
Jersey born and raised.
- So
- Hackensack strong.
Living in Hackensack must feel so
Must be so amped to be here.
- So glad I saw your vid, Lex.
I get so many tags a day,
it's hard for any of them
to stand out, you know.
Yeah, I can't imagine.
Oh, um, I'm assuming
you boys have TikTok.
Um, yeah, actually, I'm a fan
of, uh, Conspiratorial Tory.
- I think you follow her, too.
- Yeah, hold on.
It says you guys don't follow me?
Take your phones out now.
You guys you guys got to follow me.
- Right now?
- Uh
uh, so, Grant, do you
watch "Outer Banks"?
Oh, mm-hmm. Total kook here.
Recent Pogue, unfortunately.
- I'd love to talk spoilers.
- Mm, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- Lean in.
- Oh, no, that's okay.
- From that angle.
- Mm.
- But from this angle
- Oh, there we go.
- Yeah.
- Oh, it does look better.
A couple minutes, then
we got to head out, Grant.
Uh, I'm guessing the
bathroom's over there, right?
- Yeah, me too.
- Um
- So
I'm really glad that we got to do this.
Really loving your vibes.
[SIGHS] Um, and, look,
about your sister
I'll do what I can to help.
Okay. Um, that was
a total boner killer.
Whoo! Okay, uh, let's
talk about something else.
I don't know. I mean, I just
This feels cool.
Yeah, I mean, two hot
people meeting usually does.
- Yeah.
Okay, well, then
I'd like to see you again.

You ever been to the White House?

I heard from Samantha's brother.
She checked herself into rehab.
She drinks?
I don't know.
I thought it was rude to ask.
That's awful struggling silently.
I never would have thought.
I should look into visiting.
No, he said no visitors,
not for the first few weeks.

First Teddy, now Samantha.
I feel like we don't even know
the people working with us anymore,
people we're raising our kids alongside.

Can can we just
go to bed?
Come on.
- Come on.
- Oh, baby.
- I can't.
I can't. I
Spencer says we're down three points.
- Oh, three points.
- Yeah.
The United States will still
be there in the morning.
Oh, come on.
You're going back to
the office, aren't you?
And you're going to get sainthood
- for putting up with me.
- Mm.

Thank you.


Take a breath, take a walk ♪

I want to make so much love to you.

- That was terrible, wasn't it?
- It was pretty bad, yeah.
I was waiting for the moment ♪
For the right time ♪
I was left out in the dark ♪
But I still liked it, and I love you
- So let's fucking do this.

I love when you say "fuck."

I was just asking
for a gluten-free bun.
It's not that hard, you know?
And I'm going to go on a walk.
Oh I'll just
You can't forbid me
from seeing my friends.
Grant, you don't even know them.
Yeah, I do. They're
they're my friends.
We looked into them, like I promised,
and they're bad news, kind
of shockingly bad news.
Jesus, Mom, they're they're
orphans, not terrorists.
I just don't feel
comfortable inviting them.
- I'm sorry.
- Come on.
This isn't even about security.
It's just optics, isn't it?
You don't want me hanging out
with anyone who's not PR approved.
Grant, we're under a lot
of scrutiny right now,
e-especially after Teddy, and I
Why don't you invite the mayor's son?
W-what's his name? He's in your year.
Alex? What about him?
Why don't you invite him to
the Halloween gala instead?
Because Alex isn't even,
like, a-a real person.
None of them are at school.
None of them have ever had anything,
like, happen to them.
I feel like I actually have something
in common with these kids.
they get me.

I guess, um
I could meet with their foster mother,
tell her a little bit about
the expectations and protocols
and see if she thinks
that they can handle it.
- Thank you.
- Oh.
I mean, like, yeah, I guess if
you have to do that, that's cool.
Normal kids just get
to have friends, so
Now, boys, I know that
you love each other,
and I support you 100%.

Consummating, uh, your relationship
is an important milestone
for every couple,
but we need to cover some basics first
and establish some boundaries, okay?
This isn't a bathhouse.
- What's a bathhouse?
- I'll, uh, tell you later.
Okay. First up, safe sex.
Do we understand that
even without a, um
a female involved, there's
still some safety concerns.
- You can skip that one.
- Yes.
Next up,
"teens may have some
confusion about positions
while topping and bottoming."
We're good there, too.
- We are?
- We'll talk.
Okay. "Prepping for penetration"
- Stop, stop.
- Oh, oh, oh, my God.
Uh, okay, You know what?
Um, why don't I actually
just give these to you guys
and you can go over
them on your own time?
- Great idea.
Good chat.
Thanks, Miss F.
And you just please
feel free to come to me
with any questions or concerns or
you know, questions, all of that.
For real, though
we appreciate it.
We'll make sure you guys are gone
for longer than ten minutes next time.
That's all any parent could ask for.
Jake, your, uh, shirt's on inside out.

William Jennings Bryan's
Cross of Gold speech in 1896
was a polemic against ?
What, so he just, like, hated gold?
Doesn't make any sense.
Honestly, I don't even
know what "polemic" means.
Come on, guys.
[SIGHS] Miss F. is going to be pissed
if we haven't finished
this when she gets back.
Who gives a shit?
We should be figuring out
how to get Chucky and
Miss F. will get us the invitation.
And then what? Once we get
into the Halloween gala,
how are we supposed to find Chucky?
How do we get him alone?
How do we get him to
tell us where Caroline is?
- How
- Okay, yeah, you're right.

Let's make a plan.
Well, it's the fucking White House,
so no chance for getting any knives in.
That doesn't mean we're
totally defenseless.
Coco Chanel says, in
fashion, form is function.
We can make the costumes work for us.

We have to assume Chucky
will stay upstairs in the residence,
so we'll need Grant to invite us up.
Me and Jake can find Chucky, but
you'll have to keep Grant distracted.
As much as I would rather not,
that won't be a problem.

Mrs. Collins is very kind.
You'll be just fine.

They have suffered enormous tragedy.
But instead of closing
themselves off to the world,
they've only become more
compassionate and sensitive.
And they are very loyal.
They have fought so hard to
keep their little family unit together.
A lot of the credit there
is due to you, I imagine.
Oh, just wish I'd taken them in earlier,
though I'm not sure my
budget could have handled it.
[SIGHS] It seems like they
go through a week's worth
of groceries every day.
- Well, I do not envy you there.
I've got my hands full
with one teenager, honestly.
I know that you know what it looks like
when children shoulder
too much grief too young.
I live for the moments where
they just get to act like kids.
And lately, I think they've been finding
those moments with your son.
I'd be willing to bet that
Grant feels the same way.

Will you excuse me for a moment?
Of course.

My team ran a private
ballistics analysis
- on Agent Brooks's death.
- And?
Though technically possible,
it is extremely unlikely
that Agent Brooks handled the gun
at such a dramatically low
angle to take his own life.
What exactly are we dealing with here?
We're dealing with a professional,
someone with absolutely no
respect whatsoever for human life,
someone very clever,
extremely dangerous,
and very, very ill.

I just couldn't resist the thought
of making those kids
orphans one more time.



Three down, three to go.
And yet you're no closer
to catching this killer?
You promised me results
if I let you talk me into
going along with this.
[CHUCKLES] I don't
think that I talked you
into going along with anything,
all due respect, of course, ma'am.
And the result that you are speaking of
is your husband's legacy remains intact.
And my family is in danger.
Whoever killed Teddy and
Samantha is still out there.
I will do whatever it
takes to protect James
and the promises we made
to the American people,
but you need to hold up your
end of the bargain and find him!
Go ahead.
It's for you, Mrs. President.

Yes, hello. Who is this?
Since you like cleaning up after me,
I thought I'd leave you a fresh one.
Wrapped it up nice and pretty, too,
just like Christmas morning.

- Oh.

The flag is the murder weapon.
It's also the message.
The killer knows the American government
will continue to cover up his crimes.
No, not anymore.
T-t-t-this this is over.
I-I'm calling the police.
I, uh
I wouldn't do that, Mrs. Collins.

What is this?

I didn't vote for your husband

Not that I don't think
he's an honorable man.
I do.
And he is.
But his platform

Not on my watch,
not in this beautiful country
for which I am prepared to die
at a moment's notice.
is built on secrets, ma'am,
and it would be a shame
for this one to get out.
Your husband's presidency
will be over before it barely began,
before he had a chance
to really do some good.
And I hate to think of the effect
- it could have on your two boys.
- How dare you?
This is none of your business.
This is between me and my husband,
and it was resolved between
us long before the election.
I understand.
- It's very personal.
You think you know me.

You don't know me.
You don't know my family,
and you certainly don't know my husband.
But I do know what he stands for.
And I think that's worth protecting.
Wouldn't you agree?

I hope this rug isn't an antique.


- She should be back by now.
It doesn't help to keep saying that.
I'm texting Grant.
Okay, Grant says that
his mom met with her
and it went super well.
We're going to be invited.
It's her.
Hey, hey, hey, hold on, hold on.
The Wi-Fi's surprisingly crappy here.
Uh, there we go.
Can you see me now?
Where's Miss Fairchild?
Oh, I'm sorry, Jake.
She had to go spend some quality time
with your dead parents in hell.
They even cleaned up my mess for me.
God bless America.
We're coming for you, Chucky.
I'm waiting for you, Lexy.
I'm waiting on pins and
needles for all of you.
I got a feeling that this is going to be
our bloodiest Halloween yet.
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