Chucky (2021) s03e03 Episode Script

Jennifer's Body

Previously on "Chucky"
Chucky always told me my
real mommy would come for me.
That's why I never fit in here.
- He he lied.
- You're not my real sister.
- Carolyn, I'm your sister.
- Toodle-oo.
No, Caroline, no.
Tiffany, nothing has changed between us.
We're still going to
torture her and kill you.
Oh, no!
No! No!
You bitches miss me?
Tell us where you are, and
we'll come visit right now.
My new place is pretty
strict about visitors.
Three down, three to go.
Chucky, in the White House?
Yeah, how'd he even get in there?
What does he want?
- [CRYING] No!
- Police, open up!

- Freeze!
- Freeze!
Jennifer Tilly, you're
under arrest for murder
- in the first degree.
- What murder? What murder?
You have the right to remain silent.
- Anything you say
- What murder exactly?
Murder is a very vague term.
How about the murder of Michelle Cross?
I didn't kill her! Chucky did!
Who's Chucky?
You got the wrong person.
Chucky did it! Chucky killed her!
He's that doll they just took
off of that creepy little girl!
That reminds me, you're also
under arrest for kidnapping.
Wait! Where's my book?
My book! She took my book!
- I need my book!
- Ma'am, ma'am
I need my book!
It's called "Voodoo for Dummies."
I can't! I need it!
I can't go to prison without my book!
Lady, the only book you're going to need
is the Good Book.
Okay, folks, move along.
Nothing to see here. Let's go.







What's wrong, Nica?
Cat got your legs? [LAUGHING EVILLY]
Wait. You two know each other?
Oh, yeah, me and Nica go way back.
In fact, we used to be inseparable.
Caroline, that is your name, right?
Caroline, sweetheart,
just give me the doll.
What happened to your hands?
Well, whatever doesn't
kill me makes me stronger.
that right, Chucky?
Could have fooled me.
Did you do that?
Tiffany did it.
Told you she was a nut job,
but the cops are going
to settle her hash.
This isn't over, Chucky,
not by a long shot.
Of course not, Nica.
We're just getting started,
and I'm sure we're going
to have a lot of fun.
See you around.

You know, there's a big storm coming.
Do you have a raincoat, sweetheart?
Just drive, sweetheart.
Whoa. That doll talks?
Mind your own fucking business, okay?
Oh, that's one of those
interactive AI robot dolls.
Yeah, I saw those on TV for,
like, lonely kids or something.
Hey, Chatty Cathy, eyes on the road.
Okay, okay.
So what's next, Chucky?
I think it's time we pay
some of my old friends
a little visit.
Don't need to worry about Tiff now.
That took care of itself.
But the rest of them [CHUCKLES]
They're in for a surprise.
How about you, kid?
You got any special friends?
I never liked Ms. Sherman,
my first-grade teacher.
The more, the merrier.
Let's just add her
to the list.
You know, Caroline, I always
knew you had potential.
Lexy and those twinks, they
didn't have what it takes.
But you, you're the real deal.
Well, I've never actually
done anything before.
You nervous?
I'm eight.
I started when I was seven.
I'm a late bloomer.
You could teach me.
Class is now in session.
Hey, uh, how's it going back there?
- I'm fine.
- Yeah?
Well, you got a very
interesting toy there.
Where'd you get it?
Oh, Chucky's one of a kind.
So what are you guys talking about?
- Killing people.
- What the fuck?
All right, you know what?
I'm sorry, little girl,
but you're going to have
to find a different ride.
Your little doll friend over
there is freaking me out now.
I ain't going to have
no punk-ass puppet
talking to me crazy.
I'm a grown man! You understand?
Creepy-ass doll talking crazy to me.
I'm from the Bronx and a veteran.
I'm a veteran.
Don't have to put up with
this red-haired devil.
Take your dumb-ass doll
Oh! Yo, I will fuck you up!
I saw her sitting in the rain ♪

Raindrops falling on her ♪
She didn't seem to care ♪
She sat there and smiled at me ♪

- Then I knew ♪
- I knew, I knew, I knew ♪
- She could make me happy ♪
- Happy, happy ♪
She could make me very happy ♪
Flowers in her hair ♪
Flowers everywhere ♪
I love the flower girl ♪
Is that seven years' bad luck?
I thought that was mirrors.
She seemed so sweet and kind ♪
She crept into my mind ♪
To my mind ♪
To my mind ♪

Hey, guys. It's Lexy.
We still don't have any intel
on my sister's whereabouts,
but I did get a DM that she
was spotted in Times Square
this past January.
Someone said they saw Caroline disappear
into a subway station.
If you know anything about
this, please reach out.
I'm getting really worried.
I know, right?
Yeah, you're telling me.
Well, thank you, Kyle.
Did you get my card?
- I meant every word of that.
Hey, how's the new puppy?
All right, I'm gonna
send you a picture, okay?

I'm good, yeah.
No more nightmares.
You know what's kind of crazy?
I actually feel safe.
I never thought this day would come.
He's finally dead,
and we to get on with our lives.

You too, Kyle.
See you soon, okay?


wakey, wakey.

Just like the old days, huh?
Kind of kinky.
Help! Help! Somebody help me!
Help! Help!
- [LAUGHS] Music to my ears.
- Please!
Go ahead. Scream your head off.
- Help!
- There's no one around for miles.
How'd you find me?
Caroline found you, actually.
Kid's a real whiz with computers.
I'm his new friend till the end.
Caroline, you don't have to do this.
I'm not. I'm just observing.
Listen to me. Killing is wrong.
- I wasn't raised religious.
You got too comfortable, Andy.
How many times have I tried to kill you?
I've lost count.
And every time you'd slip away.
You're my white whale, Andy,
my Moby Dickhead.
Are you actually trying to
make a literary reference?
No, it was a fat joke.
- Fuck you!
I've waited a long time for this, Andy.
- And I'm going to enjoy it.


I've waited a long time for this, Andy.
I'm going to enjoy it.
What the fuck?

What the fuck?


"What to do if you
find that you are aging.
Step one, vacate the vessel."


Give me the power, I beg of you.

How'd you sleep?
I read this book cover to cover.
I could have told you
that wouldn't work.
The book says on page 37,
"If your vessel is aging,
that means you need to see a doctor."
Is it noticeable? Tell me honestly.
How old do you think I look?
I don't know. Three.
With these crow's feet? Please.
Well, it is the natural law.
Caroline, look at me.
Does anything about me
strike you as natural?
Well, maybe not your crow's feet.


Oh, my God. Is that
Oh, hello.

You're not the producer from "Dateline."
h-how are you, Lexy?
How do you think?
I'm really sorry about your mother.
I told Chucky killing a
mother on Christmas Eve
is just tacky.
I'm really, really sorry.
I'm sorry you're going
to be standing trial
for murder in Texas.
- Actually, I'm not sorry.
I'm ecstatic.
I knew I should never
have taken that trip
to see the Alamo.
[CHUCKLES] But that tour
guide was just so awful.
She deserved it.

Stilettos? In prison?
I got connections.
Besides, my mother always told me,
you can never be overdressed.
Look, Tiffany, you were the
last person who saw my sister.
Please, tell me where Caroline is.
I don't know.
You know how much this sucks
for me, having to come to you.
I swear, I don't know where she is.
- Time's up.
- Time's up.
Where is she? Where is my sister?
Chucky took her.
What? No, I killed him.
No, there was one more.
Remember that Belle
doll your sister had?
That was Chucky in drag.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, watch the hands.
What the fuck? Wait. Where are they?
Tiffany, please just
tell me where they are!
Tiffany, where the fuck are they?
Tiffany, where are they?
Your Honor, I'd like to
call my first witness
Nica Pierce.

Do you swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?
I do.

Ms. Pierce,
how are you acquainted
with Jennifer Tilly?
Jennifer Tilly kidnapped
me, dismembered me,
and held me hostage for over a year,
during which time I witnessed
her kill nine people.
And she forced me to watch "Liar Liar"
over and over again on a loop.
That's horrible, Ms. Pierce.
I'm truly sorry for
what you've suffered.
plus you were framed, weren't you,
for many of Ms. Tilly's crimes?
I was fully exonerated
shortly after your client was arrested.
Yes, you were,
exonerated by her timely confession.
In fact, Ms. Tilly even confessed
to the murders of your family,
murders for which you had
already been found guilty,
long before you ever met my client,
on a night she had an ironclad alibi.
Now, why would she do that, Ms. Pierce?
I did not kill my family.
Why would she do that?
Because I love you!
Because she's fucking crazy!
She's a homicidal fucking maniac!
Order! I said order!
Miss Tilly, please, sit down.
Thank you, Ms. Pierce.
- You may go now.
I'd like to call my next witness.

She's a monster.
A complete psychopath.
Even her fashion sense is deranged.
And that voice
It's the sound of my nightmares.
Did I mention she kidnapped my sister?

Ye [SIGHS] Yes.
I don't care if your mother died.
You get in that office,
and you shred everything.
You miss one sacrifice,
and everything goes to shit. Am I right?
- What's in the box?
- My ex.
Charles Lee Ray?

Mr. Ray, I'm Dr. Rosen.
Got to say, Doc
you're not exactly what I expected.
I'll make sure I have my
chickens and goats next time.
I, of course, know who you are.
Your reputation precedes you.
your head and cough.
Open your mouth and say ah.
What is it?
That's, uh, unusual.
Give it to me straight, Doc.
Mr. Ray, have you been, uh, practicing
any other religions lately?
Worshipping another deity, perhaps?
I've been a Damballic for 40 years.
Nothing in recent memory?
Friends, lovers, anyone close to you
dabbling in, say
I was sort of involved
in an exorcism last year.
- Oh, dear.
- What?
Oh, come on, it can't
be that bad. Lay it on me.
Mr. Ray, you have been
infected with Christian magic.
Worse still, the contagion source
seems to be Catholicism.
It's it's quite advanced.

I haven't heard of this happening
since the 11th century.
Those fucking kids.
You got some herbs or
something to fix me up?
Oh, you're far too along for that.
It's already aging you.
Ritual sacrifice? Whatever you need.
Mr. Ray, it's not me you have to beg.
It's Damballa.
You said someone had it
before in the 11th century.
- What happened to them?
- They died.
You're dying, Mr. Ray.
Oh, is that all?
You had me scared there for a second.
I've died lots of times.
I always come back.
Not from this, you don't.
Well, can't you make
it so that I can jump
into another body piece of cake.
Mr. Ray, I don't think
you understand me.
Damballa has abandoned you.
Without him, you have no power.
This is your last vessel.
Doc, there's got to be
something you can do.
I mean, I can't actually die.
I got people to kill.
I got plans.
This hasn't been attempted
since the Crusades.
The petitioner was unsuccessful.
I'll do it, whatever it takes.
It will take an evil of a magnitude
even you can't comprehend.
I'm intrigued.
Your Honor, I'd now like
to call my final witness
Jennifer Tilly.
Uh, um
Took long enough.
Do you swear to tell the
truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the
truth, so help you God?
Why not?
- Ms. Tilly.
- Ms. Valentine.
I'm sorry. What do you mean?
I'm actually Tiffany Valentine.
I've just been using Jennifer's body.
I'm sure the court
would love to hear more.
Please, go on.
I was Charles Lee Ray's girlfriend.
We met in the '80s,
and it was beautiful for a time.
And then he electrocuted
me in a bubble bath
and transferred my soul into
a limited-edition Belle doll.
- A Belle doll?
- Yes, please, try and keep up.
Me and Charles well, now
everybody calls him Chucky
he's a doll, too, you know.
We ended up in Hollywood,
and I immediately started stalking
Jennifer Tilly.
I'm her biggest fan.
And once I got a look at
her fabulous lifestyle,
well, I was hooked.
So I transferred my soul once again.
That's a lot of soul transferring.
How does it work?
Voodoo, of course.
I transferred my soul
into Jennifer's body,
and I've been impersonating
her ever since.
as wild and wonderful
as this ride has been,
I just want to be me again
Tiffany Valentine.
I see.
Objection, Your Honor.
What is the point of this charade?
Yes, I've been wondering that myself.
My point here is to show
the court my petition
declaring Ms. Tilly not
guilty by reason of insanity
is completely valid.
And she is therefore not
responsible for her actions.
Transferred souls,
doll bodies, bubble baths?

We've seen many examples
of Hollywood actors
who go so deep into the roles they play,
they struggle to find their way back.
I call it the Austin Butler Effect.
It took that poor man months
to lose the Elvis accent.
Now, Ms. Tilly is herself
an Oscar-nominated actress.
Well-known for diving
headfirst into her characters
no matter how complex.
On the occasion of playing
serial killer Tiffany Valentine
in the hit Universal film
"Chucky Goes Psycho"
- She went too deep.
And this is the result.
My client believes she
is Tiffany Valentine.
I'm Tiffany. I am.
I'm Tiffany Valentine.
- Quiet, please.
I'm not guilty by reason of insanity.
There's something wrong with me.
You may step down now, Ms.
Tilly, or whoever you are.

What's so evil about this?
[CHUCKLES] If these walls could talk.
It's a Dutch colonial.
The most evil houses are
always Dutch colonials.
Think about it. "Amityville,"
"Elm Street," "Twin Peaks."
What the fuck is up with the Dutch?
Must be all the weed.


That look like six people to you?
I count eight. Why?
The doc said I need to make
six sacrifices to Damballa
for this to work.
if you want a crack at one or two,
be my guest.
That's okay. I'll just watch.
Watch and learn from the master.
Is everything okay?
Where are your parents?
[CRYING] Please, mister, I'm lost.
Can you help me?
Of course. Come on in.


What a spread.
Ron DeFeo, eat your heart out.
Who's Ron DeFeo?
Oh, my God. Kids these days.
No sense of history.
In 1974,
a guy named Ron DeFeo
murdered his entire family
in this very house.
And they say
that everyone that's lived here since
has been tortured or terrorized or both.
Is that supposed to scare me?
Okay, enough story time.
Let's get this over with.

You need some help?
I got it. I got it.

Damballa, give me the
power, I beg of you.

Is something supposed to happen?

God damn it!
Chucky, look at your hands.
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
This house isn't evil enough.
We got to think bigger.
You got that? Think bigger.
- You're not thinking bigger.
- I'm thinking!

Has the jury reached a verdict?
We have, Your Honor.
We find the defendant, Jennifer Tilly,
guilty of 103 counts of
murder in the first degree.
Sentencing will be in October.
- This court is adjourned.
But I'm innocent by reason of insanity!
- Jennifer!
- It's Tiffany!
[GASPING] Oh, God, I can't breathe.
I-I can't go back there again.
It's so

This isn't a Dutch colonial.
No, but it's still shady as shit.
How? I read that only, like, ten people
have ever even died in there.
And nobody's ever been murdered here.
Not yet.
But all over the world,
millions have died
because of the decisions
made inside those walls.
This is the place.
I can feel it.

All finished.
What's with you?
I just wish I could go to
the White House with you.
I mean, I did all this
homework to help find a way in.
Sorry, doll, I got to do this alone.
I'm going to miss you, Chucky.
It's just till I kill six people.
It'll fly by.
Then I'll be cured,
and we can go kill your
first-grade teacher.
Now, how does that sound?
Ms. Sherman I can hardly wait.
Caroline, you know
I was always jealous of your dad.
I guess that's why I killed him.
I was jealous that he had
That he had such a great kid.
Imagine this moment ♪
I pictured it with you ♪
Hey, don't forget the hands.
They're a dead giveaway.
This better work.
My superpower is being adorable.
You look great,
but you'll need to
reapply every 12 hours.
Are you scared, Chucky?
I don't get scared.
I make people scared.
Don't worry. This is going to work.
You're going to be okay.
Just go in there and do what you do.
Go make Damballa proud. Knock 'em dead.
I'll send pics.




Hi, I'm Joseph, and I'm
your friend till the end.
Hidey Ho. Ha ha ha.

Hey, Henry, hey, why don't you

I haven't seen him smile
like that in months.

Can I keep him?
Sure, honey. [CHUCKLES]


All rise.
Jennifer Tilly, for the crime
of murder in the first degree,
you are hereby sentenced to
death by lethal injection.
- May God mercy on your soul.
- Jennifer, I'm so so sorry.
For the last time, it's
Tiffany, you fucking idiot!
No wonder you fucked up the case!
We can still appeal.
Fuck the appeal! You're fucking fired!
Wait, wait, that book,
"Voodoo For Dummies"
I still need it.
Get me that fucking book,
and then you're fucking fired!

You're getting what
you deserve, you know.
I'm only sorry that I didn't
get a chance to do it myself.
- Oh, Nica.
I hope they don't hit the wrong vein.
I hear that could be very, very painful.
Ha have you talked to Gigi?
Yeah, I talk to them every day.
They're doing great,
safe from you and Chucky.
Give them my love.
- Give them my love, please.
- Please.
- Tiffany, I want you to know
that I'm going to be there
when the curtain goes up.
I am going to watch you die,
and then [SNIFFLES]
I'm going to roll this chair
all over your fucking grave!

Okay, it's a date.
Come on. Go ahead.
Bye, Tiffany!

we need to give the doll to Teddy, okay?
He has to run it through security.
- Like Mommy's purse?
- Yeah, just like that.
He'll be back in no time. I promise.
Be careful with Joseph, Teddy.


Got to love the attention to detail.


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