Chucky (2021) s03e04 Episode Script

Dressed to Kill

Previously on fucking "Chucky"
How are we supposed to get in
the most secure house in the world?
What about a personal invite?
You ever been to the White House?
You have been infected
with Christian magic.
We find the defendant, Jennifer Tilly,
guilty of 103 counts of murder.
Where's Ms. Fairchild?
Oh, I'm sorry, Jake.
This is gonna be our
bloodiest Halloween yet.
Halloween has long been
a special occasion here
at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
But tonight is going
to be extra special,
as the Collinses are honoring the memory
of their beloved son Joseph,
who tragically died here at the
executive mansion just last winter.
Halloween was always
Joseph's favorite holiday.
So tonight, the first family
is throwing a costume ball.
This party is going to
raise over $10 million
for a cause which is extremely
important to my husband,
it's important to me, and
it's important to every family
in this country who's
suffered a loss like ours.
- Well done, Mrs. Collins.
- Fuck you.
- Even I'm buying it.
- Fuck you!
There's a killer
stalking the White House,
and you're insisting
on throwing a party.
I'm insisting on setting a trap.
Besides, it's your
party, Madame First Lady.
You've been planning it for months.
We can still call it off.
And what would Mr. Collins
think at this juncture?
What would your constituents think?
Canceling would come across as anxious,
and that's not an
image you wanna project.
What if someone else dies?
We'll just have to make
sure that doesn't happen.
Along with the usual protocols,
we'll extend security parameters
one block north to Lafayette Park
and two blocks south
to Constitution Avenue.
At the front door,
our people will screen
each and every guest and
tag them with a tracker.
Our eyes are literally
gonna be on everyone.
Inside, we're gonna have every inch
of the party covered.
Define covered.
Covered discreetly by Secret Service
covered indiscreetly by camera.
Covered covertly by
SWAT team surveillance.
Well, Mr. Price, my children's lives
are in your hands.
I like the way you say that.
Whoever this guy is, he won't
have the balls to show up.
And if he does
We'll be ready for him.

Trick or treat.
You sure you don't wanna come
down to the party with us?
Joseph says on Halloween,
the dead come out to play.
I miss him too.
But you don't have to miss him, Daddy.
He's right there.
Well, at least Joseph's
showing some Halloween spirit.
That his costume from last year?
He just doesn't want
anyone to see his face.
Why not?
He thinks he looks old.
All right.
Well, if you change your mind

That is a great costume, Joseph.
You can go to the party if you want to.
I'll be okay.
Whoa, ho, ho, ho.
I'm not going anywhere.
They're gonna be coming for me,
and I'm gonna be ready for them.
It's perfect.
They can be my last
three sacred offerings.
And then Damballa will
finally be appeased,
and I'll be free of this curse.
Who's coming for you, Joseph?
Who's Damballa?
What happened to your voice?
It's an allergic reaction
I have to questions.
Now, go tell Dad we
wanna carve a pumpkin,
and I'm gonna need a really big knife.


Miss Tilly, I'm correctional
officer Erica Dorsett.
I'll be handling your intake
here at the Cutler Unit.
But my name is Tiffany Valentine.
You can drop the act.
Nobody bought it.
You're not gonna win any Oscars here.
I'm not acting
not anymore.
I am Tiffany Valentine.
Miss Tilly, do I have
your full attention?
I'm not guiding you.
I'm not escorting you.
I am conducting you.
Is that clear?
Conducting me.
Like a maestra with her prima donna?
No, like a snake
handler with a pit viper.
Now, follow me.

The Cutler Unit houses
the execution chamber
for the state of Texas.
It is the most active such chamber
of its kind in the
country, with 583 executions
since December 7,
1982, when they finally
resumed the death penalty
here in the Lone Star State.
You know, some of us
consider that a holiday.
Like Halloween?
You know, you should never have
killed in the state of Texas, darling.
You don't kill in Texas
and expect not to burn.
Hello to you too.
It's kind of embarrassing
because I'm really not her.
It's ironic.
After pretending to be
Jennifer for all these years,
I guess I just kind of
became a great actress myself.
Of course, we knew your presence
would be disruptive,
so we're keeping you
with the special population.
Oh, that sounds perfect.
Miss Tilly, this is
gonna be your final home
before you're put to
death by lethal injection
three weeks from today.
And as fate would have it,
you're gonna be spending your final days
here on Earth mostly with me.
Well, I guess that means
you're gonna be my final BFF.
Don't count on it.
We'll see.
I tend to grow on people.
Any other questions?
Yes, Miss Dorsett.
Where are my legally-mandated
religious items,
which I believe my lawyer has already
spoken to the warden about?
Oh, they must be on their way.
Although sometimes, they do
get lost in transit, though.
- Voilà.
- Oh, thank you, Sheldon.
Have a wonderful evening.
Hey, where are your costumes?
- These are our costumes.
- Yeah.
What are you supposed to be?
JFK and Jackie.
But you look like how you always look.
Well, that's the point.
Oh, and by the way, thanks for letting
my friends come tonight.
- I really appreciate it.
- Of course.
We look forward to meeting them.
Mr. President.
Yeah. Yeah.
When you're ready, the
team's waiting downstairs
to take you all into the party.
- Yes.
- Also, the nanny's here.
Thank you.
You are the parents of
Henry Collins, are you not?
And you are?
- Mary Poppins.
- I'm sorry.
Where is Susan?
Susan's sick, ma'am.
This is Annie Gilpin.
She's been fully screened and vetted.
- James Collins.
- Mr. President.
- Pleasure.
- Madame First Lady.
In my past life, I was a theater major,
which was actually surprisingly
good preparation for a career
working with children.
Speaking of children, you must be Henry.
Happy Halloween, Henry.
It's Satan's holiday.
It's a pagan ritual, actually.
So don't you worry, Satan
has no power over us tonight.
Do you believe in ghosts?
What I believe is that
when people die, their
their energy, their
their essence stays behind.
But it's invisible to all
but the most sensitive,
special people.
- I myself have
- What she means to say, Henry, is no.
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
- Shall we?
- Yeah.
And who is this handsome, masked man?
I think he wants to get carving.
I'll be doing the carving tonight.

We'll see about that.
Joseph, I'm scared.
Do you think Dolley
Madison's gonna get us?
You're not too smart, are you?
But I love that about you.
The bride of Frankenstein.

This is the rec room.
Who's that?
The rest of the special population.
- Oh.
- Hands.
Rec time is done in 60.
Just because I'm not in the room
doesn't mean I'm not watching.
Miss Tilly.
Oh, my God.
Evelyn Elliott.
I have been counting the days.
Now I finally have somebody
to talk to in this shithole.
- Miss Elliott, I I
- Evelyn, please.
You don't understand!
You are my absolute idol.
Seriously, I'm your biggest fan.
Oh, that's sweet.
Your recipe for Swedish
meatballs changed my life.
Oh, it's the lingonberry jam.
And your organizational
skills are an inspiration.
I've applied it a lot to my own work.
- Oh, as an actress?
- As a murderess.
[GIGGLES] See, the Feds classify
us serial murderers as either
organized or disorganized.
At first, they classified
me as disorganized.
So embarrassing. [LAUGHS]
I'd like to see the
FBI try to hide a corpse
five minutes before
serving hors d'oeuvres
to 20 dinner guests.
[LAUGHING] Don't get me started.
Anyway, then, I read your book,
and it increased my efficiency by 50%.
- Oh, I just love hearing that.
- Thank you.
So, um, what are you in for, Evelyn?
Oh, um, when I caught my
husband and my assistant
having an affair, I baked them
both into a shepherd's pie.
Oh, good for you.
I call it slut soufflé.
- No! So good.
- Yeah.
My editor didn't like it
for a book title, though.
- Oh, why not?
- Apparently it won't go in airports.
The kiosks. You can't say slut.
Maybe it's soufflé.
People don't like a French word.
Isn't it outrageous the way
the media treats powerful women?
They just chew us up and spit us out.
They expect us to be beautiful
and put together and feminine,
all while doing a man's job.
And then when we kill
somebody, they judge us.
Oh! While acting like they don't hold us
to this incredible double standard.
It's so unfair.
It's very unfair.
- Can I ask you something?
- Y-yes.
- Are you afraid?
- What?
Oh oh, about that execution thing?
Don't worry about me.
I got a few tricks up my sleeve still.
Well, happy fucking Halloween.
You know, I've always been your fan too.
Oh, thank you.
Yeah, ever since "The Big Chill."
Uh well, hmm.
That was my sister, Meg Tilly.
- Oh.
- The dead one.
I killed her. [CHUCKLES]
I'm Jennifer.
You killed your own sister?
I had a sister.
She meant the world to me.
I would have done anything for her.
Evelyn, she's not
she's not actually my sister.
See, I'm not really Jennifer Tilly.
You're disgusting!
You're a monster!
When you get that needle,
I'm gonna be cheering.
And you know what? One more thing
"Bullets Over Broadway"
was a piece of shit.
It was not! It was a very good movie!
I was Oscar nominated!

Thoughts and prayers?
I don't believe in prayer. Not anymore.
But I do believe in us.
Me too.
Let's do this for Miss F.
She's the only one who ever
believed this about Chucky.
She never doubted us for a second.
And she'd want us to
go fuck that fucker up.

- What's going on here?
- What? Hey!
- Whoa, easy now, boy.
I'm gonna have to take that.
Have fun.
There goes that, and
my costume's ruined.
You always look hot.
I still have my phone.
So as long as we get Chucky
on camera doing his thing,
we can get it out there.
We can tell Grant and the president.
We got this.
Do we?
Are people even gonna believe us?
It's called a deepfake.
They'll just think it's special effects.
Do you have a better idea?
We still have to subdue him somehow.
He won't talk just 'cause we say please.
We just have to work with
whatever we find in here.
We sure as hell aren't
gonna find anything
we can use on Chucky here.
We need to get upstairs
to the residence.
Leave that to me.
God, I hate Halloween.

- Boo!
- Oh, shit!
Hey, Lexy. It's so good to see you.
Happy Halloween.
- Oh, you look amazing.
- Thanks. You too.
Oh, um, I want you to meet my parents.
- They're over here.
- Oh, cool. Yeah.
Mom, Dad. Hey, excuse me, sorry.
This is Lexy, um, and Jake and Devon.
- Hello. James Collins.
- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
I just love your outfits.
Our son Henry loves Good Guys too.
- Thank you.
- Mine's the best, though, right?
It's very impressive.
I know a guy.
I take it you're the guy?
Yeah. Jake.
Lexy, I admit I haven't heard much
because our son is pretty tight-lipped,
at least with his family.
But what I have heard is great.
Thank you for having us.
My foster mom said to thank you

Excuse me.

That's, uh that's a
nice costume you have there.
Are you lost?

Gretchen, I didn't see
your name on the guest list.
- What are you gonna do?
- Have me thrown out?
Isn't that Warren Pryce?
What's CIA doing here?
He's a guest.
You know, on the guest list?
I think I'm gonna buy him a drink.
What is he doing here, anyway?
Hey, Grant, where is your brother?
- Henry?
- Uh, he's upstairs.
He's having some kind of, like,
mental breakdown or something.
Is there any way that we
could see the residence?
Oh, um, that's kind of,
like, a whole other thing.
I mean, you thought the
invite protocol was hard.
I mean, I'd love to see your room.
Yeah, for sure.
Follow me.

Bring it on, bitches.

What are you doing down there?
Um, checking for ghosts.
You know, I think I saw Nixon.

I finished carving the pumpkin.
Oh, my God, I have that book too!
[GASPS] You know, I
found it very informative.
It's a very grown-up
book for a kid your age.
I'm already reading
at a sixth grade level.
That's amazing. I bet your
parents are just super proud.
Actually, my mom keeps trying
to take this book away from me.
Most people are uncomfortable
with the supernatural.
Henry, have you seen
something in this house?
It's okay. You can tell me.
There was this one time
- Because I have!
- You have?
I've seen Andrew
Jackson in the Red Room.
Mouth like a sailor by the way.
I've seen Abigail
Adams in the Blue Room,
doing her laundry if you can imagine.
And of course, I've seen Lincoln
- Oh, my God!
- No.
Ghosts aren't anything to be afraid of.
They don't mean us any harm.
- What do they want then?
- Mostly, they're just bored,
and sometimes, they just wanna play.
Like hide and seek?
That's a great idea. We should play.
I'll be it. I'm gonna
count to ten, okay?
- Okay.
- One, two, three,
four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten!
Ready or not, here I come!
This is the center hall.
That was a gift from the queen of, uh
Spain or something like that?
Um oh, yeah, and this
is the west sitting hall.
They're basically both living rooms,
but you can never have too many, right?
How many rooms are there, anyway?
132, to be exact.
- Size queen.
- What was that?
- Nothing. He didn't say anything.
- All Gucci.
What's that way?
Oh, you read my mind.
Cowboy, don't touch anything.
Goes for you, too, Bob the Builder.

Maybe they're in Henry's room.
This way.
Come on in.
Whoa. Nice place you got here.
Check this out.
- Whoa.
- I know.
There's speakers all around my room.
[SINGING ALONG] Baby, tonight ♪
You're what I'm looking for ♪
Under your heart, making me restless ♪
We're doing this?
- Oh, yeah, dance with me.
- [LAUGHS] Okay.
Under the gun, don't let me down ♪
Here we go ♪
You down?
- Oh, I get to wear it?
- Oh, you look great.
Looks much better on you.
One to go, give it up ♪
Tell me now, I need
more than just a taste ♪
Come on.
Lexy, you're at the
White House! Have some fun.
I I am, it's just
- I'm
More of a Blue Oyster Cult fan.
Blue Oyster Cult? Okay.
- Yeah.
- She's got layers.
This is my favorite song.
My dad and I used to
listen to them all the time.
What about your dad?
My dad?
I have no idea what he likes
except for the American people.
I kind of wish I did, though.
I'm sorry.
Parents can be complicated.
Nor do the wind,
the sun, or the rain ♪
We can be like they are ♪
Come on, baby, don't
fear the reaper ♪
You said you haven't seen your
sister since Christmas, right?
Then your brother
passed almost a year ago?
Yeah, Joseph.
It's fucked up, but
we're both in some weird
Knows How Much Life Can Suck Club.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, I guess you're right.
Those other kids at school,
they just don't get it.
You know?
And it's weird, but I I
kind of envy them in a way.
But, Lexy, meeting you is
it's really been a relief for me.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Um, it's Halloween. You
came here for a good time.
So so, uh, should we get Jake, or
40,000 men and women every day ♪
Another 40,000 coming every day ♪
We can be like they are ♪
Come on, baby, don't fear the reaper ♪
This way.
This is it.

Where the hell are they?
It wasn't my fault. She started it.
She spit at me, and then I said
[GASPS] Oh, goody!
- Finally!
- Hands!
Oh. Mm-hmm. Yes.
Ahh! Yes!
hello, my lovelies.
Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Pantry to plate in just 20 minutes.
That's the beauty of
this one-pan pasta.
You know, when you're back out there
and this institution
is in your rearview,
you're gonna be busy with
your work and your kids
and your husband or wife.
But you can always find
the time to make this.
Don't you know that cigarettes can kill?
Ade due Damballa.
Give me the power, I beg of you.
Fais d'elle ma marionette!
Now we're gonna have some fun.
How about a little chopping?
I like to start with
basil, my favorite herb.
So sweet and fragrant.
All right.
You okay there, Evelyn?
Just having a little fun in the kitchen.
Chop, chop, chop,
chop, chop, chop, chop.
If you've finished with your basil,
you can move on to your oregano.
Evelyn, stop what you're doing.
Evelyn, stop.
[SOBBING] I can't.
Life in here isn't that bad.
It's okay, you can hand me the knife.
- Ah!
This is all fucked up, isn't it?
Ow! Ow!
Ow. Ow. Ow.
Oh! Oh! What is happening?
Get back!
No, no. No.

Why? Why are you doing this?
Go out walking ♪
Help me, please!

Don't. No.

Lexy, wait!
What is going on? What are you doing?
Nothing, we just wanted to
come back down to the party.
You just begged me to go upstairs.
I thought we were
having, like, a moment.
We were.
Right now, I just need to
find your brother, okay?
- And his doll.
- What?
Grant, this party isn't scary at all.
Yeah, speak for yourself.
This is my fourth ladyfinger.
Hey, cool doll.

Hi, I'm Joseph.
He's my brother.
I knew it.
You just used me to get inside.
Just like everyone else.
Joseph, huh?
Don't do anything stupid.
Wanna play?
Nice costume.
What are you doing here, anyway?
- Okay, turn the camera off.
- Where is Caroline?
- Who's Caroline?
- I said, turn the camera off.
Everybody remain calm.
Oh, Christ, not again.
Yeah, it's me.
Tell him to hold the
10:00 p.m. slot for me.
Joseph's gone!
Excuse me. Out of the way.
Excuse me. You gotta come with me, sir.
Where are the boys?
Guards have them.
Mr. President.
Mr. President?
Mr. President!

Joseph! I was so scared.
Please follow me, Mr. President.

They're here.
I can see them
all of them.

[LAUGHS] I liked to be hugged!

Hidey-ho! [LAUGHS]
What was all that
commotion I heard earlier?
I hope everything's okay.
That Evelyn Elliott sure is a character.
Did she cook this?
What's for dessert?
Well, the best I can do is, um
Some Juicy Fruit.
There you go, my greedy little doll.
Let's put this in that
big mouth of yours.
Ade due Damballa.
Give me the power, I beg of you.
Fais d'elle ma marionette!

Miss Tilly, I'm so sorry I
was so rude to you before.
Miss Valentine.
Um, could I just call you Jennifer?
No, bitch.
Is there anything I can get for you?
Well, yes.
As a matter of fact, there is.
On my way in, I counted six guards
between me and the front gate.
Six guards, including
the sniper out front.
Six guards between me and my freedom.
Now, what I need from you is to get
a single personal item from
each one of these guards
and bring it to me.
And then y'all can just
waltz me right out of here.
Okay. Sure. Absolutely.
But, um, it could take
just a little bit of time.
Well, you'd better get on it, then,
unless you wanna see me be
executed in three weeks' time.
That would literally be the
worst thing in the world.
I can't let that happen.
No, you can't.

Almighty Damballa,
I've given you 13 sacrifices.
Seven more than you've asked for.
Now, I beseech you, lift this curse.
Ade due Damballa.
Give me the power, I beg of you.
Pardonne-moi tout puissant, Damballa.
Accepte mes offrandes sur
cet autel du mal et ton nom.
Retablis mon pouvoir!

Why have you forsaken me?
What's wrong?
Are you sick again?
I'm fucking dying!

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