Circle (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Episode 1]
[Part 1: BETA Project]
[Year 2007]
But how did you find me?
I told you. I'll find you
no matter where you are.
Oh, because of twin telepathy?
Telepathy? Yeah, right.
I'm going to kill you if you
go up to that mountain again.
I'm serious this time!
There were aliens! A UFO!
Do you have evidence?
- Huh? Do you?
- I do!
Exhibit number one.
The fog.
Fog is created because
of the moisture in the air!
What about this, then?
Exhibit number two.
A burnt pine cone.
I'm sure of this one.
This pine cone burned up because
of the emissions from the UFO.
The guys who come to the mountains
to pick herbs use that as firewood!
There's no such thing as aliens!
They do exist!
I'm telling you, aliens do exist!
I'm telling you, they don't exist!
Hurry up and get on.
I said hurry!
It's following us!
It's following us!
- Hold on tight!
- Okay.
It's following us, Big Bro!
Watch out!
Big Bro!
Watch out, Big Bro!
Watch out!
[Dongin Spring Water]
No! It's still following us!
It's still following us!
It keeps on following us!
Hold on tight!
Kim Woo Jin! Kim Bum Gyun!
- Dad!
- Dad!
Are you okay?
Bum Gyun
It's a real alien
- Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
- Woo Jin!
Kim Woo Jin!
The killer president of the
university should step down!
- Step down!
- Step down!
Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
Get rid of tuition!
- Get rid of it!
- Get rid of it!
The killer president of the
university should step down!
- Excuse me, I need to get through.
- What's your problem?
- Ugh, are you serious?
- Sorry.
That punk.
- Get rid of it!
- Get rid of it!
Use your own money to fund
the school and get rid of tuition!
- Get rid of it!
- Get rid of it!
[2017 - Handam University of
Science and Technology]
Use your own money to fund
the school and get rid of tuition!
- Get rid of it!
- Get rid of it!
The killer president of the
university should step down!
- Step down!
- Step down!
Everyone is outside,
so we should hurry.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin.
Didn't you hear me calling you?
What's your point?
Don't you know that our entire class
decided to boycott the exam?
Is the only thing you care about
being the top of the class, bastard?
Do you know the saying,
"low-effort top-of-the-class?"
Well, that's a thing.
If you don't know about it, never mind.
What the hell is
that bastard talking about?
What? What's going on?
Kim Woo Jin took the exam by himself.
He says that he's
"low-effort top-of-the-class."
- What does that even mean?
- He's a scholarship student.
That's why he's doing this.
So he doesn't lose his rank.
He's trying to survive
without caring about others.
Psychopathic bastard.
Mr. Woo Jin.
We didn't get your payment
for your grandmother's stay
at the assisted living
facility this month.
Yes, please give me a couple of days.
My grandma is okay, right?
Um hey.
Do you want the red candy,
or the blue candy?
Um, here.
I'll give you both, okay?
Here, have them both.
Don't cry.
Don't cry, okay?
I'm a person. I'm not a ghost.
There's no such thing
as ghosts in this world.
That's not true.
My friend said that he saw one.
I'm sure that your friend
just made a mistake.
People experience fear when messages
traveling to the brain become distorted.
That's why he made a mistake
and thought he saw a ghost.
There's no such thing
as ghosts in this world.
Don't believe in things like that, okay?
There, there.
Go that way.
[Senior Ji Hyuk is dead.
They say it was another suicide.]
[Kim Yoon Jung: Woo Jin,
Senior Ji Hyuk is dead.]
[Junior Hwang So Yeon:
I want to see Ji Hyuk.]
[I'm sorry I couldn't
protect you, Ji Hyuk]
Are you going to pick a
new research assistant?
I thought you'd be picking
someone to replace Senior Ji Hyuk.
Do you really have to bring
that up right now?
Today isn't exactly appropriate,
don't you think?
Yes. You're right.
But I wanted to let you know of my
interest before anyone else did.
I apologize.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
Are you happy that Ji Hyuk is dead?
You came running over as if
you were waiting for this to happen.
You were the only one
who took the exam, too.
It's because of bastards like you that
this damned system will never change.
It's bastards like you
who killed Ji Hyuk, all right?
You think you're the best, don't you?
You don't care about others
as long as you're doing okay, right?
Do you consider us a joke?
You're not going to
answer me, you bastard?
You consider the world a joke,
don't you, Senior?
You always got the best spots
thanks to your personal connections.
You'd always hand off
all the work to Senior Ji Hyuk
and take all of the credit for his work.
Isn't it a bit ridiculous to be parading
around as a soldier of justice now?
You son of a bitch--
Did your older brother
get out of jail yet?
I heard he went to jail as soon as
he was released from the mental hospital.
Why did you do it? Why?
- Tell me!
- Please calm down, sir!
Please, calm down.
- Tell me!
- Please calm down, sir!
Please, calm down!
Bum Gyun.
Woo Jin.
Yes, he still has some time
left before he finishes his sentence.
I'll tell you this in advance,
since you seem to be so concerned.
If we end up working together,
don't bully me.
- What did you say, you bastard?
- I
am a very smart
and rude bastard, after all.
[May the Deceased Rest In Peace]
[Sorry. Rest in peace, Oh Ji Hyuk.]
[I'm sorry, Senior Ji Hyuk.
I loved you, and I will remember you.]
[I love you, Ji Hyuk.]
I miss you so much, Ji Hyuk.]
[See you in my dreams, Ji Hyuk.]
[I'm so sorry, Ji Hyuk.]
You said that someone was
next to Student Oh Ji Hyuk?
Yes, I definitely saw someone.
Did you get a look at their face?
No, I couldn't see
because it was too dark.
But they were holding
something in their hand.
What? A knife?
No. It was squarish.
Maybe an electric razor?
Was it this, by any chance?
Oh, you're right!
So it was a Taser, then!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm positive.
It was a Taser.
Oh. A Taser, eh?
Woo Jin.
I told you to be sure to
have this on you at all times.
You don't know when
those guys will strike.
You're that alien from that time.
It's not me.
Don't lie. It's you.
You're that alien from back then.
It's you.
- Hey!
- What are you doing?
- Hey!
- Stop it!
- What the hell!
- What is your problem?
It wasn't him.
There's no way.
It makes no sense.
Bum Gyun is in jail right now.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
Hey, have you been well?
What's going on?
What happened?
How did you get out already?
You're a model student,
and I am a model inmate.
I was released because
I was on my best behavior.
You were just released today?
Did you come to school, by any chance?
My school.
Did you come to my school?
Why would I go there?
I came straight home!
Come on, what is this?
Aren't you happy to see me?
You should've called or something.
I would've come to pick you up.
Oh, I'm sure that you're
busy with your studies.
I didn't want to bother you
is what you thought I'd say, right?
You bastard!
Are you happy to see me or not?
- Let me go.
- No!
You won't?
- Whoa! Oh, you punk!
- Ow, that hurts!
Wow, you got stronger!
I'll throw you!
The entire country has dealing with
small pollutants in the air for a week.
This information comes from
the Ministry of Environment
and they have announced an
emergency plan that will take effect.
Tea Palace, which is in
Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu
which was sold for
five billion won in 2006
This is delicious.
Slow down!
Is it that good?
I think I had at least 100 dreams--
at least 100 times.
Oh, seriously.
Do you have a death wish?
What's that over there?
Hey, come on. You should offer up
the drumstick to your big bro.
Fine, I'll forgive you this once.
- What is that?
- Huh? Oh, it's spam.
No, I mean that phone.
Did you buy it?
Oh, I got my hands on one.
My number is the same as before.
Just a second.
What are you doing?
Since we're commemorating
my release, smile!
Hey, come on! Smile just once.
Big smile!
One, two, three, smile!
Just eat the damn chicken.
Hey, hey, hey!
Fine, punk.
But you know, I think that chicken is
the most delicious thing in the world.
Stop overreacting.
Oh, come on.
Get over it.
[The Holy Bible]
What are you doing?
Oh. I was seeing if
anything needed washing.
Woo Jin.
I'm okay now.
What are you talking about?
I never asked about that.
That's why you were digging
through my bag, wasn't it?
I really won't do anything
to make you worry anymore.
I have to be considerate
of Grandma, too.
I won't ever go back to jail again.
I won't ever
leave you alone and
go somewhere, ever again.
Oh, I was going to talk
to you about this later.
But to be honest,
I'm a patissier now.
You're such a bookworm
and you don't know what it is?
"Patissier" means "baker" in French.
Who doesn't know that?
But wait really?
I got a job at Handeukki Bakery,
in front of your school.
I'll be reporting to work tomorrow.
So all you need to do now
is focus on studying hard.
I'll our family's breadwinner
from now on.
This big bro of yours
will clean house at that bakery!
You got that?
"Big bro"? Please.
You were only born a minute earlier.
Yeah, so I've been in this world
a minute longer than you have.
So you're my little bro!
Got that, Little Bro?
Why, you little--
Hey, punk! Are you going to
keep messing around?
- What's with you?
- Are you going to keep messing around?
Are you going to let me go, or not?
Are you going to keep
messing around, or not?
What did you say?
[Professor Park Dong Gun]
Yes, Professor?
The professor will be here soon,
so just wait here.
Yes, sir.
[Neuroscience Experimentation Schedule]
[Kim Bum Gyun]
Did you come to my school?
Why would I go there?
I came straight home!
Don't beg, because you won't
last long. I'll become your baby
Woo Jin.
Hey, where are you?
Me? I'm working.
Why? Is something the matter?
No. Just wondering.
But do you know someone
from my school, by any chance?
No, I don't.
You really don't?
Hey, the only college
student I know is you.
You know that.
When are you done with your shift?
Well, including closing up, about 8 p.m.?
Oh yeah. Are you eating dinner
before you come home?
Yeah. I'll take care of dinner
before I head home.
Work hard.
[Handeukki Bakery]
When are you done with your shift?
Well, including closing up, about 8 p.m.?
[Sejong Motel]
[Serial Murders at Handam University!]
[Second victim: Go Suk Kyu]
[Fourth victim: Oh Ji Hyuk]
[Culprit: Han Jung Yeon = Alien]
[Notice of Release on Parole]
- You were released today?
- Yeah.
[Date: April 20th, 2017]
Oh, it was a Taser!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.
Woo Jin.
Oh, it was a Taser!
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I am.
Woo Jin.
Let go!
You told me that you were
released yesterday.
You said you didn't know
anyone at my school.
- Woo Jin, that is--
- Did you kill them?
Did you kill Senior Ji Hyuk?
No! I was trying to help him.
- That alien did it.
- Hey, Kim Bum Gyun!
I'm not making baseless assumptions!
It started as reasonable doubt,
and I've confirmed everything.
I'm sorry that I lied to you,
but you just wouldn't believe me.
I was planning to tell you
when I was sure of everything.
So, you hid away for a month
and were doing things like this?
Woo Jin. I'm sure of it this time.
Has anything you've been
"sure of" ever been true?
Why why do you keep living in
a different world by yourself?
Please believe me, Woo Jin.
She's really an alien.
What are you doing?
You're crazy.
You're out of your mind.
Go back to the hospital.
I'm not crazy!
I saw it, and you saw it, too.
Both of us saw that alien take Dad away.
Don't deny reality. Aliens exist.
The one who's denying reality is you.
Dad just tossed us to the curb.
We were tossed aside by him.
That's the reality of it.
That's not true, Woo Jin.
That's not what happened.
Kim Bum Gyun.
Aliens don't exist.
That's not true! No, aliens do exist.
Right here.
This woman is an alien!
Woo Jin, think about this reasonably.
Aren't the kids at
your school acting weird?
Why are these perfectly
normal kids all dying?
It's because of this alien.
That woman killed them all!
Do you have evidence?
I asked you if you had evidence.
Yeah. I do have evidence.
Evidence that will make you
accept that this is true.
you're wrong this time, too
go back to the
psychiatric hospital.
don't ever come back out.
I won't be needing to do that.
Follow me.
There is a reason
I started working at this bakery.
The second floor of this place
What about the second floor?
It's the alien's hideout.
Let's go.
Be careful.
She might be inside.
Hey, Woo Jin. Woo Jin!
Woo Jin--
What's even in here?
There's no way.
She was definitely here
up until yesterday.
Maybe she noticed me and ran off?
How could she have
She was watching me.
There's no other way that
there wouldn't be anything here.
Hey, Woo Jin.
She was definitely here yesterday.
That woman was here, and she was
she was here.
That woman was here, Woo Jin!
That woman was here!
That alien was definitely here!
Here where did she
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun
Don't do this to me too.
I struggled a lot all this time.
I need you, okay?
So, please stop
and stay by my side.
Forget about Dad.
- Even if he's gone, nothing changes.
- That's not the only reason.
If if there really
aren't any aliens
that means I'm really crazy.
- It's not too late. She didn't go far.
- No. Bum Gyun, please.
Woo Jin, we can catch her.
Woo Jin, we must catch her. Woo Jin
Let go of me!
Kim Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun, stop this.
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun.
What is it? What?
- Exhibit number three.
- Exhibit number three.
- An alien.
- An alien.
[Normal Earth, 2037]
According to current studies
the population in Seoul has
decreased by 50 percent since 2017.
And for the first time since the 1970s,
the population is at five million.
As a result of severe pollution,
people emigrated to Smart Earth
so places such as Gangnam and Yeouido
on Normal Earth have become very hollow.
As a result, the crime rates
have significantly increased
so the nation is
taking appropriate measures.
The number of illegal immigrants
has increased to over one million.
Therefore, Seoul is
looking into their identities
[Part 2: Brave New World]
In order to to take appropriate measures.
Attention, citizens of Normal Earth.
The level of fine dust
in the air is critical.
Please avoid going outside if possible
and if you must go outside,
please wear your oxygen mask.
Attention, citizens of Normal Earth.
This is it!
Let's see
What do we do?
Oh my goodness.
Sir, are you aware that you were
very close to getting divorced?
Of course I am. Thank you.
You're the best hacker.
Then, I'll take this.
Damn it, I'll call you later! Shit!
- Geez!
- Hey, Dong Soo!
- Catch him!
- Hey!
Move! Move! Go inside!
Geez, that son of a bitch.
Hey, stop right there! Hey!
Catch him!
We're not here to arrest you.
Eat. Eat.
He's here, Chief Hong!
Geez, I guess Dong Soo
already went downstairs.
Let's go downstairs!
I wanted to see Dong Soo
Is he in there? Are you sure?
Open it!
Dong Soo, where are you?
- Hey, catch him!
- Hurry!
This is so tiring! Catch him!
Geez, Dong Soo is a good runner!
Dong Soo, let's talk, okay?
Dong Soo, wait a minute.
Dong Soo, long time no see,
you son of a bitch.
Long time no see, you bastard!
- I'm going crazy.
- Stop following me.
Hey, Dong Soo. It's a dead end.
What are you going to do?
Who the hell are you?
Hey, don't come near me! Hey, seriously!
Dong Soo made a lot of preparations.
Geez, these bastards
If I didn't hurt my leg
Geez, that Detective Oh. Good job.
I'm very thankful to you.
But who are you?
Damn it, my nose! Who the hell are you?
It's me, Dong Soo. Did you miss me?
Kim Joon Hyuk sir.
- Let's go.
- Joon Hyuk, wait a minute.
Joon Hyuk Joon Hyuk!
Hey, they're gone.
Get up. Get up already!
Geez, I almost got hurt.
I can't handle this action.
It's too much.
If we do this again,
he might actually kill our entire team.
- Good thing we wore these.
- Take them out.
Take them out!
- Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry.
- I told you I can't do it!
You can't? Fine, go.
Okay, I'll be going.
On May 26th, 2037,
Lee Dong Soo broke my trust
and possessed information
that is against the law.
Therefore, he owes
Detective Kim Joon Hyuk
one, two, three.. there are eight so far.
Dong Soo, I'm giving you
my heart and soul.
Shouldn't you pay me back?
- Even swallows repay their debts!
- I never asked for help!
And you just broke the swallow's leg.
Do you want to suffer the same way--
Hey, stop addressing me that way.
I'll be generous and give you
one week to accept my offer.
All hackers dream of hacking Smart Earth.
Why? Because no one has done it before!
Dong Soo, why are you so down on
yourself? You can do it! You're a genius!
It's only possible if I insert a chip
into your pretty, little head!
If that was all it took,
I would've done it long ago.
That's why I can't hack Smart Earth
and you can't put a chip
into your pretty head!
There's no way for us to get in there!
You always talk about how
you're the best in your business.
Formally speaking, that's true.
- Then what about informally?
- It's all a rumor.
- Who is it?
- In this field, he's a legend like me.
He goes by the name of "Bluebird."
Blue Bluebird?
Yes, Bluebird.
Rumors say he could be human,
or that he could be an AI.
There are also rumors
that he hacked Smart Earth already.
No one knows if it's true.
They're all rumors!
Find him.
I just told you they're rumors!
I don't even know if he's human!
I'll give you one week.
Find him no matter what.
Hey, Kim Joon Hyuk! Where did he go?
[Normal Earth, Gangnam Police Station]
Did you recruit him?
Is he going to do it?
If he doesn't, I'll kill him.
Hey, is it even possible
to hack Smart Earth?
If we don't have Dong Soo,
we have no other way.
Keep this in mind.
- If we get caught, I'm out of this.
- Chief Hong.
What? You're the supervisor!
Joon Hyuk, I'm going to retire soon.
If I get fired, I won't get my pension.
That's why you should take the lead.
I have many more days ahead.
But if you get fired,
you can do manual labor!
I'm so old,
I can't even breathe properly.
Hey, listen to you. I already know
you have other sources of income.
- Should I stab him now?
- Hey!
I'll give you two bank notes.
Hey, I know I talk back a lot
but when have I not listened to you?
So please stay seated. Don't worry.
Hey, this is brilliant.
How did they come up with this?
Hey, what are you doing
instead of working?
I'm just reading some
web comics, geez
What is it called?
This is called "Sherlock Holmes,
Cold Case Files."
It's supposedly based on
true stories, so it's very realistic.
- It's very realistic.
- Is it that entertaining?
It's not bad.
But it's so unpopular that it
might be canceled before it ends.
It's still good work! What do you know?
That's why I'm reading it.
But why are you getting mad?
Because I'm Sherlock
Seriously? Wait wait a minute.
Let me see.
But he looks really different.
- Don't lie to me.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
If you want to continue reading
this web comic, shut your mouth.
Let this poor old man afford
his cigarettes, at least.
Chief Hong, are you serious?
[Are you sure?]
Sherlock Holmes?
Wow, then are these three
cold cases based on true cases?
You could call him a true artist.
He turned his pain into an art form,
and he makes a living off of it.
Hey, don't you look up to him?
- Clap. I thought you were a fan.
- Yes, of course.
But please tell me more about it.
Especially the first season.
That was very impressionable to me.
Fine, in my 30 years as an officer
the cold cases started there.
The murder incident occurred
at Handam University.
Then, are you saying it wasn't suicide,
but intentional murder?
My intuition has never been wrong.
- It was definitely a murder.
- That sounds believable.
Then what about the
Kim Min Ji incident in season two?
The punk that you released.
Is he really the culprit?
Hurry up!
Arrest them!
[That punk]
I had already caught Gong Min Woo
but I had no evidence, so I let him go.
Chief Hong, please forget about it.
- Don't reopen a settled case.
- I can't accept this!
People should never
kidnap anyone else's child.
Then what about the upcoming
season 3? What's the third cold case?
The third cold case
It's the city without illness,
unhappiness, or crime.
It's everyone's dream city.
Through the Stable Care System
Smart Earth has been
crime-free for 5,000 days.
A comfortable and
stable world is in the making.
Geez, who cares?
We need money to live there.
It doesn't matter if you have money!
There's no job for you there.
If there are no crimes there,
what are we supposed to do?
I'm sure there's something I could do.
- Anyway, what's the third cold case?
- The third
Please tell me!
- The missing twins case.
- The missing twins case?
In 2017, twin brothers went
missing at Handam University.
They left no traces of credit card
transactions or phone calls.
In the present, in 2037,
they're still missing.
How do you know about
Chief Hong's cases so well?
Hey, when he drinks, he spills it all.
I've heard it thousands of times.
I see.
Then, please say it again!
Tell me about the missing twins.
Let's go somewhere else.
It's a long story.
I'll pay for round two, I promise.
[Violent Crimes Team 1]
Hello, this is Normal Earth's
Gangnam Police Station.
Yes, who is it?
What's your relationship with her?
Are you her daughter?
How old are you?
Yes, I see.
Why would we hurry on over?
Don't prank call us!
What was that?
- She said she was kidnapped.
- What?
- It was a prank call.
- Are you sure?
She said she's on Smart Earth,
but how could she get kidnapped there?
- Smart Earth?
- Yes.
She said she's on Smart Earth,
but how could she get kidnapped there?
- Smart Earth?
- Yes.
Do you want to hear it?
- I've been kidnapped. Please help.
- Yes, who is it?
- Kim Min Ji.
- What's your relationship?
Kim Min Ji?
I'm Kim Min Ji. I've been kidnapped.
They've come back for me.
Yes, I see. How old are you?
- I'm seven years old.
- I see.
I live in District 13,
Building 39 on Smart Earth.
- Yes.
- Please hurry!
Why would we hurry on over?
Don't prank call us!
Then, I'll take care of it myself.
Trace the phone number.
- Why should I do that?
- Just do it!
Oh, I got it. But her name
is really Kim Min Ji.
It's it's her.
What are you saying? Are you saying
this is Kim Min Ji from your cold case?
- Did something happen to her again?
- One thing's for sure.
We got a report from Smart Earth.
- Hey, look into this number.
- Yes.
I secured her location.
Smart Earth, District 13,
Building 39, Unit 302.
- This is Gong Min Woo's house.
- Gong Min Woo?
The suspect that Chief Hong
released 20 years ago.
Gong Min Woo.
That psychopath.
Sir! Sir! Chief Hong!
That psychopath
Chief Hong, I'm sorry
but this is our chance.
- What?
- This is your chance to get Gong Min Woo
and this is my chance
to enter Smart Earth.
We must enter Smart Earth this time.
[Smart Earth Entrance]
Please pass the safety gate to enter.
Please wait in line
in front of the entrance.
Smart Earth citizen,
Air B, Floor 34.
Please enter.
The citizen has
successfully entered the gates.
Please stay safe
in the dream city, Smart Earth.
Please check your seat number.
Police. I got a report from Smart Earth.
- A report?
- A person was kidnapped on Smart Earth.
- Pardon?
- A person was kidnapped?
- A person was kidnapped?
- What should we do?
- Did you bring a warrant?
- There's no time for that!
We move according to the manual.
- Please bring the warrant.
- Geez, this is frustrating.
- A Smart Earth citizen is in danger.
- What's going on?
I'm the Peacekeeper
of Smart Earth, Lee Ho Soo.
I'm Detective Kim Joon Hyun
from Normal Earth.
We received a kidnapping
report from Smart Earth.
First, please come this way.
Are you saying you received
a report from Smart Earth?
It's a kidnapping case.
We don't have time!
- An urgent incident occurred in there.
- That's not possible.
- What?
- There are no crimes on Smart Earth.
It's all thanks to the
Stable Care System.
Then what's this?
I've been kidnapped. Help me.
Let go of me!
A woman was kidnapped. You heard it!
Do you expect me to believe an adult
woman who says she's seven years old?
- This call came from Smart Earth.
- It was a hacker's prank.
- What? A hacker?
- Everyone is protected by Stable Care.
No one has any desire to commit a crime.
Hey, you bastard. Can you smile
right now? What if she dies?
Kim Min Ji is in danger,
you son of a bitch!
Joon Joon Hyuk, back off.
Detective Kim, you have no guards.
I think you're the most
dangerous person here right now.
- What?
- What's going on here?
Please go back.
If you look at it with common sense
there's no way anyone
will die on Smart Earth.
Then, goodbye.
Why does everyone have
the same facial expression?
Hey. Yeah? Send it to me right away.
What was that?
[Downloading video file]
We have to hurry up and get in there.
Hey, how are we going to
do that without a warrant?
We have to get in there no matter what.
- Hello, sir.
- There's an alert for code zero.
Please return to the city immediately.
Is it murder, by any chance?
How did you know that?
Normal Earth officers came here
after receiving a report.
No one must find out about this incident.
Chief Hong! Chief Hong!
- He's crazy.
- Look here.
- Stop right there!
- Stop right there!
Open up!
- What are you doing?
- What? 5,000 days of no crime?
- What else are you hiding?
- Detective Kim.
What else have you hidden
and fabricated all this time?
I have concealed nothing
and I haven't lied about anything.
- Can you take responsibility?
- Yes.
I'll ask you again. Can you take
responsibility for what you said?
- Yes, I can.
- Then do it.
Kim Min Ji sent this
to me five minutes ago.
Can you still say
there are no crimes here?
A murder on Smart Earth?
If people find out about this,
it'll be madness.
Is there a problem
with the Human B system?
We have to keep that detective quiet.
If not, this will become difficult.
Please connect me to that detective.
I've connected you with
Mayor Yoon Hak Joo.
Wow, everything resembles you.
Everything is insincere.
Even the way you smile.
- Are you Pierrot?
- The mayor is waiting.
I'm Mayor Yoon Hak Joo of Smart Earth.
I'm Detective Kim Joon Hyuk
of Normal Earth.
I'll get straight to the point. We don't
want people to find out about this.
But I can't let that happen.
So many advertisements about the
zero crime rate. But what did we expect?
But don't you think your citizens
should know about it?
They should know
what kind of place this is.
- What is it that you want?
- I'll do it.
Please let me take on this case.
I'll enter Smart Earth and solve
this quickly, without any errors.
- Quickly, without any errors?
- But
I won't put a chip in my head.
If you don't insert a care chip into your
head, you can't enter. It's the rules.
The rules are already broken.
Mayor Yoon, do you think
the Human B System is perfect?
We're talking about a murderer.
We can't catch them with the care system.
Do you want your citizens
to find out about this?
Shouldn't we solve it
as soon as possible?
Or should I get my warrant
and switch this over to a public case?
Let's talk about the details in person.
There are no crimes here?
What a great world, huh?
And is that a uniform?
Even the clothes are fake, just like you.
Geez, why are you looking
at that gruesome footage again?
If I'm relieved to find out
that Min Ji isn't the victim
am I human trash?
If Kim Min Ji were
targeted by him again
I wouldn't have been able to
rest in peace even if I died.
So I actually feel relieved
that Gong Min Woo was killed instead.
I'm trash, aren't I?
You're trash for thinking that way
and I'm trash for using this
as a way to get into Smart Earth.
Please take care of this for me.
What about you?
How could I put handcuffs on Min Ji?
And solve the other case, too.
The missing twins case.
Smart Earth Citizens, Air B, 34th floor.
The plane is departing in 30 minutes.
Please go to Gate 3 for boarding.
[2037, Smart Earth]
[5,001 crime-free days]
And solve the other case, too.
The missing twins case.
I'm certain that the answer
is on Smart Earth.
Find your siblings.
I'm finally here.
Wait for me.
I'll find you, wherever you are.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
That woman from 10 years ago,
we let that alien go!
- No way. She only resembles her.
- Aren't you doing the assignment?
- She took our father away!
- Stop it!
These are the culprits
who were caught. I think it's him.
I have to forget painful memories
to escape them completely.
But bad memories are a part of life.
Is it okay to forget them?
Woo Jin, I found him.
The culprit is Bluebird.
- Come home.
- I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
He can't be contacted.
- Who are you?
- Why was there a crime on Smart Earth?
He planted a bomb on Smart Earth.
Kim Min Ji found her lost memory.
If you're counting numbers,
does that mean it's not over?
- What about the case?
- We found Kim Min Ji.
- Where's Kim Min Ji?
- Get a hold of yourself!
- Shouldn't he take charge?
- Let's talk, President!
- I don't talk to outsiders.
- I should arrest you.
Who are you?
Find Bluebird and solve it,
or solve it yourself.
Why did you come to Smart Earth?
What do you know about Smart Earth?
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
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