Circle (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I'll be taking the photo now!
One, two, three!
[Episode 2]
Woo Jin.
You need to smile bigger.
[Year 2007]
This is the best I can do!
Here's your photo!
I want to keep it!
I'm going to show all my friends.
Wow, it looks nice!
I told you. She's not
an alien, you idiot.
You are an alien, right?
You came from outer space.
It'd be so nice if she would tell us.
How are we supposed to help her
if she won't even talk?
- What happened?
- Oh my gosh!
What's going on?
Bum Gyun! Are you all right?
Woo Jin!
Woo Jin!
Woo Jin!
You're not hurt anywhere?
Are you okay?
I I have to call an ambulance.
911. 911!
Hello? A person here has
a person here has a
glass shard stuck in her neck!
Please hurry! Please!
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun.
What is it?
[Part 1: BETA Project]
- Exhibit number three.
- Exhibit number three.
- An alien.
- An alien.
Hey, Kim Bum Gyun!
What are you doing?
Do you have a death wish?
Hey, Kim Bum Gyun!
Hey, are you trying to die?
The caller you've reached is
unavailable. At the tone--
[Han Jung Yeon = Alien]
No, there's no way.
They just look alike, is all.
[Kim Bum Gyun]
Hey, Kim Bum Gyun!
This is the ER at Hwigyung Hospital.
The ER?
Kim Bum Gyun, you--
Are you okay?
Woo Jin.
You saw it too, right?
Exhibit number three.
The woman from 10 years ago.
I asked you if you're okay.
He only has a
light fracture on his ankle.
Thankfully, it was only a minor accident.
I almost had her.
But I lost that alien
right before my eyes!
Calm down and get your
wounds treated first.
I almost caught her.
Damn it!
I'm telling you, she is
that alien from back then!
She's just a person who happens
to look a bit similar to her.
How could she look
the same after 10 years?
That's why she's an alien!
Stop being ridiculous.
I told you, I saw her.
She was hanging around the
people who committed suicide.
That alien killed them all!
They were just suicides.
They killed themselves
because their lives were tough.
Why did that woman
run away, then?
You saw it, too.
She fled as soon as she saw us.
She ran away in case
we'd recognize her.
You're just deluding yourself.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin.
The one who said that
she was an alien first was you!
Bum Gyun
Exhibit number three.
An alien.
Why won't you acknowledge the truth?
You saw it with your own two eyes!
So what?
So what if that woman is an alien?
Why is that my problem?
Why wouldn't it be?
- That woman took our father--
- Who cares if she took him or not?
Will anything change
even if Dad comes back?
I already feel like I'll die
having to deal with just you.
But Dad, too?
Why should I?
Why should I have to do that?
Can't you forget about Dad
and aliens, and just live normally?
Let's just forget about it as if it never
happened, and live like normal people.
Sorry, Woo Jin.
I'm sorry, but
I can't do that until I've
confirmed things with my own eyes.
I can't stop.
Bum Gyun.
Do whatever you want, then!
But if you leave now
I'll never see you again!
Such things don't exist.
[Professor Park Dong Gun]
Yes, Professor?
I apologize. Something
urgent came up yesterday, so--
Why do you always consider your time
to be more valuable than other people's?
I have no idea why he insists
on seeing an immature punk like you.
Oh, hello, Professor.
I'm quite sorry about
yesterday, Professor.
Let's go inside.
So I heard that you wanted
to join the Research Team.
Um, yes.
I have a lot of interest in
the field of PTSD treatments.
Really? So which method of treatment
do you think is most efficient?
I don't think that a best method exists
among the ones available now.
So, what do you think
would be the best method?
Traumatic memories cannot be
affected by the forgetting curve.
So the person will never be able
to get over those memories.
Memories are just
that scary and frightening.
Painful memories must be
completely forgotten
for one to be able
to overcome them.
But unpleasant memories
are also a part of one's life.
So is it truly okay
to make someone forget?
Cancer cells are destroyed
when someone has cancer.
If those memories are like
cancer cells to someone
wouldn't it be reasonable
to just get rid of them?
[The crippling tuition
is what took our friends away.]
No way.
I'm sure it isn't her.
I probably made a mistake.
Okay, guys. Quiet, please.
Take your seats.
All right, shall we discuss
the subject with a partner?
Uh, let's have you two together,
you two together
you two together,
and you two together.
Are you okay?
Excuse me.
Woo Jin, you don't seem
to have a partner anymore.
Can you join with Tae's team?
Oh, okay.
Oh, Woo Jin. Wait.
We have a new student.
What's your name?
It's Han Jung Yeon.
[Han Jung Yeon = Alien]
Data mining.
I want you to research it
and make a presentation.
When is the due date
for the presentation?
- Next Friday.
- Next Friday.
First off, I think
we need to do it about
What do you think about bioinformatics?
in the USA, somebody made the anti-fiscal
evasion system using data mining.
- How about--
- What's your name?
Where are you from?
How old are you?
What's with you?
Are you playing games with me?
Who are you?
What about you, then?
Who are you?
Hey, what's going on?
Pay attention!
Are you not going to work
on the assignment?
The National Library at 6 p.m.
How does that work for you?
Um, sure. That's fine.
See you later, then.
- Oh, Jung Yeon!
- Jung Yeon!
Hey, guys!
- Where should we go?
- Let's hang out!
What are you doing later?
[Lee Dong Soo]
Look at you, distracted again.
Are you done solving that problem?
Who's Han Jung Yeon?
Ooh! Looks like you got a girlfriend!
You got a text from her.
I reserved a spot for us on the
third floor of the National Library.
I guess we should cut my lesson short
since you have a prior engagement.
- Hurry up and solve the problem.
- Teach.
Me solving this one problem
won't change our lives.
I suck at studying,
and you suck at dating.
So how about we--
I'm giving you 10 minutes.
Hurry up and solve it.
You know, I don't have to study, Teach.
Don't you know about Mark Zuckerberg?
I'll succeed using my
computer skills, just like him.
Hey, do you know which college
Mark Zuckerberg attended?
Didn't he not go to college?
He didn't graduate from one.
Excuse me.
He dropped out after getting in!
He's a dropout from Harvard! Got it?
Hurry up and solve it.
Who cares if he attended Harvard?
He still only has a high school diploma.
Just wait and see! I'm going to
succeed by using my computer skills.
Why do you always grab me by the eyebrow?
Is this correct?
Um, yeah.
Get me that book.
- This one?
- Yeah.
Thank you!
Yeah, I'm at the library.
All right, I'll head over now.
Sorry. Something urgent came up,
so I have to get going first.
Where are you going?
Do I really need to tell you that?
Um, I mean, we
have to work on this.
Send your research to me via email.
I'll send you mine, too.
Where is she going all of the sudden?
No, remember? I told you
last time, during graduation!
Hey, back then, back then, I--
Ow, damn it.
Hey, Han Jung Yeon!
- Hey!
- You're here?
Take a seat, take a seat.
Drink this in one shot
since you came late!
But I just got here!
- Well, when else?
- Hurry up!
Hey, I was going to let you all
off the hook today, but I can't.
- What are you talking about?
- Oh, really now?
You're all dead today.
You got real big, Jung Yeon!
- What are you talking about?
- My little Jung Yeon.
Seeing as how you're
hanging with us now
I'm going to make you dance.
Oh ho!
- Down it! Down it!
- Down it! Down it!
Oh ho!
How long are you going to
make me wiggle my shoulders?
- Wow!
- Woo!
- Wow, she did it!
- Good job!
One more!
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Oh, Domino! Domino!
- Come on.
- Hand me the beer.
Pass me some snacks!
Alien? Yeah, right.
All right, I'm going to
down this in one shot.
- All right, prepare yourself.
- One shot.
Did you learn this from somewhere?
What are you doing?
Oh, you're drawing a
police sketch yourself?
Do you know what era we're living in?
I graduated from art school.
Doing this will be a lot more precise.
Oh, this punk! We could find him if
I just drew his eyes, lips, and nose.
If you put it that way, you could
catch all the criminals in Korea.
Here are the documents you asked for.
Here are the guys who
were caught using a Taser.
- Hey, Detective.
- Yes?
So that guy is the shaman of
the Violent Crimes Unit here?
Yes, and he's not just any old shaman.
- He's a novice shaman.
- What?
He makes wrong guesses most of the time.
But he still thinks of himself
as Sherlock, or something.
Why did I have to become
partners with that guy?
At any rate, they say that whoever he
thinks is a culprit is always innocent.
- Work hard, then.
- Yes, you too.
[Kim Bum Gyun]
Yeah, Woo Jin?
Yeah. Where are you?
Aren't you coming home?
And about that woman--
Woo Jin! I think I found it.
The alien's secret hideout.
Hey, Kim Bum Gyun!
The criminal is Bluebird.
- What?
- Bluebird!
If you want to talk about something,
just come home and talk to me.
Okay, Woo Jin. I'll head right
over after I confirm things.
[Kim Bum Gyun]
This phone is currently switched off,
so please leave a message after the tone.
What the
Yes, this is the bakery, correct?
Is Mr. Kim Bum Gyun there,
by any chance?
Are you looking for him too?
That kid only came
to work on his first day.
I haven't been able to
get in touch with him since.
Oh I see. I understand.
What about Kim Bum Gyun?
It seems he really did
cause trouble and run off.
Someone else is looking for him.
This is why you shouldn't
hire people with priors.
I think it's him.
Something smells fishy here.
Smell? Give me a break.
All I smell is bread.
Why, you
Who are you?
Um, the person renting
this room hasn't come back yet?
No, and I can't get in
touch with him, either.
He said he'd come today and pay
his outstanding balance for the room.
But just look.
He broke the door and ran off.
It's clear as day.
But are you his friend, or something?
[The alien's hideout]
[Alien entered here on May 1st
at 4:27 p.m. with unknown person.]
[National Library:
Why does she go there often?]
This phone is currently switched off,
so please leave a message
Have you, by any chance
Never mind.
What is this? Why do we keep
running into each other?
Are you
really Han Jung Yeon?
What are you doing? Are you crazy?
Who are you?
Who the hell are you?
[Part 2: Brave New World]
[2037, Smart Earth]
I'm finally here.
Wait for me.
I'll find you wherever you are.
[Human B Central Control Room]
Does it make any sense that
we weren't aware of this murder?
I apologize, Deputy Chief Lee.
Are you sure there's nothing
wrong with Stable Care?
Yes, there were no errors
with the super computer.
If it's not the system
then does that mean her chip was faulty?
- It's very likely.
- That's impossible.
There hasn't been an error with
our care chips for the last 15 years.
- You know that.
- That goes for our system too.
Please find the cause
and report to me immediately.
And keep your mouths shut about this.
Mayor Yoon is looking for you.
What should I do?
It was Gong Min Woo,
who kidnapped Kim Min Ji 20 years ago.
But he was released
due to lack of evidence.
- Is that why she's getting revenge?
- Yes, I think so, Mayor Yoon.
- Where's Kim Min Ji now?
- Human B can't locate her yet.
Please report to me directly about
the progress of this investigation
and watch over
that officer very carefully.
Yes, he will be staying with me,
as you requested.
[Deputy Chief Lee Hyun Seok]
How is it possible for someone
under the care system to kill a man?
There's a problem
with the Human B system, isn't there?
- We're looking for the cause.
- When are you going to find it?
A murderer is roaming about Smart Earth.
Is that why you went so far as to
recruit an officer without a care chip?
You planted a bomb on Smart Earth.
The bomb is already on the loose.
At this point
- shouldn't he take charge?
- The chairman--
The man no one
has ever seen him before.
Does the chairman actually exist?
The chairman is doing the best
he can in this investigation.
But he finds it unfortunate that you
let that officer into Smart Earth.
Tell him not to worry.
That officer will solve this case.
- Did you look into Kim Joon Hyuk?
- He's strange.
He became an officer 10 years ago,
but he has no records from before that.
What does that mean?
No one has ever seen him and no one
knew him before he became an officer
and there are no
medical records of him either.
Is that why he didn't insert a care chip?
Because he has a secret?
Couldn't that mean that
he came here with another motive?
Kim Joon Hyuk, who the hell are you?
How's it going?
Are you even doing your work properly?
It looks like you're slacking off
after going there.
Geez, how could I slack off?
It's crazy because of that chip.
What chip? Did you find something?
Chief Hong, why do you think a crime
occurred after 5,000 days on Smart Earth?
- What?
- The average citizens don't have it
but the employees of Smart Earth
have it. What could it be?
- The chip?
- Yes, that chip. The care chip.
That's right.
I can't seem to understand it.
Are they saying there were no crimes
just because of that chip?
That chip definitely has another
function that we don't know of.
If that's true
then that would mean Human B was
responsible for the missing twins case.
Probably. If it weren't for that child,
this chip wouldn't exist.
Anyway, don't get caught. If they
find out who you are, it's all over.
You know that, right?
Geez, I don't know.
I only left for a little while.
I think this is a talent.
I thought I was on
Normal Earth for a moment.
Hey, wait a minute.
There you go.
Wash those while you're at it.
Do you still write in
notebooks these days?
Do you know what you're missing out on?
As I write letter by letter, I organize
my thoughts, and fill my head with them.
There's no use for technology
if people can't utilize it.
This is what they call analog emotions.
What would you know as person
with a chip in your head? Forget it.
- Can you stop talking to me?
- Yes, I'm sorry.
But what should we do? We have to
go somewhere that is far from analog.
Hey, hey, hey.
Erro, how far are we going down?
Erro? Why am I Erro?
It's short for Pierrot.
Why is the investigation lab so hidden?
As you already know, there are
no police officers on Smart Earth.
And we have to solve this case quietly.
Erro, I didn't know
you had a straight face.
I thought Stable Care
made you smile all the time.
There's no such thing.
The Stable Care System controls emotions
only to prevent misery and crime.
I see. Is that so? Then when does
the Stable Care System step in?
Well, when we get
overexcited, very surprised
- or when we get mad.
- Really?
- What are you doing?
- Stay still. Stay still.
What is this? The light didn't come on.
- Please don't do that again.
- Fine, I'm sorry.
Hey, Erro, Erro, Erro, Erro
Erro, Erro, Erro.
I don't know how
I should comprehend this.
Does the Stable Care System
also have that function?
Hey, where's Gong Min Woo?
Oh, so this is what Stable Care does.
- Is that the first body you've seen?
- It is.
It is? Hey, when I saw my first
dead body, I threw up my hamburger.
Do I have to be just like you?
I think it's rational
to avoid harmful emotions.
Is rationality all that matters here?
That's why there hasn't
been a crime for 15 years.
Because of Stable Care.
Hey, do you really think
that's why it was crime-free?
- What do you want to say?
- But seriously.
Do you believe crime can be
eliminated by controlling emotions?
It's possible. And it worked in reality.
Fine, ignorance is bliss.
Ignorance? Do you know
something that I don't?
If she's counting numbers,
does that mean it's not over?
Those guys are back.
There could have been
an accomplice in the kidnapping.
[An accomplice]
Use a voice recorder.
This wasn't here before. What is this?
- They opened the lid.
- Pardon?
They took the chip.
I believe you dealt
with Gong Min Woo's body.
- Who are you?
- We're from the city peace section.
We're in charge of Gong Min Woo's case.
I'm sure you know how he died
and I'll assume you didn't have common
sense when you harmed the evidence.
All I did was follow the procedure.
Yes, then please follow the procedure
and return Gong Min Woo's chip.
Did we miss something?
I think we have everything.
Detective Kim!
[Mayor Yoon]
Hello, this is Lee Ho Soo
of Smart Earth Security Division.
Yes, I'll brief you next time.
Detective Kim! Detective Kim!
Detective Kim!
An officer came,
so I gave him a different chip.
He can't do anything
without Human B anyway.
This is Gong Min Woo's chip.
This is evidence
for a criminal investigation.
I can't understand it this time.
Who told you to do this?
I'd like to talk, Chairman!
Geez, there are no manners
or rules at this company.
What did I expect
from a company like this?
I'm the deputy chief of Human B Future
Industries Division, Lee Hyun Seok.
This was your doing, wasn't it?
I don't know what you're talking about.
I think there was an error.
I see. That means it was the
chairman's orders. Where's his office?
The chairman doesn't talk to outsiders.
I guess you haven't
understood the situation yet.
According to the criminal act,
Article 150, Section 1
if you forge evidence that is
related to a criminal investigation
it's a sentence of five years,
or a fine of 20 million won.
Geez, this isn't the time to talk.
I'm here for an arrest.
- What are you going to do?
- The misunderstanding was our mistake.
And we didn't intend to hide anything.
We will cooperate with you
for this investigation, Detective Kim.
I apologize.
What? You kept the chip?
Yes, we have to dissect this chip.
Geez, do you know how?
Do you want me to analyze it?
It's time to put my skills to work.
- I used to do cyber investigations--
- Dong Soo!
- What?
- Dong Soo is the only guy who can do it.
- That's true.
- Arrest Dong Soo.
Sure, that's something I should do.
That's what I should do.
Oh my, what in the world
How embarrassing geez.
Ma'am, I thought a lot about this
and I think there should be
loyalty between married couples.
Give it to me.
I want to finish watching it.
But at the same time, I don't think
it's loyal to betray a client.
But if I had another
justification of some sort--
- Go.
- Go.
Dong Soo, have you seen
this guy, by any chance?
This bastard needs to be arrested.
Hey, I know this guy.
Oh, here he is!
It looks like me. People always
tell me that I have a common face.
But, Dong Soo.
It's up to you
whether this is you or not.
Isn't that right?
Yes, you're right.
Then, what should you do from now on?
That's yours.
Oh my. How pretty.
[Smart Earth Entrance Gate]
Analyze this chip,
and don't leave anything out.
Joon Hyuk, you really have no idea.
I'm a software hacker
But this is hardware.
It's a completely different category.
Do it. Can't you do it?
The thing is,
there's no data on this chip.
This is just a chip that connects
our heads to a super computer!
In other words, we need to hack
the super computer to know anything!
So you can't do it? What about Bluebird?
He's they're just rumors!
We don't know if he's a hacker,
a bluebird, or an AI!
- We don't know.
- You have five days.
- Even five years isn't enough!
- Five days.
I said it's not possible!
Whether you find Bluebird or not,
make sure you figure it out.
What on earth are you doing?
I can't allow this behavior.
- Did you know?
- I heard there was an error at Human B.
It wasn't an error, but concealment.
I can't trust you people.
I can't trust you either.
Detective Kim,
why did you come to Smart Earth?
Don't you know?
I'm here to catch the murderer.
The real reason.
Are you really here to catch Kim Min Ji?
That's why I'm investigating right now.
Don't you see that?
To me, it looks like
you have another motive.
Shouldn't you look for Kim Min Ji first?
Why are you so focused
on Gong Min Woo's chip?
This is a warning.
If you behave like this again
I'll report it to Mayor Yoon.
Then you'll never be back
on Smart Earth ever again.
[Kim Min Ji Activation]
Kim Min Ji's panel came on.
Her location popped up.
Is this the place?
Wait! Her location disappeared.
Where's Kim Min Ji right now?
Where's Kim Min Ji?
I'll take care of it myself.
Where's Kim Min Ji? Answer me!
Hey, Lee Ho Soo. Get a hold of yourself!
Call the police!
Call an ambulance! Go on!
Look here!
I'm calling from Smart Earth.
A man was stabbed.
Kim Min Ji. Where's Kim Min Ji?
An accomplice?
Min Ji is my friend's daughter.
I took care of that orphan as if she
were my own child. So why would I
Why would I kidnap her?
Then why did Kim Min Ji attack you?
That's what I'm curious about too.
- We secured his identity.
- What?
Park Jin Gyu, born in July 9th, 1980.
He lives in District 7,
LK Castle on Smart Earth.
He was Kim Min Ji's legal guardian.
And that was his house.
Did you find Min Ji yet?
She has been acting a bit strange lately.
How strange?
Park Jin Gyu, do you have
any memory footage? May we see it?
Memory footage?
I keep remembering
strange memories these days.
Strange memories?
I have a memory of getting kidnapped
by middle-aged men when I was a child.
What are you saying? Kidnapped?
I don't remember their faces,
but I remember their voices very clearly.
I've heard their voices before
Does your head still hurt? What about
nosebleeds? Let's go to the hospital.
Min Ji, you've never been kidnapped.
That's why it's weird.
I've never been kidnapped.
But the memory is so vivid.
This is weird. Why is everyone
saying she was never kidnapped?
- Detective Kim.
- It's her memory.
Kim Min Ji's lost memory
came back to her.
Her lost memory?
Kim Min Ji had forgotten
about the kidnapping incident.
But that memory came back.
Is it due to trauma or stress?
Because of the mental trauma?
- It's because of Smart Earth.
- Because of Smart Earth?
- Detective Kim!
- Hey.
Do you still think Stable Care was
the reason for the zero crime rate?
Detective Kim, what do
you know about Smart Earth?
Please find my brother.
I don't care if he ends up
in the hospital or jail, so please
Please find my brother.
Mister, save me
Please, save me
Please! Please, Mister!
Mister, please, just this once
This is Kim Min Ji's memory
that was shut off.
We will get rid of it
before Detective Kim finds out.
But, Chairman, why did you tell us to
halt our investigation on Detective Kim?
There's no trace of that officer.
He forged his identity.
He is clearly hiding something.
Yes, I understand.
I'll dispose of it, as you wish.
Do you already know, by any chance?
Do you know who he is?
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
- Woo Jin, I think I found it.
- Why is everyone looking for it?
Are you still unable
to find Kim Bum Gyun?
Bum Gyun's brother? Isn't your brother's
case similar to the Handam case?
- He had similar symptoms before he died.
- Aren't you the culprit?
- This is proof that it wasn't suicide.
- How do you know this?
- Why is it their responsibility?
- Yes, Gangnam Police Station. What?
We must find the real culprit.
Wait a minute, this is why
they died. This is why.
How can you tamper with someone's memory?
This is evidence that Human B
is tampering with people's memories!
- No way, that makes no sense!
- Then how do you explain Kim Min Ji?
I want to know the reason too!
- There's one method.
- That's illegal!
- This officer is tiring me out.
- He just doesn't get it.
- Bluebird is here!
- Do you know me?
Why did you do it? Why?
What right do you have to do this?
That kid could be one of them.
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