Circle (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

So you're saying Ji Hyuk was with someone.
He was holding something.
- Was it this?
- It was a stun gun.
Woo Jin, I told you to always carry this with you.
Did you kill Ji Hyuk?
No. That alien killed him.
Is this what you've been doing
while you've been hiding here for a month?
That alien took Dad away from us. We both saw that.
I need you.
So please stop this and stay by my side.
No! You're wrong! Aliens do exist.
No, it can't be. She's just someone who looks like her.
I'm Han Jeong Yeon.
Aren't you going to do the assignment?
Could she be That can't be.
Alien, my foot.
Is the tenant here not back yet?
I can't even get a hold of him.
Woo Jin, I think I found it. Aliens' secret base.
Bluebird is the culprit.
Who are you?
I got kidnapped. Please help me.
- Who got kidnapped?
- I'm Kim Min Ji.
I got kidnapped.
They appeared again.
That is not possible.
There is no crime in our city thanks to the calming care system.
Kim Min Ji sent me this five minutes ago.
How many more secrets have you kept until now?
Wait for me. I'll find you wherever you are.
So you think he refused the care chip because he has a secret?
- What is it?
- The chip was taken.
- It's Gong Min Woo's chip.
- Who told you to do this?
Where's the chairman's office?
Whether you find Bluebird or not, solve it no matter what.
There might have been accomplices.
Where is Kim Min Ji? Please
I've never gone through anything like that.
Her lost memories must have come back.
By any chance, do you already know
who that detective is?
(Episode 3)
(Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital)
(Kim Woo Jin)
Hey, Woo Jin.
Where are you? Are you not coming home?
- Oh, and about that woman
- Woo Jin, I think I found it.
- What?
- Aliens' secret base.
Hey, Beom Gyun.
- Bluebird is the culprit.
- What?
Stop spewing nonsense and come home. I need to talk to you.
All right, Woo Jin. I'll head home right after checking this place.
(Part 1: BETA Project)
Tell me. Are you really Han Jeong Yeon?
- What are you doing? Are you crazy?
- Who are you?
Who are you, really?
Do you also think like that about me?
Do you also
think that I'm an alien?
Do you think that makes sense?
You guys are both crazy.
Then why did you go through a crazy guy's room?
Why did you sneak into Room 315 at Sejong Motel?
I thought your brother was the culprit.
- For what?
- The incident at our school.
It wasn't suicide.
But your brother showed up on every crime scene,
so I thought he was the killer.
That's why I tailed him.
- Aren't you the culprit?
- What?
The fact that you saw him every time means you were there too.
You must've done something to him because he found out.
- What are you talking about?
- He has disappeared.
He was chasing you,
but he's gone missing.
Your brother has gone missing?
- Are you putting on a show now?
- Are you sure he's gone missing?
Don't act like you don't know!
Jeong Yeon.
What's going on?
- Leave us alone.
- What?
We have something to talk about, so please just continue along.
What will you do if I can't do that?
Why are you so interested in others' affairs? Do you have that much time?
What did you say? You jerk.
- You little
- Gosh, why are you being like this?
Don't fight. Gosh!
Stop. Hey, that's enough.
Stop, Woo Jin. Hey, break it up!
- Hey, enough. Get off of him.
- Let go!
Gosh, stop it!
You guys are in university to study, not to fight.
- This jerk punched me first!
- You little
His brother is an ex-convict. He's just like his brother.
Goodness. Hey, take it outside.
Mom. No, that's not what happened. Mom, you know me.
Yes, Mom. No, that's not Mom, let me explain
Your name.
I'm Kim Woo Jin.
Kim Woo
Kim Woo Jin?
(Prime suspect, Kim Beom Gyun, brother, Kim Woo Jin)
Hey, are you Kim Beom Gyun's brother?
Yes, I am.
- Move over.
- Gosh, what are you doing?
I'll do it.
For goodness' sake.
- Where's your brother now?
- Pardon me?
Well, I have to ask him something but can't get a hold of him.
You know where he is, right? You're his brother.
I don't know either.
You don't know?
He hasn't been home for a few days and isn't even picking up his phone.
Aren't you helping him hide?
Why would I do that? He didn't do anything wrong.
Goodness, I'm not saying he did. The situation is just a bit odd.
You know that he can be a bit peculiar.
He went to prison and got treated because he was after aliens.
Don't you think the Handam University case is similar to
the reason your brother ended up in prison?
Beom Gyun didn't do it.
Then where is he? Why can't you get a hold of him if there's no problem?
Something must've happened to him.
He always answered my call even when he was completely out of his mind,
but he's not picking up right now.
Something must've gone wrong. He's gone missing.
So please find him if you have time to interrogate me like this.
It doesn't matter if he ends up in a psychiatric ward or prison again.
Please Please find my brother.
For goodness' sake.
You should get going first.
What? Why?
I still have to talk with him about something.
And please don't tell my dad about what happened today.
All right.
Let's go.
What are you doing? Where are we going now?
Your brother. We have to find him.
I know that you're suspicious of me.
But I didn't do it.
This one thing is for certain.
He went missing while digging up things about the suicide case.
You don't believe me, right?
Follow me.
What's going on?
- Did you kidnap this guy?
- No, it's not like that.
This must be why she asked me to let her use the room.
Is he your boyfriend?
- What is this?
- Things from my research.
Evidence that they weren't suicide.
(Second victim, Ko Seok Kyu)
(First victim, Kang So Yoon, April 29)
(Third victim, Lee Ji Su, May 13)
(Fourth victim, Oh Ji Hyuk, May 20)
(Handam University Suicide Case)
(First victim, Kang So Yoon)
(Second victim, Ko Seok Kyu)
(Fourth victim, Oh Ji Hyuk)
So where's Beom Gyun?
I was following the incidents,
and your brother was chasing me thinking I'm an alien.
That's why both of us were at every scene
and we mistook each other for the culprit.
Isn't that why the detective suspects your brother?
If neither your brother nor I am the culprit
Your brother
went missing while looking into this case.
Who would be behind it?
The real culprit.
We have to find the culprit.
I understand my brother's part, but why are you doing this?
(The first victim: Kang So Yoon)
So Yoon was my friend.
She was a very positive, cheerful,
and active person.
She had no reason to kill herself.
We were
even planning a trip to Europe together.
(Year 2007)
Isn't it sad?
Why is that sad?
She started acting strange about a month before she died.
So Yoon, what's wrong? Are you feeling sick?
- Nosebleeds?
- Yes.
What's strange is that it happened to all the other victims too.
Headaches and nosebleeds. It happened to Ko Seok Kyu,
Lee Ji Su, and Oh Ji Hyuk too.
They all had similar symptoms before their deaths.
This is what I've found so far.
Whoever killed So Yoon,
I'll find that person by all means.
You have to find your brother too.
- So?
- I need to look at his data again.
Show me.
I can't even reach him.
Oh, wait.
Isn't this from Room 315?
Yes. Why?
It's my brother's stuff. I'll take it.
Are you his brother?
Good. Pay his overdue rent first.
- How much is it?
- Let me see
(May 16, Han Jeong Yeon at the cafe on campus)
(Observation Log for Han Jeong Yeon)
(Culprit: Han Jeong Yeon, alien)
I mean, why does he suspect only me?
His camera is full of pictures of me.
There are no useful clues here.
By the way,
why me?
Why am I an alien?
We knew someone who looked just like you when we were little.
That's why my brother mistook you for her.
Was that person an alien?
That's what my brother believes.
What about you?
Are you sure it's only your brother?
You seem a little suspicious.
I don't care about it at all.
Then please leave me alone.
Stop glancing at me.
(Kim Nan Hee, Song Jin Hyuk, Jeon Young Jin)
What's this?
Some of these people killed themselves.
What is this?
(Kim Nan Hee, Song Jin Hyuk, Jeon Young Jin)
(Kim Nan Hee, Song Jin Hyuk, Jeon Young Jin)
- Kim Nan Hee
- Do you know her?
It happened to her too.
Headaches and nosebleeds.
What are you doing?
Where's Kim Nan Hee's room?
Kim Nan Hee? She lives in Room 207.
What's going on?
Why are so many people looking for her today?
Who else looked for her?
A friend just looked for her.
Hey! Guys are not allowed to enter.
(Kim Nan Hee, Jeon Min Ji)
Nan Hee!
Nan Hee!
What's that?
A worm?
Have you still not tracked Kim Beom Gyun's location?
Gosh, stop it already.
There's no evidence. Why do you keep insisting that it's murder?
My gosh, he's unbelievable.
I'm sure there's something strange.
I can feel it.
Hello, this is Gangnam Police Station.
I opened the door, and this is what I saw.
(I have a headache.)
By any chance, did anyone visit this room?
- A few students did.
- Students? Who?
Two students came a while ago,
and one female student came an hour earlier than that.
What did she look like?
She was short. She was very petite.
Please tell me some noticeable features about her.
Bluebird is the culprit.
Could he have mistaken Bluebug for Bluebird?
If I got there a little earlier,
I would've been able to stop her.
I could've stopped her.
If I got there a little earlier
The same thing happened with So Yoon.
If I had visited her a little sooner
Are you going to start smoking again?
Kids nowadays are very weak.
They're very impatient too.
They're too extreme.
How is that their fault?
Professor Park Dong Geon.
You better watch your mouth.
Yes, Professor Han.
That blue bug must have something to do with everyone's deaths.
We need to find it.
Shine the flashlight properly. I can't see anything.
We need to hide.
Hey, he's gone.
I said he's gone.
Wait. Stay still.
Hey, what's wrong?
Hey, what are you doing?
What What is that?
It was a robot? I thought it was a bug.
But why would this come out of a person's body?
This is it.
The reason they all died
was because of this.
("The Kiss with Saturn Begins Now")
It is a microrobot, but I can't find any information on it.
That only means that it hasn't been released to the public yet.
Do you think this was made by an individual?
Or maybe it was made by a research team.
But why would anyone make anything like this in the first place?
Should I ask some friends who major in mechanical engineering?
Are you addicted to caffeine? Stop drinking coffee.
You didn't even sleep after that incident.
You should get some sleep. I'll do this.
But does that woman
really look like me?
Yes. A lot.
- When did you see her?
- Around 10 years ago.
10 years ago?
I guess she and I really do look alike.
Hi, Dad.
No, I've been at the library.
I'm leaving now.
Yes, by myself.
Okay, see you at home.
All right.
I should get going.
You should get some rest too. You might collapse if you keep this up.
We'll be able to find him.
We just need to find out who made the microrobot.
I'm certain that it'll lead us to your brother.
All right.
I'll look into it and call you.
(Haksa Residence)
Woo Jin, I think I found it. Aliens' secret base.
Bluebird is the culprit.
He must've been talking about this blue bug.
He went all the way there while chasing this.
Gosh, what happened?
Oh, Jeong Yeon isn't here.
I just want to ask her about something.
May I wait for her in the room?
Sure, come in.
Just send it to me via email. I'll email you mine as well.
Bluebird is the culprit. Bluebird.
Open this! Open the door, you aliens!
Open the door, you aliens.
Woo Jin
(Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital)
(Part 2: The Great New World)
(Year 2037, Smart City)
By the way, how did you find me?
Like I said, wherever you are, I can find you.
Suit yourself. But if you leave me like this, I'll never see you again.
Bluebird is the culprit.
(Dong Soo)
- Hey.
- Joon Hyeok, Bluebird showed up.
- What?
- Bluebird really exists.
He just hacked me.
Gosh, this totally hurts my pride.
He approached you first?
Yes. I don't know what his real agenda is,
but my computer is completely frozen right now because of that scum.
I'm going to catch that jerk and break his blue wings
Forget about Bluebird for now. I have another job for you.
What now?
There's something I need you to check. Be on standby.
It looks like you think this is your place.
- You must feel comfortable here.
- Do you like bread?
A croissant, baguette, or campagne-style bread. Just tell me.
I can make whatever you want.
I always eat rice and soup for breakfast.
Things like this isn't filling enough.
Rice and soup?
That sounds good.
We just don't click, do we?
That's what I want to say.
(The Kim Min Ji Case Becoming a Mystery)
What do you need to check now?
- Park Jin Gyu's records.
- You checked them yesterday.
There's no way he wouldn't remember if he really was an accomplice.
We'll find out.
If he actually has no memories of it,
or if someone messed with his memory.
Do you think this is some science fiction movie?
Stop spewing complete nonsense.
How can anyone control a person's memory?
- That's impossible.
- That's why I just want to check.
- How are you going to check it?
- Memory Access.
I'll check Park Jin Gyu's memories of the day Kim Min Ji got kidnapped.
Okay. All right, then.
I'll let Park Jin Gyu know and prepare what's needed.
There's no need. It'll be done under General City's jurisdiction.
Detective, that is illegal.
Article 1 Section 5 of Smart City's Special Act states
that the technologies which are exclusive to Smart City can't be
used elsewhere without Human B's consent.
That's precisely why General City needs to get involved.
If Human B actually messed with his memory,
I won't be able to find out anything by accessing his memories here.
What is the reason you're doing all this?
Why are you so suspicious of Human B?
Then why do you blindly trust everything Human B does?
Because Human B's system is perfect.
Human B never use their technologies for immoral purposes.
They neither have any reason nor need to mess with people's memory.
All right. Let's see which one of us is right.
Detective Kim? Why?
He keeps making nonsensical claims.
He thinks that Human B's messing with the citizen's memories.
What's your thought on it?
Shouldn't we expel him from our city?
No, I'm talking about Human B.
Have you noticed anything suspicious with them?
No, not at all.
First, please cooperate.
Sir, it's illegal for General City to use Memory Access.
We must check whether Detective Kim's claim is right or not
even if the chance of it being right is next to nonexistent.
As the mayor, I'm responsible for our citizen's safety.
I get that Human B has a lot of power,
but it's still just a company.
But please be sure to keep a watchful eye on Detective Kim
so that we can expel him whenever it's necessary.
And please continue to only report the updates to me.
Yes, sir. I will.
What's wrong? Are you feeling sick?
No. I'm fine.
Ho Soo!
My gosh, Ho Soo. Hello.
Yes, hello.
- What's that?
- Let's go in.
I'll show you what Human B did.
Sure, be my guest.
You never fail to do what you want to do anyway.
My friend's daughter got kidnapped.
Her name is Kim Min Ji, and she's seven years old.
She's kidnapped.
This report was made 20 years ago.
It's your voice, isn't it?
It is.
You reported that your friend's daughter was kidnapped while crying.
Are you sure you don't remember it?
I really have no idea.
You said it's your voice.
Also, you're the kidnapper's accomplice.
That's why Min Ji tried to kill you.
That's absurd.
Then why did she do that?
I wonder that too!
I was Min Ji's guardian.
After she lost her parents, I raised her here.
I don't understand why all this happened.
I'd love to find out.
Do you want to find out?
- There's a way.
- Of course.
I'll do everything I can.
Park Jin Gyu is gone.
Will he be really okay?
The calming care system doesn't work here in General City.
What if he suddenly gets a mental problem and goes crazy?
He'll be fine even without the calming care system.
That's a relief.
Well, everyone's here.
Many people believe machines never lie.
But that's wrong.
Machines are great liars.
What is that supposed to mean? Explain so we can understand.
- Would you understand even if I do?
- What did you say, you jerk?
We're going to make his care chip believe
he's in Smart City
so that we can see his memories.
You could have explained that way from the beginning.
- What were you worried about?
- You still don't understand.
- You think I don't understand?
- Yes.
There's no point in explaining it to you.
- You might as well continue.
- You mean spoofing.
DNS spoofing.
Our IP address won't change even if we clone the server.
But we don't have enough time for ARP.
We won't be able to stop our location from being tracked.
Chief Hong.
I used to work for Cyber Crime Unit.
You guys underestimate me.
You got demoted there and cracked down on adult websites
Where's Joon Hyeok?
He went to get her.
You're here. Let's go.
We haven't seen each other in a month. Is that all?
Have you been well?
He's under anesthesia. I'll get started.
I see the chip. Give me the cable.
Let's see.
The memory cube is connected.
(Memory Cube saves the person's memories as videos.)
May 5, 2017. Min Ji was kidnapped that day.
Children's Day? He's a jerk.
(May 5, 2017)
- What?
- What happened?
What is this?
He doesn't remember that part.
He reported her kidnapped himself. How could he forget that?
Did someone tamper with it?
We'll soon find out.
Park Jin Gyu's memory cube is being hacked in General City.
Go stop them by all means.
Yes, sir.
Chief Hong, I see suspicious people outside.
What? Gosh.
Shall we?
Detective Oh. You stay here.
They're quite a few.
We're performing our official duties. Please go back.
It seems like our company secrets have leaked out.
Let's go.
You jerks!
Stop them!
Stop them!
I'll guard the door.
You don't seem to understand.
We're not in Smart City right now.
Do you want to be arrested or just leave?
Aren't you illegally cracking our chip?
- Who says so?
- Our control room found it.
Is that so? Then you should report to the police.
Wait, we're the police.
Chief Hong, we need to move right now.
We'll go through all Human B's servers.
We'll also look around the building. I've been curious
why they don't allow anyone to enter the building.
So? Should we go get a warrant?
Don't make matters worse and just come back.
Detective Kim is a pain in the neck.
Hurry and come here!
You were right.
- Someone locked this memory.
- Are you sure?
They must have created exclusive tools.
- I'm going to crack it right away.
- Can you find out who did it?
I'll run their hacking tools first.
There you go!
Good job, Dong Soo. You're awesome.
Why is it here?
Good job, Dong Soo. You're awesome.
Why is it here?
Does that mean Bluebird is the one who locked this guy's memory?
No, it means that Bluebird is Human B.
Human B is responsible for locking people's memories.
Stop being unreasonable.
You said Bluebird is a hacker.
Then this guy must be the culprit.
Why would you think Bluebird is Human B?
Why do you think Human B is responsible for
locking people's memories?
This is why.
This is proof that Human B is messing with people's memories.
Please try to be more reasonable.
How can you be so sure?
How are you so sure?
I know.
Hey, Joon Hyeok.
Hey, Joon Hyeok.
Are you going to go to Human B without any proof?
You know well that Bluebird became Human B.
- We can't be sure.
- I'm the evidence!
I went through the same thing 20 years ago.
They're doing the exact same thing to thousands of people.
Okay. Give me the gun first.
He could be one of them.
You waited for him for 20 years.
Can't you wait just a little bit longer?
What if something happens to you too? Then I won't be able
to live with myself.
Ho Soo.
What is this?
Weird memories keep popping up on my mind these days.
Do you still get the headaches? How about the nosebleeds?
No, it means that Bluebird is Human B.
Human B is responsible for locking people's memories.
Could they have locked my memory too?
Try to get some sleep without taking these, and reduce the dose.
Wait. Sit down.
Can't you just forget about it?
Can't you just live as Kim Joon Hyeok?
I'm doing this so I can forget.
I'm going to forget everything
and live as Kim Joon Hyeok.
My gosh.
I'm done.
Eat well. You're too skinny.
(Thank you for proposing.)
(I love you.)
Long time no see.
Do you
- know me?
- What?
You used to come here often.
Do you know this woman?
She was your girlfriend.
She passed away.
Soo Bin. Soo Bin.
Soo Bin, open the door. Please open the door.
Soo Bin.
Can you really track that thing?
My gosh, you're so impatient.
I'm almost done.
You punk. You always say that. You're not getting anywhere.
Gosh, you're so annoying.
Why are you so mean to me?
If you keep treating me like this, I'm not going to help you.
Stop staring at me like that. Hurry up and track it.
Okay, I will. Gosh, you need to trust me.
Gosh, this is killing me.
I got it. I got the location. I got Bluebird.
- Where is it?
- It's moving right now.
It's in Smart City.
Smart City.
Joon Hyeok.
Jin Hong, we must catch him.
It proves that people's memories are controlled.
If we catch Bluebird,
Human B will also be doomed.
Be careful.
Keep updating me on his location, okay?
We must not let Bluebird slip away.
(Smart City Entry Point)
All right. Here goes the live update on Bluebird's location.
He's on the move from District 24 to District 23 of Smart City.
Right now, he's in District 17.
He's within a 1km radius from where you are now. Speed up!
Nice. 500m. That's it. Now, he's only 400m away!
Now, he's within 300m radius!
My goodness, you're almost there.
(District 17, Smart City)
You'll catch him. Keep it up. You're about to catch him!
You're really almost there, Joon Hyeok!
- Oh, what's wrong with this? Gosh!
- What's going on?
- Gosh, the power went out.
- Why is this happening?
Joon Hyeok, we have a power outage.
- What?
- We lost his location.
(Circuit breaker)
Why did you do that? Why?
I clearly warned you.
I told you that I'd kick you out of the city if you misbehave again.
You've violated Article 1 Section 5
and Article 3 Section 17 of Smart City's Special Act.
So please leave the city immediately.
If you don't, I'll have to take this to the mayor.
Do you still not get what's going on?
Human B is what needs to disappear, not me.
All of you are being fooled.
It's none of your business, Detective.
You're not even our citizen.
How can you say that after witnessing everything?
Some people are messing with others' memory.
So what?
They say that
they're happy because they lost those memories.
Isn't that all that matters?
Do you even understand what it means to lose your memories?
Losing your memories
means losing yourself.
Do you know how terrifying that is? Do you?
I'm terrified too!
I'd much rather prefer
not to be myself.
I'm terrified to death
that those horrible memories that I have forgotten about
might come back.
What do you mean by that?
I don't want to remember.
I just I just want to be happy.
So please stop this. Just investigate the case.
- Hey, Lee Ho Soo!
- It has nothing to do with you.
Who do you think you are? Why are you messing everything up?
Who are you? Who says you can do this?
I don't know either.
I have no idea who I am.
If I'm really Kim Joon Hyeok, or if I'm someone else
don't remember.
(10 years ago)
Who Who am I?
From this moment,
you're Kim Joon Hyeok.
The students at your school died because of that alien.
What do you want? Who are you?
- Hey!
- Get him. Go!
Go tell them everything we saw. We must catch him.
What if he got attacked here?
Please catch him.
Only then, we can find Beom Gyun.
Is it you, Beom Gyun?
Have you confronted him and asked him who he is?
What is it that I don't know?
What have you done to me?
- Blocking memories?
- You're doing it to our citizens.
You remembered, right? The Kim Min Ji Kidnapping.
He's on. Bluebird. Bluebird is back on.
Until when are we going to let him walk all over us?
Why are people's memories coming back? What disabled the blocking?
Where are you? I'll meet you there, okay?
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