Circle (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Episode 4]
No, don't step on that!
It's my homework.
But where did you come from?
Or Mars?
Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
Hurry over here!
- Why?
- Hurry!
Ah, really
I did it! Aw, yes!
I'm telling you,
you can't win against me!
Who cares if you get
first place all the time?
30 million won's on the line!
One more time!
You'll probably just lose again.
Practice some more before
you challenge me again.
Why, you little
Hey, Kim Woo Jin,
I said let's do it again!
See? I was right!
She definitely came from outer space!
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Part 1: BETA Project]
[Kim Woo Jin]
- Yeah?
- Where are you right now?
Where are you?
Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital.
Why did you go there?
Stay right there. I'll come to you.
[From Restricted Number:
2 p.m. at Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital]
[Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital]
What do you want? Who are you?
- Jung Yeon.
- Hurry and catch her!
Hurry and go!
Hey! Hey!
What the
Damn it!
- Was it a woman?
- Yeah. I heard her voice.
Did you lose her?
Where? Where?
Han Jung Yeon.
What happened to you?
And why did you come here?
And who was that?
What happened?
[2 p.m. at Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital]
She called me here.
Let's go to the police station
and tell them everything we saw.
We have to catch her!
Before we do that
Explain this to me first.
That's the one that came
out of So Yoon's dead body.
I couldn't figure out what it was
no matter how hard I searched
so I was just holding on to it.
And I found out that
it's a robot thanks to you.
Why did you hide it, then?
Why didn't you tell me?
Your older brother.
You doubted me this whole time
while pretending you trusted me?
Yeah. I couldn't trust you, either.
I do trust you now.
We saw the culprit with our own eyes.
What about my brother?
- What about him?
- Do you trust him, too?
Trust what? That he's not the culprit?
Or that this incident
is the work of aliens?
Do you really believe that?
I don't believe what my
brother says, either.
But my brother isn't the culprit.
All right.
I'll think that, then.
Think long and hard about it.
Ugh, how frustrating.
That little
She has an egg-shaped face,
but it's quite small
and her eyes are round.
All people's eyes are round.
What about her nose?
It's quite prominent.
She just looks like
a nice person, in general.
Explain it in more detail.
Aren't you at the top of the class?
How is he supposed to
sketch with that description?
What should I say, then?
Oh you're right!
She looks just like this!
How did you do this with
such a vague explanation?
That's a detective's sixth sense.
Sometimes, it acts up.
I can get a clear image of the person
even from the breathing, skin color,
or the look in the eyes of the informant.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
It's not my hands that do the drawing.
It's my feelings that do it.
Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital, right?
Okay. And you have nothing left to say.
Also, there was something my brother
said before he went missing.
That the criminal is Bluebird.
Please catch that woman.
That's the only way
we'll find my brother.
So you did doubt me, after all.
Was it because my email ID is "Bluebird?"
Is that why you rummaged through my room?
It's too weird to be just a coincidence.
It makes no sense!
Your brother even knows my name
so why would he have said
that the culprit is "Bluebird"?
He would've just said that
Han Jung Yeon is the culprit.
Maybe that woman is
who he meant by "Bluebird."
Why is it Bluebird?
At any rate, what your
brother said is the key.
Now we have to figure out what it is.
Let's head to the hospital first.
Hospital? Why?
Did you get hurt before?
Where? Huh?
Not for me. For you.
Are you okay?
Oh, this is nothing.
It'll get better as soon as
I put some medicine on it.
Ow! Please do it more gently!
I'm not going to have a scar
on my leg, am I, Doctor?
- Of course not.
- I can't get any scars!
I'll do my best.
Oh, I'm sorry, Doctor.
It hurts.
Oh, sorry for getting
in touch with you so late.
- No, no.
- Oh! Professor.
Just a second.
Kim Woo Jin.
Why are you here?
Oh, my friend got hurt.
Oh, really? I heard that my kid
got hurt, so I came here.
- Really? Are they okay?
- I don't think I need to worry.
- See you at school.
- Yes, sir.
All right.
Hello? Oh, yeah.
Oh, Dad. This is the person I mentioned.
He brought me here.
What a coincidence how long
have you two known each other?
Um, we take a class together.
Oh, really?
Thanks for all of your efforts, Woo Jin.
Oh, it was nothing.
I'll get going now, then.
I'll be going now.
Okay. I'll be in touch.
All right.
You were being careless and
fell over again, didn't you?
You're all grown, too.
I just got it snagged somewhere.
But what's your
relationship with Woo Jin?
Are you two flirting?
Is that why you've been skipping
out on your treatments, too?
No, it's not like that!
It's just well, it's a long story.
- Something smells fishy.
- It's not like that, Dad.
Be honest with me.
Bum Gyun.
Who'd be in here?
There's nothing here!
That kid brought some bugs and
went off about "Bluebird" or whatever.
That kid, Kim Woo Jin!
Isn't he just like you in the
sense that he's weird?
Wait, I heard a sound just now.
What sound, huh?
What sound? What sound?
Let's search one more time.
Sure, sure, whatever. Let's go.
I'm here. I'm coming in now.
[Student Studio Apartments]
Ow, damn it!
Ugh, seriously?
How did she get here so quickly?
Is your leg okay?
Why didn't you tell me that
you're Professor Han's daughter?
I didn't ask you about
your dad's job, either.
Also, if there's anything
you're still hiding, tell me now
instead of confusing me.
What's so confusing, exactly?
Oh, come on!
That that isn't what I meant!
I'm confused as to whether
or not I should trust you!
Oh, all right, already.
Why are you so serious all the time?
Let's get these organized first.
Please speak to Professor Han, Professor.
Kim Woo Jin is really
not the right choice!
You're the only one who can
change Professor Han's mind.
You know that, don't you?
All right. I'll try to
talk to him about it.
Oh, you two are here early.
- You're here, Professor?
- Yeah.
How's Jung Yeon?
Oh, it was nothing. She's fine.
But Woo Jin was at the hospital with her.
Woo Jin
Kim Woo Jin from our department?
Yeah. It seems that they're close.
They're even taking a class together.
Um, Professor.
Speaking of which
Can't you reconsider having
Woo Jin as part of the research team?
I don't think that the other
team members like him.
The person who's at the top is
usually public enemy number one.
Isn't that how it is?
To be frank, having him here
would make me uncomfortable, too.
I feel like he's too self-centered.
I need him.
Aren't I the head researcher, here?
Yes, sir.
I understand.
- Oh, wait, wait.
- What? Why?
- This.
- What? What is it?
That is an amazing photo of me.
That's really an amazing shot.
Send that to me.
You should smile like that more.
Why are you always so stoic?
It's not exactly easy for me
to smile in this situation.
We'll be able to find him.
Just trust in Big Sis, okay?
Big Sis? Yeah, right.
What month were you born in?
Me? April.
Oh, whatever.
Hey, what month were you born in?
- Tell me!
- I said whatever.
- I said tell me!
- I said no
What's the matter?
[Kim Bum Gyun]
Is that you, Bum Gyun?
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Hello? Hello?
Geulrin Park, 2 p.m. Come alone.
What's the matter? What is it?
It's that woman.
You hide and watch us.
If anything happens, don't try
to help. Go straight to the cops.
- Okay?
- No, you be careful.
And don't overdo it.
Hey, what are you doing? Hey!
What are you doing?
Let go of me. Let go!
Let go!
Why did you come with her?
I told you to come alone!
Why did you bring her?
Why can't you trust me?
That cell phone!
Where did you get it?
Where is my big brother?
You want to know?
Tell that girl to leave, then.
I'm not going to say a
single word in front of her!
What the hell are you
trying to pull, here?
Leave for a bit.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin.
Just for a moment.
So leave us.
You'd better not lose her.
Go ahead, then.
Where is my brother?
Why are you hanging
around with that girl?
Han Jung Yeon is an alien!
You know my brother. So where is he?
Why are you asking me that?
You should ask that alien instead.
Are you not completely well?
I'm not crazy!
Aren't you the one who's crazy?
The reason all those people died
at your school is because of that alien!
Do you know where Bum Gyun is, or not?
- I'm telling you, that alien knows!
- I'm asking about you!
Do you know?
Huh? Just answer that!
The person who knows that best
is right over there!
That person isn't the type
of person you think she is.
Bum Gyun must have had
such a hard time because of you.
You've completely fallen
for that alien's nonsense!
Stop spouting nonsense.
Wake up. This isn't
the time to be doing this.
At this rate, something bad might
happen to Bum Gyun, too!
We have to hurry and find him first.
So snap out of it, already!
No, you snap out of it!
Aliens don't exist!
There's an alien right here.
What's so weird about this?
You still think that she's Han Jung Yeon?
Do you get it now?
What, did she say
that she wasn't an alien?
Did she say she just looks like her?
Did you even properly ask her who she is?
Do you really
even want to find your brother?
Why are you alone?
Did you lose her again?
Kim Woo Jin. What's wrong?
Did something happen?
See? I was right!
She definitely came from outer space!
Where did you get this?
- I've always had it--
- Since when?
Did you buy it? Pick it up?
Or did someone give it to you?
do I have to tell you that?
Because I gave that to you.
A star.
Your name is "Byul," which
means "star," from now on.
You're Byul.
That's you.
And the person next to you is me.
What is this?
It's you.
You are Byul!
I don't know.
I don't know
who I am, either.
have no memories.
Senior. Jung Yeon skipped
her treatment again today.
It'd be difficult enough
even if she was really trying.
I don't know if we'll be able to
bring back her memories at this rate.
All right. I'll talk to her.
don't have any memories of my life
before I turned eighteen.
I just want to be happy.
So please, stop it!
[Year 2037, Seoul - Normal Earth]
Just focus on investigating!
- Hey, Lee Ho Soo!
- It doesn't matter.
Who do you think you are?
Who even are you?
[Part 2: Brave New World]
I don't know, either.
I don't know who I am, either.
I don't know if I'm Kim Joon Hyuk,
or someone else entirely.
have no memories.
[10 years ago]
That's me?
Who who am I?
From now on
you're Kim Joon Hyuk.
- Joon Hyuk doesn't need to know!
- But how long can we--
What are you talking about?
You told me that child died.
Is he alive?
Is he really alive?
What are you talking about?
What is it that I don't know?
It's all right here.
This is your past.
This is the memory footage
that your twin left behind.
It's up to you
whether you watch it or not.
If you watch this, you might
stay stuck in the past forever.
Do you still want to watch it?
Don't do this to me too, Bum Gyun.
I had a really hard time without you.
I need you, okay?
So, please stop this.
And just stay by my side.
Bad memories
are also a part of life.
No matter how upsetting,
cruel, and horrible they may be
those memories are still
a part of who you are.
That's why you have to accept it.
That's what I did.
But that's not the only option.
The choice that you made
isn't the right answer.
Attention, Normal Earth citizens.
The fine dust level is critical
Maybe he's sleeping, maybe he's not.
Hey, if he's sleeping, he's a bully.
He told me to stay up to find Bluebird.
That's true.
If he's sleeping right now,
he's a real bully.
Joon Hyuk has insomnia.
I don't think he's sleeping.
Hey, wait a minute.
But it's strange.
He hasn't moved in hours.
Then is Joon Hyuk
- a bully?
- A bully?
Come here.
Be quiet.
Ah, wait!
Joon Hyuk, do you know
how much this finger is worth?
You can't find Bluebird
without this finger!
Hey, then did you use that expensive
finger of yours to find Bluebird?
You can't even find him.
I told you he wasn't sleeping.
Are you still unable to find Bluebird?
I don't know.
Geez, that punk is
a magician, I tell you.
A magician? What's that?
He's an elite level hacker.
He doesn't leave a trace behind.
It's not surprising. If Human B
has him, he's no average hacker.
We must find him.
That's the only way it'll end for you.
In Young, for you too. And for me too.
Do this for us, Dong Soo.
Sure, Joon Hyuk.
Did you see any activity
from the Normal Earth hacker?
Not since the connection
cut off last night.
Deputy Chief Lee, a city hall
employee is here to see you.
- A city hall employee?
- Lee Ho Soo of the Security Division.
He says he needs to talk to you.
Blocked memories?
That's right. Blocked memories.
I know you're blocking
the citizens' memories.
- Is that technically possible?
- It's formally impossible.
So you know. I don't have time
to listen to this nonsense.
- Let's get up.
- Bluebird.
Did you order Bluebird to
block our citizens' memories?
- What are you talking about?
- Are you
really blocking their memories?
Are you going to deny it?
Should I tell you what I know?
Should I check if this is technically
impossible in front of the reporters?
Then why did you come to me
instead of the reporters?
Because there's something I want.
Please block my memories again.
Excuse me for a moment.
Let's go together.
There's something you should know.
- Jin Gyu! Park Jin Gyu!
- What's wrong with him?
What's going on?
What did you do to me?
No, there's no way. There's no way.
Why would I? Why would I--
- I'll sedate him.
- Wait.
Do you remember
Kim Min Ji's kidnapping? Huh?
What on earth did I do to Min Ji?
- You were an accomplice, weren't you?
- Chief Hong! Chief Hong!
Park Jin Gyu was an accomplice
in Min Ji's kidnapping after all.
But isn't it strange?
I understand why Smart Earth
would block their citizens' memories
but why did Kim Min Ji and
Park Jin Gyu regain their lost memories?
Why is it wearing off all of a sudden?
I'm scared to death.
I'm afraid that my forgotten
memories might come back.
- The system must be broken.
- That's an ignorant thing to say.
A supercomputer broke?
- It's possible.
- Wow, that'd be crazy.
What we know for sure is that something
happened in Park Jin Gyu's brain.
Let's connect it again.
Park Jin Gyu's chip.
That's dangerous.
The chip is connected to his nerves.
It was dangerous the
first time, but again?
- That's the only way to find out.
- What if something goes wrong?
No way. I can't do it.
Let's do it!
I want to know the truth too.
I'm so confused.
Look at the day of
Kim Min Ji's kidnapping.
Did the blocking wear off again?
This part was blank yesterday.
I know, right?
Why did it wear off all of the sudden?
Mister! Mister
Mister, please Mister
Mister, please just this once--
- Hey, rewind it.
- Sure.
He's here! It's Bluebird!
- Unlocked? Did he unblock it?
- What is this?
Mister, please
save me just this once
Mister, please Mister
Bluebird didn't block their memories.
He was bringing them back.
But why?
Hurry up and check
the central control room!
Bluebird hacked
into the supercomputer again.
- Where is he?
- It's still unknown.
- What is the monitoring team doing?
- I apologize.
How long are we going to
let him control us like this?
Wasn't Bluebird a Human B employee?
I see there was a misunderstanding.
Bluebird unblocked
your horrific memories.
He's the culprit who is
stirring up chaos on Smart Earth.
I'll block your memories again for you.
Since you're a resident of
Smart Earth, you have that right.
- But before then--
- Do you want me to catch Bluebird?
We'll do that.
I'd like you to do something else.
Who the hell is this Bluebird bastard?
Human B blocked their memories,
but Bluebird brought them back.
In any case, they're not
on the same side.
But why would he do that?
Is it about justice?
Joon Hyuk, he could also hold a
grudge against Human B, just like you.
Please take care of Park Jin Gyu.
- What about you?
- I need to meet Bluebird.
- Where will you find him?
- Smart Earth.
That's where we lost him.
Bluebird is Human B.
Human B is blocking their memories!
That's enough.
Bluebird is the hacker.
Then he's the culprit.
[Smart Earth Terminal]
- Yeah?
- Where are you?
- I'm at the terminal, why?
- I'm here too. Let's go in together.
Are you all right?
It sounds like Stable Care made
you better. I'll be there soon.
I'd like you to do something else.
There's no record of
Detective Kim before he turned 30.
Please find out who he is.
If you find that out,
I'll block your bad memories again.
Geez, I'm almost there.
Detective Kim, are you looking for me?
Why are you unblocking people's memories?
Do you want to know? Then come out.
Hello? Hello?
Why are you unblocking people's memories?
Do you want to know? Then come out.
Hello? Hello?
- Hello?
- Keep moving.
[Handam University
of Science and Technology]
This is the memory footage
that your twin left behind.
What are you
What are you trying to do? Huh?
[Student Studio Apartments]
I won't make you worry anymore.
I should think about you too.
I won't go back to jail. I won't
go anywhere without you ever again.
You know me, don't you?
I think you know me too.
Is it you?
Where are you? Where are you right now?
I'll go wherever you are.
[Handeukki Bakery]
This is the alien's hideout.
[Sejong Motel]
I told you,
I'll find you wherever you are.
Do what you want! But if you leave now,
I'll never talk to you again!
I won't go back to jail.
I won't go anywhere without you anymore.
Did you kill him?
Senior Ji Hyuk
- Did you kill him?
- No, I tried to help him.
- That alien did it.
- Kim Bum Gyun!
It started as reasonable doubt,
and I've confirmed everything.
I'm sorry that I lied to you,
but you just wouldn't believe me.
So, you hid away for a month
and were doing things like this?
Has anything you've been
"sure of" ever been true?
Why do you keep living in
a different world by yourself?
Bum Gyun.
- Go back to the hospital.
- I'm not crazy!
That alien was here! We can catch her.
Woo Jin, we must catch her. Let go!
- Kim Bum Gyun!
- We let that alien go.
- Can't you just forget about it?
- I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
I can't until I confirm it with my
own two eyes. I can't give up.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I should have told you everything.
No, I should have stopped.
I'm really sorry.
Don't do this to me too, Bum Gyun.
I had a really hard time without you.
I need you, okay?
So, please don't do this.
And just stay by my side.
Woo Jin.
I'm here.
It's me.
I'm Bum Gyun.
Kim Bum Gyun.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
Do you really not remember?
How could I have the
same face 10 years later?
- Did you really make it with your mom?
- Can you remember?
- Jung Yeon can't remember her childhood.
- Why are you curious about that?
- We need to find Bum Gyun!
- Blood!
- It's still wet.
- Do you think he was attacked here?
Bum Gyun!
That wasn't there before!
My brother disappeared.
- Detective Kim's real name is Bum Gyun?
- Kim Bum Gyun.
- Check on it!
- Woo Jin where's Woo Jin?
He must know where Woo Jin is!
Human B blocked their memories?
Detective Kim is
good bait to find Bluebird.
What about after that?
Are you going to make me kill someone?
Find him no matter what.
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