Circle (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Open this door,
you alien bastards!
Please find my older brother.
Your brother disappeared
while investigating this incident.
All the other kids had these symptoms.
Pain and nosebleeds.
Kim Nan Hee had the same symptoms.
Pain and nosebleeds.
- No!
- No!
The "blue bird" that my brother
was talking about was a "blue bug."
- The criminal is Bluebird!
- The criminal is Bluebird.
What is this?
This is the reason
all of those students died.
Who are you?
Hurry up and catch her!
Hurry up and go!
Geulrin Park, 2 p.m. Come alone.
Why did you come with her?
That girl Han Jung Yeon is an alien.
- Where is my brother?
- Why are you asking me?
- You should be asking that alien.
- There's no such thing as aliens!
Memory access. We're going to
check Park Jin Gyu's memories.
These are the parts of his memory
that he cannot remember.
This is evidence that Human B
is tampering with people's memories!
You mustn't lose track
of Bluebird's location.
You're almost there, sir!
What's wrong with this thing?
I'm scared to death.
I'm afraid that my forgotten
memories might come back.
It's Bluebird again!
Bluebird was bringing back
people's lost memories.
How long are we going to
let him control us like this?
I must meet with Bluebird.
Why are you looking for me,
Detective Kim?
Is that you, by any chance?
Where are you right now?
I'll head over to you!
Don't you do this to me either, Bum Gyun.
I need you, Bum Gyun.
So please, stop this already
and just stay by my side.
Woo Jin.
It's me Bum Gyun.
Kim Bum Gyun.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Episode 5]
Why are you taking photos of me?
- Who ordered you to do this?
- What are you doing? Give it back!
Excuse me, what are you doing?
[Handam University of
Science and Technology]
It all started here.
This is the place.
[I miss you so much, So Yoon]
They didn't commit suicide!
There's a culprit
who killed these students.
- They were murdered!
- Who are you?
Someone is controlling these students.
I'm being watched, too!
We have to catch them.
The culprit is here, at this school!
- Please, listen to me!
- Hey!
Please, listen to me!
Help me, please!
Please don't take photos of me.
Go away!
Don't take photos of me.
Don't take photos of me
- You're crazy!
- Go away!
Stop taking photos of her!
- Who is that?
- Whoa!
- What is going on?
- This is so ridiculous.
What you're saying is correct.
There is a culprit behind all of this.
The culprit is an alien.
The alien killed all of these students.
An alien?
- Go away!
- Get out of here!
- Move!
- Excuse me!
- Move!
- Hey!
Come with me.
- What the hell?
- What was that?
What's your name?
Park Min Young.
I'm Bum Gyun.
Kim Bum Gyun.
[Part 1: BETA Project]
I asked you where my brother is.
Why are you asking me that?
You should be asking that alien instead.
Are you not completely well?
I'm not crazy!
Aren't you the one who's gone crazy?
The reason all those people died
at your school is because of that alien.
Do you know where Bum Gyun is, or not?
I'm telling you, that alien knows!
I'm asking about you!
Do you know?
Huh? Just answer that!
The person who knows that best
is right over there!
She's not the type of
person you think she is.
Bum Gyun must have had
such a hard time because of you.
You've completely fallen
for that alien's nonsense!
Stop spouting nonsense.
Wake up. This isn't
the time to be doing this.
At this rate, something bad
might happen to Bum Gyun, too!
We have to hurry and find him first.
So snap out of it, already!
No, you snap out of it!
Aliens don't exist!
There's an alien right here.
What's so weird about this?
You still think that she's Han Jung Yeon?
Do you get it now?
What, did she say
that she wasn't an alien?
Did she say she just looks like her?
Did you even properly ask her who she is?
Do you really
even want to find your brother?
Bum Gyun said that you'd believe
him if you saw that star key chain.
So hurry up and confirm things with her.
I'm positive that Bum Gyun
was taken by that alien.
That's you.
And the person next to you is me.
What is this?
It's you.
You are Byul!
I don't know.
I don't know
who I am, either.
have no memories.
don't have any memories of life
from before I turned 18.
You really don't remember?
You really don't remember?
I got into a car accident when I was 18.
I woke up from a coma after a year
and ever since then, I've had
no memories of my younger self.
But this can't be me.
It just makes no sense!
How could this be me?
How could I look exactly the
same as I did 10 years ago?
Because you're Byul.
Who's Byul?
Who the hell is that, huh?
An alien.
Why are you acting like this
all of the sudden?
What did that woman say to you?
I thought you said your
brother's words didn't make sense!
So why am I an alien?
- It makes no sense!
- What about this, then?
What about this?
I gave this to you when I was young.
- Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
- Break it open.
- What?
- There's proof.
Are you crazy?
Why would I break it open?
That key chain is meaningful to me.
You don't have any memories?
You expect me to believe that?
I'm currently undergoing
psychiatric treatment.
It's a sore spot for me.
It's not something for you
to speak of lightly!
Break it open. There's proof.
About this.
What about it?
Where did you get this?
You made it when you were young.
When? What age?
Um when you were
in third or fourth grade.
You made it with your mom.
You said no when I asked you for it.
Did I really make this with Mom?
Why? Are you remembering things?
No. It's not like that.
I thought it'd help me
remember something.
Jung Yeon.
Take your time.
I told you, right? That I'd help
you remember no matter what?
Yeah, Dad.
Crazy bastard.
[Kim Woo Jin]
[Delete Contact]
I'm telling you, this woman
right here is an alien!
Who cares if she's an alien?
What does that have to do with me?
Do whatever you want!
But if you leave now,
I'll never see you again!
The culprit is "Bluebird."
Smile like that more.
Why are you always so stoic?
We'll be able to find him.
Just trust in Big Sis, okay?
Pathetic bastard.
I confirmed it with my dad.
This thing is definitely mine.
He told me I made it
with my deceased mom.
This is the only thing
that's left of my mom.
I'm not lying.
It can't be helped
if you can't believe me
but what my dad has told me
is all that I know about myself.
You think this will
make everything better?
I believed in you.
I didn't want to believe my brother,
who went on and on about aliens
so I believed you.
I shouldn't have.
My brother was right all along.
You're Byul.
I am
Han Jung Yeon
Kim Woo Jin.
Bum Gyun.
[Psychiatric Clinic]
[Psychological consultations]
[Hypnotic treatment]
What are you doing?
Did you follow me?
Then you must have seen for
yourself that I have no memories.
- You could just be acting.
- That's enough.
What's with "Bluebird," then?
Why is your ID "Bluebird"?
Am I not allowed to use "Bluebird?"
Why do you care if it's "Bluebird?"
Because that
is the first word Byul said.
"Bluebird" is the book
I liked the most as a child.
I read it often with my mom.
It has nothing to do with you!
Break open the key chain.
Doing that will help you
realize something too.
I confirmed it with my dad.
This definitely is mine.
Professor Han Yong Woo.
[Han Yong Woo]
What are you doing?
Oh um, where's my seat?
You really think that'd be your seat?
Just take this.
All right.
Finish all this homework within a week.
You'll have no trouble since
you're at the top of your class, right?
I'll be able to finish it in two days.
That's your seat, over there.
The dead Ji Hyuk's spot,
which you wanted so badly.
Also, what's your
relationship with Jung Yeon?
Is there something going on?
And if there is?
- It's going well, right?
- Yes.
You're here, Professor?
Aren't you going to say hello?
Oh um, hello.
Sure. Looking forward
to working with you.
Yes, sir.
These are the materials
you requested, sir.
You did a great job.
Good work.
Thank you!
Wow, you're actually capable
of doing things like this?
Um, Professor.
I heard that you've worked with
Professor Han for a long time.
Do you want to make a good
impression on Professor Han?
No, I just wanted to ask you something.
About Jung Yeon.
What about her?
I heard that she has
no memories of her childhood.
Do you know why, by any chance?
How do you know about that?
- Um, well--
- Why are you curious about that?
I heard about it from Jung Yeon.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin.
I don't know what your
relationship with Jung Yeon is
or how close you are to her.
But don't cross the line.
That's Professor Han's private life.
Yes, hello?
Oh, that?
As I told you before
they were the ones who
did something wrong first!
[Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital]
Where are you right now?
I asked you where you are.
Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital.
Let go. Let go of me, you bastards!
Let go of me! Let go of me!
Park Min Young!
Park Min Young!
Park Min Young!
You came alone.
So you believe me now, huh?
Why did you tell Han Jung Yeon
to come here before?
Because Bum Gyun disappeared here.
Wait, what?
There was a ball of light
that appeared right here.
- A ball of light?
- Yeah. A ball of light.
But when I went there
after the light disappeared
Bum Gyun was gone.
I only found his phone
that fell on the ground.
- Hey.
- What?
Hey, come on. Be careful.
Can't you put that away?
No. Who knows where and
when an alien might pop out?
It's dangerous!
You look even more dangerous.
This is why I told you to just
go home if you're so scared.
We have to find Bum Gyun!
Oh! Over there! Over there!
Over there! Over there!
Kim Woo Jin.
Chief Hong.
What are you doing here?
Well, um
You the criminal a Taser!
No, no! I can explain.
So this person isn't
"Bluebird," the criminal
but a witness? Is that right?
I saw it myself.
He disappeared here.
Are you sure?
Is this really the spot?
I'm positive. Bum Gyun
was taken by a UFO.
A UFO took him away?
Yes, a UFO.
Um, you're talking about the
flying saucer-type UFOs, right?
An "unidentified flying object"?
Yes! An unidentified flying object!
An alien!
Like E.T.?
An alien? Like the type that
crawls out through your mouth?
No, that's only in movies.
- Woo Jin.
- Yes?
I feel like this young lady
may require some special help.
I'm perfectly sane!
I'm a medical student
at Seoyeon University!
[Student ID: Park Min Young]
[College of Medicine
at Seoyeon University]
Are you really a medical student?
Wow, you look like you're
perfectly normal, too.
All right. Fine.
Put that Taser away, already!
I'm sorry!
Sheesh, how many times
have we gone in circles already?
3.6 times.
Are you sure this is the place?
We're not finding anything!
If you don't believe me, just leave!
You don't even believe in UFOs, anyway!
Hey, Park Min Young!
I'm sorry.
It's not like there are a lot of adults
who actually believe in those.
Whoa, hey! Hey! Hey!
Be careful.
Are you okay?
You seem like Bum Gyun.
You're just like him.
Oh my gosh! Blood!
Whoa, hey! Hey! Hey!
Be careful.
Are you okay?
You seem like Bum Gyun.
You're just like him.
Oh my gosh! Blood!
It hasn't completely dried yet.
The fact that the blood
on the floor still hasn't dried
means that it was spilled
6 to 10 minutes ago, at most.
This only applies to
normal situations, of course.
How did they get up there?
It's a dead end.
They either started here and left,
or ended up here.
This is strange.
Maybe my brother was attacked here?
I don't think so.
There's no evidence of a
physical altercation
and the scene doesn't suggest anything.
The only thing we can be sure of is that
a bleeding person came through here.
Maybe he went inside the mirror?
You were talking about
UFOs before, and now--
Can't you be a bit more logical?
That makes no sense.
This is the scene of the crime.
Oh oh no!
Something happened here.
It hasn't been long since it happened.
Woo Jin! Woo Jin!
Detective Choi, listen to me carefully.
Woo Jin!
Woo Jin, that wasn't
there before, was it?
Break it open. There's proof.
[Blue Bird]
What's with "Bluebird," then?
Why is your ID "Bluebird"?
Because that was the
first word Byul said.
Byul, I gave this to you.
From now on, your name is Byul.
It's you. You're Byul!
Bum Gyun was right. You're Byul.
[Byul and Woo Jin]
From now on, your name is Byul.
[Byul and Woo Jin]
- Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
- Woo Woo Jin!
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin! Woo Jin! Woo Jin!
- Woo Jin!
- Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
[Part 2: Brave New World]
Don't do this to me too, Bum Gyun.
I had a hard time without you.
I need you, okay?
So, please stop this
and stay by my side.
Woo Jin, it's me.
It's me.
It's Bum Gyun.
Kim Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun?
Meet me at Gyeonggi Land at 8 p.m.
I'll be in a black hat.
Detective Kim's real name is Bum Gyun?
This makes no sense.
What is he doing right now?
- I think he's going to meet someone.
- Who?
- I don't know.
- Listen to me, Lee Ho Soo.
You mustn't lose
Detective Kim's whereabouts.
I'll call you back.
Go to Normal Earth and be ready.
No, I need to check this for myself.
He's Kim Bum Gyun?
- Kim Bum Gyun
- Who's Kim Bum Gyun?
[Normal Earth, Gyeonggi Land]
Attention, Normal Earth citizens.
The fine dust levels are critical.
This is a warning.
Kim Joon Hyuk was Kim Bum Gyun?
- What? Who's he with? Go check!
- Yes, sir.
Check who he's with!
- Han Jung Yeon?
- Kim Bum Gyun.
Am I right?
Woo Jin Where's Woo Jin?
Wait here for a minute.
- I have to leave.
- What?
If you come with me, you won't
be allowed to enter Smart Earth.
They're after me.
- What are you going to do?
- I'll contact you later.
- Han Jung Yeon!
- Catch her!
Hey, that way!
Han Jung Yeon?
She's Bluebird! Catch her!
- What? Turn on the lights!
- Hey, turn on the lights!
Hey! Go that way!
And you guys, follow me!
Geez, go that way!
Hey, that way! Find her!
Han Jung Yeon.
I'm Lee Ho Soo of Smart Earth Security.
Come with me, or go with Human B.
Catch her!
If I press this button,
Human B will be here in three minutes.
What is it that you want?
I want you to block my memories again.
I know you're Bluebird. The hacker
who is unblocking our memories.
I don't want my memories to come back.
But you never wanted them erased either.
Yes, that's true.
But now I do.
Ask Human B. If that's your choice
- do what you want.
- What about the others?
Those people are victims
who didn't have a choice.
I'm just giving them
a chance to make a choice!
Who do you think you are?
What gives you the right?
this all happened because of me.
What does that mean?
have to do this.
I won't let you.
What's your relationship
with Detective Kim?
Kim Bum Gyun.
Han Jung Yeon.
What's going on here?
- Deputy Chief Lee.
- Did you find her?
I'm sorry. Not yet.
But she's definitely Bluebird.
I saw her symbol,
and she shut down Normal Earth.
Did you say her name is Han Jung Yeon?
How do you know that woman?
- We went to university together.
- Pardon?
But that woman looks like
she's in her 20s.
Jung Yeon! What's going on?
Wait, Bluebird was Han Jung Yeon?
She called me to places Woo Jin and I
shared, so I thought she was Woo Jin.
So, did you meet her?
She must know where Woo Jin is!
That's why I went to meet her. I went
- but Human B was there.
- Then you should have called for help!
I wasn't in my right mind.
I thought it was Woo Jin.
But where's Min Young?
Doctor, please take out this chip.
My head hurts,
and my memories are too painful.
I want to empty my head
and turn myself in.
If the surgery goes wrong,
you could lose all of your memories.
And on top of that, you'll have
a scar for the rest of your life.
Like this.
My memories are too painful.
I want to empty my head
and turn myself in.
If the surgery goes wrong,
you could lose all of your memory.
And on top of that, you'll have
a scar for the rest of your life.
Like this.
Did you take out your chip too?
It was 20 years ago.
And it wasn't a chip
but a bug.
It was a blue bug.
- Come here!
- Geez!
Hey, let go of me! What is it? What?
I feel left out. Do you know what's going
on between Doctor Park and Joon Hyuk?
Geez, that's what you wanted to know?
- They've known each other for 20 years.
- 20 years of you know what?
It's not like that.
The way I see it, they have
a very strong mental connection.
They have a friendship
that's stronger than family.
But why? Doctor Park is so pretty with a
great personality. A connection with him?
- That's ridiculous.
- Why?
What's wrong with our Joon Hyuk?
He's handsome, he's jacked
and even though he never studied,
he's very smart too!
And he has a very manly personality.
He has everything!
Are you nuts?
Hey, you named him "Dog Joon Hyuk"
before I spread the word!
Joon Hyuk,
I scolded this punk really well.
We'll be right in!
- What are you two doing?
- I was scolded really well!
Geez, good for you.
We'll be right in
after we wrap things up!
- Hey.
- How did it go?
- I saw the kid.
- The kid?
Woo Jin?
- No, Han Jung Yeon.
- What?
Han Jung Yeon was Bluebird.
What about Woo Jin?
Was he there? Where is he?
I couldn't talk to her.
Those Human B bastards showed up,
so we agreed to talk later.
We have to find her.
She must know where Woo Jin is.
Last time I saw them, she told me
to look after you and left with him.
They could still be together right now.
Don't you think Jung Yeon
will call you soon?
But if Human B gets involved again
They saw you with her.
Do you think you can
get back into Smart Earth?
Isn't it dangerous?
I know someone who can help me.
Are you saying Human B blocked our
citizens' memories? Do you have proof?
I can prove it once I meet Bluebird.
Detective Kim, you stirred things up
already. Human B won't stand for this.
That's why I came to see you, Mayor Yoon.
But why do I have to
help you, Detective Kim?
Because you're the mayor of Smart Earth.
Although your citizens don't know that.
- Excuse me?
- I'm just saying
The citizens strangely think that
the chairman of Human B is their mayor.
It's time to show yourself.
Don't let Human B push you around,
and do what you believe is right.
There's no room for error.
Do what you think is right.
Minister Park, it's me.
I think we should meet.
Minister Park, it's been a long time.
Please speak comfortably.
I'm not even older.
Because of the horrible air,
I feel really thirsty.
Oh, I visited an elementary school
for art class on Normal Earth yesterday.
When the kids were
asked to color the sky
can you guess what color they used?
They colored it brown. The sky
and sea are yellow on Normal Earth.
But the color is still called "sky blue."
Isn't it funny?
Do you like sea bass? It's in season.
At this restaurant,
they only use naturally grown fish.
But they only catch
a few fish a year these days.
They have to take the boat 300
kilometers away from here to catch one.
It can't even be bought with money.
But since you came to see me--
- Let's take our time.
- Geez, I'm hungry though.
The reason I'm here
Do you know why
I postponed our meeting today?
The Human B system is wanted
by many foreign countries.
Do you know how much it's worth?
This business is worth
more than you can imagine.
And my life depends on it, Mayor Yoon.
But if we just cover up the problem,
it can't be solved with money later on.
And things will get
more difficult for you, too.
Are you saying the problem is that
Human B blocked people's memories?
I want to do an investigation
to find the evidence.
But this is unbelievable and absurd--
Please help me get the search warrant.
The chairman of Human B
can't be underestimated.
I've never met him before
but if something goes wrong,
you'll get hurt too.
But this is my job.
I'm the mayor of Smart Earth.
Then make sure you find
the evidence without a warrant.
I'll put my life in your hands this time.
Thank you, Minister Park.
It's settled then. Let's eat.
By the way, how did you find out
that there was such a problem?
A detective is visiting Smart Earth.
A detective? In Smart Earth?
The truth is
there was an incident.
What incident?
Yes, Chairman.
Bluebird was Han Jung Yeon.
And Detective Kim
was Kim Bum Gyun.
Did you already know, by any chance?
Yes, I understand.
What should we do now?
Han Jung Yeon will destroy our system.
She believes that's what she needs to do
as she always has.
I think Kim Joon Hyuk, no, Kim Bum Gyun
was called upon by Han Jung Yeon.
Yes, I understand, Chairman.
- Should I deal with Detective Kim?
- No, leave him alone.
- Pardon?
- It was the chairman's orders.
Detective Kim is good bait
that'll help us catch Bluebird.
- Excuse me?
- I can't block your memories yet.
I already gave you information about
Kim Joon Hyuk. Wasn't that the condition?
I need more of your assistance.
Detective Kim and Bluebird
have a long history.
And they're after Human B.
If we follow Detective Kim,
we can catch Bluebird.
But what about after that? Are you
going to order me to kill him next time?
Lee Ho Soo, your memories
will become clearer over time.
And when all of your bad memories return
it'll be hard to handle.
- Are you threatening me?
- No way.
It's my advice.
- Detective Kim!
- Hey.
Oh, thank you.
What happened? You disappeared
and I couldn't contact you.
I was scolded by
Mayor Yoon, thanks to you.
Oh, I'm sorry. Something came up.
I don't know what it is, but please don't
act without my permission next time.
Okay, sure.
But are you feeling all right?
I felt much better
after returning to Smart Earth.
Wow, I guess you were born to live here.
- Let's eat.
- Shall we?
What should we eat? Pasta?
One moment.
Come to my office. It's urgent.
Let's eat next time.
Something urgent came up.
Okay, then.
Why hasn't she contacted me yet?
Do you have something to report?
Pardon? I came because
you called me here.
I did?
Follow him.
Woo Jin is here.
He's here on Smart Earth.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
It's this car. It's this car, right?
We have to find it! Bum Gyun could die!
- The car doesn't exist?
- The CCTV didn't catch anything?
- Nothing was captured.
- Did you check everything?
- Professor Han, what are you doing?
- Why can't I remember anything?
- Did he really experiment on you?
- Do you think we'll find something?
Did he really experiment on you?
Who was it?
Do you have Woo Jin?
She was watching us all along.
Bluebird, you're watching us, aren't you?
Who's the chairman? Who is he?
Please block my memories!
This could be related
to Woo Jin's disappearance.
Where's the person who
gave you this note? Tell me!
Is he really going to do this?
- I don't want to lose my memory again.
- Woo Jin.
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