Circle (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
Did you even ask her who she is?
You still think she's Han Jung Yeon?
That's you. And next to you is me.
You are Byul!
- Who is that?
- An alien.
From now on, your name is "Byul."
- That makes no sense!
- What about this, then?
I'm telling you,
I gave you this when I was young!
Did I really make this with Mom?
Are you starting to remember?
This is definitely mine.
My brother was right. You're Byul.
- I'm Han Jung Yeon.
- Why is your ID "Bluebird"?
What, it can't be "Bluebird"?
That's the first word Byul said.
What my dad has told me
is all that I know about myself.
Why did you tell
Han Jung Yeon to come here?
Because Bum Gyun disappeared here.
- Wait, what?
- Oh my gosh, blood!
This is the scene of the crime.
Woo Jin. That wasn't
there before, was it?
Break open the key chain.
Doing that will help you
realize something too.
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin! Woo Jin!
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun!
Is it you, by any chance?
Where are you right now? I'll go there!
I need you, Bum Gyun.
Can't you just stay by my side?
Woo Jin.
- It's me Bum Gyun.
- Kim Bum Gyun.
Kim Joon Hyuk is Kim Bum Gyun?
Gyeonggi Land, 8 p.m. Black hat.
Who did he meet with? Find out!
- Han Jung Yeon.
- Kim Bum Gyun.
- Is it you?
- Where's Woo Jin?
I'll be in touch.
That woman is Bluebird! Catch her!
Come with me. Or you can
go with Human B instead.
I'm trying to give people
a chance to choose.
You won't be able to do that.
I must. Since all of this is my fault.
How do you know that woman, Deputy Chief?
Human B is blocking off
parts of people's memories?
Isn't it time for you to
act like a real politician?
Please help us get
a warrant to investigate.
We have to find Han Jung Yeon.
She'll know where Woo Jin is.
Detective Kim is good bait
for catching Bluebird.
Woo Jin is here.
On Smart Earth.
[Episode 6]
Hey, how could you wash it like that?
Why did you mess with
my school supplies?
Yes, this is Kim Gyu Chul.
Um, if I leave now
[Part 1: BETA Project]
I can be there in about an hour.
All right. I'll see you
there, then. All right.
Are you going to the office, Dad?
Today's Sunday, though.
There's a lot to be done at the office.
I'll be back really soon, okay?
What were you doing, Big Sis?
[Blue Bird]
You want me to read it again?
Read it yourself.
You're an adult and you
can't even read or speak?
You're so frustrating.
It's because she doesn't know
Earthling languages yet.
Blue bird.
Big Sis.
You just spoke, right?
Blue bird.
[Blue Bird]
Blue bird.
Blue bird.
[Byul and Woo Jin]
Here. From now on,
your name is Byul.
[Byul and Woo Jin]
My brother was right.
You're Byul.
What am I?
- Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun!
Woo Jin! Woo Jin! Woo Jin!
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
It was definitely my brother, Detective.
He was inside of that ambulance!
I saw the license plate, too.
I'm looking for a car.
The license plate is
01-nam-7067. Got it.
I know that car.
That car isn't an ambulance.
- It's a blood donation van.
- A blood donation van?
Why would they accept blood
donations in an ambulance?
So that's what it was.
It was since then.
We have to hurry and find that car!
Bum Gyun may die!
What do you mean? Explain.
It's this car. This car, right?
Kang So Yoon?
She's the first person who died!
Kang So Yoon experienced pain
and nosebleeds before she died!
I'm sure it was after
she donated blood in that van.
How do you know that?
Because I had the same symptoms.
Pain and nosebleeds.
Bum Gyun was chasing after this van.
This was the "bluebird" that
my brother was talking about.
About car 01-nam-7067.
It is a car that was scrapped this year.
So the car doesn't exist?
I'm I'm sure that
something happened in that car.
Was there anything else?
Professor Han Yong Woo?
So that Professor Han person had
a fountain pen from this hospital?
That's not really enough evidence
to start an investigation.
Why? Are there other weird
things about that person?
- That's not all--
- Hey.
This hospital is
related to this incident.
Please look into it for us.
Why didn't you tell him
that Han Jung Yeon is an alien
and Professor Han is that alien's dad?
If we say things like that now,
he won't believe us.
Aren't you aware of that?
If we'd gone there just a bit sooner,
we would've been able to find Bum Gyun.
You're better than me.
I'm his younger brother, and yet
I had to see things with my own eyes
and had to suffer
like this to believe him.
We'll be able to find Bum Gyun
since we found a clue.
If Detective Hong looks into this for us
we'll be able to find him quickly.
be able to find Bum Gyun.
I wasn't going to tell you this
but we have a telepathic connection.
Since we're twins.
[Police Line - Do Not Enter]
There's nothing on the CCTV footage?
Nope, they're all broken.
Isn't that obvious?
That place closed down so long ago.
Did you check the roads
the ambulance might have taken?
Man, I don't know if they only
drove in circles or something
but we haven't been able
to find any footage of it!
For now, look into the person
who may have modded the van.
I'm sure the criminal didn't change that
car into a blood donation van himself.
Yes, sir.
[Roster of Employees at
Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital]
There aren't any records of
someone named Han Yong Woo
at Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital.
Are you sure you checked properly?
To be honest, I'm not completely sure.
I mean, he could've gotten the
fountain pen from someone.
Please let me see the
roster, then, Detective.
I'll meet with everyone
who used to work there.
Have you eaten?
I'll meet with the former
hospital employees.
So get some sleep and all that.
[Byul and Woo Jin]
[Byul and Woo Jin]
guess I'm Byul.
I'm sorry.
Why are you sorry
when you said you didn't
know anything all this time?
Because I don't know.
So that means that you don't know
anything about my brother.
Even now, you're just here to say
that you had nothing to do with this.
What do I do now?
You were right.
And your brother was right
about me being an alien!
So what am I supposed to do now?
What am I supposed to do now?
You, whom I wanted
to trust, are an alien.
And my brother,
whom I really didn't want to believe
disappeared because of me.
what am I supposed to do now? Huh?
"Blue bird"?
Yeah, "blue bird."
Those were the first words I said
when I woke up three years ago.
You don't remember?
You really don't remember anything?
Who are you?
I'm your dad, Jung Yeon.
You're my daughter, Han Jung Yeon.
You don't remember?
You were in a car accident.
You really don't
remember anything at all?
Blue bird.
Blue bird.
So, what about Byul?
What happened to her?
Why don't I have any memories?
My dad
told us that he was going
on a business trip overseas.
He said that he'd drop you off
at a facility on the way.
What about after that?
That was the last I saw
of both you and my dad.
I never saw either of you
again after that.
This is my dad, Kim Gyu Chul.
Do you remember him, by any chance?
My brother said there was no way
that my dad would cast us aside
and said that he was
kidnapped by an alien.
So he kept searching for you
for a long, long time.
Then he met you again after 10 years.
And you have no memories.
Professor Han.
Your dad has all the answers.
The fact that you have no memories
is related to him somehow.
I don't know what his reason may be,
but he's lying to you right now.
And the incident with my brother
is related to your dad too.
I saw a clue proving that your dad
is linked to my brother's incident.
I'm going to look into
Professor Han from now on.
Can you help me do that?
trust me?
Damn it!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Woo Jin.
Hey, you alien bastards!
Oh, you're not eating, sir?
I just had some work left to do.
I see.
Did you look at the information
regarding the academic conference?
Go to that by yourself, Professor Park.
It's been kind of grim
around school as of late.
So I have an emergency meeting
with the chancellor.
Oh, I see.
So you're busy.
Can you go see the dean for me?
- Yes, sir.
- Hyun Seok.
Go here for me.
I left something there.
Get it for me, will you?
Yes, sir.
[Gyeonggi-do, Paju]
Ugh, oh man!
- Professor.
- Hey, give me a ride to the station.
- That's okay with you, right?
- Yes, sir.
All right, let's get going.
Oh! I left my bag behind.
What are you doing?
- Aren't you going to get it?
- Um, yes, sure.
[Gyeonggi-do, Paju City
Gyodeok-dong, 17-1]
Gyeonggi-do, Paju City, Gyodeok-dong.
What in the world are
you doing, Professor Han?
Doctor Han Yong Woo?
I don't really know.
Please take a good look.
He looks like this.
I was at Eunsung Hospital from
when it opened until it closed.
But he wasn't at that hospital.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
But why did the hospital close down?
It just shut down.
There were some strange rumors
circulating around the time it closed.
But it was just the patients
spreading nonsense among themselves.
They weren't credible.
Can you speak about that in more detail?
They said that they were subjected to
some weird experiment, or something.
They said that they saw ghosts, too.
There was a rumor that someone
died in the basement, too.
But those were all just rumors.
It was a psychiatric hospital, after all.
Can I meet the patient
who said these things?
It'd be a futile effort, I think.
You know this person, right?
Professor Han Yong Woo.
Was this the person
who ran the experiments?
Please take a look at the photo.
Is this the person
who did experiments on you?
He has delirium tremens and
doesn't really take kindly to people.
He never leaves his room, and it's
been over a year since he last spoke.
I see.
Please take care of yourself.
It wasn't that person.
Did you just speak, sir?
What do you mean,
it wasn't that person?
You really think
there's something in here?
We have to check and see first.
I'll start looking on this side first.
Has Jung Yeon been
attending her treatment sessions?
Any progress?
We'll have to keep trying.
What about your experiment?
I'm collecting a lot of data,
but I don't know how long it will take.
Jung Yeon needs to hurry
and remember everything.
Only Byul knows the key to the
Stable Care System, after all.
We have to find out how
her memories were repressed
but it's not easy.
At any rate, we have to hurry.
This experiment is costing us quite a lot
and a detective even
broke into Eunsung Hospital.
Man, if it hadn't been for that guy
If only that punk
hadn't done that to Byul
we wouldn't be suffering like this.
Hey, be careful.
I'll call you back.
[Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital]
What are you doing?
Jung Yeon needs to hurry
and remember everything.
Only Byul knows the key to the
Stable Care System, after all.
We have to find out how
her memories were repressed
but it's not easy.
At any rate, we have to hurry.
This experiment is costing us quite a lot
and a detective even
broke into Eunsung Hospital.
Man, if it hadn't been for that guy
If only that punk
hadn't done that to Byul
we wouldn't be suffering like this.
Hey, be careful.
I'll call you back.
What are you doing?
What were you doing here?
And why is Woo Jin here?
Um it's because of our group project.
Actually, we were working on our project
and Woo Jin said that he was
curious about the books you have.
You're a professor
in his department, after all.
So I brought him here.
I'm sorry for coming in here
without your permission.
I apologize.
Did you see?
Did you see the books
that you wanted to look at?
Oh, not yet.
I'll pick up some out for you,
so read them.
Thank you.
This is Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital.
This is decisive evidence that
your dad is involved in this incident.
What? So there was an experiment?
But this person, Professor Han Yong Woo
wasn't the one doing them?
Who was it, then?
Who ran the experiments?
Kim Gyu Chul!
Kim Gyu Chul?
That's my dad.
Why is my dad here?
Kim Gyu Chul.
[Part 2: Brave New World]
There's an intruder in
the chairman's office!
[Human B Headquarters]
You look over there! I'll look here!
Yes, sir!
- Nothing here!
- Nothing here, sir!
Woo Jin.
Woo Jin is here.
He's on Smart Earth.
Where is this? Where did you get this?
I found it on the Human B
computer one month ago.
Does the chairman have Woo Jin?
I don't know that yet.
Who's the chairman?
Who is it? Do you know?
The chairman
I don't know who he is yet.
I have to look into it further.
- She was watching us.
- Pardon?
Bluebird, you're watching us, aren't you?
You have no right to criticize Human B.
It's just as bad to fool around
with people's memories.
Do you know that?
Soo Bin! Soo Bin!
Soo Soo Bin.
Soo Bin
Bluebird was monitoring
Lee Ho Soo's memory.
Then that must mean Kim Joon Hyuk
knows that Lee Ho Soo is on our side.
In this case,
isn't Lee Ho Soo a weakness to us?
Block my memories.
I'm sure you have other ways
to catch Bluebird besides me.
Please just block my memories!
It's my right as a Smart Earth citizen.
Lee Ho Soo, let me be honest with you.
- I can't block them right away.
- Why not?
We have yet to unlock the code that
Bluebird used to unblock your memory.
We need more time.
Then, how long do
I have to live like this?
Right now, the fastest solution
is Bluebird.
We must catch her.
Please disconnect
my care chip completely.
That's the only way to keep Bluebird
from accessing my memory.
I'll find her.
Then you'll be disconnected from us too.
We can no longer protect you.
It's dangerous.
The most dangerous thing
has already happened.
Can we leave him alone like this?
Lee Ho Soo even received psychiatric
treatment for his past memories.
That means he's more desperate.
Lee Ho Soo is the person who can approach
Kim Joon Hyuk with the least effort.
Anyhow, Kim Joon Hyuk and Bluebird
are on the move together.
Why is it you?
Why is it you instead of Woo Jin?
What about your memories?
Last time I saw you,
you didn't remember anything.
Did they come back to you?
I watched Woo Jin's memory footage.
Through Woo Jin's memories,
I learned about you and myself.
It seemed like Woo Jin trusted you,
and you did everything together.
And I noticed that he
was always looking at you.
So why are you by yourself right now?
Chief Hong, I'm really
curious about something.
What's the relationship between
Joon Hyuk and Bluebird?
It's a long and complicated relationship.
- He's like that with Doctor Park too.
- Geez.
Joon Hyuk did everything he wanted while
pretending to work. He's a capable man.
- Why are you so narrow-minded?
- Then please explain it to me!
I'm the only one in the dark!
[Head Chief]
Hello, Head Chief?
Chief Hong, what the heck
is Detective Kim doing?
Geez, what is it this time?
Minister Park came and did a
background check on him!
- What is this?
- The Ministry of Science and Economy?
- Minister Park Dong Geon?
- Park Dong Geon?
Mayor Yoon asked Minister Park for help.
Do you remember him? Professor Park.
Park Dong Geon? Why does he want to help?
- I can't trust him.
- Why not?
Before Woo Jin disappeared,
he talked to someone on the phone.
He did. Did you find something out?
That person was Park Dong Geon.
I only found out recently.
Park Dong Geon
might be related to
Woo Jin's disappearance.
What did you say? Did you say
you're Professor Kim's son?
Park Dong Geon helped us back then too
so why would he do that?
I don't know.
But what I found out is a fact.
- I need to meet Park Dong Geon.
- I feel anxious.
If Woo Jin talked to Park Dong Geon
before disappearing, I need to see him.
That's how we can find
Woo Jin's whereabouts.
Park Dong Geon knows where Woo Jin is?
No, he might know.
But regardless of that, why didn't he
tell anyone about that phone call?
This is strange. It's strange that he's
doing a background check on you
and it's weird that he's suddenly
stabbing Human B in the back.
I'm curious too.
I'll find out once I meet him in person.
Geez, how will you meet the minister
of the Ministry of Science and Economy?
Do you think you're
someone of importance?
No, the fact that Minister Park
is helping us is top secret.
And Human B is monitoring you,
so it's too dangerous.
Then, please pass along this message.
I want to talk about
Professor Kim Gyu Chul.
What does that mean?
Please do that for me.
I won't ask any questions right now.
But if any problems arise because
of this, the situation will change.
There will be no problems.
Do you think it's okay to
keep Lee Ho Soo by your side?
I'll take care of it myself.
Ho Soo!
Meet me in Gangnam Shopping District
on Normal Earth in one hour.
The Human B guys are here.
I'll contact you later.
He must have caught on.
- Where's the man who gave you that note?
- Pardon?
Where is he?
I don't know!
He just gave me this note and drove off!
- It was a woman, wasn't it?
- It was a man.
Then it wasn't Bluebird.
What man? What did he look like?
I don't know! He just drove off!
- Let's insert a chip.
- Pardon?
Let's insert a chip and
check his memory footage.
What are you doing? Aren't we going
to catch Kim Joon Hyuk and Bluebird?
Please cooperate with us.
We'll compensate you accordingly.
- Go to Gangnam Shopping District.
- Yes.
Park Dong Geon. He's the minister of
the Ministry of Science and Economy.
It was Minister Park Dong Geon.
Bluebird can't use evidence of blocked
memories because she's being chased.
But that's not the case
for Kim Joon Hyuk.
If Minister Park takes his side,
we have no way of stopping him.
- He's making this a bigger issue.
- Are you going to let this happen?
Deputy Chief Lee.
Are you willing to do anything?
Lee Ho Soo is completely
disconnected from his chip.
Be careful.
Lee Ho Soo is completely
disconnected from his chip.
Be careful.
Is that the best you could come up with?
Are you going to put me down so you
can insert a chip and erase my memory?
This is my last warning.
Please end it here.
Ho Soo, you know how miserable
I am because of my memories.
What about me?
My memories are tearing me apart.
I can't think of any other
solution than to do this.
So please stop this and get out of here!
Ho Soo.
I don't know about anything else,
but I know people.
And you can't shoot me.
No matter how miserable you are,
you wouldn't do that.
I think
you've misjudged me.
Don't do this, Ho Soo.
I don't want to lose my memory again.
- Drag him out.
- Yes.
This place has gone downhill.
It doesn't taste the same anymore.
- Really? I liked it.
- Did you see the side dishes?
- Chief Hong!
- What? What is it?
This just came in. It's Joon Hyuk.
Hey, where's our car?
Geez, this couldn't have
happened to Joon Hyuk.
Please begin.
Police. Stop right there!
- Who the hell are you?
- Hey, who are you?
- Get out of here!
- What's going on?
What do you think you're doing?
Who told you to let them in here?
- Do you have a warrant?
- There's no need for that.
Entering Smart Earth
like this is illegal.
- Kick them out!
- Yes.
Hey, let go of me! Joon Hyuk!
It is illegal.
What the heck?
Minister Park.
In Article 1 of the
Smart Earth Law Code
it states that the care chip
can only be inserted with consent.
Am I wrong?
What is this?
After you advertised Smart Earth
as a crime-free city, what is this?
Hyun Seok, people never change, do they?
How is it that you're still behaving
the same way you did as my student?
It sounds like they know each other.
- Please take care of this.
- Arrest them!
You have the right to remain silent
and to consult an attorney.
Anything you say can be used
against you in the court of law.
Let's go.
Joon Hyuk! Joon Hyuk!
Are you all right?
- What happened?
- Minister Park Dong Geon helped us.
He wanted you to call him
as soon as you woke up.
Did you want to talk about
Professor Kim Gyu Chul?
Are you
Woo Jin's older brother?
Yes, that's right. I'm Kim Bum Gyun.
Is it really you, Bum Gyun?
How have you been all these years?
I thought you went missing
just like Woo Jin.
You don't know his whereabouts either?
I heard that you were
the last person he talked to.
Yeah, that's right.
I was the last person to talk to him.
- But I wasn't the last to see him.
- Then who was it?
Professor Han Yong Woo.
I tried to help Woo Jin.
I called him out of worry
when he went to meet Professor Han.
- But?
- When I went to find him
Woo Jin was already gone.
What about Han Yong Woo?
Did Han Yong Woo take Woo Jin
and create Human B?
Am I right?
I'm right, aren't I?
Han Yong Woo is the
chairman of Human B, isn't he?
The Human B system couldn't be
established without that person.
The Stable Care System of Human B
was Han Yong Woo's research project.
That's right. There's a connection
between his research team and Human B.
That's why I traced all of
his research team members.
But I can't locate two of them.
- Who?
- Professor Han, and
Kim Woo Jin.
What does that mean?
In 2022
there was an investment information
session that didn't get much attention.
It was a Smart Earth investment
information session.
But I saw a man in his 20s
at that information session.
A young man in his 20s.
I think the chairman of Human B
could be Woo Jin.
No way.
Maybe Woo Jin wasn't used by anyone
but he disappeared on his own
and created Human B.
That makes no sense.
Woo Jin wouldn't have done that!
It's possible.
Jung Yeon?
What do you mean?
What do you mean, it's possible?
This picture was taken
in the Human B chairman's office.
I'm scared too.
I'm scared
that Woo Jin could be the chairman.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
Yeah, I really don't know anything.
I don't remember anything.
- Where's Kim Gyu Chul?
- Where's my father?
I don't know anything!
- What do you want me to do?
- Did you do something to my father?
- My memory
- Do you remember something?
- I'm starting to dread finding out.
- Are these pictures all you have?
- Don't touch that!
- So many things are strange!
Bum Gyun, what are you doing?
Stop the car!
Why would Woo Jin create Human B? Why?
How could you doubt Woo Jin?
I looked for him for 10 years,
but now this?
Stop looking for Woo Jin?
He looked for you for so long.
- Should I just live as Kim Joon Hyuk?
- I've seen this painting before.
Chairman, Kim Joon Hyuk wants to
see you in person. What should I do?
We have to get in touch with him.
Detective Kim is in danger.
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