Circle (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

[This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.]
My brother was right. You're Byul.
What am I supposed to do now?
- Because Bum Gyun disappeared here.
- This is the scene of the crime.
Break it open! It's evidence.
We have to hurry and find that car!
Bum Gyun may end up dying!
That car doesn't exist?
What am I?
Your brother was right
about me being an alien.
So what am I supposed to do now?
Your dad has all the answers.
He's involved with what
happened to my brother, too.
We have to find out how her
memories were locked away.
If only that bastard
hadn't done that to Byul
So that Professor Han guy had a
fountain pen from this hospital?
What on earth are you
up to, Professor Han?
Is this man the one who
performed experiments on you?
This is decisive evidence that your
dad is involved in what's going on now.
Kim Gyu Chul!
Wait, that's my dad. Why is my dad
So Kim Joon Hyuk was Kim Bum Gyun?
- Find out who he's meeting with!
- Han Jung Yeon.
That woman is Bluebird. After her!
Detective Kim is the perfect bait
for catching Bluebird.
Woo Jin is here somewhere.
I found that on the chairman
of Human B's computer.
You're watching all this,
aren't you, Bluebird?
What you're doing is no different
than playing with people's memories.
Why is Park Dong Geon
saying that he'll help us?
He could be involved with
Woo Jin's disappearance.
Meet me in an hour
at Gangnam Shopping Center.
Please remove my care chip completely.
I'll catch him.
The Human B guys are here.
I'll contact you later.
He must have caught on.
Let's watch this person's memories.
I really don't want to
lose my memories again.
This is illegal. Stop this now.
What if Woo Jin
wasn't used by anyone
but he disappeared on his own
and created Human B?
Woo Jin wouldn't have done that!
It's possible.
This picture was taken
in the Human B chairman's office.
[Episode 7]
[Part 1: BETA Project]
"Lunch box"?
Oh, "rock band"!
Yeah! They lost!
- Bum Gyun.
- Yes, Grandma?
Are you going to see Byul again?
Woo Jin is always there, after all.
Woo Jin.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
You lost, right? "Rock band."
No, there's "drama."
Time's up.
You should've input that sooner.
No. I just didn't reply
because this is no fun.
Just admit it.
I told you not to touch
my dad's computer!
What if it breaks?
Byul is good with computers!
Yeah, right.
She just opened up
a bunch of weird stuff.
Dad needs to work for
a little bit, you guys.
Move over, Kim Woo Jin.
Let's go, Byul.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
It wasn't this person?
Who was it, then?
Who performed those experiments on you?
Kim Gyu Chul!
Kim Gyu Chul?
This is my dad.
Why is my dad
You can't find Kim Gyu Chul?
Are you sure you searched
among all of those neuroscientists?
Search Han Yong Woo's home.
I'm sure those two have ties.
Is there anything you remember
about your dad, by any chance?
- Like, his friends, or--
- You
You really don't know anything?
You really don't remember anything?
What are you kids up to?
Why did you ask me to look
into Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital?
What do you mean by that?
Kim Gyu Chul!
Han Yong Woo!
You're Kim Gyu Chul's son,
and you're Han Yong Woo's daughter.
Can you really say that
you know nothing about this?
Why are you asking about my dad?
10 years ago, there were
illegal experiments carried out
on the patients at
Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital.
And the person who carried out
those experiments was Kim Gyu Chul.
Your father.
My dad was just an average guy
who worked at a trade company--
Doctor Kim Gyu Chul
was a researcher for the
Picower Institute at MIT.
Until he was forced to resign
and was forced out, anyway.
I'm sure that he's behind
what happened at Eunsung Hospital.
And aren't those
experiments still going on?
And your father, Handam University's
Professor Han Yong Woo.
He worked with Kim Gyu Chul
at the Picower Institute.
Professor Han is continuing to perform
that experiment on the students!
And you volunteered to become
a part of that experiment.
You expect me to
believe that this is just fate?
Where the hell is
Kim Gyu Chul, you bastard?
I don't know.
I really don't know!
I don't know anything about these
people you're talking about.
America? Experiments?
I don't know anything about
anything you just said!
I'm the one who wants
to know all of this the most.
But but my dad isn't here now!
It is possible
my brother's disappearance
is related to my dad.
But, I
I don't know anything about any of this!
Damn it!
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun!
Is this, by any chance
This place is our old house.
Dad. Woo Jin.
This is Senior Gyu Chul's old home.
What's going on, here?
Die. Die!
Yes, Professor.
I've put the CCTV camera back.
All right. And how's that boy doing?
I think he is experiencing some pain.
But, Professor
is it really okay for us to do this?
We're almost done.
Just bear it for a bit longer, Hyun Seok.
Yes, sir.
What are you up to exactly,
Professor Han?
[Criminal Report]
[Kim Bum Gyun]
[Father: Kim Gyu Chul
Brother: Kim Woo Jin]
Who are you?
What do you want from me?
Is your father
Kim Gyu Chul?
Did you do something to my
dad too, by any chance?
This wouldn't have happened if Gyu Chul
didn't hide our experiment data.
- What?
- I can't find it anywhere.
I just need that,
but I can't find it anywhere.
If not for that, I wouldn't
have had to go to such lengths
and you would've been safe, too.
Do you know where that data is?
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Just tell me where my dad is.
Bum Gyun.
I have to get it. I have to!
You really don't know?
Can't you help me?
Stop spouting nonsense!
Where is my dad?
- Professor.
- Yeah?
What brings you here at this hour?
What's going on?
What do you mean?
The house you sent Hyun Seok to,
in Gyodeok-dong.
Professor Park.
Are you following people around now?
What are you doing behind my back, sir?
What are you saying?
Is the blue bot that I made
related to all of this?
We haven't even made sure
that it's safe to use yet.
What on earth are you using it for?
Didn't you have your
suspicions all along?
The fact that you knew,
but didn't ask me and played dumb
means that you were okay with us
collecting data, even in that way.
Coming to me now and acting like this
is quite cowardly, Professor Park.
So you really implanted that
into the kids' heads?
Everything that has
been done up until now
has been done by both of us, together.
We're both on the same boat.
I'm your dad, Jung Yeon.
You're my daughter, Han Jung Yeon.
You don't remember?
[Kim Gyu Chul]
Damn it.
Hey. Hey!
Hey, wake up.
You should've just called me.
Why are you heading out so early?
I have somewhere I need to go.
There's someone who will know
where my father's keepsakes are.
My grandma.
What kind of illness does she have?
Oh, she has memory loss due to dementia.
I think she only remembers what happened
before my dad went missing.
She doesn't even recognize me anymore.
Grandma! I'm here.
Who are you?
Your grandson, Woo Jin.
Woo Jin?
But my Woo Jin is 11 years old.
Grandma, there's something I
really need to talk to you about today.
Who are you, young man?
- Grandma.
- Nurse! Nurse!
Grandma, please!
I'm Woo Jin!
It's me, Woo Jin!
Oh, you're here, Byul!
You know who I am?
Of course I do!
You live with us at my
son's house, after all.
I wanted to ask you
something about Mr. Gyu Chul.
Do you know where
Mr. Gyu Chul's things are?
They're probably at home. Why?
Not his things that are at home.
Is there anything else
that he entrusted to you?
No, there isn't.
I don't know anything about that.
Ask him yourself when he comes by later.
A pink dress blows in the spring wind
Let's go.
I'll come by again, Grandma.
Bye, Byul!
Are you okay?
It might be for the best that
Grandma doesn't remember anything
since she doesn't know that my dad went
missing or what happened to my brother.
To be honest, I'm not sure either.
The more I find out, the more scared
I become of regaining my memories.
I thought that I'd just be
remembering regular old things.
But it's not like that.
What do we do now?
One thing's for sure.
Your dad and my dad
are both involved in all this.
But my dad isn't around,
whereas yours is.
So we'll have to look into him.
I have to see what's on
Professor Han's computer.
Let's go.
There's one more thing
you don't know about me.
I'm actually
a hacker.
A hacker?
You've heard of Selco Con, right?
It's a hackathon in Japan,
and I totally won
Well, kind of, in a way.
What's your point?
That means that you didn't win, then.
That's not the point!
What I'm trying to get at is
that I've already set things up.
Follow me.
[Han Yong Woo]
What brings you here?
Have you had lunch?
I don't think I'll be able
to eat now, since I'm busy.
I want to go to the pasta place
we went to last time.
Let's go for dinner, okay?
Let's go now!
I have plans this evening.
Oh man.
To tell you the truth, Dad
I think I'm starting
to remember something
Do you remember something?
I keep remembering this one guy.
Let's go, okay?
Let's go and talk there.
Let's go. So, what kind of guy?
When did you start remembering him?
Hacker? Oh, please.
[Han Yong Woo]
[Video Footage]
What about Bum Gyun?
[Video Footage]
What about Bum Gyun?
Why haven't you been
able to find him yet?
At this rate,
both Bum Gyun and I will die!
Oh, come on, now!
Enough is enough.
Why would you die? Huh?
I'll call you as soon as I find
Bum Gyun, so leave, okay? Go!
Please call Detective Hong
for me, then, at least.
- Hey, now--
- Detective Hong!
Hey, hey, hey!
Detective Hong is busy! And so am I.
Come over here.
Hurry up and leave!
- Detective Hong!
- I told you, he's busy--
Bum Gyun.
[Copying files from "Video Footage"]
Did you ever see this man
in the blood donation vehicle?
What about this man, then?
You know him, right?
Professor Han Yong Woo?
Why? Did you find out something?
These people may have implanted
something into your head.
You didn't see this man?
I didn't see him in the
blood donation vehicle.
- But
- But?
Why didn't you tell him
that Han Jung Yeon is an alien,
and Professor Han is that alien's dad?
If we tell him that now,
he won't believe us even more.
Don't you get that?
Um, no. I didn't see him.
Did you see anyone else?
There were two male nurses
in the blood donation vehicle
but both of them were wearing masks.
there was another man at the wheel.
And he had something like
a cigarette in his mouth.
A cigarette?
He had a cigarette in his mouth
in a blood donation van?
Yes, this is the Violent Crimes Unit
of Gangnam Police Station.
This is Kim Woo Jin.
Is Detective Hong there?
He stepped out. Why?
- Detective Choi?
- Yeah.
I found the culprit
who kidnapped my brother.
What? The culprit?
I found some evidence.
Are you sure?
I'm telling you, I have
some decisive evidence!
All right. I'll be right there.
Yes, Detective.
Come toward the front entrance.
Yes, here. Here.
Kim Woo Jin!
Here. There's video footage of
my brother's kidnapping in here.
- Where'd you find it?
- Professor Han's computer.
Get in.
Where are we going right now?
I asked you where we're going!
Hey, now!
I got another report,
so I'm going to stop by there first.
Stop the car.
I said, stop the car!
Why, you--
Come on, why are you being like this?
You could've just come along quietly!
Why are you making me into
the villain here, Woo Jin?
Move it along.
Hurry up!
Go in.
Didn't you hear me? Go in there!
Woo Jin.
Why are you doing this to me, too?
Where's my brother?
Bum Gyun is safe.
He'll come back to you safely.
What on earth are you doing?
I asked you what the hell you're doing!
I'll tell you everything.
Don't rush me.
A long time ago, there was an experiment
that your father and I
were working on together.
It was related to the
human brain, mind, and heart.
But we got stuck on one part
and we couldn't move
past that for many years.
- So?
- That's when Byul appeared.
That girl gave us the answer!
I had to continue my research.
- But it's a crime!
- You're a scientist too!
Don't you understand? Science has
progressed over the last 6,000 years!
Especially in the last 100 years!
Humans were different.
Humans decoded the concept!
Humans discovered sustainable energy
and developed vaccines!
And our lifespan has
increased exponentially!
This is the first time anyone has
discovered something like this!
So why?
So so why?
So why are we so miserable?
We were able to do something
that science couldn't figure out.
Byul made that happen.
And what's that?
The concept of erasing people's memories.
Woo Jin, this is what you said.
That memory loss
is the only treatment of PTSD.
That the only way to escape
bad memories is to get rid of them.
That's right.
You knew the answer all along.
It's not just for PTSD.
This applies to all
mental problems that exist.
We could even eliminate
crime from this world!
But your father was the one
who got rid of our technology!
He ruined everything!
Kim Gyu Chul had no right.
No, no one has that right!
Woo Jin, I need
that data.
If I have that, you and Bum Gyun
can live happily ever after.
Forget all your
bad memories and be happy.
Woo Jin, so please please help me.
[Part 2: Brave New World]
This picture was taken
in the Human B chairman's office.
What's going on here?
Are you the hacker who
unlocked people's memories?
Were you Bluebird?
Jung Yeon, where are you? Are you safe?
I guess you were looking for Woo Jin too.
This is all I found out.
That Woo Jin
could be the chairman of Human B.
That's nonsense.
Why would Woo Jin create Human B?
Did your chairman give you the orders?
What? Did your chairman tell you
to capture Kim Joon Hyuk?
To erase his memories again?
All I did was arrest
an illegal trespasser
who refused to insert a care chip.
- What?
- Article 1, Section 1.
"People without a care chip
cannot enter Smart Earth."
We just did what we had to do
to keep our Smart Earth citizens safe.
Safety, my ass.
It's so safe, that there was a murder
and you kidnapped the officer
who was there to investigate it?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Please speak to my lawyer.
I'll exercise my right to remain silent.
- Woo Jin isn't the chairman.
- He was the last one with the data.
And that was the core technology
that built Smart Earth.
It wasn't Woo Jin. There's no way!
I want to believe that too.
But what if that technology
wasn't stolen from Woo Jin
and he used it himself?
I know Woo Jin better than anyone else.
It's not based on my judgments.
My memories
are Woo Jin's memories and nothing else.
What do you mean?
I watched Woo Jin's memory footage.
I never regained my memory.
I found out everything
through Woo Jin's memories.
Then you must know this too.
This is what Woo Jin said.
That memory loss is the best treatment.
I'm very interested in PTSD treatments.
- What do you think is the best method?
- Memory loss.
Bad memories must be forgotten
in order to escape from them.
Bad memories are a part of life too.
Is it right to erase them?
In cancer patients,
cancer cells are killed.
If they're cancer-like memories
isn't it right to get rid of them?
We have no proof that
Woo Jin is the chairman.
That's right.
We're not sure of anything yet.
But I have to be open
to all possibilities.
Especially in my position.
Thank you for visiting
Smart Earth, the crime-free city.
Please come back again. See you soon.
[Access Granted]
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Woo Jin wanted me to live
my life as Han Jung Yeon.
He wanted to erase my memories as Byul.
Don't you know Woo Jin?
How can you doubt him?
You saw everything!
How could you doubt Woo Jin?
Because he could have done it for you.
20 years ago, when we found you again
you didn't remember anything.
Woo Jin had a hard time accepting it.
I didn't recognize my own brother.
I'm sure he couldn't accept it.
No, it was because you smiled
with genuine happiness.
He said you were always uneasy
after your father disappeared.
But he said that was
the first time you smiled
not to hide yourself,
but like a real human being.
Woo Jin agonized over it because you
were able to live comfortably like that.
It's possible
that he made that choice because of you.
He said
bad memories should be forgotten.
Is this all because of me?
If Woo Jin is really the chairman
does that mean this is all because of me?
After seeing me without any memories
Woo Jin created Human B?
I struggled as I looked for him
over the last 10 years.
But Woo Jin wasn't looking for me?
What about me?
How do you think I feel?
Woo Jin gave this to me.
When he went to see Professor Han
he gave me this as
a promise he'd come back!
But he didn't come back
and all I know is that
Woo Jin could be the chairman.
I thought he wasn't able to come back!
But what if he chose not to?
I don't want it to be true either.
I hope it's not true.
The problem has gotten bigger.
Why did you step up yourself?
If I hadn't Detective Kim
wouldn't have been okay.
I knew that friend for a long time.
Since this happened,
I'll make an announcement.
All we have to do is openly
expose what Human B did.
- The citizens need to know.
- That can't happen.
If we do that,
Smart Earth will be in chaos--
And your political career will end too.
It's not just me.
The entire nation relies on Smart Earth.
The business that you're leading
will go up in flames too.
- Then you will--
- Does that mean
I should let this happen?
I'll look for a solution myself.
Please give me some time.
I'll protect Detective Kim too.
I'll get straight to the point.
I'll let you go.
Yes, that's the only way
you'll survive too.
But I have one condition.
The chairman of Human B
let me talk to him.
From now on, regarding
anything related to Smart Earth
I only want to speak to the chairman.
Yes, I'll let the chairman know.
What are you doing, Mayor Yoon?
The Smart Earth citizens
are under our jurisdiction.
We sorted it out
with the head chief already.
Let's go, Mayor Yoon.
Is this why there's
no crime on Smart Earth?
Because they cover it up?
Are we going to let
this happen, Chief Hong?
Where's Joon Hyuk?
Ma'am, please hurry up! I'm hungry!
Yes, one moment please!
Hey! Park Min Young!
What happened?
I couldn't contact you.
Where were you all night?
- That's a secret.
- What?
I was just here and there.
Sit down and eat some chicken.
Sit down! Geez.
- Here's the chicken!
- Chicken!
- Enjoy!
- Thank you!
Joon Hyuk.
- What? Do you want the leg?
- It's not that--
Good, that's a relief.
The leg is my favorite.
I think chicken is the most
delicious food on earth.
I can't find this kind
of chicken on Smart Earth.
Hurry up and eat.
Sorry. Eat up.
Min Young, do you want
to go on a vacation?
A vacation?
I can't believe this place still exists.
Where shall we go?
Las Vegas? Paris?
Should we just go everywhere? Okay, then.
Let's see
I've never been to any of these places.
What am I doing with my life?
What's wrong? Did something happen?
No, I just want to go on a vacation.
It's like what you said. "Joon Hyuk,
go on a vacation and enjoy life."
Don't you remember?
Here, pick a place.
Where should we go? London? Paris?
Hey, look at this! Wow!
This is breathtaking.
We're in Spain right now.
Are you seeing this, Min Young?
Hey, look at this.
Do you want to go into the water?
This is nice. What have
I been doing with my life?
Min Young, aren't you thirsty?
Hey, we can't drink here!
It's okay. We used to sneak it
into karaoke back in the day.
It tastes better when we
drink it in places like this.
Hurry up and take it.
Geez, this is nice.
- Min Young.
- Yeah?
Should I just live as Kim Joon Hyuk?
I was just thinking, what if Woo Jin
doesn't want me to look for him?
- That thought came into my head.
- What do you mean?
- What are you talking about?
- I'm just saying.
I just want to live a
leisurely life these days.
Chief Hong, does this make any sense?
After releasing Lee Hyun Seok yesterday,
you're freeing Park Jin Gyu today.
This time, we have evidence
that he kidnapped Kim Min Ji!
- But you're freeing him?
- There's no way to prosecute him.
Does it make any sense that he's
not being punished for his crimes?
Then, how should I pay
for my crimes from now on?
Live your life.
Remember your crimes, and live miserably.
That's your punishment.
What about Min Ji? What happened to her?
We're still looking for her.
Do you know where else she could be?
Let him go.
Hi, Min Young.
No! Hey
Hey hey
Hey, Kim Joon Hyuk!
- What are you doing here?
- What's wrong?
Lee Hyun Seok was freed last night.
Mayor Yoon took him away!
Is that so?
What? "Is that so?"
What can I do? I have no power.
What's wrong with you? Is it because
of your meeting with Minister Park?
Did you hear something, by any chance?
It was just the same old stuff
that was no help at all.
Hey, Detective Oh.
What? Kim Min Ji?
I'll make you remember
what you did to me.
Detective Oh, secure
Park Jin Gyu's location. Hurry!
- He's here, right? What room?
- Room 3008.
Park Jin Gyu!
Park Jin Gyu!
Kim Min Ji.
Kim Min Ji.
Min Ji. Min Ji. Wake up! Min Ji!
Min Ji. Kim Min Ji! Kim Min Ji!
Wake up! Let's go!
Kim Min Ji woke up.
Why did you do that?
Why did you do that
in front of Park Jin Gyu?
It was revenge.
I wanted to make sure
he never forgot about it ever again.
It was awful.
When my memories
of my kidnapping came back
it was so awful that I wanted to die.
he didn't remember any of it.
Get off!
Soo Bin, what's wrong? It's me.
I don't think I can do this.
I can't do this.
Please disappear from my life.
Soo Soo Bin.
Why are you acting like this?
- Please buy me all of it.
- Fine, I will.
- Really? Promise?
- Fine.
- Don't be nervous. Good luck.
- Okay.
Are you Soo Bin's father?
- Soo Bin?
- Yes, Choi Soo Bin.
Who's Choi Soo Bin?
They didn't remember anything.
They didn't remember what
they did to me, and lived happily.
They didn't pay for their crimes
and had no idea what they did wrong
and lived their happy lives.
It was terrible.
Detective Kim.
Did I do anything wrong?
Don't you remember Soo Bin?
She was your adopted daughter.
What are you talking about?
An adopted daughter?
Don't you remember
what you did to Soo Bin?
- Soo Bin died because of you.
- What are you doing? Let go of me!
You hurt her for 10 years!
And in the end, Soo Bin committed
suicide because of those memories.
Why are you doing this?
I really don't know
what you're talking about!
- Shut up!
- Dad!
What are you doing? What are you
doing to my dad? Dad, are you okay?
I don't know who this Soo Bin is.
I think you have the wrong person!
- Let's go.
- Are you okay? Are you hurt?
- No, I'm fine.
- Dad, do you know him?
No, he's a strange man.
Let's keep walking.
If I hadn't regained my memories,
I would have continued living.
Detective Kim, did I do anything wrong?
I heard Min Ji woke up. Is she all right?
- Why aren't you talking? What happened?
- Chief Hong.
- Are we doing the right thing?
- What?
I mean, if Kim Min Ji or Park Jin Gyu
kept on living without their memories
wouldn't they have been just fine?
- What are you saying?
- And me, too.
If I didn't know about Woo Jin
and lived as Kim Joon Hyuk
then we would have
lived more comfortably.
Then, are you saying
we shouldn't find Woo Jin?
- He looked for you for so long!
- That's why!
Imagine how hard
it must have been for him.
He struggled to live his life
but his older brother
was crazy over the past.
Imagine how hard it must have been
for him. He was only 21 years old.
Hey, you punk.
Even if it's hard,
you should remember each other.
- That's what family is!
- Does Woo Jin want that?
Woo Jin could be living just fine
without any memories of me.
What if I bother him
when he's doing just fine?
Woo Jin and I don't have
any good memories of each other!
Bad memories
are better off forgotten.
There's nothing scarier
or more terrifying than memories.
It's possible
that Human B is doing the right thing.
- They must remember.
- Why?
Didn't you say, "If we're happy without
our memories, isn't that what matters?"
I was wrong.
Memories make us take responsibility
and memories serve justice.
Even if it's sad, we must remember them.
That's the only way we can get angry
and take responsibility for our actions
and do what's right.
People should take
responsibility for their actions.
Erasing our memories
doesn't mean they never happened.
Hey, Lee Ho Soo.
What's wrong with you all of the sudden?
There was a woman
who existed, whom I loved.
But the man who made her miserable
forgot about her,
and is living happily by himself.
And that's not right.
Detective Kim, you were right.
No matter how torturous,
brutal, or awful our memories are
they're who we are.
We must accept them
and take responsibility for them.
Human B is wrong.
What is it this time?
Deliver this message to the chairman.
Tell him that if he knows
I'm Kim Bum Gyun, we should meet.
Me, the chairman
and Bluebird, in person.
[9 p.m. on the 13th. Smart Earth
156-9 Goyeon Building Rooftop.]
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
- Professor!
- Find it no matter what!
- Have you seen this before?
- What did Professor Han say?
This was all because of you!
Dad! Dad! Dad!
I have to see it
in order to end everything.
- Are you with them? Where's Woo Jin?
- Where's my brother?
- Did Human B really take your brother?
- Why is Woo Jin in the chairman's room?
Don't touch it! It might be dangerous.
Are you saying we should
hack into their memories?
This is mine from 20 years ago.
Woo Jin had it last.
Does that mean the chairman wants
to meet you? Why? Is there a problem?
9 p.m. on the 13th in Smart Earth.
- Where are you going?
- Hurry.
I think Jung Yeon's location
has been detected.
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