Circle (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

[Year 2008]
Senior Yong Woo lent
you an amazing house!
If I'd known about this,
I would've mooched off him too.
I pay my rent to him every month, okay?
Oh yeah.
Oh, yeah. Thanks.
What are you planning to use these for?
They're still being tested.
You're not going to cause
trouble again, are you?
Hey, I've suffered so much already.
You think I'd cause trouble again?
I just wanted to look at them, is all.
I have to make a comeback,
if only for my twins.
Oh, those two are twins?
They're adorable.
Are they at school?
No, I left them with my mother for a bit
so that I could focus on my research.
What kind of research are you doing?
Okay, I'll tell you everything.
You're hungry, right?
Let's grab a bite to eat.
- Let's go.
- Oh, I'm so hungry.
- Come.
- Yes, Senior.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Episode 8]
Woo Jin.
I need that data.
If I have that, you and Bum Gyun
can live happily ever after.
Forget all your
bad memories and be happy.
Please, Woo Jin.
Please help me.
I didn't even know that
my father was a neuroscientist.
I only found out about that
a couple of days ago.
And I've definitely never heard of
his research or memory erasure.
I only have my brother now, Professor.
So, please.
I won't report this
to the police or anything.
I'll just disappear
quietly with my brother.
Please? I won't do what my father did.
Woo Jin.
Do I seem like a sane person to you?
I couldn't find the data anywhere
after that bastard disappeared
even after I searched
through the entire lab!
I had no choice but to
perform illegal experiments.
After I crossed the line once,
I had to keep crossing it!
And my experiment
even ended up killing people.
I killed people.
Find it no matter what.
Find it, whether it exists or not,
and whether your know about it or not!
I'm sure that he hid it somewhere.
If he didn't, he wasn't a true scientist!
You're his son.
Even if I couldn't find it,
you should be able to.
If you can't find it, I'll never stop.
This tiresome experiment will continue on
and more people will have to die.
- Bum Gyun, too--
- Professor!
That's why you have
to find that research data.
Got it?
Do you understand the situation now?
Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
Don't bother reporting this
or anything like that.
I'm not the only cop involved.
You have to save your brother, after all.
Pick it up.
[Han Jung Yeon]
Why didn't you pick up?
- What is it?
- Did something happen?
Did you get caught?
No, nothing happened.
My dad suddenly said something
urgent came up and left.
What about Dad's computer?
Did you log onto it?
Yeah. There was nothing on it.
I'll call you back again later
after I've found out more.
You're really okay, right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Seems like Professor Han
gave you an assignment.
Finish it up quickly,
whatever it may be.
Oh, what a beautiful day!
[Kim Gyu Chul]
Damn it!
[Soyang University Neuroscience Center]
[Researcher Kim Gyu Chul]
[Forgot Password?]
[Researcher Kim Gyu Chul]
[Please answer this security question:
Most prized possession?]
[Most prized possession?]
It's okay, Woo Jin.
I'm holding on to you.
Yeah, good job!
There you go! That's great!
- I'm going to let go now!
- Okay!
All right, I've let go!
Wow, I'm moving! Wow!
Hold on tight to the handlebars!
I'm doing great, Dad!
Great job, Woo Jin! Yeah!
[The twins]
[Please enter a new password]
Most prized possession?
How can you say that
when you deceived us?
We were your most prized possession?
It's all your fault that
my brother ended up this way!
Looks like you're scribbling
again, Detective Hong.
I'm synthesizing everything I know
about the situation, you ignoramus.
How is drawing on your desk
"information synthesis"?
Did you look into that
blood donation vehicle?
It won't be easy to find,
but I've been searching.
Someone told me they saw a man
there with a cigarette in his mouth.
Look into that, too.
I'm going to head out.
- Yes, sir.
- Hey!
- Where the hell are you going now?
- Oh, Section Chief.
I hear you're going around
doing useless things lately!
Why are you digging into something
that's already been ruled a suicide?
There's a person who's gone missing
because of that incident
and there are so many
strange things about this case.
Get your hands off this case!
I'm assigning it to someone else
so don't you dare go
around digging, all right?
Stupid punk,
always drawing useless cartoons.
- Ugh, are you serious?
- Goodbye, sir!
Get my hands off? Give me a break.
- Give me a lollipop.
- Oh, of course, sir!
I'm craving something sweet.
Here you are, sir!
Good luck!
[From: Kim Gyu Chul]
[Subject: 0907]
[Attached file:]
[Would you like to download this file?]
[Unzipping files]
[Please enter password]
[Please enter password]
[The twins]
[Kim Woo Jin]
[The password is incorrect.
The files have not been unzipped.]
Damn it!
[Dong Soo]
The person you are trying
to reach is not available.
Hey, Lee Dong Soo!
Why didn't you pick up your phone?
Oh my gosh, I thought
you were my mom!
You're good with computers, right?
- Can you hack things, too?
- Well, a little.
Are you the type to get super
obsessed when dating someone?
Stop messing around.
Can you do it, or not?
What will you do for me?
- Anything you want.
- Really?
Hey, why aren't you doing anything?
All we need to do now is wait.
How long? Like an hour or two?
You really have no common sense.
People usually make a password
that is between 4 and 12 characters.
So what?
After launching the hacking tool
it has to create combinations
of English characters!
This is called a dictionary attack.
It has to guess millions of combinations
or even tens of millions
of potential combinations!
- So how long will this take, exactly?
- A second, if we're lucky.
But if not, it could even take
even longer than a year.
Dong Soo.
I'm really in a hurry, okay?
I have to see what's in there.
I have to see it in order to
put an end to everything.
Can you do this for me? Please?
Then, we can't use this.
I'll look for another method.
All right.
You wanted to take a walk, didn't you?
You should've told us sooner.
Shall we go slowly, then? Slowly.
Who are you?
Thief! There's a thief!
- Grandma!
- There's a thief!
Grandma, it's me! Woo Jin!
Did Dad leave any research
data behind, Grandma?
I really need it!
Let go, you thief! Let go!
- Let go!
- You thief!
- Grandma!
- You bastard!
- Thief! Thief!
- Granny!
Granny, this is your grandson!
He's Woo Jin!
That isn't my Woo Jin!
Woo Jin is 11 years old!
- He's a thief!
- Please!
Thief! That bastard came
to steal something from me!
He's an evil thief!
He's not my Woo Jin!
He's a thief!
[Dong Soo]
Yeah, Dong Soo?
I did it, Teach!
I'll send it over now!
Yeah, hurry and send it over.
Damn it.
Is this everything?
Is this really everything?
Is this really everything, Lee Dong Soo?
Yes, that's all there was.
Damn it!
The house in Gyodeok-dong?
Woo Jin.
This is Senior Gyu Chul's old home.
What's going on?
Isn't this what you'd guessed, though?
The fact that you knew,
but didn't ask me and played dumb
means that you were okay with us
collecting data, even in that way.
No. I really didn't know.
I'm different from you.
Who are you?
Um, you're Professor
Park Dong Geon, correct?
Yes, I am.
I'm Detective Hong from
the Violent Crimes Unit.
Oh. What brings you here?
I heard that your research focus is
bio cyber networking, right?
It's biocybernetics.
Oh, I see.
I heard that's technology that links
a machine to the brain. Is that true?
It's not limited to just the brain.
Have you ever seen these before?
No, not really.
It's the first time I've seen these.
Well, apparently these came out
of the students who died.
Oh, really?
I heard that the school
ruled those deaths as suicides.
It's still under investigation.
We have witnesses, too.
There are certain aspects
that seem a bit suspicious.
And one person is
currently missing, as well.
At any rate, thank you
for your cooperation.
Um, excuse me.
May I examine those?
These are important pieces
of evidence, you see.
So I can't just hand them over.
If you need them,
I'll come back here.
What the hell are you two
doing with my robots?
What is Professor Han trying to do?
I've become an accomplice
to this because of you two.
Don't I have the right to know?
Professor Han said it'd be possible
to see people's memories as video files.
And that we'd be able to
block out unpleasant memories.
No way!
The memory storage mechanism
itself isn't even secure yet.
But he's going to turn
memories into video files?
How? With what method?
How can you, a science major,
believe that kind of nonsense?
Damn it.
[Kim Woo Jin]
The person you are trying
to reach is not available.
Jung Yeon.
You left in such a hurry
that I was worried.
How much do you know?
I asked you how much you know.
What are you talking about?
Scientist Kim Gyu Chul. Dad.
What on earth have you done?
What are those blue bugs?
And as for So Yoon and the
other students and Bum Gyun!
Did you really do something to them, Dad?
This was all because of you.
This was all because of you, Jung Yeon
This was all to help you
regain your memories.
The memories Kim Gyu Chul locked away.
I needed to use the bugs
in order to do that.
Those kids who died?
Those were just side effects.
Why do you want me to regain
my memories so badly?
What will change if
I get my memories back?
Absolutely everything!
I can change absolutely everything!
If I can just have you regain
Byul's original memories
this entire world and all of humanity
can live in a brave, grand new world.
A grand new world that
nobody has ever inhabited before.
What did you say?
I don't know where
Byul came from, but look!
You're living a great life
while looking like a human being.
The one thing I can say
with certainty as a researcher
is that your DNA is the same as ours.
But you were able to
completely analyze a human brain.
Neuroscience is still a field that is
not entirely clear to us humans
but Byul had that knowledge!
That's not all.
Byul was able to store her
memories in a video file format
and could use that in order
to block out memories.
She could choose which ones, too!
Can you imagine the possibilities?
By using memory blocking,
humans will never have to suffer again!
You never once got angry. Not once!
If I can just find out the reason why
even if only a little,
humanity can conquer a new frontier.
You're humanity's savior.
I'm sure there must have been
a reason why you came to us.
But Kim Gyu Chul
ruined all of that for us!
I'm just trying to help humanity.
So please, Byul. Help me.
We're almost there.
Woo Jin is looking for the research
that his father left behind now, too.
If he just finds
Kim Gyu Chul's research data
we can bring your memories back.
And if we do that,
all of this will be over.
So please.
Just sit still for the
time being, please!
If you want Woo Jin and Bum Gyun
to be safe, that is.
Ms. Park Min Young.
There is a foreign object
within your head right now.
You need to undergo
more tests immediately.
I saw the CT scan.
It's near the right
cerebellar peduncle, right?
It won't pierce through my
pericranium if I'm lucky.
But I don't have time for that right now.
There's a person I have to find.
The person you are trying to reach
Why won't Kim Woo Jin pick up his phone?
- Where's the neuroscience building?
- This way.
Excuse me.
Damn it, where's Kim Woo Jin?
Absolutely everything!
I can change absolutely everything.
If I can just have you regain
Byul's original memories
this entire world and all of humanity
can live in a brave, grand new world.
A grand new world that
nobody has ever inhabited before.
Dad. Dad!
- Let go!
- No!
You're on their side too, aren't you?
You people killed those students, right?
And you people are the ones
who put that bug in my head, right?
Calm down.
It it wasn't me.
Stop lying!
Where's Bum Gyun?
Bum Bum Gyun?
Who's Bum Gyun?
Kim Bum Gyun!
You people kidnapped him!
Calm down. I know where that person is.
I can help you.
So, you help me too.
Han Yong Woo really was the criminal!
Hurry over here!
All right. I'll head there now.
What is it?
They've located Kim Bum Gyun.
He's in Gyodok-dong.
Damn it
What? When?
Just now.
All right.
Yeah, it's me.
Send someone to Gyodok-dong now.
The house in Gyodok-dong?
[Professor Park Dong Geon]
Hello, Professor.
I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry--
I'll explain later.
I know where your brother is.
He's at your old house in Gyodok-dong.
[Professor Park Dong Geon]
Hello, Professor.
I'm sorry, but I'm in a hurry--
I'll explain later.
I know where your brother is.
He's at your old house in Gyodok-dong.
- Bum Gyun!
- Woo Jin!
Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Hey, who are you?
Where's my brother?
- What?
- Where's my brother?
Let go! Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Hey, student.
I said go home!
Where's where's my brother?
Geez, this punk.
Let go. Wow, you're a
resilient one, aren't you?
Where's where's my brother?
Damn it.
Come on, man. Why did you
have to go so hard on a kid?
Hurry, Detective!
Bum Gyun
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun?
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun, it's me.
It's Woo Jin, please get up.
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Please get up, Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun, it's me.
Please get up.
Bum Gyun, it's Woo Jin.
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun
Please get up
Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun. Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun, it's me, Woo Jin.
Bum Gyun, please get up.
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun, please get up
Woo Jin
Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun, are you okay?
- Is it you, Woo Jin?
- It's me. Woo Jin.
Woo Jin, I'm sorry.
Bum Gyun, I'm the one
who's sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Thank you for being alive. I was wrong.
I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
Woo Jin.
I should have believed you. I'm sorry
[Part 2: Brave New World]
I'm going to meet
the chairman of Human B.
It doesn't matter if Woo Jin
is the chairman or not.
I'm going to meet him and stop Human B.
What about you? What are you going to do?
Even when I thought
Woo Jin could be the chairman
I unblocked people's memories.
We need to find Woo Jin
whether he's the chairman or not
and if he's the chairman,
we need to stop him.
What is it this time?
Deliver my message to the chairman.
If he knows I'm Kim Bum Gyun,
we need to meet.
Me, the chairman
and Bluebird, in person.
Are you telling me this is you,
and this is your brother?
Did Human B make your brother go missing?
Is it that hard to believe?
Then look at this.
I was a victim like you 20 years ago.
I was the first victim
to lose my memories.
And Human B could have done
something to my brother too.
A crime-free city? That's hilarious.
The creation of this place was a crime.
Then, what about Bluebird?
How do you know her?
She's looking for my brother too.
Bluebird is looking for your brother?
- It'll make sense to you soon.
- Do you have any idea where he is?
I'll find out when I meet the chairman.
Chairman, Kim Joon Hyuk wants
a three-way, face-to-face meeting.
What should I do?
If you keep eating flour-based foods,
you'll ruin your body.
I guess you don't know this.
Hey, haven't you watched Hollywood films?
Police officers eat doughnuts.
Hard-working officers like myself
eat doughnuts, got it?
Do flour-based foods
give you enough energy?
People should eat rice.
Hey, Erro. Since disconnecting
your chip, you've changed.
I did? How?
I think your nagging is
getting worse and worse.
- What's that? Say, "Ah."
- Ah.
I can't stand your nagging anymore.
I'm leaving!
Detective Kim!
How many times have I told you?
Please keep this city clean.
Yes, yes, yes.
A trespasser was in
the investigation room.
Please check the records!
Don't touch that! It could be dangerous.
This is mine.
- Pardon?
- I used it 20 years ago.
But Woo Jin was the last to have it.
9 p.m. on the 13th. Smart Earth.
156-9 Goyeon Building Rooftop.
Does the chairman want to meet?
Why didn't he contact you himself?
Don't go. I think it's a trap.
- Why?
- It's just my gut instinct.
Can you feel your gut
after disconnecting your chip?
What are you going to do?
But this is Woo Jin.
- That's the Human B chairman's office.
- What?
Why is Woo Jin in the
chairman's office? No way
It doesn't matter if Woo Jin
is the chairman or not anymore.
I'm going no matter what.
Hey, it could be a trap!
Please stand by at this terminal
with the other officers.
If anything happens,
I'll send Jung Yeon. Please protect her.
Why are you talking like
something's going to happen to you?
If something happens. If.
I trust you.
[Minister Park Dong Geon]
What's this?
It's a list of the visitors from
the Smart Earth investment briefing.
If the chairman were there,
the visitors would have seen him.
The chairman should be
in the visitors' memories.
Minister Park!
That's right. I'm a minister.
I'm a public official.
That's why
this is all I can do for you right now.
The rest is up to you.
Are you telling me to hack
into those visitors' memories?
I never said that. I said it's up to you.
- Hacking?
- Go immediately.
And if anything happens, go to the
terminal. Chief Hong will be there.
- Detective Kim.
- I'm counting on you, Lee Ho Soo.
Be careful.
Woo Jin, if you're the
chairman, you'll come out.
But I hope you don't.
Are you talking about the investment
briefing from January of 2022?
That's right. How did you know that?
It was top secret.
I was a reporter.
I was told that Chairman
G.E.E. Brown entered Korea.
And then I found out
he was at Saerim Hotel.
Oh, is that so?
Then we found out that
an investment briefing was held there.
I coincidentally heard about it
after I became a minister.
- Then, I'll see you next time.
- Sure.
- What are you doing?
- I smell something fishy.
And my intuition has never been wrong.
What is it?
Huh? Isn't that the twin
from the missing twins case?
That's not the point. It's this painting.
- I've seen this before.
- What is it?
That's what I'm wondering.
What is it? Why can't I remember it?
It'd be nice to have a chip
in my head right now.
But it wasn't long ago when you said
bad things about Smart Earth--
- Shut up! I'm trying to focus. Leave.
- Why are you getting mad at me?
[January 3rd, 2022, Eric Brown
checked in at Saerim Hotel.]
[Attendee List: Eric Brown, Tim Morris,
Charles Fisher, Park Dong Geon]
Park Dong Geon?
- What happened?
- We're forbidden from going inside.
We can't even figure out
who will be attending.
Oh! Here they come! Oh!
[Park Dong Geon]
It's a list of attendees from
the Smart Earth investment briefing.
If the chairman were there,
the attendees would have seen him.
Yes. I coincidentally found out
after I became a minister.
Tell security to stand by outside
my office and escort Minister Park here.
Yes, Mayor Yoon.
Minister Park?
Mayor Yoon wants to speak with you.
Mayor Yoon?
Where did you get the list of attendees
from the investment briefing?
- Why do you ask?
- I'm just curious.
But there's no reason
I have to tell you that.
As a former reporter,
you should know that--
Because you were there.
Pardon? Me?
I know you were
at the investment briefing.
If I were really there,
I would have seen the chairman.
- Why would I do this? It's dangerous.
- Exactly.
Why did you do that?
I took that picture.
If you were going to
release Detective Kim
you should have told him the truth.
Why did you do this? It's dangerous.
Minister Park?
What's your relationship with Human B?
If you go that far,
I can't refuse to tell you.
How shall I explain this?
Mayor Yoon.
About how Human B tried to forcibly
insert a chip into Kim Joon Hyuk's head
why do you think that happened?
It's dangerous to kidnap
someone on Smart Earth.
Don't change the subject.
I asked about your relationship
with Human B.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
Why do you think they
kidnapped him to insert a chip?
To stop Detective Kim from talking.
That's right. Then, what's
the easiest way to do that?
What do you think?
Blocking his memories.
But Joon Hyuk doesn't have a chip.
What are you saying?
I'm saying
because Joon Hyuk
doesn't have a chip in his head
they forcibly kidnapped him
and tried to insert a chip. But
there's no need to do that
to someone who already has a chip.
No way
It's nice to meet you, Mayor Yoon.
I'm Chairman Park Dong Geon of Human B.
It's nice to meet you, Mayor Yoon.
I'm Chairman Park Dong Geon of Human B.
Yes, Chairman Park.
Bluebird was Han Jung Yeon.
And Detective Kim was Kim Bum Gyun.
Hyun Seok, I have a plan.
I need to stay close to Kim Joon Hyuk.
Go ahead.
Joon Hyuk! Joon Hyuk!
Why are you so surprised?
I thought you wanted to see me.
How could this happen?
Mayor Yoon, do you know
which emotion is the most dangerous?
This is illegal. I'll report this!
the chairman of Human B.
And there's a chip in
your head that I created.
Erase it.
Why did you try to quibble over this?
That was tiring.
Mayor Yoon! Mayor Yoon!
Security! Security!
Mayor Yoon!
Mayor Yoon Mayor Yoon
Call for help immediately!
Yes, Minister Park.
9 p.m. on the 13th. Smart Earth.
156-9 Goyeon Building Rooftop.
This isn't a list,
They're care chip addresses.
If we trace these addresses,
we can get to their memory footage.
I'm Lee Hyun Seok
of Human B, Minister Park.
What happened to Mayor Yoon?
From what we've gathered
in the control center
it seems like it was a
hacking attack by Bluebird.
Bluebird erased
all of Mayor Yoon's memories.
Even if he wakes up,
he won't be able to function normally.
The situation is clear.
Smart Earth is under a terror attack.
And our objective is clear as well.
We must catch this violent
and aggressive attacker.
We have a duty to keep
Smart Earth safe and stable.
Article 2, Section 17
of Smart Earth Law Code
states that if Smart Earth is unable
to operate under its government
the Ministry of Science and Economy
will fulfill its duties.
From this point forward, city hall
and Human B will begin
our mission to arrest Bluebird.
Park Dong Geon of the Ministry of Science
and Economy will claim the authority.
Who are you?
Park Dong Geon.
That bastard had this painting.
It was that bastard.
What is it? Is there a problem?
This address doesn't belong to a person.
It's an AI.
- It's the Human B supercomputer.
- Pardon?
It's a trap.
Our location is being sent to Human B.
We have to hurry.
We've secured her location.
Smart Earth District 31, 17-5.
Cut off all communication networks
in District 13 and surrounding areas.
She hasn't fallen into our trap yet.
She detected our trap.
Impressive, Han Jung Yeon.
- Cut it off.
- Yes, Deputy Chief Lee.
[No Connection]
[No Connection]
- They cut off the communication network.
- We have to contact him.
Detective Kim is in danger.
Answer your phone!
Why isn't he answering?
There they are!
- Get them!
- Yes, sir!
They lost Bluebird.
What should we do now?
There's one more method.
Joon Hyuk!
Did you meet the chairman?
No. No one came.
Did you check on Jung Yeon? Is she safe?
- Why do you ask?
- I think her location has been detected.
We need to be alert.
The security team is out to get her.
Mayor Yoon is with Human B now.
We have to find Jung Yeon!
Joon Hyuk.
I agreed to meet Jung Yeon somewhere.
Jung Yeon?
- What's going on?
- What?
Don't you recognize this painting?
I've seen that painting before.
I saw it in Professor
Park Dong Geon's office.
I heard it's yours.
Why is the chairman's painting
from Handam University?
There could be multiple
copies of that painting.
Are you the chairman?
It's a misunderstanding.
I don't see a light,
even though you were surprised.
I see you don't have a chip.
Article 1, Section 1
of Smart Earth Law Code.
People without a care chip
cannot enter Smart Earth.
Why don't you have a chip?
What are you?
Are you the chairman?
Jung Yeon is a bright one.
As always.
I came here myself because
Jung Yeon caught on and ran off.
Fine, where's Jung Yeon?
You know where she is.
Were you the chairman of Human B?
It's me.
After singing about how much
you wanted to see me
here we are.
How do you feel?
What will change if
I get my memories back?
I can change absolutely everything.
If I can just have you regain
Byul's original memories
this entire world and all of humanity
can live in a brave, grand new world.
You were able to
completely analyze a human brain.
Byul was able to store her
memories in a video file format
and could use that in order
to block out memories.
She could choose which ones, too!
By using memory blocking,
humans will never have to suffer again!
Help me.
Where's Woo Jin?
Where's my little brother?
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
- Did my dad give that to you?
- What are you trying to find out?
I told you to catch them!
Grandmother, I need it.
- Why are you killing kids for it?
- I can save my brother!
Stop it!
Tell me where Woo Jin is!
We failed everything.
Open the door, you bastards!
Open the door!
Minister Park ordered us
to catch Bluebird alive.
Han Jung Yeon!
If you want to save Woo Jin,
regain your memory.
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