Circle (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
I have to see what's on
Professor Han's computer.
I found the culprit
who took my brother away!
What the hell are you doing?
The technology that Byul left behind
was taken away by your father!
I only have my brother now.
More people will have to die.
- Then, Bum Gyun
- Professor!
You have to find that research!
I have to see what's in there.
I can only put an end
to all of this if I do.
I can return your memories if I
just find Kim Gyu Chul's research.
So just sit still for a bit, will you?
Woo Jin. Bum Gyun.
I hope that you two are safe.
Where's Woo Jin?
I know where he is.
Your old house in Gyodeok-dong.
We've identified Kim Bum Gyun's
location. He's at Gyodeok-dong.
I asked you where my brother is!
Bum Gyun! It's me, Woo Jin!
- Bum Gyun!
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Bum Gyun.
Wouldn't it be better to just
live on without these memories?
Because there is nothing that is as
scary or creepy as one's memories.
Because the violent, terrible memories
are all still a part of me.
Tell the chairman that I want
a meeting with me, him, and Bluebird.
In person.
This is the list of the people
who came to the investment briefing.
I'm sure that the chairman's face
is in those people's memories.
What's your relationship with Human B?
Nice to meet you, Mayor Yoon.
I'm Chairman Park Dong Geon of Human B.
It's a trap. Our location is
being transmitted to Human B.
9 p.m. on the 13th. Smart Earth.
156-9 Goyeon Building Rooftop.
I've seen that painting before
in the office of Professor
Park Dong Geon at Handam University.
We have to get in touch with him.
Detective Kim is in danger.
I see you don't have a chip.
Were you the chairman of Human B?
It's me.
Where's Woo Jin?
Where's my little brother?
[Episode 9]
Why are you crying?
I want to see my mom
but I can't really remember her face.
Would you like to remember
what she looked like?
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Part 1: BETA Project]
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun, it's me.
Bum Gyun, It's Woo Jin.
Wake up.
Bum Gyun, Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun, it's me.
Bum Gyun, wake up. Wake up
Bum Gyun
Woo Jin.
Bum Gyun!
Are you okay, Bum Gyun?
Bum Gyun.
Is that you, Woo Jin?
Yeah, it's me. Woo Jin.
I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
I'm sorry, Bum Gyun. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
Woo Jin.
I'm so sorry, Bum Gyun. I'm so sorry.
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun!
- Are you okay?
- I'm here, Bum Gyun!
It's me, Min Young!
What do we do, Woo Jin?
Bum Gyun!
Wake up, Bum Gyun.
It's me, Min Young!
Wake up, Bum Gyun!
What happened to you?
Bum Gyun! What do we do, Detective?
Let's take him to the hospital first.
Let's take him to Min Hospital.
That's my dad's hospital.
- Bum Gyun!
- Here, let's get him up.
Here, let's get up.
Be strong, Bum Gyun!
Please go a bit faster, Detective!
Hang in there for a bit longer, Bum Gyun.
Find out where Professor
Han Yong Woo is right now.
Detective Choi
Detective Choi is on
Professor Han's side too.
Detective Choi, that bastard.
Find Detective Choi right now!
He was helping Han Yong Woo!
Hang in there, Bum Gyun!
- What in the world was that?
- Please hurry, Detective!
Wake up.
- What do you mean, a bug?
- I'll explain later, Dad.
Hurry and examine him first! Hurry!
All right.
We're here!
He needs urgent care.
Take a CT scan of him first.
Don't worry too much,
and wait here.
What about you?
You should get examined, too.
I did, and my brain is fine for now,
based on the bug's location.
I'm well aware of my own condition,
and I don't have nosebleeds or much pain.
- But still--
- Let's help Bum Gyun first.
Please allow my dad to
only focus on Bum Gyun.
If my dad figures out how to treat
Bum Gyun, he can treat me too.
Thank you.
Thanks to you, I found my brother.
You're Senior Gyu Chul's son?
You knew my father?
Your father and I
and Professor Han
have all known each other
since we were in college.
We even did research together.
Up until the two of them
went to MIT, anyway.
I'm sorry.
If I'd known sooner,
I would have stopped this.
To think that he was doing an
experiment like that on the students.
I really had no idea.
How did you know that
Bum Gyun was in Gyodeok-dong?
Oh Professor Han has
been acting strange recently
so I was watching his movements.
He was secretly visiting
Gyodeok-dong quite often.
I didn't know that someone
was locked up there, though.
I see.
But that house is the house
I used to live in a long time ago.
Oh, yes. He's right.
Professor Han lent that house
to Senior Gyu Chul.
A long time ago.
Professor Han did?
Yeah, it's me.
Take care of the experimentation room
materials and stay hidden for now.
I'll be in touch again.
Let's go.
Where are we going?
Somewhere safe.
Do you really need to go to such lengths?
It's all in order to protect you.
Jung Yeon!
Jung Yeon! Are you all right, Jung Yeon?
Jung Yeon! Are you all right?
Stop this right now.
All right.
Calm down, Jung Yeon.
Don't be like this, and let's head
over there without any fuss, okay?
I told you to stop right here!
Stop all of this
and turn yourself in.
I told you, Jung Yeon.
This is for the sake of humanity!
Dad. Please.
You and I will do this together.
You and I will create a grand new world!
We can do that as long as
Byul gets her memories back!
I want to live my life as Han Jung Yeon.
I just want to live as your daughter
as Han Jung Yeon!
You already know that's impossible now.
Please, Jung Yeon.
Please, Jung Yeon
Don't come any closer!
Don't come any closer!
What's going on over there?
Hey, hey, hey!
Hurry up and catch him. Catch him!
Are you all right, miss?
What are you doing?
Hurry up and call 911!
Yes, sir.
We have an incident here.
Send an ambulance.
Han Jung Yeon?
What happened to you?
Are you okay?
Whose number is this?
I'm fine. I just
borrowed someone's phone.
What about your brother?
Did you find him?
Yeah, I found him.
That's a relief.
Where are you?
Where are you? I'll come to you.
I'm at Min Hospital.
Are you really okay?
I'm fine. I'll go there.
Oh, goodness.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. Thank you.
Bum Gyun!
Woo Jin.
Min Young.
Are you okay, Bum Gyun?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You're really okay, right, Bum Gyun?
Help me up, will you?
The person who kidnapped you was
Professor Han, wasn't it, Bum Gyun?
Professor Han?
Professor Han.
This person.
This is him. This person is the culprit!
And he's the one behind the
deaths of all those students!
That bastard Detective Choi
already took everything and ran.
I told you to
catch him earlier, didn't I?
He was already gone when I got here.
What about Professor Han?
We can't locate him,
and there's nothing left in his office.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Why are you here? What about
the crime scene at Gyodeok-dong?
The chief told us to get out of there.
What? Why?
There's nothing there.
He just told us to
get out of there for now.
We took care of the situation
as quickly as we could.
What about Professor Han?
He is probably heading to the location
you mentioned with the remaining data.
[Incoming Call: Hyun Seok]
What happened?
I've gathered together all of
the materials we had at school.
I'll hand it all over to you.
Please come here.
All right.
- You're here, Professor?
- Yeah.
You got everything, right?
And nobody noticed anything?
Professor Park.
Wait outside for a bit, Hyun Seok.
You punk.
I apologize.
About the kid you locked inside
Senior Gyu Chul's home
what in the world did you do to him?
His memories will slowly be erased.
I can't just let a witness run amok.
I had no other choice.
Because the only other option
was to kill him, too.
What are you going to
such lengths to find out?
What is it that you're
even killing students--
And why do you want to know that?
Why do you want to know that?
Are you seriously asking?
People died because of my brain bots!
How could I just
sit still and do nothing?
You should've gone
to the police station, then.
Why did you come here instead?
I'm sure that you instinctively knew
just how amazing this technology this is.
Because you're a scientist, too.
You're out of your mind.
Me? I'm not crazy.
Jung Yeon I mean,
Byul, definitely made it.
With that technology, you can watch
memories like videos and alter them.
People can live without
ever being unhappy!
Kim Gyu Chul said
he saw that technology at work.
And that system exists
in that room within that house.
But but it doesn't work.
I couldn't figure out
how that system works!
I'm been trying for 10 years,
and I still can't figure it out!
Kim Gyu Chul definitely knew
how to make that system work.
I'm sure the data
was left behind somewhere.
I just need to know that.
If I just know that
If only that damned Kim Gyu Chul
hadn't gotten rid of that data!
Humanity would have
long been freed by now.
Professor Park. Professor Park.
If we can just figure out
that technology
we can create a grand new world.
What happened to Professor Han?
What are you planning to do, sir?
Weren't you going to
report him to the cops?
Hyun Seok.
Think long and hard about this.
That crazy neuroscience professor killed
students for the sake of his experiment.
What do you think will happen
if people find out about this?
Handam University will
definitely be destroyed
and they may get rid of all
neuroscientists in Korea.
What industries would invest in us?
What government would give us grants?
What if we're both
done for because of this?
Then what do we do now?
What are we supposed to do? Huh?
You have to trust me.
I'll figure this out somehow,
so just keep an eye on Professor Han.
Got it?
Hyun Seok.
Lee Hyun Seok!
Yes, sir.
Seeing people's memories
and editing them?
If that's really true
Is it Kim Woo Jin, by any chance?
Professor Han has disappeared completely.
I couldn't find evidence
or anything like that.
The camera that Min Young
mentioned is gone
and Detective Choi has
disappeared without a trace.
What do we do, then?
The only option we have left
is to have Bum Gyun testify.
That's the only way we can
investigate this further.
All right.
Han Yong Woo?
This person kidnapped me?
What are you saying?
You told me before that
this person was the culprit.
You told me that he
implanted a bug inside of you.
I don't know.
I've never seen this guy before.
Why are you acting like this?
You said before that this
person was the culprit!
Oh yeah. The culprit.
The culprit is Bluebird.
- Bum Gyun.
- Woo Jin!
We have to catch Bluebird. We have to.
We can do it!
We can catch Bluebird.
Bluebird. It's Bluebird.
The bug in his brain
is in his hippocampus.
But as of now, performing surgery
to extract it is too dangerous.
Why can't you do it?
If the bug moves
while we're trying to remove it
we have no way of
knowing what will happen.
He could possibly never walk again,
or not be able to see anymore.
He could lose all of his memories,
or he may never be able to wake up again.
What should we do, then?
We need more information.
Is there any way you can
find out more about this bug?
Woo Jin!
Where's Professor Han?
Min Young told me that he took you.
You don't know?
My brother is starting
to lose his memories.
And Professor Han is the
only one who would know why.
Do you have any guesses
as to where he might be?
I'm sorry.
I was so scared, so I just ran away.
I should have tried to stop
Dad no matter what, but
This is all my fault.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I probably would've
run away if I were you, too.
We can just focus on finding
Professor Han from now onward.
I'm sure that we'll be able to find
a way to fix my brother if we do that.
Jung Yeon. Are you all right?
I have something urgent
to ask you, Professor.
Why? Did you find out something?
Have you ever seen this,
by any chance, Professor?
- Here.
- Oh, thanks.
What are you going to use these for?
They're still being tested.
This is the robot that Professor Han
implanted into the students who died.
And into my brother, too.
My brother is losing his memories
because of it right now.
You were researching PTSD
with Professor Han, right?
Do you know anything about its
features, or how you can extract it?
I did research with him, but I
haven't ever seen anything like this.
There's no way he'd tell me about
an illegal experiment he was doing.
Sorry I couldn't be of any help to you.
No, it's okay.
Oh, do you think there might be
something at the house in Gyodeok-dong?
You mean, our old house?
Your dad's research had to do with
using a chip to treat mental illnesses.
And Professor Han worked alongside him.
Yes, Professor. Thank you.
I'm just confirming things
with my own eyes, is all.
is the house I lived in
with Byul a long time ago.
Will you be okay?
What is this?
Woo Jin!
Where's Professor Han?
Min Young told me that he took you.
You don't know?
- This is my memory.
- My brother
My brother is starting
to lose his memories.
What is this?
Woo Jin!
Where's Professor Han?
Min Young told me that he took you.
You don't know?
Why are you acting like that?
- This is my memory.
- My brother
My brother is starting
to lose his memories.
Professor Park is the only person
who could have done that.
Do you have any idea?
I'm sorry.
I was so scared, that I just ran away.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
It's not your fault.
I would have run away too.
It's not too late to find Professor Han.
Then we can fix Bum Gyun
How is this possible?
[Searching for an answer
to the question]
If you have this, you can see
your mom from your memory.
- What is this?
- A memory box.
A memory box?
Woo Jin, only you can use it.
Byul, you're the best.
I made that?
Did she make it for me?
You can watch memories
like videos and alter them.
It was true? How is that possible?
Can I really see my mom with this?
Wow, you're the best.
How did I make something like that?
I finally understand
why Professor Han tried so hard
to bring back your memory.
My memories are saved as footage.
Any scientist who saw this
would never give up.
It's not just for mental illnesses.
There are so many possibilities!
This is scary.
Professor Han, or anyone else,
will never give up.
They can't give up.
[Part 2: Brave New World]
[No Connection]
[No Connection]
- They blocked the network.
- We have to reach him.
Detective Kim is in danger.
Where's Woo Jin?
Where's my little brother?
Is he even alive?
He's alive.
He is?
That's right, he's living quite well.
Did you have Woo Jin all along? But why?
Why did you take Woo Jin?
I already told you that I needed Woo Jin.
Woo Jin was the last person
who had the data.
And I'm certain that was the
technology that created Human B.
Was it because of my father's data?
You could have sent
Woo Jin back afterward!
Woo Jin wanted it too.
You know that this
all started with Woo Jin.
We came this far because
Woo Jin wanted it to happen.
- Are you far?
- I'm almost there.
Hurry up and save Minister Park!
What? Woo Jin wanted it?
Do you expect me to believe that?
Do you think I'll still believe you?
Then, if I tell you where Woo Jin is
you won't believe me?
Where is he?
Han Jung Yeon.
If you want to meet Woo Jin,
bring Han Jung Yeon to me.
Cut the crap and
tell me where Woo Jin is!
That's okay,
I didn't expect much from you.
I'll catch Jung Yeon,
so stay out of this.
There he is!
What? Are you going to kill me?
Then you'll never find Woo Jin.
Shut up.
Joon Hyuk, stay out of this.
That's how I'll find Jung Yeon,
so you can meet Woo Jin.
Shut up!
Are you all right, Minister Park?
Catch him!
Stop right there!
What about Bluebird? Did you catch her?
Not yet. We'll recruit more men.
I'm issuing security measures
starting right now.
Bluebird and Kim Joon Hyuk are wanted.
Don't be noisy
or make the citizens anxious.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
By the way, Bluebird
hacked our security system
and entered Smart Earth
by bypassing ID Scan.
Release her montage to the security team
and tell them to check everyone
- with their eyes.
- I understand.
What is it?
Attention, Smart Earth citizens.
There is an error in the system
resulting in a disturbance
so the procedure
might take a little longer
- What's going on?
- Is there a problem on Smart Earth?
What's wrong with the system?
Please take off your sunglasses
and scan your handprint.
Thank you.
What's going on?
Why are they acting like that?
It looks more like
they're restricting access.
Do you think Joon Hyuk will be okay?
[Security Alert #1]
[Section Chief Go]
I checked the first security alert,
Section Chief Go.
- What's going on?
- Bluebird terrorized Mayor Yoon.
Minister Park is devising
a plan to find her.
It's a security order that also applies
to you, so please return to City Hall.
Yes, I understand.
- Joon Hyuk is in danger.
- You're in danger too.
I have to find Joon Hyuk's
location and let him know.
Don't hack anything.
It'll expose our location.
But if we leave it alone, Joon Hyuk
will be in danger. He'll be arrested!
Detective Kim asked me to keep you safe.
Please leave first.
I'll find Detective Kim
and send him out too.
No, Joon Hyuk can't
escape this place alone.
I have to hack the chip
and leave alongside him.
The security team will check
every person themselves.
- A chip won't help.
- Then what are we supposed to do?
I tricked the security team.
Human B doesn't know I'm on your side.
Let's go in together.
Escape while I distract them.
I will do whatever it takes
to find Detective Kim.
Han Jung Yeon!
You're in danger too.
I have to find Joon Hyuk's
location and let him know.
Don't hack anything.
It'll expose our location.
But if we leave it alone, Joon Hyuk
will be in danger. He'll be arrested!
Detective Kim asked me to keep you safe.
Please leave first.
I'll find Detective Kim
and send him out too.
No, Joon Hyuk can't
escape this place alone.
I have to hack the chip
and leave alongside him.
The security team will check
every person themselves.
- A chip won't help.
- Then what are we supposed to do?
I tricked the security team.
Human B doesn't know I'm on your side.
Let's go in together.
Escape while I distract them.
I will do whatever it takes
to find Detective Kim.
Han Jung Yeon!
Kim Joon Hyuk!
Detective Kim, you're okay. Let's leave.
- No, I can't.
- Pardon?
Park Dong Geon has Woo Jin.
Is Woo Jin alive?
Where is he?
I don't know yet.
But we have to stay here.
That's how we can find Woo Jin.
If we leave now, we can't come back in.
But my hideout has been detected,
and we have nowhere else to hide.
I know where you can hide.
Smart Earth citizens
don't rely on religion.
Because of Stable Care.
It was all a part of
Park Dong Geon's plan.
Park Dong Geon is the chairman.
Minister Park Dong Geon
is the chairman of Human B?
Then, the person who
called you out, and that USB
Was it all a trap?
What Park Dong Geon wants is me.
I'm his objective. He won't release
Woo Jin until he catches me.
He's looking for Byul's knowledge
that Professor Han wanted so badly.
I'm certain that I'm the one he wants.
I have to go in order
to end all of this. I'll go.
- No.
- Joon Hyuk.
Do you think he'll simply release
Woo Jin if you go there?
He'll catch you
- and it'll be harder to find Woo Jin.
- But Park Dong Geon has him.
I should at least check
if he's alive and where he is!
I'm the one who wants that
more than anyone!
Don't you get it?
But if it were Woo Jin,
he wouldn't send you there.
If Human B steals you away,
and I meet Woo Jin again
how will I face him?
Then we should think of another way.
- Is there a way to approach him?
- It won't be easy.
He has Human B and City Hall
behind him. It's almost impossible.
- What about Lee Hyun Seok?
- The same goes for him.
We only know that
he's the deputy chief of Human B
and there's no personal information
about him in the city hall system.
He rarely even comes out
of the Human B building.
I tried to hack into Lee Hyun Seok's
records, but I failed.
The security level is too high.
I know someone we can get close to.
They're still checking, but they haven't
left Smart Earth yet. Don't worry.
Don't worry?
We said it was a system error.
Here we are, checking people manually!
This situation puts
Smart Earth's reputation at risk.
I apologize.
Bluebird didn't even try to escape?
I guess she has no intention to leave.
It's almost morning. What if she can't
come out because they're in an emergency?
We need to wait. We have no other way.
Minister Park, the chairwoman
from City Hall is here to see you.
- Report to me when you locate her.
- Yes.
A terror attack on Smart Earth?
What on earth is going on?
That's what I'm saying.
The situation turned out this way,
so now I'm playing the role of a mayor.
We have fewer than 10 days
until we vote on the bill.
That's what we should be focusing on.
That's what I'm saying.
There won't be any other problems
but the bill for human cloning
will be hard to pass.
Yes, I think so as well
but it's quite unfortunate.
If we can clone humans,
we can overcome all genetic problems.
It'll solve the infertility issue too.
Then our population issue will disappear.
But people's sense of ethics
don't change overnight.
Chairwoman, do you know?
Mankind has never given up
on a technology that they created.
No matter what kind of
ethical problems were involved.
This technology was completed
in the 21st century.
And it's been approved by two countries.
In the end, they'll rule the market.
This is also for the
best interest of our country.
Even if that's true,
it will be difficult to pass this time.
Yes, but it's also important
to lay out the foundation for next time.
Anyway, please use your power
to help this cause.
I understand.
By the way
About the Smart Earth chip
I heard a conspiracy theory
that it erases people's memories.
It's not true, is it?
This is what she came here to ask.
Conspiracy theorists are
capable of saying anything.
Tampering with their memories?
It's technically impossible.
- We can't, even if we wanted to.
- Right?
Well, that's just what
the conspiracy theorists say.
- Let me know if anything happens.
- Yes.
Hey, long time no see.
Go inside.
Let's talk out here. What do you want?
Where's Kim Woo Jin?
- Kim Woo Jin?
- Tell me, where is he?
Who is he?
Don't you know?
Is it you?
- Yeah.
- Is someone here?
They're guests. Go inside.
I'll make breakfast for you soon.
Is that your little sister?
It must be difficult.
But I'm looking for my little brother,
so I can't leave.
Let's keep her out of this
so she doesn't worry.
Where's my little brother, Kim Woo Jin?
I really don't know who Kim Woo Jin is.
But you're with Lee Hyun Seok 24/7.
I'm sure there's something
he does that you don't know about
and it could be related
to Woo Jin, so tell us.
There's a place
that he goes to sometimes.
I only drove him there.
I don't know who he met inside.
Where was it?
Don't think about playing games.
I can just check your memory footage.
- Is this the right way?
- Yes.
It's probably Woo Jin, right?
It's Woo Jin, don't you think?
Maybe not.
It might not be him.
Let's not get our hopes up.
- What is it?
- Deputy Chief Lee's orders.
Detective Kim! Be careful.
I heard you were on
sick leave for depression.
What are you doing with them?
You knew Human B was
blocking memories, didn't you?
That's not right.
Let me ask you a question this time.
Why are you working
with people like that?
Because that's not the
only technology Human B has.
Who else could help
my little sister see again?
To me
they're no different than a god.
It could possibly result in a handicap.
No! No! That's not true
That's the front side
- What are you trying to do?
- I'll finish your research.
I'll make your dreams
come true, Professor Han.
Hey, you son of a bitch!
What the hell are you doing?
Be quiet if you don't want
to end up like Gyu Chul.
No. No. No!
This is the care chip?
Let's test it first.
Yes, I'll prepare for animal testing.
That's not enough.
Prepare for clinical trials.
Pardon? But we don't have a donor.
- We have Professor Han.
- Pardon?
That's the front side let's see
Jung Yeon, did you come back from school?
Did you eat?
Who are you?
Her friend?
Don't you know me?
Don't you remember what you did to me?
Joon Hyuk!
Where's Kim Woo Jin? You know,
don't you? Where's Woo Jin?
Kim Woo Jin?
Do you know?
Do you know where he is?
Do you know where my brother is?
That's right, Kim Woo Jin was the answer.
Do you know where he is? Where is he?
Kim Woo Jin
is dead.
Woo Jin is dead?
Park Dong Geon killed Kim Woo Jin.
Is Woo Jin really dead?
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
I can't give up!
- Where's my brother?
- What are you doing?
No one will give up.
No, they can't give up.
- Where did you hide him?
- Don't you know your own brother?
Why did you bring back his bad memories?
Why can't I check my own evidence?
We're here with a confiscation warrant.
Confiscate all his medical records!
- Suspension?
- They're seizing all medical records!
We have to find it.
If we find it, everyone can live.
Professor Han isn't alone.
There's more to it.
- I can't identify who it is.
- Who is it?
This case is very strange!
All the evidence disappeared!
Did my father really
leave nothing behind?
Should I give up and
leave this place with Bum Gyun?
What the hell are you saying?
Lee Ho Soo was with them?
Check that punk's
memory footage immediately.
Did Park Dong Geon do it?
Woo Jin is a human being.
How could you do that to him?
District 47, Unit 56. Minister Park
ordered us to capture Bluebird alive.
Han Jung Yeon.
I liked her idea. It's too bad.
- I think it was Human B.
- Is it Lee Ho Soo's care chip?
If Woo Jin is Human B, he must be
in there. We have to go inside.
- Look at his memory footage!
- The supercomputer is down!
I think something happened to Woo Jin.
Punks with chips in their heads
can't shoot a human being!
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