Circle (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

[Year 2008]
Gyu Chul!
What about the kids?
I already put them to bed.
It's so late, after all.
What's going on? You didn't even
call to tell me you'd be coming.
Please hold on to this for me, Mother.
You must not hand it over
to anyone else but me.
Do you understand?
I'll be in touch.
Gyu Chul.
Gyu Chul!
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
If you have this, you can see
your mom from your memory.
[Part 1: BETA Project]
What is this?
A memory box.
A memory box?
Woo Jin, only you can use it.
I made that?
Did she make it for me?
You can watch memories
like videos and alter them.
It was true? How is that possible?
Can I really see Mom with this?
Wow, you're the best.
How did I
- Thanks!
- make something like that?
I finally understand why
Professor Han tried so hard
to bring back your memory.
My memories are saved as footage.
Any scientist who saw this
would never give up.
It's not just for mental illnesses.
There are so many possibilities!
This is scary.
Professor Han, or anyone else,
will never give up.
They can't give up.
Looks like you're quite nervous.
Where's Professor Han?
Who are you people?
Hey, Professor Park Dong Geon.
I don't think you quite
understand the situation.
But you're doing something
quite dangerous right now.
I asked you who you people are!
Where the hell did you hide
Professor Han Yong Woo?
- That was my question, wasn't it?
- Human B.
You people are Human B, aren't you?
Professor Han told me
that a foundation called Human B
sponsored him for a long time.
there's no foundation registered
under such a name in South Korea.
I'm right, aren't I?
I'll have to be the one asking
questions from this point on.
What are you people trying to do?
I don't think you understand your place.
You want to ask questions, eh?
I'm sure you did something like this
just to ask me about
Professor Han's whereabouts.
But I have to make a decision now.
About whether or not I should
hand it over to you people.
And exactly what is it
that you have to offer us?
How to utilize
a system that allows you to
watch memories as videos.
That system hasn't worked
for 10 years now.
Even Professor Han
couldn't get it to work.
And yet, you're saying
that you can do it?
Access was granted
and the memories were
uploaded automatically.
I saw it for myself.
I saw his memories
uploaded as a video file.
I found the key for
unlocking that system.
You people weren't even able
to find Kim Gyu Chul's research.
What, are you just going to give up now?
You couldn't make any
breakthroughs for 10 years
and even killed people as a side effect!
So are you people going to
continue doing things like this
and following Professor Han,
who couldn't even do that properly?
What is it that you want?
Untie me.
No, I asked you what you want.
Isn't it funny? I'm the only one
who knows how that system works.
You people can't kill me
or do anything else to me now.
And I'm the one who
holds the key to that system
so why do you even need Professor Han?
Untie me.
I have a lot of questions for you.
I understand your intentions,
Professor Park.
I'll be in touch with you soon.
Wow, unbelievable.
Life sure has a funny way of working out.
- Yeah, Min Young?
- What do we do, Woo Jin?
What is it? What's wrong?
Bum Gyun can't even
recognize me anymore!
Still no progress with that bug?
What about Professor Han?
You couldn't find him?
You should calm down first, Min Young.
I'll figure this out somehow,
so don't cry--
Woo Jin, what are we
going to do about Bum Gyun?
Stay by my brother's side
until I get there, okay?
Okay, hurry over here!
Who was I before I was Han Jung Yeon?
If I really am an alien
why did I come here?
What are you planning to do?
My brother can't even
remember Min Young anymore.
I'm not completely sure
about how this program works
but I don't think this is part
of my dad's research data.
Professor Han must have been looking
for a way to make this program work.
One thing's for sure. I'm the key.
I really don't know
anything else beyond that.
And I don't know how I can use this
to help my brother regain his memories.
all of my memories are right here.
I have to make sure that my memories
are preserved, at the very least.
If I do this, he'll remember me
even if he forgets everything else.
Where's my brother?
He's not inside?
No luck.
Hey, Kim Woo Jin! Woo Jin!
Over here!
Ugh, seriously!
Hey, why are you here?
Who's this?
Oh, is she your girlfriend?
Hey, wow! Seriously?
Hello! I'm Woo Jin's older brother.
We don't look alike even
though we're twins, right?
It's because I'm a teensy bit
more handsome than him.
Oh, Ms. Min Young!
This is my younger brother, Woo Jin.
She's the daughter of the director
of the hospital, and she's so nice.
She said she didn't know how to
ride a bike, so I was going to teach her.
Is that right?
I was going to take this
opportunity to learn how.
Huh? You two know each other, huh?
- Let's go.
- All right.
Don't have too much fun
on your date, okay?
Let's go.
Here, get on the seat.
And hold on tight
to the handlebars!
All right, let's go!
Hold on to the handlebars tightly!
And keep pedaling!
Hold on to the handlebars tightly!
You're doing well!
All you have to do is keep
pedaling confidently, like that!
She's doing great.
I taught you how to
ride a bike too, right?
How is it that you still
fall for that after 20 years?
You're no match for me!
Ms. Min Young! Ms. Min Young!
Should we
just stop all of this?
Woo Jin.
My brother is smiling.
My brother was uneasy every day
after my dad went missing.
my brother is smiling now.
Comfortably, like a regular human being.
he can't recognize you anymore.
He's forgotten all about Dad
and about aliens.
Should we just stop all of this and
go somewhere far away with my brother?
If we do that, all of us
can start over again.
What are you saying?
You're not going to help
Bum Gyun get his memories back?
He may be happiest this way.
Did Bum Gyun say that's what he wanted?
Did he ask you to do that?
Bum Gyun ended up like this
after trying to find out the truth.
To Bum Gyun, the truth might be
more important than his happiness.
Do you really know that little about him?
No, it's because I do
that I'm saying this!
My brother has been
through so much already.
After my dad disappeared, he was
miserable every day for 10 years!
Why would I try to restore
those bad memories?
Because those memories are Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun is only Bum Gyun
because he has Bum Gyun's memories.
You think it'll be okay for him to just
be happy, without any memories?
He doesn't even recognize me anymore.
He might not even recognize you soon!
So how could he still be Bum Gyun?
Not restoring Bum Gyun's memories
is what's best for him, you say?
That's just an excuse.
You're just saying that because this
is difficult, and that's an easy way out!
Do you believe that too?
Do you really think it's right
not to restore Bum Gyun's memories?
don't know.
Because those memories are Bum Gyun!
Bum Gyun is only Bum Gyun
because he has Bum Gyun's memories.
What about me, then?
What about my memories?
Bum Gyun.
I don't know what the right answer is.
Lee Hyun Seok.
Listen carefully.
What's happened has already happened.
All you have to do is trust and obey me.
Got it?
[Restricted Number]
I'll accept your offer, Professor Park.
I'll do what I need to do.
You know what you need to do, right?
Make sure you clean up
after the situation well.
And I'll be the one to
call you from now on.
What? I can't check on them?
No, you cannot. You cannot!
Hey, why can't I check on the
evidence from my own case?
- Move.
- I'm just doing as I've been ordered to!
- Please leave.
- Yeah right. Move.
- You can't!
- Move!
You can't!
Why, you little
What are you doing?
I told you to take your
hands off that case, didn't I?
There's really something
strange about this case!
The evidence keeps disappearing too.
During the Kim Min Ji case,
you said you knew who the culprit was!
But did you have any evidence? Did you?
Hand over your gun and badge right now.
Section Chief!
Damn it
No, we can't do that.
If what you're saying is true
they put a blue bug in someone's brain
to do a memory-related experiment?
- Yes.
- So it is still affecting his brain.
But we don't know anything about it.
Regardless of that,
you want us to surgically remove it?
We can't. It's too dangerous.
Director, I--
Yeah, what is it?
Who are you people?
We've received a report
regarding you, sir.
Pardon? What do you mean--
We were told that you've been embezzling
money for the past couple of years.
Here is our search and seizure warrant.
We'd appreciate your cooperation.
Seize everything!
From all of his personal records
to his patient records!
We'd appreciate your cooperation.
We'll run some tests on him
after I administer this shot.
Yes, but he's still sleeping.
It's all right.
- Detective!
- Hey.
Why are things so chaotic here?
A bunch of people came to do
a search and seizure.
They said that Min Young's
dad embezzled money!
Woo Jin!
They're even taking all
of his patients' records!
Including the records
and results of the tests!
Including Bum Gyun's.
Why are they taking patient records if
they're searching him for embezzlement?
Are they trying to get rid of the
evidence in this hospital too?
Huh? What do
you mean by that, sir?
The perfect destruction of all evidence.
We have the blue bugs
at the police station
even if all of the other
evidence is gone!
I'm not sure if the blue bugs
are even on the evidence roster.
I got suspended from duty
while going to try and find out.
Suspended from duty?
Not Detective Choi, but you?
You were suspended? Why?
I don't even know where that
damned Detective Choi is.
And my higher-ups aren't
even bothering to check.
What do you mean by that? Huh?
What do you mean by that?
I don't know know either!
Everything and everyone
is just so weird!
Seeing as it's not a dye,
it must not be a CT scan.
So what kind of test are you doing?
It'll take 30 minutes at most,
so please wait here.
Wait, he can't get an MRI
if he has metals on him.
Does he not know that the
blue bug has a metal chip in it?
I think that someone is purposely
trying to cover up this incident.
Professor Han isn't alone.
There are definitely
others working with him.
They might even try to target Bum Gyun.
Because he's the most decisive
piece of evidence there is.
He's dragging Bum Gyun away.
Where is he?
By the 10th floor elevator.
He pressed the down button.
All right.
Let's go. Hurry!
They're heading for the
basement parking lot.
Min Young!
- I'll take this side!
- All right!
No! No!
You know how to drive, right?
Hurry and go!
No! No!
- No!
- Hurry!
- Hurry and go!
- Hurry!
I can't hold him forever!
- Hurry and go!
- Hurry!
- Hurry and go!
- Hurry!
You couldn't even get that done properly?
Let them be, for now.
Why isn't he waking up?
Bum Gyun! Bum Gyun.
He's breathing.
I'm sure they tranquilized him.
He'll wake up.
He'll wake up, right?
He'll wake up, right?
Get it together.
We have to protect Bum Gyun.
You're all he has, after all.
[Professor Park Dong Geon]
Yes, Professor?
Woo Jin, is Bum Gyun all right?
How did you know?
Professor Han kidnapped me.
I barely managed to escape.
I think that Professor Han
is targeting Bum Gyun.
My brother is okay.
Where are you now? Let's meet up.
Are you all right?
I'm sorry, Woo Jin!
I told Professor Han that I'd try to
convince you because of his threats.
No, rather it wasn't
Professor Han's threat, per se.
It was a person acting
in place of Professor Han.
Someone who even has connections
within the government.
I was so scared of them.
Who is that person?
Human B.
Human B?
Professor Han and your father received
a grant from a foundation called Human B
in order to research
Byul's technology, I think.
But Senior Gyu Chul went missing
during the experiment
and Human B is still trying
to figure out Byul's technology.
They left Byul, who'd lost her memories,
by Professor Han's side
and pretended that she
was Professor Han's daughter.
At any rate, I have no idea
what that technology is.
But Professor Han has a
crazed look in his eyes.
It looks like he'll stop at nothing, too.
So, what does Professor Han want?
Did he want you to go
and find Dad's research data?
I think he's given up on that.
Then, what?
He wants to research Byul alongside you
just as he did with your father.
And that's the only way for Bum Gyun
to get the treatment he needs.
So basically, he wants me to bring
Jung Yeon and my brother to him.
He told me to tell you this, as well.
That you don't have anywhere
you can run to anymore.
Tell Professor Han to
give us just one day.
You can tell him that, right?
Is there really no way out of this?
Do Jung Yeon and I really have to go?
How could something
like this be possible?
[Searching for an answer
to the question]
Does Dad's research data exist?
I have to find it.
We can all survive if I do.
Is there really nothing
that Dad left behind?
[Searching for an answer
to the question]
What were you doing, Byul?
The research data that Dad left behind.
That's it.
It's me, Woo Jin.
Woo Jin?
I'm sorry, but this is urgent.
Dad gave you that necklace, right?
Gyu Chul told me
not to give it to anyone.
Grandma, please give me
the necklace. I need it.
Nurse! Nurse! Nurse!
Grandma! Grandma, please!
Please, give it to me! Please?
I have to take it
in order to save my brother!
Grandma, please
Woo Jin, why are you crying?
Where's Bum Gyun?
If you give me that necklace
I'll bring Bum Gyun back safe and sound.
Thank you, Grandma.
Is there really no other way?
This is Kim Gyu Chul.
This is Kim Gyu Chul.
June 20th, 2008. This is my
last entry regarding the BETA project.
I found it.
I found it, Bum Gyun.
[Part 2: Brave New World]
Don't you know me? Don't you
remember what you did to me?
Joon Hyuk!
Where's Kim Woo Jin? You know,
don't you? Where's Woo Jin?
Kim Woo Jin.
Do you know?
Do you know where Woo Jin is?
Do you know where my brother is?
That's right, Kim Woo Jin was the answer.
Do you know where Woo Jin is?
Where is he?
Kim Woo Jin
Woo Jin is dead?
Park Dong Geon killed Kim Woo Jin.
Is Woo Jin really dead?
I saw it. His pupils dilated, his
brain activity stopped, and he flatlined.
It was a perfect death
from a scientific point of view.
But but it's strange.
Kim Woo Jin definitely died
He did, but why is Human B just fine?
Why didn't the system shut down?
- What do you mean by that?
- Kim Woo Jin definitely died.
What the hell does that mean?
The supercomputer doesn't
operate without Kim Woo Jin.
But if the supercomputer is working,
does that mean Kim Woo Jin is alive?
Please make some sense.
What are you talking about?
Is Woo Jin is Woo Jin alive?
No. He's dead.
Hey, get a hold of yourself.
Is Woo Jin alive or not?
Does this mean Park Dong Geon is
able to run the supercomputer himself?
That makes no sense.
There's no way
Park Dong Geon can do that.
Then, did Woo Jin come back to life?
But coming back to life
is scientifically impossible.
But wait
Is it possible?
Is resurrection possible?
The supercomputer doesn't work
without Woo Jin? What does this mean?
- Do you think--
- That's right.
The star.
The star in the basement study.
It only recognized
and worked for Woo Jin.
Woo Jin was the only person
who was able to run that system.
If the supercomputer doesn't work
without Woo Jin as Professor Han said--
Then they couldn't make it.
This means Human B was unable
to replicate the star after 20 years.
They used Woo Jin to
operate the supercomputer.
Then, what about Woo Jin?
[Deputy Chief Lee Hyun Seok]
[Deputy Chief Lee Hyun Seok]
[Deputy Chief Lee Hyun Seok]
Answer it like you normally would.
Hello, Deputy Chief Lee.
Seo Hee isn't feeling very well.
I'll return as soon
as I check her condition.
- Locate Secretary Shin right now.
- What's the matter?
Secretary Shin's little sister's
name isn't Seo Hee.
- What do you mean?
- I think Secretary Shin was kidnapped.
- Did you locate her?
- She's at Professor Han's house.
It's either Bluebird or Kim Joon Hyuk.
Catch them. And call security too.
By the way don't use
the Smart Earth network.
- Pardon?
- Bluebird is in Smart Earth.
It could be hacked into. Use UHF,
an ultrahigh frequency network instead.
District 47, Unit 56. Minister Park
ordered us to catch Bluebird alive.
If Woo Jin is Human B, he must be inside.
- We have to get in there.
- It's dangerous.
We can't just get in there.
That's the only way to check
if Woo Jin is alive!
Human B found out where we are.
They're communicating via UHF.
Let's hide for now.
How about this idea?
How long are we going to be here for?
Isn't that Dong Soo?
Why is he in such a rush?
I'm training him very hard myself.
Run faster! Five, four, three, two, one!
What the heck?
Did you bring the underwear?
That's not what's important.
I think something happened at Human B.
I'm sure that's why they're
checking everyone themselves.
That also means Joon Hyuk
hasn't been caught yet.
Why are you freaking out about that?
"District 47, Unit 56."
"Catch Bluebird alive."
- What does that mean?
- Did you hack into Smart Earth?
No, just listen.
Chief Hong, why do you think
they're using UHF out of the blue?
But who? Bluebird? Good luck, buddy.
What could they possibly do
without any UHF equipment?
But, I, Lee Dong Soo, have the equipment
which is how I got the radio message.
Hey, this means their location
has been found out. What do we do?
Then this isn't the time to lie here.
What if we try to get in there?
But we don't even have a chip.
And they're checking everyone themselves.
Even if we can get in, how can we
bypass five additional identity checks?
Lee Dong Soo, can't you do something?
Can't you hack into Smart Earth?
Hack into what? Why do you always
ask me to hack into Smart Earth?
- Then who else can do it?
- You do it!
- "You do it"?
- You do it.
I'm reporting from 34-0130.
The car is trying to escape.
It's fleeing in the direction of Road 14.
Stop them immediately!
Hey, this way!
Hurry up!
The barricade is up.
Where's Bluebird?
I'm not sure. Who's Bluebird?
There's a way to check where she is.
What? Lee Ho Soo?
Lee Ho Soo was with them?
Lee Hoo Soo must know where they are.
Bluebird and Kim Joon Hyuk weren't there.
Only Lee Ho Soo was there.
It's likely that Lee Ho Soo
knows their whereabouts.
Check that bastard's
memory footage immediately.
We will reconnect your chip
and check your memory footage.
You failed at whatever you tried to do.
Lee Ho Soo's care chip is reconnected.
Let's watch his memory footage!
What is that?
It's a virus. It's hacking into
the company's security system.
No way. The security system
is only used from the inside.
There's no way to get into it from
the outside. How did the virus get in?
No way.
Lee Ho Soo's care chip?
No way.
Lee Ho Soo's care chip?
Lee Ho Soo, what are you doing?
Sit down.
Let them catch you?
Yes, the supercomputer
is on the 99th floor.
Your little brother could be inside.
We have to get in there.
But why do they have to catch you?
As soon as they find out I'm on
your side, they'll reconnect my chip.
Probably. They'll try to watch
your memory footage. So?
- No, that's too dangerous.
- What? What's dangerous?
- That's the only way.
- But--
I don't know about anyone else,
but Bluebird can do it.
The Human B security system
is very hard to get into.
Han Jung Yeon, you're the
only person who can do it.
What are you talking about?
Explain it so I can understand!
Lee Ho Soo is asking me to
plant a virus in his care chip.
It could be a great method.
I've hacked Lee Ho Soo before.
I know his chip address too.
As soon as they check his memory footage,
it can shut down the security system.
And he'll be arrested?
They have no evidence to arrest me.
They'll probably block my memories again.
Please promise me
that if that happens,
you'll bring back my memories afterward.
Let's hurry. We don't have time.
- No.
- Detective Kim!
I've never said this before.
But thanks, Lee Ho Soo.
Even if they block my memories,
I'd better not forget this.
Since this is the
first time I've heard it.
- We're checking Gate 1!
- It's completely blocked!
Check what's going on
everywhere else and report to me!
Check Gate 3!
And everyone else, go that way.
Hurry. Hurry!
It's really not going off.
Bluebird is really impressive.
- We don't have time. We have to get in.
- How long will the virus last?
Anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes.
You're digital and I'm analog.
Don't we have great teamwork?
Move aside.
What about the virus?
Is it going to take a long time?
It's almost finished.
We'll catch them soon.
Han Jung Yeon, it was a good idea,
but how unfortunate.
- She met Professor Han too.
- It'll be restored soon.
Go and check Circulate.
I'm on it.
Minister Park!
Jung Yeon.
Why have you become so quiet
since the last time I saw you?
I guess there was really no other way.
If you missed me, you should have called.
I was saddened to not hear from you.
Well, then. There's a lot to do.
- Let's go.
- Jung Yeon! Jung Yeon!
Let go. Let go!
Let go! Let go!
Hey. Shoot me!
It's not like bastards with chips
in their heads can shoot a man!
That's right, I forgot about that.
Hey, Kim Joon Hyuk is smart.
I don't have a chip.
- I'll go.
- Han Jung Yeon!
I'll see you later.
Jung Yeon. Jung Yeon! Jung Yeon!
- Let's go.
- Jung Yeon!
Let go! Han Jung Yeon! Han Jung Yeon!
Han Jung Yeon!
No. No!
Open the door! Open the door!
Jung Yeon! Han Jung Yeon!
Open the door!
Is Woo Jin the Human B system?
Professor Han?
I guess that old man is still just fine.
In the end, there's nothing
you did with your own abilities.
If you don't have Woo Jin or that star
- Right?
- Yeah, that's right.
The supercomputer can't
do anything without Woo Jin.
He's the most important component
of the supercomputer.
Woo Jin is a human being.
He's not a component.
Who do you think you are
to use Woo Jin like this?
Fine, I bet blaming me
makes you feel better.
But if you cared about Woo Jin that much
shouldn't you have come in the beginning?
You know what's inside
your blocked memories.
Professor Han was right.
It doesn't matter where you came from.
Look at you. You possess the
same DNA as we do. We're related.
That's why your brain map
works for us too.
That's not all. You also had
knowledge that we didn't have.
If we have you, we can remarkably
advance the technology of mankind.
And that technology is in your memory,
which Kim Gyu Chul blocked.
You unblocked other people's memories.
But why aren't you looking
for your own memories?
Do you have the right to say
I did anything wrong?
Why am I making Woo Jin make
the sacrifice? Because you won't.
If you want to save Woo Jin,
regain your memory first.
All you have to do is
sacrifice yourself instead.
What's going on?
What is this?
We're in trouble.
The supercomputer is down.
Don't let her escape!
What happened? Check what's going on!
- It's not working!
- It's dying!
Hey, what's going on?
- The supercomputer is frozen.
- Is it because of the virus?
I don't think so.
Minister Park.
Circulate disappeared.
Please check that the
terminal channel is turned off.
- Follow the orders!
- Hey, what's going on?
Due to a system error,
you cannot enter Smart Earth.
Please wait a moment.
We are unable to check your identity,
so please be patient.
I understand. If you wait
a moment, it'll be resolved soon.
The supercomputer is down.
What? What does that mean?
That means they can't do anything,
including identity checks!
Hey, this is our opportunity.
Come here, we'll get up there
and stir up a commotion.
- And we'll enter when we see an opening.
- I'll go in first.
- Okay.
- How long do we have to wait?
We'll let you know.
- Hold them down, okay?
- Yes.
Hey, I'm a Smart Earth citizen.
Why can't I go inside?
The error will be resolved
shortly, so please wait.
My wife is pregnant.
I don't have time for this, so move!
Is there a problem with our houses too?
Shouldn't we go inside and check?
Hey, that's true!
Everyone, let's go inside!
Let's do that!
Wait for me, Kim Woo Jin.
I'm almost there.
So what happened?
Let me know when you find out.
Han Jung Yeon, are you okay?
What happened?
The supercomputer is down.
- What?
- The Human B supercomputer is frozen.
That means the connection between
Woo Jin and the computer is cut off.
That means something happened to Woo Jin.
This is an emergency,
so turn on Elevator 5!
No way.
Kim Woo Jin?
Is it you?
Woo Jin.
Is it really you, Woo Jin?
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
- It'll work out, right?
- Kim Woo Jin!
- Where's Byul?
- We just need Han Jung Yeon.
- Is it over once you have the data?
- No way, it's just the beginning.
You'll die at this rate.
Dad, Bum Gyun had a seizure!
Take us to the hospital!
Please finish my older brother's surgery!
Are you crazy?
- Please erase my memories.
- Hey!
Protect yourself until the very end.
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