Circle (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

[This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.]
What about Professor Han?
My brother is losing his memories.
We can use that technology to view
and edit memories, like a video!
That system exists in that room.
Kim Woo Jin.
There might be something
at the house in Gyodeok-dong.
These are my memories.
They definitely won't stop.
Professor Han, or anyone else.
No, they won't be able to stop.
You people are Human B, right?
I'm the only person who
knows how to operate that system.
What is it that you want?
- Probation?
- We have a search and seizure warrant.
I feel like someone's
trying to cover up this incident.
They might target Bum Gyun too, since
he's the most decisive piece of evidence.
You couldn't even do that properly?
I told Professor Han
that I'd try to convince you.
Did my dad really
leave nothing behind?
That was it.
I need to take that to save Bum Gyun!
Do Jung Yeon and I really have to go?
This is Gyu Chul.
We have to endure.
That's the only way we'll find Woo Jin.
You're with Lee Hyun Seok 24/7.
But I'm sure that there's some time in
between when you're not with him.
Where's Kim Woo Jin?
- You know, right?
- Kim Woo Jin is definitely dead.
So why is Human B still working fine?
If Woo Jin is part of the system,
he's definitely at Human B.
We have to get in there.
Lee Ho Soo will know their whereabouts.
Play back the footage of his memory!
It's a virus, and it's affecting
the entire Stable Care System.
Lee Ho Soo is asking me to
implant a virus into his care chip.
- We have no time.
- Thanks, Lee Ho Soo.
Go and check on Circulate.
The supercomputer can't
do anything without Woo Jin.
Remember your lost memories first
if you want to save Woo Jin.
What's going on?
Big trouble, sir.
The supercomputer is down!
Did something happen to Woo Jin?
No way
Woo Jin, is that you?
Is there
really no other way now?
[Episode 11]
This is Kim Gyu Chul.
This is my last log for the BETA Project,
and today is June 20th, 2008.
Oh I found it!
I found it, Bum Gyun!
[Part 1: BETA Project]
I destroyed all of my
research data today.
With this, the BETA Project
is completely finished.
Doctor Han Yong Woo,
who researched this alongside me
wanted to continue our research.
However, I decided that this technology
isn't something that humans should have.
[Eunsung Psychiatric Hospital, 2008]
Doctor Han.
We should only use the memory technology
that Byul taught us to treat trauma!
But that's not the only thing
possible with this technology.
Doctor Kim, humans are imperfect beings.
Unpleasant emotions
like greed, anger, and fear
all come from one's memory!
What is it that you want to do?
If we use this to erase the
memories that cause strife in people
we can create a world
without crime or war!
We imperfect human beings
can create a grand new world!
But imperfect human beings
will be in control of that technology.
Someone will definitely
try to take control.
If that happens, people will be
able to manipulate others' memories
and will even be able to control them!
That hasn't even happened yet.
We can't stop now just
because we're scared of that!
Doctor Kim.
Think about this carefully, okay?
It's nothing, Byul.
Doctor Han is
quite a passionate guy, so--
Please erase my memories.
I didn't consider humanity's greed.
It'd be better to get
rid of this technology
than allow it to be
used for bad purposes.
And that is why I erased
the memories of Byul
who taught me about the
memory technology.
This is something that Byul wanted.
Doctor Kim!
Where's Byul?
Where is Byul?
It's too late. I've erased
all of Byul's memories.
No, I'm going to make her remember again.
So, tell me. Where is Byul?
It's over.
Gyu Chul.
You'll end up dying like this.
If things go wrong,
you and I could both end up dying.
We may be in danger now
due to this incident.
But I, not as a scientist,
but as a human being
did what needed to be done.
If you found this video after looking
for my research, whoever you may be
please stop now.
The technology that Byul left behind
no longer exists in this world
and it must not exist.
The research data is now
The research data no longer exists?
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
Dad! I think Byum Gyun
is having a seizure!
Yeah, yeah! All right!
Head to Gyojoon Hospital. Hurry!
All right.
Oh no! Hang in there!
The research data didn't even exist,
from the very start.
What will my brother do now, then?
So what is it that
Professor Han wants, then?
He wants to research Byul alongside you
just as he did with your father.
And that's the only way for Bum Gyun
to get the treatment he needs.
So he's telling me to bring Jung Yeon
and my brother, and go to him.
Woo Jin, Bum Gyun is acting weird!
Come to Gyojoon Hospital. Hurry!
[Emergency Room]
Continue the compression!
- Bum Gyun!
- Clear!
Continue the compression!
Charge it up to 200 joules.
Bum Gyun!
We've achieved return of
spontaneous circulation!
Please check his vitals.
Yes, Doctor.
Doctor! Is my brother all right?
His condition is stable for now.
Did Bum Gyun have an epileptic fit?
- No.
- Then
I think that it really was
because of that blue bug.
His entire body was quite stiff
and his breathing had stopped.
That's why he went into cardiac arrest.
If his heart stops again,
I can't guarantee that he'll be okay.
You really can't perform surgery on him?
The bug has moved to a
more precarious spot.
His condition could become
much worse if we operate on him now.
We have to hurry and
learn more about this bug
or, wait, no.
We don't have time for that, either.
The people who created and implanted
this bug have to remove it themselves.
What are you doing?
If I go to him, he'll tell me
how we can save Bum Gyun.
What Dad wants is my memories, after all.
All we need is for me to go, Woo Jin.
And that is why I erased
the memories of Byul
who taught me about the
memory technology.
This is something that Byul wanted.
There's no other way, though.
I have to go.
There is a way.
What is it, then?
I found my dad's research data.
This is what Professor Han wanted.
This will do.
So, just trust me and wait here.
The research data no longer exists.
Why are we having our tutoring
session at a karaoke place?
I'm not tutoring you today.
I want to ask you a favor.
What is it now?
You said you'd do whatever
I asked if I did you that last favor.
But you didn't do anything for me.
What do you want, then?
Let me skip four tutoring sessions.
And keep it a secret from Mom.
This is the burner phone that you wanted.
But what are you planning
to do with this, sir?
I cannot leave any clues
behind from this point onward.
Neither of us can.
- But, Professor--
- Hyun Seok.
We're so close to revolutionizing
neuroscience forever.
Professor Han said that it'd be
possible to watch memories as videos.
We might be able to figure out
that technology really soon.
All we need is for Kim Woo Jin
and Han Jung Yeon to come here.
Kim Woo Jin?
3 p.m. on June 26th, 2017.
They were watching everything.
That actually works out in my favor.
[Message to: Professor Park Dong Geon]
This is Kim Gyu Chul.
This is my last log for the BETA Project,
and today is June 20th, 2008.
[Kim Woo Jin]
Yeah, Woo Jin?
What's this video?
- Is this--
- Yes, I've found it.
Dad's research.
I'm going to hand it
over to Professor Han.
On one condition.
Please relay this to him.
A condition?
What should I tell him?
He has to perform the
operation on my brother first.
So you want to trade Senior Gyu Chul's
research for your brother's surgery?
I'll hand the data over once
he performs the surgery on my brother.
He doesn't need me or Jung Yeon
anymore if he has that, correct?
What should I do if he says no?
I feel like he'll want to see if
it really is his research.
I'll go. As his hostage.
Professor Han even installed
a camera at my old house.
I'm sure that Professor Han is well aware
of the fact that I'm here as his hostage.
All right, I'll tell him that.
But will you really be okay, Woo Jin?
I'm sorry to have dragged you
into all of this, Professor.
No, it was my fault that I couldn't
stop Professor Han sooner.
All right, I'll help you
in any way I can.
This will all come to an end
if you just hand the research data over.
Will everything really be over
if we get the research data?
Of course not.
This is just the beginning.
We'll take the research data
and keep Woo Jin, too.
He's the key, after all.
Jung Yeon will come after that.
I'll resume the BETA Project
with my own two hands.
This is Park Dong Geon.
I need you to set up a scene for me.
- Hello?
- Yeah, Woo Jin?
Professor Park?
What's with this number?
Human B gave this to me so there
would be no traces of this transaction.
They're quite meticulous.
What about Professor Han?
Did you get in touch with him?
Yeah. He said that
he'll accept your offer.
4 p.m. at Gwangsang Apartment,
in the garage.
The doctor who will operate on
Bum Gyun will be heading there shortly.
He said that you'll have to be sure
to bring the research data.
You know that, right?
Will Professor Han really do as
I ask just because I hand this over?
He knows that I'm the key to that system.
Will I really be able to put an
end to all this and return safely?
[Easy Recipes to Make Bread and Cookies]
I really won't do anything to
make you worry anymore.
I won't go anywhere and leave
you all alone ever again.
Bum Gyun.
Everything will work out, right?
We can save Bum Gyun?
I found Dad's research.
They said they'd operate on him
if I handed it over to them.
Can we really trust those guys, though?
I'll go.
No, Professor Park said that
he'd come with me.
Please let me know when the
surgery starts, and that it ended well.
After that, you have to move him
to another place as quickly as possible.
Who knows what those guys will try next?
All Professor Han wanted
was the research data.
Everything will be over
once I hand this over.
- All right.
- But seriously, be careful.
Everything will be fine.
Take good care of my brother, okay?
Oh, Woo Jin.
Are you okay?
You look really handsome from this angle.
Oh, stop joking around.
I'm not in the mood.
Bum Gyun.
You're going to have surgery.
Bum Gyun.
What is this?
It's for my grandma. They're things
she needs, and the fee for her home.
I haven't been able to take care of her
since I've been
so worried about Bum Gyun.
Look after her for me, will you?
My grandma likes you
more than me, after all.
Will everything really be
taken care of with just that?
Of course. This is the research data
that Professor Han wanted so badly.
Shouldn't I go with you?
Things might just end up getting
more complicated if you come too.
Go to Grandma.
We can meet up later
and run away together.
Why are you telling me to go there
if things are really going to be okay?
Because there's always a 1 in 10,000
chance that something will go wrong.
I'll be going now, then.
be right back.
I'll wait for you.
I'm off, then.
It's all right. Come in, come in.
Where's the research data?
Let me see it.
Wow, a flash drive
that looks like a cross?
That's right.
That's Senior Gyu Chul's flash drive.
The doctor is here now.
The surgery has begun.
All right. Please give me a call
when the surgery is over.
Happy now? Hand it over.
I'll hand it over once I confirm
that the surgery is over.
Hey, we need to confirm if
that's the real thing, too!
I'll hand it over once
the surgery is over.
Hand it over, you bastard!
You little shit!
Do you have a death wish?
Stop it.
Stop it!
Why, you little
Whose orders are you
supposed to follow, again?
I'm sorry.
You little bastard.
Woo Jin.
Why did you have to go and
make things so complicated?
Geez, this is driving me crazy.
You were on their side too, Professor?
Not at first.
And to be clear, I'm still not, really.
But I need that research data, Woo Jin.
You understand too, don't you?
That everyone wants that technology.
Then you must know about everything.
About that room, and that technology.
The only person who has seen
the research data now is me.
All of it is inside of my head.
And you can see all of it
if you go to my old house.
I can show you my dad's research data
through the footage of my memory!
So, please
finish my brother's surgery safely.
If you do, I'll go there and
show you my memories.
After all, if I refuse, or I die
it's all over.
Hey, Hyun Seok.
Go and bring some hardware
from the house in Gyodeok-dong.
Bum Gyun's surgery ended well.
He survived.
All right.
I'll leave him to you, Detective.
Hurry back here.
You're okay, right?
Don't worry.
I'll be there soon.
Happy now?
We saved Bum Gyun.
Let's go.
So, how do we see the
research data? Huh?
3 p.m. on June 26th, 2017.
- Kim Woo Jin fled!
- Kim Woo Jin fled!
- Catch Kim Woo Jin!
- Move!
Hurry! After him! Hurry!
Hurry after him, damn it!
Just stay in the house
and turn off the circuit breaker
when you hear feedback from the basement.
Come out only after an hour,
and go home immediately afterwards.
Got it?
What kind of request is that?
It's really important, okay?
I guess I'll listen to
some music, or something.
[From Kim Woo Jin: Jung Yeon.]
You'll probably be going to the assisted
living facility when you see this.
I found out everything.
You'll probably be going to the assisted
living facility when you see this.
I found out everything.
You made the choice to
have your memories erased.
You and Dad were trying to
destroy Byul's technology.
So live as Han Jung Yeon,
just as you'd chosen to.
You're Han Jung Yeon.
Because you have
Han Jung Yeon's memories.
To me, you're no longer Byul, either
but Han Jung Yeon.
I will return to Han Jung Yeon.
So run away as soon as you watch this.
Anywhere is fine.
If, by some small chance,
something happens to me
you still have to run away.
Protect yourself until the very end.
Damn it!
Ugh, damn it!
This little rascal sure knows
how to be a nuisance.
Hey, just come out. All right?
You'll really end up
dying at this rate, all right?
Hey, this is how your
dad died too, all right?
Damn it. Woo Jin!
Kim Woo Jin!
Damn it, where did that bastard go?
Kim Woo Jin! Let's make this
easier for both of us, okay?
Get out here. Kim Woo Jin!
Ow! Ow, damn it!
Damn it. Well, this is fun, huh?
Just follow your dad to
the afterlife, all right?
Die. Die. Die!
Hey, I told you not
to kill him, didn't I?
Let go of me. Let go!
I'm sorry.
Damn it, I'm having such
a tough time because of this brat.
Damn it! Ugh
Stay still, damn it!
Woo Jin.
Let's stop tiring ourselves out, yeah?
Do you have the data or not?
It doesn't exist.
Just come with us
without causing trouble, then.
We have to hurry and replay your
memories so we can find Jung Yeon.
Leave Jung Yeon alone! Damn you!
Woo Jin.
This is for the sake of humanity itself.
Don't you want to see just how much
this world can be advanced by science?
Don't kid yourselves.
You just
want this technology.
You're such a narrow-minded person.
So what?
Take him away.
Let go of me! Let go!
Go, you bastard!
- Let go!
- You bastard!
- Ow!
- What are you doing?
What the hell!
Damn it!
Stop right there, Kim Woo Jin!
Kim Woo Jin! Kim Woo Jin!
- Kim Woo Jin!
- Stop!
Catch him!
I'll never be caught.
- Kim Woo Jin!
- I'll go back, no matter what.
Jung Yeon
If anything happens to me
by any chance
protect yourself at all costs.
Open your bag.
Wait for me.
Wherever you are
I'll find you.
Woo Jin.
- Bum Gyun
- Hey, Kim Woo Jin!
Woo Jin! I'm over here!
Bum Gyun
I'll be right back.
I'll be waiting.
Woo Jin.
Open up!
What was that?
No way. Kim Woo Jin?
Is it you?
Woo Jin.
Is it really you, Woo Jin?
Are you really
Kim Woo Jin?
Han Jung Yeon.
Are you really Woo Jin?
What happened? Where are we?
Let's get out of here first.
Are you really Kim Woo Jin?
Who are you?
Han Jung Yeon, what's going on here?
Who are you?
I'm Bum Gyun. Kim Bum Gyun.
Bum Gyun?
Find Circulate.
Find him immediately!
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Year 2017]
It's been two years and
six months since the accident.
His organs are losing
their function over time.
We're uncertain how long
he'll be able to stay alive.
Kim Woo Jin can't die.
We couldn't find
Kim Gyu Chul's research data
and Han Jung Yeon is missing.
We're unable to find her.
All we have left is Kim Woo Jin
and this cube.
If that bastard dies,
this project is over.
- When will Professor Choi be here?
- He'll land in Korea next week.
That's our only hope.
That's illegal.
But it's not impossible, is it?
You are the first doctor in the world
to ever succeed in animal cloning.
But cloning has never been
attempted on humans.
Officially, yes.
But, unofficially, Doctor
all the scientists
in the world are researching it.
We have funding, human resources,
and technological support
and everything will be kept a secret.
You know that one day,
human cloning will become legal
and when the day comes
you will have the title of being
the first doctor to succeed.
I hope that you will accept my offer.
[Year 2022]
Professor Park, we succeeded.
They succeeded in human cloning.
Let's test it right away.
If the test is successful,
what will happen to Kim Woo Jin?
I should set him free.
It's been a difficult journey.
For him.
This makes no sense. It's been 20 years.
How can you look exactly the same?
20 years have passed?
Are you really Bum Gyun?
Joon Hyuk.
Are you really Woo Jin?
That day, after we parted,
I went to meet Professor Han.
But Park Dong Geon was there
instead. It was his plan!
I tried to escape and go back but
I got into an accident and woke up today.
But it's been 20 years?
That makes no sense.
Then why do I still look the same?
Then, did Woo Jin come back to life?
Is he even alive?
He's alive.
Jung Yeon, why are you doing this?
Don't joke around. I'm not in the mood.
Don't joke around. I'm not in the mood.
What's this?
What's wrong?
It's nothing.
Hey, open up!
- We have get out of here first.
- Who is it? Open up!
Hey, open up!
Who's there?
Let's go. Hurry.
Stay here.
If you make any noise, you're dead.
Explain. Who is he?
Tell me! Who is he?
Circulate Three.
Then is he
That's right. It's exactly
what you're thinking, Jung Yeon.
That is Kim Woo Jin's clone.
Kim Woo Jin died.
15 years ago.
Woo Jin
Woo Jin
No way. I remember everything.
I got into an accident and woke up
today! I remember everything!
- But I'm a clone?
- Because his memory was used.
- What does that mean?
- The cloning was successful
but the clone wouldn't
connect to the cube.
Don't you remember the
memory cube in the shape of a star?
His memory.
His memory was the answer.
That cube needed his body
and memory to operate.
Do you get it now?
You're not Kim Woo Jin.
You're just a key that we need for
the supercomputer. You're a component.
Chief Hong, I think that's Human B.
Are you sure they're in Human B?
Hey, I told you I heard
their radio signal.
Let's go.
That makes no sense. There's no way.
[Floor 2, Area A, Code 9]
Deputy Chief Lee, Code 9.
He's on Floor 2, Area A.
Back off!
Lower your guns. Don't move.
- Do you think you can escape?
- Shut up.
Lower your guns.
Joon Hyuk.
Chief Hong.
Kim Woo Jin?
- Hey!
- Teacher Woo Jin?
- Who
- What's going on? Does this make sense?
The student aged so much, so why
does the teacher look the same?
Joon Hyuk, what's going on?
What happened to Woo Jin?
This won't do.
Let's get out of here first.
Block the doors
so they don't get through.
Woo Jin died?
Are you saying, he's not Woo Jin
because he died?
But he looks exactly the same.
Don't you know what clones are?
Of course he looks the same!
Then he's my teacher, Woo Jin! Teach!
Teach, I'm Dong Soo! Don't you know me?
- Dong Soo?
- Dong Soo
See? See? He recognizes me!
Teach! He's my teacher, Woo Jin!
But they're saying
your teacher, Woo Jin, died!
But my teacher, Woo Jin, remembers me!
Hey, does that make any sense?
You've never met him before!
Detective Oh is right.
He's not Woo Jin.
- Right? He's a clone, right?
- Why is he Woo Jin?
- He remembers me.
- Why is he Woo Jin?
Woo Jin is dead. If he has
the same face, is he Woo Jin?
My little brother,
and your tutor, is dead.
- isn't Woo Jin.
- But he remembers everything.
This is what Woo Jin said. Because
I have Han Jung Yeon's memories
I'm Han Jung Yeon.
You're Han Jung Yeon. Because
you have Han Jung Yeon's memories.
I lived as Han Jung Yeon all this time
because of what he told me.
So he's Woo Jin too.
Because he has Woo Jin's
memories, he's Woo Jin.
No! Woo Jin is dead.
Those hands aren't the hands I held
and that body isn't
Woo Jin's body that I hugged.
He's just a substitute
in Woo Jin's place.
If he's Woo Jin
then who was my little brother that died?
He's not Woo Jin.
You're not Kim Woo Jin.
Circulate and the supercomputer
are disconnected.
Please tell me all the possible outcomes.
Stable Care will shut down, and when that
happens, accidental and planned crimes
as well as all types of accidents
cannot be controlled.
The gate system will freeze,
so outsiders can't be controlled either.
That's not all. The recovery of blocked
memories is the most dangerous outcome.
How long until their memories come back?
This has never happened
on Smart Earth before.
It's hard to make
an estimate at the moment.
It depends on what memories
were blocked, how old they were
how traumatic those memories were
as well as that person's gender and age
in determining what will happen.
Does that mean we can't make
any predictions right now?
In the worst case scenario,
we have to make another Circulate.
It would take a year, and if
this situation continues until then
Smart Earth will collapse.
Then we have the answer.
Kim Joon Hyuk, Bluebird,
and Circulate Three.
Put them on the wanted list as terrorists
and find them as soon as possible.
It doesn't matter if
Circulate Three gets hurt.
Bring him back alive.
Where are Kim Joon Hyuk and Bluebird?
Those people are not terrorists.
The real culprit who is making
Smart Earth complete chaos
is Minister Park Dong Geon.
What did you say?
Minister Park is the chairman of Human B.
And Human B is blocking
our citizens' memories.
Do you expect me to believe that?
Minister Park erased
Mayor Yoon's memories too.
Stop the nonsense!
Kim Joon Hyuk and Bluebird
Where are they right now?
[Immediately Wanted]
I still don't know what to think.
Is it really
Woo Jin.
Did his surgery go well?
Did he get his memories back?
No, Bum Gyun woke up 10 years later.
And he watched the
memory footage you left behind.
I should at least leave
these memories behind.
If he has this,
even if Bum Gyun forgets everything else
he'll remember me.
Bum Gyun doesn't remember
what happened after you disappeared.
Because that wasn't included
in your memory footage.
He used those shabby memories
to look for me?
For 20 years?
Joon Hyuk, I have no idea what to think.
That kid has Woo Jin's face
and his memories.
It's as if those two
are still living in 2017.
Chief Hong, Minister Park
ordered for an emergency arrest.
You, Woo Jin, and I
are wanted as terrorists.
We have to get Woo Jin out. If they
catch him, they'll connect him again.
- Who's Woo Jin?
- Joon Hyuk!
Don't you get it? That's just a
component that Park Dong Geon made!
Kim Joon Hyuk!
Then what should we do?
Run away without him?
What about Woo Jin?
He'll end up trapped in Human B forever.
And he'll continue to dwell
on his horrible memories!
- What does that have to do with me?
- Kim Joon Hyuk!
I don't know if I should say this,
but if he's important to Human B
isn't it dangerous to take us
with him? Isn't that right?
So? So what?
- Are we leaving without my teacher?
- He's not your teacher, he's a clone.
A clone? Hey, are you finished?
Hey, you bastard, he died.
He's a clone! Am I wrong?
Hey, hey, hey!
Why are you fighting?
Stop right now!
- Woo Jin.
- Are you okay?
Hey, you're pretty
handsome from this angle.
Don't joke around. I'm not in the mood.
Bum Gyun.
You'll have your surgery.
Bum Gyun.
What is this memory?
I didn't see this in
Woo Jin's memory footage.
Why am I remembering this
all of the sudden?
Where are you going?
I'll go.
You're right. I'm not Kim Woo Jin.
I'm not your little brother either.
That's why I'll go alone.
I'm the one Park Dong Geon wants.
Take Jung Yeon and go somewhere far away.
And continue your life
as Kim Joon Hyuk
and tell Jung Yeon to live
her life as Jung Yeon too.
Forget everything.
Bum Gyun.
What did you say back then?
20 years ago, before my surgery,
what did you say to me?
Detective Kim, that wasn't me.
They implanted those
memories into my brain.
Answer me! What did you say?
Bum Gyun.
- I'm scared.
- About my surgery?
It'll be fine, don't worry.
- I'll be back.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back soon.
- Okay, see you soon.
Bum Gyun.
Don't forget me, okay?
I'll remember you too.
Why would I forget you?
Fine, I promise I'll remember you.
Bum Gyun.
I'm scared.
be back.
When you said you'd be back
were you on your way
to meet Park Dong Geon?
When you said you'd be back
were you going to swap Dad's
research data for my surgery?
Is that what you were
scared of? Is that
Is that what you were scared of?
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have let you go alone.
I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Bum Gyun.
I shouldn't have let you go alone.
I shouldn't have sent you off like that.
Bum Gyun
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
- Why are you alone? Are you abandoned?
- Memory footage?
You're cyber investigators.
Why did you go there?
- What's going on here?
- Joon Hyuk and Woo Jin disappeared!
They abandoned you.
Where's Han Jung Yeon?
- We're in trouble!
- If I get him, I can do so much more.
- Does that mean they'll kill us?
- What if I don't kill him?
It's 50 against 50!
We have to try everything.
If you wait, I'll let you see
Jung Yeon and your older brother.
Evidence. I need evidence
that will destroy Park Dong Geon.
- Check Circulate's memory footage.
- Can you really see everything?
That's all I need to rebuild
this brave new world.
If their memories come back,
we're in trouble.
Disconnect the supercomputer.
If he's Kim Woo Jin, then what
does that make your dead brother?
I'll keep my promise this time.
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