Circle (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

This program is suitable
for viewers ages 15 and up.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
Kim Woo Jin!
Bum Gyun
[Final Episode]
What in the world happened?
There was an accident.
We have to save him,
no matter what it takes.
What about you?
What happened with
Kim Bum Gyun and Park Min Young?
The surgery ended well,
and we extracted the bug as well.
But just like Byul's situation,
we don't know when they'll wake up.
And we don't know if they'll have
their memories even if they do wake up.
Min Young.
You recognize me?
What about Bum Gyun?
They managed to extract
the bug without a hitch.
All of his vitals are fine,
but he won't wake up.
What are we supposed to do, then?
They said that we'll just have to wait.
For how long?
I don't know.
[New Email]
[Subject: It's me, Woo Jin]
If my brother loses all of his memories
show him the data on
that external hard drive.
In it are videos that
contain my memories.
Videos that contain his memories?
Please take care of my brother
if I do not return.
What does he mean by that?
[Kim Woo Jin]
The person you called cannot be reached.
Please leave a message after the tone.
[Kim Woo Jin]
The person you called cannot be reached.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Damn it.
What? A transfer?
What do you mean, the
cyber crime unit? Chief!
I'm no good with computers!
Why would you transfer me there--
Chief! Chief! Chief!
- Damn it.
- Detective! Detective!
What's going on, Detective?
I just got a pre-scheduled
email from Woo Jin
saying that he wouldn't
be able to come back.
Did you get anything from him, too?
Woo Jin told me that
he'd entrust his brother to me
and I was just told that
I'd be transferred.
I think something bad
happened to Woo Jin.
- Wait, wait.
- What? What? What?
- This.
- What? What is it?
I look so good in this photo.
Yeah, that's profile picture worthy.
Send this to me.
Smile like that more!
Why are you always so stoic?
[Message from Kim Woo Jin:
Jung Yeon.]
If I haven't returned
to you yet by this time
it means that my plan failed.
Go and hide somewhere,
just as I told you to.
Don't ever be caught,
or try to find me.
That's ridiculous.
Knowing you, I'm sure
you won't want to do that.
But if you try to do something,
you will die, and I will die too.
If you do, the fact that
my dad tried to protect Byul
and my sacrifice will
all have been in vain.
I'll come back, no matter what.
To you and to Bum Gyun.
it may take a bit longer
than I'd expected.
We have to meet up safely again.
And in order to do that,
you have to listen to what I'm saying.
Wait just a bit longer
Han Jung Yeon.
[Circle: Two Worlds Connected]
Bum Gyun.
I'm scared.
I'll be back.
When you said you'd be back
were you leaving to meet Park Dong Geon?
When you said you'd be back
were you leaving to trade
my surgery for Dad's research data?
Is that what you were scared of?
Is that
Is that what you were scared of?
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have
sent you off on your own.
I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
I'm sorry
I'm I'm really sorry.
Bum Gyun!
I shouldn't have let you
go alone back then.
I shouldn't have let you
go alone back then.
Bum Gyun!
Chief. Chief Hong!
Joon Hyuk hasn't come back in yet?
- No.
- Joon Hyuk and Teach have disappeared!
Maybe Joon Hyuk
did something to Teach?
Wait, so you're 41 years
old now, Bum Gyun?
Yeah, so you're technically
41 years old too, got that?
But why did you take
off your glasses?
Did you put contacts in?
Hey, getting your eyesight fixed
is pretty normal nowadays.
All it takes is a single shot.
What about marriage?
Did you get married?
No, I couldn't.
Because of you.
I threw my youth away to find my
little brother. What a waste.
Yeah, right. I don't think so.
What do you mean,
you don't think so?
Don't you know that I was quite popular
with the ladies since I was young?
No way.
You still haven't ever dated anyone?
Hey, what about you?
You haven't, either!
How dare you act high
and mighty, you punk?
Fine, fine, you're right.
I'm not letting Woo Jin
go to those people.
He has Woo Jin's memories, so he's
Kim Woo Jin, despite what anyone says.
You're Dong Soo, aren't you?
You're so baby-faced.
I'm so jealous!
Did you study hard?
Then, what are you doing now?
I live a crime-free life.
By using computers.
Yeah, you should live a
crime-free life from now on, yeah?
How do you know Dong Soo, Bum Gyun?
Well, I kind of saved his life.
You know the blood donation vehicle
at Handam University 20 years ago?
I was about to donate blood there.
Hey. Hey!
Oh my gosh, you surprised me!
Who are you?
Come this way.
Hey, you can't donate your blood there.
Why not? I'm doing it for the
gift certificate they're giving out.
If you donate blood there, you might die.
It's all a part of the aliens' plot.
What the
I'll give you this, so promise me
that you won't donate blood there.
Really? You're not lying, right?
I just saved your life. You got that?
Hurry and leave.
Hurry! Hurry and leave!
But later, it turned out
that person was Joon Hyuk!
Wow, if not for him,
I would've had a bug implanted in me.
I found out about that
after you disappeared.
But still, this guy has been tormenting
me my whole life just because of that!
Because he was trying to find you, Teach!
You don't need me anymore
since you found Teach, right?
Well, now you only have seven
more favors left to do for me.
What the what are you, a loan shark?
Why does that number never decrease?
I'm sorry, Woo Jin.
For sending you off alone back then.
I'm a cop, and yet
No, Detective.
Thank you for looking after Bum Gyun.
What on earth happened
to you on that day?
He said that the research data
didn't even exist anymore.
He lied to save me,
and to give Jung Yeon time to escape.
Then, our assumption was correct.
Human B used Woo Jin in order
to operate the supercomputer
by using the system within the star
ornament that was at your old house.
We only have two options
available to us now.
We make the perfect escape,
or we destroy them perfectly.
Come on, that's easier said than done.
How are we going to run away?
Everyone is in an uproar
trying to catch us!
Hey. Hey, hey, hey!
It's not easy to take them down, either.
They're Human B,
and there are only six of us!
Ugh, how ridiculous.
We can't run away this time, either.
The world became like this because
I tried to run away 20 years ago.
I won't make the same mistake again.
There's only one option
available to us, then.
We have to take them down perfectly.
Senior Joon Hyuk!
Chancellor, I need the SWAT team.
As quickly as possible, please.
What do you mean,
the SWAT team, Chairman?
This will cause unrest
among the citizens.
What other choice do we have, then?
We can't see people's memories
since the supercomputer is down.
There are no CCTVs here, either.
How long will you just sit here
and wait for information to come in?
If I had a guarantee
that I could capture them
I'd call in more formidable forces
than just the SWAT team.
Why are you looking at me like that?
It's nothing.
What is it?
The number of citizens
experiencing pain has increased.
We do not have enough doctors on
Smart Earth to treat all of them.
That's a symptom of having their
blocked memories resurface.
Call in doctors from Normal Earth.
Be sure to tell everyone that
this is due to the terrorists
and that this is only the beginning.
Yes, sir.
- Please help me!
- It hurts so much!
- Please, help!
- It hurts!
Oh, Doctor! My head
it feels like it'll explode!
Please give me some
medicine, or something!
My heart is thumping
too hard in my chest!
Please do something!
There will be more doctors here soon.
Please wait just a bit longer!
Doctor! Doctor!
Big trouble!
The SWAT team is
making its way in now.
Please send backup.
The SWAT team? Does that mean
they intend to shoot all of us?
They'll arrest these people alive
since they need them
but the rest of us are
going to die, Senior!
What do we do now?
Evidence. We need evidence that
can take Park Dong Geon down.
What kind of evidence are you
going to get, and how?
There are three people
in here on the wanted list!
How, when Park Dong Geon has
control over the city and Human B?
Even if such a thing exists,
we won't be able to find it
and there's no way it even does.
No, there is evidence.
Mayor Yoon Hak Joo.
Mayor Yoon?
I thought he was the
victim of a terrorist attack.
Yes, he had all of his memories blocked.
What? That definitely can't
serve as evidence, then!
No, there are only two
people on Smart Earth
who can block memories
or make them resurface.
Me and Human B.
But I wasn't the one who
blocked Mayor Yoon's memories.
Then the person who attacked
Mayor Yoon was Human B?
I wasn't the one who did it,
so I'm sure that Human B did it.
Why would he do that to Mayor Yoon?
Mayor Yoon found out something
that he wasn't supposed to find out.
That in itself was his crime.
Within Mayor Yoon's memory log
is evidence that can take
down Park Dong Geon.
Where is Mayor Yoon now?
They said that he's at
the medical center.
But Human B is protecting him,
so this won't be easy.
We have doctors from Normal Earth
heading into Smart Earth now.
It's an emergency, so take them to
the medical center right away!
There's one person who can get
in there without being caught.
What brings you here?
[Park Min Young]
I'm a doctor. I came after
receiving an emergency call.
Please head in immediately.
Excuse me.
I saw the terrorists with my own eyes!
They're at the chapel!
You found them?
Yes, they're in the chapel
in District 16.
I've alerted the SWAT team, too.
But must you really
shoot to kill the other four, sir?
Why do you keep acting like this?
Only Bluebird and Circulate
are to be captured alive.
The rest of them are to be shot.
What are we going to do
if we don't kill them?
Do you have a plan?
I think it'd be going
too far to kill them.
Don't you remember?
You're the one who killed Kim Woo Jin.
That was an accident, sir.
Are you sure it was an accident?
We're almost there.
Bear it for a bit longer, Hyun Seok.
They're not here!
- They're not here!
- They're not here!
I've found them!
- Take them in!
- Yes, sir!
That is all! Move out!
There's one person who can get
in there without being caught.
Wait a second.
This plan it won't work!
What does it matter
if we have Mayor Yoon?
You said they need Teach
to run the supercomputer.
But he's here right now!
Even if we have Mayor Yoon, we have
no way of looking at his memories!
I'll go.
I saw the terrorists with my own eyes.
They're at the chapel!
It'll take 45 minutes for Woo Jin to be
taken and connected to the supercomputer.
We have to do whatever it takes
to get to Mayor Yoon
and hack his memories in that time.
- You caught him?
- Yes, sir.
But Kim Joon Hyuk and
Bluebird weren't there.
That's fine. Bring him
to the 99th floor immediately.
Put him in there.
Team Leader!
The supercomputer has turned back on!
- Get connected!
- Yes, sir!
Why were you alone?
Were you left behind?
What? Did they say that
you're not Kim Woo Jin?
Just accept the fact
that you're Circulate 3.
Not Kim Woo Jin.
Those people cast you aside.
So, tell me. Where's Han Jung Yeon?
I don't know.
You don't need to tell me.
I have my ways.
Check Circulate's memories
once the supercomputer is back online.
Hurry and get Mayor Yoon out! Hurry!
It'll take 45 minutes for Woo Jin to be
taken and connected to the supercomputer.
We have to do whatever it takes
to get to Mayor Yoon
and hack his memories in that time.
I'm just here to check on him.
[Doctor Park Min Young]
Please go ahead.
Go to sleep for just a little while.
I'll get you out of here.
Mayor! Mayor!
What's going on?
The mayor has lost consciousness!
He's unconscious,
and his breathing is uneven.
We need to take a CT scan right away.
We have no time!
I understand.
What's the matter?
Oh, oh, I'm in so much pain.
Ow. Sorry, excuse us.
Ow, geez.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Mayor Yoon was kidnapped
from the medical center!
Mayor Yoon was kidnapped!
Did you check his memories?
Mayor Yoon has been kidnapped.
It seems that he was taken
before their very eyes.
- Mayor Yoon?
- Yes.
Mayor Yoon, you say?
Isn't there something that
seems off about this?
Mayor Yoon is--
Wait a second. Hold on.
You got caught on purpose, didn't you?
Because you needed to have returned here
for them to get Mayor Yoon's memories.
And you're looking for evidence to
catch me within his memories, eh?
Oh, but I've figured it all out.
What a shame.
Check Circulate's memories.
No, we have to disconnect
the supercomputer first!
We'll be able to watch
his memories faster
than Bluebird will be able
to hack into those memories.
Play them back immediately.
It'll take 45 minutes for Woo Jin to be
taken and connected to the supercomputer.
We have to do whatever it takes
to get to Mayor Yoon
and hack his memories in that time.
Wait. Wait, wait.
That won't work, either.
Why are you always
raining on our parade?
I mean, think about it!
If Park Dong Geon plays back Teach's
memories as soon as he takes him
what'll we do then?
Our entire plan will be exposed!
This is the only option we have now.
Park Dong Geon could play back
Woo Jin's memories, or not.
We have a 50/50 chance!
We have to try, at least.
Hurry, Bum Gyun.
Everyone besides the
team leader is to leave now!
Circulate 3's memory is
ready to be played back.
- Play it.
- Yes, sir.
This is the only option we have now.
Park Dong Geon could play back
Woo Jin's memories, or not.
We have a 50/50 chance!
We have to try, at least.
All right, let's give it a try.
Please bring Mayor Yoon to
Warehouse 17 in Sector 15, Chief.
Jung Yeon and I will get the
equipment set up in there
and hack Mayor Yoon's memories
as soon as he arrives.
- All right.
- Disconnect the supercomputer.
Yes, sir.
All of you know the plan, then, right?
Warehouse 17 in Sector 15.
Bring all your men, and head over there.
We're going to catch
Han Jung Yeon this time.
Yes, sir.
Will things be okay
with the Stable Care System down?
We have to go in order for this to end
without anyone ending up dead.
Yes, sir.
Wait just a bit longer. I'll let you see
Jung Yeon and your brother again.
Life is so convenient. We can see
everything just by playing back memories.
We can see what you did,
and what you said.
They're not here.
- Chairman.
- They're not there?
What happened?
Who turned the system back on?
I'll check on it.
Did you say you see everything
in our memory footage?
Even if you can see our memories,
you can't see our reminiscence.
[12 hours earlier]
Hey, hold on. This doesn't make sense.
Why are you always
raining on our parade?
I mean, think about it!
If Park Dong Geon plays back
Teach's memories as soon as he takes him
what'll we do then?
Our entire plan will be exposed!
[Let's use that method.]
[Trick me.]
We're going to use Woo Jin's footage?
Park Dong Geon will try to
check Woo Jin's memory footage.
And we'll trick Park Dong Geon,
who will try to use it.
[Five hours earlier]
[One hour earlier]
They're not here!
- They're not here!
- They're not here!
They're not here!
We found him!
- Take him away!
- Yes!
Put him in there.
[30 minutes earlier]
Reporting from the medical center!
Mayor Yoon has been kidnapped!
[10 minutes earlier]
We'll hack his memory footage.
Disconnect the supercomputer.
We're good.
- Who are you?
- Get up.
The control room.
The control room.
Hurry over to the control room!
- Chairman Park.
- Right? Then
What is the easiest way
to shut Kim Joon Hyuk's mouth?
Block his memories.
There's no way for you
to shut his mouth anymore.
What is the easiest way
to shut Kim Joon Hyuk's mouth?
Block his memories.
There's no way for you
to shut his mouth anymore.
Why are you so surprised?
I thought you wanted to meet me.
How could you?
- Mayor Yoon, of all emotions
- Deputy Chief Lee.
do you know which is the most dangerous?
This is illegal! I will report you!
I'm the chairman of Human B.
And you have my chip
implanted in your head.
Erase it.
What do we do?
Everyone knows about it now.
Erase it.
Do you believe me now?
Is this true?
We must arrest Park Dong Geon right away.
Lend me your panel.
- Detective Kim.
- Lee Ho Soo, are you all right?
Where are you? I'll meet you there.
No, I want you to do something else.
Please do me a favor.
A favor?
[Cheongwa University Chief Secretary]
[Assemblywoman Kim Sae Hyun]
I'll block the supercomputer immediately!
- It's too late.
- Chairman Park.
It's too late!
Call my private plane.
Follow me with this thing.
Let go.
Let go of me!
Let go.
Let go of me!
Let go.
Let go!
Run! Kim Woo Jin!
Woo Jin!
Park Dong Geon, this is enough.
It's all over for you!
I didn't expect you'd get me like this.
But why are you guys trying so hard?
Why? Because of him?
This isn't Kim Woo Jin.
It's just a fake clone!
- Why are you fussing over it?
- Shut up!
He's Woo Jin!
Joon Hyuk, wake up.
Your brother, Woo Jin,
died in an accident 15 years ago.
He stopped breathing.
I buried him with my own hands.
That was your brother!
Don't you feel bad for your dead brother?
If he's Kim Woo Jin
what does that make your dead brother?
Woo Jin became our fate.
Joon Hyuk dedicated his life
to finding Woo Jin.
He didn't even have his memories.
I dedicated my life to finding Woo Jin
too because of my memories with him.
And now we're at the end of that journey.
This time, we'll protect him.
The same way he
protected us 20 years ago.
Woo Jin, didn't I tell you I'd never go
anywhere without you ever again?
This time, I'll keep my promise.
Get lost
or I'll kill your little brother.
All I have to do is make another one.
Aren't you leaving? Do you
want me to kill him too? Huh?
Deputy Chief Lee!
We've been ordered to arrest
without a warrant.
- Where's Park Dong Geon?
- Block them.
Block them!
Block them!
Leave quietly.
Don't make him die again.
Don't move!
- Chairman Park!
- Woo Jin!
The cube.
Woo Jin.
Give me the cube. Bring it to me.
Everyone can leave
if you give that to me.
It didn't belong to you
from the very beginning.
Bring it to me.
Give up. It's all over.
Lower your guns!
Escort Chairman Park!
Kill them all.
I just need the cube.
Then we can rebuild this brave new world.
Shoot them all.
Lee Hyun Seok, what are you doing?
You killed Woo Jin before.
Why can't you do it a second time?
Shoot him.
Shoot him!
Shoot him!
Senior Hyun Seok.
Why did you end up like this?
I wanted to live.
I wanted to survive,
so I did what I was told.
I wanted to stop too, but
here we are.
Professor Park, is this the
brave new world you always spoke about?
What did I do?
What did I do wrong?
Justice and responsibility?
Why is that important?
They said they wanted to be happy.
They said all they wanted was happiness.
That's what I gave them.
I gave them what they asked for.
simply did what I thought was right.
Then, I'll
also do what I think is right.
Professor Park.
This is how it ends.
Lee Hyun Seok!
Chairman Park Dong Geon
of Human B has been accused.
Park Dong Geon concealed his identity
as the chairman of Human B
restricted the minister of
the Ministry of Science and Economy
and under the name of
the Stable Care System
secretly blocked our citizens' memories.
As a result of the blocked memories,
there was a murder on Smart Earth.
- A murder?
- A murder?
But Park Dong Geon
concealed this incident.
In the process, he blocked
Mayor Yoon's memories
and framed Bluebird for his faults.
However, Bluebird was unblocking
the memories that he had blocked.
Our citizens will get
their lost memories back.
You'll be very confused
and perhaps, very distressed.
There are a lot of people who were happy
because their memories were blocked.
However, as a result of blocking
painful memories, some people
What on earth did I do to Min Ji?
forgot about their faults.
Why are you doing this to me?
I really have no idea!
And some people
forgot people they
shouldn't have forgotten.
There was a woman
who existed, whom I loved.
Please accept those memories.
Remember the memories
that you mustn't forget.
And take responsibility
for your forgotten faults.
And if you forgot sadness
If you forgot sadness
feel that sadness.
It's only human.
Lastly, in 2037
please remember what happened to us.
From this point forward,
Human B doesn't exist.
What on earth did Human B do?
What will happen to Smart Earth?
The citizens are--
How could this happen?
We must handle this accordingly.
I'll handle
this chaos.
I will make this city
safe and stable again.
I, Mayor Yoon Hak Joo,
will take responsibility for it.
Are you really leaving?
I'm not suited for this place.
The mayor is creating a new police force.
I think you should lead it.
I'm asking you to participate
in a society that takes responsibility.
- Hey, wait.
- Huh? What is it?
- Do you still have a chip in your head?
- Pardon?
If not, how could you say something
so cheesy with a straight face?
I'm impressed.
I'm going to quit being a police officer.
Then, what are you going to do?
I'm going to bake bread.
- I was originally a patissier.
- Don't do that.
- The truth is, I don't hate bread.
- What?
I couldn't eat your bread,
so I told you I hated it.
If you open a bakery,
it'll go out of business.
- Is that advice?
- It's a warning.
Chief Hong, isn't this a bit much?
You're blatantly working two jobs now.
Hey, this is a case file that I wrote in
my own way. You don't know anything.
Then is it over?
My three cold case files
are all solved now.
- Are there any more scenes?
- I need a fun case to come up.
But Chief Hong,
I'm really curious about something.
Why are you always the only
character that looks cool?
Go back to your seat.
Hey, hey, hey! Don't overreact!
- Gosh, sit down.
- I'm okay!
If you're a real patissier,
why do you burn yourself every day?
I forgot it was in the oven.
It's because I took it out in a rush.
Why do you forget every
single day? Let me see.
Geez, I'm fine.
I just need to rinse it in cold water.
Hey, give it to me. It'll get infected.
All done.
What's this?
I even got a burn making this
for you. Enjoy it with gratitude.
I'll be back to visit.
Hey, by the way
inside the star, you drew a heart
between "Byul" and "Woo Jin."
Was that when you started liking me?
Hey, all kids like anyone
who's nice to them.
Are you admitting that
you liked me since then?
That wasn't my point!
Hey, why are you being
so serious? Loosen up.
The truth is,
when you gave me that star
I was happy.
Last night, there was dark fog and
a massive blackout in the Gimpo area.
According to the witnesses,
there was a huge gleam of light.
Do you remember
what happened back then?
No, I don't remember it
but I feel what I felt back then.
What is this?
What the heck? Why are you so serious?
It's very similar to an incident that
happened 30 years ago in Gyodeok-dong.
And even before that in 1986, there was
a similar phenomenon in Seonnyeo-dong.
Among many opinions,
the truth is still unknown.
What could be the ray of light
that the citizens saw last night?
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