City Homicide (2007) s02e02 Episode Script

Somersaulting Dogs

(SCHOOL BELL BEEPS) (KIDS JOSTLE AND CHATTER) Alright, alright, it's not the running of the bulls! G'day, Wobbly.
Get stuffed, Burroughs.
Oi, Caitlin.
We slip over, you 're in shite, mate.
Here we go.
Hey, Fozz.
How's it hanging? Or can't you find it to tell? Yeah, you 're right, Tom.
It's hard for me to find.
Unlike you, seeing as how your head is your dick.
Work it out.
He just called you a dickhead.
Got a big mouth, Fosdyke.
Wanna see if my fist will fit in it? MAN: Burroughs, you 're already on two late notes.
Bell goes in a minute and a half.
Go! No worries, Mr Minotti, sir.
Nice jumper, miss.
Get to class, Burroughs.
OUT! Everybody out! JENNIFER: He's been there since some time last night.
We'll know more when we get the autopsy results.
Such a bright boy, brilliant kid.
All-round? Maths, computing, that kind of mind.
How was he going socially? Alright, I believe.
He didn't have many friends, but that didn't seem to worry him.
This is Peter Minotti.
Technology and applied science.
What they used to call woodwork.
(CHUCKLES) Lynlea's still with Caitlin Brentford.
She's a mess.
Is that the girl who found him? Yeah.
We'll need to speak to her too.
Also the dead boy's teachers, parents, anyone he may have been having issues with.
I'll speak to his year advisor.
We'll get a list of names together for you.
What about the parents? MATT: They were adamant he wouldn't kill himself.
When was the last time they saw him? Early last night.
Was he upset about anything? His dad reckons no, but it's like he's in denial.
He kept saying the kid was perfectly happy, doing well.
Parents are always last to find out.
Isn't that how it goes? His mum did say he seemed a bit edgy, though, worried about something this last week.
DUNCAN: He didn't eat dinner, went to his room early.
That's the interesting thing, yeah - he sneaked out and went back to school.
Did they have any idea why he might do that? No.
As far as they knew till this morning, he was in his room.
So they checked? No.
Wasn't unusual for him to stay in all night, spend a lot of time on his computer.
Got the techs looking at that at the moment, and his mobile.
(PHONE RINGS) Pathology.
Rope fibres from under his nails.
Slightly callused fingertips - I'd say computer geek rather than guitar hero.
It takes one to know one.
But this is really interesting - ligature mark, scratch marks.
He clawed the rope, trying to loosen it.
He changed his mind.
Not exactly.
See these abrasions either side of the neck below the ligature? When someone hangs themselves, typically they position the noose, then kick away a chair or whatever, drop down.
But not in this case? Spot on, my friend.
Our boy here was hauled up into the air, the rope tightening as he went, scraping his neck.
He asphyxiated slowly, struggling to get free.
MATT: The parents are right - he didn't kill himself.
OK, so Grant Barkley - computer nerd, very bright, bit of a Ioner at school.
The principal's putting together a list of kids and teachers to talk to.
Loner often means victim.
Maybe he was being bullied, it went too far.
Too far? They lynched him.
They? Or he.
I don't know.
It'd take some beef to haul someone up like that, even a little guy.
The preliminary autopsy puts the time of death as late last night.
So what was he doing at school, after hours, in uniform? I noticed a cleaning trolley at the school.
Usually the cleaner turns up well before the staff.
Why didn't he find the body? STANLE Y: Good thought.
Bring him in for a statement.
I want a full canvass of the properties around the school.
Find out if anyone saw anything last night.
And someone put a hurry-up on the boy's computer.
Detective Ryan, a visitor.
Emma, hi.
Emma just popped in to see if you 're free for lunch.
Thought I'd bring her on up.
But you 're going out? That's OK.
We can walk and talk.
Emma, is it? I'm Duncan.
So you 're a detective too, are you? Yeah, but I'm not in the same league as Mattie.
He's the man.
He's going places.
Won't be long before we're calling him 'Sarge'.
Yeah, right.
Go get the car.
We'll meet you downstairs.
See? Strong, decisive.
We call him Dunny.
He's full of it.
I'm guessing it'll be a no for lunch, then.
Afraid so.
We're still on for tonight, though? Yes, yes.
Who's that? World's slowest lift.
DUNCAN: Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Martin Price, we just wanna ask you a few questions.
Oi! Police.
Stop right there.
MATT: Give it up, mate.
Just slow down! Ohh! Hey, take it easy! Arggh! Alright, just take it easy! OK! (GRUNTS) You tore my suit! Sucks to be you, mate.
I I wasn't running.
I was Hey.
Look at this.
You ruined a perfectly good jacket.
Now spare us the crap.
Your taking off wouldn't have anything to do with your record, would it, Martin? What? You thought we wouldn't check? OK, I've got a record.
I had to bodgy up my clearance for working at the school.
They'll sack me! Why? Running for principal, are you? Everyone who works at a school has to have a clearance, even a cleaner.
You know that.
And you 've got two convictions for trafficking, speed and marijuana.
Look, I'm clean now.
I'm working three jobs.
I'm trying to get straight.
I've got a wife and kids.
What time do you start the cleaning gig at the school? And you clean the toilets, do you? Yeah.
So how come you didn't find the boy? I was running late this morning.
I didn't know he was in there because I didn't do all the toilets.
Or maybe you killed him.
How does that sound? I was at home with my wife and kids.
We had steak and chips for dinner, we watched telly and then we went to bed.
Ask my wife! Josh.
Mum, what are you doing here? There's been a suspicious death.
It's my job.
Are you OK? Yeah, of course.
Did you know the boy? No, not really.
I saw him around.
So you are alright? Mum.
See you tonight, at home.
The interviews are all set up and the principal is waiting for us.
So your boy goes to this school now.
Unfortunately, yes.
(SCHOOL BELL BEEPS) Are you feeling a bit better? They said I can go home after this.
My mum's coming to pick me up.
Oh, that's good.
You 're in your final year, right? I'm going to TAFE to do fashion design.
You should maybe think about being a model.
You 're tall enough.
Not pretty enough, though.
You reckon? Caitlin, we need to make sure that you didn't touch anything when you found the boy.
I couldn't even move.
I I was only in there for a few seconds.
OK, that's good.
We've asked Grant Barkley's year advisor about friends, but apparently he didn't have many.
I wouldn't know.
But you would've seen him around the school.
Not really.
I didn't think he had many friends exactly.
What do you mean? There were kids he maybe, like, hung round with.
Do you know who they are? Fozz, I think.
Hayden Fosdyke.
Just the one kid? No, there was another dude that used to hang out with him.
Daniel something.
Well, that is a good help.
Thank you.
So can I go, then? JENNIFER: Oh, hi.
Jen, this is Josh Waverley.
Superintendent Waverley's son.
Yes, we've met.
I should get going.
I've got class.
These two kids - would you describe them as good mates of Grant Buckley? Maybe.
I wouldn't know.
They're kind of nerd central.
Fozz is a brainiac - you know, chess club.
Daniel's accelerated, smart.
They get teased a bit.
Teased? By who? Me? Who told you that? Wobbly Waverley? How about you just answer the question, Tom? Did you tease Grant Barkley? Maybe.
A bit.
So what? So there's a fine line between teasing and bullying.
Did it get crossed? Not by me.
Was anyone bullying Grant? It wouldn't surprise me.
Why not? 'Cause him and his two mates, they act like we're all dummies and they're up here somewhere, you know? They're wimps.
They think a bit of a nudge in the corridor is bullying.
Well, sometimes it is.
Maybe, but as far as I know, nobody gave Barkley a hard enough time to make him string himself up.
He made that decision all by himself.
School's not like uni's gonna be.
If you have brains here, you get targeted.
Who by? "By whom?" Hayden, manners! Sorry, miss.
By whom? Nobody in particular.
Everyone in general.
We've been told that you were both friends with Grant Barkley.
Not really.
I got him into the chess club, but he wasn't very good so he ditched it.
And what makes a good chess player? Practice, lateral thinking.
Grant's really good with computers and maths, but he doesn't have a chess brain.
Well, he didn't.
And what about you, Daniel? What are you good at? He's good at everything.
He's been accelerated.
So why didn't you come forward when we were asking about Grant's friends? 'Cause we weren't friends, not really.
It was more a question of safety in numbers.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) I wondered where you 'd hidden it.
Look, you can have it back.
I don't want it.
I'm finished.
No, you 're not.
You 've been talking to the cops.
I had no choice.
Well, what did you tell them? Nothing.
That's good.
Keep it that way.
'Cause guess what - I'm only 15.
Nothing is gonna happen to me.
If any of this gets out, you 're the one who goes down that dunny.
You got that? Yeah.
(MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) Excuse me, ma'am.
It's about the death at the school.
We've been building a picture of the school dynamic.
I thought that since your son goes there, maybe you had some insight.
Insight into what? Well, the students, the teachers, the culture.
I mean, do you think there's a serious problem with bullying there? Are you asking me as a superintendent or as a mother? As a mother.
My son's 14.
He doesn't come home and tell me about his day over milk and ginger nuts.
By the same token, he's not coming home with a torn shirt and a suspension note either so I suspect he's a lot happier here than at the last school.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I was unaware.
Do the parents talk? I mean, have they said anything to you? Look, I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Detective, are you on overtime? Uh, unofficially.
Well, I'm officially telling you to go home.
And I'm officially late for soccer practice pick-up.
The Barkley kid's a bit of a genius.
Oh, his legend lives on.
His hard disk's encrypted, desktop's layered - all very sophisticated.
More firewalls than the Pentagon.
Does that mean he's hiding something? Could be.
It's a challenge.
Too good for you, Paul? That remains to be seen.
What have you got so far? Got into his blog.
As far as I can tell, he only gave access to two friends - Daniel Daniel Kuyperberg and Hayden Fosdyke.
We already know.
What do they talk about? Oh, maths, science, computing, chess.
Fosdyke's got the dead kid about three moves away from mate in the game they were playing.
I guess he wins by default.
Is there anything about bullying on there? No.
I'll get back to you as soon as I get through the encryptions.
DUNCAN: No worries.
Nice threads.
Girlfriend pick them out for you? (SCOFFS) DUNCAN: Come on.
Give me a break.
Honestly, I was fat.
Until I got older, anyway.
Yeah, right! I was.
Jelly Joyner they used to call me.
Not for long, though.
You expect me to believe you were the school bully? Feared, mate.
I was feared.
How about you, Jen? Oh, girls are different, more subtle usually - cutting you out, not being friends.
I did get chunks chopped out of my hair by three other girls.
But I got my own back.
How? Hm.
How were you at school? I really don't talk about it.
Morning, Sarge.
Memos from above re overtime allocations.
Thank you.
Where's Matt? Big night out with his new friend? Maybe.
Did you see his face yesterday? What a cack.
Yeah, you nailed him.
Yeah, I certainly did.
What? I'll hold her, you get the scissors.
(LAUGHS) SONG: * Don't make sense It's like you 're talking in French It's like you 're talking in French It's like you 're talking and I don't under "Stop me," you said It's like you 're losing your head It's like you 're losing your head It's like you 're losing and I don't The Brainiacs and the Maniacs, we call them.
MINOTTl: Muscles between their ears, Tom Burroughs and his mob.
Oh, come on.
You 're always dumping on the bigger kids.
A bit of athletic ability and a bit of a physique - straightaway they're the bullies and morons.
It's a culture here - bullying.
Oh, crap, Lynlea.
We cop our fair share too.
I regularly get shoulder-charged in the corridor.
"Accident, miss! Sorry, miss!" Yeah, but you lay a finger, get stuck in verbally, you 're up for suspensions, hearings.
And they know it and they use it.
Then there's the girls.
Blouses unbuttoned down to here, skirts up to here.
You say something and it's, " So you 're having a look, are you, sir?" Don't say anything and they pop another button.
It's a minefield.
That's why I pulled you up before with Caitlin.
You made reference to her physicality - big no-no.
Like I said, minefield.
Oh, for goodness sake.
It's not that bad.
Yes, it is.
Half the time we don't know what's going on.
Fear keeps the kids' mouths shut and the system keeps our hands tied.
That's not fair, Peter.
This school's no worse than any other.
No? We just found a 14-year-old hanging in the toilet! Tell them what happened to Mary Carmichael.
And Brian.
That's enough.
Don't start that again.
Mr Mansour.
Who's Brian? Nobody.
None of this has anything to do with what happened to Grant Barkley.
We can make that determination.
Who were they talking about? Brian Sturtivant, a maths teacher.
He's left the school now, resigned.
And Mary Carmichael? She's on sick leave.
Perry replaced her as Grand Barkley's year advisor.
You don't think you should've told us that, given the circumstances? I'm sure you must realise I've been very busy, meeting with the parents, the school council.
There's a lot of concern.
Sick leave? So where do we find Miss Carmichael? It was an accident in my chemistry class.
I mixed the wrong compounds and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor screaming.
You seem pretty sure it was an accident.
I am.
There's no other explanation.
What does a year advisor do? Anything from student welfare to health and safety, arranging counselling.
Did you ever have any approaches by a kid called Grant Barkley? No.
I only ever spoke to him a couple of times.
What about? I was concerned some other kids might be giving him a hard time.
And were they? He said he was fine.
He said he liked to keep himself to himself.
And you believed him? I wasn't sure.
But, well, if they won't say anything, it's hard sometimes.
What about Brian Sturtivant? He left the school recently.
Did he know the boy? I'm Oh, you 'd need to speak to the principal about that.
Why? I really can't talk about it.
Miss Carmichael, this is a murder inquiry.
Grant Barkley is dead.
I still don't see how this is relevant.
It got relevant the second you decided not to tell us about it.
JENNIFER: Mr Mansour, first we hear that the dead boy was bullied.
Now we hear that Brian Sturtivant - a teacher - was intimidated into leaving the school.
Now, we see that as a link.
We work out that link, we're a step closer to finding out who murdered that boy.
Running a school is 90% politics - keep the ship steady, minimise damage.
We're not interested in the politics.
We're interested in the truth.
Brian Sturtivant wasn't physically intimidated.
I'd call it a smear campaign if it had been a lie.
Unfortunately, it was the truth that was used against him.
There was some compromising photos.
They were sent to my personal email.
Brian was clearly identifiable.
I had no choice but to dismiss him.
Did Assad Mansour manage to trace the source of the email? He said he tried, but he couldn't.
It had been somehow routed to a surrogate source.
He copied these, then deleted them - damage control.
Caitlin - the girl he was photographed with - is undergoing counselling.
She's the one who found the dead boy's body.
And according to Miss Carmichael, she's also Tom Burroughs's girlfriend.
Not anymore, I reckon.
Hardly surprising.
What is surprising is the fact that Mansour thought none of this had any bearing on the case.
Surprising or suspicious? Neither.
Employing a teacher like Sturtivant doesn't reflect well on Mansour, does it? He should've reported it to the police when he got the photos.
How can he be certain a kiss is as far as it went with Caitlin? And firstly he said Sturtivant resigned.
Then he said he sacked him.
So which is it? I don't buy it.
Mansour isn't dodgy.
He's just worried about keeping his school out of the papers and protecting his backside.
OK, I will speak to Caitlin again and get her version of the affair.
Grant Barkley was a computer geek well capable of scrambling source information.
What if he sent these? Hm.
Where can we find this Brian Sturtivant? Garden maintenance.
It beats teaching.
I'm glad to be out of it.
Not like you had a choice, did you? We know about the relationship you had with the student, Mr Sturtivant.
Ask me, you were lucky not to do time in prison.
It wasn't a relationship.
It was a mistake.
I let my guard down.
She knew exactly how to get the sucker punch in, believe me.
What? She came onto you, did she? Have you met Caitlin? She's not exactly shy about flashing it.
And that's an excuse? No, there is no excuse.
I was stupid.
And then you got caught.
Did you find out who sent the pictures? No, I didn't try.
Why not? You 'd just lost your job.
That must have made you angry.
I was only angry with myself.
Now I'm philosophical.
Teaching sucks you dry.
Getting sacked was probably the best thing that could've happened to me.
Sounds like a pretty convenient rationalisation, Mr Sturtivant.
I am just telling it like it is.
Alright, why don't you tell us where you were the night before last, between 11 and 3 in the morning? Um, I was at the pub after footy training, with witnesses, then a poker game till about 4 in the morning.
What is this about anyway? One thing's confirmed.
SIMON: What's that? Sturtivant's a creep.
He admitted to the affair with Caitlin, but he's got an alibi for the night Grant Barkley died.
What was the girl's take on it? Parents wouldn't let me reinterview her.
They're saying she was too traumatised.
There is one relationship we haven't looked into yet.
Which one's that? You and your new friend.
That's not up for discussion.
Her name's Emma.
And how long's Emma been on the scene? Oh, Mattie, come on.
I think it's great.
A girlfriend is a good thing.
Yeah, and there's an exclusion zone for you, mate - 50m, no closer.
Come on! She got any hot friends? Hey, boys, heads up.
Waverley alert.
Senior Sergeant Wolfe - does anyone know where he is? Afraid not, ma'am.
We just got back in.
Anything we can help you with? The child's death at the school.
What's the progress on the investigation? We're still interviewing witnesses and following up a number of leads.
I asked for progress, not process, Detective.
Nothing concrete yet, ma'am.
Thank you.
Ask Senior Sergeant Wolfe to call me the minute he gets back, will you? Ma'am.
Thanks for helping me out there.
All good practice for when you become 'Sarge', Mattie.
Dead end, huh? Yep.
How about you? Anything interesting? Actually, I do have something that might cheer you up.
Missed it till just before.
See this? 'W oofer' is the dead kid.
BARK-ley - bad pun.
So who's winning? Well, Fozz.
Barkley has the next move, except the game is irrelevant.
It's actually a front for this cute little somersaulting dog.
(COMPUTERISED BARKING) (COMPUTERISED FARTING) What the hell is that? That is a hit list.
Brian Sturtivant was forced to leave the school.
Payback? But he's got an alibi.
Caitlin Brentford was outed for having a fling with a teacher.
But she's not strong enough to have killed Grant Barkley, not the way it was done.
This guy is.
Tom Burroughs could've hauled him up.
And both he and Caitlin were humiliated by the photos.
Maybe they got together - the ex-girlfriend lured the kid into the trap for Tom.
This teacher - Mary Carmichael, hurt in a classroom accident - what did she do to upset Grant Barkley? Yeah, we don't know.
MATT: We do know Pete Minotti's generally disliked by the students.
He's got a pretty short fuse, blows up at them on a regular basis.
He's a shoo-in for inclusion on the list.
But he does NOT have a tick.
And he won't be getting one either now Barkley's dead.
You think Grant Barkley got tired of being a victim? Decided to get his own back? Exactly.
You 're saying this could've been deliberate? Is it possible that someone could've switched the compounds in those bottles? Of course it's possible, but why would someone want to do this? We think it was Grant Barkley.
Any reason he'd have a grudge against you? Grant wasn't even in my class.
What you 're saying is absurd.
I have a rapport with my students, we get on.
You said you spoke to Grant about being bullied.
How did you find out about that? Did he come to you? No, his friend did, Hayden Fosdyke.
They call him Fozz.
He confided in me and asked me if I could have a word with Grant.
What about? He said he was worried about him.
I followed it up When nothing came of it, Hayden was really apologetic.
He brought me chocolates.
I couldn't accept them, of course.
Do you think he had a crush on you? No.
Hayden's a strange kid.
The only thing he really seems interested in is chess.
What about Grant? How was he with you? Just normal.
A lot of kids get crushes on teachers.
I've had flowers turn up on my desk.
But Grant? No, I never got that vibe from him.
And no reason to think that you might have upset him or offended him in some way? No, of course not.
Grant was a good kid.
Is there anyone you can think of who he might have had problems with? Tom Burroughs.
Tom was always giving Grant a hard time and Caitlin was always teasing him, like sexy stuff.
Grant thought he might catch them having sex, get them both in trouble, but he caught her and Mr Sturtivant instead.
I think he hoped that 'A ss Manure' You mean Mr Mansour? Yeah.
That he'd expel Caitlin and then it would all come out.
Tom would look like a real loser, ditched for a teacher.
We warned Grant there'd be trouble.
But he still sent the email.
Why didn't you guys speak to a teacher about this? We were scared.
I spoke to Miss Carmichael.
I told her I thought Grant was having problems.
Do you think that was enough? What were we supposed to do? Tom Burroughs was still at school.
We knew if he sussed out who'd done it, he'd go psycho.
Was he aware who'd taken the photos, sent the email? Well, you 'll have to ask him that.
It was Grant Barkley who sent those photos? You 're kidding.
That kid's got balls as big as his brains, then.
Why do you say that? He would've known if I found out, then I would Did you find out, Tom? No.
Are you sure? Where were you the night before last? I was at home, on my Xbox.
Just ask my parents.
They'll tell you.
We spoke to Tom Burroughs's parents.
They confirm he was home all night when Grant Barkley died.
He was in his bedroom, on his Xbox.
Well, they could be lying, protecting their kid.
I can't see it.
They seemed genuine to me.
Si? As far as I could tell.
Plus, the dad turned on the house alarm - he knew no-one was going out.
Odds are Tom knows the access code so maybe he switched it off and slipped out without them knowing, just like Grant Barkley did.
If he did leave, how do we get him to admit that? Find something to pressure him with? But as far as we know, everyone of interest has an alibi.
Looks that way.
Then we are missing something.
We never really worked out why Grant Barkley was in his school uniform when he was found.
So he went back to school later that night in his uniform.
Is that somehow relevant? And what about the note, "I'm sorry"? "Sorry for killing myself.
" That's the usual go.
But he didn't kill himself, did he? Whoever did attached that note to him.
Why? To make it look like suicide.
Or because they knew he had something to be sorry about.
Like what? We have to start from scratch.
Go over everything - everything - we have done so far.
Senior Sergeant, a word.
I found this joint in my son's bedroom last night.
You 're telling me this because you think it may have something to do with Grant Barkley's murder? Perhaps, obliquely.
I don't know.
According to Josh, there's a flourishing drug trade at that school.
He told you that? Not exactly.
I'm reading between the lines.
What did he tell you exactly? As little as possible.
I know he bought the joint from somebody at school.
He wouldn't give a name.
But I've seen the investigation reports.
Martin Price, the cleaner - two convictions for trafficking? If there are drugs at the school, quite possibly he could be behind it.
Stanley, I don't want Josh's name to come up in this.
He's already been kicked out of one school.
I'll do what I can, but the investigation takes precedence.
No, I mean it.
Please keep him out of it.
I mean it - I'll do what I can, but the homicide investigation comes first.
I told you I'm not dealing anymore.
JENNIFER: We don't believe you are.
There's drugs all over that school, dope mainly.
That's your speciality.
Why aren't we on this one? Tag team.
New faces, put him on edge.
SIMON: That why you killed him? I didn't kill anybody.
How'd you get onto this, Sarge? Your mate spoke to my wife! Maybe your wife's lying for you.
What wife wouldn't? You 've got a family to support.
How many kids? He knows something.
He's sweating pints.
So do them a favour.
If you 're only dealing a bit of dope, we can help you, but you have gotta help us.
JENNIFER: How does the dealing work in the school? You have a middle man? Maybe he killed Grant.
If that's the case, he's gonna go down with him.
Regardless of whether or not you were directly involved in the murder, OK! Tom Burroughs.
I supply him with the stuff, then he sells it to the kids.
But if he did kill that boy, I didn't know about it.
Pick up Burroughs.
I'll contact the parents.
That's it.
That's the last time, last straw.
You kids want sparks, I'll show you sparks.
Tom Burroughs? Yeah.
Do you know where we can find him? He's repeating so he'll be in Miss Harrison's class (GIRL CRIES) Selfish, spoilt brat! Don't want to learn? Don't want to be taught? Fine! You think I'm a joke? Fine! You sit there on your mobile phones, take it easy, have a good time! Peter, come on.
It's OK.
It's not OK, Lynlea! Some little turd's destroyed thousands of dollars worth of equipment.
They don't want to learn anything.
They're wasting our time! Peter, you 're frightening the Stay away from me! This is all they understand, not your counselling, your reporting system.
Keep away from me! Pete, come on.
They're not worth it.
He's right.
You 're right too.
You can't win.
You 'll just be another notch on some little turd's belt.
Come on, we can sort this out.
Just put down the nail gun.
You 're scaring the kids.
I'm done.
BO Y: Yeah! Oh, you freak! (STUDENTS CHEER) Be quiet! THAT'S ENOUGH! Be quiet! (KIDS CHATTER AND HECKLE) DUNCAN: Look at them, loving every minute of it.
It's like a zoo.
Nothing's changed.
(KIDS LAUGH AND YELL) Might as well write my resignation now.
Why? It wasn't your fault.
BO Y: See ya! See ya! Fosdyke.
What? Hayden Fosdyke and Daniel Kuyperberg.
What about them? Please call their parents and inform them they'll be at Homicide.
They're coming with us.
What's this about? We're on the wrong track.
Hayden Fosdyke's mother is a litigation lawyer, Duncan.
She will have us for breakfast if you are wrong about this.
I'm right about this, Sarge.
Hayden Fosdyke and Daniel Kuyperberg killed Grant Barkley.
The parents are here.
Put them in with their sons.
You 'd better be on the money.
We need Paul Winston.
And pray that Hayden Fosdyke's laptop is easier to get into than the dead kid's.
It's logic, that's all.
I mean, Grant Barkley's dead so someone else had to do the number on Mr Minotti's machines.
Was it you, Daniel? No.
Was it your mate, then? No.
DUNCAN: Pretty arrogant thing to do.
Finish off the list even though we were still looking into it.
What list? (SCOFFS) Arrogant.
Frightening, even.
You 're good at maths, right? I guess.
So you 'd know that a triangle is the most stable geometric form.
Sure, an equilateral triangle.
Yeah, except you 've lost one side of yours and it's all falling apart.
And it was never equilateral anyway, was it? (COMPUTERISED BARKING) (COMPUTERISED FARTING) Gotcha.
Who drew up the list? Who was the leader? You? What do you reckon, Mattie? You reckon he's the leader? I don't think he's the leader.
He's a follower.
It was Hayden Fosdyke, wasn't it? JENNIFER: Do you know how we worked that out? Miss Carmichael, the science teacher.
She may be disfigured for life.
Did you know that? SIMON: She was only on Fosdyke's agenda.
He put her on the list because he had a crush and she rejected him.
No what? She was always putting him down in front of the other kids.
That's what he told us.
Did you check that with the other kids? Daniel, come on! Come on.
He lied to you.
He had a crush on her! He bought her chocolates, he put flowers on her desk, but she didn't even notice him so she went on the list.
We never meant to hurt her, just make her look stupid.
I worked out the ratios of the chemicals, but she must have tipped too much in.
It was supposed to be like Wile E.
Coyote with the sooty face and hair all standing up.
But we nearly nearly took her face off.
Blow your nose and start from the beginning.
DUNCAN: He told us everything, your friend, Daniel.
Is that right? You know about the list.
We know you know.
It's on here too.
We found the somersaulting dogs, Hayden.
Check mate.
You 're gone.
You don't know anything.
I'm not going to tell you anything.
OK, well, why don't we tell you how it goes, alright? The three of you get sick of being bullied at school and Grant Barkley comes up with this idea of embarrassing Tom Burroughs by showing everybody that his girlfriend's cheating on him.
Stop him if he makes a mistake.
And it was you who thought, "Hey, it worked once.
"Why don't we keep it going?" So you persuade everybody to make up a list.
Why would I do that? Because you 'd convinced yourself and that genius brain of yours that Miss Carmichael had been a cold-hearted bitch rejecting your juvenile advances.
I'm not juvenile.
OK, let's try immature.
OK, so what about Mr Minotti? I'm supposed to be in love with him too? Nobody likes Mr Minotti.
You only added him to the list to hide your real target.
Mary Carmichael.
So blowing up his machines today was a pretty dumb move.
Why would I do that if he was just a decoy? Because you could! And you had to prove to Daniel you were on top of everything.
Daniel was already scared after what happened to Mary Carmichael.
But it was Grant Barkley.
He got worse when she got hurt - he started to feel guilty, he started talking about coming clean.
Yeah, well, it's just chemical burns.
She could be disfigured! It's her own fault! She should've treated me better.
People are only ever interested in me because of my brain, never in me.
You 're just a kid.
What would you want from her? Nothing.
I don't know! I don't know.
Why did you kill Grant Barkley? He wanted to go to Ass Manure and front up about everything.
And you couldn't have that.
We we didn't even kill him.
We organised to meet him at the school before going to see Mr Mansour at his home.
Grant showed up in his uniform Tell us the truth, Hayden! 'Cause Daniel already has.
And everything is on there.
Why did you get Daniel involved? DUNCAN: Pure physics.
He wasn't able to pull up Grant Barkley by himself.
I mean, look at him.
'Cause Daniel's scared of you and you bullied him into helping.
The cord was ready, you hid in the loo while Daniel was talking to him.
And then you came out, you threw the loop over his head.
(INAUDIBLE) And then you tightened it fast and then Daniel helped you pull him up.
The old heave-ho.
He told us everything.
I'm tired of being on the losing end.
The teachers can't look out for us so we have to look after ourselves.
We made a promise to stick together.
Grant was gonna break that promise.
What was I supposed to do? I need a drink.
So it was a teacher, was it - you in school? You 're buying.
Recorded, logged.
Did you see the look on his father's face? It's the parents I feel sorry for.
Oh Can you file this? Late? Yeah.
I should make a call.
Huh, two dates in three nights - getting serious.
Why are you denying it? She's presentable enough.
Doesn't have a hump on her back or anything.
I just didn't want Dunny and Simon taking the piss.
Where'd you meet her? In in a dance club.
You? What "dance club"? Salsa classes, if you really need to know.
(LAUGHS) Sorry, sorry.
What? It's fun.
You should try it.
Why would I want to go to salsa classes? You meet people.
And you 're not seeing anyone, are you? Oh, how do you know that? Are you?! Tom Burroughs and Martin Price have been handed over to the drug squad.
Hopefully, the flow of drugs into the school will dry up now.
I dare say that's cold comfort for the principal.
Mm, but it should reassure the parents of the children at the school.
The drug squad will be focusing on nailing those up the chain, not down.
Tom Burroughs dropped Price right in it so I can't see the drug squad being interested in gathering evidence from teenage customers.
Josh is safe.
Well, legally maybe.
Well, I've done what I can, but it's out of my hands now.
I'd keep sweet with the drug squad if I was you, Bernice.