City Homicide (2007) s02e03 Episode Script

In House

(BELL TOLLS) Stand back, mate.
The operation today was tight and well disciplined.
The result clearly was not the optimum, but there was nothing that we could have done.
I want that very clear in everybody's (FADES) Detective! Detective, over here! Is it true someone in the building went berserk with a gun? Stanley.
Now, if you ask me, I think we got off lightly.
One dead, one seriously wounded? Not acceptable in my book.
Thanks, Karen.
No worries.
Hope you packed your toothbrush, Cedric.
I'm gonna get some breakfast.
Do you want something? Not from that grease bucket on the corner.
It's all that's open on the weekend.
Hey, you can't just Let him go! Let him go now! Put the spray down! Put your hands in the air! Don't do anything stupid.
Look, whatever this is about Shut up! Mate, you don't wanna do Turn around! Homicide, now - or I'll kill you.
(KETTLE WHISTLES) Sarge! What are you doing here on a weekend? Cup of tea.
Bit of peace and quiet, hopefully.
I'm living at Kelly's full-time now, which is very nice apart from when there's a birthday party and the house is full of giggling little fairies.
I had to get out before I shot one of them.
What's your excuse? Backlog of paperwork.
Waverley's on our hammer.
Ah, love of the job - unpaid overtime.
(LIFT DINGS) Nothing changes.
GUNMAN: Do it! Stay where you are! Hey, hey.
Take it easy.
Any weapons, you take them out, slide them over here! Calm down.
We don't carry weapons in the office.
Don't lie to me! He's not lying.
They're in the gun safe.
We sign them out.
Now, just settle down.
Anyone else here? No-one.
It's the weekend.
See for yourself.
You! Stick that chair in the doorway.
NOW! Do it! And you get over there with him.
Hey, hey, just take it easy.
Any other rooms? There's nobody but us.
Anyone else here, you show yourselves now or I'll shoot her! Mate, there's no-one else here.
Now, what's this all What's all the You said no-one else was here! You lied to me! No, they didn't lie.
They didn't know.
I was in the ladies'.
Get over there.
With them.
NOW! OK - mobile phones, handcuffs.
I want them in a pile.
In there.
Move it! Starting to think I should've stuck with the fairies.
How's things going with Emma? You done the deed yet? It's not always about sex, you know? That'd be a no, then, eh? None of your business.
Bloody hell! Shit.
Mate, you OK? (SILENCE) Where's Freeman and Ryan? They got a call-out to a floater, but it was a false alarm.
They got lucky.
Well, if they're due back, we gotta try and warn them.
That's a great idea.
How, exactly? Can anyone see him? No.
Which means he can't see us.
Let's not do anything stupid.
He's got Jen and a gun.
What's he doing to her? Why'd he take my baton? If they're all off the hook, no-one can contact you - what's the point? You 'll find out.
Any more? No.
That's it.
Look, if you tell me what you want Just shut up! You speak only when you 're spoken to.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Alright, alright.
Calm down.
Calm down.
You get on that chair.
Stand on it! Now! We're closing the roller door, he comes in, jumps me, grabs my gun.
And next thing I know, I'm waking up, all bloody.
You said 'we'.
Who was with you? Sergeant Hatzic.
Has she come out? No, I haven't seen her.
But there are other evacuation points.
Jesus, I let him take my weapon.
He must still have her.
We'll find her.
Get him to hospital.
Soggies are on the way.
We don't even know if he's here.
Maybe he took Karen somewhere else.
He's still in there.
The lift's been jammed.
Which floor? Homicide.
Jen and Si are up there! (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) BO Y: C'mon, Dad! I'll tell the kids.
That's the last? Yes.
Now get down.
My name's Jennifer, by the way.
What's yours? Names aren't important.
I have to call you something.
OK, what about 'the man with the gun'? Come on, move! Black 120, make sure those stairs are locked down.
Marshalling area on the side alleyway.
No unauthorised persons in or out.
MAN: Roger that.
Black 180, find me lines of sight.
What do you think he wants? Well, he's here, so it's obviously something to do with a homicide.
Either that or he just hates cops, full stop, and we're the unlucky ones.
(SOBS) Oh, Christ.
Listen, you need to settle down.
Last thing you want is to let him see you scared.
(WHISPERS) But I AM scared.
We're all packing it.
Trick is not to let him know that.
The more control he thinks he's got, the less he's likely to have over his trigger finger.
(SOFTLY) Shh-shh-shh! Sit on the floor.
At his feet.
Arms around his legs.
What? Arms around his legs.
Interlock your fingers.
Undo them, you 're dead.
Do it! Thanks, mate.
Cheque's in the mail.
You think I'm joking! You think this is a joke? I don't know! You haven't told us anything yet! You - you 're gonna get on that computer, you 're gonna pull up everything you 've got on that name.
Kylie Lewis? Who is she? Was she murdered? You will print the file.
Murdered, killer never caught.
That's my guess.
Is that why you 're here, whatever your name is? You blame us? You people, you 're all the same.
You 're arrogant.
You get an idea in your head, you think you know it all.
Kylie Lewis, 15.
Raped, murdered, dismembered! It's all in the file.
Get on your feet.
Pull it up! Do we know who he is? Where he is? No, Sarge.
We think Homicide, given the people unaccounted for after evacuation.
Karen Hatzic's a certainty.
She was with Lionel when the guy bashed him.
But she hasn't been seen since.
And what are Simon and Jennifer doing up there? You 're the ones on call.
They came in to do paperwork for Waverley - she sent emails.
They should've ignored them.
Yeah, as if.
Should we get her in? From Perth? I don't think so.
What about mobile phones? All down.
Make a list of all parked cars in the vicinity.
Start running regos.
Cross-check with the security footage from the prisoner transfer area.
Keep an eye on the windows while you 're there.
Remember, he's armed.
Long time.
Any sign of the gunman? No, but we've secured this floor as a command post, set up a no-go zone.
I'm getting plans of the building sent over.
I'll put together an assault strategy Hang on a minute! My people are up there.
No-one's going in with guns blazing.
But we do need a plan in place just in case - you know that.
Hope for the best, plan for the worst.
Meantime, I'm putting shooters in position, trying to establish lines of sight.
I'll do nothing without consulting you, Stanley.
(COMPUTER BLEEPS) We've located the gunman.
It is Homicide.
The CCTV's been knocked out up there.
He took out the lift camera earlier.
Pull a frame of his face.
Get the external cameras recorded footage up.
See if we can't relate him to a specific car.
It's possible that he drove here.
I'm on it.
And patch every phone from the Homicide floor down here.
Can you do that? I'll work it out.
We should assume he's taken at least three members hostage.
At least.
We need to get a negotiator in here.
Find out what this bloke wants.
I can do that.
You? Yeah.
He's in Homicide.
I know the hostages, Leigh.
I know the building.
You don't know him! We haven't got a clue who he is or what he wants.
That's exactly what a negotiator is meant to find out.
Right? (PRINTER WHIRRS NEARB Y) I've got everything I can.
Pictures, reports, everything.
It's printing.
Get back on the floor with him.
Same position as before.
Ooh, people will talk! So, who's Kylie Lewis anyway? Your daughter? A relative? Shut up! Look, if you won't talk to us, talk to someone on the outside - a negotiator.
He's right - no-one can sort this out until they know what you want.
You don't talk to them, you 'll force them to come up here.
Anyone shows their face up here, bad news for everybody.
Nope, he's taken the phones off the hook.
Try the rest of those extensions.
Doesn't make sense.
How can we negotiate with him? We don't know who he is, and we've no way of talking to him! Maybe he wants us to go up there.
White flag approach.
Face to face.
Could be.
Got something here.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) Yeah, what is it? From our rego numbers? No - Detective Mapplethorpe.
She's set up network file-sharing and she's pulling material on this case.
Kylie Lewis, murdered, age 15, by this guy - Evan Cameron Dougherty.
Jailed for life 2002, age 19.
Why that file in particular? Hang on We've got a black flag.
Evan Cameron Dougherty killed himself in prison.
(BREATHES RAGGEDLY) He was my son.
He cut his own throat.
Two weeks ago.
In prison.
Let me guess - Kylie Lewis.
My son was innocent.
He was convicted of a crime he didn't commit.
And you 're gonna prove that.
You 're gonna prove his innocence.
How are we to do that, chained up? You 're detectives.
The file's in front of you.
Mate, you 're going about this all the wrong way.
My son was innocent.
Either you prove that, or I intend making a statement about the injustice he's suffered.
What kind of a statement? I will kill you.
Every one of you.
And then I'll kill myself.
Jonathan Aaron Dougherty.
It's his driver's licence photo and address.
It's him.
Now we have a name.
Still can't get in touch with him.
Anything in Pol-search? He's clean.
So, what does he want? Well, let's look at this from his point of view.
We jail his son for murder.
His son kills himself inside.
And Dad decides it's time for payback? Revenge scenario? Maybe.
No, something else.
Something something about the case.
I'll get the original investigating officer over here.
Matt, you pull in the dead girl's parents.
Sarge, I think I'll be more help here.
You wanna help? Find them! Go.
Duncan, get over to Dougherty's address.
See what you can turn up.
He might have left a note.
No worries, Sarge.
If this is about revenge, we should be going in hard, and doing it now.
If this was about revenge, he would have started shooting the second he got a gun in his hand, right? Let's hope you 're right, Stanley.
Because if you 're not, those hostages are as good as dead already.
(PHONE RINGS AT OTHER END) (PHONE RINGS) What if no-one answers? Someone will answer.
Yeah, but it's Sunday.
It's possible no-one even knows what's going on here yet.
Quiet! Absolute quiet.
Who am I speaking to? Detective Senior Sergeant Stanley Wolfe, Homicide, Mr Dougherty.
How did you get my name? Your car - security cameras outside.
Is it OK if I call you Jonathan? It's a pity you people weren't as bright or as accommodating when it came to investigating my son's case.
It was Kylie Lewis's case, Jonathan, and if we'd investigated it, I can assure you we would have done so very thoroughly.
My son was innocent.
We need to talk about that.
But not under these circumstances.
Stanley, you said? Yeah, that's right.
Look, Jonathan, those people up there with you had absolutely nothing to do with your son's conviction or suicide.
You listen to me, Stanley.
No calls.
OK? Er, I'm sorry, Jonathan - you rang me.
To tell you - when I wanna talk, I'll call you.
Anyone tries to access this floor, I will kill my hostages - all of them.
(ENDS CALL) Jonathan? (PHONE BEEPS) He's gonna kill us! He's gonna Shh! That's not going to happen.
That's not gonna happen, right, Sparkesy? Absolutely.
We just gotta stay calm.
Jen? Definitely.
OK? Hey? Calm.
Calm, OK? Well? You know what you have to do.
Get to work.
Reading these files is one thing, but we need a perspective.
You won't speak to them? Speak to us.
Help you? Detective Ryan.
I'm looking for Christine Lewis.
I'm her brother-in-law.
What's it about? Is she here? Uncle Mal? Go inside, Beck.
What's it about? We have an emergency that Mrs Lewis might be able to help us with - urgently.
Is she here? I'm just looking out for her interests, OK? She's not well.
This anything to do with what happened six years ago? It's related, yes.
We have a situation Well, forget about it, then.
She's been through enough.
We're talking people's lives here, sir.
I need to speak to her.
And I told you she's sick! What is it? This guy says he needs your help, Mum.
Becky He's a policeman.
Mrs Lewis, we have a situation you might be able to help us with.
I'm sorry, but it's to do with the death of your daughter.
Please, please I told you.
Hey! And I told YOU.
People are going to die.
We need your help.
I can't.
I'm sorry, whatever it is, I Mum.
You have to.
We can do it.
I'll come with you.
Our last appeal had been turned down, and we talked about taking it to the High Court, but couldn't afford it.
Had nothing left.
There was nothing else I could do.
My son was innocent.
He loved Kylie.
He would never have hurt her.
Kylie Lewis lived across the road from the Doughertys.
School days, the mum took the younger sister to her school.
Kylie was left to make her own way by bus.
But Evan used to drive her instead.
Of course they kept it secret.
It's just the sort of thing kids do.
Then, one day, she didn't answer the door.
He didn't drive her.
She didn't turn up at school.
She'd disappeared.
So it became a Missing Persons inquiry? For a while, yes.
Her suitcase was missing.
There was some clothes, a bracelet, a few belongings.
The police originally thought that she'd run away.
Then her body turned up.
Kids found the suitcase with her in it in the bush.
It'd been there for months.
After it was found, her house was ripped apart.
The investigating team decided she'd been killed and cut up there, in the bathroom.
Who are you? Same question.
I'm Kim Charlton.
I'm a journalist.
Get out! I've got nothing to say to you.
I'm the one writing that book.
What were you doing at his apartment? I got a voicemail.
Kim, it's me - Jonathan.
I wanted to thank you for everything.
Today's the day your book gets a proper ending - Evan finally gets justice.
They just have to look harder, that's all.
They'll find the truth.
He feels like he let his son down because he couldn't afford the High Court appeal.
He'd already sold everything he had, cashed in the super, the house.
His wife left him.
Then Evan killing himself - I think he just finally lost it.
And I might be part of the reason why.
What makes you say that? He's highlighted a whole heap of stuff in that book there, Sarge.
I pointed out the holes in the Crown's case.
He wanted me to go to the police with him, talk about it.
I said no.
He's up there because he wants the case re-opened.
He still believes his son to be innocent.
Talk to Detective Freeman, Miss Charlton.
We may be interested in your theories.
Anything I can do.
Thanks, Sarge.
The assault strategy.
If it comes to it, our best bet is direct rapid access This man is not a villain, Leigh.
He's a grieving father.
With a gun, and no inclination to talk, to negotiate, to do anything that's usual in this sort of situation.
It is my job to get him to the point where he is ready to talk.
And it is MY job to save these hostages.
Now, even with rapid entry and stun grenades, I gotta tell you, there are no guarantees, Stanley.
I know that, which is why we continue to hold off.
You gave me your word, Leigh.
Give me time to talk to him.
You 've got one hour.
Sarge, the original investigator, Detective Cooper - he's here.
Dougherty's never stopped banging on about his son's innocence.
You came to it late in the piece.
Yeah, originally it was treated as a disappearance.
There was also the view that maybe she'd run away.
A caravan was set up, hundreds of interviews, and all they really found out was that the Dougherty kid had shown an interest in the girl.
She was Evan's first real girlfriend, so of course he was devastated when she went missing.
And he knew that she hadn't run away, 'cause there was no way that Kylie would have left without letting him know.
It became a homicide when you found the suitcase.
Yeah, that's when we came in, yeah.
She'd been chopped up, and she was stuffed in a suitcase along with a few personal effects - clothing, jewellery, a journal - to make it look as though she'd taken off.
After Kylie's body was found, Evan Dougherty became prime suspect.
There'd been so much publicity over Kylie's disappearance.
The vultures were circling - press, a vicious, vocal, moral majority Well, that's understandable.
Evan was in a secret relationship with the girl.
A child.
She was 15.
And he was 18.
Evan never denied the relationship.
He didn't have a choice.
The photos he'd taken were found in his room.
JEN: They look happy together.
Yes! So, why would he kill her? Well, she was under age.
Maybe he wanted more from her than she was prepared to give.
Sparkesy I keep telling you.
Evan wasn't like that.
I wish I had a dollar for every No.
Evan loved Kylie! That age? It's not love, it's lust.
No! You want the truth or just some version of it? Bottom line, your son was horny as hell, he decided to do something about it! Shut your filthy mouth! My son, he was a great kid! A fine young man! Do this, you 're up for murder! Like father, like son? Shut up! THAT'S ENOUGH! THAT'S ENOUGH! The whole Devil's advocate thing, it is standard technique - tossing up different perspectives, it's how we get to the truth.
I don't like you.
Yeah, I get a lot of that.
SIMON: So let's just get back to the case, OK? Look, Evan was naive.
That's why he did it so tough in jail.
That, and knowing he was innocent.
He was guilty alright.
He kept changing his story.
We searched his house, his ute.
We found forensic evidence.
Blood? Hair.
All circumstantial.
He was driving the girl to school all the time.
Of course there's gonna be forensic evidence on his clothes, in his car.
It convinced the jury.
That jury took just 2.
5 hours to find him guilty.
They were wrong! He'd been painted as some sort of seducer of young girls, who went berserk when this one refused his advances.
But he didn't do that! He admitted they had the hots for each other, but claimed they decided they wouldn't do anything until they got older.
I mean, for God's sake.
Then he starts lying about what happened the day she disappeared.
It wasn't lies.
He got scared and confused.
Mate, it's all written there in her journal.
All there in black and white.
That stuff, it wasn't about Evan.
I'm sorry, but I think you 're wrong.
Early on, there's stuff about Evan driving her to school, being nice.
And then, by the end, it says, "He's trying to do stuff, scaring me, making me sick.
"I'm gonna have to tell Mum.
" Here - see for yourself.
She wasn't writing about Evan.
There are a whole lot of pages ripped out of that journal.
So what was on those ripped-out pages? More bad stuff about Evan? The page that was left behind, the one that dropped him in it, maybe he just missed ripping it out.
I don't think so.
Because there's a whole lot of other stuff missing too - all the stuff girls write about when they're in love or they're wondering if they might be.
There's none of that there.
I believe that's what was torn out.
Torn out by who? The real killer.
I know you think I'm wrong.
That I'm crazy.
But somewhere in that file is the truth.
My son did not kill Kylie Lewis.
The kid was guilty as sin.
He was innocent.
Ask yourself this - why would he have ripped out some of the pages and destroyed them and not got rid of the whole journal? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Senior Sergeant.
We've got something.
Look, he's made himself a chain gang.
Bloody hell - Sparkesy's up there too.
Four hostages.
What's Sparkes doing up there? Who knows? Can we get sound on this? No, she's only managed to stream images.
Pretty clever, though, huh? We can use this.
It gives us a visual.
We can pick our moment.
We can't see where he is half the time! How far away is safe? How LONG is safe? He's still not talking to you, Stanley.
Sarge, I got the Lewis family waiting outside.
Maybe if you told him you 're talking to witnesses.
Throw him a bone.
And how am I supposed to do that? Did he say not to email? So, who do you think killed her? You don't say in here.
If I did, the book would never get published.
Plus I'd get my bum sued off.
But you obviously have an opinion.
It'd have to be someone who knew the family, knew their routines.
Started fantasising about the girl.
Got close to her.
Buying innocuous gifts like the gold bracelet that was found in the suitcase with her.
How come Detective Cooper didn't see any of this? Because the person who qualified had an alibi.
And his closeness to the family seemed perfectly appropriate.
Elvis is in the building.
This is crap.
It's not gonna happen.
There's no way we can give him what he wants.
There's nothing else we can do.
Yeah, there is.
If we're gonna survive this, we need to talk him down.
Who? You? He hates your guts.
I'm surprised he hasn't shot you already.
Not me.
Never heard of 'good cop, bad cop'? JONATHAN: What's going on? We're just going through the files.
But we need something to drink.
And we need something to eat from the fridge in the kitchen.
You - you can do that.
Don't take too long.
And you keep talking, so I can hear you.
(COMPUTER BEEPS) What's that? Just an email.
I told him not to try to contact me.
You only said not to call.
I'll just get Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's that? How long's this been on? That's it, he knows.
We're going in.
All squads, full alert.
Safety's off.
Nobody dies today! Hold for my command.
JONATHAN: What are you doing? How long have they been watching? You bitch! No, he's onto her.
He knows.
You set this up! No, no, no.
No-one's watching! (WHISPERS) Ring! Ring me, you bastard! Got no choice.
He wants contact.
I'm gonna have to call him.
(PHONE RINGS) There's no-one watching, huh? Hello, Stanley.
Jonathan, I sent you an email.
I want you to know that we're working on this - we're talking to witnesses.
We're looking at new angles.
Yes, yes, yes.
Yeah, right.
I told you - no tricks.
No, we're not trying to trick you, Jonathan.
I just need to understand a bit more about what it is that you want.
You think I'm stupid? You can see me! What was your next move? Were you gonna send in the troops? If I was gonna send anyone in, it would be to negotiate.
You need to understand what's at stake here.
Jonathan, believe me I'm gonna fire one warning shot.
I'm sorry? I don't understand.
One warning shot.
You listen to the sound, because the next shot I fire will kill someone.
You think about that as you listen.
He's scamming us.
You need to understand that if you try to trick me, there will be consequences.
Mate, listen - whatever you 've got in mind (SCREAMING) He's fired! Warning shot! You heard him.
This is your fault! I warned you what would happen! LEIGH: Hold positions.
MAN: Received.
You 're still on that clock.
Sarge, Mrs Lewis and Rebecca.
Stanley Wolfe, Mrs Lewis.
Thanks for coming in.
I wasn't given much choice.
I wanna complain about this bloke.
I told him Christine's sick.
Malcolm Lewis, her brother-in-law.
Mal, I've been sick ever since all of this happened.
I'm here - what do you want? Sorry to get you involved.
Tragedies like this never go away, do they? Not really.
That's why we need you here - to help prevent another tragedy.
We don't have much time.
You want me to come with you? No.
No, you stay here, darling.
We won't be long.
I met that girl four years ago.
She was bright, pretty, doing OK.
She missed her sister but she was getting it together.
Now look at her.
I'll try to talk to him, if that's what you want.
That's not possible.
Anyway, we don't know how he may respond to answers that don't fit in with his view.
What? That his son was innocent? You 're not seriously contemplating that idea? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Sarge? The court determined that Evan Dougherty knew your routine He wanted sex, she said no.
He lost it and he killed her.
The court agreed with all of that.
What we need to do now is develop a reasonable alternative to offer to his father.
What? A ploy, you mean? We need to find out everything we can about Jonathan Dougherty.
You were his neighbour for 15 years.
Now, anything you can tell us about his relationship with his son In other words, think it through? Again? Go through the details? Work out some other way my daughter could've died? How can you ask me to do that, Sergeant? Sarge I've been sick, Sergeant.
I've been on pills and booze and major doses of antidepressants for the last six years ever since my beautiful daughter was taken away from me.
If I'd known this is what you wanted I can't.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Maybe she doesn't have to, Sarge.
Maybe the Dougherty boy WAS innocent.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
This is my fault.
It's OK.
I'll be right.
Jen, it's not your fault.
We have to get her out of here.
To a hospital.
There's a first-aid kit.
There has to be, right? In the kitchen.
Get it.
And don't try anything.
I don't want to have to shoot him next.
So you come straight back.
Get it, Jen.
Mr Lewis, can I have a word? What? I just wanted to apologise Keep it low-key.
Don't frighten her off.
Yeah, I think I came on a bit too strong.
You think? Becky, is it? I'm Duncan.
Would you like me to get you a cold drink or something? I'm fine, thanks.
Mum said it won't be long.
Fair enough.
You know what this is about, don't you? What happened to Kylie when I was younger.
I'm sorry this all had to come up again.
And thanks for getting your mum to come in.
She's not been very well - ever since it happened, really.
That's nice.
It was a birthday present from my uncle.
I'm 15 now, the same as Kylie was.
Your uncle - he comes down and helps, does he? Dad had a nervous breakdown.
There was a lot of fighting after what happened.
We never hear from him now.
I'm sorry.
Can I ask you something? Your sister, Kylie - she kept a journal, didn't she? Did she ever talk to you about what she wrote in that journal? It's alright, Becky.
It's alright.
Mum really depends on Uncle Mal.
She reckons she doesn't know what she'd do without him.
You bastard.
She's losing a lot of blood.
We've gotta get her out of here.
She's right, mate.
You 've gotta let her go.
She could die in here.
Do not tell me what I have to do! You are gonna have to shoot us all.
Go on, get it over with! Because there is no way we can prove your son is innocent, not chained to a desk reading bloody files! I'm sorry.
That's just the way it is.
We can't help you.
What is this? Am I being interviewed or something? Re-interviewed.
I wanna ask you about your alibi for the day that Kylie Lewis was killed.
(SIGHS) You 're kidding me.
Not this again.
I talked to that other detective, Cooper, a dozen times.
My alibi was rock solid.
They all had alibis.
Everyone who was connected to Kylie Lewis was interviewed - everyone.
And they could all account for their whereabouts except for your son - except for Evan.
It was raining.
He didn't go to work, he went to the movies.
He told his boss he was sick.
What was he supposed to say? That he went to see 'T he Scorpion King'? No-one at the cinema remembers him being there.
Look at him! He's an ordinary kid! So no-one could identify him? So what? He described the movie! They found a pirate copy of the DVD at your house.
He could've got the plot from that.
That was six weeks later! I bought that DVD for him, in the meantime, to cheer him up.
Because he'd enjoyed it.
Kylie was missing and he was worried about her.
(MOANS) She could die in here! Is that what you want? Jen No more.
What? You heard me.
No more discussion.
Not until you let her out of here so she can get medical attention.
You get back to work or I will shoot someone else! Simon! No, I don't think you will.
'Cause the way you talk about your son, he was one of the good guys.
Yeah, he was.
He was more than that.
So how do you think he would feel about you killing innocent people? But then again, this isn't about him, is it? This is about you - about what you need.
What I NEED is for the world to know that my son was innocent! The world isn't gonna know a thing if you do what you said - if you kill us and then you kill yourself - is it? You bought Kylie the bracelet that was found in her suitcase, right? Yeah.
It was a birthday present.
Did you buy Becky her locket too? What's that got to do with anything? Becky's 15 as well.
And she's been through hell these last years - lost her sister, her dad.
She needs some good things in her life.
Like you, you mean? Look, when Kylie was killed I was in Euroa, moonlighting.
Is that why you told your boss in Albury you were visiting a sick relative? Yeah.
I told Detective Cooper all this.
I didn't want to lose my job.
Could you just go back to the files? Please! It is pointless.
No! You spent a lot of time with the family.
You stayed there overnight.
How often did that happen? Whenever I was in town.
No point paying for a hotel when I can stay at my brother's.
Your son's name was Evan.
Tell me your name.
Jonathan, I'm Simon.
And the girl you shot, her name's Karen.
I don't want to know! Stop it! STOP IT! It's too late to stop! It's too late.
But, Jonathan, listen to me - it is not too late to make sure that no-one else dies.
I wasn't even in town! I told Cooper, I'm telling you - I live and work in Albury.
I was moonlighting in Euroa.
I produced petrol receipts.
But that petrol could've as easily brought you down here to Melbourne instead of up to Albury.
You 've come down here in the early hours, waited, raped your niece, killed her, then gone back when you were done.
DUNCAN: The body in the suitcase was found between here and Albury.
Jonathan, it is time to call it quits.
I just want to prove my son's innocence.
And I understand that.
We all do.
And if Evan was innocent, we will find out.
I will make it my personal mission.
I promise you.
But it can't happen here.
Where did you sleep, Malcolm? What? In Euroa.
You were there for three days.
You must have slept somewhere.
I drove home to Albury.
Not every night.
The petrol receipts do prove that.
Where did you stay? I slept in my van.
OK, who did you work for? I can't remember! It was a cash job.
Jonathan, you need to make a decision.
Otherwise Karen is going to die.
Is that what Evan would want? The only thing you weren't aware of was Kylie's little secret - you know, how she was in love with Evan.
STANLE Y: Until you found it in the journal.
You had to make sure about the journal, didn't you? DUNCAN: And then suddenly, there it was.
A gift.
That entry about you.
"He's trying to do stuff.
He's scaring me, he's making me sick.
"I'm gonna have to tell Mum.
" But there's no name.
So a great opportunity for you to rip out a few pages in between, make it sound like she was talking about Evan Dougherty.
STANLE Y: She wasn't talking about Evan Dougherty.
Kylie's fear, at the end of the journal - that was about you.
I'm sorry.
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
OK, you can go now.
What about you? Just go.
Lose the gun.
Come down with us.
This can be worked out.
Yeah - spend the rest of my life in prison.
Jonathan Just go! Listen to this, Malcolm.
You missed this one.
"I hate him.
He keeps touching me, looking at me.
"I know it's going to happen again.
"But I can't tell Mum.
She depends on Uncle Mal.
" A fabrication.
There was never anything like that in that Kylie wouldn't write that.
Kylie didn't.
This is from Becky's journal.
It's all coming undone.
You do realise that, don't you? It doesn't have to end like this.
Now, I made you a promise.
This is my personal project.
If he's innocent, I will find out.
It's too late.
My son's gone.
But you were right.
This was about me, not him.
What are you doing? I'm not going anywhere unless you come with me.
Get in.
Now! Or I'll shoot her too! Joyner! You killed Kylie Lewis.
It's only a matter of time before we prove it.
I want a lawyer.
You keep your promise.
You should call Emma.
She'll be worried about you too.
LEIGH: Today's operation was tight and well disciplined.
Now, the outcome was clearly not the optimum result, but there was nothing we could have done.
I want that very clear in everybody's heads.
Every hostage situation is unique.
I commend you on your professional response today.
Hey, you 'll be OK, mate.
Hey, Joyner.
Good job up there.
Sorry, love.
REPORTER: Detective! Detective, over here! Is it true someone in the building went berserk with a gun? Stanley.
Now, if you ask me, I think we got off lightly.
Did a good job.
One dead, one seriously wounded? Not acceptable in my book.
Stanley, all the hostages came out alive.
Thanks for letting me do it my way.
Good day's work, mate.
You 're on borrowed time, you understand me? I've told you - I'm not saying anything.
Not without a lawyer.
Get a good one! Oh, leave me alone.
Hey! You keep your filthy hands off Becky or I'll destroy you.
I've done nothing.
Oh, yes, you have.
You murdered her sister.
You know it, I know it.
I'm going to make sure you 're arrested, charged and convicted.
Do you understand me?